An Original Screenplay

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EXT. CRUISE MISSILE - IN FLIGHT - NIGHT FLYING AT SUBSONIC SPEED, low over rugged terrain. Our POV becomes the night vision green of a NOSE CAMERA as the missile maneuvers toward an unseen target. We become aware of RADIO CHATTER. Mission control... INT. CORRIDOR, BIOWEAPONS PLANT - NIGHT Quiet. Empty. Clean. A door opens and a technician in lab coat and safety glasses steps into the corridor. Black, handsome, late-twenties, for now we’ll just call him OUR GUY. Two technicians approach, exchange nods with Our Guy in passing. He glances at his watch. Takes a right down another corridor. Ahead, there’s a camo-fatigued MERC packing an M70. Our Guy passes him without a word... INT. CRUISE MISSILE - IN FLIGHT - NIGHT Closing fast on the bioweapons plant... INT. CORRIDOR, BIOWEAPONS PLANT - NIGHT The merc notices something. MERC (in Arabic, subtitled) You there! Stop! Our Guy stops. Turns. OUR GUY (in Arabic, subtitled) Yes? The merc flicks the safety off his assault rifle. MERC (in Arabic, subtitled) Your identification. Our Guy unclips the ID badge from his lapel. Holds it out as he approaches the merc. The merc takes it. His brow furrows. An EXPLOSION. A bomb, yes, but also of violence as Our Guy kills the merc with one lighting fast blow to the head. Klaxons blare and strobe lights assault the corridor. Our Guy takes the merc’s rifle and continues on to...


INT. OUTSIDE CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS ...where ANOTHER MERC fires at him with an assault rifle. Misses. Our Guy doesn’t. He steps over the dead merc, swipes a badge, punches a code in a keypad... INT. DUAL LEVEL CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS ...enters and blasts TECHIES and MERCS who are already scrambling to defend the control room. Click. His gun jams. Our Guy goes Jason Bourne on their asses: uses a techie as a human shield, impales another on an overturned stool, kicks a couple of mercs over a rail, dodges yet another merc’s fire before disarming him and choking him with his own gun... EXT. BIOWEAPONS PLANT - NIGHT Havoc. COMMANDOS in black are laying machinegun fire like a motherfucker from inside and outside the compound. Mercs shoot wildly at ghosts and are being picked off like targets on a shooting range... INT. DUAL LEVEL CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS Our Guy locks the control room door with a code of his own, goes to the lower level, sits at a console. ON SCREEN we see that he’s accessing the plant’s main systems grid. He tries passcode after passcode. "ACCESS DENIED"... INT. CORRIDOR, BIOWEAPONS PLANT - CONTINUOUS Mercs scramble toward the control room... EXT./INT. GUNSHIPS - CONTINUOUS Two helicopter GUNSHIPS fly toward the plant. Their crews open up on the commandos with laser-guided cannon fire... INT. DUAL LEVEL CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS "ACCESS DENIED". Our Guy glances at his watch. Punches in another passcode. "ACCESS DENIED"...


INT. OUTSIDE CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS The MERC COMMANDER enters a code in the keypad. Red light. He re-enters the code... INT. DUAL LEVEL CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS We hear the mercs blast the door with gunfire. Our Guy enters another passcode. Bingo! "ACCESS GRANTED"... EXT. BIOWEAPONS PLANT - NIGHT The COMMANDO LEADER stops firing to speak into his com-link. He and his men are British. COMMANDO LEADER Castle, Shepherd One. Be a good chap and do something about those bloody helos. MISSION CONTROL (V.O.) Affirmative, Shepherd One. Give us a sec. The commando leader exchanges a look with one of his men. Their expressions say, "Who’s got a bloody sec?" EXT./INT. FIGHTER JET - CONTINUOUS God knows how many miles away from the fight. On the COCKPIT DISPLAY, targets and their coordinates lock in. The pilot pulls the trigger and two sidewinder missiles are unleashed... INT. DUAL LEVEL CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS Our Guy ignores the fury outside. Fingers fly across the keyboard as he deletes files, corrupts codes, plants viruses. It’s a complete cyber fuck... INT. OUTSIDE CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS A merc takes aim at the door with an RPG. Fires. As the smoke clears and soldiers enter, they take fire from behind them. Commandos...


EXT./INT. GUNSHIPS - CONTINUOUS Gunship crews react as the sidewinders streak out of the night sky. Both gunships become massive fire balls... INT. BIOWEAPONS PLANT - CONTINUOUS The commando leader enters with several of his men. COMMANDO LEADER (to men) Secure A and B corridors. (into com-link) Rook, Shepherd One. Five minutes. INT. CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS As commandos and mercs shoot it out in the corridor, Our Guy attaches plastic explosives with timers to the consoles. They start running - 5:00, 4:59... A spray of gunfire sends him to the floor. COMMANDO LEADER (V.O.) Rook, we’re leaving! We notice the com-link earpiece in Our Guy’s ear. OUR GUY (to himself) Brilliant. He grabs a dead merc’s M70 and opens up, creating a withering crossfire... EXT. BIOWEAPONS PLANT - CONTINUOUS Sporadic fires and bodies of mercs litter the compound. Commandos prepare to leave... EXT. JUNGLE - CONTINUOUS Troop trucks race down a jungle road...


INT. CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS Our Guy races up stairs, one step ahead of gunfire. A merc left for dead trips him. Lucky. Just then an RPG round explodes above his head. Our Guy shoots the wounded merc. Above, near the control room entrance, the merc leader draws a bead on Our Guy with his rifle. Tightens his finger on the trigger. Then his eyes go wide as he’s shot dead. A COMMANDO, who we’ll get to know later, steps through the door, looks at Our Guy and smiles. Our Guy scales the stairs and meets him at the door. COMMANDO (re: bodies) Kept you busy, did they? Our Guy gives him a look and a wry smile, loses the lab coat and beats it the hell out of there with the commandos. Timers count down, 0:57, 0:56... EXT. BIOWEAPONS PLANT - CONTINUOUS Our Guy and the commandos exit the main building. COMMANDO LEADER (to Our Guy) Sit rep? OUR GUY (gives a thumbs up) Under a minute to detonation, sir. They look up at a super quiet SEA KING helicopter descending overhead... EXT. JUNGLE - CONTINUOUS Regular SOLDIERS pile out of troop trucks... EXT. BIOWEAPONS PLANT - CONTINUOUS The commando leader is last onto the Sea King. It lifts off and disappears into the night...

6. EXT. PERIMETER, BIOWEAPONS PLANT - NIGHT Soldiers fire into the compound as they advance... INT. CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS TIMER - 0:09, 0:08, 0:07... EXT. BIOWEAPONS PLANT - NIGHT Soldiers fan out. The plant EXPLODES! FADE OUT. FADE UP: EXT. POLO FIELD - DAY A spirited polo match. PLAYER NUMBER 2 for the Red team, the only woman on the field, breaks for the ball. She’s tracked down by an opposing player. Fiercely competitive, she attempts to "ride off" her opponent. Getting separation, she attacks the ball. Pulls up to avoid a collision. Her pony rears. SHE’S THROWN! The crowd gasps! Security and medical personnel swarm onto the field. A long, tense silence comes over the polo field. Then a collective sigh of relief from the grand stand when Number 2 sits up and smiles, her red hair falling over her shoulders. ON A PIXELATED TV SCREEN: EMTs help Number 2 to her feet. Surrounded by DARK SUITS and favoring her right arm, she’s led to a medevac chopper. NEWS ANNOUNCER (V.O.) ...The princess was flown to Queen Ann Hospital, treated for a sprained shoulder and minor bruises before being released. Doctors said she sustained no internal injuries, which came as a great relief to people throughout the realm. Since the deaths of Queen Eugenie and Henry, Prince of Wales in a tragic car accident four years ago, the hopes of a monarchy, indeed the nation have rested with the spirited young princess...

7. INT. KING RICHARD’S OFFICE - DAY KING RICHARD, sixties, refined, sickly pale, mutes the t.v. and turns to his daughter, ELIZABETH. Twenty-five, red hair and intelligent blue eyes, she’s a regal beauty whose more than a handful. Her right arm is in a sling. KING RICHARD Well. (pauses for effect) At least we know you won’t break your neck falling from a horse before the wedding. ELIZABETH The wedding is in seven weeks, Father. Doctor says I can ride again in three. Despite her flash of an impish smile, the king is not amused. KING RICHARD (not a suggestion) Bess, dear, perhaps it’s time you considered playing for an all-women’s team. ELIZABETH Father, didn’t you teach me that the only real difference between men and women is what’s between our ears, not our legs? KING RICHARD If memory serves, that was your mother... Elizabeth, when you take a tumble all England holds their breath. It’s more than your neck that’s at stake. ELIZABETH It’s comforting to know that so many have my well-being at heart. My neck - and my ovaries - are perfectly intact, Father. KING RICHARD (again, not amused) All the same, for peace of mind my own as well as the peoples’ I’m afraid I must insist you tone down your physical activities. For the time being at least.


ELIZABETH (temper rising) Shall I take up knitting?! Or maybe blogging! For Christ’s sake, Father it’s not as if -After a KNOCK on the door, an attractive, dark-haired, straight-laced woman in her late thirties enters. She’s FIONA, the king’s personal secretary. FIONA Majesty, Sir Francis has arrived. The king looks at Elizabeth. She dutifully lowers her eyes. ELIZABETH Of course, Father. As you wish. Fiona opens the door for Elizabeth. Richard speaks up. KING RICHARD Bess. (she turns) I dare say I might be less vexed had you won the match. They share a knowing smile that says "All is forgiven" before she exits. FIONA It’s time for your medicine, Majesty. KING RICHARD Ah, yes. Thank you, Fiona. Fiona watches as Richard goes to his desk, takes a vial of pills from a drawer, takes one and washes it down with a sip of tea. They exchange a look that hints at romantic affection. A few moments after Fiona exits, the king’s closest advisor, FRANCIS WALLINGHAM, late fifties, everything Americans hate about Brits, enters. WALLINGHAM Majesty. KING RICHARD Good morning, Francis.


WALLINGHAM It appears her Highness is none the worse for the wear. KING RICHARD We must’nt confuse stubbornness for toughness. She has much to learn. WALLINGHAM Yes, well, fortunately she’ll have quite some time to come into her own. Has his Majesty reviewed MOD’s report on Sudan? KING RICHARD Yes, I have. I want to congratulate the men personally. At the appropriate time of course. WALLINGHAM Of course, your Majesty. They sit. A servant unobtrusively serves tea. WALLINGHAM Naturally, the PM has already taken a call from Khartoum demanding a formal apology. And an explanation. KING RICHARD I take it harboring terrorists and a secret bioweapons factory were insufficient cause in their eyes. WALLINGHAM They claim it was a petrol refinery under construction. (Richard registers quiet scorn) News of the incident should hit the web, BBC and the American networks shortly. Whitehall has prepared the appropriate response, of course. He hands Richard a sheet of paper. The king looks it over for a beat then his attention goes back to the television. Coverage of Elizabeth’s "tumble" is still going strong.


EXT. BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Elizabeth slides into the back seat of a Rolls-Royce. INT. ROLLS-ROYCE - MOVING - DAY As the Rolls leaves the palace compound, Elizabeth is oblivious to the news media, paparazzi, and royal lovers-haters crowded behind security barricades. Cruising down the road, her cell rings. She checks caller ID, smiles, answers. ELIZABETH Bernhard, darling! INT. COMMUNICATIONS HUT - DUSK (BUT THE SAME TIME) PRINCE BERNHARD, late twenties, aristocratic, in a flight suit, speaks into a satellite phone. His accent is Dutch. BERNHARD Bess, my love, how are you? INTERCUT BETWEEN BERNHARD AND ELIZABETH ELIZABETH I’m perfectly fine, darling. BERNHARD I would’ve rang sooner but I’ve only now just returned from maneuvers. ELIZABETH Honestly, Bernhard, it’s ridiculous the amount of attention this little spill has gotten. I’ve fallen from horses before. BERNHARD Bess, you of all people know better than to make light. ELIZABETH Now you sound just like Father. He was quite put out with me. BERNHARD That makes two of us. No one’s suggesting you live in a cocoon (MORE)


BERNHARD (CONT’D) the people love your spirit - but you must take care of yourself. ELIZABETH Isn’t that your job? Beat. He smiles. BERNHARD I count the hours until I see you again. ELIZABETH As do I. BERNHARD I love you, Bess. ELIZABETH (beat) Please be careful, darling. EXT. MILITARY BASE - DUSK Bernhard emerges from the communications hut. We see that he’s at a military base in a rugged, mountainous location. INT. PRESS BRIEFING - DAY BEN COUGHLIN, the government’s chief spokesman, holds forth at a press briefing. COUGHLIN ...British forces will not withdraw from the Iran-Iraq border so long as Iran maintains its aggressive posture. Our commitment to the International Coalition remains strong... Next question. Bob? REPORTER (BOB) Has the Prime Minister spoken with His Majesty about Her Highness’s condition? COUGHLIN (a slight smile) Yes she has. Like all of us, the Prime Minister was greatly relieved to learn that Her Highness’s (MORE)


COUGHLIN (CONT’D) injuries were minor. She was also pleased to learn that Princess Elizabeth has agreed to curb her activities appropriately. A small ripple of chortles from the press corps. More than a few expressions seem to say, "Yeah, that’ll happen." ANOTHER REPORTER So the wedding is still on schedule? COUGHLIN You’ll have to take official word from Buckingham Palace, but as far I know, the nuptials remain on schedule. And per the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Prince Bernhard is due to rotate out of Iran in three weeks. YET ANOTHER REPORTER Ben, there’s been a report out of Khartoum claiming British commandos were involved in a raid on a Sudanese refinery over night. Care to comment? COUGHLIN As you’re aware, we’ve expressed our deep and serious concerns over Khartoum’s support for Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. But we’ve taken no military actions in the Sudan. Next question... INT. LONDON PUB - DUSK A well-dressed, dark-haired Irishman, thirties, enters, surveys the room with conspirator’s eyes. This is MCQUEEN. We follow him to the back, down a narrow flight of stairs to: INT. SUB-BASEMENT ROOM - DUSK Two surly Irishmen sit at a table drinking whiskey. Meet BLAKE and SWEENEY. McQueen enters.


SWEENEY Where’ve you been? MCQUEEN Business. SWEENEY More important than this? McQueen pours himself a whiskey. Sits. MCQUEEN I thought we covered this already. BLAKE Look, we haven’t heard from you in two days. We just need to know, are we still on track? MCQUEEN We are. All the particulars have been confirmed. SWEENEY Then we’re on! After years of planning and sacrifice, the day’s finally come! (slams fist on table) Death to the House of Stuart! BLAKE Too bad young Bess didn’t break her neck in that tumble of hers. Would’ve saved us a lot of trouble. SWEENEY (cruel smile) Oh, where the royal bitch is concerned, the pleasure’s worth the trouble. McQueen drains his whiskey. It’s clear he doesn’t like Sweeney. MCQUEEN (to Sweeney) Contact your people. Make sure they’re ready. We’ll only get one shot at this. Savvy?

14. INT. ELIZABETH’S OFFICE, CLARENCE HOUSE - DAY Elizabeth half-listens as her private secretary NIGEL, thirties, effeminate, efficient, goes over her itinerary. NIGEL ...injured soldiers at the Royal Center for Defense Medicine, followed by a public reading of select Eliza Cook poems in Avon. Afterward, there’s your next fitting with Miss Wang... Elizabeth slips out of the arm sling. Nigel looks at her. ELIZABETH It’s been over a week, Nigel. NIGEL Dr. Fitzhume said three weeks, minimum, Your Highness. Besides, Mr. Spencer feels wearing it makes for good press, particularly during your visit to hospitals. ELIZABETH I think not. How ridiculous will I look to our troops who’ve suffered serious injuries? NIGEL Of course, Your Highness. (then) Sir Francis should be arriving momentarily. ELIZABETH Oh, goodie. Nigel smiles knowingly. After he’s left, Wallingham enters. WALLINGHAM Your Highness. ELIZABETH Sir Francis. She moves to sit across from him on a sofa. He notices she’s not wearing the sling. WALLINGHAM I see Her Highness is recovering nicely.


ELIZABETH Compared to the broken clavicle when I was thirteen, this is nothing. WALLINGHAM Ah, yes. I remember that. Far less dramatic than this, however, wouldn’t you say? ELIZABETH It wasn’t your clavicle. Beat. WALLINGHAM Your Highness, it’s come to my attention - and that of His Majesty - that plans for the royal wedding are...slowing. ELIZABETH You needn’t worry, Sir Francis. My staff meet daily with Buckingham Palace. I believe planning has progressed quite nicely. I’m happy to fill father in on the details personally if you like. WALLINGHAM Perhaps I’ve been misinformed... Though I have observed - and it’s been reported by some in the media - that you seem not as enthused as one might expect a blushing bride-to-be to be. ELIZABETH And you’ve had much experience gauging the enthusiasm of blushing brides, have you? WALLINGHAM Her Highness will recall that I have two daughters. Both of them older than you. ELIZABETH Yes... I say, how has Ellen been since the divorce? He gives her a wry glance. When he’s no longer looking, she smiles to herself, ever the brat.

16. INT. CLARENCE HOUSE - DAY Elizabeth makes her way through the working residence, Nigel at her side providing last minute details of her day. EXT. CLARENCE HOUSE - CONTINUOUS The Princess exits the estate house and slides into the back seat of a waiting Rolls-Royce. Nigel watches from the doorway as the car pulls away. Security vehicles are in front and behind. EXT. PUBLIC READING - DAY Hundreds await Elizabeth’s arrival. Uniformed police work crowd control. Some dark-suited security agents are visible. Others not so much... The long-haired HIPSTER? The apple-faced AMERICAN GIRL in a U of M sweatshirt? The SENIOR CITIZEN in a wheelchair? On rooftops, spotters and snipers with infra-red binoculars scan buildings and the streets below. Choppers with high-tech spook equipment circle overhead for miles around. Elizabeth’s motorcade arrives. Excitement ripples through the crowd as she makes her way past parallel lines of well wishers, smiling and shaking hands. Very Lady Di-like. Two SHADY MEN (SHADY #1 and SHADY #2), move toward the front of the procession lines. Both are sweating and not because their jackets are too heavy for the weather. An AGENT with eyes glued to Shady #1 speaks into his wrist. THE HIPSTER follows SHADY #1 as he passes. ELIZABETH stops to chat briefly with a supplicant. AMERICAN GIRL falls in behind SHADY #2 ELIZABETH kisses a baby and shakes hands with the gushing mother, who can’t resist the urge to hug Elizabeth. Agents all around tense. Elizabeth accepts the display of affection with a surprised smile.


SHADY #1 has a clear view of Elizabeth, 10 feet away and moving toward him. He pulls a palm-sized DETONATOR from his jacket, looks across at Shady #2, also in position. Shady #1 is about to step out from the crowd in front of Elizabeth when Hipster stabs him in the neck with a hypordermic needle, paralyzing him. Hipster props him up. AMERICAN GIRL taps Shady #2 on the shoulder. He turns, looks wide-eyed at her smiling face. She jabs the hypodermic needle into his stomach and eases him into Senior Citizen’s wheelchair. SWEENEY watches from deep in the crowd as Elizabeth passes without incident, curses to himself and melts into the masses. ELIZABETH reaches the platform, waves to the crowd and takes her place to begin the public reading. Security agents discreetly whisk Shady #1 and #2 into black vans. The vans speed away as we hear Elizabeth’s voice come over the P.A. system, reading a poem... INT. BEDROOM, ABBY’S PENTHOUSE - DAY We catch glimpses of a RAVEN-HAIRED WOMAN and two buff BOY TOYS in an R-rated menage-a-trois. INT. ABBY’S PENTHOUSE - DUSK As the two buff men leave the penthouse, we hear a cell phone ringing. The raven-haired woman, LADY ABIGAIL "ABBY" STUART, twenty-six, comes out of the bedroom in a short, sexy kimono. She could be a runway model. She finds the phone. ABBY Yes? ELIZABETH (V.O.) Abby.

18. ABBY Bess! How are you, love? ELIZABETH (V.O.) Fine. I’m fine. ABBY I know that tone. Fine as in "Fucked Up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional." ELIZABETH (V.O.) Abby, darling, can we meet? For a drink? ABBY Of course. ELIZABETH (V.O.) Seasons? Twenty minutes? ABBY Make it thirty. I’ve just had quite a workout. INT. SEASONS BAR & LOUNGE - NIGHT Abby makes her way through the posh lounge. Security agents step aside and she goes to a cozy out of the way table where Elizabeth waits. They kiss cheek to cheek. ABBY Cuz. ELIZABETH Abby, I’m so glad you could make it. ABBY I got a feeling you were in need. A barman stops by with two Martinis. After he’s gone: ELIZABETH Had a visit from Wallingham today. ABBY Delightful. ELIZABETH As always. He thinks I’m not "enthusiastic" enough about the wedding.


ABBY Fucking bloggers. I’d like to shove their laptops up their slimy asses. ELIZABETH Somehow I think you’d enjoy that a bit too much. ABBY (considering) Yes, well. I suppose it’s possible not all of them are total douches. Abby pulls a cigarette from a gold case and a STUDLY AGENT lights it. She checks him out as he moves away. Nice. ELIZABETH I’d like to know where he gets off, telling me how to "feel" about my own wedding. As if I need him to lecture me about my responsibilities. ABBY He’s an uptight a-hole, but he’s the King’s uptight a-hole. ELIZABETH Well perhaps he’ll be dead by the time I take the throne, though it would give me no end of pleasure to sack him. ABBY That’s harsh, Cuz. Is it just possible he may be cutting a tad close to your teeny-weenies? ELIZABETH (knowing what she means) What do you mean by that? ABBY You’re doing your royal duty. The world may think Bernhard’s a perfect match for you and the monarchy. But you and I know you don’t really love him. ELIZABETH That’s not true and you know it!


ABBY (flashes a smile) Do I? Bess, since we were kids we’ve practically finished one another’s sentences. I know that the closer you get to a real wedding date, the more you realize that you’ve got to let go of the past -- forever. ELIZABETH Abigail, I closed that book ages ago. I’m over it. (off her look) Honestly, Abby. Over. I wouldn’t marry Bernhard if I didn’t love him. Beat. Then Abby raises her Martini glass to toast. ABBY To love then. INT. SUB-BASEMENT ROOM - NIGHT Blake is livid. BLAKE What the hell happened, Sweeney?! MCQUEEN I’ll tell you what happened, his fucking towel heads turned yellow. SWEENEY Not possible! Those two were hardcore as they come! More likely we were betrayed by one of your bloody "insiders"! Who the fuck are they anyway, McQueen?! Sweeney lunges at McQueen but he’s stopped cold by a Walther PPK inches from his head, pointed right between his eyes. MCQUEEN (cold as steel) I thought we covered this. I don’t like being questioned. Once more and it will end badly...for you.

21. BLAKE Let’s all just calm down. Look McQueen, there’s no way the suicide bombers bailed. Elizabeth’s security had to have taken them out somehow. (to Sweeney) And nobody tipped them off. The buggers just got lucky. Understand? McQueen lowers the gun. Sweeney collects himself. BLAKE Even if security nabbed them, they can’t hurt us because they don’t know anything past their assignment. Yours is the bigger part of the plan, McQueen. If that comes off as planned, we’ll have succeeded. INT. BUCKINGHAM PALACE - MORNING A BUTLER in his sixties stands outside the king’s bedroom door. He checks his watch. His expression tells us something is highly unusual. He KNOCKS on the door. INT. KING’S BEDCHAMBER - MOMENTS LATER The butler crosses the spacious room toward the king’s bed. BUTLER Majesty? It’s half past seven... His jaw falls and his eyes go wide. Richard is in bed, apparently asleep, but too still, too pale. BUTLER Majesty! He checks the king for a pulse. Then quickly picks up the phone. Dials. INT. WALLINGHAM’S OFFICE - MORNING Wallingham is behind his desk, phone to his ear. WALLINGHAM You’re certain?... Who else knows?... Very well. Keep it that way until I arrive.


INT. SEDAN - MOVING - MORNING PRIME MINISTER JAYNE MILLS is given a cell by an AIDE. AIDE Wallingham. MILLS Good morning, Sir Francis... (beat, subdued) I see. And the apparent cause?... Very well. My office will coordinate details of an announcement with Buckingham Palace. Has her - Her Majesty been informed?... Very well. Do keep me apprised, Sir Francis. Prime Minister Mills clicks off. Stares ahead. MILLS His Majesty is dead. INT. ELIZABETH’S OFFICE, CLARENCE HOUSE - DAY Elizabeth sits at her desk, eyes closed, hand to her forehead, silently grieving. Nigel stands by her side. NIGEL My deepest sympathies...Majesty. (then, he kneels) Long live the queen. Elizabeth slowly looks at him, her new status registering heavily. BEGIN MONTAGE - QUEEN ELIZABETH * Prime Minister Mills, Wallingham and other officials crowd Elizabeth’s office to swear allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen; PROCLAIMER’S VOICE (V.O.) Upon the intimation that our late Most Gracious Sovereign King Richard had died in his sleep at Buckingham in the early hours of this morning, the Lords of the Privy Council assembled this day at St. James’s Palace, and gave orders for proclaiming Her present Majesty...


* Elizabeth stands uneasily behind the King’s desk; she sits and begins signing documents given to her by Wallingham; PROCLAIMER’S VOICE (V.O.) Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to call to His Mercy our late Sovereign Lord King Richard of Blessed and Glorious memory, by whose Decease the Crown is solely and rightfully come to the High and Mighty Princess Elizabeth Victoria Alice... * Mourners file past Richard’s body, lying in state at Westminster Hall. McQueen is among them; * Tens of thousands line the streets as Richard’s funeral procession winds toward Windsor Castle; PROCLAIMER’S VOICE (V.O.) We, therefore, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of this Realm, being here assisted with these His late Majesty’s Privy Council, with representatives of other Members of the Commonwealth, do now hereby with one voice and Consent of Tongue and Heart proclaim that the High and Mighty Princess Elizabeth Victoria Alice is now, by the death of our late Sovereign of happy memory, become Queen Elizabeth, by the Grace of God, Queen of this Realm and... * Elizabeth, the ginger young queen, is the center of attention at Richard’s funeral in St. George’s Chapel; * TV NEWSCASTERS report in a dozen languages as the funeral is covered live around the globe; PROCLAIMER’S VOICE (V.O.) Beseeching God by whom Kings and Queens do reign, to bless the Royal Princess Elizabeth with long and happy Years to reign over us.... * With noble bearing but a heavy heart, Elizabeth stands on a balcony at Buckingham Palace, looking out onto a sea of her adoring subjects as we... END MONTAGE


EXT. GARDEN, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Elizabeth and Wallingham walk in the garden. Aides and security agents follow at a discreet distance. WALLINGHAM Your Majesty, we agree postponing the wedding is the right thing to do. However, I fear postponing it a year sends the wrong message. ELIZABETH And on that we disagree my dear Wallingham. With our military on the verge of war - one I disapprove of by the way - and our economy in the loo, I hardly think a "royal wedding" is what the people need to lift their spirits. Wallingham reacts to the queen’s use of the word "loo". WALLINGHAM With respect, Majesty, poll after poll has shown the people want to see stability. They want to see you married. Your Majesty, the people take comfort in knowing the line of succession is secure, and with it, the monarchy. ELIZABETH (temper flaring) Do those same polls suggest which side of the bed I sleep on once I’ve wed? Whether I should wear a red or black negligee to seduce my prince?! Moan instead of groan?! WALLINGHAM (patient beat, then humbly) Your Majesty, I’m devoted to you as I was to your father. I can only remind you of what he himself tried to teach you... A queen serves her people before herself. Regrettably, your life is no longer you own. In truth, it never has been, Majesty. Elizabeth storms ahead in frustration, leaving Wallingham and her entourage behind.


EXT. BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY A BBC REPORTER does a stand-up, Buckingham Palace in the b.g. BBC REPORTER Buckingham Palace confirmed today that the long awaited wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands has been postponed until sometime next year. The palace didn’t give a new date for the nuptials, which, until the death of King Richard three weeks ago, was the most anticipated event in the Kingdom, perhaps the Western World. According to the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Prince Bernhard, on duty in Iran as part of the International Coalition defending that country from a possible invasion from Iraq, is scheduled to return to Amsterdam next week. Sources say that upon his return, he and the Queen will decide a new date for their wedding. EXT. BALCONY, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Elizabeth and Abby have lunch. ABBY Well, it stands to reason it should be before the coronation. Which would mean February or March. ELIZABETH Not ideal, but I agree. ABBY (smart-ass grin) And may we expect the pitter-patter of little feet by December? ELIZABETH (fake smile, not amused) I’m sure nothing would please Wallingham more.


ABBY I thought you were going to sack him. ELIZABETH Turns out not even the Queen can whack that Wanker. The women giggle. Wallingham comes out of the palace and they try to put on straight faces. WALLINGHAM Majesty. Lady Abigail. So sorry to interrupt your lunch. ELIZABETH (cuts Abby a mischievous look) Sir Francis! How good to see you. I’m sure it’s with good reason. WALLINGHAM Good reason, but not good news, Majesty. The Prime Minister has informed me that the Iranians have begun an offensive. (off reactions) Units of the RAF and Coalition armored divisions have mobilized to defend the Iraqi border. They include the Dutch air force, Majesty. ELIZABETH (lets this sink in) Thank you, Sir Francis. You’ll keep me apprised. WALLINGHAM Of course, Your Majesty. Abby offers Elizabeth a supportive look. INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - LATER Nigel and Fiona brief Elizabeth, who is preoccupied. NIGEL Number 22 SAS regiment is the most decorated in the British Army, Majesty, but squadron C’s Sudan operation was one of the most daring in recent memory, according (MORE)


NIGEL (CONT’D) to MOD. His Majesty the King wished to congratulate them personally. It was one of his last wishes. Naturally, given the nature of the operation a public ceremony wasn’t possible... Majesty? ELIZABETH (put off) This evening? FIONA It’s been in the diary for weeks, Your Majesty. ELIZABETH (looks at diary, incredulous) Their wives? NIGEL Yes, Your Majesty. Given the unique sacrifices families of our special forces endure, His Majesty felt it appropriate to include the wives and significant others of these sixteen men. OFF Elizabeth, perplexed... INT. 1844 ROOM, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - NIGHT An elegant hall where dinner parties and ceremonies are held. Soldiers in formal dress uniform mingle with their wives and each other. One of them seems a bit more uncomfortable than the others. This is "Our Guy" from the movie’s opening scenes. He’s SGT. WALTER RAWLINS and he’s talking to SGT. HARRY KENT, who we recognize as the commando who shot the merc leader in the bioweapons plant control room. HARRY Seriously Walt, how’s my breath. He huffs in Walter’s face. Walter grimaces. WALTER Really? Here, Harry?


HARRY Pardon me, mate. Not all of us got to spend a year walking the royal terriers in the palace garden after boot camp. WALTER There was no dog walking involved! I was on a security detail, all right! HARRY Take it easy. What gives anyway? You’ve had a crowbar up your ass ever since we got this invite. Did you fart during a meeting between the King and the Yank President? (excited) Or’d you catch Bess and Lady Abigail going at it in a sixty-nine?! Walter looks at him like, "What the fuck?" HARRY That’s it, isn’t?! I knew it! I knew the rumors about those two were true. STEPHANIE (O.S.) What rumors about which two? Harry turns to his wife, STEPHANIE, a cute blonde. The lascivious grin disappears from his face. WALTER You know Harry, Stephanie. STEPHANIE I do. That’s what I’m afraid of. Stephanie is with FATIMA. Walter’s wife is lovely, Lebanese and very pregnant. FATIMA My God, could the loo be any farther away? I just hope I can hold it until after we meet Her Majesty, otherwise we could have a national crisis on our hands. The couples share a laugh. Walter tries to cover his anxiety.


A SHORT TIME LATER A CHAMBERLAIN enters the room for an announcement. CHAMBERLAIN (announcing) Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please! Her Majesty shall arrive shortly. The soldiers and their wives form a procession line. Just as they’re ready: CHAMBERLAIN (announcing) Her Majesty the Queen! Elizabeth is stunning in an evening gown and crystal tiara. As she moves down the processional, soldiers snap to attention, wives curtsy. The queen smiles warmly, shakes hands and shares a brief, amiable moment with each couple. ELIZABETH (to Stephanie) You must be so proud. STEPHANIE Thank you, Your Majesty. I am. ELIZABETH (to Harry) Sergeant. Thank you for your service snd your sacrifice. HARRY (respectful nod) The honor is mine, Majesty. Elizabeth stops at Fatima, who smiles and curtsies. FATIMA Your Majesty. Elizabeth stares at her as if coming face to face with an enemy of the state. An uncomfortable beat passes as Fatima remains in her curtsy, awaiting a word from the queen. Elizabeth shifts her eyes to Walter, who, after the briefest glance at her, lowers his eyes. ELIZABETH (coolly to Fatima) You must be so proud.


FATIMA (faltering) Yes, Your Majesty. Very much. The queen’s superior smile is barely noticeable. Then: ELIZABETH Sergeant. Their eyes meet as they shake hands. Hold it for a beat. WALTER Your Majesty. Elizabeth moves to the next wife and is once again warm and charming. INT. 1844 ROOM, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - LATER Dinner is being served. Fatima is still shaken by her encounter with the queen. Walter whispers in her ear. WALTER Are you all right? FATIMA (forced smile) I’m fine, sweetheart. But everyone at their table can see that she’s not. Fatima breaks down in tears and excuses herself. Stephanie goes after her. Walter looks over and sees that Elizabeth has witnessed Fatima’s breakdown. Their eyes meet briefly, then she resumes her conversation with an officer’s wife. EXT. COALITION AIR BASE - DAY Prince Bernhard and his co-pilot scramble to their Apache attack helicopter. The rotors start and the two-man crew go through their pre-flight checklist. EXT./INT. APACHE - IN FLIGHT - DAY Prince Bernhard’s chopper flies in formation with another Apache. They fly over a column of Iranian tanks and armored vehicles. They attack.


It’s an intense, high-tech battle (heads-up displays, guided missiles, etc.), with the Apaches crisscrossing the sky, destroying or disabling several tanks. The Iranians release a torrent of anti-aircraft fire and Prince Bernhard’s Apache takes a direct hit from a missile. His co-pilot is killed instantly. Smoke fills the cockpit. BERNHARD Mayday, mayday! I’ve been hit! We watch as Prince Bernhard’s Apache disappears over a hill. We hear the CRASH. INT. BUCKINGHAM PALACE - NIGHT The soldiers and their wives are leaving the palace for the evening. We find Walter and Fatima off to the side talking. FATIMA (fretting) Walt, sweetheart, it’s nothing. Forget it, okay? You’ll get yourself in trouble with the major. WALTER It’s not nothing, Fatima. Look, I’ll just be a few minutes. FATIMA (as he’s walking away) Please, Walt. Don’t! INT. CORRIDOR, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - CONTINUOUS Walter approaches a security agent. He speaks to him and the agent reacts, subtly, but surprised. The agent turns his head to Fiona, giving instructions to members of the palace staff. He tells Walter to wait, then goes to Fiona, says something to her. She looks at Walter. INT. QUEEN’S DRAWING ROOM - NIGHT Elizabeth is about to unwind with a glass of port. Fiona enters. ELIZABETH Yes, Fiona, what is it?


FIONA Forgive me Your Majesty, but Sergeant Rawlins has asked for an audience. I told him such a request is highly inappropriate, but he was quite insistant that -ELIZABETH Show him in. FIONA Majesty? (off her look) Yes, Your Majesty. As you wish. Moments later Fiona returns with Walter and a security agent. ELIZABETH Leave us. FIONA But your Majesty -ELIZABETH Fiona, Sergeant Rawlins has sworn an oath to his queen and his country. One I’m sure he continues to honor. Isn’t that right, Sergeant? Walter just looks at her. After Fiona and the agent exit, Elizabeth and Walter stare at each other for a while. Finally: ELIZABETH Fatima. How appropriate. WALTER Bess -(off her sharp look) Your Majesty. She’s six months pregnant. ELIZABETH Really? I would’ve guessed eight or nine. And her eyes are a tad far apart, don’t you think? Rather like a cow’s. I have to say, I’m disappointed. You could’ve done better, Walter.


WALTER Bess, please, she’s my wife. ELIZABETH (lashing out) And I’m your QUEEN! Beat. He lowers his eyes dutifully. She regains composure. ELIZABETH I’m told that in this Sudan operation, one of you who is fluent in Arabic infiltrated the facility. Alone. Unarmed. (off his silence, her temper rises again) How many such missions have you been on in the last five years? How many times have you been nearly killed or maimed? Tell me, Walter?! I want to know! Is this the life you chose over me?! He looks in her eyes, the emotion between them almost palpable. WALTER (calm, with affection) For you, Bess. After a long beat. ELIZABETH (cold) You may tell your wife that the Queen fell momentarily ill. And that she should not take my reaction as an indication of any personal offense toward her...or yourself. Sergeant. WALTER Thank you, Majesty. By your leave. She dismisses him with a nod but continues to stare at him. He backs away, head bowed, unable to turn his back on the queen while her eyes are upon him.


INT. OUTSIDE QUEEN’S DRAWING ROOM - CONTINUOUS Walter backs out of the room, closes the door and stares at it until Fiona clears her throat to get his attention. Walter turns to face her and the security agent. FIONA Sergeant, this gentlemen will escort you to your wife...and the exit. WALTER Yes ma’am. Thank you. INT. QUEEN’S DRAWING ROOM - CONTINUOUS Fiona enters to find Elizabeth staring at the door. FIONA Majesty, will you be needing -ELIZABETH (curt) No, Fiona. You may leave. OFF Elizabeth... INT. LIBRARY, ETON COLLEGE - DUSK (FLASHBACK) College student Elizabeth peruses bookshelves in the "Languages" section. Walter, dark suited security agent, trails a couple of steps behind. SUPERIMPOSE: "SIX YEARS EARLIER" ELIZABETH I’m told you’re fluent in several languages, Rawlins. WALTER Four, Your Highness. Five, including English, of course. ELIZABETH Of course. What are they? WALTER German, French, Farsi and Arabic.

35. ELIZABETH Impressive. I could have used you last term. French was a bitch. She tosses him a comely smile and moves further into the stacks. He follows. ELIZABETH Why such interest in linguistics? WALTER Language skills are valuable for a solider in certain units, Highness. I hope to qualify for one of them when I return to regular service. ELIZABETH How very ambitious of you. (beat, then) Say something to me in...Arabic. He thinks about it for a couple of beats. WALTER (in Arabic, subtitled) Her Highness is a spoiled brat, but a very beautiful spoiled brat. ELIZABETH Why do I get the feeling you just called me a horrid little brat? WALTER I assure you, Your Highness, "horrid" is not a word I used. They exchange flirtatious smiles. ELIZABETH (in Arabic, subtitled) You are the clever one. But I think you’ve yet to learn your place, Rawlins. He reacts, realizing he’s busted. She moves close. WALTER I beg your pardon, Highness. ELIZABETH (in Arabic, subtitled) Did you know that this spot is one of the few in the library not covered by security cameras?


He glances around. Then back into her eyes. WALTER (in Arabic, subtitled) No, Your Highness, I didn’t. ELIZABETH (in Arabic, subtitled) Well, Walter... Perhaps now would be a good time for you to tell me how you really feel about me. Beat. He draws her to him and they kiss. Tentatively at first, then deeply as their long pent-up passion is released. INT. QUEEN’S DRAWING ROOM - NIGHT (RETURN TO PRESENT) Elizabeth wipes a tear from her cheek. INT. SUV - MOVING - NIGHT Walter drives, deep in thought. Fatima looks at him. FATIMA Walt, honey, you didn’t upset the queen, did you? WALTER No, she was fine. She said to tell you she suddenly felt ill and not to take it personally. Too late. FATIMA I wish you hadn’t gone to her. I’m surprised she even saw you. WALTER I told you, I was on her security detail before I transferred into the unit. FATIMA Are you sure she wasn’t upset? Major Levine will hear about it if she was.


WALTER Baby, it’s fine. OFF Walter... INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) Elizabeth grinds one out then collapses on her lover... Walter. SUPERIMPOSE: "FIVE YEARS EARLIER" They kiss and she melts into his embrace. LATER Walter and Elizabeth lay in each other’s arms. More than lovers, in love. ELIZABETH Tell me. I really want to know. WALTER C’mon, Bess. What’s the point? ELIZABETH The point is, we’ve been together for a year and it’s the one question that you haven’t answered. (looks up, smiles impishly) You know, I can always have MI5 torture it out of you. WALTER Well, when you put it that way. All right, I’ll tell you, but only if you tell me something first. ELIZABETH Anything, love. WALTER You and Lady Abigail? (off her look) Well? ELIZABETH Wipe that ridiculous grin off your face! Of course not! She’s my cousin, for Christ’s sake.


WALTER (humored) Well half the British Army believe you’re kissing cousins. There’s a huge betting pool on it. ELIZABETH That’s disgusting. WALTER Tell me about it. I lost fifty quid. She jabs him in the stomach then rolls on top, their faces close enough to kiss. ELIZABETH Well I’ve told you. Now you tell me. WALTER (beat) Four.... Not including you. She rests her head on his chest, relieved there weren’t more. After a couple of beats. ELIZABETH Promise me something. WALTER What? ELIZABETH Whoever you chose will be someone you truly love. INT. SUV - MOVING - NIGHT (RETURN TO PRESENT) Walter regards Fatima for a long, loving moment. Then looks back at the road ahead and continues driving. EXT. COURT GARDEN, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - MORNING Elizabeth and Fiona are doing Tae Bo with an INSTRUCTOR. Wallingham approaches, somber-faced. WALLINGHAM Majesty.


ELIZABETH Sir Francis. Why the face? WALLINGHAM I’m afraid I have news, Majesty. Wallingham pauses until the instructor excuses herself. ELIZABETH Well, go on. WALLINGHAM Prince Bernhard’s helicopter was shot down last night. ELIZABETH (bracing herself) Is he... WALLINGHAM We don’t yet know if he survived the crash. His co-pilot’s body was recovered by American Marines but Bernhard was nowhere near the wreckage. ELIZABETH But if he’s not with his helicopter... WALLINGHAM He may have escaped and be in hiding. Though it seems more likely he was captured by the Iranians. Elizabeth struggles with the thought. Fiona moves close for support. WALLINGHAM Coalition forces have begun an intensive search and rescue operation. I’ll inform you the moment I know more, Majesty. OFF Elizabeth trying to maintain her composure... INT. TERRORIST CELL OVER BLACK we hear a MAN’S VOICE. He’s giving orders harshly in Arabic. Other men respond obediently.


A hood is removed from Prince Bernhard’s head and we see what he sees: a dimly lit, sparse room, not larger than a prison cell. No bars. He could be anywhere. It could be any time. Then we see YOUSSEF, dark, menacing, a scar running from his left eye down his face to his neck. He may only be thirty but he’s caused enough death and destruction to fill two lifetimes. He grabs Bernhard’s hair, leans close to his face. His English is thickly accented but good. YOUSSEF Captain von Amsberg. You should know that you are doomed to die here. Nothing you say or do will change your fate. Allah has written it. Reveal Bernhard, bound in a chair, naked, bruised and cut from the Apache crash. BERNHARD (weakly) Then why are we talking? YOUSSEF I want you to know what you have to look forward to...your highness. (off Bernhard’s look) Yes, we know who you are. And because of who you are, our enemies will learn the depth of our resolve. Two TERRORISTS enter. One cuts the zip tie cuffs from Bernhard’s hands. Both men roughly string him up by his arms to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Youssef turns and picks up a CATTLE PROD. YOUSSEF You should know, highness, that I will enjoy this very much. EXT. ANCIENT TOWN - ESTABLISHING - NIGHT A Middle East desert town. We hear Bernhard’s SCREAMS as he’s tortured.

41. INT. SUB-BASEMENT ROOM - DUSK McQueen, Sweeney and Blake are with HOAG. From his dress, he could be a banker or a lawyer. He’s not. HOAG Whitehall may well suspect assassination, but with a clean autopsy report, the conspiracy theorists can speculate all they bloody want. They’ve got nothing. It’s all just Fleet Street fodder. Everything’s going to plan. SWEENEY How can that be when the whore Elizabeth wears the crown? I say we’re not done until she’s dead. MCQUEEN You had your chance, Sweeney. Now shut your hole. SWEENEY My men were fingered and you bloody well know it, McQueen! (to Hoag) Somebody’s playing both ends of the stick, Hoag, I know it! HOAG McQueen’s plant took care of Richard. Why’d he block our move on Elizabeth? BLAKE Yeah, for Job’s sake give it a rest, Sweeney. Offing the royals is just part of the plan, not the whole damn thing. SWEENEY I still want to know who this plant of yours is, McQueen. Why is it we lay all our cards on the table making us vulnerable - but you, you can -Suddenly, Sweeney is grasping at his neck, blood spurting through his fingers. McQueen has reached across the table and slit his throat with a switchblade. Hoag and Blake look on in stunned silence as Sweeney hits the table. McQueen wipes his blade on the dying man’s shirt.

42. MCQUEEN Can’t say he wasn’t warned. The door opens and a LOOKOUT rushes in. LOOKOUT You’ve got to see -- Jesus! He’s shocked to see Sweeney face down in a pool of blood. BLAKE What is it?! LOOKOUT Uh...on the telly upstairs. You’ve got to see. Hurry! Blake, McQueen and Hoag head for the door. The lookout can’t take his eyes off Sweeney, now dead. HOAG (on his way out) Get somebody down here to clean up that mess. INT. LONDON PUB - CONTINUOUS Hoag, Blake and McQueen push through a crowd to the bar. All eyes in the place are glued to the BBC report. ON TELEVISION: VIDEO FOOTAGE of the tortured Bernhard, held upright by his balaclava-wearing captors. BBC REPORTER ...the terrorists have made no demands, saying only that Prince Bernhard’s execution, to be held live via webcast, will serve as a rallying cry for Jihadists and other "faithful" to rise up and expel what they call the Coalition’s unholy occupation of Iraq and other Muslim countries. Prince Bernhard’s Apache helicopter was downed four days ago during an attack on an Iranian armored column. His co-pilot was killed... RETURN TO SCENE OFF McQueen, his wheels turning...

43. INT. QUEEN’S DRAWING ROOM - DUSK Elizabeth is seated on the sofa, tears streaming down her face. She’s barely holding it together. Wallingham, Nigel and Fiona stand next to her, aghast by the BBC report on the captured prince. ON TELEVISION: BBC REPORTER The prince was scheduled to return to the Netherlands this week. Just days ago Buckingham Palace announced that the wedding of Prince Bernhard and Queen Elizabeth would be postponed until next year, allowing an appropriate period of mourning for England’s King Richard, who died peacefully in his sleep last month... RETURN TO SCENE Prime Minister Mills enters the room. MILLS Majesty. ELIZABETH (stands, wipes tears away) Has there been any contact with them?! MILLS I’m afraid not, your Majesty. We’re trying every means available through the foreign and defense ministries, ours as well as those of the Netherlands and the U.S. ELIZABETH (shaken, angry) This can’t be happening. Bloody MONSTERS! A look from Wallingham sends Nigel and Fiona out. ELIZABETH What are we going to do?! We have to do something! Wallingham eases Elizabeth back down onto the sofa and sits beside her. Mills sits across from them.


MILLS Your Majesty, MI6 and the CIA are working tirelessly to locate Prince Bernhard. But...I’m afraid it will be exceedingly difficult. WALLINGHAM (off her look) Your Majesty, what the prime minister is saying is we must prepare ourselves for the worst. INT. STUDY, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - NIGHT Elizabeth sits alone, lost in melancholy. After a light knock, Fiona enters with a tea service. FIONA Your Majesty. ELIZABETH Fiona. You needn’t have. You know Mrs. Dugan makes tea for me. FIONA She did. I just brought it in. (sits and pours) Your Majesty, I’m sure Prince Bernhard will be rescued. I just know he will. We mustn’t lose hope. Elizabeth takes a sip of tea. Still adrift. FIONA You’ve been so incredibly strong throughout everything. First His Majesty, now this... I just want you to know how very proud of you we all are. Elizabeth looks at her, manages a half-smile. ELIZABETH Thank you, Fiona. INT. NIGHT CLUB - NIGHT Techno music throbs. London’s Beautiful People dance and get high on all kinds of drugs, legal and otherwise. We find McQueen in a privy phone booth on his cell.


MCQUEEN Siobhan, just sit tight. Do nothing until I give the word... Because I say so! Look, our friends have stumbled on to something that will work to our advantage. When we move I want to send a message that’s crystal clear... I’ll be in touch. He clicks off and exits the booth. He crosses the club and enters a VIP section. He flashes a charming smile, leans over and plants a kiss on...Abby! She’s on a sofa with a Martini in hand. ABBY Philip, darling! You know I hate to be kept waiting! MCQUEEN Sorry, love. Money never sleeps. ABBY Stocks, bonds! Blah, blah, blah! It’s all so bloody boring! MCQUEEN How can I make it up to you, beautiful? OFF Abby’s lustful smile... INT. MCQUEEN’S APARTMENT - DAY A swank bachelor pad. McQueen enters in the clothes he wore at the night club the night before. He goes into the bathroom, turns on the shower... To the bedroom, where he unlocks a metal desk drawer, pulls out a strong box, opens the strong box with a different key and removes a SIM CARD... To the kitchen, where he finds a cell phone in a box of cereal in the cupboard. He puts the sim card in the phone, turns it on. Dials as he goes back into the bathroom... We hear ringing. Then: MAN’S VOICE (V.O.) Yeah?


MCQUEEN I think we’ve got a chance to make an even bigger statement. But it’s going to require coordination with our friends in the desert. MAN’S VOICE (V.O.) Go on. EXT. DESERT - DUSK A large BEETLE lands on a palm tree. After a beat it flutters away. We stay with it in flight. As it flies, we become aware of a METALLIC WHIRRING sound. EXT. ANCIENT TOWN - DUSK As we approach from the beetle’s POV. EXT./INT. STONE HOVEL - DUSK A hovel carved out of a rock structure. The beetle lands near the hovel’s entrance. Then flies... Inside. The place is a shit hole with radios, weapons and other military hardware scattered about. The beetle flutters through a dim hallway. Down narrowing stairs. It finally lands on a wall next to a metal door. A FAT TERRORIST squeezes down the stairs. Opens the metal door and goes inside. Leaves the door ajar. We glimpse Bernhard on the floor naked, in the fetal position. The terrorist puts a bowl of something that passes for food next to Bernhard’s head then curses in Arabic and kicks him in the gut. The prince moans. The terrorist leaves the cell, closes and locks the door. As the terrorist walks up the stairs, HOLD on the beetle. SLOW ZOOM INSIDE THE INSECT, where we see the cell door through its eyes...Lo and behold, this beetle sees in night vision green. INT. E-3 AWAC AIRCRAFT - IN FLIGHT - DUSK Moving through the cabin of the U.S. Air Force aircraft, we pass many of the SPECIALISTS sitting at workstations, their eyes glued to monitors that prove Big Brother’s eye in the sky sees damn near everything. We stop at one of them.

47. SPECIALIST I have something, sir! An OFFICER comes up behind. On the screen, a grainy night vision image of Bernhard as he’s kicked by the terrorist. OFFICER Pinpoint that location. SPECIALIST I’ve got it, sir. Locked in. OFFICER By God, that’s got to be him. (picks up a phone) Captain, Seltzer here. I think we’ve got him, sir. INT. PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE - DAY Prime Minister Mills is meeting with staff members. Her aide enters and interrupts. AIDE Madame Prime Minister. Defense Minister Meriwether is on the line. The Yanks think they’ve found Prince Bernhard. INT. BRIEFING ROOM, DEFENSE MINISTRY - DAY Mills and DEFENSE MINISTER MERIWETHER listen to a briefing with other ministers and officers. Satellite photos and digital diagrams are projected on a screen. GENERAL GATES leads the briefing. GENERAL GATES The town is about 40 kilometers northwest of Habarut, on the edge of the Rub’ al Khali, one the largest deserts in the world. It’s heavily fortified, with two K31 Strela radar-guided anti-aircraft batteries, neither of which was there a week ago, suggesting President Al-Ghaydah is lending direct support to the terrorists. MERIWETHER What do we know about Al-Qaeda’s presence in the town?


GENERAL GATES The place is bloody crawling with them. We estimate fifty to seventy-five are there at present. They took over several years ago and have used the town as a training installation in the past. MILLS What of this Youssef character? What do we know about him? Gates nods toward HELEN SIMMONS. The head of MI6 is in her fifties, attractive, but you wouldn’t want to cross her. A photo of Youssef is projected on the screen. SIMMONS Youssef Bin Sadat, as hardcore as they come. Born in Egypt, educated in Saudi Arabia and the United States. Active as an assassin and mercenary in Afghanistan and Somalia before becoming an Al-Qaeda operative. He’s been linked to terrorist activity on four continents. Specializes in interrogation... Torture. MILLS (oh, great!) So the prince is being held in a desert fortress run by a cohort of bloodthirsty murderers, led by a sadistic psychopath. Beat. Simmons and Gates exchange a look. SIMMONS Yes, Madame Prime Minister. MILLS Well we can’t just sit around twiddling our thumbs while the Queen’s future prince consort is executed on the Internet! GENERAL GATES We don’t have many options, Madame Prime Minister. Frankly the odds of a successful extraction - that is, one in which the prince is rescued alive - are not in our favor. But we have drawn up a plan. Major.


MAJOR LEVINE, thirties, rugged good looks, stands. We recognize him as the commando leader in our opening scenes. MAJOR LEVINE We call it "Operation Orange Peel"... EXT. WALTON STREET, LONDON - DAY Abby leaves one of the elegant shops and walks down the street. She’s surprised to find McQueen waiting. ABBY Philip, darling! Shouldn’t you be in The City trading stocks and bonds or something? MCQUEEN I could spend the afternoon plowing through stocks and bonds or... plowing. He smiles. INT. MCQUEEN’S BEDROOM - LATER McQueen and Abby are kissing passionately. She rolls on top and pulls away. He grabs her neck and pulls her back. After a deep, hard kiss, she breaks for air. ABBY Philip darling, I admire your stamina, but I really must go. She rolls out of bed. MCQUEEN What, no snuggling? I feel so used? ABBY (pulling on panties) I know, how trampy of me. But I need to grab a quick shower at home and change into something smashing. MCQUEEN I rather like the current ensemble. She’s in thong panties. Period.

50. ABBY Perfect for you. Not so much for tea with Her Majesty. She finds her dress. Is about to pull it on. MCQUEEN Hey wait. I got something for you. Call it an early birthday gift. He hands her a giftbox from the nightstand drawer. ABBY Try six months early. MCQUEEN Well then it’s a "Thanks for three weeks of great shagging" gift. Abby opens the box. It’s a JEWELED NAVEL RING. ABBY Philip, it’s beautiful. Thank you. She kisses him. MCQUEEN Well, aren’t you going to put it on? McQueen winces as she replaces a navel ring she’s wearing with the new one. MCQUEEN You’re a braver man than I, M’Lady. ABBY Oh, poo! Don’t be such a big baby. Well, how’s it look? MCQUEEN Smashing. INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Elizabeth sits at her desk, half-listening as Fiona goes through correspondence. Fiona stops and looks at her. FIONA ...Perhaps her Majesty would like to rest for a while? I can handle this without you.


ELIZABETH (a spark) Fiona, I will not allow a crisis to send me cowering like a child whose afraid of the bogey man! The people of England expect more from their Queen and they shall have it! Continue please! Fiona continues with the correspondence. EXT. GUARD SHACK, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY A Bentley Convertible Coupe pulls up to a guard shack. The GUARD steps up and smiles at the driver. GUARD Good afternoon, Lady Abigail. ABBY Hello, Jerry. GUARD I’m Rick. ABBY I’m sorry, darling. You’re all so handsome! He smiles again and waves her through. INT. BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Abby breezes through the palace. On her way she’s greeted by friendly nods and respectful bows by servants and staff. We follow her onto: EXT. BALCONY, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY A SERVER waiting at a table pulls out a chair for her. Abby tosses him a pleasant smile as she sits. SERVER Good afternoon, Lady Abigail. Would you like a spot of tea now or do you prefer to wait for her Majesty? ABBY I’ll wait, thank you.

52. INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Elizabeth and Fiona are finishing up. FIONA Just in time for your tea with Lady Abigail. ELIZABETH Abby’s here? I wasn’t aware. FIONA Yes, your Majesty. I thought it would be a nice surprise. (a smile) Even a queen needs a little girl time. ELIZABETH Yes. Yes, I suppose you’re right. Elizabeth crosses to the door. Fiona begins organizing the queen’s desk. Elizabeth turns at the door. ELIZABETH Thank you, Fiona. They share a smile before Elizabeth exits. INT. HALLWAYS, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - CONTINUOUS Servants and staff stop and bow their heads as Elizabeth passes. Up ahead, Nigel approaches urgently with Prime Minister Mills, Defense Minister Meriwether, General Gates and Wallingham. NIGEL (officious) Majesty, the Prime Minister, Defense Minister -ELIZABETH Yes, Nigel, I can see. MILLS Your Majesty, we have news. ELIZABETH (bracing for the worst) Yes. Wallingham stops Mills. Glances at a nearby door.


WALLINGHAM This is best discussed behind closed doors, Majesty. Nigel holds the door as the others follow Elizabeth inside. A look from Wallingham and Nigel knows he’s not welcome. Nigel closes the door and walks away. INT. SITTING ROOM, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - CONTINUOUS Elizabeth and the others sit. ELIZABETH Well, go on. MILLS Majesty, we’ve located Prince Bernhard. He’s alive. ELIZABETH (great relief) Oh thank God! MILLS That’s the good news. ELIZABETH (beat) And the bad news? EXT. BALCONY, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Abby checks her cell for e-mails. INT. SEDAN - DAY McQueen on his cell, behind the wheel of a car parked on a London street. He glances at his watch. MCQUEEN Twenty minutes? Right. He clicks off. Looks at a SECOND CELL on the passenger seat.


INT. SITTING ROOM, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Elizabeth’s relief has turned to outrage. ELIZABETH What on earth are you saying?! I won’t have my first meaningful act as queen be to approve the murder of my own fiance! MILLS Your Majesty, horrible as that may be, the public execution of a royal by terrorists would be even more devastating; not only to the morale of the governments and peoples of England and the Netherlands, but to all constitutional monarchies. An open season would be declared on royals everywhere. No one who wears a crown or who is in line to wear one would be safe. GENERAL GATES To say nothing of what it would do to energize opposition to the Coalition in the Gulf. MERIWETHER Majesty, we have no other options and we’re running out of time. Beat. WALLINGHAM Would you give Her Majesty and myself a moment? Mills, Meriwether and Gates excuse themselves. EXT. BALCONY, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Nigel comes out to Abby. NIGEL Lady Abigail. Apologies, but the Queen has been delayed. You’re welcome to stay until her meeting has concluded or we may reschedule.


ABBY (a smile) Thank you, Nigel, darling, but I have no where else to be. So. NIGEL Very well. I’m sure she’ll be delighted that you stayed. INT. SITTING ROOM, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - CONTINUOUS Elizabeth and Wallingham alone. ELIZABETH I simply will not accept that there are no other options, Francis. There have to be other options! You and the Prime Minister will bring them to me! I demand it! A beat as he allows her to vent. Then: WALLINGHAM Majesty, King Hans, Bernhard’s own father, has approved of the plan. (off her incredulousness) Majesty, as Queen you are the head of England’s government, yet you haven’t power to direct the government in its affairs. Nor do you have the power to enact laws or declare war... You have countless privileges but precious few rights. You must act, not as you wish, but as the people expect you to. Therein lies your true power, Majesty. Acting only for the people, in their interests and by their will. That, and that alone, is what makes monarchs divine. (beat) Your father and I had hoped you would have many years before this day arrived. But here we are. Bess... (their eyes meet) I believe you know what you must do.

56. EXT. BALCONY, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - CONTINUOUS Abby stands at the balustrade, looking out over the beautiful, expansive garden. INT. SEDAN - CONTINUOUS McQueen picks up the second phone. Checks his watch again. INT. SITTING ROOM, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - CONTINUOUS Mills, Meriwether and General Gates have returned. Elizabeth stands before them, poised, resolute. ELIZABETH General Gates, you say the odds of success are less than ten percent. GENERAL GATES Yes, Majesty. And I’m afraid that’s being generous. ELIZABETH And the men chosen to carry out this mission. They accept those odds? GENERAL GATES Yes they do. They’re the best in Her Majesty’s service. ELIZABETH (beat, with remorse) I should like to know such brave men. GENERAL GATES I believe you already do, Majesty. Elizabeth looks at him questioningly. WALLINGHAM The SAS squadron you received two weeks ago. GENERAL GATES Major Levine’s squadron, your Majesty. Elizabeth gasps, her knees almost buckle. Wallingham moves to her and eases her to a sofa.


WALLINGHAM Majesty? ELIZABETH (struggling to regain composure) Why not use a smart missile to destroy their defenses before Major Levine’s men go in? Surely we possess the technology. GENERAL GATES Even the smartest smart bomb can’t discriminate between human targets. The only chance we have of rescuing the prince is to send the men in. OFF Elizabeth’s growing distress... INT. ABBY’S PENTHOUSE - DAWN (FLASHBACK) Elizabeth, in Walter’s dress shirt, stands at a glass wall watching the sun rise over London. SUPERIMPOSE: "FIVE YEARS EARLIER" Walter, in slacks, comes in and holds her from behind. Kisses her cheek. She wraps her arms around his, holds him tightly. ELIZABETH What if I told you not to go? WALTER Bess, I doubt the British Army will allow me to be your bodyguard the rest of your life. ELIZABETH (turns to him) We could be together, Walter. We could do it. WALTER (has to laugh) Right. The second in line to the British crown chucks it all away for a common army grunt, one that’s not even an officer. Oh, and who happens to be black. I don’t think so, Bess.


ELIZABETH It’s not unheard of. Well, maybe the black part is, but -WALTER Bess, honey, stop. We both knew this day would come. I don’t want to accept it any more than you do, but now the fairy tale’s at an end. Not realizing it, she scowls like a spoiled child. He lifts her chin with a finger, smiles at her. WALTER Hey, I’m I going to have to spank you again? ELIZABETH I do love you, Walter. With all my heart. I always will. WALTER And I love you too, Bess. A long beat before they kiss deeply. The apartment door opens and Abby comes in. ABBY Sorry you two lovebirds, but the dawn patrol just arrived downstairs. Dream’s over. Time to go back to reality. Elizabeth puts her forehead on Walter’s chest. He holds her in his arms. Her tears come... INT. BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY (RETURN TO PRESENT) CLOSE ON ELIZABETH’S FACE as she walks. Still tormented by the thought of losing Walter and Bernhard in a desert hell. NEW ANGLE to reveal that she’s approaching the doors to the balcony. A servant opens the balcony door for her. Abby turns from the balustrade and smiles. Elizabeth forces a smile in return. A queen meets the expectations of her people.


INT. SEDAN - SAME McQueen dials a number on the second cell phone. INTERCUT BETWEEN MCQUEEN & ELIZABETH & ABBY Abby starts to walk toward Elizabeth. Elizabeth takes one step onto the balcony. McQueen hits "send" and...KABOOM! Abby is obliterated! The force of the blast throws Elizabeth back into the palace. McQueen hears the explosion in the distance. He starts the car and pulls into downtown London traffic. INT. NURSERY - DAY Walter finishes installing a baby’s mobile on a crib. He winds it and the lullaby begins to play. Fatima enters and regards him lovingly. FATIMA You’re quite the handy man. He turns and smiles. Moves to her and caresses her belly. WALTER Careful, lady. That kind of talk’s what got you in trouble in the first place. FATIMA If this is trouble then give me more... Oh Walt, I’ve never been happier than I am right now. They kiss. Then he goes to a yardstick on the door. WALTER Over here, this is where he - or she - can track how tall he gets. And there, that’s where we’ll put the desk when he - or she - starts school. She smiles as she goes to him, loops her arms around his neck.


FATIMA Slow down, soldier. You’ll have this baby and all our children grown and out of our house before I’ve had a chance to enjoy them. WALTER "All"? Just how many were you planning on having? FATIMA (a come-hither look) That depends. How handy are you? They’re about to kiss but a ringing cell phone stops them. He takes the cell from his pocket, reads the caller ID. She reads his expression and covers her anxiety. EXT. WALT & FATIMA’S HOUSE - LATER Fatima stands in the doorway of their modest, military base home. She forces a dutiful smile. Walter smiles with his eyes before he climbs into a waiting truck and drives away. Fatima looks after him, caressing her belly and their unborn son - or daughter. EXT. AIR BASE - DUSK A Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules sits on the tarmac, engines running. Sixteen commandos with duffles walk to the plane and file on board. EXT./INT. C-130 HERCULES - IN FLIGHT - NIGHT The Hercules flies through the night sky. Inside, commandos sleep, read or keep their own counsel. Walter and Harry sit next to each other but might just as well be miles apart. EXT./INT. SUBMARINE An attack submarine glides through the murky depths. Inside, commandos relax in the rec room. We find Harry and Walter, again side-by-side, Harry catching up on soccer matches on his Kindle, Walter looking at a digital slide show of Fatima on his cell phone.

61. Later the commandos prepare to leave the sub: they put dog tags and other personal belongings in kit bags. Walter takes a long, last look at Fatima then powers off his cell phone and puts it in his kit along with his wedding ring. The kit bags are collected by a submarine crew member. EXT. SUBMARINE - NIGHT Commandos ease over the side of the sub and into special ops inflatable speedboats. After the commandos speed off into the night, the sub sinks back beneath the waves. EXT. DESERT - DAY Mercilessly hot dunes. Fucking harsh. A caravan of 16 Bedouin riding camels moves slowly across frame. We hear a plane’s turboprop engine. One of the Bedouin looks up. MAJOR LEVINE Yemeni scout plane. Looking for us, no doubt. WALTER You think they know it’s us, sir? MAJOR LEVINE We’ll find out soon enough. EXT. BEDOUIN CAMP - DUSK Bedouin Major Levine goes over the plan again with his men, using a hand-held device to project a digital map of the town on the sand. MAJOR LEVINE X-ray 3 and 4 go in at zero-hour to scout, then take positions here and here to cover our movements. No need to worry about the anti-air or armor, they’re ineffective in close combat. X-ray 1 will go in at zero-200, locate and extract the prince. Now it’s possible they’ve moved him, but MI6 say he’s still here, in a sub basement cell. He’ll be in pretty bad shape, but medical will have to wait until we’re on the helo. X-ray 2 will cover our evac from here and here.


He takes a beat, looks hard at his men. MAJOR LEVINE Tomahawks are due to arrive at zero-230. Whether we’re out with the prince or not, there won’t be much of anything left of the town by zero-235. Understood? Grim nods from the commandos. He pushes a button and Youssef’s image replaces the map on the sand. MAJOR LEVINE Youssef Bin Sadat. You see this bugger, Prince Bernhard is likely close by. While you’re at it, do the world a favor and put one between his bloody eyes. The commandos burn Youssef’s image into their brains. MAJOR LEVINE Right then. Let’s rest up before weapons check. EXT. BEDOUIN CAMP - NIGHT Walter and Harry sit, talking. WALTER Really? A baker? HARRY Yeah. There’s something peaceful about a bakery. The fresh smell of bread in the mornings. Especially at the weekend. WALTER (beat) Yeah, I guess I can picture it. HARRY What about you, Walt? If you weren’t in the unit, what would you want to do with your life? Walter thinks for a few beats as he sharpens his commando knife on a flat stone.


WALTER Open a restaurant. Lebanese. Fatima’s a great cook. Her folks had a place in Beirut... (a small smile) I’d cut the vegetables and take out the trash. Just like at home. HARRY Sounds like a plan, mate. (long beat, then) So you think there’s a connection? WALTER A connection? HARRY Between the Terrys who nabbed Prince Bernhard and the attack on the queen. Jesus. Poor Lady Abigail. Thank God Her Majesty was unharmed. Walter stops sharpening the knife. Stares at his reflection in the gleaming blade. SLOW DISSOLVE TO: INT. HALLWAY, HIGH-RISE BUILDING - DAY (FLASHBACK) Walter and Abby leave her penthouse. They walk down the hallway toward the elevator. It’s moments after our last flashback scene. SUPERIMPOSE: "FIVE YEARS EARLIER" Walter hits the elevator call button. Abby looks at him. ABBY If you loved her you wouldn’t go. WALTER Abby, I do love her and I have to. ABBY You don’t have to do anything. Walt, she’s willing to give it all up for you. WALTER Another reason I have to go. You don’t think I want to be with her? (MORE)


WALTER (CONT’D) Spend the rest of my life with her if I could? Think of the sideshow her life would become. No, I won’t do that to her and I won’t let her do it to herself. ABBY (beat) She’s a lot stronger than people give her credit for. Apparently, even you. Ding. The elevator opens. Walter steps inside. They stare at each other until the doors close between them. EXT. CIRCULAR DRIVEWAY - 1 HOUR LATER Elizabeth emerges from the high-rise building trailed by two security agents. She walks to a waiting Rolls-Royce. Walter holds the rear door for her. WALTER Good morning, Your Highness. ELIZABETH Good morning. She pauses before getting into the car, meets his eyes. ELIZABETH So, Rawlins, I understand you’re off to special forces. WALTER Yes, Your Highness. I leave for Sennybridge tonight. ELIZABETH Yes, well, try not to get yourself in a bind. WALTER Yes, Your Highness. I’ll try not to. A long look into each other’s eyes before she slides into the back seat. He closes the door. The Rolls-Royce pulls away. Walter looks after it.


EXT. BEDOUIN CAMP - NIGHT (RETURN TO PRESENT) Walter resumes sharpening his commando knife. Tests the edge with his thumb and draws blood. EXT. BALMORAL CASTLE - ESTABLISHING - DAY The grounds are crawling with security personnel. Two RAF choppers circle overhead. BBC REPORTER (V.O.) No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing that shocked the whole of Great Britain. But the BBC has learned MI5 believe a splinter group of the IRA is behind the attack, which killed Lady Abigail Stuart, twenty-six-year-old cousin of Queen Elizabeth and seventh in line to the throne. Miraculously, the queen escaped injury and is trying to recover emotionally while under heavy security at Balmoral Castle in Scotland... INT. HALLWAY, BALMORAL CASTLE - DAY Elizabeth, a portrait of sadness, walks listlessly down the hallway. BBC REPORTER (V.O.) ...The brutal attack comes at an extremely difficult time for the young queen. Her fiance, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, remains a hostage to terrorists who have vowed to publicly execute him... Elizabeth stops. Closes her eyes to shut it all out. FIONA Majesty. Fiona puts an arm around her. Security agents and an entourage are just steps behind them.


INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BALMORAL CASTLE - DAY Elizabeth lay on a sofa. DR. FITZHUME, fifties, sits next to her. He offers her pills and a glass of water. DR. FITZHUME These will help you rest, Your Majesty. ELIZABETH No, Doctor. I want to remain clear-headed. A damp towel is all I require. A NURSE standing next to Fiona hears this and exits. As she does, Wallingham enters. WALLINGHAM How is Her Majesty coming along? DR. FITZHUME Fatigued. Rest is -ELIZABETH (sitting up) How are the people, Sir Francis? WALLINGHAM Concerned for Her Majesty, of course, but united in their determination that those responsible for this despicable act be found and punished. DR. FITZHUME Majesty, please. You must try to get some rest. The nurse returns with a cold compress and hands it to Dr. Fitzhume. He applies it to Elizabeth’s forehead, easing her back down on the sofa. ELIZABETH Thank you, Doctor. That will be all for now if you don’t mind. DR. FITZHUME Yes, of course, Your Majesty. ELIZABETH You may all leave. Sir Francis, please stay.


Dr. Fitzhume leads the others out. Fiona looks at Elizabeth before closing the door on her exit. WALLINGHAM Yes, Majesty? ELIZABETH Is there any word from Number Ten? WALLINGHAM No, Majesty. We’re not likely to hear from the PM until the mission has...concluded. ELIZABETH I want to be apprised the instant the Prime Minister phones. WALLINGHAM Yes, Your Majesty, without fail. Now please, Dr. Fitzhume is right. You need to rest. INT. QUEEN’S OUTER OFFICE, BALMORAL CASTLE - DAY Nigel and Fiona work at desks on opposite sides of the queen’s office door. Fiona answers a phone call. FIONA Yes?... Sorry, but I’m afraid now’s not a good time... Around half past three?... Thank you. Cheers. NIGEL Who on earth was that? FIONA Vicker Danielzadah. Wanted to offer his consolenses to Her Majesty. NIGEL Him and half the entire Western World. INT. WALLINGHAM’S OFFICE, BALMORAL CASTLE - DAY Wallingham at his desk, talking to Ben Coughlin, the Prime Minister’s communication director.


WALLINGHAM Her Majesty can’t possibly make an appearance let alone a speech so soon after this tragedy. COUGHLIN The PM feels it’s exactly what the people need. It’s not enough for them to know she’s unharmed. With the IRA apparently back in business and prince Bernhard, well, in deep peril to say the least, the people need to know their monarch is keeping a stiff upper lip as it were. Wallingham’s cell phone rings. He checks caller ID. WALLINGHAM Afraid I have to take this, old chap. COUGHLIN Right. I’ll just be outside. Coughlin exits. Wallingham answers the cell. WALLINGHAM Yes? INT. LONDON STREET - SAME Blake’s on a cell phone. He looks nervous. BLAKE It’s happening. INTERCUT BETWEEN BLAKE AND WALLINGHAM WALLINGHAM Are you certain? You were totally useless on the last attempt. BLAKE Look, McQueen’s a secretive bugger. He never said a word about Lady Abigail. And trust me, he made it crystal clear he wasn’t fond of questions.


EXT. SECURITY CHECKPOINT, BALMORAL CASTLE - DAY A baker’s van approaches. An MP steps out of the guard shack. MP Identification, please. McQueen, dressed as a bakery deliveryman, hands over his phony identification. Deadly serious MPs go over the van with a fine-tooth comb - undercarriage, roof, rear, etc. EXT./INT. SERVICE ENTRANCE, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS After a brusque pat down and twice over with a hand-held metal detector, McQueen delivers dozens of loaves of fresh-baked bread into the palace on a hand trolley. In the kitchen he removes bread from pallets and puts them in a pantry as kitchen workers go about their business. When he’s about finished, he exchanges a look with a KITCHEN WORKER who bears more than a slight resemblance to McQueen. They both go into the: INT. PANTRY - CONTINUOUS McQueen takes off his deliveryman’s overalls, revealing a dark suit like those worn by the palace security detail. At the same time, the kitchen worker strips down to deliveryman’s overalls. INT./EXT. SERVICE ENTRANCE, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS The kitchen worker-now deliveryman comes out of the pantry and pushes the hand trolley out of the kitchen. He goes to the van, loads up the trolley, goes around to the driver’s side and climbs inside. A security agent gives him a curious look. The deliveryman nods casually then drives off. INT. BALMORAL CASTLE (VARIOUS) - CONTINUOUS Security agent McQueen makes his way through the mansion.

70. INT. QUEEN’S OUTER OFFICE, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS Nigel and Fiona at work. Nigel answers his desk phone. NIGEL Yes?... Are you sure?!... Fine, all right. On my way. He hangs up, exchanges a look with Fiona. NIGEL Maynard Laurie. MI5. Back for more. FIONA Not to worry. Everything’s well under wraps here. I’ll just give Her Majesty a peek. NIGEL Very well. Nigel exits. After a beat, Fiona opens her desk drawer, reaches inside. INT. STAIRWAY, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS McQueen walks up a large staircase as Nigel walks down. They pass shoulder-to-shoulder without a glance. INT. HALLWAY, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS McQueen ducks into an alcove, pulls a WALTHER from his suitcoat. He screws on a SILENCER. INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS Fiona enters the office and slowly crosses to Elizabeth, asleep on the sofa. INT. HALLWAY, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS McQueen makes his way toward the queen’s office, silenced Walther at his side. Up ahead, two security agents stand guard at the doorway leading to the queen’s outer office; two more stand across the foyer from them. McQueen dispatches the agents - one shot each to the head before any of them unholsters his weapon. In seconds he drags the two across the foyer out of sight then returns to drag the first two into the queen’s outer office.


INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS Elizabeth wakes, removes the compress from her eyes. Looks up at Fiona standing over her. ELIZABETH Fiona. How long have I been asleep? FIONA No long enough, Majesty. Something in the way she says it strikes Elizabeth oddly. She sits up. ELIZABETH Has Sir Francis come by? Fiona, what is it? Elizabeth looks past her as McQueen slips inside, closing the door behind him. Fiona doesn’t take her eyes off Elizabeth. ELIZABETH Yes? (then, noticing gun) What’s happened? Is everything all right? He flashes a malicious smile. FIONA No, Your Majesty. But it’s about to be. OFF Elizabeth looking at Fiona... INT. ENTRY FOYER, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS Nigel reaches the main entrance. Two security agents stand guard in the foyer. NIGEL Well, where is he? AGENT Who, sir? NIGEL Director Laurie of MI5. The agents exchange puzzled looks.


INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS ELIZABETH Who are you? Who is your superior? MCQUEEN Certainly not you, "Bess". Elizabeth stands, temper rising with her. ELIZABETH How dare you speak to me that way! Fiona, call this man’s -She stops when she realizes Fiona is also holding a gun. FIONA I’m afraid I’m no longer at Her Majesty’s service. ELIZABETH (incredulous) Fiona? FIONA Actually, it’s Siobhan. And this is my brother, Philip. McQueen chambers a round in his Walther. ELIZABETH But, Fiona, why? You served Father for years! FIONA The war between us - the war started by your tyrant ancestors and continued by your lecherous father - has never ended. You were just too blind and weak to notice. MCQUEEN (mocking) "Why"? "Why"? You bloody royals just don’t get it. Like that vapid cousin of yours. ELIZABETH Abby...You?! MCQUEEN All the filthy cunt wanted was my Irish cock up her asshole. It never (MORE)


MCQUEEN (CONT’D) crossed her mind that I was just using her to get to you. And you people call yourselves "divine". Try chromosomally challenged. INT. QUEEN’S OUTER OFFICE, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS Wallingham comes in. Sees the dead security agents. Takes a gun from one of them... INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BALMORAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS ELIZABETH BASTARD! Enraged, Elizabeth starts after McQueen but Fiona grabs her. Elizabeth spins and COLD COCKS Fiona just as Wallingham rushes in. McQueen turns and shoots him twice in the chest. Wallingham keels over face down on the floor. Elizabeth rushes McQueen. He turns just in time to catch a kick to the balls. Next, Elizabeth lands a wicked right cross to his chin. McQueen feels it but rebounds quickly, unleashing a visious backhand that lifts her off her feet and back onto the sofa. He stands over her, silencer pointed right between her eyes. MCQUEEN You royal bitch! Not only is this the end for you and that dolt fiance of yours, but before I’m through it’ll be the end for your whole useless, bloodsucking class. ELIZABETH (shouting) Fuck you, IRA scum! MCQUEEN (evil smile) Nice last words, your Maje -The bullet enters the back of his head and exits the top. He falls on top of Elizabeth, who is stunned until she looks at Wallingham, on the floor holding the gun. She pushes McQueen away and goes to Wallingham, sets the gun aside and cradles him in her arms.


ELIZABETH Francis! Oh Francis! You’ll be alright! WALLINGHAM (dying) No, I won’t, Majesty. But awfully good of you to say so. Security agents burst in, guns drawn. A blood-curdling SCREAM as Fiona comes out of her daze and realizes McQueen is dead. She rushes Elizabeth in a rage. The confused security agents hesitate. Elizabeth doesn’t. In one swift motion, she takes Wallingham’s gun and puts a hole in Fiona’s head, much to the astonishment of the agents. ELIZABETH (calm) Consider yourself sacked, bloody bitch. Nigel enters, taken aback by the bloody scene. Elizabeth looks down a Wallingham. Tears are now welling in her eyes. WALLINGHAM Well done, your Majesty. Well done. He dies. INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BALMORAL CASTLE - LATER Dr. Fitzhume and the nurse are tending to a bruise on Elizabeth’s cheek. She watches as agents carry a body out in a body bag. Then her eyes fall on Wallingham just as his bag is being zipped. ELIZABETH (sternly to an agent) Sir Francis is not to be taken in the same vehicle as those two. AGENT Yes, Your Majesty. Coughlin passes Wallingham’s body on the way out. He goes to the queen, offers her a sheet of paper. COUGHLIN Majesty. I’ve prepared a brief statement.


Elizabeth scans it. Considers. ELIZABETH No. COUGHLIN Your Majesty, it’s been approved by the Prime Minister herself. ELIZABETH There will be no statement of any kind. COUGHLIN But, Your Majesty -ELIZABETH (to all, with authority) What happened here today is not to go beyond this room. Do I make myself clear? Nigel, Dr. Fitzhume, the nurse, security agents and MPs stare at her for a beat. Then a chorus of obedient "Yes, Your Majesty". COUGHLIN Your Majesty, with all due respect, I’m afraid Whitehall -ELIZABETH I’m well aware of what my government expects of me, Mr. Coughlin. However, at the moment, my chief concern is for my people. I doubt they’d take comfort in knowing the IRA has successfully infiltrated the royal family’s inner sanctum and come frighteningly close to killing their queen not once, but twice inside the same week. LAURIE (O.S.) I couldn’t agree more, Majesty. MAYNARD LAURIE, head of MI5, buttoned-down, fifties, has entered. He approaches and bows his head respectfully. LAURIE Maynard Laurie, MI5, Your Majesty.


ELIZABETH Yes, Mr. Laurie. You’ll brief me at some point on the obvious uptick in Republican activity... LAURIE Yes, of course, Your Majesty. ELIZABETH And why MI5 has been so dreadfully lax as of late. LAURIE (chastised) Yes, Your Majesty. ELIZABETH Mr. Coughlin. COUGHLIN Yes, Your Majesty? ELIZABETH Contact Number Ten. Inform the PM that I wish to speak with her post haste. COUGHLIN Right away, Majesty. He exits quickly. ELIZABETH Nigel. NIGEL Majesty. ELIZABETH I want to return to Buckingham Palace. NIGEL Yes, Your Majesty. When? ELIZABETH Immediately. Elizabeth exits, her subjects looking after her in awe.


EXT./INT. ROYAL HELICOPTER - IN FLIGHT - DAY As the S76 Sikorsky bullets over Scotland, Elizabeth talks on the phone. ELIZABETH Madame Prime Minister, I’m quite sure there are many acts of terrorism MI5 chooses not to publicize. MILLS (V.O.) That’s true, Your Majesty. Unfortunately, governments have learned the hard way that even so much as the appearance of a cover up can lead to scandal. Naturally, we should like to avoid that. A second attack on Her Majesty and the murder of Sir Francis can’t be kept secret. ELIZABETH They won’t be for long. I prefer to wait until after Operation Orange Peel, at which time I will address the people myself. INT. TERRORIST CELL QUICK CUTS of a terrorist splashing Bernhard’s naked body with water; roughly shaving his beard as another terrorist holds him steady; dressing him in his flight suit; Bernhard is pushed onto a steel chair, his hands zip cuffed to the chair back, a bright light switched on as a CAMERAMAN TERRORIST sets up a video camera and a LAPTOP TERRORIST works on a laptop computer. EXT. ANCIENT TOWN - NIGHT The town seems to be asleep except for rifle-toting TERRORISTS patrolling dirt paths that pass for streets. EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS Four terrorists talk quietly. One of them senses something as a shadow passes behind them. He turns. Shrugs. Just the wind?


INT. TERRORIST CELL - CONTINUOUS Prince Bernhard looks like a man whose spent a week being tortured. Youssef enters the cell. He speaks to his men in Arabic; English to Bernhard. YOUSSEF How long before we begin the webcast? LAPTOP TERRORIST Ten minutes. YOUSSEF Good. He stands in front of Bernhard and an evil, self-satisfied grin comes to his face. YOUSSEF The world will soon see that "noblemen" are merely cowards in disguise. Bernhard looks up at him then at the balaclava in his hand. BERNHARD Soon the world will see that cowards are cowards, regardless of their disguise. Youssef raises a hand to strike him but hesitates. He steps away, returns with a SAIF and unsheaths it. Bernhard fights his fear at the chilling sound and the sight of the gleaming blade. YOUSSEF (sneers) We will see where your arrogance goes when the knife slices through your neck. Now we see the terror in Bernhard’s eyes. EXT. ROOFTOP #1 - CONTINUOUS A terrorist stands guard with a 50-caliber machine gun. CLOSE ON the terrorist as he lights a cigarette. In the dim glow of the match flame, a pair of eyes become visible behind him! Though covered in camo-grease, we recognize Walter’s face.


The terrorist takes a drag of the cigarette. It’s the last thing he does. Walter covers the man’s mouth and plunges his commando knife into the terrorist’s chest, killing him silently. EXT. ROOFTOP #2 - CONTINUOUS Harry has dispatched a terrorist and taken his position. He aims his modified assault rifle down into the street. EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS The four terrorists talk. The first notices a RED LASER DOT on the second’s forehead. REVEAL that all four terrorists have dots on their heads. The first terrorist tries to shout in alarm but the bullet goes in his mouth before the words come out. The other three fall to the street at the same time, dead on impact. EXT. ROOFTOP #2 - CONTINUOUS Harry, wearing night vision goggles, speaks into his com-link. HARRY Point A clear. EXT. ROOFTOP #1 - CONTINUOUS Walter takes out another terrorist in similar fashion. WALTER Point B clear. COMMANDO VOICE #1 (V.O.) Point C clear. COMMANDO VOICE #2 (V.O.) Point D clear. We hear from commandos that other points are cleared. EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS Commandos move like ghosts through the street.


INT. TERRORIST CELL - CONTINUOUS The cameraman makes final adjustments. CAMERAMAN TERRORIST We are ready. Youssef looks at the laptop terrorist. He types on the keyboard, checks cables running to the video camera. LAPTOP TERRORIST Two minutes. Youssef rubs his hand against Bernhard’s smooth face. Bernhard flenches away, glares at him. YOUSSEF (evil smile) Perhaps the whore Elizabeth will still recognize you without a head when you join her in hell. BERNHARD What are you talking about?! YOUSSEF Your queen is dead. Bernhard struggles to rise from the chair but can’t. BERNHARD BASTARD! YOU LIE! YOUSSEF You will soon know for yourself, infidel! EXT./INT. STONE HOVEL - CONTINUOUS Major Levine and the four men of X-ray 1, wearing night vision goggles, move into position outside a stone hovel. He signals and they burst inside. NIGHT VISION GOGGLE POV: four terrorists easily dispatched by short bursts from commando machine guns. Commandos move down the hallway and down the narrowing stairs. They take position in front of the metal door, Levine signals and they remove their goggles. RETURN TO SCENE


A commando steps forward and blasts the door lock, kicks it in and tosses a concussion grenade inside. BOOM! X-ray 1 rush in, guns raised. The cell is empty except for a chair and a bowl. INT. TERRORIST CELL - CONTINUOUS Youssef has donned his balaclava and stands next to a once-again hooded Bernhard. The cameraman, fingers raised, is doing the countdown before starting the live webcast. CAMERAMAN TERRORIST Five, four, three... We hear gunfire. Youssef shouts orders in Arabic. Cameraman and laptop terrorist hurriedly pack their shit. EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS A fierce shootout has erupted. Terrorists are being mowed down by unseen commandos who are seemingly everywhere. EXT. ROOFTOP #1 - CONTINUOUS Walter fires down into the street. MAJOR LEVINE (V.O.) This is Gonzo. The package is not here. Repeat, package not here... INT. STONE HOVEL - CONTINUOUS X-ray 1 commandos in the cell. Levine talks into his com-link. MAJOR LEVINE X-ray 2 and 3, commence search at blue and gold. He signals for his unit to exit and they make their way up the stairs. BAM! An explosion as a RPG explodes in the narrow hall. Two of the four commandos are killed instantly. Levine and the other commando return fire.


INT. TERRORIST CELL - CONTINUOUS Youssef unshackles Bernhard from the chair, stands him up and puts a pistol to his hooded head. YOUSSEF You will do exactly as I say or I will shoot. MOVE! He shoves Bernhard out of the cell, following the cameraman and laptop terrorist through a basement, up stone stairs. EXT. ROOFTOP #1 - CONTINUOUS Walter leaves his position and makes his way down through the home to the EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS ...where three other commandos from X-ray 2 meet up and make their way to another building to search for Bernhard. INT. STONE HOVEL - CONTINUOUS Terrorists fight their way into the hovel firing wildly. Major Levine and the other commando take serveral of them out, but there are too many. Another RPG is fired, killing Levine and the commando. INT. ANTI-AIRCRAFT BATTERY - CONTINUOUS A CONTROLLER TERRORIST is on the radio, calling for backup. INT. BUILDING - CONTINUOUS Walter and three other X-ray 2 commandos enter the darkened building, poised to kill. They move through a main room. A terrorist fires from behind a closed door. A commando returns fire, obliterating the door and ripping the terrorist to shreds. Another terrorist fires from the dark. And another. Walter and the commandos do what they do, picking off terrorists like targets in a penny arcade. The commandos split up to begin a room search. Walter heads upstairs quickly but cautiously.


INT. HOUSE - CONTINUOUS Youssef holds Bernhard as the camerman and laptop terrorist look at the firefight raging outside. YOUSSEF (in Arabic, subtitled) Go! Get out there and defend our position! Go! The two men exchange frightened looks, then ready their weapons and run out into the street. They’re cut down after only a few steps. Youssef uses the distraction to spirit Bernhard out a side entrance. EXT. ROOFTOP #2 - CONTINUOUS Harry has just taken out the cameraman and laptop terrorist in the street. A terrorist sneaks up behind, takes aim. Harry hears him, falls to the ground, spins around and shoots the terrorist. Then Harry hears something else. Looks up at the night sky. EXT. SKY - CONTINUOUS Two Yemeni Air Force MiGs fly over the town. INT. BUILDING - CONTINUOUS Walter reaches the second level. Kicks open a door and scans the tiny room, machine gun leveled. BLAM-BLAM. Shots fired from behind explode the wall inches from Walter’s head. He spins, ready to fire. A terrorist holds a YEMENI WOMAN as a human shield, the barrel of his assault rifle at her head. He curses at Walter in Arabic. In the blink of an eye, Walter pulls his handgun and shoots him in the head. The woman SHRIEKS as the dead terrorist falls behind her. Walter looks at the woman, deciding if she’s a plant or a real hostage. He looks past her into the room. Children and an old man are huddled together, terrified. WALTER (to woman in Arabic, subtitled) If you want to live, leave from the southeast corner of the town! Now! Go!


She turns, steps over the dead terrorist and gathers the children. EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS KABOOM! Two commandos are killed by a MiG missile. Another takes a head shot from a terrorist. Things are getting pretty damn hairy for the commandos. INT. DEFENSE MINISTRY, SITUATION ROOM - CONTINUOUS High-tech. Dimly lit. Analysts and specialists in headsets hunched over computer consoles. Military aides moving about busily. Prime Minister Mills, Defense Minister Meriwether and General Gates are joined by American ADMIRAL DAVIS and Dutch GENERAL THORBECKE, their eyes glued to static-filled wall monitors . GENERAL GATES Well what the hell’s the problem?! ANALYST Sir, the satellite should be in position now but I’m picking up low atmospheric EMI. Suddenly, the monitors come to life, revealing grainy satellite footage of the firefight in the town. MILLS My god. What’s happening?! ADMIRAL DAVIS A fucking disaster is what’s happening. GENERAL THORBECKE Do we have comms capability? ANALYST Hailing now, General... Halo this is Archangel. Halo this is Archangel, do you...


EXT. BUILDING - CONTINUOUS ANALYST (V.O.) Halo, come in. Fucking choas! Walter and his men duck bullets and lay covering fire for commandos advancing on a building. WALTER (in com-link) Archangel, Halo here! over! INTERCUT BETWEEN WALTER AND SITUATION ROOM GENERAL GATES What in hell’s going on down there?! WALTER We’ve got a situation, sir! GENERAL GATES We can bloody well see that? WALTER Taking air-to-ground from MiGs! Working to neutralize, sir! GENERAL THORBECKE What about the Package? WALTER Say again, sir! MILLS Prince Bernhard! Have you got him? WALTER Negative! Not yet! GENERAL GATES Has Gonzo an idea where he may be? WALTER Gonzo’s down, sir! The ministers and officers exchange looks. Shit. Admiral Davis glances at his watch. ADMIRAL DAVIS Son, you don’t have much time.


WALTER (no shit, Sherlock!) Affirmative, sir! GENERAL THORBECKE You must locate the package and extract or terminate, do you understand?! The video starts to go static. Audio becomes sketchy. WALTER Say again! ANALYST We’re getting static on the feed, sir. EMI burst. GENERAL GATES Halo, extract or terminate package! Do you understand?! WALTER Loud and clear, sir! Extract or terminate! Walter has a terrorist in his sights 30 yards away. Takes him out with a controlled burst. In the situation room, the satellite feed is lost. Monitors go static. A DIGITAL CLOCK reads, "Mission time: 02:15". MATCH CUT TO: A DIGITAL DESK CLOCK: "11:15 p.m." INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - NIGHT Elizabeth sits at her desk staring at the clock. Nigel enters and approaches. Without a word, he places two SHEETS OF PAPER down in front of her. They exchange a look before he turns and exits. Elizabeth regards the SPEECHES. We see that one is headed "Positive Outcome"; the other "Negative Outcome". Beat. Elizabeth turns over the Negative speech and silently reads the Positive one.


EXT. BUILDING - CONTINUOUS Walter and the commandos of X-ray 2 move out. As they do: WALTER (into com-link) X-ray 3, we’re moving to blue. X-ray 4, how’s it comin’ with that Strela? EXT. ANTI-AIRCRAFT BATTERY - CONTINUOUS Four X-ray 4 commandos are taking position around the anti-aircraft battery defended by about a dozen terrorists. X-RAY 4 COMMANDO X-ray 4 in position. He signals for his men to open fire. They take out the enemy in a brief firefight. Approach the battery door. From inside, three or four bullets blow through the door. The door opens slowly and the frightened controller sticks his head out. A commando shoots him dead then goes inside while the other commandos take defensive positions. X-RAY 4 COMMANDO Let’s hope this thing doesn’t have fucking IFF. INT. ANTI-AIRCRAFT BATTERY - CONTINUOUS A commando works the controls, targeting the circling MiGs. INT. ANOTHER BUILDING - CONTINUOUS X-ray 3 commandos, including Harry, fight their way through the building looking for Prince Bernhard. They gun down terrorists as they go. EXT. SKY - CONTINUOUS A MiG makes a straffing run. Opens fire with cannons.

88. EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS Walter and three commandos dive to avoid the MiG’s fire. One of the commandos is cut down. Walter looks up from the ground, sees the second MiG turning to make its run. EXT./INT. ANTI-AIRCRAFT BATTERY - CONTINUOUS Terrorists have surrounded the battery and are laying down fierce fire. Commandos return it with lethal precision. An RPG is fired and explodes on impact. A commando is killed but the armor-plated AA battery absorbs the blast. Inside, the commando working the controls flicks switches disabling the Identification Friend or Foe, gets a lock on the MiGs. We hear the TONE. He punches the launch buttons. Outside, an explosive fury as four surface to air missiles launch from canisters. Two commandos are killed by terrorist fire. The commando who was inside on the controls comes out, sees his fallen comrades and takes an extra machine gun. He opens up double-fisted, killing more terrorists before an RPG takes him out. EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS Walter watches as the MiG bears down. WALTER Cover! Cover! A surface-to-air missile streaks up to meet the MiG, blowing it out of the sky. Walter watches as two other SAMs chase the second MiG. BOOM-BOOM! Another fireball lights up the night as the MiG is destroyed. INT. ROOM, ANOTHER BUILDING - CONTINUOUS Youssef sees the MiGs get taken out. Hears the raging battle in the streets. He turns to Bernhard, who is on his knees in a corner. Youssef yanks the hood from Bernhard’s head. The Prince is...smiling. BERNHARD Best laid plans, eh? Youssef removes his balaclava. Pulls a pistol from his shoulder holster.


YOUSSEF We will see who laughs last, infidel! Youssef aims at Bernhard’s head. The prince continues to smile defiantly. BLAM-BLAM-BLAM! Machine gun fire riddles the room, sending Youssef for cover, his gun falling out of reach. BERNHARD (shouting) Here! I’m here! COMMANDO (O.S.) That’s him! This way! We hear commandos approaching outside. Youssef scrambles to his feet, pausing long enough to kick Bernhard in the head, before running out of the room. Harry fires at Youssef, just missing him as he darts out a rear entrance. X-ray 3 commandos go to Bernhard’s aide, cutting away the zipcuffs. EXT. REAR OF BUILDING - CONTINUOUS Youssef stumbles out. He sees women and children scrambling toward the town’s southeast wall. He stops to pick up an assault rifle from a dead terrorist, then heads after the escaping civilians. EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS Walter and his two remaining men regroup. HARRY (V.O.) This is x-ray 3. We have the package. Repeat. We have the package. WALTER (into com-link) Roger. We read, x-ray 3. All units, we’re leaving!


INT. ROOM, ANOTHER BUILDING - CONTINUOUS Harry kneels next to Bernhard, who is in pretty bad shape. HARRY Prince Bernhard, hang in there. We’ll get you out of here, sir. BERNHARD Thank you... And it’s Captain, soldier. Captain von Amsberg. HARRY (a smile) Yessir, Captain. Harry helps Bernhard to his feet and they all move out. EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS Walter’s team move through the street. Terrorists fire on them from buildings and rooftops. Another commando is killed. Walter and the remaining commando run into a house for cover. EXT. ARABIAN SEA - CONTINUOUS A guided missile frigate cruises in the Arabian Sea. SUPERIMPOSE: "U.S.S. Vandergrift. Arabian Sea." FIRE CONTROL OFFICER (V.O.) Stand by to fire missiles... Fire! Thunderous flames as four tomahawk cruise missiles leave the frigate and streak off into the night. INT. HOUSE - CONTINUOUS Walter and his commando partner pick off terrorists who try to surround their position. COMMANDO Ammo? WALTER Low.


COMMANDO I was afraid you’d say that. The commando smiles at him. Just then, a burst of gunfire explodes through the wall, sending Walter for cover but killing the last X-ray 2 commando. After a couple of tense beats, three terrorists rush inside. Walter’s gun is out of reach. It’s Jason Bourne time again. He dodges a blast from the first terrorist, uses him as a shield and the terrorist’s gun to shoot the second terrorist, then disarms the third and breaks his neck. Two more terrorists come in through windows. More breathtaking hand-to-hand combat as Walter kills them with nifty, bone-crushing moves. He glimpses out the window. FUCK! A terrorist is aiming an RPG right at him. Walter grabs a dead terrorist’s rifle, dives out the window just as the RPG flies overhead. BOOM! INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - CONTINUOUS Elizabeth finishes the "Positive" speech. Sets it aside. Then she turns over the "Negative" speech. A beat as she stares at it. Her eyes begin moving across the page as she reads... EXT. OUTSIDE HOUSE - CONTINUOUS Walter lands on the ground outside the house, rolls and comes up blasting until he’s out of ammo. When he looks around, the terrorists who assaulted the house are all dead. He also realizes his side is bleeding badly. EXT. NEAR REAR OF TOWN - CONTINUOUS Harry and X-ray 3 commandos make their way to the exit point with Bernhard. Suddenly, they become aware of the sound of rolling armor. A TANK turns a corner and is right in front of them. A 50-caliber machine atop the tank opens up with a withering barrage. Two commandos are ripped to shreds. Harry pushes Bernhard out of the way and dives for cover himself.


The other commando puts a red laser on the tank gunner’s forehead and takes him out with on shot. Then he sprints straight at the tank. The tank’s main gun FIRES. The round whizzes over the commando’s head IN SLOW MOTION and blows up a house behind him. RESUME SPEED as the commando bounds onto the tank, unclips a grenade from his tunic and tosses it down the turret. BLAM! He fires his machine gun into the tank to finish the job. Harry gets Bernhard on his feet and they continue past the tank with the other commando. EXT. TOMAHAWK CRUISE MISSILE - IN FLIGHT - CONTINUOUS Flying at subsonic speed. Ocean below. Coastline closing fast. EXT. EDGE OF TOWN/DESERT - CONTINUOUS Harry and the tank-killing commando make their way out of town with Bernhard. The commando checks his watch. COMMANDO Six minutes. Harry looks back at the town. Where’s Walt? Just as Harry and the commando turn with Bernhard to leave, Walter stumbles out of the town 30 yards behind them, unarmed. WALTER (in pain, calling out) Harry! Harry turns around. Smiles. Then sees his friend is seriously injured. He goes to him. MYSTERY TERRORIST’S POV - 20 YARDS AWAY as Harry meets Walter. RETURN TO SCENE HARRY Kept you busy did they? WALTER (weakly) Better late than never, right?


HARRY (notices wound) Christ. You’ve lost a lot of blood. Harry helps Walter to the others. HARRY Walt, Captain von Amsberg. Walter and Bernhard exchange a look. There’s a lot more meaning behind Walter’s eyes than Bernhard’s. COMMANDO Gents, what say we save the niceties till later? HARRY Right. Just then the commando takes a round to the head. Walter tackles Bernhard to protect him. Harry spins and fires on YOUSSEF who returns fire, hitting Harry in the chest. Youssef walks toward Walter and Bernhard, assault rifle leveled, a sneer on his lips. Walter get up, crouching protectively over Bernhard. Bernhard, all hope lost now, looks up at the gloating Youssef. YOUSSEF You see, "Prince". It is I who gets the last laugh. He laughs as he pulls the trigger. Click. Out of ammo. Shit! Lightening fast, Walter flings his COMMANDO KNIFE, hitting Youssef right between the eyes. The terrorist hits the ground. Dead. Walter collapses onto the sand. TOMAHAWK MISSILE’S NIGHT VISION POV closing in on the town. MATCH CUT TO: TOMAHAWK MISSILE’S NIGHT VISION POV


INT. DEFENSE MINISTRY, SITUATION ROOM - CONTINUOUS PULL OUT of a wall monitor and we see the tomahawk’s POV in the situation room. GENERAL GATES Can you hail them? ANALYST Negative sir, we’ve lost all audio. SPECIALIST One minute to target. Prime Minister Mills and the others stare helplessly at the displays. EXT. EDGE OF TOWN/DESERT - CONTINUOUS Walter as we left him, face down on the sand. A HAND comes into frame and grabs him. Then other hands. WIDEN and we see the Yemeni woman from the building, along with other women and children helping Walter, Bernhard and Harry. EXT. TOMAHAWK CRUISE MISSILE - IN FLIGHT - CONTINUOUS Tomahawk’s night vision POV speeding toward the town. SPECIALIST (V.O.) Ten seconds to target. Nine, eight, seven... EXT. ANCIENT TOWN (VARIOUS SHOTS) - CONTINUOUS The town burning and littered with bodies. SPECIALIST (V.O.) ...six, five, four, three, two -Spectacular EXPLOSIONS as the missiles strike! The town becomes an inferno! INT. DEFENSE MINISTRY, SITUATION ROOM - CONTINUOUS The room is deathly quiet except for the sound of static on the monitors.


INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - CONTINUOUS Elizabeth finishes reading the Negative speech. She steels herself as we... SLOW DISSOLVE TO: INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) Romantic lighting. Elizabeth steps into frame wearing a sexy negligee. Walter goes to her, draws her near, strokes her cheek gently. ELIZABETH Walter...I’ve never... WALTER It’ll be alright. I promise...Your Majesty. ELIZABETH Walter, I’m not the queen. WALTER You’re my queen. They kiss... EXT. BALCONY, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY (RETURN TO PRESENT) CLOSE ON ELIZABETH’S EYES. WIDEN to reveal she’s now standing on a balcony, gazing out onto the waking city. She’s tired from lack of sleep. Behind her a door opens. Nigel steps out onto the balcony. Elizabeth does not turn to face him. Just continues gazing out onto the city. NIGEL Majesty. Word from the Prime Minister. ELIZABETH Yes. NIGEL His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard has been saved.


ELIZABETH (beat) And the men? NIGEL (beat) Majesty...all but one were lost. ELIZABETH (bracing herself) Who...survived? NIGEL Sergeant Rawlins, Majesty. Elizabeth is nearly overcome with emotion. She closes her eyes, tears roll down her cheeks. Beat. ELIZABETH Thank you. That will be all, Nigel. FADE OUT. FADE UP: EXT. AMSTERDAM AIR BASE - DUSK Hundreds of people cheer and wave small Dutch flags on the tarmac as a Royal Netherlands Air Force transport plane rolls to a stop. Bernhard, in Class-A uniform, comes down the steps, using crutches. Elizabeth walks up to greet him. They kiss lightly. The crowd goes wild. Over these next few scenes, Elizabeth delivers her speech. ELIZABETH (V.O.) In recent days, the British people have come under attack. Not from enemies on battlefields abroad, but by those who would attempt to strike fear and terror into our hearts here at home...These cowardly, trecherous acts, commited by a few dark-hearted souls, were intended to demoralize the British people and destablize our government...


EXT. ROYAL PALACE OF AMSTERDAM - DAY Thousands cheer outside the palace as Bernhard, in formal royal military uniform, and Queen Elizabeth wave to them from the balcony. ELIZABETH (V.O.) I speak to you today, my loving people, to reassure you that our enemies have failed, and failed miserably! Our government remains resolute in its opposition to tyranny and naked aggression, on British soil and in the lands of our friends and allies around the world... INT. WESTMINSTER ABBEY - DAY More than 2,000 are in attendance as Elizabeth and Bernhard take their wedding vows. ELIZABETH (V.O.) And as for the spirit of the people? My people? I say to tyrants and terrorists wherever you may be: have you learned nothing of the fiber and courage of the British people? A people that not only have endured great challenges but met and conquered them time and again... EXT. BALCONY, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Queen Elizabeth and her Prince Consort Bernhard wave to the adoring crowd below. PULL OUT and we’re looking at the scene ON TELEVISION. ELIZABETH (V.O.) As your queen, I am resolved that we, the British people, together, shall once again prevail over those who threaten our democracy and our liberty, as we have for centuries...


INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DAY Elizabeth at her desk, delivering her speech in front of a television camera. ELIZABETH ...whether they come from enemies in distant lands or those within the realm. And when the battle is done, with the grace of God, we shall be victorious. INT. HOSPITAL - DAY ON A PIXELATED TELEVISION SCREEN: Elizabeth concludes her speech and looks out of the television directly at her subjects: Determined. Strong. Regal. Doctors, nurses and patients are gathered around a television. On their faces we see admiration for their young queen. Over this we hear a WOMAN IN THE THROES OF LABOR... INT. DELIVERY ROOM - DAY Fatima on the delivery table, giving birth. DOCTOR You have a girl. Fatima beams with pride. Walter comes into frame and kisses her. A NURSE puts the bundle of joy in Fatima’s arms. Mother and father fawn over her. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY Fatima is sitting in bed, holding the baby. Walter, in crisp camo-fatigues, stands at bedside. WALTER Samar Aliyah. It’s beautiful. The door of the room opens. A SECURITY AGENT steps in and holds the door. Walter and Fatima look at him, taken aback.


SECURITY AGENT Sergeant, Mrs. Rawlins... Her Majesty the Queen. The agent steps aside and Elizabeth enters. Walter snaps to attention and salutes. A slight nod from Elizabeth and the agent leaves the room. Elizabeth smiles warmly at Fatima. ELIZABETH Hello, Fatima. FATIMA (humbly) Your Majesty. ELIZABETH Sergeant. Taking his que, Walter ends the salute. WALTER Your Majesty. Elizabeth crosses to the bed, looks adoringly at the baby. ELIZABETH Have you named her? FATIMA Yes, Your Majesty. Samar Aliyah. ELIZABETH It’s beautiful. As is she. May I? Fatima hands the baby to Elizabeth, who cradles her almost as though she were her own. Fatima can hardly believe the queen has come to visit, let alone is holding her newborn. ELIZABETH (to baby) Hello, Little One. (meets Walter’s eyes) I’m so very happy for you. Both of you. WALTER Thank you, Majesty.


INT. ANOTHER ROOM, HOSPITAL - LATER Empty except for Walter and Elizabeth, standing close. WALTER They were all good men, Bess. Beat. ELIZABETH Walter, I know you must feel an incredible sense of loss... But know I will forever be grateful for what you and they have done. (beat) And I’m so grateful that you’ve come home. A weighty silence passes before: WALTER There may be a time when I don’t. She caresses his face with one hand. Looks deeply into his eyes. ELIZABETH You always will. I command it. WALTER Yes, Your Majesty. She kisses him tenderly on the side of the mouth. Stays near for a long beat. This really is goodbye. Then she turns and walks out of the room. OFF Walter looking after her... INT. QUEEN’S OFFICE, BUCKINGHAM PALACE - DUSK Elizabeth at her desk. Across from her are Prime Minister Mills, General Gates and the MI5’s Maynard Laurie. SUPERIMPOSE: "SIX MONTHS LATER". ELIZABETH And your intelligence is ironclad? LAURIE Yes, Your Majesty. Our source has been deep undercover in the Republican splinter group for over (MORE)


LAURIE (CONT’D) two years. He’s met each of the leaders and confirms they all arrived in Belfast over the last three days. ELIZABETH Madame Prime Minister, are you confident in public sentiment should news of this operation reach the press? MILLS Sinn Fein have publicly denounced them in the past, and this group have no widespread support among Republicans, Majesty. ELIZABETH General? GENERAL GATES We’ve already assessed their security. It’s good but no match for special forces. They’ll be in and out like ghosts, Your Majesty. Elizabeth reviews a dossier on her desk. Beat. ELIZABETH Very well. Make it so. EXT. IRISH COUNTRYSIDE - NIGHT Idyllic, snow-covered hills. A night shrouded in fog. EXT. FARMHOUSE - NIGHT A farmhouse, windows lit, smoke streaming from its chimneys. Postcard perfect. Several cars and SUVs are parked around. And as we come closer, we notice men with assault weapons slung over their shoulders. Radio earplugs in ears.


INT. FARMHOUSE - CONTINUOUS Hoag, Blake and several rogue IRA FACTION LEADERS are having a heated debate. HOAG Look, we can’t afford any more disasters. I say we bide our time. FACTION LEADER #1 Bide our time? Elizabeth’s popularity is higher than her father’s was. Mills’ approval ratings are on the rise and Whitehall is a fucking glee club. If we don’t make some noise, we’ll never regain momentum. FACTION LEADER #2 He’s right. If the Brits pull out of Iraq by mid-year like they plan to, we’ll have lost all pretext for inciting change and gaining support among main liners. FACTION LEADER #3 There’s got to be a middle ground. Something short of targeting Elizabeth. Since McQueen’s folly, we’ve no way inside. MI5 have made security around her tighter than a gnat’s ass. Any attempt would be foolhardy. Blake begins a HACKING COUGH. The others pause, look at him. BLAKE Sorry... EXT. FARMHOUSE - CONTINUOUS As before. BLAKE (V.O.) (radio filtered) ...Think I’ve got a bug. Where’s the shitter? HOAG (V.O.) (radio filtered) Back through there. Second door on the left.


INT. FARMHOUSE - CONTINUOUS Blake leaves the men to their debate and goes to... INT. BATHROOM, FARMHOUSE - CONTINUOUS Where he closes and locks the door. He looks at himself in the mirror for a beat. BLAKE I’m out. He goes to the window and opens it. Begins to climb out. EXT. FARMHOUSE - CONTINUOUS A GUARD stands looking out at the gently sloping valley. Behind him, in the shadows, we see FIGURES moving. Sensing something, the guard turns. Nothing. He shrugs off his jitters, looks at another guard standing about 30 yards away. The two nod at each other. Comforting. Then he takes out a pack of cigarettes, taps out a stick. Lights it. In the dim glow of the match flame, a pair of eyes become visible behind him! We recognize Walter’s face. As the guard takes a drag of the cigarette we... SMASH TO BLACK. THE END

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