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. * * . . * * * * * * * * * . . * * * * . . ** ** . . ** ** . . * * * * . . * * * * * * * * * . . * * . . * . . . . . . For successful spell casting one must have a visual mind. Its not that hard. Just keep in mind a vision of whatever or whoever you are casting the spell on. Also the following spells are not 'evil' or 'good' spells. The nature of the outcome depends on the intent of the caster. One must concentrate and be very serious when spellcasting. As for simple spells like the following you won't need any previous spellcrafting experience ...such is not the case with more advanced and powerful spells. An error in the preparation or the actual casting of the following spells will result in either unintended effects or the spell just won't work.

*The first spell I'll describe is a short incantation for the prevention of pregnancy. By the way I Would NOT use this spell in the place of a rubber, the pill, a diaphram, etc... Its just a simple spell for those who want to reduce the chances of an unwanted pregnancy... Just print this out and give it to your girlfriend and tell her to follow it exactly as its written. Take a long white cloth and knot it in four places. As you tie each knot, chant: "No child by me." Put the cloth in the bed while you have sex and the spell should keep unwanted children from arriving unexpectedly. NOTE: This spell is designed for the girl to perform the incantations. *This spell is designed to persuade a stranger to become attracted to you. The main component of this spell is a fresh piece of ginger root. Find the intended lover in plain sight and chant the following: "Stranger no more, follow me." Give the root to the stranger( drop

it in their car, purse, pocket, etc. so they won't get suspicious.) If you followed these simple directions he/she should be yours... NOTE: Use this spell with caution because they might hang around a little longer than you'd like. *This is one of my favorite amateur spells which is used to attract the attention of a Wizard. Collect three pigeon feathers, an egg shell and a gold nugget and carry them all in a leather pouch made of kid. Just carry the pouch wherever you go and you should come in contact with a wizard. *Ok, let me change what I said. the next two spells are my favorites...well the most useful... This spell's use is one to keep the police away.(heheh) A bat must be found dead or recieved from a lab, etc. One that is killed solely for this purpose will not work. Just look around for one already dead. Take one of the bat's wings , dry it, powder it and keep it in a vial or bottle on your person. If you are stopped by the police for a ticket, etc. sprinkle the powder on your person. And chances are the officer will let you off the hook or avoid you completely. *This last spell I will describe is for the purpose of winning a lawsuit. This spell is also useful for defense(such as being sued for phone damages,etc...). Get a few friends of yours to come over and then have all of you sit in a circle around a yellow candle. Place a copy of the lawsuit and any other info pertaining to the case on the table next to the candle. Have everyone clear their minds and picture the person dropped of all charges. As you concentrate on the image have everyone chant: "(Person's name) win the lawsuit, riches be yours." Repeat this for a few minutes while concertrating on the image and your success is all but assured. I've got plenty of spells for different uses lying around so if you're just curious or find this spell to work leave me mail on any of the following boards:

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"There is no such thing as White or Black magic merely good and evil persons using it for different purposes" (or something like that)- as quoted by Aleister Crowley...



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