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Aiken County Sheriff's Office Deputy Report for Incident 21-026730 ‘Nature: Susp Veh Address: 11 SPANN HAMMOND RD Location: Beech Island $C 29842 Offense Codes: DCON Received By: Hahn M How Received: 9 Agency: ACSO Responding Officers: Canalejo K, Young S, Sutton W, VanGelder A, Johnson C Responsible Offleer: Canalejo K Disposition: ADM 06/02/21 When Reported: 23:21:42 06/01/21 Occurred Between: 23:13:09 06/01/21 and 23:21:42 06/01/21 Assigned To: Criscilis J Detail: ADL, Date Assigned: 06/07/21 Status: ACT Status Date: 06/07/21 Due Date: 07/09/21 Complainant: 2791 Last: GLADDEN First: DUSTIN DOB: **/*/+" Dr Lie: Address: 11 SPANN HAMMOND RD Race: Sex: Phone: City: Beech Island, SC 29842 Offense Codes Reported: Observed: DCON Disorderly Conduet Additional Offense: DCON Disorderly Conduct Circumstances Responding Officers: Unit: Canalejo K pai Young S CARS6 Sutton W pia VanGelder A Johnson C Responsible Officer: Canalejo K Agency: ACSO Received By: Hahn M Last Radio Logi 01:13:56 06/02/21 CMPLT How Received: 9911 Line Clearance: 04 Report Required When Reported: 23:21:42 06/01/21 Disposition: ADM Date: 06/02/21 Judicial State Occurred between: 23:13:09 06/01/21 Mise Entry: and: 23:21:42 06/01/21 Modus Operandi: Description Method : 060721 Deputy Report for Incident 21-026730 Page 2 of 4 Involvements Date ‘Type Description Relationship 6102/21 Name DEMMON, CHRISTOPHER COLLIN Offender sora Deputy Report for Incident 21-026730 Page 3 of 4 Narrative W/O responded to the I/L and observed the offender vehicle blocking both lanes of the roadway of the I/t, R/O observed the offender walking in the roadway. R/O observed the offender to be asking if R/O was part of the organization , which R/O advised the offender R/O was a Deputy Sheriff. R/O observed the offender to be in an excited state and his pupils co be Pinpoint. R/O observed the offenders erratic behavior, statements, and body language to be indicators of narcotics use. R/O observed the offender to provide numerous listed alias. R/O placed the subj under arrest for DOC Gross Intoxication. Deputy Young transported the offender to ACDC for incarceration. State Line Towing responded for next rotation to tow the vehicle, which R/O was advised was clear NCIC via ACSO Dispatch. R/O has no further, Responsible LEO: Date ior Deputy Report for Incident 21-026730 Name Involvements: Offender : 2788 Last: DEMMON First: CHRISTOPHER, Dos: Dr Lies’ —- Race: W Sex: M Phone: Mid: Address: City COLLIN Page 4 of 4 3504 NOTTINGHAM CT APT 256 ‘TAMPA, FL 33614 oor DEMMON, CHRISTOPHER C Offender 008 ——wi987 Ethnicity Non-Hispanic Address 3504 NOTTINGHAM CT APT 256 Zip 33614 Arrest Arrest Date 6/1/2021 11:55:00 PM State South Carolina Juvenile Disposition Arrest Agency Aiken County Sheriffs Office Offenses Disorderly / Public disorderly conduct Counts 1 city Beech Island file:///C:/Users/shfabdue/AppData/Roaming/Spillman/Mobilestemn/ Arrest. PrintOntewt html Page 1 of 2 Aiken County Sheriffs Office Arrest #: 2100852 “Booking #:2100691 Reported: 06/01/2021 23:21:42 Race N-White, Non-Hisp Height 5'10" city TAMPA Phone Location of Arrest 11 SPANN HAMMOND RD 2p 29842 resting Officer Canalejo K Tracking Statute 0622 16-17-0530 State South Carolina Sex M Weight 180 State Florida ity Beech Island Area ACSO Zone 7 Reference ‘Arrest Type cust Location Zip 29842 6/7101 area ACSO Zone 7 Court Magistrate Newellenton_Jackson Aicohol/Drug Yes neice Crime Class Misdemeanor Disposition Date 6/3/2021 12:00:00 AM Entry Code Inchoate offense Ticket Page 2 of 2 Final Disposition Open Offense Date 6/1/2021 11:21:42 PM Jurisdiction South Carolina State Statute /C:/Users/shfabdue/ AppData/Roaming/Spillman/Mobile/temp/Arrest PrintOutout.htmt — 6/7/2021

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