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WAS INDEPENDENTLY VERI [AS CONTEMPLATED IN THE LATEST CODES OF GOOD PRACTICE. (GAZETTE NO 42496...) ON BROAD-BASED BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT ‘MEASURED ENTTY BETES Region Number 2n/074997/07 WAT Narber 1730261205 esos ‘18 EMPIRE RORD, PRA TOWN, JOHANNES ature of Baas PUBUSHNG & ENTERTANENT BBSEE Convince Lal eves BBSEE Penurrt Recogron Leal | a0 Bik Owner 00% Siac Voren Ownership 363% ‘Enpoverrg Spier vs Dieouing Prec vs Desgnated Geup Supa’ Sas 7 ely Fw Trough Frei Postaa [WO Centate umber OTT nena Year End Tea BSSEE Semecard ‘mre aan RETUAL COSRE_| TARGET SCORE = 200___| 2500 aragpror Com ‘Sais Dovioprnt a ano 580s | Ener and Spin Daa ma ‘000i | 320. 500 su1eaboms | Sse Economie Dveorert ‘BBE SCORE ea 21 ecenacs 200, wa ro ecenser 202. ‘s5gf0aTE ReAGSUE Dare ‘BeIRY OATE ical Sonstoy Tw sn some Bcrrs cat en — Ssrorauevas ANNEXURE A BBBEE VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE ATTN a ee 116 EMPIRE ROAD, PARK TOWN, JOHANNESBURG| CERTIFICATE NUMBER: GSE001220111123194 Saba Tieion Na. | VATNanber ‘iar eins Sian of ears Waa PVT | HOTRTRRIT | STS some | Wa 3 [tees odin Py) a 2012/07357/07 | 4seORDE [Epis enna don DoIaorss7/07 | are pres : ai 5 Gale as iesinens EE —roiwsinenyer — oars 5 [cele musertatins avon ataera Walmer | slaoren7a7 | setae st 7 | Gale nacodConparysahaion at eae | RERTERT TORTS emp ay [ae fierre mo 3 | negerous rin Sabian TE 10 eating Chorney) [water 2 ea A _ | RTE oe Mea eo Aa NS HE a7 13s Wey ik [Peas Heaie ETA Ts SSH S17 | SSOTRE oaeaNos7 [Wk SS 3) a ete: wor beeveragency cosa

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