AbouL ¡ood & WuLer WuLcI
¡ood & WuLer WuLcI Is u nonprohL consumer rIgILs orgunIzuLIon, bused In WusIIngLon, DC, LIuL
cIuIIenges LIe corporuLe conLroI und ubuse oI our Iood suppIv und wuLer resources.
¡ood & WuLer WuLcI
1616 P SL. NW, SuILe ¤oo
WusIIngLon, DC zoo¤6
LeI: (zoz) 68¤-z=oo
Iux: (zoz) 68¤-z=o1
CopvrIgIL ( November zoo8 bv ¡ood & WuLer WuLcI. AII rIgILs reserved. TIIs reporL cun be vIewed
or downIouded uL www.IoodundwuLerwuLcI.org.
CuIIIornIu OIhce
z= SLIIImun SLreeL, SuILe zoo
Sun ¡runcIsco, CA ¤q1o;
LeI: (q1=) z¤¤-¤¤oo
Iux: (q1=) z¤¤-¤¤o8
WIv Your EvenL SIouId SIun BoLLIed WuLer: TIe TruLI AbouL Tup WuLer.......................................................z
Ten Kev SLeps Lo ¡reeIng Your EvenL Irom BoLLIed WuLer...................................................................................¤
Cuse SLudIes...............................................................................................................................................................8
CoIIege und UnIversILv EvenLs.....................................................................................................................¤
CuLered EvenLs.............................................................................................................................................1o
Trude SIows.................................................................................................................................................11
¡esLIvuIs und SpecIuILv EvenLs.....................................................................................................................1¤
CIeckIIsL Ior PIunnIng u BoLLIed WuLer ¡ree EvenL..............................................................................................1q
Food and Water Watch's Rachel Richardson (above) and others help make Riverkeeper's
WaterFest a bottled water free event in October 2008. Riverkeeper is Food 8 Water Watch's
partner in the Take Back the Tap New York campaign. Photos by Wenonah Hauter.
DIIIerenLIuLe vour evenL Irom oLIers bv joInIng LIe
surgIng nuLIonwIde movemenL Lo kIck LIe boLLIed
wuLer IubIL und Tuke Buck LIe Tup. ¡nsLeud oI buvIng
InLo LIe mvLI oI purILv In u boLLIe und IILLerIng LIe
Iundscupe wILI empLv wuLer boLLIes, use LIIs guIde Lo
Iree vour evenL Irom boLLIed wuLer.
BIg cILv muvors, IncIudIng LIose In Sun ¡runcIsco, SuIL
¡uke CILv, MInneupoIIs und New York CILv, ure joInIng
In LIIs eIIorL bv proIIbILIng LIe use oI cILv IundIng Ior
boLLIed wuLer - eIIecLIveIv eIImInuLIng IL In uII cILv
buIIdIngs und cILv-Iunded evenLs. ResLuurunLs ure
sLoppIng LIe suIe oI non-curbonuLed boLLIed wuLer.
EvenL pIunners ure uIso joInIng LIIs movemenL. ¡rom
smuII, cuLered evenLs Lo Iurge conIerences und Lrude
sIows, IreeIng evenLs Irom boLLIed wuLer Is becomIng
more und more common.
DurIng ¡ubor Duv weekend zoo8, Sun ¡runcIsco
IosLed LIe InuuguruI ceIebruLIon oI SIow ¡ood NuLIon.
TIe evenL brougIL more LIun 6o,ooo peopIe over
LIree duvs und wus enLIreIv boLLIed wuLer Iree. ¡ood &
WuLer WuLcI coordInuLed LIe wuLer sLuLIons Lo deIIver
Lup wuLer Ior uII uLLendees Lo enjov. As purL oI LIIs
muss IvdruLIon eIIorL, we deveIoped LIIs guIde Lo euse
LIe wuv Ior oLIer pIunners wIo wunL Lo breuk Iree
Irom boLLIed wuLer.
A Food 8 Water Watch volunteer poses with a custom-printed reusable
water bottle at a special tap water station designed for Slow Food Nation.
Photo by Nike Kahn/Green Stock Nedia.
Free Your Event from BottIed Water
Why Your Event Should Shun
Bottled Water: The Truth
About Tap Water
¡n zoo;, U.S. consumers spenL $1z bIIIIon on neurIv ¤
bIIIIon guIIons oI boLLIed wuLer, In Iurge purL becuuse
udverLIsIng spIn Ius Ied LIem Lo beIIeve LIuL wuLer
In u boLLIe Is suIer or beLLer LIun Lup wuLer. ¡L Is noL.
¡n IucL, munv boLLIIng compunIes geL LIeIr wuLer
sLruIgIL Irom pubIIc wuLer suppIIes und LIen seII IL Ior
Iur more LIun LIe cosL oI Lup wuLer. MeunwIIIe, LIe
producLIon, LrunsporLuLIon und consumpLIon oI LIe
pIusLIc boLLIes burns IossII IueIs, generuLes mounLuIns
oI wusLe und Luxes our uIreudv overburdened pubIIc
wuLer svsLems.
Tap water is safe.
Tup wuLer In LIe UnILed SLuLes Is jusL us suIe us
boLLIed wuLer und, In munv cuses, more so. TIe
IederuI governmenL requIres Iur more rIgorous und
IrequenL suIeLv LesLIng und monILorIng oI munIcIpuI
drInkIng wuLer LIun boLLIed wuLer. TIe EnvIronmenLuI
ProLecLIon Agencv, wIIcI reguIuLes Lup wuLer,
requIres LIuL uLIIILv compunIes LesL munIcIpuI wuLer
Iundreds oI LImes per monLI, wIIIe LIe ¡ood und
Drug AdmInIsLruLIon, wIIcI reguIuLes boLLIed wuLer,
requIres onIv one wuLer LesL per week bv boLLIIng
¡ndependenL LesLIng Ius Iound ursenIc, mIcrobes,
LoxIc cIemIcuIs und oLIer poIIuLunLs In vurIous
brunds oI boLLIed wuLer. Munv reseurcIers beIIeve
LIuL pILIuIuLes, wIIcI ure cIemIcuIs used Lo soILen
pIusLIc, cun IeucI Irom pIusLIc boLLIes InLo LIe wuLer
LIev conLuIn. PILIuIuLes und oLIer subsLunces used Lo
muke pIusLIc Iuve been IInked Lo bIrLI deIecLs, cuncer
und deveIopmenLuI probIems In Iumuns.
Tap water is cheaper.
AILIougI boLLIed wuLer Is noL superIor Lo Lup wuLer, IL
Is Iur more expensIve. On u per guIIon busIs, Lup wuLer
cosLs ubouL $o.ooz, wIIIe boLLIed wuLer cosLs $o.8¤
Lo $8.z6. SInce us mucI us qo percenL oI boLLIed wuLer
comes sLruIgIL Irom LIe sume wuLer suppIIes us wuLer
Irom LIe Lup, LIIs umounLs Lo puvIng up Lo q,ooo
LImes more Ior LIe sume producL.
Tap water eliminates the social and
environmental problems caused by bottled
BoLLIed wuLer cuuses munv equILv und envIronmenLuI
probIems. AIreudv, pubIIc wuLer svsLems In LIe UnILed
SLuLes ure IucIng cIuIIenges In provIdIng uIIordubIe
wuLer Ior LIeIr cILIzens. WIen beveruge compunIes
Luke wuLer Irom munIcIpuI or underground sources
und cIurge exorbILunL prIces Ior IL, LIev ure prohLIng
on wuLer LIuL IocuI peopIe need.
MeunwIIIe, LIe producLIon und LrunsporLuLIon oI
pIusLIcs Lukes u sIgnIhcunL LoII on LIe envIronmenL.
AnnuuI U.S. pIusLIc boLLIe producLIon requIres
more LIun 1; mIIIIon burreIs oI oII, enougI Lo IueI
one mIIIIon veIIcIes on our rouds eucI veur. TIe
IndusLrIuI processes emIL LoxIc cIemIcuIs, wIIIe LIe
LrunsporL udds more poIIuLIon und curbon emIssIons
LIuL conLrIbuLe Lo gIobuI cIImuLe cIunge. ¡n LIe
end, LIe 86 percenL oI LIe empLv pIusLIc boLLIes In
LIe UnILed SLuLes ure noL recvcIed und end up us
mounLuIns oI pIusLIc LrusI LIuL wIII be sILLIng In
IundhIIs Ior veurs Lo come.
Note: Stutistics on this puue ure cited Irom the report "Tuke
Buck the Tup¨ uvuiluble ut www.tukebuckthetup.oru.
Cost Comparison
Use LIIs cIurL Lo consIder LIe prIce Lug Ior mukIng
vour evenL boLLIed wuLer Iree. You munv hnd IL`s
cIeuper Lo provIde onIv Lup wuLer. EILIer wuv, LIe
suvIngs Ior LIe envIronmenL ure greuL!
Tap Water Bottled Water
Water Costs
Waste Removal
Nessaging/Narketing* FREE
*Don't forget to include some Food 8 Water Watch materials
to educate attendees about the benehts of drinking tap water.
Food & Water Watch
Ten Steps to Freeing Your
Event from Bottled Water
To creuLe LIIs guIde, we InLervIewed u wIde runge oI
peopIe - evenL orgunIzers, green cuLerers, non-prohL
empIovees, pubIIc uLIIILv commIssIon sLuIIers und
represenLuLIves Irom wuLer hILruLIon compunIes -
wIo eIImInuLed boLLIed wuLer wIIIe pIunnIng LIeIr
evenLs. AILIougI everv evenL Is dIIIerenL, we nurrowed
LIe process oI goIng boLLIed wuLer Iree down Lo 1o
kev sLeps bused on LIe common experIences oI LIe
pIunners und oLIer proIessIonuIs we InLervIewed.
1. Learn whether the venue will serve
exclusively tap water.
¡L Is ImporLunL Lo verIIv hrsL LIuL LIe venue wIII uIIow
Lup wuLer Lo be served In pIuce oI boLLIed wuLer.
SurprIsIngIv, munv venues work wILI cuLerers or
vendors wIo Iuve conLrucLs obIIguLIng LIem Lo serve
boLLIed wuLer. TIereIore, IL Is ImporLunL Lo Iuve con-
versuLIons wILI LIe vendor up IronL ubouL vour wIsI Lo
excIude uII boLLIed wuLer Irom LIe evenL. ExperIenced
evenL pIunners recommend IuvIng muILIpIe conversu-
LIons wILI vendors Lo ensure LIuL LIev undersLund LIuL
vou do noL wunL unv boLLIed wuLer.
2. Find the best tap water source.
¡ocuLIng LIe besL Lup wuLer source uL LIe venue Is un
InLegruI sLep In pIunnIng LIe evenL. TIe cIoIce sIouId
be bused on LIe cIurucLerIsLIcs oI LIe venue und re-
sources uvuIIubIe Ior LIe evenL.
¡deuIIv, LIe venue wIII Iuve un Indoor or ouLdoor Lup
wuLer source LIuL Is eusIIv uccessIbIe und uIreudv used
Lo provIde drInkIng wuLer. ¡I LIIs Is LIe cuse, seL up u
wuLer sLuLIon (pIuce wIere wuLer Is dIsLrIbuLed uL LIe
evenL) Ior dIspensIng wuLer Irom LIIs Lup. ¡I IL`s noL
LIe cuse, some ouLdoor venues muv Iuve un exIsLIng
poLubIe wuLer IIne LIuL Is noL LvpIcuIIv used Lo provIde
drInkIng wuLer und couId be Lupped InLo Ior LIIs Lvpe
oI evenL. ¡n LIIs sILuuLIon, IL Is u good Ideu Lo LesL LIe
wuLer quuIILv or usk LIe groundskeepers II LIe IIne Is
connecLed Lo u ¨buck ßow prevenLer¨ or oLIer LecInoI-
ogv LIuL cun ßusI LIe IIne. TIe munIcIpuIILv`s wuLer
quuIILv depurLmenL usuuIIv wIII LesL LIe wuLer quuIILv
Ior vou. ¡L uIso Is u good Ideu Lo meusure LIe wuLer
pressure Lo ensure udequuLe ßow Lo serve LIe number
oI peopIe expecLed Lo uLLend. TIIs Is u sImpIe sLep LIuL
Lukes jusL seconds. MosL groundskeepers wIII Iuve LIe
necessurv LooI on sILe. Your wuLer cuIcuIuLIon In LIe
nexL sLep wIII come In Iundv Ior LIIs.
¡n LIe cuse oI u venue wILI no uccess Lo poLubIe Lup
wuLer, conLucL LIe IocuI munIcIpuI wuLer uLIIILv Lo hnd
ouL II IL oIIers LIe use oI Iurge wuLer Lunk Lrucks Lo
serve Lup wuLer uL pubIIc evenLs. TIese Lrucks cun be
purked on sILe Lo pump wuLer Lo servIng sLuLIons. AI-
LIougI LIIs muv soIve LIe Lup wuLer uccess probIem, IL
Is verv cosLIv Ior LIe wuLer uLIIILv Lo provIde LIIs ser-
vIce. WIIIe some uLIIILIes muv be ubIe Lo sponsor LIe
cosL oI LIe Lruck, oLIers muv noL Iuve LIe resources Lo
do so. TvpIcuIIv, LIIs Is LIe opLIon oI IusL resorL.
¡I LIe evenL Is ouLsIde und exIsLIng wuLer IInes ure be-
Ing used, IL Is verv ImporLunL Lo cIeck wILI LIe IocuI
IeuILI depurLmenL on permILLIng requIremenLs.
Free Your Event from BottIed Water
3. Calculate how much water your event
¡or some evenL pIunners, sucI us cuLerers Ior smuIIer
evenLs, LIIs muv noL be necessurv. However, Ior Iurge
ouLdoor evenLs, IL muv be necessurv Lo deLermIne
Iow mucI wuLer wIII be needed Lo be sure LIuL LIe
wuLer source Ius udequuLe pressure Lo serve uII
uLLendees. (WuLer pressure Is noL LvpIcuIIv u probIem
buL Is ImporLunL Lo InvesLIguLe In udvunce.) Use LIe
IoIIowIng cuIcuIuLIon Lo muke LIIs deLermInuLIon:
· Moltiply the nomber oI people in uttendunce
by one liter (or ¿A oonces) to culcolute the
totul wuter needed Ior one duy oI un event.
· On u hot duy, especiully ut un ootdoor event,
moltiply this totul by 1.=.
ExumpIe: ¡WW curuLed wuLer uL LIe SIow ¡ood
NuLIon EvenL In Sun ¡runcIsco In AugusL zoo8. HuII
oI LIIs evenL wus IeId uL un Indoor venue und LIe
oLIer IuII wus ouLdoors, so we cuIcuIuLed:
zo,ooo peopIe x 1 IILer = zo,ooo IILers Ior Indoor use
zo,ooo peopIe x 1.= IILers = ¤o,ooo IILers Ior ouLdoor
4. Decide whether to use a water hltration
¡or munv evenL orgunIzers, hILerIng undJor cooIIng
LIe wuLer Is ImporLunL. Some venue kILcIens muv uI-
reudv Iuve wuLer hILers LIuL cun be used Ior LIe evenL,
especIuIIv Ior cuLerers. However, IL Is more IIkeIv LIuL
vou wIII noL be so IorLunuLe.
¡I vou wouId IIke LIe wuLer Lo be hILered, conLucL u
hILruLIon compunv In vour ureu. SeveruI IndependenL
cerLIIvIng ugencIes verIIv hILruLIon devIces. TIe mosL
noLubIe und weII-regurded orgunIzuLIons (uII non-
prohL) LIuL LesL und verIIv wuLer LreuLmenL und hILru-
LIon producLs ure: NuLIonuI SunILuLIon ¡ounduLIon
¡nLernuLIonuI (NS¡), WuLer QuuIILv AssocIuLIon, und
UnderwrILers ¡uboruLorIes ¡nc. ¡IILruLIon devIces cun
uIso be reseurcIed on LIe ¡ood & WuLer WuLcI web
sILe (www.IwwuLcI.org)
We protided the ucter sustems to
them [or [ree in exchcnqe [or the
publicitu. We qenercllu rent them out,
cnd it could be done thct ucu, but ccn
be done in exchcnqe [or sponsorship.
Most ucter sustem declers uould be
uillinq to do thct ct c biq etent.
- Ccseu Tculor, Tculor Mcde Wcter
Hold the Bottle, Please
A person at an event drinks, on average, one to
one and a half liters of water per day, depending on
whether the event is held indoors or outdoors. Nost
events provide half-liter bottles of water for partici-
pants. Events that serve tap water therefore have
the potential to save between two and three plastic
bottles per attendee.
Using the example of Food 8 Water Watch (FWW)
at the Slow Food Nation event, it is clear how eco-
nomically and environmentally benehcial bottled-free
events can be:
FWW Slow Food Nation Event in San Francisco
(half of this event will be held at an indoor venue):
20,000 people x 2 bottles each (1 liter) = +0,000
bottles for indoor use
20,000 people x 3 bottles each (1.5 liters) = 60,000
bottles for outdoor use
Totul suved: 1oo,ooo wuter bottles in one
Food & Water Watch
Some wuLer hILruLIon svsLems need u power source.
¡or LIose hILers, IL`s ImporLunL Lo be sure LIe venue
Ius u wuLer source cIose Lo u power source beIoreIund
und pIun vour wuLer sLuLIons uccordIngIv.
TIP: Ask the wuter ñltrution compuny to be
u purtner ut the event. The compuny muy
be willinu to donute its ñltrution system in
exchunue Ior Iree udvertisinu ut the event.
It is u motoully beneñciul urrunuement
thut coold eliminute the cost oI leusinu or
porchusinu u ñlter.
5. Plan tap water distribution]water
station set-up.
A kev consIderuLIon Is Iow LIe Lup wuLer wIII be de-
IIvered Lo LIe evenL purLIcIpunLs. Your gouI sIouId be
Lo muke LIe wuLer svsLem seII-serve. OLIerwIse, vour
Iubor needs wIII Increuse drumuLIcuIIv. ¡L Is ImporLunL
Lo consIder Iow Lo seL up LIe wuLer sLuLIons Lo ensure
eusv ßow oI peopIe und Lo prevenL Iong IInes. A sIngIe
wuLer sLuLIon cun Iuve numerous Lups wILI IndIvIduuI
IInes oI peopIe wuILIng Ior eucI Lup. WILI more LIun
one sLuLIon, be sure Lo evenIv spuce LIem so LIuL wuLer
Is uccessIbIe uL uII IocuLIons. ExIsLIng Lup wuLer sourc-
es, sucI us wuLer IounLuIns, cun uIso be consIdered In
LIIs pIunnIng.
Reusable bottles are distributed at a tap-water-only press event announcing Food 8 Water Watch's Take Back the Tap campaign in San Francisco. Photo
by Noelle Ferdon.
The most chcllenqinq cspects cre
mclinq sure thct cccess to the ucter
is ecsu cnd relicble, thct the ucter
isn't cominq out ct c sncil's pcce
cnd thct ue don't hcte lonq lines.
The most importcnt thinq is thct the
deliteru o[ ucter is success[ul.
- Noelle Ierdon, Iood & Wcter Wctch
Free Your Event from BottIed Water
¡I usIng u hILruLIon devIce, be sure un eIecLrIcuI ouLIeL
Is neurbv Ior power. ¡I vour evenL Is ouLdoors, be sure
Lo IeL LIe evenL pIunners know In udvunce Iow mucI
power vou wIII need. ¡L muv be necessurv Lo connecL
LIe wuLer source und LIe servIng sLuLIon wILI u Iose
pIuced ouLsIde oI wuIkwuvs. AIso, u druIn Iose muv be
necessurv Lo cupLure wuLer LIuL overßows, LIougI LIIs
Is noL us ImporLunL Ior ouLdoor evenLs. Even beLLer,
equIp sLuLIons wILI spIgoLs LIuL sIuL oII uuLomuLIcuIIv
Lo prevenL LIIs probIem.
AILIougI munv evenLs wIII noL requIre someLIIng LIIs
eIuboruLe, LIe wuLer sLuLIon Ior LIe SIow ¡ood Nu-
LIon evenL wus desIgned bv un urcIILecLure hrm. ¡ood
& WuLer WuLcI Look LIe sLuLIon ucross Lown Ior LIe
grund reopenIng oI LIe CuIIIornIu Acudemv oI ScIenc-
es. TIe Acudemv oI ScIences, Sun ¡runcIsco`s IurgesL
museum, underwenL u mujor green renovuLIon LIuL In-
cIuded eIImInuLIng boLLIed wuLer Irom LIe enLIre IucII-
ILv. To supporL LIIs mIssIon, LIe reopenIng In SepLem-
ber zoo8 In GoIden GuLe Purk wus uIso enLIreIv boLLIed
wuLer Iree. ¡n purLnersIIp wILI LIe Sun ¡runcIsco
PubIIc ULIIILIes CommIssIon, ¡ood & WuLer WuLcI und
TuvIor Mude WuLer SvsLems, LIe evenL served Lup wu-
Ler Lo more LIun 6o,ooo peopIe In Lwo duvs.
6. Select tap water containers.
Once LIe wuLer sLuLIons ure In pIuce, hgure ouL
Iow LIe uLLendees wIII IoId LIe wuLer. SeveruI
opLIons exIsL, eucI wILI dIIIerenL udvunLuges und
dIsudvunLuges, dependIng on LIe Lvpe oI evenL, LIe
venue, LIe number oI purLIcIpunLs und LIe resources
ReusubIe gIusswure Is LIe IdeuI conLuIner Ior more
IormuI evenLs. WIIIe oILen uvuIIubIe uL venues sucI us
IoLeIs und convenLIon cenLers, gIusswure cun uIso eus-
IIv be ordered Irom renLuI compunIes LIuL deIIver Lo
und pIck up Irom LIe evenL sILe. TIIs urrungemenL Is
uIso LIe mosL uesLIeLIcuIIv pIeusIng.
Reusable Bottles
ReusubIe wuLer boLLIes muv uIso be soId uL LIe evenL Lo
benehL u cuuse or u sponsor. ¡or exumpIe, uL vurIous
evenLs In CuIIIornIu, KIeun KunLeen provIdes ILs wuLer
hILruLIon svsLem In excIunge Ior u booLI Lo seII ILs re-
usubIe boLLIes.
Ker|e¢ ûle::were

SJ¹ rer IZ etrte jle:: * Ne we:|e.
* Cer |e ¢elirere¢ |e er¢
ritle¢ tr lrem :i|e.
* /e:|le|itell¡ rlee:irj.
* Cer |e ¢illttl| |e rer|
jle::were ir lerje |tll.
* Ne| i¢eel ler et|¢eer
* ¥ere etrer:ire |ler
temre:|e|le ttr: ir |tll
el IJJJ er mere.
Ket:e|le K|/·lree
Ke||le:/Cellee ¥tj:
SIS.JJ ler e Zì etrte |e||le * Ne we:|e.
* ûerere|e rretee¢: ler er
erjerite|ier er temrer¡.
* Cer e¢rer|i:e er rreme|e
e tet:e.
* ¥e:| te:| elltier| ter|eirer
er e rer t:e |e:i:.
* ¥ere etrer:ire iri|iell¡.
* Uretret|e¢ te:| ler erer|
* Ke¢tire: e¢¢i|ierel
leji:|itel rlerrirj |e :ell
¡etr ewr |e||le: er :i|e.
Cemre:|e|le [||/·
Cerr |le:|itJ Ctr:
SJ ler Sì.SJ
* Kie¢ejre¢e|le :e ter |e
¢i:re:e¢ el, elerj:i¢e lee¢,
ir e temmertiel temre:|irj
* |e:¡ ler lerje, rt|lit
* Cree|e: we:|e, wlitl le: |e
|e |rer:rer|e¢ el|er erer|.
* Ne| e: errirermer|ell¡
lrier¢l¡ e: ret:e|le
* Cerr ler ||/ i: jere|itell¡
me¢ile¢ terr.
* ¥e:| ttr: ere rrete::e¢
|¡ ejri|t:ire:: temrer¡
/rtler 9eriel: ¥i¢ler¢.
Cer|eirer I¡re /rereje Ce:| |re: Cer:
Food & Water Watch
TIP: Advunce udvertisinu oI the event's
bottled wuter Iree stutos cun redoce the
overull osuue oI reosuble or compostuble
cops becuose it will encooruue uttendees to
brinu their own bottles.
AnoLIer opLIon Is Lo usk u sponsor Lo donuLe reusubIe
boLLIes wILI LIe compunv`s Iogo. ¡or exumpIe, uL LIe
zoo8 SnowsporLs ¡ndusLrIes oI AmerIcu (S¡A) Trude
SIow, LIe SessIons sporLs uppureI compunv guve
reusubIe pIusLIc boLLIes Lo uLLendees. EvenL orgunIz-
ers co-sponsored LIe expense oI LIe boLLIes und boLI
SessIons und S¡A benehLLed Irom LIe Iree udverLIsIng.
AILIougI LIIs Is un IdeuI urrungemenL, IL Is noL uIwuvs
possIbIe, so LIere ure severuI uILernuLIves.
Compostable Cups
ComposLubIeJbIodegrudubIe cups ure becomIng In-
creusIngIv uvuIIubIe. TIe cups, LvpIcuIIv mude oI poIv-
IucLIc ucId (P¡A), u derIvuLIve oI corn, und uL LImes
mIxed wILI composLubIe puper, bIodegrude wILIIn 18o
duvs In u commercIuI composLIng svsLem.
¡or LIose uIreudv pIunnIng Lo composL Iood und con-
LuIner wusLe, uddIng composLubIe cups Lo LIe mIx Is
noL un Issue. However, II composLIng Is noL uIreudv
urrunged, LIIs wIII requIre some uddILIonuI IogIsLIcuI
pIunnIng Lo geL bIns In pIuce und ensure LIuL LIe com-
posL Is properIv removed uL LIe end oI LIe evenL.
TIP: One wuy to uvoid some oI this extru
work is by purtnerinu with u locul uovern-
ment uuency or environmentul oruunizution
thut cun help with the compostinu. Ior ex-
umple, Bioneers purtnered with the Murin
Conservution Corps to tuke cure oI sepurut-
inu the biodeurudubles Irom the trush.
TIese cups cun be ordered onIIne In buIk prIor Lo LIe
evenL, buL be sure Lo uIIow pIenLv oI Ieud LIme Lo order
LIe conLuIners. And keep un eve on oLIer susLuInubIe
conLuIner uILernuLIves LIuL ure on LIe IorIzon. TIe
cups do udd cosLs Lo LIe evenL, buL LIe expense cun be
mInImIzed bv geLLIng LIe cups donuLed or bv obLuIn-
Ing sponsorsIIp vIu u Iogo on LIe cup.
TIe cIurL on puge 6 IIgIIIgILs some oI LIe udvunLuges
und dIsudvunLuges oI eucI Lvpe oI conLuIner.
7. Contact potential partners for the event.
As descrIbed In prevIous sLeps, engugIng purLners cun
muke un evenL eusIer Lo pIun. GIven LIe momenLum
beIInd LIe movemenL buck Lo Lup wuLer, munv gov-
ernmenL ugencIes und green corporuLIons ure euger Lo
uIhIIuLe LIemseIves wILI boLLIe Iree evenLs. Sponsors
cun IeIp reduce cosLs bv provIdIng equIpmenL or sub-
sIdIzIng LIe cosL oI conLuIners. PurLners cun ussIsL In
udverLIsIng Ior LIe evenL, or LIev cun IeIp wILI IogIsLI-
cuI urrungemenLs. TvpIcuIIv LIe posILIve pubIIcILv us-
socIuLed wILI beIng InvoIved In un eco-IrIendIv evenL
Is encourugemenL enougI Ior purLners or sponsors Lo
geL InvoIved. TIe IoIIowIng ure poLenLIuI purLners:
· CILv governmenLs
· PubIIc uLIIILv commIssIons
· WuLer hILruLIon compunIes LIuL muv sponsor or
Ieuse hILruLIon equIpmenL
· DepurLmenLs oI LIe envIronmenL muv IeIp wILI
· PubIIc or prIvuLe wusLe compunIes (LIuL muv wunL Lo
promoLe composLIng progrums)
· DepurLmenLs oI purks und recreuLIon or oLIer IocuI
ugencIes LIuL munuge LIe grounds on wIIcI un evenL
wIII be IeId muv IeIp wILI IogIsLIcuI urrungemenLs
S. Develop marketing and publicity.
MurkeLIng und pubIIcIzIng LIe evenL us boLLIed wuLer
Iree Is un ImporLunL eIemenL Lo ILs success.
TIP: Ixperienced plunners recommend
providinu moltiple reminders to uttendees,
purtners, sponsors und others involved
uboot the event beinu bottled wuter Iree.
¡or conIerences, Lrude sIows or unnuuI meeLIngs,
IncIudIng un unnouncemenL In LIe regIsLruLIon
muLerIuIs und unv oLIer IoIIow up muLerIuIs Is u
good Ideu. PosLIng InIormuLIon on LIe web sILe oI LIe
evenL or oI u sponsorIng orgunIzuLIon cun uIso IeIp Lo
spreud LIe messuge. AdverLIsIng LIe evenL`s boLLIed
wuLer Iree sLuLus In udvunce cun reduce LIe overuII
Free Your Event from BottIed Water
usuge oI reusubIe or composLubIe cups bv uIerLIng
uLLendees Lo brIng LIeIr own boLLIes. TIIs pubIIcILv
uIso IeIps remInd oLIer evenL purLners, sponsors,
exIIbILors und oLIers LIuL onIv Lup wuLer sIouId be
uvuIIubIe. ¡or exumpIe, someLImes exIIbILors gIve
uwuv boLLIed wuLer us Iree gIILs, so IL muv IeIp Lo wrILe
In LIe exIIbILor ugreemenL LIuL boLLIed wuLer wIII noL
be served uL LIe evenL.
HungIng sIgns on LIe duv oI LIe evenL Is ImporLunL us
weII. TIev dIrecL uLLendees Lo wuLer sLuLIons. TIev uIso
provIde LIe opporLunILv Lo educuLe uLLendees ubouL
LIe benehLs und suIeLv oI Lup wuLer.
¡InuIIv, beIng u purL oI un evenL wIere boLLIed wuLer
Is proIIbILed cun be u seIIIng poInL Ior vour compunv.
¡or exumpIe, green cuLerers cun promoLe LIe IucL LIuL
LIeIr compunv does noL use boLLIed wuLer. ProgressIve
orgunIzuLIons und compunIes cun Lrv Lo geL medIu cov-
eruge oI LIeIr InvoIvemenL In LIe evenL. So IL muv be u
good Ideu Lo IncorporuLe LIe boLLIed wuLer-Iree ungIe
InLo LIe evenL`s overuII ouLreucI messuge.
9. Plan for the provision of water to
speakers and exhibitors, as well as on held
trips or for other special situations.
¡L Is ImporLunL Lo provIde wuLer Ior speukers, exIIbI-
Lors und oLIer specIuI guesLs oI LIe evenL wIo muv
Iuve dIIIerenL IuncLIons LIun LIe uLLendees. Speukers
muv expecL Lo receIve u boLLIe oI wuLer, so IL wIII be
ImporLunL Lo provIde conLuIners und pILcIers or some
oLIer vesseI oI wuLer specIhcuIIv Ior LIe speukers. VoI-
unLeers muv need Lo IeIp wILI LIIs Lusk. ExIIbILors
muv uIso be uccusLomed Lo brIngIng LIeIr own boLLIed
wuLer or IuvIng IL provIded Ior LIem. ProvIdIng wuLer
und conLuIners Ior exIIbILors wIII IeIp Lo eIImInuLe
LIIs use oI boLLIed wuLer uL LIe evenL.
¡I u heId LrIp Is pIunned us purL oI LIe evenL, be sure Lo
remInd purLIcIpunLs Lo hII up LIeIr wuLer boLLIes be-
Iore IeuvIng Ior LIe LrIp. AIIocuLe LIme In LIe ugendu oI
vour meeLIng Ior LIIs. BrIngIng u rehIIubIe =-guIIon jug
Is uIso IeIpIuI Ior heId LrIps IeuvIng bv bus.
10. Recruit staff and volunteers to help
with the event.
¡L Is ImporLunL Lo IIne up un udequuLe number oI sLuIIJ
voIunLeers Lo IeIp serve Lup wuLer on LIe duv oI LIe
evenL. TIIs wIII depend on LIe cIosen wuLer dIsLrIbu-
LIon meLIod. TvpIcuIIv, eucI wuLer dIsLrIbuLIon sLu-
LIon wIII need Lwo sLuII peopIe Lo IeIp ensure LIe Lup Is
operuLIng properIv, buL more peopIe muv be needed II
LIe wuLer dIsLrIbuLIon pIun cuIIs Ior uddILIonuI Lunks.
¡or exumpIe, LIe BIoneers AnnuuI ConIerence pIunned
Lo hII hve-guIIon boLLIes oI wuLer Lo dIsLrIbuLe Lo LIe
LenLs seL up ouLdoors. ¡L Look sLuII LIme Lo hII und IuuI
LIe wuLer boLLIes Lo LIe vurIous IocuLIons. However,
BIoneers used LIe sume peopIe Lo IeIp seL up LubIes,
composL wusLe und IuuI wuLer. TIInk ubouL recruILIng
voIunLeers Irom LIe IocuI wuLer uLIIILv, u hILruLIon com-
punv, non-prohLs und oLIer purLners vou ure workIng
wILI Lo supporL LIe mIssIon oI u boLLIe Iree evenL.
A poster promoting FWW's water curation at Slow Food Nation.
Food & Water Watch
Case Studies
TIe IoIIowIng secLIon provIdes exumpIes oI recenL boL-
LIed wuLer Iree evenLs, IncIudIng u unIversILv evenL, u
cuLered purLv, u Lrude sIow, u conIerence und u specIuI
evenL. PIunners oI uII kInds ure TukIng Buck LIe Tup!
College]University Events
CoIIeges und unIversILIes IoId u number oI Iurge
evenLs eucI veur LIuL couId eusIIv go boLLIed wuLer
Iree. EnvIronmenLuI sLudenL orgunIzuLIons cun
purLner wILI unIversILv oIhcIuIs Lo move uwuv Irom
servIng boLLIed wuLer uL evenLs sucI us new sLudenL
orIenLuLIon, convocuLIon, gruduuLIon, IomecomIng,
cureer IuIrs und unIversILv sponsored concerLs.
Guelph University's Student Orientation
Guelph, Ontario
Tup ¡n!, u sLudenL group uL GueIpI UnIversILv In
OnLurIo, Cunudu, wus Ied up wILI LIe suIe oI boLLIed
wuLer durIng new sLudenL orIenLuLIon. WILI more
LIun =,ooo new sLudenLs, purenLs, sLuII und IucuILv In
uLLendunce, cuses oI boLLIed wuLer LvpIcuIIv cover LIe
cumpus durIng LIe evenL. ¡L wus dIIIerenL In zoo8.
New sLudenL orIenLuLIon wus boLLIed wuLer Iree.
Tup In! urrunged Ior u Lruck Lo dIsLrIbuLe wuLer dur-
Ing orIenLuLIon week. TIe Lruck wus purked In IronL oI
LIe muIn wuIkwuv oI LIe unIversILv und udverLIsed LIe
boLLIed wuLer Iree evenL. Tup ¡n!, uIong wILI commu-
nILv orgunIzuLIons sucI us WeIIIngLon WuLer WuLcI-
ers, soId sLuInIess sLeeI boLLIes uL booLIs und LubIes.
Advunce udverLIsIng promoLed LIe evenL us boLLIed
wuLer Iree und encouruged peopIe Lo brIng LIeIr own
boLLIes. TIe zq,ooo IILer wuLer Lruck onIv needed Lo be
hIIed once Ior LIe enLIre evenL. TIe wuLer wus InspecL-
ed bv LIe cILv Lo verIIv LIuL IL meL uII cILv
IeuILI sLundurds. TIese eIIorLs bv Tup
¡n! suved GueIpI UnIversILv Irom wusL-
Ing LIousunds oI pIusLIc wuLer boLLIes
durIng one oI LIe scIooI`s IurgesL evenLs
oI LIe veur.
Venoe: GueIpI UnIversILv
Attendunce: More LIun =,ooo new
sLudenLs, purenLs, IucuILv und sLuII
Wuter Ðistribotion: A wuLer Lruck IIred Irom u
IocuI duIrv compunv dIspensed munIcIpuI wuLer uL u
cenLruI IocuLIon on LIe cumpus.
Contuiners: SLudenL orgunIzuLIons soId boLLIes uL
LIe orIenLuLIon. SLudenLs were encouruged Lo brIng
LIeIr own reusubIe boLLIe.
Murketinu & Poblicity: TIe wuLer Lruck wus
IocuLed In u cenLruI IocuLIon und udverLIsed LIuL
orIenLuLIon wus boLLIed wuLer Iree.
Ior more inIormution contuct Izzy Hirji ut
Izzy's Key Recommendations
- Use a municipal water truck, or rent a truck for water transport, for an
informal outdoor/indoor event. Remember to contact the city for sanitation
inspections if necessary.
- Ask whether the university will sponsor the event by donating reusable
bottles or compostable cups.
- Use the event to increase awareness on campus!
The Tap !n! table and municipal water truck at Guelph University's 2008
Student Orientation. Photo provided by !zzy Hirji.
We used c ucter trucl in c biq open
spcce in [ront o[ the mcin ucllucu
uhere eteruone ucllinq bu could see.
The response ucs teru positite cnd
ue qot tons o[ people siqninq up to
Ind out more cbout our qroup.
- Izzu Hirji, Tcp inl Member, Guelph
Free Your Event from BottIed Water
Catered Events
EIImInuLIng boLLIed wuLer uL cuLerIng evenLs cun be
quILe sImpIe. TIe bIggesL cIuIIenge muv be breukIng
conLrucLs Ior boLLIed wuLer wILI LIe beveruge vendor.
However, mosL cuLerers cun renL gIusswure und serve
Lup wuLer In gIuss pILcIers und gIusses. ¡L cuLs down
on wusLe und mukes Ior u more pIcLuresque evenL.
Lucid Food
New York, New York
¡ucId ¡ood, u bouLIque cuLerIng compunv In New York
CILv, proudIv serves hILered Lup wuLer. ¡ouIsu SIuhu,
LIe owner oI LIe cuLerIng compunv, LrIes Lo be eco-
IrIendIv In uII uspecLs oI Ier busIness bv supporLIng
IocuI Iood, composLIng und recvcIIng. So goIng boLLIed
wuLer Iree wus un eusv wuv Lo cuL down on LIe wusLe
generuLed uL mosL cuLered evenLs. ¡n Ier opInIon,
noL onIv do mosL peopIe preIer LIe envIronmenLuIIv
IrIendIv uspecLs oI u boLLIed wuLer Iree evenL, buL
LIev uIso hnd LIuL LIe pILcIers oI Lup wuLer ure more
uesLIeLIcuIIv pIeusIng LIun boLLIed wuLer, especIuIIv
wIen sIe udds berrIes or Iemon sIIces (orgunIc oI
course!). AddIng IruIL uIso gIves LIe wuLer u subLIv
sweeL LusLe. ¡ouIsu suggesLs renLIng gIusswure Irom
IocuI evenL und purLv renLuI compunIes LIuL cun
deIIver IL Lo LIe sILe.
Ior more inIormution, contuct Looisu Shuñu
ut ±1± A6= ¿A=¬ or looisuOlocidIood.com
I hcte usinq bottled ucter beccuse
there is no point, especicllu in Neu
Yorl, uhich hcs some o[ the best
ucter in the countru. It's better to
use requlcr tcp ucter uith slices o[
lemon cnd dependinq on the uecther,
put it on ice. It could be c qrect sellinq
point i[ uou scid up [ront: We proudlu
serte tcp ucter or puriIed Iltered
ucter. We cre not ucstinq our extrc
resources. We cre tclinq cdtcntcqe
o[ [ree, tclucble resources, especicllu
ct cn etent thct is qecred toucrd eco-
[riendlu people.
- Louisc ShcIc, Lucid Iood
Louisa's Key Recommendations
- Rent glassware from a local company and have it delivered to the
site of the event.
- Put organic fruit in the water to make it more attractive and to add
- Narket the fact that your business does not use bottled water.
Food & Water Watch
Trade Shows
Trude sIows provIde un eusv opporLunILv Ior
eIImInuLIng LIe unnecessurv use oI boLLIed wuLer.
¡IndIng u hILruLIon compunv Lo purLner wILI LIe evenL
und u sponsor Ior LIe boLLIes cun reuIIv muke vour
Lrude sIow Iree oI boLLIed wuLer wILIouL mucI eIIorL.
Snow International Association
Trade Show 200S
Las Vegas, Nevada
SessIons, un eco-IrIendIv snowbourd
und ucLIon sporLs uppureI compunv,
Leumed up wILI TuvIor Mude WuLer
SvsLems In Junuurv zoo8 Lo muke
LIe SnowsporLs ¡ndusLrIes oI AmerIcu
Trude SIow In ¡us Vegus u boLLIed
wuLer Iree evenL. TuvIor Mude WuLer
SvsLems Iooked up hILruLIon mucIInes
Lo LIe Lup wuLer IInes, und SessIons
guve uwuv Iree reusubIe pIusLIc
wuLer boLLIes Lo LIe more LIun 6,ooo oI LIe zo,ooo
uLLendees. TIe evenL wus sucI u IIL LIuL LIev Iuve
uIreudv decIded Lo Leum up uguIn Ior S¡A`s zoo¤ Lrude
sIow und Increuse LIe number oI wuLer sLuLIons und
LIe boLLIe gIveuwuvs.
Venoe: MunduIuv Buv ConIerence CenLer
Attendunce: More LIun zo,ooo peopIe
Wuter Ðistribotion: Two dIsLrIbuLIon sILes
were seL up wILI poInL-oI-use cooIers LIuL noL onIv
connecLed Lo Lup wuLer, buL uIso hILered und cIIIIed
IL. TIe hILruLIon compunv worked wILI LIe MunduIuv
Buv ConIerence CenLer und LIe SnowsporLs ¡ndusLrIes
oI AmerIcu sLuII Lo seL up LIe wuLer connecLIon uL
eucI sILe.
Contuiners: SessIons guve uwuv Iree reusubIe
pIusLIc wuLer boLLIes Lo uII cusLomers und uLLendees.
No cups were provIded.
Murketinu & Poblicity: SessIons und S¡A senL
ouL u press reIeuse Lo uII IndusLrv conLucLs beIore LIe
evenL. TIe compunv wus IIsLed In LIe duIIv Lrude sIow
puper Ior gIvIng uwuv LIe boLLIes. SIgns were uIso
dIspIuved uL SessIons` BooLI und LIe muIn Lrude sIow
Ecosource booLI.
Ior more inIormution, contuct Cusey Tuylor,
The reuscble bottles mecnt less plcstic
ucste endinq up in the lcndIll uhen it
ccme to clecninq up c[ter the shou.
- Dcnielle Glcqolc, Mcrletinq
Mcncqer, Sessions
It's not thct much uorl. You need c
tcp ucter source cnd c Ilter/chiller,
beccuse people pre[er cold, Iltered
ucter to ucrm tcp ucter.
- Ccseu Tculor, President, Tculor
Mcde Wcter Sustems
Casey's Key Recommendations
- Plan in advance.
- Publicize that it is a bottled water free event.
- Contact the water supplier well in advance to make sure all
necessary arrangements can be made to set up water stations.
- Find partners/sponsors who may mutually beneht from making
the event bottle free.
Participants hll up their free reusable bottles at the Snowsports !ndustries
of America Trade Show. Photo provided by Casey Taylor.
Free Your Event from BottIed Water
AnnuuI conIerences, wIeLIer IeId Indoors or
ouLdoors, cun eusIIv be mude boLLIe wuLer Iree. ¡L
sImpIIhes LIIngs Lo unnounce LIe boLLIe Iree evenL
In regIsLruLIon muLerIuIs und remInd purLIcIpunLs
beIore LIe evenL so LIuL peopIe cun brIng LIeIr own
Bioneers Annual Conference 2007
San Rafael, California
BIoneers, u zo-veur-oId non-prohL orgunIzuLIon
Iocused on sIurIng LIe mosL prucLIcuI soIuLIons
Ior envIronmenLuI susLuInubIIILv und socIuI jusLIce,
orgunIzed LIeIr hrsL boLLIed wuLer Iree unnuuI
conIerence In zoo;. ¡ocuLed on LIe MurIn CounLv
¡uIrgrounds In Sun RuIueI CuIIIornIu, LIe evenL
excIusIveIv provIded Lup wuLer Lo ILs uLLendees.
TIe IuIrgrounds bousL buIIdIngs desIgned bv ¡runk
¡Iovd WrIgIL us weII us u Iurge, open ouLdoor spuce.
BIoneers seL up LenLs Lo IoId meeLIngs In LIIs ureu
und provIded Lup wuLer In uII oI LIe IocuLIons.
Venoe: MurIn CounLv ¡uIrgrounds
Attendunce: ¤,=oo peopIe
Wuter Ðistribotion: Tup wuLer wus uvuIIubIe
InsIde LIe buIIdIngs on LIe IuIrgrounds. OuLsIde,
KIeun KunLeen provIded u reverse osmosIs hILru-
LIon svsLem. BIoneers sLuII rehIIed hve-guIIon jugs oI
wuLer Irom LIe hILruLIon devIce und dIspersed LIem
LIrougIouL uII LIe LenLs seL up In LIe ouLdoor spuce.
Contuiners: BIoneers encouruged uLLendees Lo
brIng LIeIr own reusubIe wuLer boLLIes. KIeun Kun-
Leen soId sLuInIess sLeeI boLLIes uL u booLI seL up nexL
Lo LIeIr hILer, und unoLIer vendor soId reusubIe pIus-
LIc boLLIes. BIoneers uIso provIded composLubIe cups
uL LIe wuLer sLuLIons.
Murketinu & Poblicity: BIoneers senL ouL noLIces
Lo uII regIsLered purLIcIpunLs expIuInIng LIuL IL wus
goIng Lo be u boLLIed wuLer Iree evenL, sLurLIng Iour
monLIs uIeud oI LIe evenL. TIe orgunIzuLIon muIn-
LuIned reguIur communIcuLIon ubouL LIe evenL beIng
boLLIed wuLer Iree Lo IeIp remInd peopIe Lo brIng
LIeIr own reusubIe boLLIe.
Ior more inIormution, contuct Roberto
Aponte, robertouObioneers.oru
Eteru outrecch messcqe ucs
hiqhliqhtinq the [cct thct it ucs
bottled ucter [ree. We ucnted to qite
eteruone the opportunitu to brinq his
or her oun ucter bottle. . The etent
ucs cn cbsolute success. We'll be doinq
it cqcin this uecr cnd [rom nou on.
- Roberto Aponte, ßioneers
Roberto's Key Recommendations
- !n selecting a venue, talk to all vendors to ask them not to provide bottled
water. !t may take several conversations for them to understand that you do
not want any bottled water at the event.
- Plan the water distribution carefully to ensure that water and containers are
both easy to access.
- Get as many in-kind sponsors as possible.
- Use the event to educate attendees about the problems with bottled water.
Food & Water Watch
Festivals and Specialty
Slow Food Nation 200S
San Francisco, California
TIe IusL weekend In AugusL zoo8 SIow ¡ood NuLIon
IeIp ILs InuuguruI evenL In Sun ¡runcIsco. TIIs evenL
wus enLIreIv boLLIed-wuLer Iree LIrougIouL uII ¤ evenL
IocuLIons. ¡ood & WuLer WuLcI Leumed up wILI LIe
Sun ¡runcIsco PubIIc ULIIILIes CommIssIon Lo coordI-
nuLe LIe IogIsLIcs und messugIng uround LIIs Impor-
LunL uspecL oI SIow ¡ood NuLIon.
To curuLe LIe wuLer needed Ior SIow ¡ood nu-
LIon, ¡WW purLnered wILI u Sun ¡runcIsco
bused urcIILecLure hrm, SMWM ArcIILecLs, Lo
desIgn und buIId LIe muIn wuLer sLuLIon und
wILI US Pure WuLer Lo IucIIILuLe LIe wuLer deIIv-
erv uL eucI sLuLIon.
Venoe: TIe evenL Look pIuce uL LIree dIIIerenL
Indoor und ouLdoor seLLIngs: ¡orL Muson, LIe
CIvIc CenLer und GreuL Meudows.
Attendunce: More LIun 6o,ooo peopIe
Wuter Ðistribotion: Wu-
Ler sLuLIons und smuIIer suL-
eIIILe sLuLIons were seL up uL
eucI IocuLIon. TIe ouLdoor
sLuLIons were connecLed Lo
poLubIe wuLer IInes onsILe
und LIe Indoor wuLer sLu-
LIons were connecLed Lo wu-
Ler IInes In LIe sILe kILcIen
und muIn puvIIIon. TIe
S¡PUC uIso brougIL u wuLer
Lruck Lo one ouLdoor sILe.
US Pure WuLer, u IocuI hI-
LruLIon compunv, provIded
LIe hILruLIonJdIsLrIbuLIon
mucIInes In excIunge Ior
compunv recognILIon.
Contuiners: ¡ood & WuLer WuLcI soId q,ooo co-
brunded Tuke Buck LIe Tup und SIow ¡ood NuLIon
KIeen KunLeen wuLer boLLIes. Brunded composLubIe
cups were uIso provIded bv LIe Sun ¡runcIsco PubIIc
ULIIILIes CommIssIon Ior uLLendees.
Murketinu & Poblicity: S¡N udverLIsed LIe evenL
In udvunce us boLLIed wuLer Iree. ¡WW und S¡N uIso
deveIoped u coIIuboruLIve medIu sLruLegv Lo brIng
uLLenLIon Lo LIIs uspecL LIrougI rudIo, web und prInL
Ior more inIormution, contuct Noelle Ierdon,
A special water station designed to serve hltered tap water to festival-goers at Slow Food's inaugural
celebration in August 2008. Photo by Nike Kahn/Green Stock Nedia.
Noelle's Key Recommendations
- Conhrm that there is a potable water source to make a
bottled-water free event possible.
- Find a partner or partners in government, non-proht or
private industry, i.e. a water hltration company.
- Don't forget to include messaging around the social, economic
and environmental benehts of an event without bottled water.
- Start planning early!
Free Your Event from BottIed Water
T1. Learn whether the venue will serve
exclusively tap water
T¡Ind ouL II LIe venue cun uccommoduLe boLLIed
wuLer Iree evenLs
TEnsure LIuL cuLerers uIIow Ior Lup wuLer onIv evenLs
T2. Calculate how much water your event
TMuILIpIv LIe number oI peopIe In uLLendunce bv
one IILer (or ¤q ounces) Lo cuIcuIuLe LIe LoLuI wuLer
needed Ior one duv oI un evenL.
TOn u IoL duv, especIuIIv uL un ouLdoor evenL,
muILIpIv LIIs LoLuI bv 1.=.
T3. Find the best tap water source
TDeLermIne wIeLIer LIe venue Ius poLubIe Lup wuLer
T¡Ind ouL II LIe source Is LvpIcuIIv used us drInkIng
wuLer.¡I noL, LesL LIe quuIILv Lo ensure drInkubIIILv
TCIeck LIe wuLer pressure Lo ensure IL wIII
suIhcIenLIv serve LIe number oI peopIe vou unLIcIpuLe
uLLendIng LIe evenL
T4. Decide whether to use a water
hltration device
TConLucL hILruLIon compunv, II needed
TAsk LIe compunv Lo provIde u hILruLIon mucIIne In
excIunge Ior evenL sponsorsIIp
T5. Plan tap water distribution]water
station set-up
TDeLermIne LIe IocuLIon oI vour Lup wuLer sLuLIons uL
LIe evenL
TMup ouL LIe evenL ßow, ensurIng even und
udequuLe dIsLrIbuLIon oI wuLer
TCIeck LIuL uII necessurv power sources und wuLer
sources ure In pIuce
T6. Select tap water containers
TCIoose LIe Lvpe oI beveruge conLuIner Ior LIe evenL
TOrder conLuIners weII In udvunce
T¡I u sponsor Is provIdIng conLuIners, urrunge Ior
sponsorsIIp In udvunce
T7. Contact potential partners for the event
TRequesL purLnersIIpJsponsorsIIp
TCorrespond reguIurIv wILI evenL purLners
TS. Develop marketing and publicity
TAdverLIse LIe evenL us boLLIed wuLer Iree Irom LIe
TNoLIIv uLLendees ubouL evenL beIng boLLIed wuLer
Iree muILIpIe LImes
TAdverLIse LIe boLLIe Iree uspecL oI LIe evenL on
LIe web sILe
TAdverLIse on uII wrILLen muLerIuIs
TCreuLe sIgns dIrecLIng uLLendees Lo wuLer sLuLIons
und educuLIon ubouL Lup wuLer
T9. Plan for provision of water to speakers
and exhibitors, as well as for held trips or
other special situations
TDeveIop u pIun Ior provIdIng wuLer Lo speukers
TDeLermIne Iow Lo provIde wuLer Lo exIIbILors
TMuke u pIun Ior provIdIng wuLer on heId LrIps
T10. Recruit and schedule staff and
TScIeduIe sLuII und voIunLeers Lo serve wuLer LIe
duv oI LIe evenL
Contact List
For information on how to make your next event bottled
water free, contact Erica Schuetz, communications
assistant for Food 8 Water Watch, at 202-683-+903 or
Roberto Aponte, Director of Programs and Events,
Bioneers, robertoa@bioneers.org
Noelle Ferdon, Senior Organizer, Food and Water Watch,
+15-293-9900, nferdon@fwwatch.org
Izzy Hirji, Tap in!, Guelph University,
Louisa Shaha, Lucid Foods, 212-+65-3+5/, louisa@
Casey Taylor, Taylor Nade Water System, casey@
Ferris Ferdon, Life Source Water System, 650-520-3919
Michael Davis, U.S. Pure Water, +15-883-9900, mdwater@
Checklist for Planning a Bottled Water Free Event
Food & Water Watch
Iood & Wuter Wutch
Mcin o[Ice:
1616 P SL. NW, SuILe ¤oo
WusIIngLon, DC zoo¤6
LeI: (zoz) 68¤-z=oo
Iux: (zoz) 68¤-z=o1
Ccli[ornic o[Ice:
z= SLIIImun SLreeL, SuILe zoo
Sun ¡runcIsco, CA ¤q1o;
LeI: (q1=) z¤¤-¤¤oo
Iux: (q1=) z¤¤-¤¤o8
Buv vour own Tuke Buck LIe Tup reusubIe sLuInIess sLeeI wuLer boLLIe uL:






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