Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Submitted by: M.U. Qidwai on SCRIBD Date: March 20th 2011

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

In the name of Allah, the Most Graceful, the Most Merciful. All praise is for Allah the Lord and Cherisher of this Universe and His Peace and Blessings be on to His servant and Messenger Mohammad and the family of Mohammad and companions of Mohammad and on those who follow in their footsteps, till the last day, afterwards, Dear Readers, This is the seventh in the series of dialogs and discussions which I had with Non Muslims and Muslims on the threads of TOPIX, the well known discussion forum, www.topix.net. It consists of 291 Questions with answers. Earlier volumes along with their date of publishing and the link addresses are as: 1. First Volume, published on, 13th Oct 2008, http://www.scribd.com/doc/13103050/ 2. Second Volume, published on 14th March 2009, http://www.scribd.com/doc/13262933/ 3. Third Volume, published on 16th May 2009. http://www.scribd.com/doc/15492127/ 4. Fourth Volume, published on 15th Aug 2009, http://www.scribd.com/doc/18432168/ 5. Fifth Volume, published on 11th Sept 2009, http://www.scribd.com/doc/22247840/ 6. Sixth Volume, published on 3rd March 2010, http://www.scribd.com/doc/27748086/ And this is the seventh volume and I do not know how many more would be published in future. Range of topics and discussions are varying on such threads, but I have participated and commented and selected for posting those which deal generally with Islam and Muslims or have some effect on them. I have now been very selective in choosing the questions and answers for publication on SCRIBD, as will be evident between the long gap between the publication of sixth volume and the seventh volume. As I had mentioned in my preface to earlier volumes, that I have abridged the questions, in order to save space on the thread and also on SCRIBD. I have also removed some of the “Swear Words, Abuses , Insults and Expletives” which are so common on these threads when people go out of the bounds of civilized discussions. This volume of Questions and Answers are divided into different chapters, and these are:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Chapter-1 Dealing with Atheism and related topics, Q-1 to -Q26 Chapter-2 Dealing With Christianity and related Topics, Q27 TO Q62 Chapter-3 Dealing with Islam (On Allah and Islamic beliefs), Q 63 to 100 Chapter-4 Dealing with Islam (Laws and Practices), Q 101 to Q 154 Chapter -5 Dealing with Islam (Quran and Prophet) Q 155 to Q 198 Chapter -6 Dealing with Jews and Israel Q 199 to Q 233 Chapter -7 Dealing with Misc. Subjects Q 234 to Q 265 Chapter -8 Dealing with Violence and Terrorism Q, 266 to Q 291 I would again like to clarify that I am not an Islamic Scholar and the views mentioned are my own and not of Islam. They are based on my knowledge and perception of Islam. I have tried to be within the boundary of Islam and have not posted anything which according to my knowledge is against Islam. If I have gone outside the limits or have made any mistakes in factual presentations or any thing which goes against Islam , I seek forgiveness from Allah. No human is above error, It is only Allah which is above such shortcomings and limitation. The purpose of presenting these questions and answers of SCRIBD is to preserve these and to pass it on to other people, who did not take part on original discussions. If any one gets to know the true picture of Islam and Muslims thru these questions and answers and changes his or her instance, I will think that my labours are amply rewarded. In the end, I pray to Allah to accept my humble efforts, and forgive any intentional or intentional mistakes that I have committed in writing and compiling these questions and answers and make it helpful for people who do not know much about Islam and those who carry out Anti Islamic propaganda, knowingly or thru lack of knowledge. And May Peace and Blessings of Allah be on to our Prophet Mohammad and his family and companions. M. U. Qidwai Jubail, Saudi Arabia March 20, 2011

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Chapter-1 (On Atheism and Related subjects)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.1 How Nature proves existence of Creator? Ans. More on NATURE and NATURAL phenomenon: Every one on this thread have seen or knows how speechless our stalwarts become when asked to define some common words which they use so much in explaining and defending their Half Scientific- Half Philosophical BTOE. One of that word is NATURE and another is NATURAL process and phenomenon: Today I will touch on one product so abundant on earth, so essential for life and so freely available. What role NATURE had in its generation and its preservation. 1. If you ask any scientist (BTOE or non BTOE), what is water, he will say it is H2O, i.e. two atoms of Hydrogen, combined with one atom of Oxygen and that makes water. 2. If you ask them what are the properties of water….they will point out a long list, - Its boiling point is 100 o C at atmospheric Pressure - Its freezing point is 0 o C at atmospheric pressure.. - Its specific gravity is 1.0 at 25 o C and it changes with temperature, and its maximum specific gravity is at 4 o C (both above and below it decreases, which is a unique property of water), - it has an “optical Window” so that sun light can propagate to some depths inside water - It is a great dissolving agent unparalleled compared to any other liquid etc. 3. If you ask them who “discovered” these amazing properties of water….they will come up with a long list of scientists who devoted many years of their lives to find all these and many more. 3A. Some will boast that we “discovered” the power of steam and used it for generating electricity, running ships and machines and for so many other uses. 4. Now, you ask them could any one guess, what will happen when Hydrogen and Oxygen combine to make water, just by looking at these gasses as basic ingredients? 5. Now ask them, was it by Chance or thru Evolution that water developed all these properties? 5a. Or ask them, did water had any say in fixing these properties and qualities for itself?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 5b. And Ask them, Did we humans or any other living creature in past have or had any hand in fixing or modifying any of these properties? 6. Ask them, did NATURE knew before creating water that it would turn out to be such a wonder liquid, and it shall be so essential for creation and sustaining all type of life forms? 7. Now ask them, Is it illogical or unreasonable or absurd to say that NATURE knew these properties before water was created, otherwise it would not have created it in so much abundance. 8. Now tell them, what they call as NATURE is no other than Creator of this Universe, who KNEW much before water was created that what would be its properties and to what use it would or could be used and what purpose it could not be used (for example, you will not be able to use water as a fuel for fire!!). 9. Tell them, this is how a true scientist sees the presence and hand of Creator in every thing in Universe and our BTOE fellows keep on asking “show me where is the Creator” we want to see Him with our eyes, my answer would be “Look at water” and try to find out its properties before mixing Hydrogen and Oxygen!! What is true for water is true for every thing in this Universe. “NATURE” knows what is happening and what will happen…and then TOE will take a totally different meaning!! BTOE will vanish in thin air and Random Mutations shall no more be Random, and “NATURAL Selections” shall be what “NATURE” wants to create!! That is why I said our BTOE fellows should open their eyes and see “NATURE” every where around them!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.2 How can we “See” the Creator with our eyes? Ans. Seeing with eyes Keeping their Eyes Open: When I say that BTOE people should open their eyes and then see, many people think that I am pulling their leg. They say that we keep our eyes and ears open and we see and we listen thru them. But there also “Inner eyes” and “inner ears” inside human bodies too. Quran says “….Truly it is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts which are in their breasts” (22:46) If they open up their hearts, there are millions of signs that would point out towards their Creator. Polar Star: I just mention pole star…..we all know that it stays at same place in the sky….for what purpose? There could be thousands of purpose….but most evident is to show the people directions when they are traveling during nights in ocean and lands. People think that humans were always living in 20th centuries….they fail to realize that growth of science has been gradual….if these initial helps and guides were not available….science would never have reached to its present level. When we ask our BTOE fellows about polar star….they dismiss it as insignificant and say that similar things are available on other planets also. The question is not this….the question is why Polar Star should be visible with naked eyes? There could be other stars like Polar Star which might be seen with Powerful Telescopes…..but would they have helped humans in the early stage of their civilization? Other Navigational Aids: Then we find things like “big bear” “Small bear” and other groups of stars that move in a particular fashion….so as to provide aids to people traveling in seas and lands during night. The fact that they are visible with naked eyes and have very simple logic means that they can be used in any age and by every group of people. How did this happen? Our BTOE people would say “by chance” or “By Random mutation”.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Phases of Moon: Then there are phases of moon….what for? There could be hundreds of uses….the most evident in that it is a “Universal Calendar” in the sky. In early stages of civilizations it was the only Calendar available to human kind. How else they could have keep track of days and months and events without moon? There could be other stars and satellites that could have such phases….I do not question it, I was talking about moon, because it is so close and so visible to us. Why it should have such clearly marked phases, so that any one can find the date? How did it happen? What are odds against it? If you add all these odds ….and there are thousands upon thousands of such odds….there is no chance in the world that they all could have happened all together …..unless of course they were MADE like that!! I have given earlier the examples of nails, that even such things as nails have been designed and placed KNOWINGLY by the Merciful Creator. That is why I ask these BTOE fellows to Open Up their eyes and See thru nature….every thing will point out to their Creator……but if you close your eyes and sew up your hearts…no reason and no logic can reach to your hearts. How sad, that the people who should be in forefront of “proving that God exists. Waste all their energies to prove that God does not exist”!! Some day our Grand Children would laugh at us…..being so dumb as to not look at what was right in front of our noses!! Q-3. Does Creator Exist? Is there any proof? (From Really) Ans. I had warned you in advance about this problem with Atheists, that they do not want to discuss any thing logically and jump from point to point!! Just look at your post, you have raised how many points at the same time and then provided your own answers and then posed some more questions and answered them yourself…..is that the way in which logical discussions are held? We have to be patient in these matters and should raise one point at a time, unless that point is settled or the parties have fixed their stands, we should go to next point. So the first point which I want to ask is this: Is it possible for any thing to exist without any Creator?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Can any useful thing be Created without any design, plan or purpose? Please remember that I am talking about this Entire Universe, but since our experience is limited to our own earth and things around earth, our response should be based on our own experience. Let us receive your answer on this, before we move to next step. Q.4. Can Nature Exist without Creator? All these questions underscore the fundamental problem with religion, in that it creates paradoxical situations for which there is no answer. One argument I always hear from non-atheists is that the universe cannot exist without a creator. Something had to create it. Well, by the same logic, couldn't one argue that if something cannot exist without a creator, than how is the existence of a god possible. And if the answer is that a god can exist without a creator, then can't the same be argued for the universe? You can't answer these questions without referring back to your holy book, which is irrelevant to a non-believer and proves nothing. You claim to be logical. That Muslims are logical. Yet, your belief is based on anything BUT logic.

Ans. A. Creation Versus Creator Some one who said that nothing can exist without its creator was speaking the truth. When you see any painting, or any house or any car…..does the first thought that comes into your mind is that it came out by itself? The first thought that comes in the mind of any right thinking person is about the artist who painted this picture, about the builder who made the house and the Car designer…this is very natural. How come then when you look at this vast Universe, the first thought that should come to your mind is that it came all by itself? This is a very unreasonable and very illogical stand.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 B. Who Created the Creator: This is the best question which these Atheists seem to think about Creator. If they think with cool mind, they will realize that the process of Creation has to stop at some stage. And that stage is the Creator. He is the alone Uncreated in this Universe. As paintings are different from the painter, Car is different from the car manufacturer, so is this Creator different from this creation. If this is understood by our Atheist, their main worry will be solved. C. Faulty Concept of God in Judaism and Christianity: In fact it is this faulty concept of God in Judaism and Christianity that has given rise to this increase in Atheism in Western world. As per Jews, their God is a racial God, who only cares for Jews and leaves all other humans to wander in ignorance. In Christianity the purity of God ‘s Personality is compromised by this unexplainable concept of Trinity, the God having begotten a Son and Son is sacrificed to atone for original sins for all human etc. These and atrocities committed by Church on Science and Scientists during those dark ages are main reasons for spread of Atheism. Islamic concept of God is much more pure and free from all these defects. We talk about a Universal God , who cares about every thing in this Universe. D. Talking with Atheist I have no problem in talking with Atheists and in fact I admire them for their rebellion against the traditional concept of God which they inherited from their society. But what I find that most of these so called Atheists are not logical thinkers. They do not want to carry out a logical debate and jump from point to point in order to save themselves in a situation where they have no argument/ Then they start using abusive language against religion, religious books and religious personalities , when they have no answer to the logical question. If you promise to use civil language,. Do not abuse or use foul language against our God, our Scripture and against our prophet, we can have a discussion. But it should be a logical discussion, we should not go to other point, unless we clear the first point.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.5: Proof of Creator from Animal Kingdom Ans. Man and Animal Kingdom: It is a fact which very few humans realise and think. How much humans enjoy the benefits from animals without doing very little to do with creation. Let us first look at some of the major benefits from Animal Kingdom: 1. Cattle or Domestic Animals: They include, Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Sheep, Camel and some other animals found in certain countries (Yak etc). We get many benefits from them and what we feed them are the things that humans do not eat. We eat the grain and corn and they eat leaves, branches and other leftovers. What a great benefit it is in the food cycle, if they also ate what we eat, there would have been a direct competition in the food cycle. Someone took care that these animals can survive and be content with what humans do not eat regularly! Was it just by chance or coincidence? Now let us see, what benefits we derive from them A. Milk: Milk is the first and foremost of the benefits that humans derive from cattle. Have we ever thought how little is our contribution in creating the milk? Have we any say is the way, milk is produced in the cattle bodies? Our maximum contribution is cross breeding to find a variety that gives maximum output. This is not much of a contribution, is it? Have we ponder on the milk itself, how it is digestible by human bodies, did we design our digestive system to digest milk of animals? B. Flesh: Animal flesh is one of important diets of humans. If our digestive system was not designed to digest Animal Flesh, we could never have been able to eat or digest their meet. What is our OWN contribution in designing it? Our closest cousin in nature (Apes) cannot digest animal flesh and therefore only eat vegetarian products. C. Clothing: Wool, skin and furs of these animals provide clothing for humans. Despite scientific progress and alternatives available, there is often no better alternative in extreme weather conditions but to use animal furs and skins. We hardly ever think how much benefits we derive from these animals.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

D. Transportation: In our age people may look down upon use of animals as means of transportation, but for thousands of years humans have used animals as means of transportation. Horses and Camels and Oxen were very recently used as a major mode of transportation. These animals could cover vast distances, carrying humans as well as their belonging…..for what price? A drink and feed at regular intervals? E. Other usage: In fact, if we go in detail, we find that every part of animal bodies is used in one form or the other. Their usage in industries and medical profession is wide spread. 2. Who subjected these Animals to humans? We derive so many benefits from animals, but have we ever reflected, who subjected these animals to us? Was it our own Power , Intelligence or Evolutionary process? If Animal species would have become enemies of human race, there was no way, humans could have survived on earth. There was some one who subjugated these animals to us, and we have nothing to do with it! Can BTOE provide answers to these questions? I think not? Survival of Fittest cannot provide answers to these question by any means. 3. This is the handiwork of Common Creator of Humans and Animals: Subjugation of animal kingdom to humans is the plan and design of the Creator who created both humans and animals. It was only because of His command that animals surrender themselves to humans. The way in which plant kingdom is made beneficial to humans, so is the animal kingdom. But how many humans realise this and give thanks to their Creator? Very Few, Very Few Indeed….. And they ask us to show the Creator….Have they not looked at the cattle!!?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q-6. Proof of Creator from Vegetable Kingdom Ans. A. My Kitchen Garden: I have a small piece of open land in the ground floor apartment which my Employer has provided for my residence in KSA. I plant seasonable vegetables and some fruit trees in that land. Irrigation water, discharge from captive Sewage Treatment Plant, brought thru lines is available near my house. Fresh potable water is also available in the house.. Since our plant produces Potable water by desalting sea water, there is virtually no shortage of water at any time during day and night, winter or summer , Thank God for that. This winter I planted many tomatoes plants which gave more than enough yield to suffice my requirement as well as free distribution to my friends. These tomato plants, made me to think, what was my real contribution in growing those plants, and to whom should I really thank for the bumper yield. Seed of tomato plant is very small, you first plant them in nursery, and pour water on them regularly. In a few days, shoots come out and once they grow somewhat, plant them in neat rows at distances of 30-45 Centimeters and leave the drip irrigation system on. No other chemical or natural fertilizers are needed, since the Irrigation water provides all needed nourishment….when the plant matures…each plant provides 50 to 60 full size tomatoes….each tomato has 200 to 300 seeds, that is multiplication factor of 10,000 to 18,000 for every seed planted!! And what is my real contribution in this growth? Just planting the seed and giving it water….is it enough contribution? Can we claim any PROPERTY RIGHTS on the produce? Which business will give to 10,000 to 18,000 times prophet in mere four months? But most people would never think about this bliss from NATURE and eat tomatoes and sell it and fight with others, as to why you plucked MY Tomatoes!! Then the color scheme, unripe, semi ripe, ripe and over ripe tomatoes, all have different colors, and firmness? Mere look and touch by hand shows the quality of each tomato. How could it all have developed by itself just thru RM and NS, without any proper plan, design or purpose?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 I am unable to understand it, may be Super Brains on this BTOE thread can explain it logically. B. My fruit trees: I have also planted some fruit trees, lemon, Date and my friend have planted Orange and Mango trees. For each of these trees we just planted one stone, or we got a small tree from nursery and planted it, and watered it regularly for few initial months. After one year or so the tree becomes big and does not need regular watering and after a few years, can be left alone totally. That is our contribution, now what about the results? After three or four years the trees start giving fruits, every year until the end of their live, which could be 30 to 40 years or more. Every year we gather close to 500 lemons from a single tree, and the number of mangoes would be around 250 – 300. In case of dates, the numbers are more than 1000 !! Now see the input and output, each seed of these trees produces from 7500 to 30000 fruits during its 30 years life!! What is the multiplication factor? Can any human designed system give that much return? What is our real contribution in getting all those fruits, which taste so different from each others and give fruits every year at appointed times. I am unable to understand the logic and am at a loss to explain it, again our super brains of BTOE will try to convince me that it was all as a result of RM and NS over millions of years!! For me, my kitchen garden and my fruit trees, point to their Creator, His Power, Knowledge and Mercy.. I did not design the tomato seed, or seeds of lemon, date mango or orange…yet I eat all of them with equal relish and feel that I have harvested it and I am the Creator of their outputs.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.7 Sea Water Desalination, Human verses Creator Ans. Sea water Desalination and Transportation: A. Human Designed Systems: a. World’s Largest Desalination Plant: 1. I work in Jubail Power and Desalination Plant, Which is world’s largest. The plant produces ~ 1,100,000 Cubic Meter of water daily, and more than 90 % of it is sent to Riyadh, the capital city of KSA and 10 % of consumption in the city of Jubail and surroundings. 2. Jubail - Riyadh distance is ~ 400 KM and 3 Pipelines of 60 Inch Dia are installed to cover that distance. Total of 24 High Power pumps working, installed on 10 Pump Stations, round the clock work in tandem pump the designated capacity. The pumps are controlled thru a SCADA system that uses a copper cable that is buried beside Water Pipe Lines. 3. For Fuel , plant uses Methane Gas, that is brought thru pipelines from the nearby Oil and Gas Separation plant of ARAMCO…. 4. Jubail plant is a dual purpose plane, it produces 1500 MW of Electricity using 16 Steam Turbines, It is linked with Electricity Grid of Saudi Electric Company. The whole complex is one big technical wonder and a showpiece for KSA> All that was the good and glossy part of the Scenario, now let us come to Inside story! B. Operation Challenges: 1. Plant has close to 1000 Operations Staff working round the clock in shifts to ensure smooth running of plant. 2. They have to watch carefully, every part of plant, problems start from Sea Water Intake itself, It needs Chemical Dosing to kill bacteria and fungi, Anti Foaming Chemicals, Anti Scale Chemicals….Fuel Gas for proper heat value, Boiler Feed water for proper Chemistry, Desalinated Water for Conductivity, Turbines for vibrations and Headers for smooth flow. 3. Any malfunction in any area causes shutdown and the problem has to be solved, otherwise it would cause much damage. 4. Then there are environmental issues, Steam turbines work with efficiency of 30-35 %, so 300 % of the energy is really wasted. Plant stacks emit vast amount of CO2, CO, Sulfur gasses and other harmful environmental gases.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 5. Even after all these precautions, we have corroded intakes, blocked tubes in Heat Exchangers, Tube leaks in Super Heaters of Boilers, Corrosion in Water Headers and damage in cement linings of Water Transmission Lines. And many more. C. Maintenance Challenges: 1. Maintenance challenges are no less formidable than Operations, there is close to 500 Maintenance staff for plant and Transmission system, There is full schedule of Preventive and corrective maintenance of all parts of the plant. 2. Systems are brought down for scheduled overhauling and unscheduled defective maint. Spare parts for every system and subsystem have to be stocked and some times ordered on urgent basis. 3. There is endless battle to ensure that Plant meets its operational requirement. D. Modifications and Upgrades: 1. Since no human designed system is perfect and fool proof, Plant had to undergo many small and big modifications over the years. 2. Many obsolete systems were upgraded and replaced with new ones and new ideas were implemented to overcome design defects or enhance productivity and efficiency. C. Operational Life of plant: This is another aspect of the plant. 1. Plant was originally designed for 25 years of operational life, which period is more than over and a heavy investment is made to extend the life of plant by another 15-20 years. 2. Much Money is spent during life extension projects, like: - Concrete Structures and foundation of major equipment. - Boiler Super heaters tube replacement, - Replacement of copper nickel tubes in heat exchangers, - Replacement of all Main Electrical Transformers. - Replacement of Field Instruments and gauges, - Replacement of Old Control Systems with new DCS, - Replacement of Pipe line SCADA system using new Fiber Optic cable And hundreds of similar projects. 3. Despite all this investments, there is always risk of some parts failing without notice and jeopardizing the water supply to Capital City of KSA!! The total ownership cost of Jubail plant in past 30 Years, with original investment, Coast of Fuel, Salaries of Staff, Spare Parts and Consumables, Upgrade projects and all would go into Multi Billion US Dollars.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

I am boring you with all these details to show, how costly and difficult is removing salt from sea water and sending it to 400 KM away. (Note: What I wrote about Jubail Water plant is more or less applicable for all Process and Chemical plants and industrial establishments.) E. Another System for Desalination and Transmission over large distances: 1. There is another much more efficient and better system that does the same job, without any “Human headaches” and that is designed by NATURE. 2. Huge amount of Sea Water (thousands of time more than is done by Jubail Plant) is taken up to sky, using evaporation a noiseless process that does not seem to require any energy or efforts from humans. 2A. Evaporated water leaves all impurities behind and is purer than what Humans can achieve at that scale. This process works in all part of world with same efficiency. 3. These vapors are taken up, collected, joined together and form rain laden clouds. These clouds are transported from one place to another (spanning thousands of Kilometers) by creation of High Pressure and Low pressure zones. Energy comes from Heat source placed at millions of Kilometers away from earth, so as to save it from harmful radiations. 4. Millions of tons of Water (in form of Clouds) are transported over long distances and pour water over large areas of earth. The water meets need of Plant and Animal Kingdom, we humans even do not even know their names, their numbers and how much water is needed by each of them. 5. Rain water not only meets immediate need of every one, a portion of it is stored in underground reservoirs, we do not even know their route and locations and the pure water is available to all parts of world thru well, rivers and lakes. 6. Then this system does not require any maintenance, no upgrades and working in perfect order and self repeating for millions of years. There is no record that the process had to be changed at any time since it started. As some one who is in Production and Transmission of Desalinated Water…..I can see the work of Genius and how foolish is to compare our human efforts with that of NATURE!! And how can I believe that this NARURAL system, just came by itself, without any design, plan or purpose behind it? But I know there are many out there, who would say that this water cycle developed by itself, just by passage of time. Same people would even consider human systems much superior to that provided by NATURE!.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

PS: So when out BTOE followers tell me that there is No Creator, and the whole water cycle developed on its own, I see at Sea , then look at clouds and then look at our Water Plant and the expenditures and headaches needed for its functioning, I smile at BTOE fellows and I KNOW they DO NOT KNOW what they are taking about! Q.8 Aussie bite I don’t know where you get your information but none of that is right, atheists know there is no god, we are all the same, we believe in reality and proof. Scientists know how the universe and man were made and none of it involved an invisible being. They can create clones of animals and now they are saying they can create life from bacteria as it was when time began. There is a reason for everything and everything has a reason. Its funny that your so called god never spoke to anybody or had any of these prophets outside the middle east! Nobody else on the rest of the planet ever had any word from him, before them and after them. As we know people that hear voices in their head or believe that they hear god speaking to them, we know that as a mental illness and there are lots of people in the middle east then as there is in the world now Ans. A. Atheist and God: I will not go to say that Atheist KNOW that there is no God, they only THINK and they ASSUME that there is no God!! There is difference between KNOWLEDGE and ASSUMPTION. The very fact that this Universe did not exist at some particular time and then came into existence per see prove that there has to has a Creator for it. B. Have Scientists Created Life? If scientist can crate clones of Animals, or can duplicate life from Bacteria (if their claim be true) does not mean that they have really created anything!! They are just copying and duplicating the procedure which has been done billions upon billions of times in Nature by God.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Scientists have not created life and they even do not KNOW what is life!! C. Were prophets sent only to ME? It is Biblical belief that prophets came only to ME. As per Islam, God sent prophet to every nation and to every people and sent them guidance in their own language. Since Bible is only about the history of Jewish people, so they have preserved only the names of their prophets and not prophets which were sent to other people. D. Were prophets hearing Voices? There are people who hear voices in their heads and suffer with illness….that does not mean that prophets of God were sick or were hearing voices in their heads. It is like saying that since there are Quack Physicians and surgeons, so every Physician or surgeon is Quack. Or since there are so many disqualified Engineers and technicians out there, there is no Real Engineer or Technician in the world. Truth and falsehood of prophets is judged according to the message which they bring to the world. Q-9 who=Captcanuck Actually my eyes are wide open as are the possibilities. What would convince me of there being a God? How about him showing up and giving us a little demonstration that would help. Yes there are many different religions and theories about God and his existence and i conclude that we don't really know but i do find it unlikely. Believing Islam has got it all figured out seems rather naive. Muhammad's story of how he talked to the angel Gabriel and was told he is the messenger of Allah is just that a story. The way i see it you have been indoctrinated since your youth with these tales just like a Roman was with his numerous God's before him. Ans. If you see this Universe, all the laws in it and how beautifully it is controlled…..and still are in doubt about existence of Creator. How would you be convinced if He appears to you in person and begs you to believe in Him? You speak as if your belief in Him is going to do some favor to Him or will add to His Position and Dominion!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 You are in mortal danger of an everlasting punishment and chastisement if you do not believe and organize your life according to His laws and commandments. If our Prophet’s talking to an angel was a story….then he was not alone in that. There were many prophets and messengers before him who talked to angels and angels appeared to them with instructions. Our prophet was in exalted community of Adam. Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Jonah, Elijah, Elisa, ……John the Baptist and Jesus Christ!! May peace and Mercy of Allah be on to all of His Messengers and Prophets!! PS: The proof for a Single Creator are many amongst them is the continuity of Universe from one end to another. We receive signals from galaxies that are billions of light years away, meaning the Universe is continuous. Then the SAME physical laws are followed from smallest electron to the biggest Galaxies, ensuring that same power is controlling everything. Then every thing in this Universe is made from the same building blocks, meaning that there could be a single Creator. Then the Universe is existing and sun rises at the appointed time, for millions of years and water cycle continues in the same way, year after year, shows that there is only a Single Will working in this universe. These are some of the points, the arguments in favor of single Creator are innumerable in fact.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.10 who="Pete-o" 1. I see a universe that is expanding that is in perfect alignment with biology and cosmology. In line with the laws of science. No god necessary. 2. It's perfectly logical to think that when you die it's over, there's been no evidence for an afterlife no matter how much retribution you'd like to take place. People get punished on this Earth all the time. 3. I know my purpose because it is MY purpose, what some other person purpose is irrelevant to me. No I didn't DNA test my parents, I have no reason to, even if I did, I would still consider them my parents. This has nothing to do with the scientific evidence for the laws of the universe. 4. Actually there were billions of years before man evolved on the planet…. Ans. You say that “you see a expanding universe that is in perfect alignment with biology and cosmology, in line with laws of science”, well WHO made those laws of Science and Biology? Did these laws created themselves? And how come a Universe is running and expanding for 14 + Billion years….have WE made any systems that works “Automatically” for such length? Our “most reliable and fool proof” gadgets fail very soon, but we see no such failures in the Universe, how come it came into being and is running without any supervision? If your “Eyes” cannot see Him, it is your limitation and not His!! 2. It is very illogical to say that once you die it is all over….with the amount of horrendous deeds some humans do … with the amount of power and authority they have on earth, it is very very illogical and absurd to say and think that death is the end of all. 2A. Yes ‘some” people get punished in this world and many more go unpunished. We see so many cases of “Unsolved” murders, thefts, cheating and torture ….what about those victims and perpetrators of those crime. Then we see , so many cases where the innocent gets punished and the guilty goes free…..

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 The same happens with rewards, some one invents something, but another person steals his plans and gets the patents, the original inventor gets nothing while the usurper gets all the rewards and recognitions. The justice system in the world is very imperfect….life of one US and Israeli soldier is worth 10 or 100 of other nations. They vow to kill and they kill 10 or 100 of other people for each of their people killed. The army and police people of MOST nations go unpunished because the state protects them. It is very illogical to assume that all is forgiven once you die. 3. No you do not KNOW your purpose, you just ASSUME that you know. When you do not even recognize your own Creator, how can you decide what is your purpose. 4. Time is a factor for us, because we have limited life spans. For Creator, who has no such limits, time is not at all a factor. If it has taken billions of years for this Universe to come into its present form, it does not in no way negate the presence of Creator. In fact it shows that these “Laws were Created Billions of Years before and have not changed at all”!! The speed of light has not changed in so many billions years and the Universe is continuous for all that length. 5. All religions came originally from God, and they taught the SAME thing. Basic articles of faith were same in all religions. The refinements what you say are needed because of changing needs of developing human civilization….our religion has some flexibility to take care of these needs. And remember as Einstein said “Science without religion is dumb and religion without science is blind”. We need to bridge the gap between the two groups of people….which was created because of “Over Zealots” in both the groups.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.11 Show us the Creator!! Ans. Seeing the Creator: In the last episode, it was shown that what our BTOE fellows call as NATURE and what they term as NATURAL Phenomenon and what they call as NATUTAL Selection, are nothing but Creator and His actions and His will. The signs of NATURE are so many and so widely distributed, that any one with even a little thinking power, would not fail to recognize them. And these signs are all pointing to one Creator only. If there were many Creators, it is improbable that harmony within one branch of creation and harmony between so many diverse systems could be achieved. Today, we will see some more signs of this NATURE and His presence 1. Starting from sub Atomic Particles to Biggest Galaxies, same laws of Physics and NATURE are applicable. I am not sure that any one of the Scientist believe or can believe that these laws also “evolved” over time. 1A. Is it illogical to accept that these laws were “Made or conceived” before these things came into being, or the laws came into existence “by chance” when they came into being? Another of Nature’s Sign!! 2. When we look at navigational stars, our BTOE stalwarts argue, that in billions upon billions of stars, it is “possible” that “some starts” could have those synchronized orbits with respect to earth. I say, yes it is possible, why all these stars should be “visible with naked eyes” from this earth? Was it “By chance or by design”. 2A. If our ancestors were not guided by these stars, may be we would not have progressed to the present level of science and development. Here is another of Nature’s sign for us. 3. Now look at moon and its different phases, a “perpetual Calendar” in the sky. Was it not possible for moon to shine with a single phase? Why NATURE made so many phases for it? So that people in every age and in every place can use it for calculating days and time. 3A. Today we tend to smile at people who use lunar calendar, forgetting that for thousands of years that was the only thing available to humans. Another sign of Nature’s mercy.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 We can keep on giving examples from this branch itself, till it becomes impossible for a right thinking man to deny Creator. Q.12 Is Science the “Ultimate Tool”? Ans. See the "thoughtful and Scholarly remarks" from these BTOE fellows on my latest post!! And they will say that "Science prepared us for it". They say that Bacteria is the "Biggest threat" to human existence....Yes it is!! And how much precautions our Creator has taken to protect us from these Bacteria? Ask any Doctor about Human Immune system in our bodies. If it was not for that system, we will never be alive even for a few days or weeks. Who can say that he designed his immune system? So many bacteria are killed and neutralized and we even do not know it!! They say medicine cures the diseases, medicines only help the immune system, the disease is killed by the body itself. But most human are satisfied to know on Q.13 who="Pete-o" Of course religions are for humans, they created them. If a god was truly omniscient, it would have the ability to spread it's message no matter how advanced the civilization was. The existence of regional religions before worldwide travel is not evidence for an existence of a deity, but a proof that they a man made. Ans. In a way you are right, all the religions which “Humans Created” they differ from each other. But the religion which “God sent thru His messengers” has always remained the same. That is why; you will find the names by which “religions” go today like Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism …. Etc….these names are given by humans themselves.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

The name which God gave to His messengers thru out ages was “Islam” which is Arabic means, submitting or surrendering yourselves to His will….. So the name of religions which People gave themselves are based on region or race (Like Judaism or Hinduism) or personality (Like Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism etc)….so these are not God giving names. Quran tells that that “(Only) Religion (acceptable) in the eyes of God is Islam and any one who brings another religion in the hereafter, it shall not be acceptable and he or she shall be amongst the loosers”. Q.15 Proof of Creator from Nature So which Creator is the right one and how do you know? If science doesn't have knowledge in certain fields, it doe snot mean someday it won't, if it exists. Science has all kinds of knowledge as to why the Earth has earthquakes, rotates, why the sun burns bright and millions of other "whys" answered that religion tried to suppress. Science is concerned with what can be falsified, religion can not be falsified, so by definition, is not science. Judgment is present in many religions because the world was unknown thousands of years ago and gave comfort to archaic people of the time. Reason leads us to ask why does every religion "know" it is the one true religion? Ans. Your post was short, but it raised many fundamental issues. So I have answered them all, in some detail: A: How many Creators? There is only One Creator in the Universe. There are not so many Creators that any one can get confused!! B. Does Science answers Why? You are wrong, science does not answer Why earthquakes occur, Why earth rotates, Why the sub burns….it only tells HOW and not WHY!! Science only deals with material world and material things. The things which are not Materialistic are beyond the scope of science. And it will be ignorance to say or believe that there is nothing outside materialistic world!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

How science can judge, which is a better painting or which of the two song s is better and which of the two poems is better and which of the two movies is better? Are these issues under purview of science? Can science answer, What is the purpose of Human Life? Can science answer, what happens to humans when they die? C: Falsifying test: I do not know about other religions, but in Islam we are given a FALSIFYING TEST to prove that Islam is wrong. Humans are challenged to bring a book like Quran and let them help each other in this task. So far no one has taken this challenge. D. Human accountability for old times? The reason for humans to be accountable for their deeds is as valid today as it was 5000 or 10000 years ago. We have not learned anything in our modern age that can PROVE that this concept is wrong. Concept of humans should and must be made accountable for his actions is much more valid in our modern times than it was in those old days. Now man has become more powerful to kill millions of other humans, which was not even thinkable in those old and barbaric days. E. Why Islam thinks it is TRUE? I do not know about other religions as to why they think they are true, but we know about Islam, because we have REVELATION from Creator Himself, telling us that Islam is true. Q-16 who="Joel" Please keep in mind that Allah cannot create the universe from nothing. And if you still believe in creation from nothing then the onus is on you to explain how this is possible. The correct word to use is "manifestation". PS: Swami or Baba Ramdev is a fake. He's just into yogic poses or asanas. He's not a transcendentalist based on Yogic experience and realizations. Ramdev will be eliminated in the coming destruction of evil.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Ans. If you had sense, you would realize that “Creation is ALWAYS getting into being some thing from nothing””. Rest all is Transformation and not Creation. Otherwise, question will be asked who was the Creator of that material and how it came into being…..it would ultimately end is observing as if the Basic Materials were always present or they created themselves. Both these hypothesis are wrong logically and scientifically. Your Yoga is very imperfect to understand Allah and His attributes. Your Yoga needs to be updated and not the Power and Wisdom and other attributes of Allah. PS: What you said about Swami Ramdev…could exactly be duplicated by him about you. In my view, both of you are fakes….because you have no Real Base for your thoughts and beliefs. In these matters you need Divine guidance and revelation and not just your mental powers and meditation. This is the basic flaw between Revealed religions and “religions of love and brotherhood that are mushrooming in India and elsewhere like frogs in rainy season”. All of these “super gurus and yogis preach love and simplicity to others while they live in Air Conditioned Ashrams and enjoy every other worldly pleasure and their simpleton followers in millions think that their Guru and Rishi are emblem of simple living and high thinking! Q.17 Difference between Human and other Species Ans. Considering that Humans are the only specie on this planet....who have to choose between right and wrong!! No other specie has that choice. Their only job is to survive. eat and reproduce ..... Humans are special.....humans kill and torture fellow humans for "kicks". The Bully among them want to "Lord over" the less strong.....the commit heinous crimes and show extreme cruelty to their own fellows and other species, which no other specie shows.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 So if humans are not a "blunder" of nature.....then they must have a special treatment. Humans are not a "blunder" of nature is proven by you BTOE fellows tracing their genealogy to that "common ancestor"!! It was no "accident" or "Random mutation" that resulted in humans!! So it is natural that some one with extraordinary power and skill should have special checks also. If humans can get away with both good and bad deeds, the victims and the oppressors are made as equal....it will not work. As nothing in the world will work, if you give same rights and duties and treat them equally: 1. Workers who work hard and those who idle away are given same salary. 2. Tax payers and Tax evaders get the same treatment and same rights. 3. The teacher gives same marks to those who do their papers good and those who do not write at all. 4. The judge pardons the killers and robbers and thieves and places them in the same category as law abiding citizen. 5. Traffic cops pardon every driver irrespective of how fast he was giving or how many rules he broke. Any nation or society working on these "principles of Equality" will always fail.....then why it is only nature that does not care about what humans do on this earth? It is not logical, it is not reasonable and it is not correct. You get paid by what you do......this looks logical, just and reasonable.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.18 Life after death, what is proof? Ans. If you cannot GUARANTEE that there is no after life....then you are CERTAINLY GUARANTEEING that all that Injustice being done in the world has no value. The strong could treat the weak in any way he likes and if there is no punishment in this world....he does not have to worry. The people and whose names I mentioned and there are thousands more who were honored and respected by their people despite all the crimes they did? Their photos and statues are still worshipped and revered after many centuries!! The only conclusion is that good ness and evil ness simple does not exist and there is no difference one way or the other which ever path you choose. This is a totally wrong concept of life after seeing the power and positions humans have on this earth. You cannot be non committal and play neutral on such an important issue.....you cannot shrug of its importance by saying I am too busy in Analyzing this tooth and this bone and this jaw bone.....when I will get free time, I will think about it. If some one took care for making so many "coincidences" that human life should be sustainable on this earth.....how come he overlooked such an important issue. The only logical solution for this is that this life is a test and its results shall be shown when our test period is over. That is why is confirmed by the revelation from Creator And By the way, the word of one man backed by the Creator of Universe is more powerful and more true than the word of Billions of people, who speak only from their own assumptions and have no information at all!! Can some one GUARANTEE that there is no after life… Can some one GUARANTEE that it is immaterial whatever thing do on this earth, it is really immaterial when we die. Can some one GUARANTEE that Hitler and his 6 Million Jews ended the same way and the chapter is closed to them one way or the other for ever? Can some one GUARANTEE that those who hijacked those planes and ram then into WTC towers and the other passengers who were in those planes and those who died in WTC towers....had the same fate and it is the end of matters for all of them.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Can some one GUARANTEE that Saddam Hussein was given the punishment that he deserved when he was hanged and the justice for millions of those who he killed was achieved. Can some one GUARANTEE that by Sending GWB s the Great , Dick Cheney s and Ramsfield s and Tony Blair s into Honorable Retirement cleaned the slates of their misdeeds and lost of hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars wasted on illegal wars... Then I will say that these people have a very shallow knowledge of this Universe and things going on here!! On one hand, our finger prints, our hairs and every personality details are carefully known, so that we can be individually traced in a million way.... And on the other hand, there is no records of what we do or do not do.....how many people we kill....how many we maim.....how much we torture conquered races.....all that ends when we die!! There is something missing in this picture....this is not a complete picture.....not complete by any standard. Unless of course you are a BTOE followers!! Then lives of every BTOE believer is not spent in luxury and carefree way. There are many BTOE believers who are jobless, homeless, sick people suffering from many diseases.....there are many who spend their whole life or most of life in analyzing info hidden in a bone or a teeth......is that life worth rewarding and have they reached their Nirvana ? The lives of many religious people is spent in a peaceful way. By regulating their lives, they live in an inner peace. Many of religious people enjoy, good health, luxuries of life and enjoy all permitted entertainments. Q.19 Life after death, some pointers Ans. Some points to ponder for BTOE fellows: Many times I have been “Told” that there is no Evidence or Proof that there is Life after we die. Some people have compared it to Scottish Lottery and some thing else. In fact people are generally having “fun” at my expense and using me as “Punching Bag” or “Questioning Bag”.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 They feel snug that Science has provided them with evidence or proof that there will be nothing after we die. Death will be the end of matter for us…. And even if there is going to be some life and we will be presented before our “presumed” Creator…..we will put “Him in His place”!! We will turn the table of Him by asking: A. Why He did not appear to us in PERSON and Told us Clearly that He is our Creator and that He will Question us after we die? B. Why did He kept, His angels and other forces controlling the Universe, hidden from us and our Scientific Instruments, so we could never verify or confirm their existence. C. Why He did not held our hands when we were doing wrong things and prevented us from going astray? So the blame is on Him and not on us for what WE Did on this earth? It is HE and His agents that need punishment and not US!! A beautiful logic indeed…..provided we will be able to speak in front of our Creator and pull wool over His eyes…..the one Who Sees and is aware of our deepest hidden thoughts and motives. Now let us see, are there any tell tale signs for Humans in this Universe that he is not here to idle away his life or think that he is not responsible to any higher authority: 1. Is there any thing like Humans on this earth? There are millions of living forms on this earth, Is human any thing like them? On Physical, on intellectual level, on reasoning level, is there any specie that can be even remotely compared with humans? Of every other specie, there are many that are closer to them in every respect, except humans. There is no comparison at all. Closest to humans are the apes and monkeys and chimpanzees and Gorillas, but except some crude physical resemblance, there is no comparison at all. The purpose of all other life forms is just to survive…..but in case of humans, survival is not the main issue. Humans have an inbuilt desire to know about unknown….the inbuilt thirst to know more and more and to pass on this knowledge to their future generations. This quality of passing on acquired knowledge from one to next generation is what has made humans special. How come this inbuilt thirst to know more and pass it one to our generations originated? Is there any answer for that? 2. Is there any thing like humans in the known Universe?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

There are many speculations about that, but till date there is no conclusive proof one way or the other. One thing is certain, there is no human like creature in our known Universe and even if there is, we have no interactions with each other. We are too far separated in physical space to interfere with each other or pose any threat or danger to each other. 3. Is human dominion on Earth Absolute? Even though humans are not biggest or strongest of all living forms on this earth, there is no living form on this earth, that can pose any threat to humans dominion over them. There is no specie who was ever threat to human existence (forget about Jurassic Park sort of films), while humans have power to do with these life forms what they want. There is not the slightest resistance from them for this human massacre. Why these life forms do not unite and try to finish off humans from this earth? What has prevented them from doing so, even if they are already a very developed life forms, some existing many millions years before humans “evolved” and overtook them!! 4. Is human different from treating other humans than the other specie? We know many specie will kill other specie and use them as foods. very special in this case. But humans are

They kill many species not for food but for other uses. How they behave with their own specie is all the more strange. They kill other humans and they do not eat them!! They kill them and they torture them (as no other specie does to its prey) and lord over them in a very strange way. No other specie does that to its own and others. Humans try and keep on trying ever newer and newer ways to “do down” their opponents and take over their lands, possessions and treasures. 5. How can there be Power without responsibilities: It is very illogical to presume that humans have achieved all this power and dominion just because of a Random Evolution process. Humans do many things not because of their nature or inbuilt programming. They devise and they plan and they work out “theories and arguments” themselves and based on that make wars and kill thousands and do all sorts of atrocities to other humans and other living species on this earth.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 It is not correct or logical that all these acts of commission or omissions will have no consequence and when any one dies, the whole matter will end and his slate will be clean as ever. Based on one wrong theory and one wrong hypothesis , lives of millions of humans are affected and for many generations. How come the perpetrator of this mistake be left Scot free and face no consequences of his mistakes. 6. Present world does not work according to Rights and Wrongs: This is another major thing which wants us to reflect. Many honest and upright people suffer their whole life and they are always at the receiving end. While many cheats, dishonest and smart people…pull wool over eyes of thousands and rise to powerful positions. They misuse this position and play havoc with the lives of millions of humans. How illogical is to say that in the end, both of these people will become dust and there is no difference one way or the other. Why should any way then stand as truthful, honest and upright person? Why should one help one who is poor or is in need? 7. Need for a balanced approach: There are many such questions and observations which turn our minds towards the fact that there has to be more to human life than this BTOE or BDDTOE wants us to believe in. There is something missing in the picture….and that is too much reliance on Science and hope or Wish that Science will provide solution to every question!! No it will not, because scope of science is limited. We have to use our reasoning and logical powers (and guidance , if any that came from our Creator) to have a complete picture. That is what I am doing to the people on this Thread for many months. Q.20 Life, what is important and what is not. Ans. There is a story, I read, many years before, and I would like to share (with slight modifications, of course). There was a convention of “Professors” in a city, Professors of every field had gathered to attend that convention. Convention Site was on the other side of a big,

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 river and these Professors had to cross that big river in a boat arranged by the organizers. The boatman was a simple guy; he welcomed all these “Professors” into his boat with humility and expressed his thanks and gratitude that so many learned men were sharing his boat. The “Professors” started discussing matters (in jargon language, as is their practice) amongst themselves for a while. Then their eyes turned to the simple boatman, who was busy in his task, rowing the boat skillfully in the turbulent river. They wanted to have some “fun” at his cost. “O Boatman!” started the Mathematics Professor “Do you know about Math and Binomial Theorem”? “No sir! I do not know any thing about Math”. “You have wasted one tenth or 10 % of your life, if you do not know about math” said the Professor and all his colleagues stated laughing at the “pun”. “O Boatman!” said the Physics Professor “Do you know anything about Physics and its laws”? “No Sir!” replied the boatman. “See, he does not know about Physics, he even does not know that it is Archimedes Principle which keeps his boat afloat.. Is it not the waste of life? All Professors giggled. “O Boatman!” said the Chemistry Professor “What about Chemistry, surely you must know some thing about Water Chemistry in which you ply the boat”? “No Sir!” I did not learn any Chemistry” said the Boatman. “What a droll” Said the Professor to other Professors “how dull and useless is life when one knows nothing about Chemistry”. Professors of Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Geology, Evolution all had a go at the cost of poor Boatman. Professor on Evolution was very candid “If he does not know from who his ancestors are, his life is useless and misspent, How pitiable is life if one cannot distinguish even between Pre Cambrian and Post Cambrian fossils”? All other Professors Nodded. The Boatman was listening to all this, unable to give any answer to them, he was busy in rowing the boat. When the boat reached the Middle of River, the turbulent river started to shake it and turn it over, there was a violent bump.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 “Boatman!” Cried all the Professors jointly “Be Careful! what are you doing?, The boat was about to overturn” “What it matters to you learned men? Surely all of you know how to swim?” said the Boatman. “None of us Professors know how to swim” said all of them. “What! You told me repeatedly that my life is worthless…” said the boatman, “But if you do not know swimming, your life is going to end, because the BOAT IS GOING TO SINK” And with that the boatman jumped into the water and the boat overturned and went into the bottom along with “all the Professors”; who had spent their lives in all those beauties and small matters of life, but forgot to learn the Basic skills that are needed for survival. Similar is the case with me and these BTOE fellows. Each of them makes fun and scowls at me from different angles, each “confirming” that my life is full with darkness and not worth living. Yet we all are in the same boat of life and it IS GOINGTO TURN OVER, these BTOE Experts do not know (neither care to know): 1. Why they came on this earth? 2. What is the purpose of life? 3. What will happen when they die? These are basics needed for survival and success in the boat of life. Other fields are important no doubt, but AFTER you have learned the Basics of Survival. This is the message of Islam. Learn about purpose of your life, prepare for it and THEN do research and experiments in whatever field you want. Q.21 who=Chimney Yes, some are pushed to plain rudeness, to counter your more devious rudeness. Because, actually, you are far ruder, in terms of actual debate. You make unsubstantiated points and simply ignore the objections. Time after time. You ignore any argument originating from another, and the best you can manage is "see what these BTOE people believe!!" without explaining why you think it is absurd (because you cannot). Or, "see these BTOE people, thinking about trivial things like bones in the ground".

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Yes, bones in the ground. They are there, and they need a sound explanation. Just as retro-viral insertions are in genes, and they need a sound explanation. As do atavistic structures, vestigial structures, ubiquitous protein differences and similarities....all these "trivia" won hard from the world around us, added together, support one explanation, and that is the "blind" theory of evolution…. I could throw Darwinism over tomorrow if a better explanation came along. You do not even understand that - I am not enslaved to this opinion, I am not married to it. Only convinced by evidence and reason that it is the best explanation we have. This is a kind of thinking you clearly cannot even understand in its elements let alone its conclusions. Ans. Our BTOE stalwarts are pretending that I am obstinately denying all scientific evidence that prove beyond doubt truth of BTOE. My correspondents on this thread are real sufferers who tried every reasonable approach to prove their BTOE. They forget that it is now more than two years, since we are discussing this subject and we have tried every type of arguments to convince each other. I have pointed out grave defects in this BTOE theory, but no one gave me any reasonable or logical answer, only saying that we do not know every thing and we do not have proof, but time will provide the proof in the end. I once again put summary of my arguments against this BTOE, may be this time I will get a reasonable and logical answer: A. Nothing can come into existence with out a Creator: 1. This is such a straight forward thing, that even a small child can understand it. I do not know how our BTOE super brains miss it. 2. If we see any thing on this earth, we immediately assume that some one must have created it. 3. How come this entire Universe and every thing in it, just came into existence by itself.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 4. Our BTOE stalwarts say that for inanimate objects, we need a maker, but animate objects do not need a maker, because they “self regenerate”. But how this “self regenerating” property started starting with “Lifeless matter”? B. Nothing can come into existence with Randomness: 1. This is also a very simple and straight forward thing. By random hitting we cannot create s single paper pin, forget about complicated machines. 2. But these BTOE fellows would like us to believe that this Universe and life forms and every thing came by random combinations and lucky coincidence. 3. I have proven mathematically, that it is impossible even for a single deck of cards to arrange itself in ascending or descending order by random shuffling. 4. Compared to that any Protein or DNA molecule being formed by random combination is more than impossible, any one who thinks it is possible should see a medical doctor. C. No one creates any thing without purpose: 1. This is also such a straightforward thing that it does not need any argument. No one wastes his time in creating anything which does not have a purpose. 2. But if we believe these BTOE super brains, there is no purpose behind creation of this Universe and every thing in it. D. BTOE does not explain origin of life: 1. Whatever claims these BTOE stalwarts make, they are not able to explain how life originated. 2. To get rid of this problem, they say that we do not deal with origin of life, we only deal with its evaluation. This is absurd logic, if you do not know, how life originated, how can you explain its evaluation? 3. The procedure by which life was created will also explain its evaluation. E. There is no Complete Evaluation data for even a single specie from one to another. 1. Despite their claims and their access to billions of Fossils, there in not one complete Evaluation tree of a single specie from one to another. 2. When such is the case for lower animal specie, what can we say about man. 3. There is not one complete fossil for any of the “creative artists’ imaginations” that we see in BTOE magazines. They have very least amount of data to create their skyscraper of BTOE explaining Common Ancestor for man and apes.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 F. Human are a special creature in entire Known Universe: 1. This is also evident to any one who has studied human life. 2. Mental capabilities of humans are not comparable to any other living or known creature in our know Universe. 3. It is not possible for man to achieve all these qualities by this process of Random Mutation. 4. How come human life has no purpose, other than eating, drinking and reproduction? In all this logic above, I have not used a single Quotation from Quran or saying of our prophet. I have only spoken about simple common sense logic. In the past I did not get any answers to these queries and I am sure, no one will provide this time also. That is why, I stopped communicating directly with these fellows, to save personal; bitterness. I post general comments on subjects which in my view are important. This is a free thread and every one has right to express his or her views. But these BTOE fellows would like to shut me down by their “ganging up” approach. So many before me, gave up and vanished from this thread. Q-22 Pete-O I do good deeds in my everyday life, not for an eternal reward, but because it is the right thing to do, not because I want to please a mythical being bent on making me suffer if I don't. I do it for the humanity of it, because it is the moral thing to do. Your quote, "Nothing which you think or do, shall change God’ plans!!", blows apart your whole argument of a moral god. If you can't change god's plans then he had a plan for that child molester to molest that child, and a plan for that child to be molested. A god with truly little moral value. Ans. You may do good for no gain or fear, it is very well, but suppose some body does not want to do good and want to do evil with the people, is it also OK? Without any test or responsibility for one’s action, there is no justification for any morality. People would do as they wish without any restraint on their actions.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Morality as per Islam is not your “choice” it is your “duty”. What plan I was talking about was freedom given to humans and the day of accountability….it is not going to change as per your own wish. So the best course would be to take heed of that last day and start making preparations!! If you have any question about God’s morals….you can sort out the matters when you see Him face to face!! Q.23 Logical and illogical approach Ans. Now these BTOE stalwarts are going full guns on me saying that I am unreasonable and illogical. 1. I went step by step, asking our BTOE fellows, is it reasonable that every man should be held accountable for his good deeds or not. The decision was unanimous that yes, every man SHOULD be made accountable for his actions, good or evil. He SHOULD be punished for his evil actions and SHOULD be rewarded for his good deeds. This is straightforward and even BTOE fellows could not deny it!! 2. Then I went one step further and asked, how we could do it in this life? It was here that our BTOE fellows started feeling that something is fishy…..they went for circular answers. It is best if we could do it, but life is not fair…..you see we SHOULD have better system, We SHOULD have better monitoring mechanism ….we do our best, but you see it is an imperfect world after all. 3. Then I went one step further and said that we CANNOT punish or reward any crimes or good deeds done by people in this world. There is no HUMAN system which can measure and judge the exact effects and consequential affects of most human acts of commission or omission. 4. I mentioned that any HUMAN DESIGNED system cannot be fool proof, because the people at high positions will always misuse it and they will dupe others to defend them rather than punish them. I mentioned many examples. 5. I asked our BTOE fellows, is it logical that those plane Hijackers and those innocent people who died in WTC collapse, should meet the same end. Both of them died and is that the end of matter? If we consider death as close of every chapter, it would be a very illogical world. How come in this universe where there is law for every thing, why there should not be any law to really punish or reward every human for what he does?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 These were the questions about which no BTOE Follower could give honest answer, they just ducked the issue and as usual started abusing me and my intelligence and that I am forcing my religion on them!! In all this there was no mention of any religious beliefs. Just pure logical discussion. 6. I then asked our BTOE fellows to suggest any fool proof scheme where this justice could be achieved in practice….despite repeated asking they could come up with none. Whatever they came up was faulty and had many SHOULD, COULD, MAY BE words, meaning they are not sure about it themselves. 7. It was then I told that the only way, we can bring every man to 100 % accountability is after he is dead, because all his pretensions are gone and he is in the grave as a single human being, no army to protect him, no Patriotism to defend our Leaders at any cost. Since the actions of humans are linked with past, present and future generation, the best time would be when the World ends, so that EVERY Human can now be paid his due. There are no logical or reasonable arguments, against this theory and it is free from all imperfections. 8. But every good sounding and reasonable theory may not be TRUE, it needs proofs. 9. Then I told that in these matters, we cannot have physical proofs, the proof must come from the Creator in His revelation to the mankind. And we have that proof. Despite all this step by step method, these BTOE stalwarts JUDGE me as illogical, unreasonable and prankster!! 10. That is why I showed them, that their mental level is the same as that of Pagan Makkan people who denied the message of our prophet 1400 years ago, and I presented them with the proof!! And yet they ask me , why I am so dishonest!! Q.24 Test of life Ans. There is an interesting story about a boy of sixth standard, who appeared for his examination in the paper of Mathematics. When he came home after exams, his mother asked, how he did in Math paper. “Excellent”, the boy replied!! “I wrote about Shakespeare, About Milton, About our city, our state and our country, if fact I did not leave any topic about which I did not write.”

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

“I filled so many answer sheets and keep on demanding one after the other, that every one in the examination hall was surprised.” “But Son” The Mother interjected “The paper was about Math, how many Math questions you solved, you are telling that you wrote about every other subject but Math” “The fact is” boy replied “I did not study Math at all, so I did not know answer of any Math question, but I filled my answer sheet with so much other knowledge that I acquired” “Don’t you think” the boy asked mother “The examiner will be impressed about my knowledge and will mark me excellent in Math Paper?” I think every one knows what answer Mother shall give and how shall the boy will fare in Math Paper. The same is the question with our life and BTOE fellows. We are in the examination hall of life and we are each gathering our knowledge in various fields. Some of them are ESSENTIAL for our success and there are others that are DESIRABLE and there are some which are USELESS. When, in the hereafter Question will be asked, “ did they recognize their Creator?” our BTOE fellows will start speaking about that “First Self Regenerator and how came about all of a Sudden!!”. When they will be asked about “how did they lead their lives?” , they will start speaking about “Random Mutations and Natural Selections and how much times they spent on verifying that these were Really Random and lodge a complaint, that their life span should have been more so they could see , How NS really works”. When they will be asked “did they follow their prophets?” , they will start speaking about “Lucy and our Common Ancestors and how much time they consumed, leaving none of LESS IMPORTAN activities” !! In short they will have LOTS and LOTS to say about every thing, except the BASIC Questions which they are supposed to answer. Can any one guess, how these people will fare in the test of Hereafter? Lucky winners will get a “Thank you note, personally signed by me”!! Lucky loosers will get “My photograph, personally signed by me”!! Q.25 End of Humanity, when? Ans.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 The world is going to end, that is fact and every human shall be called to give his or her account to their Creator is also a fact. But no one really knows when that Time will come....this knowledge is only with the Creator. However there are some clear signs mentioned in scripture for nearness of that hour. Some signs are minor and some signs are major. One of the major sign for nearness of the Hour is second coming of Jesus. No one really knows that when Jesus will come back to earth for a second time. As per our scripture, second coming of Jesus is linked with the appearance of Anti Christ...and the major job of jesus in his second coming will be to slay the Anti Christ. Now all these people who are predicting doomsday on such and such date and such and such day, or predicting second coming of Jesus on a particular day or date are speaking from hearsay and have no real knowledge. I hope that this menace shall end and these people should be held publicly responsible if their predictions are wrong again and again and again Q.26. who="J Thorn"] 01. One day Humans will finally realize we don't need religion or imaginary gods to tell us how to live our lives. Humans invented common sense and know how to be civilized without made up religious lies. 02. The world will become a better place when religion is recognized for the myth it really is and humans just get on with living in reality. 03. I'll find out what happens after death when I die and I will never fear because off false guilt put on me by religious lies! 04. There is a universe out there to be explored yet so many of us are too busy wasting our time speculating about gods and what will happen to us when we leave this place or just closing their minds and blindly following unproven religious beliefs! Ans. 01. If such a day arises when all humans decide that there is no religion (I doubt that any such day will ever come), that will be the blackest day for entire humanity.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Because on that day, they will declare that there is no difference between them and animals and they have no purpose of life other than to live, eat, procreate and die like animals. Humans did not invent common sense, it is a gift from their Creator and that common sense demands that there be a Creator for every thing and every thing should have a purpose. A purpose less life, with out any responsibility is against common sense. 02. Without any religion to restrain them, the world would become a jungle, where the powerful would just eat poor for breakfast. We have seen what happened to those Communist countries when they shun religion from their society….they became the worst beast on land, torturing and killing every one and anyone opposed to their rule. 03. That is the sad part really, you will INDEED find out what happens after death when you die!! But that will be payback time and not time to DO ANYTHING. The real time is now to prepare for when you die. If you reject your Creator….you will be filled with all the guilt and curse yourself for the lack of “Your Commonsense” as to how stupid you have been and mislead by Satan. 04. Yes there is a Universe out there to explore and every thing in the Universe points to its Creator….the Uniformity of law thru out Universe shows that there is Only One Creator for every thing. This Universe and its observation are the BEST Tool to find out power, Mercy, Knowledge and Wisdom of our Creator….but you should look at Universe with unbiased eyes and with that “Common sense”!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Chapter-2 (On Christianity and related subjects)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.27 Think What has to recognized by muslims is that Paul takes no credit of himself as having knowledge of GOD , but he gives all the credit and glory of his revelation of knowing GOD'S word to GOD. Paul proved that he truly believed his revelation came from GOD and gave up his life out of his love for GOD'S truth. Ans. It does not matter what Paul truly believed or not, or what were his teachings. The basic question is of authority. In theological concept, a prophet has the highest authority in any matter. Because it is the prophet who receives direct revelation from God and no one else. Prophet hood is not a position that any one can achieve by his own efforts or by going higher and higher in religious knowledge. Jesus came as a prophet of God with his own authority. He spoke with the authority given to him by God. That is why whatever he said or taught has to be accepted by every one who believe in Jesus. Jesus selected his 12 disciples (and 70 more) and taught him the meaning of his teachings and details and interpretation of his sermons. So these disciples as “personally trained by Jesus” hold a special position …. Whatever they speak in the name of jesus has much higher weight than any one else. The case of Paul is very special….he never met Jesus, he never learned anything from jesus while he was alive…..then all of a sudden he comes and says that Jesus appeared to me in a vision and told me such and such and made me an “apostle to Gentiles”? This is a self claimed apostleship and self claimed authority….what is the proof that Paul was speaking the truth? Have not so many people appeared on the scene with strange logics before and after Paul? The only test for Paul’s teachings is if they match with the teachings of Jesus’ own teachings. When any one tries to compare that, he will see that they are not same. Paul is preaching his own theory on his own self claimed authority. That is why, I say, first you decide what authority Paul really holds. If you call him a Prophet of God, I have no objection……then you call yourself followers of Paul and not followers of Jesus. Because you cannot be the followers of both at the same time!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. 28 who="Ali"] bmz, MUQ: you guys at it again??? You keep on making the Bible to be in error and the Qur'an so perfect!!! I've said this to you and your cronies again and again, and you cannot defend your comments. 1. If the Bible is in error, please show us the original so we can compare and become corrected! You cannot because all you have is hear-say from your Muslim Propaganda and Lies Department. …. Inshallah you will call on Isa and be saved from the fires of Judgment Day. Ans. Your post is based on multiple errors and presumptions. I will try to clarify some of them: 1. We do not MAKE Bible in errors, we only point out what are Errors in the Bible. Since it was translated and edited and corrupted by men, many errors and mistakes have creped into it and some of them we point out. Quran on the other hand is preserved in its original and pristine condition, so it is free from these errors. 2. It is not for US to show you the originals of Biblical books, it is YOUR duty to show us, that “See, this is handwriting of Moses and he wrote such and such” 3. There is no Jesus’ grave at all, because he has not yet died, God took him alive to heavens…..our prophet is dead and buried in Madina, that does not give any superiority of Jesus over our prophet. It is God which bestows different favors over different prophets. 4. There were no “Variants” of Quran at all. In beginning it was allowed to recite Quran in different tribal dialect of Arabia….when Islam spread to different Non Arab parts of the world, there was a possibility of conflict…so Othman the Third Caliph, got Zaid to publish and copy Quran in the dialect of Quraish, the tribe and clan in which prophet was born. 5. Superiority of prophet hood does not mean that a man should live like a hermit and do not marry woman or have children….Superiority comes from the Mission which God give to them, Jesus was sent only for Lost sheep for house of Israel…our prophet for whole world….Jesus was to give “Good News” of approaching kingdom of God and our prophet was “To establish Kingdom of God on earth” Why only Muslim women, your Paul tells woman to cover her heads and dress modestly and every prophet gives the same advise to women. 6. Why God asks men to do His job, you should ask this question from Moses, Joshua, David and all other prophets of Bible!! It is affairs of men on this world and God tests men thru other men.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

7. No one has seen Allah, even Bible confirms this, so why you only accuse Muslims? Allah sends his revelation to humans only thru Angels, so our prophet receiving thru that channel is no disgrace and nothing new. 8. Every one will be saved on Judgment Day, by the Mercy of God, which comes thru believing the Messengers and Prophets of God and trying your best to follow their teachings. Mere empty wishes and false hopes do not matter much. Q.29 Hello again MUQ, When we look at the 66 books of the Bible, and see at first glance a contradiction, we need to search the scriptures to harmonize. You said you new of many apparent contradictions, it will be a great exercise for you or anyone to present these verses, and their are several people on this site and myself who would gladly help to Biblically sort them out. Sincerely, James This reminds me of a situation involving multiple reports from multiple sources concerning one event. On the surface, it may sound like many different events. However, after careful study, the truth can be determined using information from all of the reports. "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter." Prov 25:2 Ans. If any book is ‘Word of God”, it has to be free from errors and mistakes and contradiction….unless of course you want to put all these shortcomings to God ….. or as you have put “God playing with humans to search and harmonize His Words”!! When none of the books or their writers themselves claim that these books are Word of God from end to end, why should our preachers, priests, Popes and Bible thumpers go out of their way to give them certificate of “Being Words of God from beginning to the end”. If the contradictions and the mistakes are due to multiple reports from multiple people….then it proves my case that these books are not Words of God…..because God’s Words do not change.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 The middle path is the best paths that these books are written by humans….they do contain ‘Words of God”…..in addition to that they also contain - Words of Prophets of God. - Words of Commentators / Editors / Compilers. - Words of Historians / Folklore / Story tellers. - And some soft pornographic stories as well. Mistakes and errors are mostly due to human mistakes at the time of writing by the original authors, plus accumulated errors over the centuries due to multiple translations, copying and intentional or unintentional errors in this process. Bible as a whole does contain “Words of God”…..but is not ‘Word of God” from end to end. Before quoting any thing from Bible as “word of God” we must verify if it is really “Words of God” Q.30 What are various readings in Bible? Ans. Christian Scholar’s Explanation on “Various Readings” in Biblical Books: The fact that there are abundance of “various readings” in almost every book of Bible, no two Ancient or old Manuscripts are exact copies of each other. Christian Scholars have provided various explanations about this, I quote one such from renowned Christian Scholar Horne: Horne says that there are two main reasons for “various readings” i.e. differences in same verses in different manuscripts: A. Unintentional / Honest Mistakes: B. Intentional Mistakes: Then he has given examples under each head:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 A. Unintentional Mistakes: due to: 1. Mistake of Scribe / Copyist: such as: a. The person dictating to copyist made some error and copyist wrote what he was told. b. Since Hebrew and Greek alphabets are similar to each other, so he wrote one instead of other. c. Copyist could not understand punctuation marks, or included marginal notes in the main text. d. Copyist left some portion, when he realised, he wrote that portion where he was, so one para got shifted from one place to another. e. Copyist left one line and started copying the next line. f. Copyist could not understand the writing of original manuscript and wrote what he thought best. g. Main reason was the ignorance of copyist, due to which they added footnotes, marginal writings and commentaries as part of text. 2. The Master copy itself was defective: Situations arise such as: a. The punctuation marks became dim, or some portion from other side of the page, appeared as on previous page. b. The part that was missing was written on the margin, copyist could not locate the right place, so he wrote it at another place. 3. Editing of the original text: some examples are: a. Copyist thought that original word used was defective, so he replaced it with another word. b. Some times they re wrote the whole passage, in a “better or improved style” c. They tried to “correct” the mistakes. If Paul quoted from some OT book in some form, they edited OT book, so as to match with Paul’s letters. d. They tried to modify Greek Manuscripts so as to match with the Latin versions. B. Intentional Mistakes: There were many reasons for that. a. It was a recognized rule amongst some “religious people” that any tampering done in the text with “good or honest intention” is allowed. So each sect tried to change the wording so as to prove their point of view.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 b. Since these changes were done by religious leaders and scholars, they spread into their Church and further manuscripts / translation carried forward these changes. Some examples of these intentional mistakes are: 1. Luke 22:43 was omitted, because some Scholars thought that “angel strengthening Jesus is against the Divinity of Christ” 2. Matthew 1:18, the phrase “before they came together” were omitted and 1:25 the phrase “first Son” was omitted, so that “eternal virginity of Mary” should not be compromised. 3. 1Cor. 15:5, the number 12 was changed with 11, so that Paul’s mistake could be corrected. 4. Mark 13:32 was omitted because it was in favor of Arians argument. 5. Luke 1:35, some words were added, because it was going against concept of Trinity. There are many such examples, in which text of scriptures were modified intentionally by the Scholars and religious authorities. Q.31 Did Muslims published Fake Bible? Ans. Let me put the complete News Story which started this Thread: “Islamic Publishing House Prints "Forged" Bible By Joseph C. DeCaro, Worthy News International Correspondent CAIRO, EGYPT (Worthy News)-- An Islamic publishing house in Egypt printed what it claims is a "forged" version of the Bible. Abuislam Abdullah, owner of the Islamic Enlightenment Publishing House, wrote that the reason behind the publication of this version of the Bible was to prove that Christians themselves forged the books they now hold sacred. The Coptic Church was offended by the publication and is considering filing a complaint with Egypt's Attorney General, al-Masry al-Youm reported. Coptic Bishop Abdel Messih Bassit called IEPH's Bible an "act of contempt" for Christianity. "Do Christians have the right to publish manuscripts of the Quran from our own point of view?" he asked. "Can Christians print the Quran and add their comments to it?" "The translation of this (forged) version was written in Levantine Arabic 400 years

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 ago," Bassit said. "With the development of language from generation to generation, the meaning of certain words was changed." Relations are often tense between Copts -- who make up around 10 per cent of the population -- and Egypt's Muslim majority” Now Coptic Bishop asks very innocently “"Do Christians have the right to publish manuscripts of the Quran from our own point of view?" he asked. "Can Christians print the Quran and add their comments to it?" Any one who has seen Western Literature for past 1000 Years would testify that Christians HAVE BEEN DOING JUST THAT!! They mistranslate Quran, they misquote it, they find fictitious sources for Quran and they write “authentic Reports” about which portion of Quran is plagiarized from which story of Bible etc etc. They printed and distributed “Satanic verses” in Millions and they are doing every trick fair or foul to create doubt about Quran, that it is not the ‘best preserved book” on planet for 1400 years. And now when some one prints “another version” of Bible, they are making so much hue and cry, as if Sky has fallen. And what is more, they accuse Muslims of following Double Standards……it is the silliest thing that one can hear in a month full of Sundays!! Q.32 What is the status of Book of Psalms? Ans. I cannot comment on Psalms as a whole. As per Muslim believe, The original book of Psalms was given by God to David. The present book of Psalms has also suffered as have the other books of OT and NT. People have added some thing and people have removed something and people have lost some thing from it. So we are not dogmatic about any thing. But if there are verses there which are not contradictory to Quran, we have no objection in talking about that. Gospel of Barnabas has the same position as other books of NT. It is not 100 % word of God or Jesus, but it explains so many things about jesus, which is missing in the canon Gospels. It presents Jesus in the true light, what he was, a righteous prophet of God, sent to Jews. He was the last of jewish prophet and after Jesus, no prophet came amongst Jews.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Jews (As is their habit) rejected him and his message and his supposed followers, under the spell of St. Paul, raised him to the level of Divinity. It is only Muslims and a few true Christians, who held Jesus in the position which he deserved. Q33. who="Jim"] As MUQ correctly alluded to, God does not address earth science a whole lot in the bible. Biblical verses indicating water evaporation are also logged in the book of Jeremiah(10:13, 51:16). …. If we have not, we then must go back to the drawing board. True science is really nothing more than simple common sense. Ans. Thank you for endorsing my views on “Scientific Contents” in Scripture. This is a serious issue, but most people take it very lightly and take stands and make comments which go to one extreme or the other. The truth is some where in the Middle. God as Creator of Universe has the True knowledge about Universe, which no human has or will ever have. So what God tells about any thing about Universe in His Own Words will be truth and nothing but truth. But on the other hand, God has given humans brain, intelligence and analytical power to explore universe and use it and its contents for his betterment and betterment of fellow human beings. This exploration of nature and using it for benefit of mankind is what we can call as science, engineering or growth of human knowledge base. This growth has been gradual and every civilization has added or contributed something to it, till we reach the present state of civilization. If our forefathers had not invented, wheel, pen and ink, Oil fired lamps … we would not have invented all these machines and gadgets!!. So the scope of Science is very wide and there is hardly any direct invention from God to humankind to teach or direct them towards any of the scientific discoveries. I do not rule out “Indirect Intervention” thru prophets and divinely guided teachers. The level of scientific knowledge or the height of scientific progress is no indication of any person or any society being “close to God” or “near to God” or serving their purpose of life on this earth. Then what is religion and what is the ‘Info content” of Scriptures:
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Religion describes the relationship between man and His creator and rules of morality in dealing between man and his society. Now this is the information, which humans CANNOT find thru scientific discoveries and their exploration of nature. And these informations are needed for humans to fulfill their purpose of life on this earth. Why then Nature or Scientific Facts mentioned in Scripture: Usually they are mentioned to draw attention of humans towards Power of God and a sign of His Wisdom, Knowledge and Mercy. Humans are to ponder on these natural forces and phenomenon and think, who made them and how powerful the Creator is. They are not mentioned as a “Text book of Science or math” , at best they give hints to mankind to help him decode or understand their intricate working. In their zeal, religious teachers and scholars try to outdo the Creator and use these hints and pointers as absolute truth and “Literal Scientific Manuals”….and that brings them into direct conflict with established science. This conflict is very less, where Direct Words used by Creator are preserved (as is the case with Quran)…..but this conflict is many fold in books which have been translated and edited by human hands (as is the case with Bible). During translations and editing, the original words used by God are replaced with Translator’ words and that increase conflicts and confusions. My advise and understanding is that there is no direct conflict between science and religion. It is only overzealous supporters in each group that have made them as each other’s adversaries. For welfare of humanity, we need both parties to help each other and compromise rather than conflict with each other. I apologize if my post has become a little long. It is a tricky subject, if you want, we can break it into parts and understand it in more detail.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q35. Missing Verses in Bible Ans. Vanishing Verses from the Bible: I was reading the Holy Bible, Easy-To-Read Version - Matthew 18:10-14. I found that the number of verse 11 existed with no text! The footnote for this verse states that some Greek copies add verse 11: “The Son of Man came to save lost people.” I could not believe it. Some Greek copies add a verse and some don’t. So the Easy-To-Read Version decided against including this verse. Why? Isn’t the Bible the “inspired Word” of God that no verse should be added, removed, or changed? I started investigating this problem by looking at footnotes! I was shocked that this is a common problem in the Word of God. Many of the following verses also do not exist in American Standard Version, Revised Standard Version, and New Revised Standard. These verses exist mainly in King James Version. The Text that is added or deleted is italicized.
• • •

Matthew 17:21 No Text Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting Matthew 18:11 No Text For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost Matthew 23:14 No Text Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation

• • • •

Mark 7:16 No Text If any man have ears to hear, let him hear. Mark 9:44 No Text Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched Mark 9:46 No Text Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched Mark 11:26 No Text But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses Mark 15:28 No Text And the scripture was fulfilled, which saith, And he was numbered with the transgressors. Mark 16:9-20, The short Gospel according to Mark does not include the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, 12 verses. The long Gospel according to Mark includes these 12 verses!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Luke 9:54 Text Addition And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?

Luke 9:55 Text Addition But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. Luke 10:1. “After these things the Lord appointed other seventy” Some Geek versions have the number 70, others have 72 Luke 17:36 No Text Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Luke 22:19-20 Some Greek versions do not have the last part of verse 19 and all of 20. This is the part when Jesus said: The bread is my body, and the wine is my blood.

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Luke 23:17 No Text (For of necessity he must release one unto them at the feast.) John 3: 16-21 Some scholars think these are Jesus’ words. Others think John added these verses start with “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 5:3 Text Addition In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. John 5:4 No Text For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had

John 7:53 to 8:11. The story of the woman that was caught in Adultery does not exist. Old and best Greek copies do not have these verses?! Acts 8:37 No Text And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Acts 15:34 No Text Notwithstanding it pleased Silas to abide there still. Acts 24:6-8 Some Greek copies add last part of verse 6, verse 7, and first part of verse 8. Acts 28:29 No Text And when he had said these words, the Jews departed, and had great reasoning among themselves.

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The serious question about the above deleted verses is: Who added them in the beginning? And why? There are big sections that added in Mark 16:9-20 and John
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 7:53 to 8:11. These are clear evidence that the Church has tampered with the New Testament. Are the above verses “inspired corrections,” “inspired additions,” or “inspired deletions.”? You decide! Q36. What is test for “Word of God” Ans. How do you verify what really is "the Word of God". B. Word of God and its verification: How to verify what really is “Word of God”. There are many tests for that, I will give you some: 1. The first test is that “Word of God” is what originates from the “lips of prophets of God”. God speaks to human kind thru prophets and never directly. So the words of commentators, editors, compilers, translators, historians, porno tellers all get filtered. 2. The second test is “Word of God” should be preserved in the “original tongue” in which they were uttered by the prophets. 2A. By translating them into another language and breaking the link with original language, will change their status to ‘Translated word of God”. 2B. Translated Words of God are subject to limitations of translators, knowledge of translators and their own bias. 3, Third test is that we should have proof that ‘Word of God” as uttered by the prophet has not been tempered with from the time it was uttered and by the time it reached us. 3A. This is only possible if we have Manuscripts that do not vary and they do not contradict each other, or we have unbroken chain of memorizers of “Word of God” from the time, prophets uttered them till our present time. 4. Another test of presence of ‘Word of God” in any scripture is that “It should match or is confirmed by another confirmed “Word of God” which satisfies the above three conditions. Now you see, it is only Quran which satisfies the first three conditions. And these conditions are really tough. No other Scripture or assumed scripture existing in this world can satisfy even one of these tests. So we are only left with the 4th Option to find our ‘Words of God” in other scriptures, and that is to use Quran as Gold or Platinum Standard and segregate these other scriptures into “words of God” and “Not words of God”.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Just be believing or saying that these books were written earlier, or have been confirmed by our Popes, or Councils, will not turn them into “words of God” Q.37 who="HK Holden Monaro" You're STILL lying! Why should any 'westerner' believe you? And what is a 'namesake' Christian?? If one doesn't believe in Jesus, then surely they are not a Christian! More asenine logic, if you ask me! Ans. Namesake Christian is one “who fills in his census form his religion as “Christianity”……No one asks him or her if they really believe in message of Christianity. So the NUMBERS of Christians are more, many of them do not believe in message of Christianity, many are Atheists or do not believe in any religion. Muslims also do that , I do not deny. But in the eyes of God, Real Christian is one who believes in the message of Christianity and Real Muslim is one who believes in the message of Islam. Other people are “Namesake Christians and Namesake Muslims”…..if you really want to know they far outnumber “Real Muslims and Real Christians”!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. 38 who="Scholar"] This is beyond the ridiculous, so, because some participated to the killing of people then the Church (Vatican) was supported them and then guilty.. If this is your logic, then if i see a policeman who hit someone, and this person was 100% innocent, i have to give the fault, not to the policeman who acted in that illegal manner, but to the govern.. Have this sense to you? How can the govern be responsible of any policeman? How can the Church be responsible of any priest? Ans. If the Church "ordained" these priests, it is in a way responsible for their conduct. Only way in which Church can be excused of its responsibility is if it maintained a very strict control on these priests and whenever it got any bad report about them, should immediately take action against them. What really happens is that Church tries to shield these priests and when the situation becomes uncontrollable, issues a very weak "Apology" with no or very little relief to the victims. This shows either their involvement or trivializing the issue. When Church is so quick to act against heretics , why it is so slow to act against erring ordained priest. You can not win both ways. Q.39 FROMBORK, Poland: Nicolaus Copernicus, the 16th-century astronomer whose work was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church as heretical, will be reburied by Polish priests as a hero on Saturday, nearly 500 years after he was laid to rest in an unmarked grave. Note: How they have discovered an unmarked grave after 500 years!! Gimmick? Q.40 Who= Think You don't get it. Jews, India, China and now Muslims that consider Christians as inferior are not of GOD. In what you are saying contradicts the Koran and Muhammad's verses of not taking Jews and Christians as friends and to make war with them. MUQ, you say one and the Quran and Koran says another thing. You say Islam is a religion of peace yet it wants to conquer the world. You say Islam is Another

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Gods Kingdom on earth, yet Sunni and Shiites fight and kill each other besides non-muslims. The reality of what you say about Islam is different then what is happening in the world. In GOD'S kingdom no one should fear each other, yet we are told by muslims we should fear them if we don't convert to their kingdom og their GOD on earth. All of this is insanity. Ans. How did you come to conclusion that in Kingdom of God, no one should fear each other? When you establish Kingdom of God, there are followers of satan also, who will try to destroy that Kingdom of God? How would one deal with those followers of false hood? When the Kingdom of God is established, those who are opposing it are enemies of God. The religion of God is same from Adam thru Jesus and to the Final Prophet Mohammad. God never named any one as jews or as Christians and He did not call His religion as Judaism or Christianity….these are man made names. Islam is a religion for peace, for those who want to live in peace and do not threaten it or have designs to exterminate it. If any one has such designs, then Muslims are asked to defend themselves with all their capabilities and their full capacity. This is so called Jihad , which enemies of Islam have so maligned in our age. Any one can become citizen of Kingdom of God, its membership is not based on any race, color, creed, language or any physical boundaries. Once you are a citizen of Kingdom of God, how can you be intimate friends with those who are its enemies? That is why God asks Muslims not to take Jews and Christians and others who are non Muslims as their Bosom friends and / or as their protectors. The fight between truth and falsehood shall continue till the End of the World. There are two forces, one on the side of God and another on the side of Falsehood. So what you see in the world makes perfect sense. The forces of falsehood are hell bent to exterminate Kingdom of God and they are ready to use, any tool they have. Their media power, their money power, their political power, there economic power and their Military Might!! Q.41 Who= Think What has to recognized by muslims is that Paul takes no credit of himself as having knowledge of GOD , but he gives all the credit and glory of his revelation of knowing GOD'S word to GOD. Paul proved that he truly believed his revelation came from GOD and gave up his life out of his love for GOD'S truth.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Ans. It does not matter what Paul truly believed or not, or what were his teachings. The basic question is of authority. In theological concept, a prophet has the highest authority in any matter. Because it is the prophet who receives direct revelation from God and no one else. Prophet hood is not a position that any one can achieve by his own efforts or by going higher and higher in religious knowledge. Jesus came as a prophet of God with his own authority. He spoke with the authority given to him by God. That is why whatever he said or taught has to be accepted by every one who believe in Jesus. Jesus selected his 12 disciples (and 70 more) and taught him the meaning of his teachings and details and interpretation of his sermons. So these disciples as “personally trained by Jesus” hold a special position …. Whatever they speak in the name of jesus has much higher weight than any one else. The case of Paul is very special….he never met Jesus, he never learned anything from jesus while he was alive…..then all of a sudden he comes and says that Jesus appeared to me in a vision and told me such and such and made me an “apostle to Gentiles”? This is a self claimed apostleship and self claimed authority….what is the proof that Paul was speaking the truth? Have not so many people appeared on the scene with strange logics before and after Paul? The only test for Paul’s teachings is if they match with the teachings of Jesus’ own teachings. When any one tries to compare that, he will see that they are not same. Paul is preaching his own theory on his own self claimed authority. That is why, I say, first you decide what authority Paul really holds. If you call him a Prophet of God, I have no objection……then you call yourself followers of Paul and not followers of Jesus. Because you cannot be the followers of both at the same time!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.42. who="THINK" God has a face and its the Human face of GODS only begotten SON Jesus Christ. Ans. Has any one TRUE Picture of Jesus the Son of God, so they can Remember how God looked like? If you scan pictures and statues of Jesus depicted in statues and walls and ceilings of different churches thru out history....they ALL look different? What was the Purpose of God to show His face only to some people who lived at one particular age? Obviously this is ANOTHER of your post....written without thinking!! Q. 43, who="Buford ” 1. If God exists and is free to do as God pleases, then God can take human form, and in such a way that you would never know or even suspect it. Frankly, it doesn't matter what you believe, as far as convincing anyone goes. What matters is what you can prove. 2. MUQ, What makes Mohammad's Jibreel any different than Joseph Smith's Moroni?

Ans. 1. There is a contradiction in what you say that God does what He wants, so He can take human form and become human if He wants. God and humans are contradictory to each other, you can become one or you can become other, you can not be both at the same time, for example: God is immortal and humans are mortal, you can be either mortal or you can be immortal, you cannot be both at the same time. God is infinite and humans are finite, you cannot be finite and infinite at the same time. God does not need eat or drink, and man needs food and drink to survive, you cannot be both at the same time. There are many more qualities which are contradictory between man and God and one can not be both at the same time. If you say that He was God, and He became man, Then he was not God any more.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 In the same way, it is wrong to say that God can do anything….In Quran it is said that God has power over all things. In no where it is said that God can do anything. God cannot cheat and God cannot lie, and God cannot forget…because all these qualities are not fit to the Majesty of God. 2. I am happy that you asked me “What makes Mohammad's Jibreel any different than Joseph Smith's Moroni” I will answer what Our Prophet’s Gabriel did and then you let me know what the other side did. a. The literature brought by Gabriel, became the Highest Example of Arabic Literature immediately

b. prophet challenged every one in Arabia to bring another book like it, or ten chapters like it, or one chapter like it….but no one took the challenge and this challenge is still open after 1400 years and there is no taker. c. The message brought by Gabriel to our prophet transformed Arabs into World’s dominant powers is less than 25 years and they ruled most of civilized world for many centuries after words. d. The message brought be Angel Gabriel was memorized by millions of people (Arabs and Non Arabs) in all ages for past 1400 years….countless commentaries and translations have been made of the Quran in different world languages and there seems to be no end of it…. I doubt, if there is even a single person who has memorized the whole of Revelation brought by Mr. Joseph Smith. e. Quran has remained modern with the changing face of the science and none of its statements have been proven wrong by Modern science is past 1400 years, I do not know, what is the status of its competitor in this regard. In the end I say that “every thing that glitters in not Gold”….There are many people who claim that they receive inspiration and revelation, but a little enquiry would reveal which is which. Q.44, who="DonDMask" Some of this I DO agree with! The divine language will not be known until rapture. The voice of God/Allah will melt flesh from bone, but our flesh will not be important. This being said, God spoke to who, and they wrote what? Ans. The real divine voice of Allah might NEVER be heard by any Material Humans, because they cannot understand it!! God / Allah speaks to humans in the language they understand!! For God / Allah all languages are the same and none has per see superiority of over another.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 I do not know if what you said Voice of God melt flesh from bone being literally true or not. For His faithful servants, voice of Creator would be the sweetest and most pleasing things that they ever heard or imagined. For His rebellious servants, I do not know where they were ever hear direct voice of God / Allah. But it would be hard and reproachful and would cause extreme fear and discomfort to the hearts of those people. May Allah save us from those rebellious people and join us with those who are His faithful servants . Amen God usually speaks to His chosen Messengers from humans and angels. The chosen angels bring the divine words of prophets and messengers in direct form or thru visions dreams etc. Revelation which forms Books of God are direct revelation brought to Prophets and Messengers by angels….once the message is delivered either the prophets write them down themselves (if they know how to write) or they deliver the message verbally and it is companions of these prophets who write it down. Sometimes the message is transmitted in oral form thru many generations, before it is committed to writing. It was only Quran, the Last and Final Testament of God, which was committed to being written fully and being memorized fully during the life time of Last Prophet and messenger of Allah. A feat which is not repeated for any other revelation / book sent by God / Allah Q.45, Who= Tiger 7 Here are some genuine stats, MUQ: * Christianity has more adherents than any other religion on earth today or in history. * 33% of all people on earth say they are Christians. Islam is a distant second at 21%. * Christianity, in terms of absolute numbers, is the fastest growing religion on earth. * The World Christian Database, which compiles the most respected research on world religions, reports that from 2000-2005,

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Christianity experienced an annual world-wide growth in adherents of 1.38%, while Islam had a growth rate of 1.84%. At that rate of 0.46% more a year, it would take over 200 years for there to be as many Muslims as Christians. * The WCD reports that from 1970 to 1985, the Muslim growth rate was 2.74%, and from 1990-2000 it was 2.13%. The Muslim growth rate over the past 25 years is falling, while the Christian rate is rising (up from 1.36% 1990-2000). http://worldchristiandatabase.org/ Ans. I never said that Islam is the Largest religion on this earth….I said it is fastest growing of all religion in the world today and this is fact!! Considering that Christianity had 600 years of head start before Islam, if Muslims catch up with their Christian Brothers, it will not be a little achievement!! Then you must also consider that majority of these Christians are “Census Christians”. I.e. in Census forms they fill their religion as Christianity. If you count those who really practice Christianity in their day to day life…..you will SEE that number of practicing Muslims are far more than practicing Christians. You can see the attendance figures of Christian churches and Muslim mosques on any day and in any country to verify it. The way most of European Christians are Reacting to presence of a few Muslims on their land, itself shows how afraid they are of Islam and Muslims. Now let me ask you a simple question, which is more “Christian like dress” for a Christian Women as per your Bible A. Bikini and Bathing Suit on public streets? b. Mini and Micro Skirt with most part of legs open for public.? C. Modestly dressed women, with most parts of body and face covered under scarf.? See it is Muslim Women who are Wearing Christian Dress Code!! You should be thankful and happy that they are following your Dress Code, but instead you consider them as WMD s!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.46 , who="Think" 1. MUQ your perception of Christianity is totally fallacious and wrong. Islam has no proof to prove Christianity wrong. 2. In Christianity there is no doubt who Jesus All Christians know that Jesus is The SON OF GOD. Christ is.

3. It is Islam and your so called prophet Muhammad that can not prove that Islam is a religion from GOD. 4. The scripture in the Quran about Jesus has been proven by historical scholars to be wrong. Ans.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 You again posted this without thinking (a usual complain by every one who comments on your post). 1. My Islam's perception? Why not Jesus' own perception? You know there was no "Christianity" during the Times of Jesus? He never heard the word Christ, he never heard the word Christian and / or Christianity. So why I have to prove that all these concepts are wrong…. Ask Jesus and you will find that all these concepts are not his own but of other people!! 2. Whom you are trying to kid that ALL Christians believe that Jesus is Son of God. Have you any knowledge about earliest Churches and their fights with Pauline Supporters….do you know Why the Council of Nicea was called in 325 CE. 3. Islam has all the proofs that it is religion from God…. Its Quran is a challenge for whole human kind to duplicate it!! 4. It is interesting to note that what Quran says about Jesus has been PROVEN to be wrong. Let us see what Quran says about Jesus; a. That he was a prophet of God. b. That he was born without any human father., to a pious and virgin Mary c. That he showed many miracles to convince people of his authority. d. That he did not die on the cross and was taken up bodily into heaven by God. e. That he will return back to earth near the End of Time. How many of these have been proven wrong by Historical Scholars? And how many of these do Christians reject? I told you many times to think, before you post, especially to Muslims!! Q.48, Who= Think MUQ, you are totally ignorant of what the Bible says about the Promise GOD made to Himself.[2 Samuel 7:11-14] The LORD declares to you [DAVID] that the LORD himself will establish a house for you; When your days are over and you rest with your fathers, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, who will come from [YOUR OWN BODY]. and I will establish his Kingdom. He is the one who will build a house for my NAME, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. I WILL BE HIS FATHER AND HE WILL BE MY SON. GOD fulfilled that promise thru Mary the virgin who was from the House of David. Jesus’ divinity is from GOD Himself from the substance of Himself He created His only begotten Son Jesus

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 and fulfilled the promise He made to David and to Himself in building a house for HIS NAME [JESUS] Thru His plan Jesus is given the title "KING OF KING'S] in revelations. Ans. Now let us see, how much YOU know your Bible, let us discuss 2 Sam 7:11-14 verses, where the prophesy is made to David, let us break it down into parts and see, did Jesus fulfilled these . 1. God says to David, that I will establish a house for you (does it refers to jesus, No, God assures David that he has a place of Honor in eyes of God and God will make a house for Him in Paradise) 2. When your days are over and you rest with your fathers (does it refers to Jesus, No , it is simple a statement of fact , that this will happen after David’ death) 3. I will raise your offspring to succeed you, who will come from your own body…. (does it refers to Jesus? Most certainly not!! David was not a father of Jesus in any way, how can one say that Jesus came from David’s body? This is very specific for Solomon, who succeeded David and who was from David’s body!! 4. And I will establish his kingdom….. (does it refers to Jesus? Most certainly not!! Jesus never got any kingdom on this earth, his kingdom was spiritual kingdom, Christians hope that Jesus will become King in his second coming, meaning this prophesy is still not fulfilled) 5. He is the one who will build a house for my name (Does it refers to Jesus, most certainly not!! Jesus never built any house of God. Solomon did built the House of God in Jerusalem. This is the best part to prove that This Prophesy is specific for Solomon and not Jesus) 6. and I will establish the throne of his kingdom for ever (Does this refer to Jesus? Not exactly, … As for Solomon , God did preserve the throne of Solomon at least for 500 years and 0 years for Jesus, so the word Forever is not applicable to any one…but time factor is more in favor of Solomon. Than Jesus)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 7. I will be his Father and he shall be my son…. (Does that refer to Jesus? Not specifically, Son of God was a very innocent expression in Jewish language. It means a Godly person, a person with whom God was pleased. So a godly person who fulfilled earlier parts of this prophesy is meant here. And Solomon does meet those clauses. So this part is also applicable to Solomon) This is how we read and interpret scriptures. Not jumping to conclusion with our own farfetched theories. It is time you change yourself from Think to Dumb!! Q.49. What Quran has to say about Divinity of Jesus? Ans. Divinity of Jesus Christ and very reasonable attitude of Quran Our Jewish and Christian friends always look down at Quran as being half cooked version of stories from their books of OT and NT and not worth considering in any serious theological dispute. But if they look carefully, they will find that Quran seems to solve most of their “fundamental disputes”!! The Quran itself says “Verily this Quran does explain to the Children of Israel most of the matters in which they disagree” 27:76 It is inconceivable that a man, who did not know how to read and how to write and had no human tutor, could claim this position. I will take the example of Divinity of Jesus Christ and what Quran has to say about it and how effective and solid are its arguments. A. Divinity of Jesus a Unique thing in annals of religion: I think Jesus is the only known case of a confirmed Prophet of God, whom his followers have raised to the level of divinity. In my knowledge there is no other such example in the whole of human religious history. Let us analyze this statement is some what more detail. Let us analyze different religious groups:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 1. Jews: Jews with all their faults (stiff neck, racism , looking down upon other races, and rebellious attitude towards their YHWH), have after the Captivity of Babylonia, followed the path of strict monotheism. They have never raised any of their prophets, Adam,. Noah, Moses, David, Solomon, Elijah…..and others to the level of Divinity. Moses could have been raised to that level, but Jews always considered him a prophet of God and no more than a prophet and a national hero. They deserve all credit for this!! 2. Hindus: Hindus worship many gods, most of these are imaginary figures which they have thought without any real proof that they exist. There are only two cases (in my limited knowledge) of Ram and Krishna, whom they consider as God incarnate, i.e. God is human shape. But no one knows whether these people really existed, their historical existence is doubtful and concept of Prophet hood is very weak in Hinduism. 3. Buddhist: The statue of Buddha is always present with Buddhists when they pray, but I do not think that they ever considered Buddha as God and Creator of this Universe. The statue is only a means of concentration for them. 4. Ancient Egyptians and other old nations and their kings: I know that kings of many old civilizations considered themselves to be related to gods or their incarnation. But I doubt any of those kings or their subjects considered them to be Creator of this universe. Further none of these powerful kings ever claimed to be the prophet. So that leaves us, only Jesus as a candidate, who is raised to the level of Divinity. B. How to solve the riddle? 1. Ask the man himself!! There is no easier and better way, than to ask Jesus himself, as to did he claim divinity when he was walking on this earth! 2. That is why as per Quran, God will question Jesus on the last day, when entire humanity is present and is witness

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 And behold! God will say: “O Jesus the Son of Mary! Did you say to men, Worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of God?” (5:119) A very straight forward question and to rest all arguments, so to say. 3. Jesus’ Reply: Is it hard to imagine what jesus as a righteous prophet of God will reply? Listen to this reply of Jesus in front of whole humanity: He will say “Glory be to you! Never could I say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, you would have known it. You know what is in my heart and I do not know what is in yours. For you know all that is hidden” (5:119) What a beautiful reply from one of the Mightiest Messenger of God! He says how could I exceed my limit and say such a monstrous thing. 4. Jesus’ reply continues: “Never I said to them, except what you commanded me to say, to wit, “Worship God, my Lord and Your Lord, and I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them; when You took me up, You were the watcher over them, and You are watcher over all things” (5:120) What a beautiful and forceful reply!! Jesus will say that while I was living with them, I never claimed any divinity and asked them to worship One God, my Lord and Their Lord. I do not know what they did, when you took me up!! I am unaware of what my followers did after I left this earth 5. Jesus prays for his followers: Even in the extreme anguish, Jesus pleads with God for his followers in this beautiful way: “If you punish them, they are your Servants, If you forgive them, then you are exalted in Power, the Wise” Can any intercession be more reasonable and more just? These words show the real merciful nature of Jesus. He knows that his followers have committed one of the greatest sins, but still he pleads in the most moving term with God. So in this simple way, Quran settles the issue of Jesus and his claim of divinity!! C. What about Christians?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Scene above showed whether Jesus himself claimed divinity. But the case is not complete, the followers of jesus are not questioned, they will come, carrying their books of NT tucked under arms, saying that Jesus indeed claimed divinity! So let us analyse the NT books that say, Jesus claimed divinity. NT books are divided into two groups: a. The Four Gospels. b. Letters of Paul and other Apostles: 1. In the first three Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, there is not a single statement of jesus, which shows that Jesus ever claimed divinity. 2. It is only in the Gospel of John, that we find ambiguous statements like “I and my father are one” “Who has seen me has seen the father” “I am the way, the truth and life” None of these statements are explicit and there are matching verses in the same Gospel which can show that these terms were used for others also. So in none of the four Gospel, there is any unambiguous statement from the lips of Jesus where he said “I am God,” or where he said “worship me” 3. So the Christians will not be able to prove in front of Jesus that he ever made the claim for Divinity!! 4. Frustrated, they will turn to Galatians, Roman, Corinthians…..to show that “Paul said the Jesus was Indeed God in human form”!! Is it difficult to know what Jesus will reply “Who is this Paul? I never knew anyone by the name of Paul in my whole life”!! And that will be great finale of this one sided debate!! : Q.50. who= Savior Self First off, we're not "bewitched children." It is a Christian OBLIGATION to bear insults and boasts with a "grain of salt," as you put it, we call it "turning the other cheek" and "loving thy neighbor." Yes, it is a moral trade-off in the Christian world, a WHOLE lot of pride has to be swallowed sometimes, but that's the entire point God was making to begin with the sacrifice of His Son with the promise of all settling-of-scores to be HIS domain, not ours. …..

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 The Jews are not the "mortal enemies" of Jesus, Satan is. The Jews reject Jesus for the same reason you do... you don't believe in the Resurrection, nor do you believe in a LOVING God, only a merciful one. Ans. Yours is the “meekest apology” which I see from any Christian on the support of Jews and Israel. Why your forefathers were not “turning the Other Cheek to jews” for all those 2000 years? Were they wrong and setting a bad example of Christians as a whole? Were they not guided by the Holy Ghost then? It is only after WW-2 that Holy Ghost has changed its instance and asked Christians to support Jews and israel at any cost and “keep on turning other cheek and bear all taunts and boasts of Jews against Christians and jesus in particular” It is strange that you compare Jews and Muslims with relation to Jesus. What we Muslims reject is the Dogmas of Paul and not the personality and mission of jesus. Jews on the other hand, reject the very personality of Jesus and call him names and his mothers too. For them he was a false Messiah and a false prophet. For Muslims, he was a true prophet and a true messiah. He was born without a father and showed all those miracles. God took him bodily to heaven and he did not suffer that cursed and demeaning death on the cross. He will return before the end of time.. How can you compare any jews believes against any muslims? They are poles apart. Only blind hatred of Muslims can prompt you to help Jews against Muslims. The things we reject about Jesus are proven from his own words and we do not invent any new words to disprove them. It was Paul who raised Jesus to the level of Divinity, it was Paul who invented this idea of original sin and it was Paul who abrogated the law and claimed that jesus has paid the final price for sins of Adam and eve. None of these could be proven by statements of jesus as recorded in Gospels. So Muslims have every right to reject teachings of Paul, since he was not a prophet, he was not a chosen disciple of jesus, he never met or saw jesus in his life time….How could he invent all these Dogmas? Second coming of Jesus would be an “eye opener” for both Jews and Christians. For Jews because they will be face to face with the Mightiest prophet of God whom they rejected…..for Christians because Jesus will ask them “Who is this Paul? I never heard of him….how could he speak in my name…..what sort of “little Children” were you to be so easily mislead?”

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 You have tough questions to answer when Jesus returns back to earth…..keep you answers prepared that is my advice to you!! Q.51 How would Jesus judge Different people on his second Coming: Ans. I was wondering, how Jesus would deal with various groups of people on his second coming, if he would descend as a ruler to judge people (As our Christian Friends believe) and decide their fate: I am not thinking about people of other faiths, like Hindus, Buddhists or Sikhs etc, who have not even heard the name of Jesus and are totally ignorant about him and his message. How Jesus would deal with them, I do not know and I would request my Christian friends to educate me about them. I was thinking about three groups of people, who have known about Jesus and have well defined position regarding him. A. Christians: I think Jesus would just look at the cross dangling from their necks and send them straightaway to paradise, some who do not have cross dangling from their necks, would make the sign of cross on their chest and face and would be dispatched to heaven. Some others will kiss his hand and feet, some will start chanting Halleluiah and they also would be sent to heaven with express delivery. That would leave Muslims and Jews as two remaining groups. B. Jews: Jews have had a very well defined position regarding Jesus, as per them he was an imposter, a false prophet, a false Messiah, born out of wedlock, showed some magic to the innocent people and tried to mislead believing Jews from the right path. Ultimately the Jewish law caught with him and he was put to death like a petty criminal and imposter on the cross. (Allah pardon me for writing these words, but I have to write, because I want to clarify the position). Jews are stubborn on their rejection of Jesus and do not change their stand even after 2000 years. How Jesus would deal with such stubborn people, I leave for Christians to answer this. Jesus will be torn between their disbelief and they belonging to his own race. A sample of Jesus’ dilemma is given at the end of this post

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 C. Muslims: Muslims on the other hand, believe Jesus to be a righteous prophet, one who was born to virgin Mary without any male intervention as a special Miracle of God, showed many miracles to people, called people to the right path. His enemies tried to kill him, but God saved him from inglorious death and took him up bodily into heaven… and he will come back to earth before the end of time to clarify the mystery of his death. Now our Christian friends say, that all this is bullshit, and does not matter in the least for salvation and Jesus would find Muslims guilty of denial and would send them to hell straightaway…..thereby they will end no better than Jews. This seems very illogical, but I hope that Jesus would hold a court and put charges against Muslims and will ask them to defend their position, so let us go to the Jesus’ court, where he would put charges against Muslims: 1. Jesus’ First Charge: Divinity “You wretched people, what prevented you from saying that I was God in human form and Begotten Son of God”? Muslims: O revered Jesus, May peace of Allah be on to you, we tried to look every where in your books where you had said that you were God and you said to worship me. But we did not find a single unequivocal statement where you said “I am God” or where you said “Worship me”. We had statements of Others but not from your own lips. You should have spoken this thing very clearly, otherwise it is blasphemy for any one to believe in some human as God or God’ begotten Son. How can we be punished if some Tom, Dick or Harry says any thing in your name and we have no confirmation from your own lips? 2. Jesus’ second charge: Trinity “You misfit of all people, why did you not believe in Trinity?” It was so simple and straightforward?” Muslims: O revered Jesus, May peace of Allah be on to you, we tried to look for this Term Trinity in all your books, but we could not find it mentioned anywhere. Should you not have explained this issue very clearly when you were walking with the people?. We heard many people saying that Trinity is essential for salvation, but we never heard anything about it from you own lips. You know that in matters of faith, we must believe in the words of prophets and not of any one else. 3. Jesus’ third charge, Personal Saviour: “You fools of all people, what prevented you from believing that I died for your sins, you had a period of grace, just believe in

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 it and salvation is yours….why you took the hard path and did not follow simple path?” Muslims: O Revered Jesus, may peace of Allah be on you, again we searched for your own words in all your books, where you would have said “I am dying for sins of every human and from now on, you just have to believe that I died for your sins and you will be forgiven” O Revered Jesus, May peace of Allah be on to you, we heard other people claiming in your name that you had died for mankind sins, but you know that in matters of faith, we must have to take the explicit words from the Prophet’ mouth and not from any one else. We could not find a single unequivocal statement from your lips that you died for our sins and we were living in a period of grace….where only belief is sufficient and no deeds. 4. Jesus fourth charge: Believing in Another Prophet “O you hopeless Muslims, why did you left me and believed in another prophet that came almost 600 years after me…did not I say that I am the last and final prophet of God and no prophet will come after me?” Muslims: O revered Jesus, May peace of Allah be on to you, we tried to look every where in your books where you had said that you were the last and final prophet and no prophet would come after you. We found instead, you gave a test for true prophets and false prophets, you said that we should test the prophets, and see their fruits; “for as every good tree brings good fruits and every evil tree brings evil fruit….by their fruits you shall know them”. Then we saw your prophesy about “Another Comforter that was to come into the world”….surely that meant another prophet that would come into the world…so we looked for that “comforter and tree that will bring good fruit” and when we found some one meeting those criterion, we believed in him, why should you blame us. You should have been very clear in your statements. As regards Time gap, O Revered Jesus. Peace f Allah be on to you, when Prophesies made by Moses, 1500 years back, by David 1000 years back and by prophet Isaiah and others 600 years back can fulfill about you, why can't your prophesy about Comforter be true after 600 years? O revered Jesus, Peace of Allah be on to you, We did not leave you, we still have firm belief in you and speak very highly of you, and love and respect you are try to put into practice what you said. Jesus: “O you deluded people, my prophesy of “Another Comforter” was for The Holy Ghost that descended on my disciples on the day of Pentecost…. How foolish you people are to fit it into a person that came 600 years after me?”

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Muslims: O revered jesus, may peace of Allah be on you, we tried to match the criterion you gave about that comforter on “The Holy Ghost” but they did not fit “It or Him”: by miles. Naturally we were not convinced that Comforter was the Holy Ghost, why did you speak in ambiguous way and gave so many qualities for that Comforter….you should have simple said, “I will send Holy Ghost after me and he will guide you into all truth” then it would be a very simple and clear statement and would not lead any one into doubts. Jesus: “It seems that fault has been with those who jotted down (and edited) my words….it is they who caused all these mischief and muddled my words …. Have you anything else to say in your defense? Muslims: O Revered Jesus, may peace of Allah be on to you, can you read your own books that are present in this world, do they record your own words in your own language? Jesus: I will certainly ask my followers to bring me by books in original Hebrew or Aramaic and verify if they record ALL of my words in my tongue. The case will be re-opened after I have verified them. I will consult with My Father as how to deal with you wretched, stubborn and idiotic people. You must face exemplary punishment, worse than Jews, after all they are my own People, God Chose them above all people, send many prophets amongst them….what if they did not believe in me…..their disbelief is minor thing compare to your belief I have to be impartial and Just, I must recommend my father to punish you people more than Jews. After all they are from my lot, my own sheep, God’s chosen people, Chosen race, …. I cannot take side, I should be just…..but these Muslims believing in another prophet……how can I overlook it….even though he taught them to worship one God and to respect all prophet of God including me….. But I cannot take side, I must be impartial…..These Jews are my OWN People, my race, my sheep, God Chose them, Chose their race….. Q.52 How Will Jesus be in his second coming? Ans. Some people THINK that Jesus in his second coming would be like "Santa Clause".....spreading peace and happiness every where and would have a "large gift sack" for every one on the world and "Most people of world" would gather around him and take gifts and will become "brothers unto each other"!! And peace and tranquility will reign in the world for ever.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 SOME other are under the impression that he would be appointed "UN Secretary General" upon his descent....and by his speeches and message whole world would find "what a wonderful guy" he is and shun all violence and follow him in one long queue...destroying their stockpiles of WMD s. These are childish figures, in his first inning on this earth, he tried the "message of peace and brotherhood" what was the result? He was hanged on cross like a petty thief or murderer!! Why people think it should be otherwise in his second innings....if he follows the "same message". The truth is Jesus would return as a Just Ruler on this earth, punishing guilty and rewarding those who do good.....that is the ONLY way in which Justice and peace can be established on this earth. Remember his saying "Do not think that I came to bring peace in the world....I came to place a SWORD .... I came to lit a fire on earth, how good would it have been if it was already lit" etc.etc. So no Santa clause or UN Secretary General when Jesus comes for second coming. Q.53. Who= US born Your looking at physical likeness. Here are some. God brought him forth out of Egypt Num.24 And was there until the death of Herod: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt have I called my son. Matt. 2 An evil king/Pharaoh tried to kill him as a baby: Exodus 1:22 King Herod tried to kill baby Jesus: Matthew 2:16 He was hidden from the evil king/Pharaoh: Exodus 2:2 An angel said to hide the child from the evil King Herod: Matthew 2:13 Moses was sent into Egypt to preserve his life: Exodus 2:3-4 Jesus was taken into Egypt to preserve His life: Matthew 2:13-15 He was saved by women: his mother: Exodus 2:3; Miriam 2:4; Pharaoh's daughter 2:5-10 Saved and helped by His mother, Mary: Matthew 2:14 Pharaoh's daughter adopted Moses: Exodus 2:10 Joseph adopted Jesus: Matthew 1:25

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Moses became a prince of Egypt: Exodus 2:10 Jesus is the Prince of Peace: Isaiah 9:5; Matthew 28:18; Luke 2:14 He tried to save a Hebrew kinsman: Exodus 2:11-12 Jesus came to save His Hebrew kinsman first: Mark 7:26-28 Went from being a prince to a pauper: Exodus 2:15-19 Went from being God to being man: John 1:1-3; Mark 6:3 Saved women at a well: Exodus 2:15-19 Saved a woman at a well: John chapter 4 Became a shepherd: Exodus 3:1 He is the Good Shepherd: John 10:11 Moses' mission was to redeem Israel from slavery to Egypt Jesus' mission is to redeem mankind from slavery to sin Moses was loved and supported in his ministry by his sister Miriam [in Hebrew, Miryam] Jesus was loved and supported in his ministry by His mother Mary [in Hebrew, Miryam] He was often rejected by his own people Jesus was often rejected by His own people Moses will give God's law on the mountain of Sinai: Exodus 20:131:18; 34:1-35 Jesus will give the new law from the Mt. of Beatitudes: Matthew chapter 5 Moses spent 40 days fasting on the mountain: 24:18;34:28 Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert wilderness: Matthew 4:2 Moses performs signs/ miracles Jesus performs signs/miracles Moses offered his life for the salvation of his people after the sin of the Golden Calf: Exodus 32:33-33 Jesus offered His life for the salvation of the world: Isaiah 53:12; Romans 5:12; 6:10; 2 Corinthians 5:15-21; Colossians 1:19-20; 2:14-15; 1 John 1:7; 2:2; etc. Ans. It amused me to read all these “comparison” that you did between Jesus and Moses!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Before I comment further, let me tell you a funny story…..let us see if some one wants to Compare Taj Mahal in India and Empire State Building (ESB) in New York and prove that they are comparable, he could say that: a. Taj Mahal is a building and ESB is a building, so they are similar. b. Taj Mahal is standing on ground and ESB is also standing on ground, so they are similar. c. Taj Mahal uses bricks and ESB also uses some bricks, so they are similar. d. Taj Mahal was contructed by humans and ESB was also constructed by humans, so they are similar. e. Taj Mahal is in a country India, which was once ruled by Britain and ESB is also in a country USA which was once ruled by Britain, so they are similar. Like this I also can “assemble” hundreds of points to “show and prove” that Taj Mahal and ESB are similar, but will I be right? On the other hand if some one compares ESB with WTC Towers, he will be right, because they have more similarities than between Taj Mahal and ESB Before I put a rejoinder, let me quote to you the full verse Deut 18:18-19 “I will raise them up a prophet like you from amongst their brothers; I will put my words in his mouth and he will tell them every thing that I command him and if any one does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name, I will myself call him to account” So the Major parts of this prophesy are: a. He shall be a PROPHET. b. He shall be like Moses. c. He will be raised amongst the BROTHERS of Jews. d. God will put His Word’s in the Prophet’s mouth. e. Prophet shall only speak what God will command him. f. If any one will not listen to that prophet, God will take action against that person. Now let us see if Jesus fulfils any of these condition (not like Taj Mahal and ESB Sort of comparison!! ) a. Prophethood: Moses is always recognized as a Prophet. Jesus is recognized as God in human form. Jesus is equal with God in Trinity. Prophethood for jesus is only secondary. In fact many Christians will take offense when we say that Jesus is a prophet of God

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

b. Like Moses: 1. Moses did not die for sins of mankind, Jesus died for sins of Mankind. 2. Moses brought a full code of life, and Jesus only modified some provisions of Moses’ laws and by and large he was a following Moses’ laws. 3. Moses was recognized by majority of his people while Jesus was and still is rejected by majority of jews. 4. Life, death, family life in every way, Moses and jesus are so unlike each other that any comparison between them is just like Taj Mahal and ESB. c. Brothers of Jews: 1. Jesus was himself a Jew, so he is not amongst the brothers of Jews. That prophet was to come from some people who are very close to jews, but not Jews. d. God putting His Words in the Prophet’s mouth: 1. Even though Jesus preached the message of God, the words were his. The analogy of Bible demands that prophet to repeat “verbatim” the message which he received from God, that is not the case with Jesus. e. God’s warning for those who deny Prophet’ Message: 1. This is to warn those who might think that Deut 18:18 is a trivial matter and we have our Lord and Savior and we need not to look for any New Prophet. I think after all this, there is no need to comment on all those “similarities” that you have put forward between Jesus and Moses!! If you want, I can comment on each and every one of them and prove that they are “mere eyewash and cases of Chalk and Cheese and there is no real similarity between these two great Prophets of God” Q.54, Who= Eric First, please remember that I am Jewish and I have no scripture that speaks of Jesus. As far as I can tell, the quotation is not included in any historical work of the time period. Second, how remarkably you have learned the art of the nonanswer from a son of g-d. You require this information from others but when requested of you, then you basically say that it is so because of your faith. It is so because of your beliefs. It is so because G-d told your prophet, and you believe your prophet. But when others say that they believe something because it is their faith, it is their belief, it is so because G-d told their prophet or one

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 of their holy people, you refuse to accord them the same latitude that you want me to accord you. I am willing to accept your answer that it is so because it is your belief, but only if you are willing to accept the same answer of others. Ans. If you are Jewish, then will you please tell me how did Moses got all those ten commandments and those teachings from God? If it could happen for Moses, then why it could not happen for other prophets also? Why it cannot happen for Jesus and our prophet too? You cannot have double standards, that I will accept that Moses got revelation and other Jewish prophets got revelations from God…..but no one outside Jewish circle can get Revelation? We Muslims treat all prophets of God with respect and value their personality and teachings. But we say that after advent of last prophet, the period of their ministry ends. If you reject the Last Prophet, then indeed you are transgressing on God Himself, telling Him, Why Did He sent the Last Prophet? It is not the love of Moses (or Jesus for Christians), which is prompting you to do this, It is satan who is behind it. Both Moses and jesus will say before God that we did prophesize and told our people about the last prophet. Moses in Deut 18:18 and Jesus in Gospel according to John, speaking about Comforter. Q,55 who="James" Hello MUQ, My God is the Word of God, who is Jesus, who is God, and He was, is, and always will be God. He has given Himself many names in the Bible, and He knows everything, how many hairs are on your head, and His Names. Here are a few:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Ans. I have no control of what or why you believe. I have only stated the facts as I could. There are no end to what some people can believe in. In India there are close to 1000 Million Hindus, who worship Cows, who bow down before their idols and worship so many gods that you cannot even count. There are hundreds of Million of Buddhists who bow before the statue of Lord Buddha and claim there is no God. There are still Millions of Communists and Atheists who believe that there is no God. So I am not surprised as to what you have quoted your articles of your faith. You have to find out, how many of these were actually uttered by the “Lips of Jesus”!! If you are certain that each and every one of these “articles of faiths” were uttered by Jesus Himself in so many words, then you have a case. But remember in Hereafter, God will confront you with Jesus and Jesus will ask, where did I say all those words and you will show him “Letters of Paul to Galatians, Corinthians , Romans……etc” and Jesus asks who “Who is this Paul? I never knew him during my life time?”!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.56 Was Jesus the Last Prophet? Ans. Jesus as the Last Prophet: Many people are under false assumption that Jesus claimed, he is the last prophet and after him only false prophets shall come, but this is far from truth: a. Very reason that Jesus gave tests to distinguish between a true prophet of God and a false prophet, indicates that true prophets of God shall also come after him. b. He said “as every good tree brings forth good fruit and every evil tree bears evil fruits, so by their fruits you shall know them”. So the criterion to judge between a true and false prophet are in their teachings. c. Jesus himself predicted that a Comforter shall come after him. He said “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now, how be it, when the Comforter shall come into the world, he shall guide you into all truth. For he shall not speak from himself, but whatever he shall hear , he shall speak. He will guide you into all truth….and he shall glorify me” This quotation shows very clearly that Jesus told that some one will come after him. d. So those who say that Jesus claimed that he was the last prophet, they are wrong. On the other hand, our prophet said very clearly “I am the Last prophet and any one who says that he is a prophet of God (after me) is a liar”. In Quran he is mentioned as “The Seal of all prophets” Showing very clearly that he is the last prophet. e. Now we have only to see what are the Fruits of Prophet Mohammad? (PBUH and all prophets of God). 1. Muslims are the largest Monotheistic society on this earth, i.e. those who do not worship any idol or any statue. 2. Muslims are the largest group on this earth that do not consume Alcohol. 3. Muslims are the largest group on this earth who do not take part in any gambling or any game of chance. Same way Muslims are the largest community on this earth that do not indulge in usury and other prohibitions mentioned in Bible. 4. Muslims have the highest charity rate amongst all groups and the lowest criminal rates. 5. Muslims are the largest Non Christian group on this earth that believe in the Prophet hood of jesus Christ. No Hindu, No Buddhist, No Sikh , No Atheist has to believe in the prophet hood of jesus. But no Muslim is a Muslim unless he believes in the prophet hood of Jesus. That is what Jesus meant when he said that “He will glorify me”.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

But there is still no shortage of people, who will keep on repeating that Jesus claimed that we was the last prophet. There is no cure and no argument for such people. They are like blind and deaf people who have closed their ears and eyes. Q.57, Who= A Son of God MUQ, nothing could be much further than the truth than what you have just written. Islam will say it does not deny Jesus. But in totality it does! Jesus IS THE Son of GOD! Truth! Jesus suffered and died and rose again from the dead on the third day! Truth. Jesus is the Savior - THE Christ! Does Islam accept him or deny Him? Muhammad was never ever the Comforter! Muhammad removed the promises in Christ by denying the amnesty that God has given to us all in Christ. Muhammad has promised Muslims hell when they die. He was the most miserable among miserable comforters! Ans. These are your own beliefs which you impose on Jesus. Jesus is free from these claims and on the day of judgment, you will have to answer to these false claims about him to Jesus himself. A. Jesus is the Son of God in the same sense as were many others before him. The word Son of God simply means a godly person in jewish idiom. It is not to be taken literally. Can you explain what is meaning of “Son of God”? B. Jesus did not die on the cross, so there was no question of resurrection at all. He was taken up bodily to heavens by God and from where he shall descend once again before the end of time. C. Jesus is the savior, right but for those who believe in his true message and try to follow him to the best of their abilities. D. God in Heaven knows that Comforter was not the Holy Ghost which came of Pentecost day. Jesus is also a witness that this is the case. However no one can put a restriction on what you believe. The reality will be known on the day of judgment. So till that time, we should keep our respective positions. E. You do not have a need to pity Muslims…..Quran is very specific on this issue “To You Your way and to us our way” (108:4) And :

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

“…If Allah so willed, He would have made you a single people, but (His plan) is to test you in what he has given you; so strive as in a race in all virtues. The goal of you all is to Allah: it is He that will show you (on the Last day) the truth of matters in which you disputed” (5:49) So instead of pitying each other, let us take the prudent advice which Quran tells us, exceed in all virtues and try to outdo each other in good deeds. These endless discussions will not solve our problems or will be productive. Broaden your heart and let other people live and do what they believe in. Do not pose as if you are source of all knowledge and every one else is dummy. Q.58, who="Samson" These folks that predict the time of Christ return are laboring under the popular but biblically false idea that Christ could return at any moment, so they don't even have the first step correct so they are not going to get the rest of it right either. The bible is clear, the antichrist must be revealed before the return of Christ. First the devil has his day and beats up on Christians and Jews and then Jesus returns and it will be pay back big time.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Ans. And that is what Islamic literature also says....the main mission of Jesus on his second coming would be to slay the Anti Christ. And it will be the time of greatest tribulations and difficulty for True Believers. Now who that Anti Christ will be, it is any body's guess. There is only ONE group of people who is waiting for their "Promised Messiah"... I do not want to name them, because it is very obvious. They rejected the two True Messiahs which came to them on two specific times in history. Christians are waiting for second coming of Jesus (a known person and no ambiguity). Muslims are awaiting return of Jesus from heaven for a second time (a fixed and known person). Hindus are waiting for their Last Rishi, Kaliki Avtar or Narashansa (and it can be seen that they point to prophet Mohammad, in great detail and accuracy). So it is obvious from which Group this Anti Christ will come and who would be his followers. The stage is being slowly set up....the enemies of jesus are being gathered from all over the world to one specified location and area. The minor signs of the hours are being completed... now we only await coming of Anti Christ... It could be in near future..... But it will not happen on May 21, 2011....because the date is too close for Anti Christ to rise and create so much mischief in such short time. Q.59, who="Jesus IS" Christians who did that weren't following the teachings of Jesus Christ: MATTHEW 5:44 "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;" MARK 11:25 And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.” MATTHEW 5:43-48

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

LUKE 6:31 "And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them." WHEN PETER DREW A SWORD TO DEFEND JESUS:

MATTHEW 26:50: Ans. I know all these verses, there are for the people and for situation when you do not have power!! Love your enemies….turn your other cheek…if some one asks your coat, give your gowns also… forgive your enemies….prey for them….those who live by sword they die by sword….. All these are beautiful preachings, but the REAL situation to practice these are when you have POWER. Jesus never had that power during his life time, neither his chosen disciples had that power on earth. Neither Christians had during those first three centuries of persecution…..but when Christians did get Power around 325 CE…..look at how they put these teachings into practice!! How did Christians dealt with those whom they called as Heretics and Hypocrites…. How did Christians dealt with Jews for 2000 years, how did Christians dealt with Red Indians of North and South America, how they dealt with Aborigines of Australia and New Zealand, Eskimos, Black African slaves…..Where were those teachings of Jesus “Love your enemy and turn the other cheek”? Compared to that our prophet did have power during his life time to forgive his enemies. When he captured Makkah in year 8AH, he had all his bitterest enemies standing near Kaaba…..he asked them, do you know, what I am going to do to you today? What could they answer? All these 21 years they had persecuted him and his followers by every means imaginable. They could only say, “You are a generous brother and a generous kinsman”. And then prophet displayed in practice that teaching of Jesus “You forgive your enemies and pray for them”….He said “Let today be no blame on you, go you all are free”!! So it was our prophet who acted on these teachings of Jesus!! And showed how they could be practiced.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. 60 Who= WW Man Don’t matter what hat you ware if you break the law how do you expect the indigenous people to feel about muslims it is because of a lack of repression that muslims have become more raucous obnoxious and in some cases treacherous ??. Muslims are taking full advantage tolerance given to them by Christian nations!! Ans. None of the laws of your society are eternal, they are being changed and modified from time to time. There could have been a time, when your country was 100 % Christian and all white……the rules would have been made for that time. Now the situation is changed….you have citizens from many religion, many culture and many ethnic backgrounds living in your country as citizens. It is time that you modify your laws so that every one could live in peace and tranquility as per their beliefs and personal laws. It is not an unreasonable demand. Only those people who are still living or want to live in the age when your country was 100 % Christian or 100 % white would object to it…..and that time may never come again!! Q.61 Who= Think Paul letters they testify of Paul. Paul could not have written as He did were it not for the Holy spirit of God. When we look properly Paul is in total harmony with Jesus and the Apostles. John 3:5-8 Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. 6 Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. 7 You should not be surprised at my saying,’ You must be born again.' 8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit." Ans. What is a Prophet and what is an Apostle? Will you please explain me the difference? In our understanding a Prophet is one, who receives direct revelation from God and propagates it to the people.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 An apostle is a person whom a prophet chooses from his disciples and asks him to go and do the preaching on his behalf. In the case of Paul, he could never be an Apostle of jesus, because he never met jesus in his life time. If he received the apostle ship in dream, or vision, or trans then it is his own claim and there is no witness of it. Why would Jesus choose Paul, when he already had 12 and 70 Chosen Apostles? And why he did not tell or disclose it to his chosen disciples that such a “Super Apostle” is in the offing? And what sort of Apostle of jesus is Paul, when he never quotes any thing from jesus himself? Read thru his letters, and you will hardly find a single quotation of jesus. What he says is from OT books as if he never knew a single word which jesus spoke. Read thru any sermon and any speech of any companion of our prophet and he will say, “my prophet said this and my prophet said that and my Quran says this and my Quran says that”… and it is so natural. Any apostle appointed by any prophet will not preach his idea or say any thing which his master has not said. That too when the time of Jesus was so near to the time of Paul, Jesus’ memory and his words were still fresh in the memory of so many people who heard him speak, why should Paul rely on OT books to prove his logic and not from jesus’ own words? For Paul, Jesus starts after he is crucified, he is not at all interested in his human life, how he lived, what he preached, how he preached. If Paul was a true apostle of Jesus, every page of his letters would be filled with quotations from jesus own words. Since he was a self claimed 13th Apostle of jesus, so all of his logic and reasoning are self made and taken from here and there of OT books. How strange it is, since he is so much against Torah, its laws and its teachings…..yet shamelessly he uses quotes from the same book in his argument!! For your info none of the current Gospels were written when Paul wrote his letters. So it is wrong to say that Gospel of John confirms what Paul wrote….in fact Gospel of John was based on teachings of Paul. The wordings of John are allegorical and never to be taken in literal sense. Now you tell me “Which of the Christian is Born of Water and Spirit”? Prove to me in literal sense and do not go on a fishing trip!! Such is the language and logic by which you confuse yourself and others….and that is what your Prophet Paul did before you.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.62, Pope puts foot down on scandal-plagued Legionaries By Nicole Winfield, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI cracked down Saturday on the scandalplagued Legionaries of Christ, announcing that a papal envoy would take over and reform the conservative order that has been discredited by revelations that its founder sexually abused seminarians and fathered at least one child. Benedict also ordered a special commission to study the Legionaries constitutions and said a Vatican expert would investigate its lay arm, Regnum Christi. The decisions were made after five Vatican investigators reported back to Benedict and other Vatican officials about an eight-month global inquiry into the order to determine its future after its founder was so thoroughly discredited by revelations of his double life. In a statement, the Vatican excoriated the Rev. Marcial Maciel for creating a "system of power" built on silence, deceit and obedience that enabled him to lead a double life "devoid of any scruples and authentic sense of religion" and allowed him to abuse young boys unchecked. By pushing away and casting doubt upon all those who questioned his behaviour, and the false belief that he wasn't doing harm to the good of the Legion, he created around him a defence mechanism that made him unassailable for a long period, making it difficult to know his true life," the Vatican said. But rather than closing the order down, which some critics had called for, the Vatican assured the Legion's current members that it would help them "purify" what good remains in the order and would not be left alone as they undergo the "profound revision" necessary to carry on. … In the end, it was only in 2006 - a year into Pope Benedict XVI 's papacy - that the Vatican ordered Maciel to lead a "reserved life of penance and prayer," making him a priest in name only. He died in 2008 at age 87. . The Vatican ordered an investigation into the order in 2009 after the Legionaries acknowledged that Maciel had fathered a daughter who is now in her 20s and lives in Spain. But it was only in March of this year that the Legionaries acknowledged that Maciel had also sexually abused seminarians and that two men are claiming to be his sons. The late Pope John Paul II had long championed the Legionaries for their orthodoxy and ability to bring in vocations and money. Berry has recently written in the U.S. Catholic publication National Catholic Reporter of how the late pope's secretary and No. 2 allegedly intervened to protect Maciel and accept donations on his behalf. .. Maciel founded the Legion in his native Mexico in 1941 and the order's culture was built around Maciel. His photo adorned every Legion building, his biography and writings were studied, and his birthday was celebrated as a feast day. Until recently, Legion members took a vow not to criticize their superiors, including Maciel. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/World/2010/05/02/13796171-ap.html (abridged)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Chapter-3 Islam-1 (On Allah and Muslim beliefs)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q-63, Who= Pete-O 1)Creators of the Universe, so the Christians have the same God as Muslims? And what is your proof if not? 2)I'll give it you that science answers how. Can you define "outside the material world"? But science does answer what happens when our brain dies. 3)Can you prove that Mohamed flew to heaven on winged horse? 4)Human accountability came about as a survival mechanism. It hurt the tribe if a member killed another, it was bad for the tribe as a whole. Human accountability is a basic evolutionary need. Ans. A. Creator: Not only Muslims, Christian or Jews, in fact all religions who believe in Creator, basically worship the same Creator, because there is only One!! They make call Him by different names, but when you ask them to list His qualities, you will find that they match with each other. So with slight difference in conception, they are speaking of the same Creator. B. Science and its scope: I asked you specific question, how can science decide one painting is better than the other, or one music is better than the other and which song is better than the other. You have not replied that. There are millions of WHY questions, for which science has no answer. What happens to soul when body dies. What is proof with science? What is Life? Has science any answer? C. How our prophet flew to heaven: What was it, we do not really know, but it appeared to him like a horse, so as not to startle him. It is the same as angels of God appear to prophets and humans in human shape, so as not to startle them and because they CANNOT see them in their true creation, because they are not made of matter!! D. Human accountability:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 This is you own view and you have no PRROF for it. Proof for such matters came from scripture and not with human reasoning. Every good reason and every logical thing may not be true!! E. Many religions all claiming to be truth: Yes I know, there are many religions all claiming to be true, but that does not mean that all their claims are true. If you are an honest investigator, you will ask them for proof. A very simple proof should be ask them how authentic are their scriptures and what proofs they have that the present scriptures are the same which their prophets wrote. Do not accept their claims and beliefs, ask for the proof. That will show you, how authentic and authoritative are these religions. Just because there are so many quack doctors, will not prove that there is no genuine doctor at all. If you are honest and want to know the truth, with slight study you will locate which is the true religion out of so many claiming to be true religion. Q-64. Who=Think Your contradiction your self. You state there is no other translation of Allah in arabic. yet Allah using "WE" and "I" contradicts the Arabic translation of ALLAH. If there is no other translations the word Allah has to be used in place of "WE" and "I" We and I are not perfect in translating the word "ALLAH"' Ans. Why should you get DUMBER and DUMBER every time you open your mouth about Quran? Who said I and We used in Quran are equivalent of Allah?Allah is a proper noun and I and We are pronouns! In Quran Allah says that I did this and this ….and sometimes Allah says that We did this and this…..so how come there is any contradiction? I think you should retire to some secluded place and re-think why should you be so unreasonable when writing or posting about Islam. Why should you be so biased? Take care, Islam and Muslims are going to stay till the end of world….and Jews and Christians also will exist!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.65. Who is Allah? I believe that would be Satan in the bible. Ans. If you think that satan of Bible is the Powerful knowledgeable Creator who created every thing in this Universe. If you think Satan of Bible is the one who will judge every human being on this earth and send then to heaven or hell.... If you think Satan of Bible teaches his followers to worship only One True God of this Universe, be kind to your parents, speak truth, be just to every one, speak truth, do not spill innocent blood.... If you think that satan of Bible does all these things, then you have some grounds to say that Allah is like Satan of Bible!! Then what does the God of Bible do? Q.66 To MUQ This was my question "What will happen to faith if God is proved metaphysically real? I'm guessing if God was proved for real, people would change there ways and god wouldn't be able to judge people right, as he would not know if they were sinful or not. Unless thoughts become sins, is a thought sin a sin MUQ? That would limit ones own thought. The double whammy would be everyone would think they have a personnel connection to god, devotion to church and mosque would be diminished, that would mean no more money for clergy. The devotion would be thrown to the one ID God. ID in the long run, could actually be a threat to all the religions of the world, as all could throw away old beliefs for ID. Just a hypothetical possibility. Thing is ID is a hypothesis still and is not a religion, just as the theory of evolution, is not a religion. Ans.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

I think yours is again the post which deserves answer, others are just name calling… You have asked the question “what would happen if God is proven to be metaphysically real”? This is a strange question, any one having a look at this vast universe and seeing how it works, asking the question “If it is proven….” Is really strange. It would been very illogical, unreasonable and wrong if the Creator of this Vast Universe with infinite powers was to be Seen with the Human Physical eyes!! Human eyes and human scientific gadgets have inherent limitations that make then unable to see or experiment with the Creator of this Universe. Then there is another strange question as to what should God do or not do to judge humans….It is not for us humans to suggest to our Creator what should He do or not do…. It is He who decides for us what WE HAVE TO DO and not Vice Versa!! I think humans are getting too big for their shoes when they start posing questions like these. It is the mercy and wisdom of God that He made provision for every thing to full fill material needs of humans on earth, before he even came on this earth. Tell me which of us would be able to create a drop of water, if it was not already available on earth in such vast quantity? Or air? Or copper, Steel? Gold? Silver? Just finding the ores and melting them and using them is not Creation. It is at best utilizing to the utmost what was already made available. If you think in that light…..may be you fill see your real position in this universe and on this earth. ID movement as for as I can decode is a half hearted attempt to patch up between Atheist and religionist. That is why they will not reach any where. They realize that this Universe is not based on Dumb Design…..there is a Cosmic intelligence everywhere……but the so called Scientists say that there is no God and there is no Creator…so they came up with this idea of ID. Who is the source of this ID , how come the Intelligence came into a Dumb Universe? These are the questions for which they have no answer. Science is good and science is useful and science is great…..but it is not the ONLYTHING in this universe. Science has a scope and science has a limitation. So long as it works within its limits and constraints, it is useful. But when it goes beyond its reach and talks about things which are beyond its scope…..then it has to be put back into its place.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.67, who="Frijoles" Not totally correct. Islam takes a VERY hard line regarding this, but Judaism has nothing against likenesses provided you don’t pray to them or confuse them with God itself. From the standpoint of Jewish theology though, I agree with what you are saying. Maimonedes defined God not by what he is, but by what he isn’t. And one of our concluding hymns, Yigdal, is all about the fact that God has no body but yet is. The early Hasidim gravitated towards a pan- theistic view - that God IS creation AND the force behind/beyond creation. Personally, I find that view a little easier on my brain, and in fact this is the accepted viewpoint of probably quite a few Jews across all the major denominations. Ans. Since Islam was going to be the Last and Final Edition of the Old religion and our prophet had to be the Last and Final prophet till the last day, It had to take a very Unambiguous stand on image and idol making. That is why Islamic stand is very clear and very unambiguous on this issue and no figure, statue, idols or any physical image has to be made of God. And not only God, we Muslims are prohibited from making any image , picture or statue of Prophet and any other religious personality (a stand which many of “Cartoon Crazy” Westerners do not seem to understand or realize). That is why in Islamic terminology, there is no mention of Father, Son or Son of God etc….because these terms would slowly lead towards worshipping humans and creations in place of Creator. I know Jewish faith is Monotheistic, but the rules are not that strict. Christians have followed in the error of worshipping a Creature in place of Creator. Their prayers are mostly addressed to jesus, Mary and other saints and not one Who Created Jesus, Mary and Those saints! Islamic position , regarding God’ personality and attribute is to believe in general sense and do not figure our their exact meaning. God Sees and God Hears and God Speaks and God Loves and God hates. His hands are distributing unending bounties etc……..But HOW? We Muslims do not try to explain or try to understand. What we KNOW is that God is unlike any Human or any of His Creations…..so He does these things as befit his Majesty. Philosophers and Scientists have their concept of God, based on negation…..they keep on explaining what God is not….such a stand would never create Positive ties between Creator and His Creations….their God only becomes a CONCEPTUAL GOD…..devoid of any attributes!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q68, Why Quran always admonishes not believers? Ans. What is that again? You mean Quran should have said that truth and falsehood are one and the same thing; and It does not matter if you worship one God or you worship 10 or 100 gods? Quran speaks truth and bare truth and nothing but the truth. It tells to humans in most clear terms, that this is the true path from your Lord to follow. People who are following any other path are doing wrong and they should correct themselves, otherwise they shall be losers in the hereafter. There is no ambiguity in its statements. It doe snot beat around the bush and says this path is also Ok and that path is also OK and things like that. After delivering the clear message, it leaves the choice to individuals. They are free to accept or reject the message of Islam. But they must make the choice themselves, so that in the hereafter, they should not complain to God that the message was not clear or it was ambiguous and we were in doubt as which is the correct path. There can not be two shortest paths to reach from point A to point B. Islam shows the shortest and straight path to reach God, all other paths (invented by humans) have become crooked and there is much more possibility for individuals to fall into ditch than reach their Goal by following these crooked paths. Q.69, Who=Think Your explanation is a cop out. The cop out is "WE" is used in the Quran as GOD. So you are saying that GOD used "WE" instead of GOD out of respect for GOD Himself. It is the writers who are expressing them self as co-equal to Allah. The word Allah means GOD not "WE". There is no translation of the word "WE" in Arabic translates in to the WORD ALLAH. "WE" translates in to the word "Respect" not Allah. The word "WE" is used in the Quran as "WE" the writers with respect to ALLAH, believing ALLAH agrees with them in what they are writing. The translation they give is not a direct command from Allah. It come from the writers. Ans. How many times I have told you to change your title from THINK to DUMB. Why should you respond to issues about which you do nothing? You do not know Arabic or other Eastern language at all. How can we assume your interpretation of “We”, those who know Eastern Languages, know what is Plural of Respect and what is plural of numbers.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Unity of Allah is confirmed in unambiguous language like that is what is used in Chapter 112. Say He is Allah One and Only, Allah the Absolute, The Eternal. He begets not and not He is Begotten and there is none unto like Him. Despite these clear statements, you come and try to explain what “We” in Quran means? You must be dumber than you sound. Islam has no place for persons like Paul and his followers. We speak in clear language. Q.70, who=US Born If you believe Moses was a prophet, do you follow the commandments given to Moses by God? There is only one Messiah. The many descriptions of the Messiah in the O.T. lead to one, not many. If you really understood the Holy Bible, you would know why these things in the middle east were occurring. I do know the Bible said the Jews would return to THEIR land and would never be dispersed again. Jesus said that when he was in Jerusalem, Israel. Any war started against Israel will fail. Recent history has proven that to be true. It also tells us the Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. That makes him different than any man including Moses. Ans. You have posed a very good question and I hope you will not mind if my answer is a little long: A. Who are Prophets: The prophets are people chosen by God as a guide to their nations. They are role models for their people and their followers have to follow their prophets if they want to follow God’s instructions. B. What separates Prophets from other religious scholars and reformers: It is the Direct revelation from God Al Mighty to these prophets that separates them from other religious scholars and reformers. Scholars and reformers decide based on their knowledge and reasoning power. In case of prophets the guidance comes form God Himself. C. Are all prophets same: No there are two types of prophets, one who come with a code of Law and others who follow the Code of law of a previous prophet. D. Give Examples of both type of Prophets: In the First category come Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad and in the second category come jewish prophets like, Joshua, Samuel. David, Solomon, Daniel

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 and other Jewish prophets mentioned in OT books. They all followed Moses Code of Law. E. What are the two important branches of Prophet’s messages: These are Article of Faiths and Rules of rituals and social and commercial guidelines to deal between members of the society. F. What do we mean when we say that All prophets preached the same message: The core message of all prophets are the article of faiths, that is One ness of God, His attributes and His Qualities, belief in Angels, in Revealed books and in the hereafter. In articles of faiths all prophets preached the same message. However in ritualistic laws and social laws, the codes could be different between one prophet and another. Because each prophet was send to his own people and made laws concerning their own circumstances. G. Did Jesus followed Moses’ law to the Letter: Even though Jesus followed most of Moses’ laws, he did modify certain of its provisions that had become outdated. It is clear to any one who reads jesus’ words recorded in Gospels. H. What was the status of Prophet Mohammad: Prophet Mohammad was sent as Last and Final messenger for all nations and for all times to come. He came with a full code of conduct that confirmed and modified Laws of Moses wherever it was needed as jesus did prior to prophet Mohammad. I. How then we can say that Muslims follow Prophet Moses: When we believe in Last Prophet, w e automatically believe in all prophets. Then articles of faiths are common between all prophets. Most of Islamic laws are very close to jewish laws. It was practice of our prophet to follow Jewish law, until it was superseded or modified by God. J. Was Jesus the Messiah: Jesus was indeed the Messiah and the term is used for Jesus in Quran because Jews denied his status. The term Messiah in itself a harmless Jewish term indicating that any person is appointed by God for a certain position. K. Why Muslims oppose Creation of Israel: Because it is based on wrong principles. The land of palestine is not the exclusive property of Jews only. It has to be shared by both Jews and Arabs. These are descendents of two sons of Abraham and they have w=equal rights. Jews have claimed unilateral dominion over it and turned our hundreds of thousands of Arabs who were living there for centuries. That is not acceptable and must be corrected. L. Will Jesus return to earth for a second time: Yes, jesus will return to earth close to End of days, we do not know when that will happen actually. So we cannot justify anything happening in the world as right or wrong saying that end of world is near.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.71, who="Frijoles" Didnt say it didnt. I was merely drawing attention to the fact that the more people worry about the future, they neglect the quality of the present. Ans. Well, there are extremists on both side, those whose entire preparation and efforts is for present life and they either reject or forget totally that they have to prepare for a future life. Then there are those whose entire emphasis is on future life and they do not do or want to do anything to better their lots in this present life. Islam’s teachings are a mid way between these two extremes. It asks Muslims to aim for success in the future life, but take every effort to make their lot better in the present life also. That is why it ordained Jihad or struggle for just cause as an edict for all Muslims. The famous supplication of Muslims is “O Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the hereafter and save us from the torment of the fire” (2:201). The advise given to QAROON (Koroth) according to Quran was: “but seek with the (wealth) which God has bestowed on thee, the Home of the Hereafter, but do not forget your portion in this world, but do good as God has been good to you , and seek not (occasions for) mischief in the land: for God does not love those who do mischief” (28:77). So if anyone Muslim or Non Muslim forget this teaching of Quran and exhaust all his energies in one side only, he will be the looser and lop sided success in any case. When Islam was at its peak, Muslims excelled in both Religious and secular Worlds, now in their downtrodden state, they have placed all their hopes in the success of hereafter (which is indeed the ultimate success)…..but God would certainly ask them why did they disobeyed God’s command to improve their lot in this world! Q.72, Who= MKOT Koran Sura 2:65-66 and Sura 5:60 contain references to Jews as “apes and swine to be despised and rejected.” Ans. So you have come out of Quranic verses saying that “Jews are sons of apes and pigs”…Let us see what is the translation of these Quranic verses: Ch: 2 verses 65, & 66:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 “And you well know those amongst you who transgressed in the matter of Sabbath; We said to them: “Be you apes despised and rejected”. So We made it an example to their own time and to their posterity, and a lesson to those who fear Allah” No where it says that jews are Children of Apes and Pigs. It says that Some Jews who transgressed the laws of Sabbath were transformed into Apes as a punishment. From where you got the idea and present day Jews and sons of those apes? Ch. 5 Verse 60: “Say shall I point out to you something much worse than this, (as judged) by the treatment it received from Allah? Those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil – these are many times worse in rank and far more astray from the straight path”. Here also Quran does not say that Jews are sons of apes and swine. It says that Allah punished some Jews by transforming them into apes and swine. That was punishment for their extreme transgression. So no where Quran says that Jews are Children of Apes and Swine…..how can it say when Jews are descendents of Abraham thru Isaac and so many prophets came from them? Those who are evil doers are a different class and they have no right to be counted amongst descendents of Abraham as jesus also said so many times in his sermons. Q.73, who="Neville Thompson" Hello MUQ, is there any mention in your scriptures that someone will appear and lead Islam into the future? Ans. In Quran Prophet Mohammad is mentioned as “Seal of Prophets” indicating that he is the Last and Final Prophet that come into the world. In Numerous sayings of prophet (Hadith) it is said by Prophet, that “I am the Last prophet and there shall come no prophet after me. Any one who says that I am prophet of Allah after me, he is a liar”. So no new prophet shall come into the world after our prophet. Only prophet Jesus (who was an earlier prophet) shall return to earth for a specific purpose, near the end of time. And that specific purpose would be to kill The Anti Christ (DAJJAL in Arabic) Now Muslims have the duty to convey the message of Islam to all humanity till the end of time and it is their duty. But in some sayings, prophet said that “Allah will appoint at the turn of each century MUJADDIDS (Renewal), who will purify the religion of Islam. But this is not an

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 article of faith and many people might not know or recognize the MUJADDID of their times. And they are not prophets and do not get any direct revelation or cannot add or modify any article of faith. Their role is only as a reformer to clarify religious position in light of prevailing conditions. Then along with the coming of Jesus, a righteous Muslim leader called Mehdi, shall also arise amongst Muslim, but he also shall be no prophet….he will lead Muslims in those difficult times, when Anti Christ shall have most power on this earth and persecute true servants of Allah. This is what I know about future leaders in Islam…. But at no time Muslims will be in shortage of true Islamic scholars and true servants of Allah, that would spread the message of Islam. As regards destiny of Islam , it is mentioned in Quran at three places: ‘It is He (i.e. Allah) who has sent His messenger (i.e. Mohammad) with Guidance (i.e. Quran) and a True Way of Life (i.e. Islam) so as to overcome (and subdue) All other ways of life, howsoever the unbelievers (and those having partners with Allah) might not like it”!! This is the destiny of Islam, to master and overcome all other ways of life!! Q.74, who="HughBe" Is God formless? “And God said, Let us make man in our IMAGE/resemblance, after our likeness..” “And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, and after his IMAGE/resemblance ….” Based on the two texts above did Adam believe that he looked like G-d/God? YES “Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the IMAGE of God made he man” Pardon me, I inserted IMAGE of God instead of IMAGE of ANGELS but I will leave it as is. Please see Genesis 9:6 in your own scripture for verification. “Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, thou that leadest Joseph like a flock; thou that dwellest between the cherubims, shine forth” Where does the Creator dwell? “..between the cherubims” Ans. You have raised a very sensitive and tricky question and one that needs a lot of contemplation. It is a very slippery path and we have to tread on it very carefully. A small slip could cause us into chasm and into error from where it is very difficult to come back.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Before I comment on the subject matter, let me put forward some basics: A. The Creator and Creations are different from each other: There is noting Common between them. B. Human minds and human brains are not capable to fully understand or fully grasp personality or attributes of Creator. C. Only way, in which Humans can get any knowledge about Creator is thru Revelation which God sends to His chosen Prophets and Messengers. All other ways to “understand and explain” personality and attributes of Creator are faulty. D. Since God has to communicate with humans, so He uses human terms and human language to give some insight into His personality. But since these human language and human words cannot fully express Divine nature and Divine attributes, there is always some ambiguity or some gap. E. In Most Scriptures of the world, God states that He is alone in this Universe and there in No one like Him. These verses could be small in numbers, but they put down the Basic rule for understanding Divine personality or attribute. Never, ever try to superimpose human properties or human standards to God. Be very , very careful. F. In Quran for example, we find only a few verses like “There is nothing like unto Him” and “Say, He is Allah, the Only, Allah the absolute, the Eternal, He begets not, nor was He begotten, and there is nothing like unto Him”. G. One this Basic rule has been understood carefully, we find verses in Quran that talk about, Hands of God, His Face, His Hearing, His Seeing, His Understanding, His Coming, His going, His Laugh, His Love etc….and In Bible His face, His Mouth, Feet , Hands etc… H. So these verses which describe “Human like” qualities of God are “Not to be interpreted with human deficiencies”!! The best and most safe approach is to “Leave them to majesty of God”!! God has Hands, Feet, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Face….etc as befitting the Majesty of God and they are not to be confused with Human Organs!! I. So when we read the verse that “God Created Adam in His image”….if was not the “Animal image which was God talking about”! But “Knowledge, mercy, understanding , reasoning and other qualities which distinguish humans from other animal species” The subject is very tricky and very sensitive, I do not know how far I am able to convey my understanding. I take refuge with God, if I did make any mistake or error. For God is High Above things which people attribute to Him.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.76, who="TexasMade" Can anyone shed some light on this for me. If the creationists have dated the planet Earth at 4,000 old and God threw off carbon dating results to test our faith, then what type of Raptor did Jesus likely ride on for transportation? I would think he would go Velociraptor, but then again he could have rode something completely different that we aren’t even aware of .. Like maybe a T-rexicorn? Ans. If anyone dates earth as being 4000 or 8000 or 10000 years old and quotes God as authority for that, then he or she is certainly wrong and God has nothing to do with such claims. If someone says that Adam and Eve descended on earth 8000 or 10000 years ago, then it is another thing and he may be right or wrong in his assumptions. But if he or she is Dogmatic about these dates and says, it is God Himself who has confirmed these dates, then it is his baseless charge against God. Quran the Last and Final Testament throws light on both these situations: A. On Creation of Life: It says “Say, travel thru the earth and see how God did originate creation; so will God produce a later creation, for God has power over all things” 29:20 This verse asks us humans to go and look for proofs (and dates) when and how the creation started on this earth. Carbon Dating and other tools are provided by God to help humans; they did not come by themselves. So if scientists by using these tools determine that earth is so many billion years old, or that specie lived so many million years ago, then there is nothing objectionable from Islamic point of view. B. How many generations separate us from Adam: On this Quran has following verse: “Has not the story reached you (O people!) of those who went before you; of the people of Noah, and AAD and THAMUD and of those who came after them? None knows them but God…” (14-9)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 So no one knows exactly how many generations separate us from Adam and Eve….the genealogies given in Bible and other books are man made and only approximate….there could be many more names missing than which are mentioned. So no one should be dogmatic about saying that Adam came 8000 or 10000 years back and that was the date when Earth was created. C. Did humans evolve from Animals?: On this Quran is emphatic that no, they did not. God created first parents Adam and Eve in full form as a separate Specie and they came to earth all of a sudden. The presence of man on earth was therefore a sudden event….one day before there was no man on earth….next day they appeared. So the scientific “theory” of evolution is wrong in this respect. D. What means of transport will Jesus use, when he comes on Second Coming: Again we can say, only God knows. As per our Hadith (sayings of prophet) literature, Jesus shall come back to earth to kill the Anti Christ…..he shall have a weapon whose range shall be as far as “eyes can see”. What this really means, we can only guess. He may use any of the “conventional transport” which people of that time use, or he may have some special transport….we do not Know….Allah knows Best and we revert our knowledge to Him. These are short answers to your queries. Each of them is a big subject in itself. Q.77, who="Az Zaqqum" First, don't call me a lady. I can't live up to that ;D Follow the prophet can not be a general instruction, as that would contradict the Quran saying it's complete. The hadith were not protected, there are unreliable hadith and hadith that say not to follow hadith. You can't have it both ways. And, you can't trust hadith as they weren't written down until Muhammad had been dead for over 200 years. You haven't explained why the Quran says not to follow hadith. You haven't explained why the Quran says it's complete. Do you believe that the Quran says it complete? Ans. I did not call you a lady, I asked you to mind your language when you answer to a lady…..the language which you used against Israelity was profane and I warned you against it. If Quran says “Follow the Prophet” and repeats it again and again, then it must be a general instruction. How we can ourselves put a restriction to it?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

I told you even the least authentic book of Hadith is much more reliable and authentic than the best authentic book of Bible. Yet in your eyes the books of Bible have more authority than books of Hadith.!! It is your folly that books of Hadith are unreliable and were not written down except after 200 years of prophet’s death. Writing down of Hadith had started even during the life time of prophet. There were many companions of prophet who wrote down Hadith. Persons who wrote down Hadith from Companions of prophet were many and all those books were incorporated into later books of Hadith. Transmission chain of every Hadith was carefully preserved and biographies of each and every narrator is available to verify his authenticity. It is a huge literature unparalleled by any other religious community on this planet. All that was done so as to preserve the words and actions of the Last and Final messenger. Even if the books of Hadith were written after 200 years of prophet’s death, there is no harm because we have complete chain of transmission for each and every Hadith. Compared to that books of Bible (first five books of OT, which are the core of OT) were written 800-1000 years after death of prophet Moses. And we have no record of who were the narrators for so many centuries. But still you and Jews and Christians accept these books as “books written down by Moses” and you not the least qualm in accepting them as words of God. On the other hand books of Hadith, which were written after 200 years (maximum 3 to 4 generations) with full chain of narrators looks to you as suspicious and unreliable. This is the dual standard which you and people like you follow and think it is very logical. We have discussed already how Quran is complete……Quran is complete on the subject which it deals…..but for other things it asks Muslims to follow and learn from prophet. By the way have you gone thru the verses which are addressed to prophet directly “With Arabic KAF at the end of words”…..does it shows that prophet was just a “postman” delivering the message. Far from being an Expert on Quran, I doubt whether you have even basic knowledge of Quran or can read its verses , without punctuation marks!! By the way, who put the punctuation marks on Quran and how were they put?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.78, who="Az Zaqqum" The Quran does not tell women that they can only have 1 husband especially if there are more men than women in any area. There is no punishment for it, either. The prophets conduct is in relation to following the Quran--that's it. That's what the Quran says. His only message was the Quran. His job was to deliver the message....like a pizza then split. Ans. With “Scholars and authority on Quran” like you, women can have more than one husband, (but men “must not” have more than one wives) … pigs and dogs can sleep with you on your beds…Charity, Prayers, fasting and Hajj all left to individual conveniences …. … And even homosexuality is not “banned” in Quran… That is why I said that every deviant group or sect in Islam first tries to get away from Hadith and Prophetic traditions…..once they break that link…..they can mould Quran any way they like. This is a standard and time tested technique and all your past posts confirm my suspicion that instead of following Quran…..you want Quran to follow your whims and fancies. God’s appointed Law Maker and Role Model and ideal personality…..you turn it into a post man….why should then God picked our prophet for that job, He could have picked any Tom , Dick and Harry from Makkan society (as the unbelievers wanted) and all would have been goody, goody there!! Next you will come and say that all those wars which prophet had with Makkan were “against teachings of Quran”!! To me, it is not a strange attitude, because I KNOW that once you get yourself FREE from following in the footsteps of Messenger of Allah….these are the roads to which Satan will take you!! Q.79, who="AussieBobby" Even I have learn not to trust or quote the Hadith on many things. I believe most if not all are for personal advantage to gain control the followers of your religion...just like the other religions Ans. You are entitled to your opinion. You can accuse any one without any proof.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 To accuse that most of Hadith were written for personal advantage and to gain control of followers (without proofs) is going to extremes. It can be proven that MOST of Hadith Scholars gained no personal advantage and were not leading and controlling their followers. Most of Hadith Scholar were learned Islamic scholars whose only aim in life was to preserve the sayings, actions and teachings of Last and Final Prophet of God for posterity. There were some persons of dubious characters also amongst that group (and which society is free from such people), but these were identified and their true worth was exposed before every one. The vast Hadith and Biographical literature of Islam is unparalleled in the world, many non Muslim envy this literature……but to most of our Muslim brothers, who do not want to take pains to study, research and accept or reject any Hadith on logical and reasonable ground….it has become fashionable to either accept “Anything and Everything” mentioned in these books or reject “everything and anything” mentioned in these books. The truth lies in between and both these extreme views are the results of lack of efforts and lack of commitment from these people. Q.80, who="Lipush" Which brings you to appreciate the afterlife more then this life. You appreciate death more then life. You are making a big mistake if you think you make the creator happy by doing that. No other nation thinks that but the Arab Muslim one. take that to mind. Ans. We do not despise this life…we consider it as a preparation ground for the life in hereafter. What we sow in this world , we will reap in the hereafter. In Islam, we do not denigrate the pleasures of this earth. But they should be within the bounds set by our Creator. Over-indulgence in pleasures of this world and totally forgetting about hereafter is the trait which is condemned by Islam, I think Islam is the only religion, which maintains a perfect balance between life on this earth and life in hereafter. It gives each place what is its due.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.81, Who=MKOT You are laboring very hard to bring logic to a discussion and I am taking the time to read, not skim, your heartfelt postings. We disagree on many things, agree on probably more. MUQ is here to soften western posters to the message of Jihad. He has proven his fundamentalist views on the supremacy of Islam, double standard for women and a total intolerance for the existence of a Jewish State. While many other eyes may read and hear your arguments, MUQ never will. I still applaud your sincere efforts.My greatest disagreement is any analogy that equates terrorism with sovereign nations, Ans. Yes I know we are exchanging post after a long time. We broke the link, once we had stated our respective positions. I am here to clarify and defend Islamic position on any issue which is raised by opponents of Islam, be it the concept of Jihad, Islamic Justice system or Women’s rights in Islam. You have right to defer, but you cannot prove that Islamic systems are simply barbaric, unreasonable and illogical. Islam might have a different concept of society than the Modern Western world, but it would be in the best interest of Muslims and West both, if we respect each other and do not try to “bring the other side to our side”. The one sided and hate propaganda in western media and by western people on this and on every thread to demonize Islam and Muslims and every thing and every issue related with Islam and Muslims is deplorable. I am trying my level best to answer these accusations, but I use civil language and try to reason out with people. Jihad and Independent agents: I agree with you, that Islamic concept of Jihad, does not encourage individual acts of war by every citizen. It has to be a proper war and under a commander who has reasonable following. But there are situations which are desperate and call for desperate measures. Some one who has lost his close relatives in a Bomb or a Missile or a Drone attack by US or NATO forces in Afghanistan is desperate and mad with fury. How can one reason with such people?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 These are the people who are mainly carrying out these types of suicide bombings. Is there any justice system in the world that can answer their grievances? As per US and NATO, EVERYONE killed by their Bombs, Missiles and Drones was a CONFIRMED AL QAEDA AND / OR TALIBAN ACTVIST!! The Chapter is closed!! Same attitude is taken by Israel for every action done by their police and army on Palestinians. These are the basic acts which give rise to these suicide bombings. If people were honest, unbiased and unjust, they would have reacted to this Government sponsored acts of Terrorism with the same horror and revulsion as they do for these suicide bombers, the problem would have long been solved. But people in the false notion of patriotism and defending their Army and police at any cost, try to look other way and are very lenient and broad minded when these complaints are lodged. And it is not specific to one country only. In fact EVERY country is guilty of this crime. What is the solution for this problem is beyond my scope. But I NEVER condone any Terrorist act done by ANYONE. But I do not mince my words. In my eyes a terrorist blowing himself in a crowded place and killing innocent people, is as big a terrorist, as a Fighter or Bomber pilot, firing a Missile or Bomb into a civilian area. Just because he is in army fatigue and has three or four stars on his uniform, does not make him a lesser terrorist. In fact he is a bigger terrorist!! Israel: Yes I have all sympathies with Israel. The problem is once you laid the first foundation stone of a building crooked, howsoever high that building goes, it shall always be crooked. The same is the case with Israel and land of Palestine. They could never live in peace in that land for past 3000 years. That is their destiny. The only peace they found in that land was when Muslims were ruling over them between 650 CE and 1917 CE!! The moment they tried to establish their own country, the violence started. So if I were you, I would recommend them to live in peace by going back to the situation of pre 1917!! They simply CANNOT live in peace by stealing land from their neighbors and acting like a bully in the religion. They think that they show of force will cower other people and they will live like mice and cockroaches and leave them to roar in the land like a tiger unleashed. It is their folly. You have to give peace to receive peace. You have to give respect to get respect. And you have to act justly to receive justice. These are two way streets and not one way streets.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.83, who="HarryPotter"] Mankind makes the assumption that the creator is in the image of man. Where is the proof and evidence for this? Where is the proof and evidence of the afterlife? Quran was initially passed down by word of mouth before it was ever written. What proof and guarantee you have that it contains the exact words that were professed other than your blind biased faith.? Ans. You have asked three Big Questions and all of them cannot be answered fully in such short space. I will only give you short answers: A. Mankind makes the assumption that Creator is in the image of Man: Image does not always mean physical shape. Creator is unlike any of His Creations (which is very reasonable)….Creator is not made of Material body as men (Because he created Matter also)….So this image is not in real but allegorical sense…..that is humans also have some very imperfect notions of some of Creators attributes….like Knowledge, Wisdom, Reason, Mercy etc. B. Evidence of After Life: When we see that people doing good and following straight path are not always rewarded in this life….and many persons doing wrong things and cheating and killing and persecuting people live lives of luxury and get no punishment in this life…… shows us that there must be a court in which all these wrongs will be corrected. When every thing in this universe is controlled, why there is no control on human actions….these thoughts lead us to necessity of an after life…..and when we get confirmation from Prophets of God that indeed there is an after life….it adds to our faith and providers confirmation. C. Quran, Oral or written: It is correct that Quran was revealed orally to our prophet (because he did not knew how to read or write)…..but once it was revealed to him, he immediately informed it to his followers. Then he would call one of his scribe and ask him to write it down….then he will ask his scribe to read it to him (to confirm that he has done it correctly). Then the Quran would be read in daily prayers in front of all Muslims…it took 23 years for Quran to be revealed…..thousands of his followers memorized the Quran during his life time….Quran was read by Muslims in their nightly prayers….long portions of it…

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Within two years of prophet’s death (when thousands of his companions were still alive), whole Quran was compiled in the form of book…..it was endorsed by all of his companions…. The third Caliph Othman, 20 years after death of prophet had copies of the same Quran made and distributed to all major provinces of Islamic nation. Two of those copies still survive this day…..All Quran copies in existence match exactly with this Quran. I do not know of any other book, which can pass any of these tests. If Quran is not Authentic, then NO BOOK in the World can claim authenticity!! Q.84, who="Mea Martell" With other words when judging in any religious matter, only those with a vested interest in at least one religion can judge! That to me seems like getting the wolf to guard the sheep! Just because you believe in something does not make it true! Ans. You use "Standard Weight" to judge other weights? So you must use a "Master and Well guarded Scripture" to judge other scriptures as to how far they were corrupted or manipulated. And the LATEST version of any law, superseded all previous laws on the same issue. It is reasonable and logical and without any bias. Q.85, who="AG" 1. thank for your respond MUQ, I'm not shy to say something I really believe, but I think this thing has some wrong conceptions, for Muslims who were born as Muslims like us ( and in the case of no compulsion in religion ) they have no any chance to think seriously about their religion , they have to accept it without thinking and if they have some doubts they'll just hide them . they'll just stay as hypocrites . And that's won't give any strength to Islam. Ans. Thank you for your post.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 In fact Islam is so logical and so reasonable and no tuned to human nature…. That it looks so strange that people will be having second thought after being a Muslims to change their faith after they become Muslims. The problem is most Muslims do not study their own religion and at the same time have no knowledge about other religions too. They just follow mechanically what they see their parents doing and their Islam is that much deep. Theologically speaking, every Muslim has 15 years to study about Islam and justify his or her position. If he or she has any doubt about Islam and wants to denounce it, it should be done when they come of age, there would be no blame on them and they would be at par with those who are born Non Muslims. In fact it is Islam’s challenge and that is what I am also saying that if any one can prove that their religion or their system is better than Islam, then I am prepared myself to accept that system. But these days people do not attack islam openly (those days have passed for ever)… they make tangent attack on Islam. They cite acts of misguided Muslims as Islamic acts and then choose these acts to malign Islam. This is a very wrong approach. First they should know what are Islamic teachings or any issue and prove that they are harmful or detrimental to human society. The actions of Muslim can only be taken as proof when no Islamic teaching is available on that issue. Not only Islam, this rule is applicable for every other religion also. Actions of followers of any religion cannot be taken as proof of rightness or wrongness of that religion. The Quranic verse you have quoted is very correct and timely reminder to All Muslims…. That they have to turn back to Islam if they want to change their condition. Q.86, Who=pete-O Search without bias, done that. I searched without bias and looked at as many religions as I reasonably could. I saw a similar construct to them all, most bronze age beliefs born of superstition not backed up by scientific evidence. Show evidence of Allah going to heaven on a winged horse. 2)I agree many things are outside the purview of science. However, your claim of a "soul" existing can not be met with any statement of

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 fact. Please define mesmerism. I need more info to comment on the rest of this point. Ans. Many things you have written in your post are true and show that you are open minded and you are soft spoken and you are reasonable. Such traits are rare (at least on Topix threads!!). There is a lot of misconnection in the society about religion and let me say it is due to duplicity, hypocrisy and actions of those who hold high positions in religious hierarchy. Church has been specially brutal in middle ages to force people to its beliefs and to stifle progress of science and knowledge. The present Materialistic society and concept we see in Europe and America is a reaction to that sufferings. People is rejecting Church and its teachings, also rejected every other religion and religious concepts, thinking that it will also be like Church teachings and like Christianity. But if the attitude of Church was wrong, so is the attitude of Modern society. They went to one extreme and they went to another extreme. While the middle path was the most appropriate and logical. In Islam, we give due regard to human intelligence and what he can do using that intelligence. Science is a study of nature and finding HOW things are working in nature. In fact WHY would GOD be offended, if humans find HOW things are working in nature? Science is a also a Gift given by God to humans, He gave us eyes, ears, and brain to think and ponder on nature and HOW they work!! In Quran there are many verses that describe these natural phenomenon and ask humans to think about them. But there is a constructive thinking and there is a destructive thinking. In constructive thinking we use this nature and its intricacies to marvel at the Power, mercy and Wisdom of our Creator…..and in destructive thinking we use whatever small knowledge we gather to PROVE that there is no God and He does not exist….etc. Unfortunately most of modern day scientists are supporting the destructive thinking and have taken a unified stand against the concept of God and religion…. This attitude is harmful for human society and it would lead to their destructions. My position is to help make a sort of bridge between the two extremes.\ There is no real conflict between science and religion, there spheres are different from each other.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Science deals with material world and cause and affect, religions deal with laws and ways to live our lives in accordance with the laws and guidance given by our Creator and fulfill purpose of our lives. There is no real conflict between the two. Q.87, who="Captcanuck" Science has answers you just don't like them as it conflicts with your religious belief. A theory on why the big bang occurred has been given by the scientists you just don't like it. Your weak argument that nothing comes out of existence by itself as you say then how did God come about? He is an exception to your rule? A supreme being is a religious belief not a fact. Gravity is a fact. Ans. I have no qualms in accepting any thing which is an established fact of science. My religion is the most scientific of all so called religions present in the world today. What is science but to explore the nature and universe and find out how things are working? Finding any truth will have no affect on our religion, because our God asks us to ponder on nature and Universe and find out how they are working. What we object and are not ready to accept are the “half cooked theories” of scientists to explain something about which they have no proof or knowledge, just pure speculation based on very insufficient data. Such theories are non scientific at all and are against principles of science itself. For example science does not deal with Non Materialistic things and cannot deny their non existence. It has to keep quite on such issues, because they are outside its purview. Everything else except God is Created and God alone is the one who is Uncreated. This is not an unscientific belief, because every process has to has a start and God is the source of all Creation. So you cannot apply human logics to the personality of God. I believe that Science and religion can help each other and can jointly do a lot of good to make this world a better living place.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 It is a tragedy that because of atrocities of Christian Church for many centuries, Scientists have mostly turned into atheists and reject God and religion without thinking. Islam had never fight with scientists and Muslim scientists were believers in God and they did their scientific experiments. No one oppressed them, any discovery of nature caused them joy and happiness as to find out one more proof of “Power, Wisdom and Mercy” . Not the scientists of our times for whom every such discovery is a “proof against existence of God and their conquering of nature”!! Q.88, Who=Saviour Self Yes, I believe I mentioned that I know Islam has an inherent respect for Jesus and considers Him a prophet. Everyone knows what the Quran says about Jesus and His mother. When I mentioned what Jesus would have to say about your treatment of women. I was referring specifically to your somewhat irrational defense of the topic we were discussing of the gang-rape victim who was sentenced to be publicly lashed more than TWICE the number of times that her attackers were sentenced to be lashed, and what He would think of your nation that has allowed itself to be so degenerate by any standard of human decency that such a ruling would come down from the highest court in your land. Ans. A. Jesus and Muslims I wish that even 1 % of Modern day Christians KNOW what Quran says about jesus, his mother and his mission and in which high regards Muslims hold Jesus!! That would be the biggest achievement in 1400 years.!! B. Punishment to the girl: I think your needle is stuck in that case. You think (or have been made to think) that Islam distinguishes between men and women in punishment for sexual crimes. It is not so, the punishment for both men and women are same. The double punishment given to the girl was because she could not prove the charges of rape against the accused. Neither was she able to prove the case of kidnapping against those people. She confessed of having illegal relations with one man and then going and to meet him in a secluded place. So she was punished for those crimes. The boys were

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 punished for meeting the stranger woman and were punished once. It was the matter of evidence and not discrimination. In your own country, O J Simpson was acquitted for lack of evidence, was it justice for the murdered couple? Take another case, in your society, a girl accuses some people of raping her…on investigation it is found that this girl is a member of counterfeit gang……the punishment for rape (in your country) is 2 years and for making counterfeit currency is 20 years. The charges of rape are proven against the boys but not of counterfeiting, while in the case of girl it is proven that she indeed made counterfeit currency. The girl gets 20 years in jail and the boys 2 years in jail. Is it right to say that girl got punished 10 times more than the boys? C. Kingdom and Diabolism: 1. If you think Kingdom is Diabolical, please convey this to Queen of England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!!. Say that to King of Spain and so many other kings in the world. 2. In my view there is nothing diabolical in Kingdom. What is needed is a just ruler who has faith of his people. The one who cares for his people. 3. Any system which elects and re-elects Terrorists and Liars like George W Bush s and Tony Blair s is in need of drastic overhaul!! You first perfect your democracy and then preach others for its “heavenly bliss”. Q.89, Who=Think From your text then as what you wrote Allah is a man. You called Allah- He and HIMSELF. So it is then possible from the Quran since the Quran states Allah is a man, that it could very well be that Allah does have a begotten Son, Since Allah awards virgins to those that fight for His cause. It appears Allah is sexually active in heaven as the Quran reveals. Ans. Allah is neither a Man, nor a Woman. Allah is free from any sex related things. This male and female issues are for humans and not for Allah. As to your question, why Allah is always addressed in masculine gender and not in feminine gender….well you should know that in Arabic, there is no “neutral gender”….things are either Masculine of Feminine gender. For example, Table is feminine gender and the Chair is Masculine gender!!.....This is the language and we should respect it.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 So Allah could have been either addressed as Masculine or as a feminine ….. so the same question would arise, if feminine gender was used. To use once as a masculine and at other time as feminine would be more complex. That is why Allah chose to address Him in Masculine gender and the same thing is followed in Biblical books and all other past scriptures also (if my knowledge is correct).. Allah knows best. Allah having a son, is itself ridiculous, because He is Unique and there is none like Him. Why should He have a Son? Why does He need a Son? In case of humans , we need sons and daughters so our race survives and these sons and daughters are help to us in our old age and in our needs. Allah is free from all such defects. So saying that Allah Begot a Son….is a curse and blasphemy against Allah. As to Allah rewarding believers with virgins in the hereafter….is for their enjoyment and not for Allah Q.90, Who=Nauchandi It is not having the patience to discuss the issue! It is because the discussions always start as Allah believes and they become preaching sessions and the like, It does not continue as a discussion because once the non muslim says anything as to but why, the following comment is "because Allah says"! That is then not a discussion of your words it is a discussion of the non muslim and the other person reciting quotes at a non believer? Where other religions are saying god will lead the way IF you believe! Muslims are saying if you don’t follow you will suffer! Hence the difference between the brainwashing of the 2, one of them- is IF you go , The other is- You must go! Obviously the Christian cult started 2000 yrs ago and it had its discrepancies and then 600 years into Christianity someone has come up with a different avenue that instead of saying If you believe god will lead the way They started Islam saying that you must believe OR ELSE! Has anyone ever considered this, as the reason that islam is 1400 yrs old and Christianity is 2000 yrs old! Ans.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 This is not the way to discuss about religion that you become prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner your self!! The proper way to discuss about any religion is first to verify their scriptures, their authenticity and their fundamental article of faith and check how far they are derived from those scriptures. Then we should discuss how reasonable are those article of faith and do we find them in other scriptures also. In your post you have muddled every thing and framed charges against Islam and then given your own verdict and condemned it as a false religion. This is not the way, and that is why is aid that it is difficult to find even one person on this thread who can carry out serious discussion. Their knowledge about their own religion is very little and about other religion is next to nothing!! They just frame charges from hearsay and present them as their scholarly proofs. Your post is also like this, and how can I respond to such posts? Q.91, Who=Think But see there is no teaching about what sin is against GOD. What is sin? does sin offend God? You say be a muslim for what? Non-muslims do good deeds just the same as muslims. Christians pray to GOD. So why be a muslim? Ans. Any willful action or thought against any Law, commandment, or instructions of God or His true messengers is called Sin in Islamic jurisprudence. Any one committing sin, should repent and turn back and pray to Allah for forgiveness and resolve not to repeat it……that is repentance. If he has wronged someone or taken his property, he should restore it or make peace and forgiveness from that person. This is Islamic idea of sin and repentance. Just doing good deeds are not enough….both faith and good deeds are needed to be a good Muslim or a good servant of God. That was the teaching of all prophets of God and even Jesus….before this Paul of your came and removed the “good deed” part from it and made it one legged standing on only Faith and believe!! And that has hade his followers looking down on “deeds” part of their religion. They only have to BELIEVE and every thing will be OK for them.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Q 92, who="HughBe" BMZ or MUQ What is the meaning of RAISE YOU in the passage below? 3:55 [Mention] when Allah said, "O Jesus, indeed I will take you and raise you to Myself and purify you from those who disbelieve and make those who follow you [in submission to Allah alone] superior to those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection. Then to Me is your return, and I will judge between you concerning that in which you used to differ Ans. BMZ has already given you the answer. I agree with him, that we should take ALL the verses of Quran and Authentic Prophetic sayings before we try to understand meaning of these verses. Quran confirms that Jesus did not die on the cross (4:157) and God “raised him up unto Himself” (4:158) (In fact same Arabic World RAFA used in both places). There are many Authentic and reliable prophetic sayings, telling that Jesus shall descend to earth, very close to “End of Time”. So seen in this light the Arabic Word “TUAFFI” (which really means to take full control and is used for death in allegorical senses at many places in Quran also) , would not mean that it should be taken as proof that Jesus died on this earth (if not on cross , then after some time). So in this Quranic Verses (Just before Jews came to capture Jesus and referring to the Night Scene as depicted in Gospel of Luke…..when Jesus prayed to God for help ….and an angel appeared to strengthen him Luke 22:43. ….) Luke did not record what Angel told Jesus, Apparently this Quranic verse is saying what Angel Told to Jesus (as a message from God): God (through that Angel) Told Jesus: 1. O Jesus, I am taking you into my Control (No harm will come to you). 2. I will raise you up to heaven (in body and spirit). 3. I will purify your name and honor from what false charges, your enemies are putting on you. 4. I will see to it that people who follow you (Christians and Muslims afterwards) shall always be superior and have power and strength over those who are rejecting you (mainly Jews). (That is in this world)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 5. And I will make the final settlement of your dispute, when all of you shall come to me in the Hereafter. You can see, how EACH and EVERY of this message was proven true in past 2000 years. It also proves a prophesy of Quran: Was it only a “Lucky Guess” by Prophet Mohammad that Muslims shall always Out Number Jews and shall always be more powerful than them!! Q.93, Who= Good Fairy I HAVE A QUESTION'S FOR YOU? I love Beer-sheva after all that is Abraham's right? Why did Abraham marry his beloved Hagar, if he did not want all his children to share in Israel/Palestine? Seems to me only the CONVERT Zionist are against "Jews and Muslims" who are both the rightful owners of the land together right? Did you know that the ZIONIST are CONVERTS? Did you know that CONVERT ZIONIST abuse persecute hate blood Jews inside of the Community because they are Semitic in race? Ans. Here are answers for ALL your questions!! A. Abraham and His Family Prophets of God are least interested in colonizing uncharted lands…..they think much above these levels….their only aim is to propagate the message they have received from God to as wide and as far it can be spread. That is what Prophet Abraham did, he settled one branch of his family (Ishmael) in Arabia so that whole Peninsula of Arab and Yemen may receive God’s message. And he settled another branch of his family (Isaac) in the land of Syria and Palestine, to spread the message of God in that religion. And these two were the strategic places in those times for world’s major trade routes between Asia and Africa. And he sent his nephew Lot to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for the same purpose. Whole life of Prophet Abraham was spent in the service of God and he is role model for all those who follow Monotheistic religion. In Quran he is described as “Friend of

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Allah” and that title was not given to him “just for being ready to sacrifice his son” as described in Bible. B. Ishmael and Isaac: It is people who have made Ishmael and Isaac as each other’s adversary…in reality there was not the least amount of animosity or jealousy amongst these righteous prophets of God. They were blood brothers as well as brothers in prophet hood. C. On Zionists: You could be right that these Zionist Jews are converted Jews. There is nothing wrong in any one to convert to a true religion and we should not hold that against them. But this Zionist philosophy is wrong, it is based on wrongs to be committed to other people. It is irrespective if its followers are true Jews,. Converted Jews or fake Jews. Someone told me that most of Zionists are indeed Christians who are brainwashed by few Zionists Jews. It is these Christian Zionists who are the backbone of this Zionist movement. They do all “dirty works” for their jewish Zionists….they provide Money, Arms, Political Lobbying and every other things required by Jewish Zionists. There are thousands of ‘Weird Christian Churches” who are full time busy in preaching the message of Zionism and collecting and distributing aid to Zionists in Israel. HAGEE is one of those Weird Christian Zionist in USA. Q.94, Why preach religion on a scientific thread? Ans. Some people might think that it is not “ethical” to preach religion on a Thread that deals with Evolution, but the way these BTOE fellows are behaving at the mention of after life, takes my mind back to 1400 years at the time when our prophet was delivering his message to his fellow country men in Makkah. There is a strange similarity in the attitudes and objections of those Pagan Makkah people and our Highly Intelligent and Scientifically trained BTOE Blind followers. Many or let me say that majority of objection which present day BTOE followers are raising against Allah, Prophet, Quran and After life were also raised by those people steeped in ignorance and not having any knowledge of modern science.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 In fact this is an argument against BTOE itself!! That humans have not evolved a bit in these 1400 years! A. Basic Tenets of Faith: When our prophet started his mission, he concentrated on the Three Basic Tenets of faith and these were: 1. Absolute Unity of Creator and His Right for exclusive Worship: 2. The office of Prophethood and its position. 3. The concept of After life and Individual accountability before Creator. The prophet faced stiff opposition from unbelievers on all the three basic tenets. In fact the whole 13 years of prophet’s life in Makkah were spent in educating and arguing and debating people on these points. Most of Quranic chapters and verses revealed in Makkah deal with these three subjects one way or the other. Out of these three, Makkah people did have a sort of belief in their Creator, Cherisher and their Lord, which they knew by the word Allah. The only question was His right to be worshipped and followed exclusively. There was no dispute on the existence of Creator in those days. The concept of Prophethood was new to them, and they thought that any prophet should be amongst the leaders of tribe or some one with lot of wealth and worldly power. They had less regard for the values of virtues and noble life which our prophet led. But some how or the other they could be convinced to the office of prophet hood. But the thing which amazed them most and was the subject of much merriment and amusement was this idea of after life. a. Once we are dead and our bones are made as dust, will we and all our forefathers will be raised up and give our account? b. How is it possible for any dead man to come to life again? c. We have never seen it happening d. When this will happen? Tell us the day and Time e. Why does he not bring us any proof? Why cant he bring our great grandfather back from dead and testify that prophet is speaking the truth. f. Why we also cannot see angels of God and why they do not speak to us also? At least let the prophet bring some angel to walk with him.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Quran patiently listened to their objections and provided answers to all of them which will convince any reasonable and right thinking mind. What I find amusing is that our BTOE fellows are putting on the same objections after 1400 years, there is hardly any new objection and even if it seems a new objection, it is merely in changing the order of words or use some jargon phrase. I see our BTOE stalwarts asking us: a. To show us God and His Angels. b. To bring proof and evidence that After life exists. c. To bring back any one from dead and let him testify that after life is true. In addition they use abusive and insulting words for me, I must admit that they are not as strong or as absurd as which Makkah people used against our prophet. If I write a monograph listing all the objections which Makkah people raised on our prophet and Quran and Life after death and match with what our present day BTOE stalwarts are saying, we will find strange similarities between the two!! What does it prove? The falsehood uses the same arguments and same armaments against the truth. The stand of falsehood against truth is always the same. So the proponents of falsehood should face the same punishment in hereafter, irrespective of which age they belong to!! Q.95, Why Revelation is a Source of Knowledge? Ans. Now some one has objected as to why I have included revelation as the one of the three sources of knowledge. Let me clarify my stand. There are three types of happenings in this world: A. To know truth about any Past or present event on this earth: B. To verify truth about any Scientific Discovery C. To know truth about any future event: Let us see, the role and dependability of revelation in all these cases: A. Knowing truth about any past or present event: a. This is the age of information technology and the age of thousands of dedicated 24 hours News Channels, so much so that many people fail to realize importance of certain basic facts.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

b. The truth of any event happening is the Eye Witness account. Every news that we hear must be traced to an eye witness that observed it. The dependability and authenticity of any news depends on the authenticity and accuracy of eye witness. c. That is why we see that many times these news channels report “false news” for which they have to apologize afterwards. This is because they did not check or verify their “eye witness” and reported from hearsay. d. Similarly for any event that happened in the past, the primary source is the eye witness who saw that event. That man may transmit the information to others either in verbal form or in written form. e. The accuracy of any past event depends upon the accuracy of those who transmitted it from eye witness verbally and / or the accuracy or authenticity of the original written account. f. Other writings which are not based on eye witness account come in the category of “Creative writings” or “creating history” or “Historical fictions”. g. It can be seen that human evidence and recording system suffers from many defects and it is almost impossible to have a 100 % correct information for any past or present event, if we examine minutely the available evidence. h. Then there is a direct source of information, in which God the Creator of Universe, who is Omnipresent and Omniscient; informs the true position of any past and present event to His chosen messenger. This is direct line of Communication, in which there is no error. The Source is error free, the carrier is error free and the recipient is error free!! That is why revelation is the most reliable source to know the truth about any past or present event. B. Scientific Experiments: a. The basic source is the person who does that experiment. He records his findings in form of a book or monograph for other to check and verify. This is true for each and every scientific discovery, law, postulate and every thing. b. When other people check and verify, that experiment or discovery becomes fact and law for others to follow. If I write a chemical equation by my own, even if it looks 100 % OK and well balanced , it will not be truth, unless it is performed in a laboratory!! c. It is by this mean that science has reached to its present condition. Without following these basic principles there would have been no progress at all!!. d Revelation usually does not interfere in these matters, but in some cases God in His infinite mercy, does provide some hints for humans!! Or mentions the end result in advance!! Therefore revelation is a source of guidance in many such cases. C. Future Events: Now what is the rule to predict any future event?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

a. There is no fixed rule, if it is a purely mechanical matter, science by observing present condition can predict that such and such thing will happen at such and such time (like times of sun rise and suns set, time of high and low tides, times for lunar and solar eclipses etc). b. If it is not in that clause, then people just predict because of their whims and fancies and based on the available data. c. Some times the prediction could be right and many times they are wrong. Like some one predicted in 1790 that Britain has coal left only for 25 years!! Or some one predicted in 1980 s that Saudi Arabia has oil reserves that will last for 30 years at the most!! d. Most predictions that are made by “scientists” have proven to be wrong, because it is not their field. e. the people most active in predicting future are astrologers, Sooth Sayers, spiritual doctors, palmists and many such fields. None of these are reliable and if one is proven true then 99 will be proven wrong. f. Revelation is the only reliable source for predicting any future event. Because the source of this info is Creator, whose knowledge of Past, present and future is Perfect. That is why I say that there are only three sources of Knowledge: A. Personal Knowledge or Eye witness knowledge. B. Acquired knowledge, thru books written by original experimenter or original eye witness. C. Revelation send by God Al Mighty to His Chosen Prophet or messenger. And that is why in Quran, Allah rebukes those “Who dispute regarding Allah, without knowledge, guidance or Perspicuous Book”!! Q.96, What happens when “Big” people die? Ans. We see when all these Powerful People die -Some of them are Titled as His Holiness (Popes and other High Dignitaries of Church) … -Some as Your Royal Highness (Kings and Queens) -Some as Your Highness (Presidents and heads of states) -Some as Your Excellencies (Ambassadors and Ministers etc. )

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

-Some as Your Lord (Chief justices , Judges and others in legal system). - Some as Three, Four, Five, Six or Seven Star Generals (Chiefs of Army and other High Military ranks) Many of these people are buried with lots and lots of pomp and show, rows upon rows of mourners…country flags at half masts…..guns saluting the departed soul … eulogies in News Papers and TV and many other things. But did nature made any efforts or any special treatments for these people when they were born or during their life on this earth? No A. Birth: They were all conceived in the normal way, by sexual act between their “real” father and mother. They all grew up in their mother’s womb, like any other human child, getting the same nourishment. They were all born in the same natural way and getting the same feed (their mother’s milk). Their inside systems were same as any other human child, they breathed same air, drank same water and their digestive , respiratory and other systems were just same. They all had same body parts, two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears, etc…. Even though they were born in different countries, some in poor and some in rich families, but their similarities as child are much more than their differences due to these reasons. B. Special Gifts: Some of these may have more mental or physical powers than average human children, but it is not easy to quantify these qualities at birth and get certain knowledge about this. There is nothing much to differentiate between these future “Super Men” and Normal men before, during and after birth. Each of them comes empty handed, with natural gifts of six senses and a thinking mind and a “Bank balance of So many Days of Life on this earth”!! Nothing else is given to a human Child at Birth!! C. Learning and Programming:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 As these children grow up, they are programmed and educated by their parents, schools, their societies and their environment. They use these and based on their own mind power and their reasoning power and their energies, they build up their carrier on this earth. D. Choices, Choices and Choices every where: When they start their struggle, they find choices at every stage. Based on their attitude and reasoning, they choose which path to take. Using their reasoning power and concentrating their energies they chose to the levels of Your Holiness, Your Majesties, Your Highness and Other exalted positions as applicable. Many of these people misuse their powers and are causes of suffering, murder and injustices to scores of other humans. If they chose they could have become upright, honest and kind people so as to protect virtues and become shining examples of good ness on this earth. Some other humans chose to become Terrorists, Propagators of Hate, bullies and rapists, murderers, robbers and some other choose to become honest, upright people, devoting their lives for the services of their Creator and for the welfare of other humans. E. Should the end of all people become same: When we see so much difference in the acts done by these humans, when nature gave them no preference at birth. Should it not call to account these people for what they did with the time period they have on this earth? That is why death is ordained for every one…to equalize them!! As they were born equal….in the same way they die as equal. When they die….all their pompous titles are stripped away and they appear empty handed common mortal to give account for their deeds. Now the only currency acceptable is what they have done on this earth….not wealth, nor power and nor any nationality, color of skin, language and advancement in science and technology. The outer skin of body (wealth, position and social status) is stripped away and they stand with what they have earned. Q.97, Why are those the only two options? Where is the option that says that our good and bad deeds outlive us in the memories of those we affected? That those results have ramifications for our offspring and other relatives?
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Why must someone be punished or rewarded for the sum of their good and bad acts? Why can't one's punishment be a life lived as a disliked asshole because of their bad acts, or a life lived with friends and family who like the person because of their good acts? Why can't one's life of misery be punishment enough? Why can't one's life of happiness be reward enough? Because you have a demand for something more? Ans. I only want to comment on only two “sensible” points which were posted to me: 1. Why is it necessary for any one to be punished for bad deeds? ….their miserable life on this earth is enough punishment….. a. If every evil doer was leading a miserable life….there was some truth in this logic. b. But it is a fact that many evil doers lead a luxurious life……many are even revered by their followers and many end their life in pomp and show. c. There are evil doers, whom the people and army defend with all their might, so that they will evade “the fruits of their evildoings”. c. Yet on the other hand, the thousands and even millions of their victims have no recourse to the justice. No one hears their voice, they are even fired upon if they demand justice…. d. How can we say, that the “miserable” life of evil doers is enough punishment for their deeds. e. Reverse is also true for doers of good. f. If this universe is running on laws and regulations, how come there is no rule on these things? It is illogical to say, that every thing else in the world is regulated , except the consequences of what a man does or fails to do in his life time. g. This is not my “personal demand”…..left to me, I will be most happy, if there was no answering for my deeds, but this is not according to my choice. It is a fact which we are told. 2. Our Good deeds or bad deeds outlive us in he memories of those affected: a. This is a very feeble option. How it affects the perpetrators of crimes, if people hate or love him after he is dead?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 b. Then there are many whose evil deeds are hidden by their position (like GWB, Cheney and Blair). The nation is at their back to protect them and there are people who also glorify them. c. As for having ramifications for our offspring and relative, this is a very illogical option too. Why to punish some one else for the crimes of others? d. Therefore this option is also not logical or reasonable. The third option as revealed by our Creator is that , He has fixed a day, on which every soul that lived on this earth, shall be resurrected and on that day, Justice shall be done to every evildoer and Rewards shall be given to every doers of Good. This is a very reasonable and logical option and this is the only option, because it is confirmed by revelation from our Creator and we have no choice in it!! Q.98, What is proof of life after death? Ans. Proof of after life Now these people have asked me proof of after life. A. What can be the proofs for a thing which is not materialistic? 1.If we want to say that nothing which is non materialistic does not exist, then I have nothing more to say, and leave people to believe that our conscience, our feelings of hate, love, thirst, hunger, fear, etc hundreds of thousands of things do not exist at all. 2. To prove things which are not material and in spiritual world, we need to prove it by reason, logic and when we are convinced that indeed such a scheme has no logic flaw and is probable, the confirmation is to be supplied by Revelation form God Al Mighty, if the thing be so important that it needs revelation. B. Case for Hereafter: 1. Now the case of After life is very strong, because we do see humans with virtually unlimited powers over every thing else on this planet including other humans. 2.These powers are not available to any other species of the world or our known universe. 3. Then we see that some humans use these powers in good sense and do a lot of good to their fellow humans and humanity at large. These people despite doing good do not always get their due reward and / or recognition while they live on this earth. 4. On the other hand we find people doing evil. They swindle millions, some times they kill millions and show extreme cruelty to a large number of people of their own country or to a different cultural, racial or linguistic background.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

5. Human justice system and human prejudices are such that many people even support these evil doers. They spend their life in luxury and in palaces and are guarded day and night by their armies and country folks. 6. Their pomp and position make them immune form all human made laws, so they are never called to account. 7. There are crimes, which cannot be punished in this life, because of limitation of human life itself. 8. There is no human designed system which can either punish the guilty or reward the doers of good fully, irrespective of what ever we try. C. Need for hereafter: 1. So, the reason, the logic and the justice and mercy demands that there should be a place and time where all the accounts could be settled and humans be made answerable to a higher authority for what they did. Neither poor should be asked to go away, neither the powerful have any distinction in that court. 2. This court is therefore only possible in Hereafter and not in this world. 3. So there is no logical absurdity, or error is believing that there should be a hereafter for this purpose. D. Final Proof: 1. All this was pure reason, now the Confirmation comes from Revelation from God that Hereafter Indeed exist and there is a Last day where every one will give his or account before their Creator. 2. This is the Final proof!! QED!! Q.99, I had expected that people on this thread will have high IQ. After seeing their jargon language on this thread and use of so many scientific terms, impresses any one about the intelligence of these fellows. But this intelligence is only skin deep...scratch the surface and you find the same Blind Faith and Blind rejection to any logic. After accepting that man should be accountable to his good or bad deeds.....our BTOE fellows close the case when the person is dead.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 WTC Hijackers....passengers in those planes....those who died in WTC collapse.....and millions who died in its aftermath in Iraq and Afghanistan....all met the same sticky end. They all are DEAD and end of matter!! Ans. Let us go back to our bones and teeth and discover some new "forgotten" link to trace humans and apes!! Can any one call such people as intelligent or those who have foresight or those who use their brains and reasoning power? How could victim and Oppressor become equal? What is the logic in it? No, No we do not want any logic, what we want to see is seeing those people coming to life with our own eyes , when they are dead.... That wish will also be granted, the moment their physical eyes will close. But that will be not the time for believing or accepting....that will be the time to give account of your deeds!! PS: See these "honest" BTOE fellows spreading "truth" about me that my postings on scribd are for "money"!! If I demand any proof or evidence for the "money" I received, they will say that "It is not for us to bring any proof, we are BTOE believers, how can we lie...It is only for backwards and barbaric people like yours to bring proof and evidence" Full Body scan is real fun!! I do not know why any sane man or woman should object to it. The only "pity" is that naked body parts are visible only to "those dumb cops" who may or may not have sense of beauty!! In fact the pictures from Full Body Scan should be displayed on Big Screen at strategic locations thru out the Airport. Why leave the pleasure only to those "dumb Cops"!! And those scans should not be in black and white, it should be in natural colors!! And if the "culprits" sorry I mean the passengers are asked to remove their clothes in a strip tease fashion and the pictures displayed on the Big Screen TV s it would lighten up the "dead" atmosphere we see so common on Airports.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 I already advised that people should travel NAKED in Airplanes and Public Transports....but so far there are not many takers of this idea. May be in a decade it would become a Norm. Clothes are the worst invention of mankind. It were clothes that gave rise to those cursed suicide bombers and drug peddlers. Down with the clothes, the sooner the better!! Q.100, Why life after death is so important for humans? Ans. How right I was about that simile of people riding a boat that is going to fall into "Niagara Falls" discussing and arguing about the cloud, weather, color of their ties!! They know or seem to know, what happened 10 billion ago to a particular part of this Universe and what will happen to a particular part 10 million years from now. But what they DO NOT KNOW and Do NOT CARE TO KNOW as to what will happen to THEM after a few Decades, when they are dead!! They think that when they will actually fall into "Niagara Falls" only then they will decide “WHAT WE SHOULD HAVE DONE BEFORE WE FELL!!” This is the sum total of all these BTOE fellows arguments. Have any of their scientific discoveries brought to them even 1 mm closer to knowing what is their purpose of life? No and they never can or will. That is not the scope of Science at all. Even if they devote their whole life into that research, they will not get a correct answer. So they should devote some time to find out what is real purpose of their lives and do not neglect it. Even if Evolution is fact, it will not answer the basic question, what is purpose of their lives. Some one who created even their finger prints individual and separate from each other, will not be that unmindful of what they do on this earth. balanced approach to every thing is the hall mark of Islam and that is the term these people are so allergic to!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Chapter-4 Islam-2 (On Laws and customs and practices)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.101, How do Muslims Honor Jesus? Ans. This question was posed to me on one of TOPIX thread, since the matter is of general interest, I would share it with people of all threads I visit. A. How do we Honor Any one? 1. Best and most natural way to honor anyone is to freely accept his God given talents, gifts and actions. It should be done with open heart and open mind and with no selfish aims. 2. Feeling jealous of some one’s Talents. Gifts and Position and / or to reduce his real importance is dishonoring him. 3. In the same way, to praise some one over and above his actual Position, Talent or Gifts comes under sycophancy and it is not really honoring him, but insulting him. 4. As an example, if some one is Vice President of a MNC, to honor him would be to say that “Mr. Such and Such is holding a very important position of Vice President in this esteemed MNC and he has many persons reporting to him….his rise has been due to his skill and hardwork etc…..” these words are honoring such a man. 5. One way of dishonoring him would be to say, that he holds a very junior position in a very small company, or to hint that he got that position thru questionable means…..this shows that we are jealous of him and want to hide his real worth. 6. Another way of dishonoring would be , if we say that “Mr. Such and Such is President of this MNC….” .this is indeed insulting him and might lose him his job in MNC (if the REAL President came to know about this and were to know that the Vice President did not correct the person, he may even fire this VP). 7. So we have to be honest and balanced when honoring some one. We should stay away from exaggeration and diminishing his position at the same time. It seems easy to say, but not so easy to practice. B. Jesus’ Position in this world: There are three type of people in this world as for as Jesus is concerned: 1. Jesus Neutral: This includes Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and people of other non Semitic religions.. , for them the name jesus has no religious significance. They have no concern with Jesus in their religious life. They are really Jesus Neutral people. They may speak well about jesus, not as a religious duty, but from a humanitarian point of view and for better relations with neighbours.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 2. Anti Jesus: This group includes Jews for the most part. They reject Jesus and his mission. They reject his virgin birth, they put false charges on his Mother Mary for Jesus’ birth….they refuse to acknowledge that he was a Messiah. They refuse to accept that jesus was a True Prophet and Messenger of Allah…..in fact they insult Jesus in every way imaginable in religious sense. 3. Pro- Jesus: This includes mainly Christians and Muslims, let us discuss each other’s stand and see who is actually honoring him and who is guilty of exaggeration. A. Christian’s view point about Jesus: Christians say that: a. Jesus was a Begotten Son of God (Begotten not made as their article of faith says, what this means, I do not know). b. Jesus is One in Trinity with God. He is the second Person in the Holy Trinity. He is full God and equally Powerful as his Father. There is no way in which we can say that Jesus is inferior to God. c. Jesus died on the Cross … he rose from the dead on third day and absolved the sins of Adam and Eve and whole human race….. d. Now his followers have to only believe in his death and resurrection and they shall be redeemed. They do not have to follow any Law or any code of conduct for salvation. These are revolutionary ideas in the annals of Religious History of the Semitic religion. These are assertions which no prophet or messenger of old ever claimed. If the claim is so big, then we should have equally powerful evidence to prove the claim. But when we look at the evidence, we find that jesus did not claim any of these things himself in so many words. What proof they have is from some allegorical verses from the Gospel of John and mostly from Paul’ writings. This Paul never met Jesus during his life time, and he never learned anything directly from jesus or his chosen disciples. In his letters he seldom quotes any thing from Jesus….how can we take the unsupported words of Paul for such big claims. So from above it is clear that Christians have exaggerated the position of jesus and have gone to the other extreme of jews.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 They do not really honor jesus but try to make him Small in the eyes of God his Creator. B. Muslims’ position about Jesus: Muslims stay in the middle path between Jews and Christians, they neither reject nor exaggerate his position: Muslims believe that: a. Jesus was one of the Mightiest Messengers of God. b. He was born thru a special miracle of God, to virgin Mary without any male intervention. c. He showed many miracles thru the Power Given by God to him. d. He came to reform the jewish religion, which had become too ritualistic at that time, by introducing into it moral principles. e. His enemies wanted to kill him, but God saved him from them and took him bodily into heaven and he shall come back to earth near the end of time. All of these assertions are confirmed by Gospels and are in conformation to what is told by prophets and messengers of old. These are logical and reasonable and do not go to any extreme. And Muslims do not believe in these things in any hypocritical way to please Christians of our time, but it is their stand for past 1400 years, even when they had defeated Christians in the battlefield and there was no need to pose for any such thing C. Who really Honor Jesus? From the above it is clear that it is only Muslims who really honor jesus, holding a middle path, neither rejecting him nor exaggerating his position before God, the Only and True Creator of Universe and every thing in it. I end my post by these beautiful advices from Holy Quran to all Jews and Christians: “O people of the Book! (i.e. jews and Christians) do not go to extremes in your religion and do not say about God (except) what is truth. Most certainly Messiah Christ jesus the Son of Mary was (no more than an ) Messenger of God, and His word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him: “So believe in God and His Messengers, and say not “Trinity”: Desist: it will be better for ; For God is One God , glory be to Him; (far exalted is He) above having a Son: to Him belongs all things in heaven and on earth. And enough is God as a dispenser of affairs” (4:171) And

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 “They do Blaspheme who say “God is Christ the Son of Mary” But said Christ “O Children of Israel! Worship God, my Lord and your Lord…” (5:75) And “They do Blaspheme who say “God is one of the three in a Trinity” for there is no god except One God…” (5:76) Q.102, [QUOTE who="HughBe"]MUQ, Based on my understanding Jews were in the millions at that time and am I correct to interpret you to be saying that Muslims number in the millions at that time? If so, how was it achieved? … I asked, has this happened meaning do Christians have power and strength over Jews? Could you please answer. Ans. I will only answer two points of your post: A. How the Prophesy was fulfilled (For Muslims): 1. The above Quranic verse was revealed in Medina and when the verse was revealed in Medina, Muslims in Medina were “More in numbers and more in Power than Jews of Medina”….so the IMMIDIATE fulfillment of the prophesy was achieved. 2. Then within the LIFE Time of prophet, Whole Arabia became Muslims, so the Muslims of Arabia became more in numbers and more powerful than Jews of Arabia….so the second stage of the prophesy was fulfilled. 3. Then within 25 years of Prophet’s death, Majority of Civilized World countries , Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunis etc became overwhelmingly Muslim, so within a very short time after that prophesy was made, Muslims for ever became More in numbers and more powerful than Jews in whole world….So the prophesy was fulfilled totally. B. How the prophesy was fulfilled for Christians: 1. . In case of Christians , within 30-40 years of death of Jesus, power of Jews was extinguished from Palestine and very soon, followers of jesus outnumbered Jews in Palestine and whole world and since that time, Christians have ALWAYS be more in numbers and more powerful than Jews…. 2. So this Prophesy of God to Jesus, delivered on the “very night of his arrest” was fulfilled till the end of time!! 3. When you consider prophesy of such natures, you should consider overall picture and time period should also be taken as a whole and not for short “bursts”.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 C. Do Christians have Power over Jews of our times: 1. This is a very simple question to answer. Yes, Christians of today have More Power over jews from any criterion. 2. In none of the Christian countries, Jews outnumber Christians. 3. Jews hold over Christians in Europe and USA, is not due to their military or moral strength. Jews can not show any superiority over Christians in these fields. 4. Their hold is due to their intrigue and machinations. They control Media and finances in these countries and use them to their advantage. At any stage, when Christians are “fed up” with Jews control over them , they would show them their real place. 5. It is Jews who are really behind these Atheistic and Anti Religious philosophies in West. It is they who are at the back of this “free sex, and Homosexuality movement”. If you look deep into any “amoral” movement, you will find that Jews are at the center of it. 6. It were Christians who were instrumental in creating the Modern state of israel. Jews on their own could never had the power or means to come back to Palestine and establish their state here. 7. It is Christian nations who provided and still provide political, financial and military support to Israel, whenever it is needed. So it is really Christians who created and helped survive that state of Israel, when it was needed. 8. And the beauty is that “Christians are made to believe that they have no control over Jews”!! This is again the same Jewish propaganda which has taken control over minds of Christians!! Q.103, Who=US Born You deny Christ in favor of Mohammed. You cannot serve two masters. Either Christ did what the Scripture says or the Scriptures lie. So your Allah is gathering the Jewish people for slaughter? Jews returning to their homeland is a promise from God, not a reward. He also promised them that the enemies who surround them will be turned back. So far, so good. Ans.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

A. Jesus or Mohammad? No we do not deny any prophet of God. But what we say that time of ministry of every prophet of God is fixed. Till the time last prophet had not come, people had to follow Jesus and there was no other way. When prophet Mohammad came, his ministry started, now he has to be followed. This is no insult or slighting message of Jesus. In fact Jesus himself prophesized the coming of Last Prophet and he advised you to follow him. Don’t you remember his saying “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now, however when the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth shall come, he will guide you into all truth…” That Comforter was no one but prophet Mohammad. By denying prophet Mohammad, you are indeed going against the command of Jesus and on his second coming he will chide you for it. He will prove his innocence and show you his commands as B. Jews for slaughter I did not say that Jews are being gathered for slaughter. I said that if God were to reward anyone….it should be for good deeds and walking in the ways of God. When the modern Jews are not following God’s commands, it means that their presence is not for any reward. The only other reason could be for chastisement. So Jews should be aware of this and mend their ways. Q.104, who="Captcanuck" You have clarified the crazy Islamic position? That you want the Jews to be exterminated and have a picture of Hitler in every room. You are a joke preaching your pathetic jihadist dribble from your armchair. I got a prediction for you. You will go to your death bed with Israel strong as ever and with the Arab states unwilling and unable to do much of anything. Ans. I have given both the reason for the punishment and the causes. I said that on those two previous occasions, Jews committed so much mischief in the land that a severe chastisement became due. In the first case, they killed prophets of God and worshipped false gods of pagans and left the worship of true God.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 On the second occasion, they killed one Honest Prophet of God (John the Baptist) and tried to kill another Honest prophet of God (Jesus Christ). On the Third occasion (which will come in future), they will again create much mischief in the earth and shall become followers of A Very Powerful Oppressor, Tyrant and Mischief maker (named DAJJAL in Arabic and Anti Christ in Christian literature), so they will be chastised for the third and final time. Where is Jew hating here? I am stating the facts and every one can see that violence , hate and mischief is on the rise the Jews set foot once again in the religion. Their haughtiness and their looking down on their neighbors is visible to every one. By the way, Hitler was not the only Tormentor of Jews….there have been many and there will be many. As the saying goes, “The wages of sin and inequity is humiliation and punishment in this world and in the hereafter”. Lord our Common God is watching and weighing our good deeds and our inequities and He takes decisions when things go out of set limits. After persecution by Hitler….God wanted to give some respite to these Jews…..in hope that they might have learned. How harmful is the racism and superiority complex of one race over other. But it seems these “persecuted jews” did not learn any lesson from that catastrophe and want some thing more. As regarding your wish, I do not know if the prediction would come true during my life time. I hope not to be subjected to that turbulent period. But this prediction was made 1400 years ago and is recorded in our books. It was not INVENTED after state of Israel was established in 1948!! What I wish however, that I die as a faithful servant of God, having no malice and hatred toward any one person or race, and I be judged amongst those who will enter His Paradise. Amen

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.105, who="Dovid HaShoteh Gadol" Perhaps your claims should read, then. "While G-d directed the manufacture of the Ka'aba in a place that would free it from the ravages of wars over natural resources and farming lands, it was up to mankind to protect it's sanctity by not allowing it to become a center for idolatry. Man's failure in this regard is one thing Mohamed (pbuh) was sent to rectify." Does that seem more consistent to your perspective, or am I missing a theological point? (I am sure I could be missing something-- as I am no scholar, and certainly not an Islamic scholar). Ans. I thank you for your post and your views I am also not an Islamic Scholar, a student and a novice to be sure. The topic was very big and I had to condense so many things in few words (because of character limitation on these threads). 1. God chose the site for Kaaba such as it would not cause any desire for invaders to go there and capture it. In this way its physical structure was safe from the hands of outsiders. 2. You are right that the real sanctity of any House of God is its Spiritual Purity from Idols etc….but physical structure of building also counts. 3. As Kaaba was to become the “first house” on earth that was dedicated to God’ worship, its existence in physical form was also to be ensured. 4. Desecration of Kaaba by putting Idols into it, was not a very old phenomenon. For thousands of years Kaaba remained idol free (as my subsequent posts will tell). 5. The prophet was sent to restore the original purity of Kaaba as well to make it a Universal Direction of Prayer (Qibla in Arabic) for All nations. Allah Knows best. Q.106, who="Calyso" I have a question Muq. Is it true adoption is forbidden in Islam? Serious question.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Ans. The question you asked is very basic and very interesting and it needs some elaboration before we see what is Islamic view on it. A. How “natural” relations are formed: 1. The only way relations are formed are by birth and by marriage. When you are born, immediately you develop relationship with other people. The womb from you came, is your mother, the one who sired you is your father. Other boys and girls from the same parents become your brother and sisters….then you have uncles, aunts and so many other relations. All these come automatically the moment you are born and none of them has to be created artificially. 2. Another type of relations arise when you get married, some one whom you did not know becomes you wife and you get so many relations which we call in-laws. Some of them remain in force for all times and some get dissolved when the marriage is dissolved. These are the “Natural” way of relations to a man or woman. In Arabic they are called ULUL- ARHAM. (those related by RAHM or womb). B. Can we create any relation “artificially”? This is the basic question. If some one who has not given birth to me, will become my “Mother” if I call her my mother? Or will some one become my “Father” if I just start calling him my father. The same goes for Brothers and Sisters and other relation ship. It can be seen that these are “virtual relationships and not real”. They could easily be dissolved at the wish and will of the person who made them. He can marry his “sister” who not turns into his “real wife” (there are many examples of these cases in every society) C. What is the meaning of “Real” Adoption? A boy and Girl born to one set of parents, gets a new set of parents by this adoption. The question is, how can they become his real parents and how we create all those relationships and what happens to new relationships. A boy or girl so given to adoption, might loose his inheritance from the old parents and relatives and one does not know it will be beneficial to him or her in the long.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Adoption of orphans is cited as the best argument for those in favor or adoption, but orphan is not the only criterion for recommending adoption. If some one’s parents are dead, there will be some relatives living and they are responsible to take care of him. In Islam taking care of Orphan is one of the Best type of good deeds. Then mostly couples who have no children, they want to adopt someone, but if after adoption they get children of their own , then welfare of the adopted child will be affected. Therefore after balancing pros and cons of this adoption, Islam is not in favor of adoption. There are many ways in which we can take care and help poors and orphans in the society. Adopting them has its own problems. This is what I know, Allah knows best. Q.107, who="AG" SALAM MUQ I'm just not sure about this , I mean do we implement Apostasy sentence on any ex muslim . or we just implement it against offensive apostate who just want to be against Islam and Muslims ? just like the apostates in the days of Abu Baker . my opinion is :If those people leave Islam peacefully , It would be better than stay as hypocrites between us . Ans.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Wailukum Salaam I know that punishment for Apostasy is a sensitive issue and now a days people feel apologetic about it. It is never good to hide your position , just because world views is against it. The punishment for apostasy is not for the crime…. But to save society from temptation and turbulence. Best way for apostates (those who openly rebel against Islam and its teachings) is to leave the Islamic country and settle with Non Muslims…. Most Islamic scholars agree that any one who openly renounces Islam in an Islamic society should face death penality… there might be some scholars (mostly modern scholars, who feel shy to stand in front of world and tell Islamic law as it is), who subscribe to what views you have told. Hypocrite is the one who hides his true feeling in his heart and we are not allowed to search what is inside people’s heart. Do you mean to say that the present state of islam and Muslims is because there are “very few” hypocrites amongst us? I think reverse is the true. 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world and they are as weightless as “a bird’s feather”? What else is the reason my dear? Q.108, What is the punishment of MURTAD in Islam? Ans. Someone “was extremely worried” as to what Islamic Shariah has to say about a MURTAD, and what is the punishment for a MURTAD. Let me say, that punishment for a MURTAD in Islamic Shariah, is the SAME, as we find in following Biblical Verses 1. Ex. 22:17 2. Ex. 22: 18 3. Ex. 22: 19 4. Lev. 20:1-4 5. Lev. 20: 6 6. Lev. 20:10, 20:13, 20:14 7. Lev. 20: 15, 16, 17, 18,

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 8. Lev. 21:9, 9. Lev. 24: 17, 21 10. Num. 15: 35 11. Deut. . 12: 2 12. Deut. . 13:6, 9, 16, 13. Deut.. 18:9-10 14. Deut. : 21:18-21 15. Deut. 22: 23, 25 16. Deut. 24:7 17. Deut 27: 15-26 (all those cursed receive the same punishment) These are some verses from the Bible that pronounce the same Punishment as Islamic Shariah enforces on MURTAD!! In Fact Islamic Shariah lessens the punishment for many crimes as mentioned in these Biblical Verses!! Now which of them is More Barbaric? I am confused!! Are you also? Q.109, who="Sara" No goddess he doesn't. MUQ believes only Muslims who leave Islam should be killed, after of course being allowed to think about it. This is were the problem lies MUQ, many, many muslims believe we are ALL born Muslim. Have you heard that before? Do you believe that? So if those who think like that also agree with the killing of apostasy, then we are ALL apostasy, so justify being killed. This is were some fanatics get their beliefs from. I believe whole heartily that there are many, many goods muslims who want peace and do live in peace. Their faith is between them and God and they would never judge others, they leave the judging to God.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Ans. You are sure twisting the meaning of prophet’s saying “That every child is born according to True Nature (FITRAT) , it is the parents who turn him into a Jew, a Christian and a Magi”. This means that every new child born is born free as per nature and that is the state of Islam (submitting himself to his Creator)… he is then told by his parents to worship this and that god and bow before such as such. No Muslims scholar and for that reason, any same Muslim considers all these Jews, Christians , Hindus and Buddhists as Apostates and then kill them indiscriminately. And you call yourself a reasonable person by spreading such type of hate, mischief and false hood> This post was in really in very bad taste. Q.110, who="IL Principe" 1. "It is only in Islamic states that muslims are not allowed to change their religions?" How come you put religion in plural? Christians, jews, bahias, ahmadis etc. are allowed to convert into islam. You make hysterical celebrations when anyone convert into islam. However, and this is the second point where you manipulate in your post, "muslims aren't allowed to change their religion"! They are killed! Just like that father in KSA who killed his own daughter because she converted to Christianity...and here is the worst part. The psycho wasn't punished. On the contrary he was celebrated as a hero by the followers of this oh so "peaceful" religion. Ans. 1. I hope you will not point out punctuation and spelling mistakes on this thread. !! I can also point out many such errors in your post!! 2. The principle remains as I told you. Since Islam considers itself to be True religion and others as false religions…..so it cannot give same rights to both. 3. This happens in EVERY civilized society. In USA itself communist party was banned, you cannot preach Nazi philosophy in USA. You cannot pass Anti Semite comment in USA….you cannot hold any office in USA if you are declared Anti Semite.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 All these are FACTS from the society whom you call “free and gives full freedom of speech”. Even now, no one can lecture any one on support of Al Qaeda and its philosophy. 4. The problem with your approach is that “you have declared your country as your God” and will go to any length to protect it and safeguard its interest. You are ready to commit ANY NUMBER of crimes in the name of your god i.e. your nation (US invasion of Iraq is such an example). Why GWB the Great and Dick Cheney were not punished for leading their country to an illegal war? 5. In our society, we give that position to our religion. In USA any father killing his daughter who was spying for another country, would not be punished but hailed as a national hero. 6. It is not strange to find Muslims who are against killing of any innocent human being. This is the teaching of Islam and most Muslims are aware of it. 7. You are wrong to say that Hindus and Buddhists etc have not damaged Muslim prayers of Worship. In India Hindu extremists and terrorists demolished a 400 years old Mosque in Ayodhya in broad day light in full media blaze and NO ACTION was taken against them. 8. Thousands of Muslims were killed in Bombay riots of 1993 and Gujarat riots of 2002. But the world media just forgets these incidents where Muslims were the target and REMEMBERS only those where Muslims are shown in bad light. Your post also is in the same category. Q.111 who="Pete-o" The rough language you speak of are not from me, but from the Quran. If you don't understand that I can't help you other than to post the verse numbers if you like. Sure a 6th century penalty of death for stealing or disobeying 6th century laws would solve a problem, but still would be heinous punishment. I live in a low crime area, you may live in a different area, so if there is high crime, then your methods aren't working. 21st century methods may not be more effective, but they are more humane, and I would rather live in a more humane society, but again you may differ on that.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Ans. What is a humane solution if instead of solving a problem it keeps on increasing it? Is he a “Humane Doctor” who does not cut away cancerous cells in body, because it is “in humane” to cut away and cast away those poor cells and with the result infecting whole body with cancer? Or is he a “Humane Doctor” who after prescribing all medicines and precautions that do not cause cancer in the first instances, cuts away the affected cells immediately , so that they do not affect other cells of the body? 6th century or 21st century solution do not matter in themselves, what we need are long sustainable results. And Islamic criminal Justice rules have passed the test of time. They were as effective in 6th century as they are effective in 21st century and they will be as effective in 40th century (if end of time does not come by that time, so to say!!). Quran uses precise and correct language, it is people who mutilate it and drive their own meanings from it. Q.112 who="pjam2825" You keep speaking without verifying where your beliefs originated. Where in Quran or Prophetic sayings are dogs not allowed? Ans. You want proofs from sayings of prophet: I will give you some: 1. Imam Bukhari reported in his Sahih, “Book of Agriculture “ Abu Hurairah said “ Prophet of Allah, may peace and blessings be on him said “If anyone has taken a dog, except a hunting dog, a dog to take care of his cattle, or dog used for the purpose of agriculture, his good deeds would diminish every day by two QUAIRAT (Talents)” 2. Imam Bukhari reported in his Sahih “Book of buying and selling” Abu Masood Ansari said “The prophet of Allah, may peace and blessings be on him, prohibited the earning of sale of dogs, earning of prostitutes and earnings of astrologers and sorcerers” 3. Messenger of Allah, may peace and blessings of Allah be on him said “Angels do not enter into houses that has images or dogs in it” Is their still some doubt in your mind that Prophet of Allah prohibited keeping dogs as pets inside house? Quran only mentions fundamental teachings and not minute details…..for that Allah sent the Messenger and gave him knowledge and authority to legislate on His behalf.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.113 who="Az Zaqqum" Yet Allah says...bring forth your witness to prove that Allah forbid such and such...dogs. Muhammad is Allah’s partner. He is allowed to forbid what Allah has not. Btw, Allah says nothing about women having more than one husband. so based on your theory, women can have more than one wife. Ans. You are misquoting and misrepresenting Quranic verse…..that verse is for people who just by their own whims and fancies prohibit some things or make lawful some things. But any ruling from Prophet making something lawful or prohibiting something is not considered in this Quranic verse. Because Allah gave the legislative powers to his prophet. And ask Muslims to “Follow Allah and Follow his messenger” “Take what he (the messenger) gives you and stop where he prohibits you”. So the prophet of God banned dogs as pets and he did not ban birds or other animals (except swine) being kept as pets. So we follow his ruling. Prophet (and every civilized society) has banned women having more than one husband. You have to look to Quran and Prophetic sayings to find out what is allowed and what is prohibited. Q.114 who="pjam2825" There are some Hadith about dogs. Abu Huraira, a late convert to Islam and a companion of the Prophet, narrated nearly 3,500 Hadith. It must be understood that Abu stated in one Hadith that the Prophet, once observing his followers writing down his sayings, gave them a resolute warning to refrain from doing such things so the accuracy of them is questionable. I trust the Qur’an and any hadith that contradicts must be looked at closely.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Ans. A. Prophet’s prohibition to write down his words: You have misunderstood the back ground under which prophet did not like people writing down his own words or sayings. This was done to remove any confusion about preservation of Quran….if the same companions have Quran or portions of Quran in written form (as they heard from prophet) and the same companions had some sayings of prophet also in written form, they could get mingled up. That is why prophet initially banned that people should write down any thing from him except Quran….yet he said “Quote be orally , there is no harm in that”!! So the two should be clearly demarcated!! B. On Dogs as Pets: As regarding dogs, there is no contradiction between Quran and prophet’s instructions. The Quranic verse which you have cited (5:4) is about Hunting dogs and prophet did not prohibit hunting dogs or Walking dogs or dogs that could be used for other purposes. What he prohibited was keeping dogs as pets inside the houses….and there is nothing in Quran that permits it. Who could understand and interpret better than the Prophet of God, on whom the revelation came in the first place? You need to have a better understanding of Quran and sayings of prophet. Q.115 who="Az Zaqqum" But they can live in your house as pets, right? Because you have proof that bird poo, feathers and dander are cleaner than dogs, is that right? Follow the partners of Allah, dude. It's the way to go! Ans. In Islam the general rule is: “In Worldly matters, every thing is allowed, unless prohibited expressively” “In matters of faith and worship, every thing is prohibited, unless allowed expressively” This is a golden rule which makes Islamic position so easy on matters of these type.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Dogs are expressively prohibited (by the prophet) from being allowed as pets inside house….and there is no mentions of birds, and other species….so they are allowed in general….unless it is proven that they are harmful or dangerous to human lives. Why dogs are not allowed as pets inside houses? We do not know real reasons….it could be because of disease they carry…..or make house unclean…we do not know really. So about birds, the general rule is that they can be kept as pets….but hygiene has to be maintained….if it is proven medically that they are harmful for human health, then they will also be prohibited!! Simple and easy!! I see that you people are very lax in your language…..you use words for your Creator, without thinking of the consequences and these words are not necessary at all to convey your meaning. Do not misuse the talents which your Creator has given you!! Q.116 who="Rabbeen Al Jihad" Salaams & Salutations MUQ I realize this is a bit "off" about Cats? House cats? or pet-cats that are really panther-big!? Im rather fond of our cats and although our wonder where all the stray DOGS go, Im not confessing LOL! Cheers Ans. You know I am not a Scholar on Islamic Jurisprudence but only a novice student. But as far as my knowledge goes, there is no ban to keep cats as pets. In fact in one saying our prophet said that water does not gets impure if a cat drinks from it. Then prophet nicknamed one of his companion as “ABU HURAIRAH” meaning “Cat Lover” or “Cat Keeper” , due to his attachments with the cats. So there is no objection of some one keeps cats as pets. moderation in every thing. But there should be but what big! like neighbors anything!

One should not be obsessed with cats and keep them in his bed or kiss her mouth etc. Stoking and showing other actions of affection is OK Regarding Tigers, Panthers and Lions as pets? I think they are wild animals and very few people can be comfortable with them roaming around freely in the house. When they become wild and harm humans is anyone’s guess. So this is a dangerous topic and you should ask any Learned Islamic Scholar about them as pets. Allah Knows Best.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.117 who="Abu Najda" I have looked into the Islamic understanding on dogs. Some of the narrations are specific for the time - for example when dogs used to carry many diseases and a bite could have fatal consequences. In many places of the world this continues to be true today as it was in pre-modern times across the world. …. This idea that "Angels" are afraid of dogs comes from a literal interpretation of a narration. However, anyone who knows anything about Angels also understand this is patently not true. So why make the remark and have it recorded for all time as a hadith? First I should mention, I do not remember the authenticity of the narration but I am happy to presume it is authentic. Ans. The basic issue here is that in Islam dogs are encouraged to be kept inside house as ‘Pets”. The reasons could be many , we may keep on discussing why the injunction was given. Dogs on the other hands are useful animals and they could be trained for game, for security and for walking blind people and many more uses…..such uses are allowed and we can continue to find more uses for dogs as time goes by. No where it is mentioned that angles are afraid of dogs!! Angels do not enter any house where there is idols or dogs….because these houses are unclean and angels of God do not enter into unclean house. Most of what you have written is from your own reasoning and your own logic….some of it may be true or false and I do not want to enter into a useless discussion on that, as to why dogs are not permitted as pets inside the house. Even if there be some advantages in that practice….disadvantages outweigh these apparent advantages. Islam takes the overall benefit of the society in approving or prohibiting any thing. So in its eyes the disadvantages of keeping a dog inside house outweigh any advantages that we see. And this is a clear ruling by almost all Muslim Scholars in past 1400 years. Allah knows Best!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.118 who="Captcanuck" The United Nations Commission on Human Rights, considers the recanting of a person's religion a human right legally protected by .. As for how many have been terrorized for wanting to leave Islam you tell me likely countless. Why people become Muslim's is beyond me they were duped. As for Sharia law it affects non Muslim's greatly we would be unable to live our lives the way we do today and will attempt to total transform our society. Therefore it is a direct threat. Ans. UN commission of Human Rights has no jurisdiction on articles of faith. That commission does not see the daily violation of Palestinians human rights done at the hands of Jewish and Zionist army and wants to look into small corners of the world. It does not see camels in from of it and warns others to be careful about gnats. Human rights in Islam are much better and much broader than any UN commission can even understand. UNO as a body must respect laws and regulation of every religion and every people and be not guided by what Modern day Atheists and Materialists think. UNO has become a tool for these people in our time and that will lead to the demise of UNO. Its political and Moral and Military authority has already been shredded into pieces by these so called Super Powers. UNO has not solved a single major issue in its entire carrier. Be it Kashmir, Tibet, Palestine, Philippines, any where. It is moot spectator where most violations of Human Rights occur and preaches Human Rights to nations where there is no need. You may not like Shariah law and you many not like to live by it, it is your choice, but you have no right to force other people also to abandon it, who want to live by it. Why should you use double standards?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.119 who="Igor Trip" Here's a falsifiable maths test for the Quran. The inheritance laws. Allah charges you, concerning your children: to the male the like of the portion of two females, and if they be women above two, then for them … If there are brothers, then each shall receive double the sisters. Ans. I think you must be the guy who would be at the BOTTOM of your class in EVERY Math test!! What you imply is that after EVERY division of property of EVERY deceased in a Muslim family….there is either some portion LEFTOVER or people BORROW money to pay the heirs!! And Muslims are coping with this idiotic situation for past 1400 years, till you pointed it out!! How dumb some people can be!! Instead of answering your question, I will tell you some amusing stories involving math, because your post is so hilarious that it can only be countered by “funny stories” Story-1 One “New Mathematics Teacher” was taking his class of students for a field trip. On the way, they found a pond, which they had to cross, there was no boat, so how to solve the problem: Mathematics teacher solved the problem by using his “Math Skill”!! He swam across the pond (only he knew how to swim) carrying a pole and marked depth of pond at many points on the way and recorded the readings in a note book. When he came ashore, he calculated “Average depth of Pond” by adding those readings an dividing by the number of readings….the answer came 3.55 Feet. Then he measured the “average height of students” by taking their individual heights, adding them and then dividing by the number of students…..the answer came 4.25 Feet. Excellent! The teacher exclaimed, since AVERAGE depth of Pond is less than AVERAGE height of the students, there is no danger of anyone sinking in the pond….please come after me!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 With that he charged into the pond with students, and when reaching other side, he found NOT A SINGLE STUDENT, he was left scratching his head. He was nonplussed, however deep he looked at his calculations, he could not find any mistake….what went wrong? He kept on thinking.. That Math Teacher could have been your exact double!! Story-2 A Teacher asked the class “If 1 ship cross the ocean in 30 days….in how many days 10 ships will cross the same ocean?” “Sir, Sir, I know the answer, Sir, Sir, please let me answer this Question, I beg you Sir” Exclaimed one pie faced dumbest student in the class!! “Yes Igor! Answer this question, and I hope that you will be right this time” said teacher! “Sir, 10 Ships will cross the sea in 3 days flat!” Answered Igor with confidence. “And prey, how do you reach this answer, Igor” asked the teacher. “Sir, you see, last week we had a similar situation, in which it was said that if ‘ 1 worker builds a wall in 30 days, if we have 10 workers, in how many days they will build the wall’…. ” Said Igor “Last time I was stupid enough to give answer as 300 days (which was probably correct, because 10 workers would never be able to finish the job, they would be chatting and make a union and demand rest, holiday , insurance etc), every one laughed at me then, because and the correct answer was 3 days”. “Because you had to DIVIDE and not MULTIPLY to get the correct answer” Said Igor “So this time I did DIVIDE and gave you the correct answer” said Igor Proudly….and the whole class laughed again at him. So you Igor Trip is the same Igor of that class. …..I think you should be nominated for Nobel Prize for Mathematics for DISCOVERING this GLARING mistake in Quran which those 1.5 Billion “Stupid Muslims” could not detect!! Bravo BTOE, Long Live BTOE, Long Live those who live with Damaged brains!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.120 [QUOTE who="CC"] Incorrect Canada has the ninth largest economy in the world and is a member of the G8 it's bigger than you think. … The English Queen is only a figurehead not a real ruler not so around the Arabian Gulf. Ans. 1. Interest: You are right; I am against Interest because it is banned in Quran. And the only reason Quran bans anything is because it is not GOOD for human society in the long run. Before we talk further why not look at what Quran bans? a. Worshipping any one else beside Only True God and Creator and Sustainer of Universe or associating any one else in His worship (the Biggest of All Big Crimes, equivalent to sedition in secular terminology). b. Killing any human being or any living thing, without “Just” cause. c. Dishonoring your parents and / or treat them harshly. d. Kill your children for want or fear of want of provisions. e. To eat / devour money or property of orphans and widows and other weaker members of society (those who cannot fight or defend for themselves). And / or to cheat on inheritance provisions as provided in Quran. f. To put a libel on the sexual conduct of innocent women and men without any witness. g. To commit adultery or fornication and other lewdness in sexual morality. h. To cheat in weights, scales and measures (and make adulteration in food stuff and other items of use). I. To run away from the battle field without just cause or from strategic retreat. j. To imbibe Alcohol, (and all types of intoxicants, including Narcotic drugs) Gambling, fortune telling, (and any game of chance like lotteries), k. Not fulfilling one’ trusts and obligations and treaties made with each other (on individual, society or national level) . . . (there is a long list of prohibitions which I can mention)
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

l.. And to deal in any kind of Interest or support any system based on interest. Now when each and every one of these prohibitions are good for humans and human society…why I should have a doubt that Interest and dealing in interest will be GOOD for human society. In fact many nations and large numbers of human beings in the world are getting poorer and poorer because of this Interest Based economies. This system is only favoring Rich people and nations and helping them only. That is why Islamic banking system and any system which is free from Interest is more beneficial to humans in the long run. 2. Shariah Law: You are right, Shariah law does justify exemplary punishment for certain categories of crimes. To you they may look extreme, but they are very effective and bring down the crime rates to negligible level, in a very short time. Your “civilized” criminal justice system is “highly tilted” towards criminals and only they are given all “rights and protections”. Islamic system has the interests of “Law abiders” and “those who suffered at the hands of these criminals” foremost and has no or very less sympathy for the criminal. But in Islamic system no one is declared Criminal, unless he or she is proven guilty by a court of law and after evidence is taken and evaluated by the court. The result is that in Islamic society, the crime rate is very low and every one feels safe…. And your “civilized” system has ever increasing crime rate and your prisons are full and an army of Lawyers are earning their living “to shield and protect” the guilty party by hook or crook. It is your choice as to which system you want to use… Use Shariah system and sleep comfortably at night…. Or use your “humanitarian system” and have all those burglar alarms and safety devices and keep shot guns in your bed rooms and watch that every window is shut and tight…. And then make round of the house three or four times in the night just in case…. C. Monarchy: What is the use of “figurehead queen” any way? Why she should not have any power?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

What is wrong to give power to your queen? When you bow and kiss her hand (feet) you only mock her or show your hypocrisy? And it seems your forefathers were fools and idiots, because they gave so much powers to these kings and queens and did not consider them as “figure heads” to be kept in a glass cupboards and show them at ceremonies. Q.121[QUOTE who="CC"] 1. Ah yes interest well loaning money for say a mortgage on a house is a standard practice why else would the bank do it? And how else would most people buy a home? 2. Life insurance and property insurance i understand is not acceptable as well in Sharia as it is considered gambling. 3. What happens if your house burns down you just lose a fortune and say oh well at least Allah is happy? 4. You sure have a lot of rules how do you remember them all, and what the heck do you guys do for fun? Ans. I think you imagine that “the world started when the First Interest based banks and Insurance Companies were started”!! There was no business in the world, no houses were being sold and there was no protection if any trader’s goods were lost during journey or at sea etc. Or you are under the assumptions that these banks and insurance companies were started by “Selfless people , getting troubled by seeing the poor conditions of countless millions and devising means as to bring some sunshine into their lives”. All these banks and Insurance companies were started by Money Sharks (and having a very high percentage of Jews to start with)… the aim was to use money held by “these countless Millions” and then to :loan it back to them with interest”!! They pooled the money from all these millions of investors and then gave loans to those in need and charged a heavy interest on it. What they paid to their depositors was much smaller than what they charged from loan takers and they made a big fat money out of it. The same thing they did with Life Insurance and accident Insurance. The policies are made after a very careful statistical analysis, as how to make a fat profit in the bargain.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 It is this Interest based economics which West has adopted and thinks that “This is the best of the best of all schemes and there is no alternatives to it”. In this scheme only the Money and the Bankers and Insurance Companies are given protection and there is no regard for the labor and the pain which companies or individuals take to run the business. Islam has an alternative economic policy, which is free from interest. It is based on ‘Partnership” in which both parties share profit as well as loss. This is much more “humane” scheme and more profitable in the long run. Islamic banks and Islamic Insurance companies are now running well in many countries and have capitals exceeding many Billions Dollars. In the present economic crisis, in which most of Interest based banks suffered heavily (and the burden was passed to the state… i.e. common public and NONE of the guilty parties were punished)…. Islamic banks were not affected. Perhaps this would be a lesson to people like you who blow their own trumpet and think that No other Viable Scheme is possible, except this “Interest Based jewish Controlled Financial Loot” which you call as your economic policies. PS: I have solution for EACH of the cases you have mentioned. But let us first discuss the pros and cons of interest based and sharing based economics and then these minor issues can be addressed. Q.122 who="prbslv4"] The main problem I have with Islam is that everything is set in stone. If the Quran instructs that a woman/man needs to be punished for some sin, it has to be carried out. There is no room for mercy. I may be wrong about this, but it seems that Allah is a very unmerciful God, unlike the Judeo-Christian God, who according to the Bible, has shown people much mercy over the years. I'm going to stick with the Judeo-Christian God because of His great mercy. He gives me hope that I can get into Heaven. Ans. You have a very wrong concept of God as Muslims understand it. He is God of mercy, no doubt, out of 99 of His Divine attributes majority are those that deal with His mercy.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 But mercy is not the only criterion that is needed to regulate and work any practical system. Only those who have no idea of how to run any system, would only keep on talking about mercy and forget about justice. The God of Islam is a Merciful and Just God. He shows His mercy on every occasion, but there are cases where Justice has to take over, to remove the corruption from the land. There are many examples in our daily and national life and I would present some before you: A. Merciful Factory Manager: Would you call him a merciful manager, who rewards hard workers and those who do not work and are habitually late coming and early going with equal pay rise? I would call him stupid and very soon, his factory would fail to deliver. B. Merciful Examiner: Then what about the examiner which gives equal marks to every student, irrespective of what he had written in their answer sheet? Is she merciful or downright idiot spoiling the whole educational system. C. Merciful Police Officer: Then would you call that Police office as Merciful who sees the cases of mugging and looting and just turns his face the other way, to have mercy on those muggers and robbers? He is coward and inefficient and very soon his district would be filled with crimes of all times. D. Merciful Judge: Then what about the judge, who “out of mercy” sets free every serial killer, Child Molester and Highway Robber? He is not a Merciful Judge, but a very dishonest one. E. Merciful Government: Then is that a Merciful Government, which rewards equally those who pay taxes, and those who do not pay their taxes? Would it have been a “merciful Government” who did not avenge for Pearl Harbor attacks or 9/11 attacks? F. Merciful Surgeon: What would you say of that surgeon who leaves “cancerous cells” as a mercy to those cell and these cells damage the whole body and the patient dies afterwards of Cancer.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

These are some examples from our every day life that show, that Mercy alone is not enough to run any system, you have to take firm and decisive actions to root out evil from your society. This is the concept of Merciful and Just God in Islam. G. Powerless Islamic Judges: There are a few crimes, for which the punishment has been prescribed by Just and Merciful God Himself. The role of judges is to see, if the guilt is established and witness system and / or confession have left no doubt that the person is guilty of that crime. Once the crime is established , the Judge only has to award that punishment. And these few crimes and their punishment are: 1. Theft: Chop off the thief’s right hand. 2. Murder: Kill the murderer, unless he is pardoned by the heirs of the murdered person. 3. Illicit sex between unmarried persons: 100 Lashes for both of them. 4. Illicit Sex between married parties (Adultery): Death by stoning 5. Bringing false charges of adultery or illicit sex against any women: 80 Lashes 6. Imbibing Alcohol or other such things: 80 Lashes. For other crimes, the judge is free to use his judgment. These punishments look very harsh on the face of it, but their beauty is that, punishment of one, scares off thousands of others would be criminals and in the society the crimes are brought to their lowest level possible. This is a practical test, which every one can see. In societies where “milk of human kindness and mercy is overflowing” the rate of crimes never comes down….all the protections are for the “poor criminal” while no one gives a hoot for those who were victims. A few OH s and Few AH s and a few My God, who could do such a thing, are all they get. H. Safeguards Made by the Merciful God so that people do not fall into temptation: In Islam the chances for any one to commit crime are minimized, because there are many safeguards, I will point out a few:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 1. Against Theft: There is a system of ZAKAT, in which 2.5 % to 10 % of wealth from rich is taken and distributed to poor, so that they get less temptations for theft. 2. Against Adultery and illicit sex: a. Marriage and divorce rules are made easy. So that it is easy to enter into marriage agreement and get out of it also. b. Polygamy is permitted for males with certain restrictions. c. Free mingling between males and females is prohibited. d. Dress codes for males and females is established. e. Imbibing of Alcohol and other similar things and narcotics is banned. f. Witness system for illicit sex and adultery is very strict, there has to be four eye witnesses, who have seen the crime with their own eyes. I doubt you will gat many cases where this criterion is fulfilled. Unless the Islamic protective system is in force. Only applying punishment system shall not be sufficient and that is the problem with most Islamic and Western system. They want to apply it partially. I. Is Judeo Christian God only Merciful: This is your wrong concept that Judeo Christian God is only merciful….and not Just. Any one who has studied OT, would not fail to realize that much harsher punishment have been prescribed for many lesser offenses than those mentioned in Quran. There is shortage of space, otherwise I would have given you a full list of these crimes and punishments. Christians only make false claims when they say that their God is merciful. Christians thru out the history have shed more innocent human blood than all other religions combined together….right upto our won age. Number of persons they have killed in WW-1, WW-2, Vietnam War. Iraq and Afghanistan are more than those killed by all other religions. PS; This post has become very long, I apologize for it, but I had to put these points in their proper perspectives.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.123 who="Neville Thompson"] Hello MUQ, In Australia Muslim communities have been able to muster enough support to build schools where they are not culturally wanted or built gigantic Mosques increasing traffic noise in suburban street after mid night prayers and expressing their displeasure at Christmas celebration displays and the pantomime that goes with it. The decorations were cancelled by the councils so as not to offend our new arrivals. Check out the British government, it is being taken over from within. Ans. I think that Muslims take permission from local authorities and municipalities before constructing any School and / or mosques and follow the local laws. The mosques are made bigger so as to take care of Friday and Eid congregations and to accommodate “ever increasing” numbers of new Muslims. It is not every day that Mosques are constructed or expanded. While attendance in Churches is dwindling or fairly constant, Muslims mosques get more and more numbers of worshippers. As regards use of Loudspeakers, I am personally against turning on Minaret or Outside speakers, during Normal Prayers, unless it be during Friday or Eid prayers. Use of Loudspeakers during Call of Prayers should not be objected to by non Muslims, because it is only for a few minutes. And this call should not sound offensive to Non Muslims, because it is to gather people for “Worship The True Lord and Creator of This Universe”!! As a Christian you should be happy, that while you are sleeping, dancing and imbibing Alcohol, and feel contend to wait and go there only on Sunday…..there are a group of people who will “sing the praise of Lord” at least five times every day. But use of outside speakers for lectures and normal prayers, is not advisable and my appeal would be to Mosque Authorities to curb that usage. We Muslims should be careful so as not to annoy or trouble our neighbors. PS: If you go to India, you will find that Loudspeakers of Temples etc are “turned on” at 3 or 4 AM in full blast for hours together….while Muslim Azan is maximum for 2 -3 minutes.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Q. 124 who="Neville Thompson" Hello MUQ, In Indonesia in the 1980's my parents located loud speakers pointed directly at non Muslim residences ,the people were of Chinese decent and they were treated as 2nd class citizens although they were many generation Indonesian. My parents stayed in this house as honored guests . … By the way, I am not a Christian nor an atheist…. Ans. I do not deny that Loudspeakers is being misused by many Muslims and I am against this menace. There is no Islamic dogma to have Loud Speakers in Mosques…at best they could be used only for prayer calls…..not for live prayers or sermons (unless there be need , like Friday congregation or Eid prayers) This unchecked misuse of Loudspeakers is annoying to Muslims also, those who are sick or preparing for exams or in toilets…etc….they have to listen these verses of Quran in toilets. Then Islam asks us not to annoy or hurt our neighbors, be them Muslims or Non Muslims. So I have no objection if misuse of Outside Loud speakers is curbed. But as I told you, In India , I have seen every one , Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, they all misuse these Loudspeakers. If authorities grant permission to construct Islamic centers, then obviously they are convinced about its need and purpose. I do not think that they are “bribed or coerced” to give their approval. No religion can grow and get new followers, if it follows coercive and forceful means. The proof that every day new people accept Islam, shows that people are getting attracted to it. Every one of us is “Of God” because He is our common Creator and we all are “brothers in humanity” as Adam and Eve are our Common Ancestors!! God did not WRITE the Scriptures of any faith….He only send it thru Revelation (thru Angels) to His Chosen Person on earth , who is called as prophet or messenger….and prophet or messenger either wrote down the revelation himself or transmitted it orally or got it in written form thru his disciples.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 In that sense these scriptures are called ‘Word of God” and “Books of God”…not that God did write these books!! Q.125 who="ILP" But your laws condone killing, your laws condone discrimination based on religious affiliation. You have written that. Let me ask you some simple questions: 1. What should happen to a muslim who leaves islam and becomes a bahia in an Islamic society? 2. What should happen to a muslim girl who marries a Hindu man in an Islamic society? 3. What should happen to a muslim male who marries a jewish woman in an Islamic society? 4. Does islam allow muslims to keep war captives as slaves? These questions are very simple and even a monkey would be able to answer them. Ans. Off course our laws are based on religious affiliations. What else would you expect is a society that is guided by God in every aspect? Citizenship of any country is based on citizenship laws. No country in the world treats Citizens and aliens in the same way. There is always difference between the laws for a citizen and for an alien. For example, University fee for a Canadian Citizen in Canadian university is one fourth of the fee that is to be paid by a Non Canadian student. I ask you, is it logical, is it fair? But we all accept it because Canada can make different law for its citizens and for aliens. When you accept duplicity of laws based on mere geographical boundaries, why you make so much hue and cry if different laws are bases on much more serious issue than mere geography? Now coming to answer s of your questions: 1. If a Muslims chooses to relinquish Islam in a True Islamic Society… he or she will be presented before an Islamic court, The Judge will ask her reason for leaving Islam. If they have any doubts about Islam and its teachings, the court will ask Muslim Scholar (s) to answer their doubts.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

If they continue with their decision, then court will imprison them to give them sufficient time to think. If they still want to leave Islam then court will award them death penality, to save other Muslims from the temptation. (believe me, thru out Islamic history, there have been only hand counted incidents, when some one was punished in this way – MUQ) (And there is no place for any one taking law in their own hands to execute the punishment.- MUQ) 2. Quran specifically bans the marriage between a Muslim male or female with MUSHRIKS and idolaters… so any marriage between a Muslim male or female with Hindus is null and void as per Islamic law. Islamic courts will reject such marriage as null and void…. Unless the other party accepts islam, then court will continue the marriage. 3. Quran specifically allows that Muslim men can marry women from ‘People of the Book” , that includes Jews and Christians. So the marriage is legal as per Islamic court. Though it is “undesirable” seeing how much of “book” is left in the present “people of the book”…. Nevertheless it cannot be annulled by any Islamic court. 4. War Captives as slaves is not a must for any Muslim. It is the state policy. In the time of prophet, there were no rules for exchanging war prisoners between combatants, so they were taken as slaves. If we now have exchange of war prisoners treaties between nations, so there is no need to make war captives as slaves, these days. (It is not obligatory to take War Captives as prisoners…. That is the flexibility in Islamic laws to make it work under varying circumstances. – MUQ)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.126 who="legsofahighlander" Don't you mean 1400 years of Mohammedan slavery, continuing to this day?? Mean castrating bastards. Watch the youtube clip. http://barenakedislam.wordpress.com/2009/04/10/the-mostbrutal-inhumane-slave-masters-in-history-were-not-white-menthey-were-muslims/ Seems a lot of Indians died at the hands of Islam as well. Ans. A. Islam and Slavery: Slavery was a social need for the time as “there was no practice of mutual exchange of prisoners of wars”. Islam did not invent it and Islam did not Outlawed it, because unless there is a clear alternative it is not prudent to prohibit an existing practice. Religions before islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism , Confucianism, Philosophies like Greek, Roman , Egyptians or any other in old or contemporary world, banned the practice of slavery. So I do not know why, only Islam’s name is exclusively mentioned in relation with slavery. The slavery was not abolished because of “Christian teachings” or because of “Christian nation’s love for human kind”….it was because it had lost the economic sense and alternatives were now available due to progress of human civilization. If pre Islamic type of situations do occur again, there would be no recourse to but to go back to slavery. Even while allowing slavery, Islam did not encourage people to make slaves, in fact in Islam freeing a slave was one of the highest acts of worship. Islam gave rights to slaves, rights to live, proper clothing, proper food and living conditions. Prophet said “you give to your salves what you eat, you clothe them with what you wear and do not put excessive burden on them” Every book of Islamic Jurisprudence has a special chapter devoted to slaves, their rights and how they have to be treated. Compare them against Roman, Greek, Hindu and other’s laws and you will see the difference between the two. But Islam haters, would just gloss over all these details and try to give impression as “Islam was the first in the world to start slavery and the last to “unofficially abolish” it!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 They fail to understand that even as far as 1965 Black people were treated differently in USA, they had special laws in US courts and states even in 20 th century and even after all these “human rights”….they are not treated equally against white. B. Many Indians died at the hand s of Islam: Yes that is true. Then many Indians died at the hands of British Christians during their days of Imperialism. And many Africans, Chinese and Egyptians died at the hands of Christian Europeans during their days of Colonist. Most Red Indians and Aborigines and Eskimos died at the hand of White Christians when they took control of their lands. And Many Japanese died at the hand of US Nuclear attack on their cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And many Iraqis and Afghans died at the hand of US and NATO Christian soldiers. So who is keeping counts of how many humans were killed by whom? C. Islam and Australia: Muslims would always push for to be governed by Islamic laws. We will continue to explain that Islamic laws are better than Man Made laws and provide simple and clear cut solutions for each and every society including Australia. To accept and implement them is left to people of Australia. But it is our duty to inform and educate and propagate these views. But we do not force our views on others and give them free choice to chose their path. On the other hand these “tolerant” Christian Nations FORCE us to abandon our religion and our way of life and are FORCING Muslim women not to wear Hijab, which is a duty on them from Islam. Q.127 who="HK Holden Monaro" Fine.. You are finally admitting that I AM a 'true Christian'... as I do believe in Jesus, and his message of salvation. Yes, there are many who give mere lip service to their respective religions... I knew this Jewish bloke from New York City who loved eating ham and pork sausage. But still, I must reaffirm that men should live by the laws of a democracy, and religion has no place in the governing of a free society. These are basic human rights that was set up in our constitution... that religion should not interfere with the affairs of state.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Ans. A. True Christians: I am no judge to say that you are “true Christian” or “Name sake Christian”. It is a matter of belief and only God knows who is what. But by definition a “True Christian” is one who follows the teaching and walks in the footstep of jesus. If some one follows some one else (like Paul), he is a true disciple of Paul and not of Jesus!! B. Democracy and Religion: Democracy is not against religion…..what is Democracy? That people should have rulers of their choice and no religion denies that. But if you mean by democracy, separation between state and religion, then it is not OK. You cannot be a Christian when you are in your house….and when you go to market place or industry, you become a non religious person. Religion gives directions for every part of human life, so you have to be a full time religious followers. C. Basic Human Rights: Our Constitution (Quran) gives more rights than your Basic Human Rights can even give!! It gives UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS!! It wants a Universal human brotherhood… All humans are from the same pair of man and woman, so they are essentially equal. There is no distinction between Whites and Blacks, Rich and Poor, Kings and Paupers…In the eyes of God they are all humans….one who does more good deeds is nearer to him than the other. This is true human right!! Q.128 who=" WN”] I doubt that any all-knowing god would give people the urge to have sex and then punish them for it. I think people who have indiscriminate sex without protection get punished quite enough here. That's another reason I don't believe in gods. That would just be either very ignorant on his part, or very evil.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Ans. God will not punish any one for fulfilling his or her sexual desires……but He would punish those who do it thru illicit means (and do not repent it)!! God has given men and women legitimate means to fulfill their sexual desires. If they limit themselves to these outlets, there is no blame of any kind on them. In Islam fulfilling you sexual desire thru legitimate means is approved and appreciated. There is no Monastism in Islam . However when people exceed the legitimate means and fall into illicit means, they are discouraged and punished. Same way God has given the urge of eating and drinking to every human and He will not punish any one for fulfilling these desires….but He will punish if people do it thru wrong means, i.e. by stealing and robbing others!! You do not believe in God, because you have been fed up with wrong concept of God by the so called various religions of the world. If you want to know about the Real qualities of God and His attributes…..then you should study Quran, where you fill find Most accurate information on this subject. God has qualities of Mercy as well as Justice with Him. He does no injustice to any one and He does not like that any one should do injustice either. Justice at every level is the Basic Law and Basic Pillar of His Code of Conduct to human beings. Q.129 who="CC"] Sale financing murabahah. The bank purchases with you the property and sells you its share in it on installments at a higher price. The Islamic bank sells it share at a higher price no difference really they make a profit no? It's just a way to get around the Quran writings. Stock markets by the way are popular worldwide as well jump in get your feet wet. Ans. Islamic Banks: If the banks cheat on Islamic law and want only a fake cover to pass on interest dealings in the guise of Islamic law… it is their problem and not Islam’s

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 I told you in the beginning that Most Muslim countries (or rather their rulers) get their orders from Western Powers and they are not serious in implementing Islamic economics laws. Whatever small amount of Islamic law they inject into their economic policies, saves them and their investors from disasters, If they implement full Islamic laws, they would see its immense benefits, but it needs courage, faith and moral force. Stock Exchange: As for stock exchange, on the face of it, there is nothing wrong in the concept of stock exchange. But since it is unregulated and has no morality attached to it…. ,…. and lots of banks have entered into it and lot of cheating and gambling has entered into it (like future trading and selling stocks which you do not actually own and unreasonable prices of some stocks (which do not make any economic sense)… …And buying and selling and manipulating companies thru stock exchange, which has polluted that pond of fresh water. It needs thorough cleaning and removal of these harmful practices, before it becomes a place for being “part owners” of the companies. Now a days, most people buy and sell stocks, without having any idea of what “their” companies do for a living!! Islam is against all forms of cheating and intrigue and speculation in trade activities. Every thing should be clear and no one should be forced or coerced in taking economic decisions. What is popular and what is going on in the world…. Is not a standard for truth and falsehood.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.130 [QUOTE who="Sara"

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

What happens MUQ if a Muslim woman is not able to have to children? The man marries another and divorces her. At least the Hindus realise it is NOT always the women who is unable to have children and at least the woman is not encouraged to leave her sterile husband. I don't mean to sound like i am digging at your religion but can't stand it when people poke at others beliefs, implying that theirs is perfect. Ans. I am glad you asked me this question. 1. First of all, in Islam Children are deemed as “gifts from God and His mercy and blessings to the human couples”. It is God who decided which pair has to have how many children. 2. Nevertheless, every couple should try to have as many children as they can get thru their normal sexual life. Usually most of couple would get children in the normal way, as it is normal law of God for human kind. 3. However, if due to any reason, the couple do not get any children, they could go to doctors and find out, if there is any medical problem. If there is any medical problem with either husband or wife, they should get the treatment. 4. If it is found that there is some problem with either of the two spouses, the couples have a choice. If they want to live as husband and wife, without any children, it is OK. 5. If man wants to have children and the woman has some medical com placations, he may get a second wife and get children thru her. He may keep his first wife also, but if she wants divorce, she will be granted her request. 6. If the problem is with husband, then women can ask for divorce and it will be granted to her, thru Islamic courts. 7. Islam therefore has a very practical and reasonable approach for this tricky problem. PS: My mention of Hindu system of NIYOGA was not to criticize Hinduism. But on the face of it, it is immoral and in introduces a unknown element between sexual relation of husband and wife. ||And then this system can be misused, and is being misused, because of religious sanction and secrecy that surrounds such acts.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Q.131 who="Neville Thompson ” I was watching a video of an interview of a lady in France wearing a burqua. She said being a Muslim means the only laws she applies ,are the laws of Allah. Ans. A. Obeying Laws: Again you have asked a very pertinent question. Islam means one who surrenders his will to the will of his or her Creator, which is no one else but Allah. So first and foremost duty of any Muslim, male or female is to obey Allah and His messenger. Then a Muslim should also obey those who have authority, secular or religious over them…..but this obedience is restricted to those parts that do not contradict the directives of Allah and His messenger. Islamic Parliaments and Assemblies and rulers and kings have limited powers and limited scopes. They can formulate laws which are not against directives of Allah and His messenger. This is one of the basic difference between Western concept of democracy and Islamic concept of democracy. No Muslim Parliament or Assemble or Ruler make unlawful what Allah has made lawful and they cannot make lawful what Allah and His messenger made unlawful.\ B. Ban on Hijab: Since the Western ban on Islamic Hijab is against teachings of Allah and His messenger….so that Muslim lady was right in refusing to accept it. If you persecute her, then she has to face persecution and she will be rewarded in the hereafter. But I really feel strange that women are being penalized to covering their bodies and not for baring their bodies!! This is the Reverse Logic working in its extremity…. The only parallel I could find in religious history was when people of Lot admonished Lot and his household for “daring to be Pure” in their locality. They said “Turn out Lot and his household….they dare to remain pure”!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Similar is the case with this western ban on Muslim women wearing Hijab in Western countries….they cannot even tolerate a fully covered women!! Q. 132, who="A-L-E-X" I agree there is nothing in the bible either about Haredi jews having to wear those traditional European black clothes, it could be considered abuse to make minors wear that stuff in the Israeli heat but i would be shocked if some country were to ban them from doing so. this burka ban is getting out of control i think there are some serious problems and threats about major muslim immigration to Europe but i can't see how going head to head with them about what they are allowed to wear is helping. Ans. I thank you for your honest comment. I think Europe has to really learn Multiculturism as some other parts of the world have seen it. India is one of the best example of this. We have people of all faith and every one wears what one likes. From Hindu priests to Muslim scholars, to Sikhs to Naked Jaini Sadhus and what not. When people go to work they wear the clothes best suited for the job. There is no compulsion on any one. But in Europe the Media is making a hue and cry over Muslim women wearing their Islamic Hijab. Why should any one force people not to wear what they like? The thing started with Muslims, would spread to Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus and other people. Why Saris should be allowed in Europe? It is not a western culture? When you start asking questions, there is no end to it. Q. 133, who="I can read" I don't need to be an expert on the Koran to know that it doesn't say anything about women covering their faces. If it did then no nation in the EU would be allowed to ban these face coverings on human rights grounds. Notice the way you avoided my question? Stupidly though you still continue with your lies:…. 'Enjoy' it while it lasts.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Ans. I have broken your post into the following two main heads: A. Women Covering Her Face: Quran says in 24:31 “And say to believing women that they should lower their gazes and guard their modesty: that they should not display their beauty (and ornaments) except what (ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers……….and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments…” And in 33:59 “O prophet! Tell your wives and daughters and the believing women that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when out of doors): this is most convenient that they should be known (as such) and not molested….” And in 33:53 (Concerning prophet’s wives) “….and when you (muslims) ask them any thing you want, ask them from before a screen….” For the above how can you say that Quran does not ask Muslim women to cover her face, while outside? The EU debate is definitely malafide and I am surprised at those “Women Rights” stalwarts that are keeping quiet and silently watching, while their sisters are being denied “choice” and adhering to their religious beliefs. It seems that all this Women Rights stuff is one sided and is only used to break religious laws!! B. Islam wont last 50 years if it does not distinguish between religion and Politics Islam has survived 1400 years, without separating religion and politics and It will survive till the last day. The growth of Islam is itself a proof that Islam’s future is secure, irrespective of whatever its enemies plan or try to bring its downfall!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. 134, who="Questionner" Why are there so many things that Muslims do that were not decreed in the Koran, yet they claim it is part of their religion' A cynic would say that too many muslims are so afraid of their religion that they just do anything the mullahs say - why do they do what men say and claim it to be part of the religion. Why, for example, do muslim men happily come to the west and enjoy the sight of free western women but wrap up their own women in a shapeless garment? Muslim men must surely avert their gaze from women not wrapped up. Ans. Quran is supposed to be the higher law. It deals with basic fundamental issues. It does not deal with procedures and details. That was the reason, Allah sent a human messenger along with Quran, so the messenger would act on teachings of Quran and show how to put these into practice. These acts and sayings of prophet are what is called Hadith and along with Quran they complement the divine guidance. Jews, Christians and other scriptures have muddled up every thing into one book. In their scriptures word of God and Words of Prophets and Words of Commentators, Words of Historians, Words of Story tellers and Words of Folklore all have been mixed and it is not possible to separate one from the other. In case of Islam, each of these words are separate. Words of God are in Quran and nothing else is mixed with it. Words and sayings and actions of prophet are in books of Hadith. Words of Commentators are in books of Tafsirs (Commentaries of Quran). Words of Historians are recorded in Books of Histories. Words of Folklore are recorded in separate books. So there is no confusion, every thing is clear. We Muslims want to be sure about what is the religious position on any issue before we act, so we ask people who have knowledge and there is nothing wrong in it. Yes I see that it is UNFAIR that Muslim men gaze at your women and you have no chance to gaze at Muslim women. Why don’t you TIT for TAT and keep YOUR Women covered up, when Muslims pass them by!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. 135, who=Aussie Baby I am married to a muslim I know all about the Quran, I am not muslim nor Christian, I am atheist and to me there is no such thing as god, Allah, the bible teaches you to be a good person and treat others as you would treat yourself, it teaches you the history of the world, not dictate to you what you will wear, how you will act, what you will eat and bring war on people who don’t believe. I wear what I want to wear and I go where I want to go and do not ask permission. Every person be whatever religion they are has the right to be as they want to be without being dictated to in any religion. You can still be a good person and dress modestly and live the best life you can without persecution & submission to any religion. Religion is the downfall of human kind and it will be the end of human beings on this earth with religious wars created by the muslim as they cant move into the real world. …But either way the world would be much better off without all this religious crap which brings wars & fighting by third world countries which are still living and breathing what happened in the 14th century, this will be the end of our earth. Ans. If you think that just being married to a Muslim, (who allows himself to be married to an Atheist) qualifies for you to know all about Quran and what is in it…then let me say that you are wrong. It speaks about the real status of your husband’s faith also!! I am not surprised on that, many or majority of Muslim men are not presenting themselves as role models of Islam and Muslims and it is because of their duplicity and hypocrisy that Islam and Muslims are getting bad names. Every religion revealed by God asks men and women to dress modestly. It is not Islam which invented it. Islam is the continuation of same old religion of God which was revealed to all prophets. Your charge that stories in Quran were copied from the Bible, shows that you know nothing either about Quran and also about Bible!! The similarities in two versions is only on the surface….if you look carefully, they are pole’s apart like Chalk and Cheese….the Biblical stories are for story sake , like a history…..In Quran they are used as examples of guidance and what lessons we can learn from them.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Since you are married to a Muslim, I wish your husband was a practicing Muslim, ask him to give you good books on Islam, translations and commentaries of Quran, Biography of our prophet……read those in your spare time. You have better opportunity to learn about Islam than other women, (unless your husband has become as apostate ) , please use this opportunity to learn bout Islam… let your physical love…lead also to your spiritual love. But your post indicates that you have not used your opportunity in a good manner so far…..being so ignorant and so Anti Islamic despite being married to a Muslim for so many years is unimaginable!! Q. 136, who="ColoMountMan" Although, I see your logic, there is one flaw in your summation, there are cultures in which women run the politics of the community not the men. Your logic about what a woman and a man does, does have some truth when it comes to nature, but it is society that a person lives in that dictates the roles of a man or a woman, not the abilities of an individual. In many societies history show there have been roll reversals, take the roll of a typist, at one time it was thought that a woman place was at home and the only people that were typist were male. If you took a snap shot of that time you would say that only males were typists. As time went on it became knowledge that most women were typists and now days a typist position is considered a roll that ether a woman or male can share equity. Ans. I thank you for responding to my post in a civil way and raising some pertinent points, which need to be answered and countered. Your argument is that it is human society which allots the role of men and women and it has nothing to do with nature. It is true that society has some impact on day to working and organizing of any nation….and one should be flexible in one’s approach. So far as I agree on your logic. But there is another dimension to your logic….we also believe that there is a Power which created both men and women. It was not by CHOICE that women decided to bear children and men to work in field. The best authority as to divide roles between the two groups should be left to their Creator. It is He who knows which role is best for each of them.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

I would not object, if you prefer what roles you give to your women….if you people had not come forward and claiming that we suppress our women and we do not give them their rights etc. If our society is organized according to our social needs and as per dictates of our Creator….you should be broad minded to accept that. Working inside home and taking care of home and children is not a mean job by any standard. How can a man be happy, if his home is not organized. How can a women work on two fronts simultaneously….there would be some thing left out. And going by experience, it is the home, family and children who will suffer, while she is busy in offices and factories. So this propaganda of “sex equality” is not a natural thing and it had ulterior motives. To bring women out of their protective covers, and bring them in open , so as to exploit them sexually, mentally and economically. Why most of Private secretaries of Top Executives should be females? Why most of receptionists should be females? Why MOST of Air Hostesses should be females? Why men CANNOT do these jobs? After all both sex are equals? I think, we can carry out this discussion to another level. Q. 137 Who=Falasha uh, no. Evil is doing something to someone that you would not like to have done to you - PERIOD. That would include keeping wife locked in house or making her cover her face. It also includes not allowing women to drive, pick her own husband, marrying before she want to, not allowing her education, stoning her for being raped, etc. Ans. Doing to others what would you would like to do your self is certainly the basis of all morality and is the advice which was repeated by all prophets to his followers. But sin is a different thing…..it is the willful disobeying any law, command , instruction or guidance from God or His Prophets…..even though you may like it very much. You may like very much, to drink alcohol, get drunk, cohabit with strange women outside marriage ties…..move naked on the street…….indulge in usury……all these things you may like yourself, but they are sins.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

But observing God’s laws, commands, instructions on your self and trying your best that your wife and family also adhere to them is not evil and not sin. But if any one is cruel to his wife and children or imposes restrictions which are outside the limits allowed by God and His messenger, then he is wrong and committing sin and evil. The examples you have mentioned that you have a very biased and unreasonable opinion about Islam and Muslims and are in habit of generalizing. I can also quote crimes of much higher degree from your own society…but I would be wrong o say that every one in your society is like that. Evil people and extremists are not the prerogative of Islam and Muslims only, they are found in all societies!! Q. 138, who="Crusader Princess" Islam is not a nation. But just out of curiosity, replace them as what? If you're talking about replacing them in terms of power, cultural achievements, or any other leadership position, Muslim countries were "replaced" a long time ago. Nothing of any value comes out of Muslim countries but the oil Ans. There are many words which have lost their original sense after so many centuries. Quran refers to Muslims as "Ummah" which denotes a large group....it is free from geographical and linguistics and cultural restrictions. Any human being irrespective of his or her caste, creed, language, locality can become a member of this Ummah by just accepting its basic tenets and by acting on them. In Quran Allah warns Muslims that if they turn back from the true path....Allah would replace them with another "QAUM" i.e. another group of people and they (these New people) would not be like you!! This is a dire warning to every Muslim of every age....that they should not think that Islam is their monopoly or Allah is dependent on them for propagation of His message and His Deen of Islam. No you are not right, Muslims have not yet been replaced by any other people. Muslims have lost the pole position top lead the world because of their non conformance to teachings of Quran and teachings of prophet…..but it is wrong to say that people who are now leading the world are doing God’s work or spreading His Deen.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 But the scenario is there…..Muslims are trying to hide their religion and feeling shy to act on it….while more and more of Non Muslims in Europe and America and Asia are coming into fold of Islam. It could happen that present Muslims are replaced by these new generations of New Muslims….it is in the hands and plan of Allah, and He knows best. But we existing Muslims at no time should feel complacent or feel that we are Owners of Islam and if we do not practice Islam, no one else will Q. 139, who="Captcanuck" Your contempt for the United Nations is known no surprise there. Islam's goal is to conquer the planet and force everyone to live under there despicable Sharia law. Muslim immigrants come with ideas to transform our society into Islamic states thus Islamic immigrants are not welcome. We are dealing with a intolerant hostile religion bent on conquest. Ans. Have you seen Contempt of Israel and USA towards the same UNO when they criticize any of their actions! They are nothing compared to my criticism of UNO.!! How many times US and Israel have boycotted UNO sessions and UN meetings, when they criticized Israel for its actions. Now you are coming to me and presenting UNO as some Angel whose every word is to be appreciated. Muslim immigrants come to your lands to live in a better standard of life and be able to live like a true Muslim. They first demand that they should be governed by Shariah law, in matters which affect their faith and life. Then Islam is a missionary religion, every Muslim should be a missionary, it is their duty to educate other people about Islam and save them from the problems of the Last day. If they present their faith in a logical and reasonable way and try to prove that Shariah laws are in fact better than man made laws and can solve most of your society’ problem, what is wrong in that? Why should you consider that as a hostile religion and hostile way of life? They have your welfare at heart.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.140, Who=Tiger 7 You say it the duty of Muslims to spread the message of Allah, which is supposedly why you post on this forum. It is the duty of Christians to spread the word of Jesus. You expect to be shown tolerance when you come to a Western forum and preach Islam. Why? What would happen if a Christian began to spread the word of Jesus in Saudi Arabia? Or Iran? , Tell us. Ans. Yes I agree to the right of Christians to spread their message of Christianity as we Muslims have the right to spread the message of Islam. But there is a catch…..Truth and falsehood cannot be given equal right, no society does that. So those who have already come into the true path of Islam……it is unfair for their Governments to allow them to be mislead and accept the wrong path. That is why Muslim nations and Muslim societies do not allow other religions to be preached and propagated in Islamic countries. If you say, we will also allow Islam not to be preached in our countries? You are right, but if you do so, you open your nation for Islamic Jihad. Because the main aim of Islamic Jihad is to break down the resolve of those who put hindrances in the propagation of Islam. It is birthright of Islam to be propagated in all corners of the world. But it does not allow any one to be converted to Islam by force. The conversion should be by free choice. It is like I said, separate rules for truth and falsehood!! Tolerance and freedom of speech is OK, but it should be used in the spread of truth, justice and brotherhood and in the cause and service for humanity. Not to profane the names and characters of religious personalities of other faiths or to spread hate and injustice and falsehood and bigotry in the world. It is a resource and it should be used carefully and with diligence.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.141, Does Western People Fear Islam? Ans. Fear of Islam and Muslims: I have been asked to PROVE that Western Civilization is indeed afraid from Islam and Muslims. Before I say something, let me build a suitable foundation for my arguments: A. Why People Fear Any thing? 1. The fear comes from survival, when we feel that our lives or our property or our way of life, or our country is going to loose its battle for survival from some person, some nation and some philosophy, we feel fear from it and take corrective actions for our survival. B. Fear Of Communism: 1. For example, just after WW-2, When communism was on the rise, and there was widespread fear in western world, that it will be dominant philosophy of the world and would threaten their way of life, both on intellectual level as well as on military level. They started to have FEAR about communism. During those days, every other film, every new fiction novel, Newspaper articles were full of “Barbaric and Inhuman ways of these Communists”. USA even went to war in Korea and Vietnam to contain this “cancer of Communism”. They created NATO and other military alliances to counter it. 2. Now the same communism, poses no threat to Western world, as it has become a spent force, so they do not waste their time worrying about Communism any more. You will hardly find any fiction book or film speaking about those “Inhuman Soviets”. C. Fear from other religions: 1. There are many religions in the world, whose followers could be in very large quantity. Like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism etc…. 2. But since these religions pose no threat to Western people and their way of life, you will hardly find any one going to demolish their ideological thinking. Even though Hindus and Buddhists may claim that their way of life is much superior to Christian’ and their’ is the only true way of life!! D. Fear of Jews: 1. When Jesus started to spread his message, his immediate opponents were jews, that is why you will find every book of NT arguing against Jews. 2. The same holds for earliest Christian writings (including of St. Paul), they all argue against Jews and their way of thinking.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

3. But after 300 years or so, when Christians was firmly established in the land, there was no fear from Jews. So you will hardly find any literature condemning “jews and their evil ways”. It became an insignificant topic. E. The case of Islam: 1. The case of Islam is very different. It started as a philosophy and a way of life, which was contradicting Christian beliefs and way of life in every sense, for example: a. Christians say “Jesus is God and Son of God”, Muslims say, God does not Begat any son or daughter. b. Christians say “God is in Triune Form”, Muslims say “God is absolute unity” and there is No Trinity. c. Christians say “Jesus died for our sins”. Muslims say “No one dies for any other’s sins, every one is responsible for his own deeds” 2. Then Muslims conquered nations of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen, Abyssinia, Spain …..and others which were controlled by Christians and very soon, most of people got converted to Islam. 3. This created Fear in the minds of Christian and they went on attacking Islam and Muslims. That was the beginning of hate literature in Christian countries against Islam. Crusade wars and fights with Muslim fanned this hatred, bias and fear. 4. But most of Pre-Colonial literature against Islam was based on ignorance and pure hate. So much so that no one in Modern Time would even look at it and quote from it. 5. But even though in Colonial Period, Muslims were defeated militarily and most of Muslim nations were under rule by European, there still was “theological threat” of Islam against Christianity. That is when European Scholars started to study Arabic so as to understand Islam and counter it with logic and reasons. 6. So these people learned Arabic and then wrote books against Islam. These “learned Scholars” analyzed the “personality and psychology of Prophet” and reached different conclusions. William Muir , and Prof. Margoliath, and Montgomery Watt all reached contradictory conclusions. For the past 200 years more than 60,000 books have been written against Islam and Muslims in the west. 7. What is the reason for it? If Islam is such a black box, why people are attracted to it? Why people in the west get attracted to it? The basic reason is the same, because Islam is the only philosophy which can look Christianity in the eye and counter it on every level. What is more, they use the same Bible and prove that Christians are wrong in their beliefs about Jesus and other prophets.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.142, who="Captcanuck" Pakistan news Attacks with bombs and firearms in Pakistan, targeting houses of worship for a persecuted religious minority, killed at least 80 people Friday, a senior government official said. More mayhem in an Islamic state what's new i guess. The religious freedom commission, an independent, bipartisan U.S. government body, said in its latest annual report that " ….. Why the state sponsored discrimination by the Pakistan government against the Ahmadi MUQ Ans. A. Attack on Ahmadi Places of Worship: Did you expect that I would support this atrocity against these people because they are not Muslims? I have told many times that I am against killing of ANY and EVERY innocent men, women and children, irrespective of what is his religion, color, nationality and ethnicity. The situation in Pakistan is beyond control. It is not only Ahmadi that are being targeted, these attacks are taking place on all mosques and I am totally against such attacks. The culprits irrespective of who they are, to whom they represent…must be punished and be shown no mercy. B. Ahmadi as Non Muslims: Having said that, let me say that I also consider Ahmadis as Non Muslims. In their literature they call every Non Ahmadi as infidel and do not accept them as Muslims, while on the other hand they try to deceive innocent people by having names like Muslims and pretending to be Muslims. I am of the view that they are believers of another religion and should be treated like Non Muslims. We muslims do not call ourselves Christians or Jews or Hindus and try to mingle with them on religious grounds. Eventhough we respect Moses, Jesus and all other prophets of God. We believe them to be Muslims, but we keep our identity separate and we will be offended if some one calls us Jews or Christians or Hindus. C. Finality of Prophet hood of Mohammad essential requirement: It is a requirement for anyone to be a Muslim that no prophet shall come after Prophet Mohammad. This is an issue on which every Muslim Scholar of every age has the same opinion.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 By believing in another prophet after Last prophet Mohammad, they have finally severed their link with the Islamic Ummah (Nation), why should they come for Hajj which is pilgrimage for Non Muslims? (according to them). Muslims through out their history have not tolerated any so called “New Prophet” to survive. It was only due to British rule in India, that this cancer of Qadiayni faith could grow to this level. Otherwise in Islamic country Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani (so called prophet of Ahmadis) would have been killed by sword in the very beginning of his mission. But they keep on spreading mischief against Islam and Muslims and against Pakistan and mislead new converts into entering their faith. But these theological differences does not mean that we should kill their innocent men, women and children who come for prayers or move in markets or live peacefully in their houses. They should live as any Non Muslims are living in Muslim countries. Q.143, who=Gupta Dear MUQ Thanks for appreciation, As for the morals and ethics are concerned Those who claim about human rights Are the biggest abusers of human rights . Your input is very informative But the real problem with Islamic world is Munafiqat and double standards, Like Saudi Wahebism is not real Islam It is a political Agenda not Islam . When Wahebis find anything against Royal Family They Make it Haram with fatwa.... Well Let us all hope ,,,for the justice, Before day of justice Ans. I also thank you for your knowledgeable posts. Now let me clarify some thing regarding Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is no standard for all Muslims of the world. It is a country that houses the Two Holiest Shrines for all Muslims and it is deeply related with the life history of our prophet. That is why it is a holy place in the eyes of all Muslims. Muslims from all over the world, gather here for annual pilgrimage and year round visits to the holy lands of Makkah and Medina.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

King and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes proper care of the holy places and take care of religious visitors in a good way which no other government does or could do. This is a fact, and we recognize and respect that. It says that Islam and Islamic principles are its constitution, but it is not 100 % Islamic state. Its trade, banking and political system is not 100 % Islamic and they follow mixed principles for these things. Then Saudi Arabia is a strict monarchy, and every monarchy has its own rules. Survival is the most important rule of any monarchy and this country is no exception. Now coming to Wahabism, in fact in Islamic jurisprudence there is no term like Wahabi or Wahabism. This is a nickname invented by Non Muslims (and picked up by many Muslims also) and used as an abuse to denote any movement that asks for country to be run according to Islamic guidelines. Since Saudi Arabia profess to be run on Islamic principles, by its very definition it is a Wahabi state!! The religious scholars here are given certain freedom to speak and on certain issues to speak, after that they are asked to keep quite. Islamic scholars here have no real powers here and they speak within their boundaries. Fatwa , I think you know is religious opinion on any practical situation faced by any individual. It has no executive power behind it, it is the Executive Power (court or Govt.) that can enforce it. I do not know of any religious scholar who will make willingly any Halal thing as Haram or any Haram thing as Halal. There are of course, political fatwas, but they are as short lived as the person for whom that fatwa was given!! I hope that you understand meanings behind my post. Q.144, who="Neville Thompson" Why is it so that Muslims within Australia have to import Imams from other countries for spiritual guidance. Why can't our Muslims choose an Australian born to take on these positions seeing Muslims have been in Australia for such a long time. If it were so, we wouldn't have overseas people like Sheik Halaly and others who bring spiritual baggage that inflames our fragile society with their comments on women in general.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 With Australian born Imams there would be less strife as these same people understand our culture and our values which would lead to better understanding and respect for Muslims, Australia wide. Ans. You have posed a very good and pertinent question. In Islam there is no restriction as to who can lead the prayers and who can be considered as a Scholar. Any one who can recite Quran properly in Arabic can lead prayers and be Imam for the congregation. In the same way, any one who has acquired knowledge of Quran and prophet’s sayings and have studied Islam can become a Islamic scholar. There is no restriction that such person should be a “born Muslim” of from any other region. Islamic history is filled with case where New Muslims and recently converted Muslim rose to highest level of Scholarship and were accepted as such by most Muslims. In the present case, the problem is because of joint congregation and Western New Muslims are not very conversant with recitation of Quran in Arabic. If More Western people convert to Islam and try to learn recitation of Quran in Arabic, there is no reason why they have to import Imams from outside. It would be a happy occasion for islam and Muslims when original citizens of these countries become Imams and Scholars of Islam. Q.145, who="thinkaboutit" Poor MUQ. Please allow me to explain. Here in the developed world we have institutions known as libraries. They are public institutions that our tax money pays for. Inside of these libraries we have things commonly referred to as 'books', though many libraries now are becoming not only places for books, but also for electronic media. All of these things supply us with the information we need in our society and in order for our society to function. … What I would like to suggest is that you work toward building a democracy in Saudi, where you seem to live. Build libraries and stock them full of books. Teach people how to read them.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Ans. Thanks for your friendly advise and I do appreciate it. I have few comments to make on your post, which I hope you will listen with patience: A. Gaining of Knowledge: 1. Islam is all for acquiring every type of useful knowledge. 2. You might not know it, the first word revealed to our prophet from Quran was “IQRA” which means to “Read or Recite” and in that first revelation, mention was made to use of pen as a means of knowledge. This first revelation and reading and pen is given to a prophet who did not know how to read and how to write!! 3. Can you guess, who were the real addressees of this message? 4. Our prophet said that “Wisdom and knowledge” are lost treasures of a Muslim. He grabs it wherever he finds it and he is supposed to have said “Acquire knowledge even if you have to go to China” (a far away place from Arabia). 5. It was because of this importance to knowledge that very soon Muslims became the most learned persons of whole world and were the leading nation in the world for many centuries. B. Libraries: 1. You may not know it, but every Muslim house and every Muslim city had a library of its own. 2. In days when there was no printing press and books had to be written and copied by hands, it was a thriving business in every Muslim country to have as many writers as possible. 3. Go to any good library in any big Western City and just go thru the lest of Arabian and Persian manuscripts and you would be surprised at the diverse titles they cover. 4. When Europe was deep under darkness, it were books and libraries in Muslim countries which were the sources of learning. 5. It was thru Islamic Spain that knowledge and learning went to European Christian nations and now you have “advanced” to such a state that you have cheek to tell us what is a Library and what is its purpose!! C. Democracy: 1. It is Islam which gave the real meaning of democracy both in theory and in practice.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 2. Ruler should be chosen with the consent of people and he should act on the advise of a governing council was practiced in the earliest Islamic society. E. Women’ Rights: 1. The rights which Islam gives to women are unparalleled in any human society. 2. In western society the women is more exploited than given rights. The beauty with western system is that they use the word which has exactly opposite meaning to what they actually do, for example: - “Women Rights” really mean “Exploitation of Women’ body” - “Democracy” really means “Rule of a small Minority over a large majority” - “Drink” really means imbibing Alcohol - “Drug” really means use of “Narcotic intoxicants”. - “Gay” really means “Sodomites and Lesbians” - “Cultural event” really means “free show of women bodies and free mixing of sexes”. - “Defense” really means “Power to attack and destroy enemy” There are many such words which are exact opposite to what they really mean. So we are not swayed by the High Sounding words which you use. F. Hard Core Signs of civilization: I think that you considered us to be in stone age, that is why you mentioned only “soft signs” of a developing civilization, what about the “Real signs of an Advanced Civilization” like: - Peep show, strip tease and Live show joints? - Gay clubs and Nude colonies? - Cabaret dancing all Night dancing and Drinking clubs? - Gambling joints and Casinos? - Old age homes where parents are to be “deposited” when they grow up? - Live in relationships and bastard children? Premarital sex, free sex, change of partners and all “variety” in sexual relationship. - Incest and growing domestic violence

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 - Sex with domestic and farm animals - Homosexual marriages and equal rights to these on the line with “weird” marriages (I mean where both partners belong to different sex!! What strange thing!!). Do you think we are “too young” to be told of such things. Or do you think that when we take “first bite” from your poisoned apple, we will reach to the same “advanced civilized” state where you have already reached. Nevertheless I thank you for your “sincere advice”. You know the world as you have seen around you and think this is the best of the best world. It is not your choice, but it is “forced” on you. Q.146, You're right about much of what you wrote, but imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, and your kind ran the world! Would we nonmuslims be allowed to build huge temples and churches and other non-muslim structures in the middle of your biggest countries? Would we be allowed religious freedom and our women be allowed to walk in your streets dressed the way we prefer? Would your kind allow our men to marry your women and convert them? I don't think so. The west gets a lot of crap thrown in our face and all your people do is complain about discrimination and harassment, gee who flew a couple of planes into the middle of N.Y.C. ten years ago? Who has been planning the logistics and using natives of your countries who became citizens of these same western countries who took in a lot of the most extreme elements of your societies and let them worship and plot in our countries? The pendulum keeps getting pushed higher and higher, and if Obama gets pushed out by someone more extreme than him or Bush, we're all going to be in trouble... Ans. You speak as if this situation did not exist in any Muslim country before and this is the latest catastrophe which would befall Non Muslims living in Islamic society. In Islamic societies, Non Muslims have freedom to build their places of worship and live their lives according to their customs.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 They are at freedom to follow their personal laws and in many countries (before the current wave of Nationalism came 100 or 200 years back), they were even allowed to follow their own criminal laws, if the dispute was between themselves. Marriage of Muslim women to Non Muslim males are not permitted in Islam. As time passes, it is becoming clear that 9/11 was a very high ranking conspiracy and the real culprit were never identified or traced. For past 10 years US and its Mighty army is running after red herrings. There are extremists in every religion and in every country and Muslim nations are no exceptions to it. But it is the media, who paints every Muslim with the same brush. They give so much highlight to these Extremist elements that voices of Vast Muslim Majority is not heard. If they would have given it due importance, these elements would have been curbed, but Media is biased and they have their own agenda to malign all Muslims. Extremism is not good for any nation and US is no exception. If they get some one worse than GWB (which seems impossible as on now), it is US and its citizen which would suffer maximum and not other people. Remember Hitler, he lead his nation into destruction. Hitler suffered less, but his country and millions of his countrymen suffered much more than him. Q.147, who="JOEL PASTAKIA" How should non-Muslims be treated in an Islamic state? What will be their status and what rights and privileges and freedom will they enjoy? Ans. This is a wide ranging issue and there are many details of Jurisprudence which are mentioned in Islamic books of Jurisprudence. But I would answer only main outlines on this issue, which people misuse to malign Islam and Muslims: A. Status of Non Muslims in an Islamic state: 1. Non Muslims in Islamic state are given a status of “protectorate” (Called DIMMI in Arabic). They are protected by the Islamic state, in lieu of a small sum which they pay to the Islamic state. 2. Once they have paid their dues, Islamic state will protect their lives, properties and their religious buildings.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 3. If any Muslim violates this protection, he will be punished for that and if he kills any of them, he would be killed in lieu thereof. 4. They will have full freedom of practice their religion, their customs and their personal laws. 5. They could even have their own courts to judge any disputes between them, however if any dispute is between them and Muslim , then it will be referred to Islamic courts. 6. They will have freedom of engage in any trade and they will pay tax as other Muslims pay on trade. 7. They will be given same status in Government jobs, except for some sensitive and top posts and issues which are related to Islamic religious organizations. 8. They can practice their religion, but they will not be allowed to propagate their religion amongst Muslims and they will not stop any of their fellows if he willingly wants to accept Islam. 9. This and if they have obtained any other concession from state at the time of entering into the contract, that shall be upheld. Q.148, Who=PFJ You don't get it. Your religion may be true to you, but to others it is not. Islam's laws violate the right of non-muslims right to worship as they please. My freedom would be violated, I would either have to convert, or pay a tax, or be killed under Islam law. You don't get that. That is what Muhammad forced upon non-muslims. Muslims have a right to worship GOD like anyone else. But they don't have a right to force anyone to live under their laws. The Prophets life does not Who healed the blind-Jesus did Who raised the dead-Jesus did Who forgave the adulterer/ess-and did not stone her to deathJesus did "He who is without sin cast the first stone". who became an adulterer when he took his nephews wife as his own by progressive revelation-Mohammed Ans. If my religion would be true to others why will they not accept it? But you are wrong to say that my religion prevents others from practicing their religion. compare to Jesus Christ.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 If you want to live as a Non Muslim in an Islamic country, you have to pay a tax. In which country you can live without paying taxes? So why you harp so much about that? Muslims have to pay much more tax than Non Muslims have to pay. Is it positive discrimination or negative discrimination? Non Muslims do not have to take part in wars. For the tax they pay, Islamic state protects them. Islam never restricts Non Muslims right to worship, this is a false propaganda against Islam. Mohammad versus Jesus: You are right, life of our prophet cannot be compared with Jesus. In the same way life of Jesus cannot be compare with Moses or David or Solomon. Even though they all were prophets of God, but their missions were different. Mission of jesus was to reform Jewish religion and announce the nearness of forthcoming Kingdom of God. Our prophet’s mission was to ESTABLISH KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH and He did it!! Despite all these things which jesus did, what was the end result? - His chosen disciples left him and flood when they were most needed by their master. - He was put to death like a common criminal on a cross When our prophet died, whole of Arabia was Muslim and he had pleasure to see more than 124,000 of his companions performing Last Hajj with him!! How could we compare life of Jesus with Life of Mohammad.? One learned western scholar put that thing nicely when he said “when I compare statements of Jesus with statements of Mohammad, it seems as if a small child is speaking in front of a grown up man highly accomplished in worldly affairs”!! That is why Encyclopedia Britannica Calls our Prophet as the Most |Successful of all religious personality and the Book Top 100. most influential men in history: Puts Our Prophet at #1 and Jesus at # 3.!! I can feel your envy and jealousy my dear, but truth must be told!! And for your info, we respect and revere all prophets of God and as prophets we do not distinguish between one and other. But their missions were different and they were gifted with different qualities.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Q.149, who="Buford" The real question is why the Islamic "Golden Age" ended. Do you blame the Jews for that? Ans. No "golden age" lasts for ever for any nation. Every nation gets a chance and then they have a downfall from that pole position. it is the same case with Greeks, Romans, Muslims, British, Communists and other nations too. If one nation always stays on top of the world for all times, it would be harmful for the progress and overall welfare for the humanity. That is why Allah says in Quran “And is Allah does not check out one set of people by another, the earth would indeed be full of mischief: But Allah is full of bounty for all the Worlds” (2:251) The reason for downfall for Muslims from the top position to their present are many….and they started when Muslims lost the “lust for knowledge and drive to excel in every thing….then they got divided into sects and started fighting with each other….and there are many reasons for that”. Jews had no direct role in that, except for their desire and wishes to see Muslims go town from that position (a mixture of envy and jealousy that is natural for people in bottom to look for those at top). But Islam is more than just ruling the world….it is a message for getting salvation in the hereafter also. So if it is not ruling the world, means that it has lost its claim to the second part also. The message of Islam is for all humankind and in every level of their worldly power or possession. The missionary spirit of Islam is still alive and will continue to be preached and propagated to all humans in this world. Q. 150, who="my kind of town" The Church has shown contrition. Please cite examples of humility on the part of ayatollahs, sheiks, imams, emirs, princes and suicide bombers. You are consumed by the Islamic seed of desire to dominate. It will destroy your religion...or what is left of "religion," since Islam today is merely another version of a ruling party. Ans.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

There is hardly any "ruling party" who abides by Islamic law in full in any country!! Most rulers of so called 50 odd "Islamic and Muslim dominated countries" are influenced by the Western thoughts and they are at odds with overwhelming majority of their own countrymen. It is common folk, the common Muslims who want to adhere to Islam and its teachings. You got confused Islam with Communist nations where Communist party was adhering to Communism as a policy as well as a “state religion” In Islam, there is no “official interpreter” and no hierarchical priesthood, so that any one can speak as “official spokes person of Islam” as Pope does for RC Church has to apologize, because it unleashed untold suffering on its followers and to others who opposed it. So it has no other way, but to issue apology upon apology (while all the time being guided by the Holy Spirit and being the Vicar of Jesus Christ!!)....when they were committing those inhuman acts and now when they are apologizing. Islam on the other hand has to issue no apology to anyone!! Islam's teachings are based on truth, justice and fairplay. If any one misused it, he did it in his personal capacity and no blame for that can be attached to islam!! Q. 151, who="Captain" I've been thinking about this muslim religion, and have concluded that they have a lot of things figured out way ahead of most Americans, such as: Ans. I will post short replies to your “help list” to improve US society along the lines of Muslim society. As usual you have forgotten the Most Important “To Do” list in the life of a Muslim and concentrated on side issues. To set the record straight, let me first list those fundamental teachings of Islam: A. To believe in absolute one ness of God and worship only True God of universe and no one else. B. To believe in all messengers and prophets send by God and then believe in the Prophet hood and messengership of Last and Final prophet in that long chain, the Prophet Mohammad.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 C. To believe in all the Books send by God for guidance of humanity in all ages and to all nations and then believe in the Lst Book sent by God to His Last Prophet, Quran. D. To believe in the Last day and do Good Deeds to please God and Hope for salvation on last day, based on faith and good deeds. E. Follow the commands of God and His messenger in all sections of your life to the best of your ability. Now I take up the issues mentioned by you: 1. Women simply need to be put back in their place. They need to wear burkas, they shouldn't drive or have a job, they are only the property of their husband (husbands can have multiple wives) and their only purpose is to serve their husband and teach his children to respect him. Also no male Doctor should examine them. MUQ: Women’s duty is to take care of house and children and men’s duty is to earn livelihood for the family…..each role is equally important and there is no superiority of one over the other. Both men and women have to dress modestly and cover their secret parts when they go out. In case of me, it is from navel to knees, in case of woman, her full body should be covered. Burqa is one mean, but people could choose other means. Women is not the property of her husband, she has her rights, she has share in inheritance of her parents, her husband and her children. Driving by woman is no taboo…..during age of prophet, women used to ride on camel and horses. It is best if a lady doctor should examine a lady, it is best for both of them however if no such lady doctor is available, then women could go to male doctors also. 2. After communism has failed, and the Christians have been killed off by the atheists, then the natural next step is for muslims to take over and institute a theocratic government. MUQ: Who has killed all the Christians? I think there are more than 2 Billion Christians present in the world. In Islam there is no separation between state and religion, so there is no theocracy in Islam. There is no hierarchical priesthood and no “official interpreters” of Islamic laws. Any Muslim can reach to that level by his study of Quran and Prophet’s sayings. 3. Society needs to be kept in technology that was only found during 700AD. MUQ: No that is not correct. Muslims contributed to growth of Science and Technology when they ruled the world between 700-1400 CE. Muslim’s contribution in various fields is evident by “Arabic names” that are still present in many of these fields.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

4. Women cannot vote or serve in public office or even be allowed to talk to anyone outside of immediate family (and even then, very respectfully) MUQ: There is no restriction for women to vote (should there be any need of it)… women can talk to strangers if need be….and every Muslim (male of female) has to be respectful when talking to any one. It is not only for women. 5. Every man should be well armed. MUQ: Self defense is allowed in every religion and in every society. A Muslim must also be prepared for self defense and take whatever precaution is needed. I think it is USA which is more to blame for allowing free usage and stock of hand guns, rifles and revolvers. 6. the mother should beat the daughter in-law when needed. MUQ: I doubt if that is Law in Islam….in fact mother has no right to hit daughter in law…..may be you got confused with Hindu social system…..where daughter in law burning has reached epidemic proportion!! 7. All marriages should be by parental selection and all brides be a virgin. MUQ: Marriages should be by consent of Bride and Bridegroom. Man can propose for hands of woman thru her guardian (as free mixing of males and females is not allowed ). If any girl is to be married for the first time, she will be a virgin, but for widows and those who remarry, how can they be virgins? 8. homosexuality is not tolerated. MUQ: Yes, a Muslim society shall be free from the curse of Homosexuality. These “Sick and perverted persons” shall not be tolerated in Muslim society. The world would be a better place if it is cured from this “disease” 9. jobs and government is secondary to family and religion. MUQ: Earning living for family is the duty of male members , so jobs and trade are one of the fundamental duties of Muslims. So are his duties to his God and to his family. In Islam every one gives preference to each duty and does not neglect any thing. 10. no infidels allowed. MUQ: Infidels are tolerated, because there is no force to convert any one to Islam. They will not rise to the top position of Islamic state (so as to deal with secrets of state and position to influence the policies). All in all, following Islamic system, would cure most of the “diseases” that present US society is suffering with and would be a boon to its decaying moral values.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Q. 152, West’ Position on Mosques in their cities Posted without comment- MUQ Monday, September 06, 2010 The international Mosque imbroglio Much that US writers would prefer to localize the issue of Mosque at Ground Zero, or anywhere else on mainland US, there is a wider perspective that cannot be ignored if the drift of events have to be forewarned and foretold. As I see it, the Mosque problem starts with Al Aqsa Mosque that is believed to be built over the Jewish Temple, destroyed by Romans. The Wall is still there for all the world Jewry to remind that there was once a grand Temple there. The Jews are reasonably aspiring to rebuild the old temple, preferably at the same site. The problem is that the site is now occupied for over a 1000 years by a Mosque that is the third most sacred Mosque for 1.5 billion Muslims of the world, after that of Mecca and Medina Harams(Mosque). The Aqsa Mosque was Muslim's first Qibla, the direction to which they faced while praying five times a day. Even though in 1967, Jordan lost control of the site, the city of Jerusalem; the holy sites of the 3 Abrahamanical religions are internationally recognized as disputed land. Short of getting outright and full effective control of the Al Aqsa Mosque, Israelis have to do with all kinds of ruse to make life difficult for Muslims of the city so that they should hopefully, eventually, leave the place and let Jews built its old Temple. That just is not possible in these times and age. Israel has big power, but it cannot withstand the backlash if any damaged to Al Aqsa Mosque is even rumored. Enter conspiracies. Jewish conspirators had spotted that India too has a similar case of a Mosque having been built supposedly on a site widely believed to be the site of the birth of Hindu avatar/God Ram. .. A big conspiracy between the two major political parties, allowed over a lakh of rabble-rouser to demolish the 500 year old structure, though in fact through implosions inside the old Mosque that caved in just like the two World Trade Centre Buildings, all in heap and dust. The world media made it out that it was the sole work of demolition by an enraged mob, the Kar Sevaks. The civil suit over the ownership of the 500 year site is in the court for last decade and over, and a ruling is expected this month, September 16, 2010, probably. Big trouble is expected. But the political consideration in India may preclude major disaster, as that will deeply damage the ruling Congress Party's prospects in the coming general elections. Zoom away from India and focus on Ground Zero. Nobody knows whose idea it was to build an 'Islamic Center' or Mosque near Ground Zero. An educated guess is that it

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 has something to do with Democratic Party's effort to reclaim US goodwill with Muslim World, severely eroded during Bush/Cheney period. Imam Rauf is in full cooperation with US State Department and had made trips abroad pumping for US overtures to Muslim World. Naturally, all this is anathema to Republicans in general and American Jewish Neo-cons in particular. They have wasted no time in making a big scandal about the Mosque project with a view to reposition Republicans once again in mainstream public gaze. … It is worth noting, that in all the 3 centers of conflicts, Al Aqsa, Babri and Ground Zero, the legal land rights are all with the Muslims. The media and mass agitation is organized and mobilized, especially by Jewish proxies, to scare Muslims in giving up their legitimate rights. Both in India and in Jerusalem, Muslims have not given in to the arm-twisting. One hopes that American Muslims too would stand up for their constitutional rights and not be cowed down by the organized mob actions unleashed by their detractors. (Abridged) Q. 153, image: Ans. People who listen to News from Western Media do not realize when the Views are Superimposed over the News. This is done so subtly and in such a slow manner and the performers are so expert…..that people with superficial knowledge are not able to distinguish between the two. I want to take a simple example of Crescent Moon Sighting as I listened on a BBC broadcast a few years back, it was regarding Ramadan or Eid Moon Sighting. A. First the facts and backgrounds: 1. Islamic months start and end with the sighting of crescent moon. This is a Universal fact which is known to any one who has any knowledge about Islam. 2. The moon sighting for other months are largely ignored and do not get any media attention, because no festival is linked with it. However it is Ramadan, Eid and Hajj Crescent moons which get wide publicity because fasting and festivals of Eid and Hajj rituals are linked with it. 3. Since times of rising of moon are different in different countries, it is not unlikely that Months start on different dates in different Muslim countries and Ramadan ending and Eid festivals are celebrated on different days in Muslim countries. Any one having any knowledge about islam is aware of this fact. How Western Media distorts Islam and Muslim’s

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 4. Saudi Arabia and Iran have a time difference of 60-90 Minutes in their respective countries. So it is CUSTOMARY AND LOGICAL to have different dates for Ramadan and Eid in the two countries, especially if the moon belongs to 29 days. It is UNUSUAL if they have the same date!! 5. No Muslim feels any problem due to this difference of dates and it is considered as NORMAL if Eid in Saudi Arabia does not coincide with Eid in Iran , Iraq, Turkey, India, Pakistan or Indonesia etc. 6. These facts must be known to BBC staff, who were reporting sighting of Moon in Saudi Arabia on the mentioned date. 7. Now let us see , How the actual reporting went. B. Actual reporting of BBC: 1. They reported “Today New moon of Ramadan (or Eid) was sighted in Saudi Arabia and tomorrow is the First day of Ramadan (or Eid) in that country and other Gulf countries……however the moon was not sighted in Iran and they will have start of their month on another day. 2. “Iran Govt. does not accept Moon sighted in Saudi Arabia and they most of the times insist on their own dates. Differences between Saudi Arabia and Iran are different on most religious issues …..” (end of News) 3. Did you notice how the BBC reporter instead of informing their readers as to how this natural difference of dates originates, was harping on Differences between Saudi Arabia and Iran. 4. They took more than three or minutes harping on the difference….that is how they program and brain wash the people and those who are their regular listeners, The “Views are superimposed over News”. This was one example; I can give hundreds of example of such type. Is it not strange that Western Media and their reporters are so IGNORANT of a Major World religion, which has its followers in EVERY Country of the world? Is this attitude due to mistake, ignorance, or deliberate? We can give benefit of doubt one time or for two times, but when we see cases upon cases like that…..we are right to assume that it is deliberate.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. 154, Islam will sooner or later dominate Europe: Italian priest IANS, Sep 8, 2010, LONDON: Christians in Europe must have more children or else the continent would become Islamized, said a Vatican official who predicted that Islam would "sooner rather than later conquer the majority in Europe". Italian Father Piero Gheddo said the poor birth rate among Europeans coupled with waves of Muslim immigrants could lead to Europe getting dominated by Islam. "The challenge must be taken seriously," Daily Telegraph Tuesday quoted Father Gheddo of the Vatican's Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions as saying. He said: "Certainly from a demographic point of view, as it is clear to everyone that Italians are decreasing by 120,000 or 130,000 persons a year because of abortion and broken families - while among the more than 200,000 legal immigrants a year in Italy, more than half are Muslims and Muslim families, which have a much higher level of growth." "Newspapers and television programmes never speak of this. However, an answer must be given above all in the religious and cultural fields and in the area of identity." The official held Christians responsible for failing to live up to their own beliefs that led to the creation of a "religious vacuum" being filled by Islam. He said Islam would "sooner rather than later conquer the majority in Europe". "The fact is that, as a people, we are becoming ever more pagan and the religious vacuum is inevitably filled by other proposals and religious forces." Gheddo went on to say that Christians were also making themselves vulnerable to secularists' attacks. He stated that when "religious practice diminishes in Christian Europe and indifference spreads, Christianity and the Church are attacked". "If we consider ourselves a Christian country, we should return to the practice of Christian life, which would also solve the problem of empty cradles." A few months back, a Czech cardinal had also blamed lapsed Catholics for Europe's Islamisation. Cardinal Miloslav Vlk had said Muslims were well placed to fill the spiritual void "created as Europeans systematically empty the Christian content of their lives". He said that in case Christians didn't wake up to the threat they would one day realise that they don't have the strength to make their mark on society.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 PS: This is the type of hysteria they create in Non Muslim Societies. In India RSS also beats the same drums. Muslims are bearing more children and Hindus are having less children, very soon Hindus will become minority in India. A thing which did not happen in 1000 years. Now we see the same tone from this Christian Preacher. MUQ

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Chapter-5 Islam- 3 (On Prophet and Quran)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. 155, who=Dhruv Wait, what is the Shahada, the first pillar of Islam lâ ilâha illallâh, Muḥammadur rasûlullâh There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God This makes it pretty clear that Muhammad and the god Allah comes in a single package. No one can remain a true follower of the god Allah without believing Muhammad is his prophet. The truth is there is no religion called Islam without Muhammad. Even if a man believes in god, unless he surrenders to Islam and Muhammad, your Mujahideen will certainly kill him. Ans. You started your post with a very good question……then your Anti Islamic bias and hatred took you away on a tangent course to demonize our prophet. Your first question is that in Islamic Shahadah, names of both Allah and Mohammad are mentioned and no one can remain a Muslim, unless he or she believes in the prophet hood of Mohammad…..You are right on both account!! But you are wrong when you say that Islam equates Allah and Mohammad.!! If you look at wordings of Shaadah, it gives the status of Both….Allah as God and only one to be worshipped and Mohammad as His messenger and to show the way!! So in no way , Islam equates Allah with Mohammad. He is a messenger appointed by God to convey His message and present himself as a working model as to how to implement those teachings in a human life. If you reject Mohammad or any messenger of Allah, it means you are going against the command of Allah and trying to fix you’re your own standards…..how can you be a Muslim? Muslim means ones who submits himself or herself to Allah’s will, not to impose his or her own will on Allah!! Regarding your criticism of our prophet, I feel amazed that you are so ignorant about his life history despite being living in India where more than 200 Million Muslims live and biographies of prophet Mohammad are so easily available. Why be ignorant, and biased and take your information from gutters, when authentic information from correct sources are available to you.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. 156, Who=US Born John 14:16,17 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Counselor, that he may abide with you for ever; even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees him nor knows him; you know him for he dwells in you, and will be in you. Mohammed was not a Spirit. John 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. Mohammed was not the Holy Ghost John 15:26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me: Mohammed did not testify to the death and resurrection of the Messiah. Either Mohammed lied or Jesus did. Ans. I am very happy that you have quoted from Gospel of John about the forthcoming Comforter. There are many attributes of him mentioned here, let us list them one by one and then check, is the prophesy about a Man or a Spooky Spirit: 1. Jesus says that “God will send another Comforter”: a. Who was the “First Comforter”? Jesus of course. b. What was Jesus? A combination of Flesh and soul c. Then how come “another comforter” became only a Soul and no body? Prophet Mohammad was both Soul and Body and like Jesus. 2. He will abide with you for ever: a. What does that mean? It can also mean that his teachings shall be for ever. Any prophet whose teachings are applicable could mean that he is still present with people. b. There are examples in Bible itself for that. In the story of Lazarus, God says “… that they have Moses and prophets….” 3. “The Spirit of truth”: It means that Comforter shall always speak truth. So much so that he will be personified with Truth itself. Do you know, Title of our prophet in Makkah, before he declared his mission was “AL SADIQ AL AMMEN” meaning Truthful and Trust worthy !!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 4. “whom the world cannot receive…….will be in you”: This is the typical style of Gospel of John mystifying and talking in allegorical language. Who can prove that he has Holy Ghost inside him? 4. “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost….”: a. The word Holy Ghost is wrong in this verse. It is correctly translates as “Holy Spirit”. Every true prophet of God is the “Holy Spirit” and every evildoer is the “Unclean spirit” This is clear form the study of Bible. b. So this verse is not conclusive to say that Comforter in the Holy Ghost, the one in a Trinity!! 5. “He shall teach you all things and bring into remembrance… ” a. This is the key phrase of the prophesy. The comforter shall teach all things which Jesus could not teach!! b. Now what did Holy Ghost (that came on Pentecost day) taught the Christians? Not even a word of that teaching is ever recorded any where. And Jesus said that Comforter shall teach all things. c. This is a conclusive proof that Comforter cannot be the Holy Ghost 6. “Comforter shall testify about me…” a. You have added from your side that Comforter shall testify about death, resurrection of jesus. Jesus never said that word!! b. Our prophet did testify about jesus. He told the actual position of jesus before God. He cleared all the cobwebs which teachings of Paul had placed around Jesus. c. he did glorify Jesus by clarifying his actual status as one of the mightiest prophets of God, born without any male intervention, showed many miracles by God’s permission, not killed or crucified but take up into heaven and that he shall return back to earth before the end of time. d. he did for jesus, which no one could do for him….he made 15000 Million Muslims believe in jesus, whom he could have easily ridiculed!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. 157, who="Buford" True enough, whereas you SHOULD be living under the law of Moses if your supposed "prophet like Moses" had any intention of honoring God's commands, but he ABROGATED everything that he didn't like in the law of Moses, while adding lots of other ritualistic crap that surrounded the Kaaba and predated Islam by centuries, INCLUDING stone worship! Ans. You did not ponder on the phrase “Prophet Like Moses” ……not a “Prophet following Moses”. Since Moses was a Law Giver, so shall be the “Prophet Like Moses”….He shall bring a New Law as Moses had brought to his people!! That is why NONE of the Jewish prophets, including Jesus can qualify for this criterion, because Jesus did not came to abolish Laws and Prophets, but to fulfill them. Our prophet did not ABROGATED Moses law in Toto. Islam retained what were the best and time independent laws and abrogated that suited to a particular age and a particular nation. Selecting Kaaba as the New Direction of Prayer was an act of Genius….because in reality Kaaba is older that Jerusalem!! Kaaba was built by prophet Abraham and Ishmael, whereas Jerusalem has its links only with Jacob. You should give priority to rights of Grandparents and Uncle and not to Grandson!! Q. 158, Who= ASOG MUQ, nothing could be much further than the truth than what you have just written. Islam will say it does not deny Jesus. But in totality it does! Jesus IS THE Son of GOD! Truth! Jesus suffered and died and rose again from the dead on the third day! Truth. Jesus is the Savior THE Christ! Does Islam accept him or deny Him? Muhammad was never ever the Comforter! Muhammad removed the promises in Christ by denying the amnesty that God has given to us all in Christ. Muhammad has promised Muslims hell when they die. He was the most miserable among miserable comforters!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Ans. These are your own beliefs which you impose on Jesus. Jesus is free from these claims and on the day of judgment, you will have to answer to these false claims about him to Jesus himself. A. Jesus is the Son of God in the same sense as were many others before him. The word Son of God simply means a godly person in jewish idiom. It is not to be taken literally. Can you explain what is meaning of “Son of God”? B. Jesus did not die on the cross, so there was no question of resurrection at all. He was taken up bodily to heavens by God and from where he shall descend once again before the end of time. C. Jesus is the savior, right but for those who believe in his true message and try to follow him to the best of their abilities. D. God in Heaven knows that Comforter was not the Holy Ghost which came of Pentecost day. Jesus is also a witness that this is the case. However no one can put a restriction on what you believe. The reality will be known on the day of judgment. So till that time, we should keep our respective positions. E. You do not have a need to pity Muslims…..Quran is very specific on this issue “To You Your way and to us our way” (108:4) And : “…If Allah so willed, He would have made you a single people, but (His plan) is to test you in what he has given you; so strive as in a race in all virtues. The goal of you all is to Allah: it is He that will show you (on the Last day) the truth of matters in which you disputed” (5:49) So instead of pitying each other, let us take the prudent advice which Quran tells us, exceed in all virtues and try to outdo each other in good deeds. These endless discussions will not solve our problems or will be productive. Broaden your heart and let other people live and do what they believe in. Do not pose as if you are source of all knowledge and every one else is dummy.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. 159, who="Thinking Rat" I wonder if the wise one considers Hammurabi as a prophet too, perhaps equal to the great Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Ans. As per Quran many prophets and messengers were sent to every nation of the earth. Hammurabi could be one of them or could not be one of them we are not sure. The sure sign of a real prophet is matters of his faith which should teach people worship of one true God and no one else. I am not sure how much of that is known about Hammurabi to decide one way or other. Quran asks us not to rate one prophet one above the other. God preferred and bestowed different favors on different prophet. So we cannot say that even of Hummarabi was a prophet of God, what was his stature. It is for Allah to rate His prophets and messengers…..but the general belief is that Last and Final Prophet of Allah was also rated highest in the eyes of His Creator (May peace and mercy of Allah be on all His prophets and messengers). Q.160, who="Vlad Tepes" Actually you should thank me. I'm merely making a point. Other religious traditions allow for the criticism of prophets and holy men. If you cannot bring yourself to criticize even this one horrific example of bad behavior by Muhammad, then you my friend are blind. Ans. Criticism of our prophet is never objected to and we never oppose it. Provided it is done in a civil manner and with out hearting feelings of his followers. It is not the question of age.....the question is, Is it crime to marry a girl who has reached the age of woman hood? If you see the sexual life of our prophet.....you will find that it was not lust that he was after. Most of his life, he was content with a woman who was 15 years his seniors. Then all other of his wives were widows, many with issues from their earlier husbands. Then we find only Aiyesha, the daughter of His closest friend, the only virgin amongst all his wives.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

The question of Age is not as DOGMATIC as people seem to think. We have to see the evidence. The marriage was not done by force or conceit.....the parents of the bride had agreed to it. Their was three years time gap between marriage contract and its consummation....what for? So that the bride could reach the age of puberty.... Then no one in the society raised the slightest objection. What rights we have got after 1400 years to raise this question and then use words which are gutter worlds. And this you call a reasonable and civil approach? We Muslims respect all prophets of God equally and we never ever speak any bad words about any prophet of God. Even when we criticise Paul and others, we hold our tongue about his personal character, we only target his teachings and missions. But I find that people criticizing our prophet never hold their tongue and they use most uncivil and abusive language. They think that by using these abusive words, they will lower the dignity or honor of our prophet? No that is never going to happen. The number of his followers will keep on increasing irrespective of what you say or do. There is no shortage of right minded people in the world and on this thread who are seeing the languages and arguments used by both the parties. I personally do not want to deal with any one who is uncouth and uses abusive language. This is my last post, because you raised a question of law here.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.161, who="JJ Tha Damageja" Didn't Allah say what prophet Muhammad gives you take it as if i have given it to you? Didn't Prophet Muhammad say in his last sermon that he left something like the Holy Quran so all things would be clear? That which he left behind was the SUNNAH not a book of HADITHS therefore as i stated before HADITHS are not a source to be used to make judgement. If it was intended to be used to make just calls the the Prophet would NOT have forbidden his companion from writing anything that he spoke of. some Muslims prefer to up hold what others have misguided them on even when it's written in black and white to show that they are wrong. Ans. You have made a very important and a valid point here. Allah did say “….So take what the Messenger gives you and refrain from what he prohibits you….” (59:7) …..that bestows legislative authority to the prophet. During his last sermon, the prophet said “ I leave you two things amongst you, Book of Allah and my SUNNAH, if you hold them fast, you will never go astray” Prophet did not say Hadith….because they were not written down then. Prophet did not want that his companions should write anything from his except Quran, because he wanted that Book of Allah should remain pure and unadulterated. So what is SUNNAH and what is Hadith, are they different or that same thing? The answer is some where in between. SUNNAH is a way of action and Hadith are mainly words of mouth. So what prophet did was seen by his companions and they did as they saw their prophet doing…..and from companions of prophet, other Muslims also saw what they did and they followed. So in this way physical actions of prophet got preserved and transmitted. On the other hand, what prophet said, or preached and what were his decrees when questions were posed to him, are recorded in the book of Hadith. They are also part of the same SUNNAH, but on a separate level.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 So there is no contradiction between Quran, Sunnah and Hadith…..Quran is the Basic and fundamental law and decrees….Hadith and Sunnah are their practical aspects. If we divorce one form the other, there are strong chances that we may go astray. Q.162, Why Muslims do not criticize their Prophet? Ans. This is a very sensitive issue and very difficult to comment on. Every Muslim respects the personality of our Prophet more than any thing in this world. His stature before Allah and position which he has in the eyes of Allah, makes one shudder if we speak any thing which is even slightly disrespectful to his person or his stature. Having said so, let me tell you that propohet in his last days prayed to Allah “that his grave should not be made an object of worship” and he said “cursed be Jews and Christians for taking the graves of their prophets as objects of worship” That is why, the prophet was buried in his own chamber, rather than in open cemtery and that is the reason, the Masjid Nabwi has been extended in all directions, except where his grave is, so that it does not fall in the middle of the mosque. As per my knowledge, his grave is still simple and no one has tried to do any thing to it. They only have constructed around it and not touching the grave of prophet itself (Allah Knows best). The prophet’s grave was saved from people’s eys, by erecting a five sided wall (so as not to resemble kaaba) during the age of Sahabah or Tabeein itself. What we see these days are the outer covers of the chamber that is erected around that five sided wall. I know some people are allowed to go inside and clean , and few dignatories are also allowed inside, but to what level they go, I have no Idea (the case of Kaaba is different, which is a simple construction and people go inside when it is washed). Pictures of interior or Kaaba are relased by Saudi Govt. recently. No such picture has been released of inside…..so it is anybody’s guess. But the proof which has been shown that there is very great similarity between the grave of Maulana Roomi and the supposed picture of prophet’s grave is very appealing. I would hold my comment, because it is not an article of faith. We must respect our prophet and should not say anything but truth where he is concerned. Infact we should try to show our love to him, by Following Him and make successful his mission than worrying about these things. We should not go to extreme in these things.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 That is my comment. Allah Knows Best. Q.163, who="Neville Thompson" Please tell me what you think commenced Islam ?[/QUOTE] Ans. Thank you for asking a very good and pertinent question. Prophets before they are appointed and charged with the mission of Prophethood are like any other individuals. But there is a difference, a prophet is chosen by God at the time of birth itself, It is not a post or stature which a man can reach by his own efforts and by his pious nature or by learning or by making any other effort. This is a “Selection” by God in His perfect knowledge as which human is fit to hold this high office. Since Prophets are chosen by birth by God and would have to serve as a future role models for their people, God protects them from all sins and wrong doings and from any defect in personality that can be counted as “moral turpitude”. Having said so, when our prophet was born, the city of Makkah was steeped in idol worship and every other type of wrong doings. But people of Makkah were descendants of prophets Abraham and Ishmael, so they had some traces of original teaching left with them. What they followed was a mixture of Prophetic teachings mixed with their pagan beliefs. Prophet by nature was abhorrent to worships of idols or for sacrificing in their names and from any type of false worship. He was watching his people and he thought that what they do is not right…..but he did not know what was the right path. His condition can be described as “one who is bewildered…..he sees wrongs in front of him, but does not know , how to correct it” Quran describes this condition of prophet in following verses “And He found you wandering , and He gave you guidance” (93:7) And “And thus heave We, by our command, sent inspiration to you, You knew not (before) what was revelation, and what was faith..) 42:52 But on moral ground, the prophet before his mission was a most truthful and trustworthy person. He was named SADIQ and AMEEN by his people. He helped poor, orphans, widow and those in need. He was having a blameless character before his people. Muhammad was before he

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.164, Who=Think You talk as a carnal man. Muhammad was carnal, he had no spiritual sense of right or wrong. Muhammad instilled his carnal knowledge in to his followers. There is no knowledge in you to repent your sins and strive to avoid them. It is hard to explain, but even pagans do good deeds, yet you condemn pagans, are you any different then a pagan that does good deeds? Does a pagan repent his evil deeds? You follow Muhammad teachings and I follow the moral techings of Jesus. Ans. I do not know what you mean by Carnal. Every prophet of God was human and had human needs. They used to eat, sleep, had call of nature, had wives and children. I do not know why should they not teach for humans how to behave in these fields. You would call Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon and every prophet of God mentioned in your books as Carnal? We do not condemn any one, It is the God, Lord of Universe, who says that if any one willfully rejects My message and My revelation, I will take revenge from him. The matter is between individual and his Creator. We have no authority to condemn or pardon any one. If you know your scripture, you should know that both faith and good deeds are required for salvation. One without the other is meaningless. The path of repentance is open for every one, pagan or non pagan. You claim that you follow moral teachings of jesus, if you were follower of Jesus, you would have followed “Comforter” whom Jesus prophesized.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.165, who="The real Elias"] Hi MUQ The prophet Muhammad was a man of his times however there certainly some aspects of his conduct that normal people simply would not accept as the conduct of a holy man. While many of his critics focus on his consummation of marriage to 9 yr old Ayesha there is a much worse incident that took place. One of the most shocking events in the life of Muhammad, one which has been a major source of embarrassment for Muslims, is his marriage to his adopted son's former wife, Zaynab bint Jash. Zaynab had married Zayd, the freed slave of Muhammad's first wife, Khadijah, whom Muhammad adopted as his son. According to some versions of the story, … The above quote clearly say that Muhammad even tried to conceal his desires since he knew the shame and embarrassment this would cause in the eyes of the people, implying that Muhammad held to a higher moral standard than Allah himself! This is of course self evidently blasphemous. Ans. There is nothing wrong, shameful , immoral or embarrassing regarding our prophet’s marriage to Lady Aiyesha or Lady ZAINAB daughter of JASH. The “filth” is in your own mind, and in your thinking, which you want to pass on to others. I will post only short replies for these cases, as they have already been discussed in much detail on this and other threads of TOPIX. A. Marriage with Lady Aiyesha: 1. The marriage took place with the full consent of her parents. 2. No one in the society raised any objection to it. 3. There was a three year delay in marriage and its consummation, and that was for Lady Aiyesha to reach the age of marriage. 4. Lady Aiyesha never objected to the marriage at any time and she did consider it a great honor for being married to prophet. 5. The marriage really benefited Lady Aiyesha more than the prophet, by that marriage her name was preserved till eternity, other wise who would have remembered the name of younger daughter of Abu Bakr?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 6. Lady Aiyesha learned from prophet Quran, its meaning as well finer points of Islamic Jurisprudence and was after death of prophet, the Best Authority on these topics and many Senior Companions of prophet used to consult her on these issues. 7. She lived for 46 or 47 years after death of prophet, and transmitted all these knowledge to the next and next to next generation, and she is highly regarded as “One of the best and Foremost Source of Islamic Jurisprudence” B. Marriage With ZAINAB BINT JAHSH: 1. She was direct cousin of prophet and prophet was instrumental in getting her married to his freed salve and adopted son , Zaid. 2. Zainab and her family were initially reluctant for this marriage due to this large difference in the social positions of the two. But once prophet agreed, they had to relent and accept this marriage. 3. Relations between Zaid and Zianab were always strained and Zaid had many times told prophet that he would divorce Zainab, but prophet always asked him to wait and hope things would improve with time. 4. But relations did not improve between the two and ultimately Zaid did divorce Zainab. She was a free agent once more. 5. In Arabia there was a pagan custom (as it is in many “Civilized” countries, even now) that adopted sons were treated like their Begotten sons and all rights and duties were transferred to them also. 6. This was a pagan practice, which Allah wanted to repeal once and for ever. So when Zaid divorced Zainab, Allah told prophet to marry Zainab. 7. Prophet was vary of what people in Arabia will say of this marriage as to why “prophet married the ex-wife of his adopted son” and that was the reason of this hesitation as depicted in Quran. 8. But ultimately prophet had to relent and marry Zainab, to finish once for all this “Custom of Adopting some one as Son” in Islamic society!! This is the background, moral and understanding of prophet’s marriage with Zainab. There is nothing embarrassing, shameful or immoral in the whole story. But people whose own minds are filthy and dirty, would derive most dirty and filthy intentions from their own minds for any case and for every case. There is no cure for such disease and sickness!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.166, who="pjam2825" At last we get somewhere and you except that the Christian and Jewish books and teachings had an important roll in the development of Quran. Looking at the corruptions that occurred in these teachings and the corrections made by Muhammad we can get general idea of what corruptive pressures have been at play against the Quran and hadiths. First lets look at Jesus and his corrections to Jewish teachings. What did Muhammad say about Jesus? Ans. I fail to realize what are you deriving at by giving me all these details? Jewish and Christian writings had nothing to do with the “development” of Quran… simply because our prophet did not know how o read and how to write….and he had no earthly teacher to teach him about Jewish and Christian writings. What he received in Quran was a direct revelation from God Almighty….whose source of knowledge is perfect and free from any errors. Quran, Torah and Injeel , basically they came from the same source, i.e. revelation from God Almighty. In earlier books there were some rules and laws which were of transitory nature (on the basis or prevailing conditions of the time) and there were some mistakes, corruptions and interpolations added by their followers over the course of centuries. Quran modified those transitory rules and laws and perfected them to serve till last day and corrected mistakes and interpolations done by the followers where it mattered most (like saying that Jesus was a begotten son of God or saying that God is a Triune God etc). So now Quran is the Last and Final Testament and Final Code of Law to be practiced by every believer in God (Muslims, Jews and Christians alike). This is all I can comment on your long post, which has no relation to the subject of this thread. What did Mohammad said about Jesus? He was made to say what God asked him to say!! Like: a. Jesus was one of the mightiest messengers of God. b. That he was born miraculously (i.e. without any male intervention).

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

c. That God taught him the teachings of Torah and Injeel. d. That God performed many miracles thru the hands of Jesus (like healing those born blind and dumb, curing lepers and giving life to those who were dead etc.). e. That Mission of Jesus was to reform the religion of Jews and give glad tidings of the Last and Final messenger that would come after him. f. That God saved him from his enemies and inglorious death on cross and took him up into heavens with human body. g. That Jesus would return to earth near the end of time. h. That both Jesus and his mother Mary are obedient servants of God and they are places of Highest honor in the presence of their Lord. This is what I can say offhand …..more details are available in the verses of Quran. Q.167, Who=Think But what your Prophet Muhammad failed to teach muslims is that if you don't love neighbor you brake all of GOD'S commandments. So your Prophet failed Muslims. Ans. I told you many times that every time you open your mouth about Islam, you look dumber and dumber!! Now you have babbled about that our prophet did not teach us to love our neighbours, this is the dumbest of all your posts!! Listen to following verse from Quran and prophet’s sayings (I am just quoting from my memory, there are many other’s which can be found in books of Prophet’s sayings) 1. Worship none but Allah and be kind to your parents, kinsfolk, Orphans, those in need, neighbors who are kin, neighbors who are strangers, The companion on your side (during travels), the way farer (you meet)…. Quran 4:36 (In one verse it has covered how many persons?) 2. Prophet said “By God he is not a Muslim (three times)….the companions asked, “Who is not a Muslim”….the prophet answered “One whose neighbor is not safe from his mischief”. 3. Prophet said “Who believes in Allah and the final day, let him be kind to his neighbor”.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 4. Prophet said “He is not a Muslim, who eats full stomach, while his neighbor sleeps with hungry stomach”. 5. Prophet said “Gabriel kept me reminding about rights of neighbor, until I thought that he will be given a share in inheritance” 6. Prophet said “You are not a Muslim, unless you like for your brother what you like for yourself”. There are many, many such prophetic sayings. Now what you have to say about NEIGHBORS RIGHT in Islam Mr. Dumb? Q.168, who="legsofahighlander" Apoligetics MUQ I see your peoples paganism past offends you MUQ, other wise you would not defend it with fairy tales. You are just as bigoted as the Catholic church is. The only difference is you believe your blood line comes from the other brother Ishmael. HHMmm Fairy tales. I know what you fear, hate and loath. The "Serpent Seed" is spreading MUQ. No matter how much your religious Police enforce "Sharia", they learn to go under ground and spread the seed further a mist in the middle east. It's happening as we type and read. It will destroy it from with in just as the Catholic churches power was slowly but surely stripped away. … It will be fun to watch it over the next 50 years. :-)[/QUOTE] Ans. A. Pagan Past: There is nothing to be apologetic of any pagan past. What happened before prophet received revelation and what happened afterwards are two different things. We have to state the facts accurately and correctly and without any bias and that is what Muslim Historians and scholars have done and it was not done yesterday (so to say to please western people), these things were written at the earliest time when Islamic history was written after demise of our prophet. B. Comparison With Christianity:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Islam cannot be compared with Christianity. From the day one, Islamic foundation was based on reason, logic, and openness. All its beliefs and Dogmas are reasonable, logical and traced directly to Quran and Prophet’s sayings. All basic Christian Dogmas, Divinity of Christ, Trinity, Original Sin, Atonement are based on pagan logic and proofs from other sources than words of Jesus. Then Christian scholars insisted on Literal Interpretation of Bible as Word of God, which it was not and the only way to convince people was to use force and punishment. That is why Rule of Church is synonymous with Killings, banishment and all sort of forces. People had to revolt to end that rule. In Islam there is no hierarchical priesthood and no “official Interpreter”. In Quran people have to prove their case with Quran and sayings of prophet. Yes, their have been deviant Muslims sect, but they were never able to convince majority of Muslims at any time. Then there never was conflict between Islam and Science and there never will be. Islam stands for truth and openness and logic and reason. That is why, Islam is the only religion which can see Modern science eye to eye. C. Islam vs. Modern Capitalism and Secularism: There were many “isms” in Islam’s 1400 year history, at one time, it was evident that they would engulf Islam. But those isms are only to be found in History Books and Islam is still there. Not long ago, it was said that Communism and Socialism are “isms” of future and days of Capitalism and Imperialism are over. But we have seen what happened to those isms. Right now, the falsehood has presented itself in the form of Unrestricted Capitalism and Unrestricted Secularism….these ideas are not totally wrong, but they need to be restricted. It is your wishful thinking that in 50 years or so, Islam will be overwhelmed by these systems, in fact majority of people want to stick to Islam and follow its teachings in most of Muslim countries. It is western media and western pressure of their rulers and leaders which is showing a different picture. Only God knows what will happen in future, but we believe that if things are discussed openly and freely and without bias, it is Islamic teachings which will prevail over Naked Capitalism and Naked SOCIALISM.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q.169, who="Tiger7" Recorded history tells us that Mohammad was born into a pagan Arab family. The people of ancient Arabia prior to Islam were polytheists who worshipped many gods - .. do you? Ans. If you want to “create” you own history or want the history to follow your “wishes and imaginations” then there is no stopping to your hallucinations. Muslims scholars have preserved Islamic history in much more details and with much more accuracy than any other people on this earth have done it!! The range of topics which Muslims have covered on their prophet is un paralleled in any religious history…..they did not paint any picture of prophet and they did not make any idol of him, but they put in writing more details than any idol or painter could do!! They even mentioned how many hairs in his beard had turned into white, when he had become old!! And you people have cheek to come before us and try to “educate” what our prophet was and what he was not!! Arab people in general were descendants of Prophet Abraham thru Prophet Ishmael. Those who were not related by direct blood had more or less accepted religion and rites of Ishmaelite and many were related to them thru marriage ties. Arabs in general considered themselves to be of Abraham’s progeny. Jews and Christians were present here and there but only in limited pockets. Jews generally had very less to do with these “inferior Ishmaelite” stock and never made any serious efforts to propagate their faith. Christians were free of racial bias, but some how or other, they were not able to “evangelize” Arabs in large numbers. They only had limited success and except pockets like NAJRAN there was not a significant Christian population in Arabia. Whatever Arab Christians were there, were mostly in areas that border Syria , Jordan and Egypt. In Arabia proper Christian presence was mostly limited to a few slaves that were captured during wars or sold in markets. Makkah, the city, where Prophet was born was the religious focal point of whole Arabia. It housed Kaaba, the House of Allah, which was constructed by Prophet Abraham and Ishmael and where Arabs from all over the land came for annual pilgrimage. QURAISH the tribe in which our prophet was born, were the custodian of Kaaba and due to this they had a sort of “Position of Superiority” over all other tribes of Arabs and commanded a universal respect.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Arabs had fallen into idol worship over the many centuries since the demise of Ishmael….but it was not their original religion. Arabs had the time when idols were first brought into Kaaba and the name of man who started it. They had real and imaginary names for these idols, some were named after religious and pious personalities and many were imaginary. Names of some know are LAT, MANAT, UZZA, HUBAL etc…but I don’t know that names that are mentioned in Bible were present there. Arabs were idol worshippers in general, but it was not “obligatory” for anyone to worship these idols. There were many people in Makkah who did not worship any of these idols. They were named as HANEEFS When prophet was born, he was by nature abhorrent to worship of these idols and there is no record anywhere that he worshipped any of those idols any time during his life. In Makkah his reputation was that of a Truthful and Trust worthy person, he was kind to every one and ever ready to help any one in need. He never participated in their drunken orgies, or any boastful parties or unfair wars and any blood shed. At best he could be called as belonging to those HANEEFS, but theirs was no formal association and no fixed set of beliefs. He was in the state of “bewilderment” in those days….he knew, idol worship is wrong….he knew , what these people were doing is wrong….but he did not know what is the right path or what is the right solution to these problems. That was his condition during first 40 years of his life….his thinking as to what is the right path….drove him to get away from people and meditate alone in a mountain cave, to think what could be the solution to their problems…. He was in the same state of seclusion when Angel Gabriel visited him in the cave with Revelation from Allah starting with “IQRA” (which means Read or Proclaim”…) And the rest is history!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q170, Who= A SOG .. Look again at what you have written. You have said that when I do I will face God. What a blessing for I will be in Heaven then, and I will have seen God! Who told you the day of judgment will be in Heaven? Ans. You started with a mild tone….now you are getting more and more belligerent with each post. A. Muslims and Jesus: We Muslims only believe in truth about Jesus Christ. Jews are in one extreme, who call him imposter , a false prophet and other names. Then there are Pauline Christians who raise him to the level of Divinity….these are two extreme views. It is Muslims who hold the balance views about jesus. He was a just and righteous prophet of God. He was made without any human father as a Sign from God to all humanity. He was one of the mightiest messengers of God and he showed many miracles and works to prove that he was a genuine prophet of God and not an imposter. He did not die the cursed death on cross but was lifted bodily into the heavens by God and he shall return to earth before the end of time!! This is the honorable place which Jesus finds in Islam. He is respected and he is revered and his name is taken in the same way, we take other prophets. The name ISSA is a very common name amongst Muslims as names of other Jewish prophets. Like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon etc. I have yet to see any Jew or Christian named as Mohammad!! B. Did Devil visited Mohammad in the cave? If devil visited Mohammad in the cave, then it is not for Devil to ask his followers to worship one True God of this Universe and make no partners with Him. A mere glance of Islamic and Quranic teachings would show any one that Islam and Quran can never come from Devil or Satan. Quran presents our Creator in much better light and attributes than all 66 or 73 books of OT and NT combined!! C. Meeting our Creator in the hereafter: Yes this will be a wonderful experience…..but be sure that you are not on the wrong side of Justice!! A criminal also “sees” the Judge and a “upright and righteous” citizen also “sees” the judge!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 But there is a “world of difference” in the two seeing!! The Criminal sees the Angry face and the Righteous person sees the Smiling face. All our efforts and our striving are that we should see the happy and benevolent face of our Creator and not His angry face!! If you truly follow Jesus to the best of your ability, you also will be seeing Smiling face of your Creator!! And in the end: “To You Your way and to us our way” (108:4) And : “…If Allah so willed, He would have made you a single people, but (His plan) is to test you in what he has given you; so strive as in a race in all virtues. The return of you all is to Allah: it is He that will show you (on the Last day) the truth of matters in which you disputed” (5:49) Q171, What Muslims have to say about WARAQA teaching prophet? Salaams. You are welcome. You can find it here: http://www.duas.org/mashlool.htm Ans. WARAQA and Our Prophet: I am not surprised at the imaginations of our BTOE stalwarts. When they can assume that One Single cell creature evolved into a human in about 4 Billion years thru Random Mutation and Natural Selection, for them to assume that our prophet learned from WARAQA about Biblical stories is not so unreasonable. But let us first stick ourselves to the facts: 1. WARAQA was not the only Christian present in Makkah at that time, There is mention of some more Christians and even some Jews living in Makkah. So our prophet need not have to go only to WARAQA for those Biblical stories. 2. There is no mention that the Prophet ever engaged any body in religious dialogs or attended any religious discourses or was regular visitor to any religious personality during his life before Prophethood. 3. But let us assume that he was in chummy terms with some of Jews and Christians and WARAQA also and was listening to their talks. Also remember that our prophet did not know how to read or write, so he would be storing all this information in his brain and planning all the time, how to use them or modify them for his own logic.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

4. It is known that WARAQA died shortly after the first revelation came to the Prophet, so all the knowledge was passed on to him before that and prophet was using that during next 23 years of his mission. 5.Let us assume, WARAQA with a new convert zeal would tell to Prophet: a. Jesus was born without human father (yes I will accept that, prophet would say). b. Jesus was Son of God, WARAQA would say (No, I cannot believe that , prophet would say in his heart). c. God is one in Trinity , WARAQA would say (How , can I believe that? Prophet would say). d. Jesus showed many miracles, even bringing people out from dead (No harm in that, prophet would say). e. Jesus died on Cross (How can I believe that, prophet would think) and was resurrected on the third day (that is idiotic , prophet would reason). f. Jesus died for the sin of mankind, WARAQA would say (This is most idiotic, prophet would think, how can one take the sin of another person?) 6. Then coming to Biblical story, WARAQA would say that: 1. God created heavens and earth in six days and one day one…..(Six days in enough for me, how can I remember in which day what was created, prophet would assume). 2. God Created Adam from dust and created his wife from him …(That is very reasonable , prophet would think). 3. Eve was deceived by Satan and she ate from the tree, and then gave it to Adam and he also ate….(No, No, this is not OK, I will not say who ate it first, I will say BOTH ate, prophet would think in his mind.) 4. It is not known whether Adam or eve repented (No, No, I will say that they indeed repented and God forgave their sins). 7. In the same way, it would go for each Biblical story, Prophet would confirm part of it, but wherever there is any scandalous story about any prophet in Bible, be it Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Lot, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, prophet would simply ignore the Biblical story and say that prophets are blameless. It would indeed have been a unique relationship in the annals of world’s education system between pupil and teacher. But as I said earlier, those who believe that this life evolved thru Random Mutation and Natural Selection….believing in this story is child’s play.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 I think even Pagan Makkah people would be laughing at the stupidity of our BTOE Super brains!! Q172, who="Buford" You have no choice but to justify Mohammad's bloody ways by comparing him to Joshua or David in their conquests of the land of Canaan, but my interest is in comparing Mohammad who taught hatred of non-Muslims and had his enemies murdered, with Jesus who taught love and forgave his murderers from the cross. Of course you don't believe that Jesus was crucified, but as strange as that may seem, it's not the point. The point is that Jesus taught a way of nonviolence, of turning the other cheek, of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, while Mohammad's way was lethal violence until the "enemies" of "Allah and His Messenger" would be bloodied into submission if not killed, "enemies" being defined as anyone who would not willingly submit to Mohammad's claim to their absolute surrender and obedience. Ans. You cannot compare apples against oranges. When you compare Warrior prophet like our prophet, you must compare him against Warrior Jewish prophets like Moses, Joshua and David etc. To compare our prophet against a Non Warrior prophet like Jesus would be comparing apples against oranges. The fact that there have been both Warrior Prophets and Non Warrior Prophets amongst Jews themselves, shows that fighting in the cause of God is not against prophet hood. If there be need, a prophet can lead an army and he can kill his enemies and enemies of God. As regards Jesus crucifixion, yes we believe that he was not crucified, but God took him bodily to heaven and from there he shall come back to earth for a second time. This belief in fact raises the stature of Jesus and not lowers it in any sense. Jesus had a very short ministry of three years and even in those three years; he could not get a large numbers of dedicated followers, that was the prime reason, he did not took up arm. His conduct is comparable to our prophet’s (while he was in Makkah) or Moses (when he was in Egypt). But when our prophet migrated to Madina and gained a permanent base (and Moses got freedom from Pharaoh’s clutches) they both took up arms and fought in the cause of God and as Instructed by God.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 The followers of Our prophet and Followers of Moses continued in the path shown by their prophets. They took up arms when there was no other course available. But followers of jesus follow a hypocritical path….when it comes to preaching they say the we only peace preach…but on ground level, they amass biggest armies and biggest caches of Arms and ammunitions and they threaten all nations of the world with them. Christians calling themselves followers of “Jesus the prophet of peace” have shed mode human blood than followers of all other prophets combined together. And the irony is that they still are “most peaceful people on the world”!! I think it is a misinformation campaign, you accuse your enemies with what faults you have, so no one can point finger at you!! Q173, Why Muslims react so violently when any picture of their prophet is published? Ans. In Islam it is banned to make image or statue of any one. That is why no one made any statue or picture of Prophet while he was alive. So when no actual photo of prophet exists, what they are drawing are imaginary figures, which have no reality. Islam wants to block all routes from where idol worship or worship of any one beside Allah can slide into. Pictures and statues of prophet are one of the most potent things that can turn people into worshipping him. See how Christians have started worshipping statues of Jesus, Mary and saints (all imaginary things, there is not a single authentic picture or statue of jesus or Mary in existence). When drawing or making real image of prophet is not allowed how wrong it is to make cartoons of him and lampoon his personality. If people do it to their own religious personalities, it hurts us, but we do not want to interfere into their internal matters. In the same way, they should not try to test our sensibilities as regards to our prophet. You may not believe in him or his message.....but you have no right to abuse him or make fun of him, while Muslims are alive and kicking in this world.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q174, Who= A SOG MUQ. It is well known that Muhammad set out to first subjugate the lands of his birth to himself. not by peaceful means. It is also known how the Islamic empire was spread. Not by peaceful means. Isn't it true that the Quran is said to be a collection of writing from stones etc, written down as things came to Muhammad? What you have is more likely the thoughts of a man that was had been primed to be a prophet not by god but by a woman. All was done in the dark. Muhammad was entirely alone in a cave. No witnesses. None. Not one. No, not one. Paul had witnesses for all was in the light - there was those that were with him. exactly how many we do not know. Paul did not choose the path of Muhammad but chose the path of Christ - not with a sword of steel but with the sword of truth. Paul is indeed the better man! A man of true courage who conquered in the face of great adversity - for God was truly with him. Paul was accepted by the other apostles who also held to the truth. The truth which is that Jesus is The Holy One of God and the fulfillment of the prophets. Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. .. Islam denies the promises of Christ. Tell me this, what is it that motivates God? Ans. Your post is based on mistakes upon mistakes…. A. Visit of Angel in the cave: You think that Angel visited our prophet is a dark cave and handed him the whole Quran and vanished away in thin air , never to be seen again!! And his wife said that “it was an angel” and prophet believed her and started his mission!! Is that the whole story concocted by you? That was the first visit of angel to the prophet. It did not happen in the dead of night, it happened when there was day light and everything was visible. Prophet like an honest innocent man was alarmed by such a strange happening and felt anxiety….same as Mary felt when Gabriel visited her to give the good news about Jesus!! Why was mary alarmed when she saw an angel of God? There are many cases recorded in Bible, where people felt alarmed when they saw an angel of God suddenly for the first time.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Then Prophet did not receive the whole Quran in one instant. It took almost 23 years for Quran to be revealed fully. Prophet saw Gabriel hundreds if not thousands of times in those 23 years. B. Paul’s Vision: What Paul witnessed, was his own concocted theory…..there were no eyewitnesses and no one of those eye witness have left any record. It is the testimony of Paul himself as a single man, which ahs been recorded by Luke, his disciple. I have no trouble if you accept it fully. But then you have to believe that Paul was a prophet of God as we say about our prophet. You believe in the unsupported teachings of Paul and still think that you are following jesus. Our prophet preached the message which was given to him. No word was added or removed from the Quran, he transmitted it the way he received it. Yes he changed and modified many provisions of Moses’ law…..Jesus also did before him. Our prophet received a complete code of life and he implemented it. C. Paul and Jesus’ second coming: You have a choice to believe in whatever Paul tells you…..but keep yourself prepared when Jesus asks you (in hereafter, or in his second coming , if you be alive then), who told you that I was a Begotten Son of God and he asks you the source and you say ‘Your Apostle Paul” and Jesus asks you “Who is this Paul, I never even knew him, what right he had to change my teachings”? By God, Jesus would be 100 % right in this answer!! He never met Paul during his lifetime, he never taught those strange things that Paul taught! Q175, who="Buford" David wasn't speaking of Mohammad. Your so-called "prophet" was raised by jinn-devil worshippers and was himself a conjurer and caster of spells. The record is clear: http://religionresearchinstitute.org/Mohammad/occultism.htm Ans. Whom was David speaking? What is the stone whom builders rejected? It refers to Hagar and Children whom Jews considered below their ranks and were looking down upon them. The same rejected stone became the “Corner Stone” and Stand bearer of Monotheistic faith in the world and it looked strange in the eyes of David!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Regarding your “eulogies” to our prophet….his personality is far above to be tarnished by foul mouthed persons like you. His admirers and well wishers form a distinguished line and include philosophers, thinkers, statesmen, and learned people from every nation. Q176, Who=Johnson A couple of other points on this issue; 3) People who are not from Arabic speaking countries usually recite the Koran... but with little or no understanding of what they recite. It is up to their Imam or their reading through annotations or through translations to understand what they read. In this sense as well, their recitations are 'different', and an Arabic speaker would often have difficulty understanding their best efforts at pronouncing Arabic terms. 4) What makes you think the followers of Jesus did not read and check the authenticity of what was written? If you've read the NT as you say, then you should be aware of numerous instances where they indicate they have read the letters of other NT writers (though your strange comment on there being only a single NT writer earlier may explain some of your confusion). Ans. You have raised some very valid and interesting points here, let me put my views on them, Allah knows the true answer: A. Why Non Arabic People read Quran in Arabic, without knowing its meanings? 1. The reason could be many, Words of God have a special charm, special blessings and special quality which no human words can achieve. 2. To have uniformity and Universal brotherhood amongst all Muslims, so every one can see that every one is reading the same Quran and not different translations. 3. To encourage all Muslims to learn Arabic and understand it, so that it becomes the common link language of all Muslims. 4. The portions of Quran which are read frequently in prayers, are very few and every one with small efforts can understand their meanings. 5. In International gatherings like Hajj, every nation would offer prayers in his own language and there will be a lot of confusion.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 6. That is why Islam has chosen to retain recitation of Quran in Arabic only….people can understand its meaning by referring to translations. 7. No human efforts can take the place of Arabic Quran “the inimitable symphony….the very recitation of which move strong hearted men to tears …” (M. Pikthal) B. Did Disciples of jesus not verify the Gospels? 1. Because none of the Disciples had chance to see any of the Gospel manuscripts themselves!! The original disciples of Jesus believed that End of World is very near, so they did not write any thing, they only preached verbally. 2. NT books were written after the death of Disciples of Jesus, so how they could have checked them.? 3. Then the question comes about editing, if some one modifies or edits some book after it was written and the writer was dead, how can writer be responsible for the mistakes. 4. The Basic problem with OT and NT books was that, they were left with Priests and Church authorities, they were guardians of those books. Common public had no knowledge about the actual contents of these books. They only listened to sermons coming from Pulpit. That is why it was easy to corrupt and change those manuscripts, which people did when they had arguments against each other. Q177, who="Neville Thompson" It was from Germany scholars ,it was quite interesting as it showed the original writings in colour. The material that was written on was of the period of the start of Islam. They said that the Quran was written 70 years after Mohammed died and they must have had permission from your top clerics to be able to study the scriptures, so they must be legitimate. I have a query ,seeing all Islamic terrorists are seen in the Islamic world as extremists and are deemed to be criminals as described to us on these threads ,why isn't Islam joining forces with us infidels to rid Islam of all of it's undesirables so that your people's can carry on their peaceful existence as originally explained in the Quran . Ans. If your scholarship and curiosity ends by seeing “original writings in color” then I have nothing to say about it!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Quran was written down “complete and full” within one year of death of prophet by the First Caliph of Islam. Twenty years later Third Caliph of Islam, Othman made eight official copies from that Quran and send to different Islamic provinces….and out of that two still survive to this date!! Here goes down the drain ‘all the scholarship and research” done by ABC and CBC & CNN and BBC research teams. I hope they would NEVER mention this in their documentaries!! Why not take another test, gather one Quran reciter from China, Africa, India, Europe, Saudi Arabia….and ask them to recite ANY chapter from Quran from memory …..just see how they match with each other. Then repeat the same exercise for Bible….ask them to recite Matthew Ch1 from memory…..see how they do!! And this test will also NEVER be shown on their documentaries !! That is the bias and bigotry of these “unbiased and fair” World media channels when ANYTHING regarding Islam is concerned. B. Muslims states fighting terrorists: It could have happened if Western Nations had not started blaming All Muslims and Islam for the cause of these actions. It is THEY who should have come out and seek cooperation from Muslims to fight out this evil. What they did otherwise was to launch a full scale propaganda of hate against Islam, Muslims and Quran and prophet and lay the blame on feet of all Muslims. Then they started One sided attack on Islamic nations without help and agreement of Muslims. They boasted that this “war on terror” will exterminate Terrorism from the face of this earth forever. Now we are witnessing the hollowness of their boasts after 10 years. The Biggest terrorist Nation on this earth is fighting Terrorism with its own Terrorism….was it difficult to predict the outcome from day 1? Not to me!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q178, Who-Igor Trip The Quran tells Christians and Jews to consult the scriptures and Gospels. So according to the Quran they must be uncorrupted, or else they make no sense. 002.041 YUSUFALI: And believe in what I reveal, confirming the revelation which is with you... 002.044 YUSUFALI: Do ye enjoin right conduct on the people, and forget (To practice it) yourselves, and yet ye study the Scripture? Will ye not understand? 002.089 YUSUFALI: And when there comes to them a Book from Allah, confirming what is with them, 007.157 YUSUFALI: "Those who follow the messenger, the unlettered Prophet, whom they find mentioned in their own (scriptures),- in the law and the Gospel; An attack on the Bible is an attack on the Quran. Ans. Thank you for quoting so many verses from Quran. But you have to see the overall picture of past scriptures mentioned in Quran. 1. On one hand it says that it confirms the past scriptures and has all praises for TORAH & INJEEL (the revelations given to Moses and Jesus respectively). 2. Then it says that People of Book (i.e. Jews and Christians) “…distort the message of God with their tongues….” 3. Then it says that “Woe be to the people who write books with their own hands and then say it is from God…” 4. Then it says that “Quran confirms the past scriptures and then acts as a check over them…” 5. Then at some places Quran contradicts Bible explicitly , I will give three examples: a. Bible says that God made heavens and earth in six days and on seventh day He rested…..In Quran God says that “We made Heavens and the earth in six days and no fatigue touched us…” b. In Bible it is said that Aaron made the Golden Serpent for Jews and worshipped it…. In Quran it is said that Aaron did not make it.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 c. In Bible it is said that Solomon made temples for false gods in his old age….In Quran it is said that Solomon never did any such thing . Then how can you say that Quran confirms the existing Bible (73 Books of RC or 66 Books of Protestants) as veritable word of God…..and then contradict it? The truth is that Quran confirms the revelation which was sent to past prophets and some of which is still available in the existing Biblical books of Old and New testament. Q179, Who=Think So what is your point? Do you accept lying as truth and lie to promote and untruth. Just saying the OT and NT is corrupted does not make it so. My prove to you MUQ, is from scripture of the OT and NT. And when I show you prove from the Quran you reject that also. Question? Is this from the word of GOD- Child killing is an invented teaching of the idol worshipers to mislead their people. If Allah had willed that they not do this it would not have been done, leave them alone.[6:137 Is that what Allah approves? Do you believe in parents killing their own children as coming from Allah? Ans. I have many times clarified Islam’s and Muslim’s stand with respect to Old Scriptures. a. As per us, these scriptures have not been preserved in the exact status since they were written. They have suffered because of centuries of copying, translating and editing done by known and unknown hands. (this is confirmed by scholars of their own religion, those who are unbiased and have real knowledge on the subject) b. None of these scriptures is 100 % Word of God. And on the other hand they might not be 100 % falsehood or wrong. The do contain Words of God and also Words of Prophet, Words of Historian, Words of Folklore and even some dirty stories. (this can be seen even by a cursory glance on these books) c. We need to separate truth from the falsehood and there is no criterion within these books to identify and separate these categories. We therefore need an external standard. ( A very reasonable and common sense approach, how can you use the same book as its criterion) d. Quran on the other hand is 100 % word of God and nothing else but Word of God. And it is preserved and protected in its originality and in its original language. So Quran can be used as standard to check falsehood from truth.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 e. Since Quran does not deal with ALL the subjects mentioned in these books, so to be fair, to the followers of these scriptures, we restrict ourselves to following: 1. What Quran confirms from their Scripture as True, we take it as truth. 2. Where Quran expressively rejects some parts of these scriptures, we also reject it. 3. Where Quran is silent on any point, we also keep our mouth shut and do not speak any thing. f. I fail that any one could have broader attitude than what we Muslims have for old scriptures. Quran 6:137 does not approve parents killing their Children. It tells what these idolaters do by sacrificing their children (as human sacrifice) for their idols. I feel that you just become DUMB when you speak anything about Quran!! Q180, Is Quran Word of God? Ans. If any one can prove that his scripture is nothing but pure word of God…..then I have no objection but to accept their right to believe in every word of their scripture. But unfortunately when you ask them for proof….they start speaking strange and ambiguous language….you see so many years have passed….we do have some old manuscripts …. They differ with each other…but these differences are not very serious and things like that. So these are empty claims without any proof. In case of Quran….its authenticity and traceability is fool proof. There is not the slightest of doubt that present Quran is the same (word for word) what was dictated by prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to his followers. The Modern Science has proven that period of taking each and every word of all religious scriptures is over except Quran. There is nothing in Modern Science which contradicts Quran and there never will be. Why? Because no Truths will ever contradict each other!! Quran is truth and nothing but truth (because it is verbatim revelation from God)….so if we find some contradiction from Modern Science…we have to check and double check if Modern Science is speaking the truth or not!! In all such cases it will be found that Modern Science was not telling the absolute truth and it has to be corrected. BTOE going against Quran is the biggest proof that BTOE is wrong and every one on reflection will see why BTOE is wrong.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 I have pointed fatal mistakes of BTOE many times , but no one has given me any logical or reasonable answer. The answers are vague and incomplete and saying that “Time will prove that BTOE was right” and some such phrases. PS: 1. It is not right to say that there were only one of two Anti Religionist people on this thread and most of present lot are “reasonable, unbiased and non extremist people”. 2. See the response from most of the correspondents on my “bridge building” post. 3. Who will think that these people are serious about bridge building? 4. these are the people who would love to see the gap between BTOE and religion gets wider by each passing day!! Q181, who="Dovid HaShoteh Gadol" A case has been made regarding this particular verse which interests me. I found a website (Islamic) which claims that the variations in this Talmudic dictum (it is mentioned twice): .. My question to you is, supposing Muslims in two non-Muslim countries are in the army of those countries, and those two nonMuslim countries go to war over something--would it be permissible for the Muslims to fight for those countries, even if it meant there was a possibility that they injured or killed one of their brothers? I am sure the answer in an obviously unjust war is itself obvious, so let us assume that both sides seem to their citizens to have valid claims that they are acting in self-defense. Ans. You have raised certain valid and interesting points in your post. First of all there are words of scriptures which are simple and straightforward. Then there are discussions by commentators and scholars, which try to paste these verses on prevailing situations and each one draws its own conclusions and we have differences of opinions. The verse that “if one kills a human , he is supposed to have killed whole humanity” in its simple sense refers to the cases where some one kills an innocent person.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 The question of killing during wars and to suppress rebellion and to kill murderers, highway robbers and others who want to create mischief in the land is totally outside the scope of this verse, because these actions are ordained by God Himself. Now you have raised an important point, where jews and fighting against Jews and Muslims against Muslims. As per Quran, only fighting which is allowed is “fighting in the way of God”. But there could be cases when both parties think that they are fighting “in the way of God”….. in such cases their case will be before God and He will decide who was right and who was wrong. But Quran tells us that “If two groups of Muslims fight, it is duty of all Muslims to stop them from fighting and try to negotiate. If one party refuses to come to negotiate, then all Muslims should fight with the aggressor and force him to come to negotiating table.” “Then they should make every effort to make peace between the two brother groups”. This is the Quranic ruling on fighting between Muslim groups. As regards killing by one Muslim to another, Quran says “No Muslim kills another Muslim except by mistake or error” And “If any Muslim kills any Muslim knowingly, then his punishment is hell fire, where he shall dwell for ever and Wrath of God, and His Anger, and His Curse and a very Great punishment….” Can any verse be more frightening!! Yet we see every day “Muslims” killing “Muslims” by hundreds and thousands…… I do not know whether they have read the above Quranic verse or how would they justify their actions before God! Q182, Who=Think What comic BOOK are you reading MUQ? The Quran says Allah a throne, hold the sky from falling, a face, He judges, taking a vow{92:1-5} He swears by the sun and the moon, by the day and the night{91:1-2} He experiencing emotions, He Allah is pleased{98:8} He {Allah} abhors those who reject Islam [40:10] Allah does not love those who reject Islam[30:45] Allah has a right and left side, at the final judgment Muslims will stand on his right hand side and those who deny the teachings of the Quran will stand on his left hand side[90:17-19] Allah counts, He [Allah] takes a careful count of all people so that they will appear before him alone for judgment[19:94-95] Allah tests. Allah will test the believers until he discover who among them will perseveres[47:31] He makes appearance on earth, The voice Moses heard from the burning tree

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 said "Moses, I am Allah..."[28:30]. Allah was in the fire and all around it[27:8] Allah watches, Allah stands watching over every soul to know everything that is done[13:33] If three men talk in secret Allah is the fourth. If there are four he is the fifth, If there are five, he is the sixth[58:7] Allah hears, Allah heard the conversation between a divorced women and Mohammad[58:1] He hears and sees everything[4:134] Allah has a hand, Pledging loyalty, allegiance and devotion to Mohammed is like pledging it to Allah. When they put their hands together Allah's hand is on top of theirs[48:10] His hands are out stretched[5:64] Ans. Trying to mislead us? And that too by quoting from Quran itself!! How strange? The pot calling a kettle black!! Supporters of an Idea that God Begot a Son….are complaining that Allah of Quran has “Human like” attributes!! In dealing with Allah or God…..first we have to take “negative” things, that are opposed to human nature. Like Allah says “Say He is Allah the One, Absolute, eternal, He begets not, neither was He begotten and there is nothing like unto Him”. And “there is nothing like Him….” And “No sleep or slumber can take him” and “He feeds every one and has no need to be fed…” These things prove that God is not like any thing in the Universe and we can have no mental picture of Him. These “negative” attributes dissolve and disprove any thing or idea or picture that one has about Allah. But only negatives attributes are not enough for people to have closeness to Allah their Creator….that is why many “positive” attributes are also mentioned, like Allah sees, He hears and He talks…and so many things. But none of them can be even remotely connected with how humans do these things. No one can say that Allah sees the way we see , Allah hears the way we hear, or Allah has hands like we have. There are innumerable examples in your Holy Bible…..where even more “human like” qualities are mentioned. If you know your bible, you will find them. So stop misleading Muslims that Allah has “human like” qualities in Quran!! It only reminds me of a quote “Pardon me, your slip is showing”!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q183, who="Dovid HaShoteh Gadol" I can think of 1 place where Talmud is quoted--but it is with attribution "To kill a man is to destroy an entire world." Ans. You are very correct!! My dear Sir / Madam and I must congratulate you!! There are more than one verses which are copied from OT and Gospels into Quran, but with a difference: It is acknowledged that this verse is from Bible and the quotation is not verbatim, there is always some twist and difference in the Biblical and Quranic verses. I will just comment on this verse which you have quoted "To kill a man is to destroy an entire world." The full Quranic verse goes like this: (Quran was speaking about the story of two sons of Adam Abel and Cain, and at the end of story it says) “ On that account (or because of this) , We ordained for the Children of Israel, that is one slew a person- unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land- it would as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of whole people” (Ch5 Verse 45) Now see this Quranic verse and compare it with the Biblical verse: a. First Quran says that We said this to Children of Israel, meaning that verse is it in Bible, it gives due acknowledgement. b. Then mere killing is not mentioned, there are exceptions, otherwise killing a murderer or person spreading mischief in the land will also become illegal. c. Then the part that is one saved a life,…is also added. How can one say that Quran has copied from Bible!! Thank you for your input and I am very happy that you mentioned it. There are MANY MORE such verses in Quran, which are common with Bible, but with the differences I mentioned. If you are interested, we can carry this discussion forward….but not on the lines of MKOT and his likes, who only want to deal in hate and abuses.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q184, What Quran has to say about Loan transactions between people? Ans. It has been mentioned by me, that Quran challenges whole human kind, that to prove that it is not revelation from God, but written by the prophet himself, then they should also bring a book like Quran. Our BTOE stalwarts try to ridicule this claim (as raising unreasonable objections), but Quran retains its unique position in eloquence and grandeur as Best Example of Arabic Literature. Many would think that Quran only deals with subject of faith and belief (and a few “Killer Verses” too!) and would have very little to discuss about matter of social interaction. But that is not the case. Quran does deal with many subjects which are not “strictly religious in mature”. Today I will take up one such verse of Quran, that deals with issues of “Loan” . It is called as verse of DAIN (i.e. future obligation), it is verse 282 of Chapter 2 of Quran. This is the longest verse of Quran and it contains 127 Arabic Words. The actual words used for instructions are less than this figure. Abdullah Yousuf Ali in his translation of this verse has used more than 250 words! I challenge that anyone can write all these information in less words than used by Quran!! Not even in Arabic itself. Then it is not the economies of words only, but so many different issues which have taken into account…..every one of us is aware of “jargon language used by lawyers” to make a simple issue look so complicated. Here is Quran discussing a “purely legal issue” in such simple and easy to understand words, that no one except of Creator, who is Master of All languages can do it. I present below the translation of this verse, I have divided it into many sub heads for ease of understanding: A. Preamble: “O Ye who believe! (This is addressed to Muslims) B. Subject Matter “When you deal with each other in transactions involving future obligations in a fixed period of time, reduce them to writing” (Quran, 6 words) C. Who should write the Transaction: “Let a scribe write down faithfully as between parties (Quran 4 words) D. Scribe should not refuse:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

“Let not the Scribe refuse to write: as Allah has taught him, so let him write (Quran 8 Words) E. Who should dictate: “Let him who incurs the liability dictate (Very fine point of law and social justice). F. Nothing should be hidden: “But let him fear his Lord Allah, and nor diminish aught of what he owes (Quran 7 words) G. What if he cannot dictate: “If the party liable in mentally deficient, or Weak, on unable to dictate himself, let his guardian dictate faithfully (Quran 15 words) H. Take Two witnesses: “And get two witnesses out of your own men J. If two men are not present? “And if there are not two men, then a man two women, such as you choose for witness (Quran 10 words) K. Why two women in place of one man? “So that if one of them errs, the other can remind her (Quran 6 words) L. People should not refuse to be witness “The witnesses should not refuse when they are called in (for evidence). M. Write all matters: “Disdain not to reduce to writing (your contract) for a future period, whether it be small or big (Quran 8 words) N. It is the best course: “It is more just in the sight of Allah , more suitable as evidence and more convenient to prevent doubts amongst yourselves (Quran 9 words) P. When writings can be dispensed with: “But if it be a transaction which you carry out on the spot amongst yourselves, there is no blame on you if you reduce it not to writing (Quran 11 words)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q. Witness in every commercial deal: “But take witnesses whenever you make a commercial contract R. No harm to scribe or Witness “And let neither Scribe nor witness suffer harm, if you do such harm, it would be wickedness in you, (Quran 10 Words) S. Closing Instruction: “So fear Allah, for it is Allah who teaches you, and Allah is well acquainted with all things” (Quran 8 words). Thus ends this beautiful verse from Quran. There is no doubt that volumes could be written (And have been written) in explaining this verse and many legal instructions and legal procedures have been derived by Muslim religious scholars from this verse. I doubt if our “Modern evolved system” can improve upon this verse. And yet the “writer of this verse” was an unlettered man, who did not know how to read and how to write!! Can any thing be more miraculous ? Q185, Quran and Proper Names : Ans. Quran is a book of Guidance. It is a direct revelation from Allah the Creator and Sustainer of Universe for guidance of human beings. Eventhough it is a fairly large book (consisting or more than 6600 verses and 114 Chapters), it uses minimum words to express ay ideas. Its economy of words is not less than miraculous and beyond human reach (best example of that was explained when we compared the story of Prophet Joseph as mentioned in Quran and in Bible, some times back). It is usually book of histories that mention Proper names at every incident (to prove their authenticity and for general public information). I have done a small study to see, how many proper names are mentioned in Quran, which I present below for every one on this thread:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 A. Allah (God): 1. As Allah (more than 6600 Times) 2. Attributes of Allah (RABB, RAHMAN, RAHIM, KHALIQ, etc.) : more than 3000 Times. Note: As an average every Quranic verse use Name Allah or His attributes two times!! B. Angels of God: 1. Gabriel: (as Gabriel, and as Holy Spirit etc, ~ 10 Times) 2. Michael ( 3 times) 3. Angel of Death. (1 Time) 4. MALIK, angel over Hell (1 Time) 5. Angels in general (in plural form). (~ 40 Times) C. Books of God: 1. Torah (15 times) 2. INJEEL (Gospel). (5 times) 3. ZABOOR (Psalms) (2 times) 4. Quran (55 times) 5. Books of Abraham. (in general) (2 times) 6. Books of Moses (in General) (2 times) 7. Books given to prophets (in General) (2 times) C. Prophets of God: 1. Adam. (10 times) 2. Noah (40 Times) 3. IDREES (Enoch). (2 times) 4. Abraham (62 times) 5. Ishmael. (3 times) 6. Isaac. (6 times) 7. Jacob. (5 times) 8. Joseph. (21 times) 9. Lot. (19 times)
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 10. Moses.(129 Times) 11. Aaron. (11 Times) 12. David. (13 Times) 13. Solomon. (10 Times) 14. Elisa. ( 2 times) 15. ZUL KIFL. (2 times) 16. Jonah. (4 Times , 2Times as name and 2 times as title) 17. Zechariah. (3 Times) 18. YAHYA (John). (2 times) 19 AYYUB (Job). ( 3 times) 20 Jesus. (25 times) 21. HUD. (9 Times) 22. SALEH. (6 Times) 23. SHOAIB (8 Times) 24. ALYAS’A (1 Times) 25 Mohammad. (5 times by name and many more times in address) D. Righteous Women: 1. Mary the Mother of Jesus. (34 Times) 2. Wife of Adam (eve by title). 3. Wife of Noah (by Title). 4. Wife of Abraham (Sarah by title). 5. Wife of Lot (By Title). 6. Mother of Moses (By Title) (2 Times) 7. Wife of Pharaoh (By Title). (2 Times) 8. Mother of Mary (by title). (1 Times) 9. Queen of Sheba (by Title) (3 Times) E. Companions / Contemporaries of Our Prophet: 1. ZAID (By name) as Companion: (1 time.) 2. Abu LAHAB , Uncle of Prophet, his enemy: (1 Time.) 3. Wife of Abu LAHAB, his enemy: (1 Time.) F. Satan 1. As IBLIS (11 Times)
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 2. As SHAITAN (or Satan).( 63 Times) 3. As SHAYATEEN (in plural). (15 times) G. Well known enemies of Prophets of God: 1. Pharaoh (a Title of Egyptian kings). (67 times) 2. HAMAN, ( Minister of Pharaoh) (4 Times) 3. QAROON (Wealthy man in Moses’ time).(3 Times) 4. SAMRI (Who mislead Jews to worship golden calf) (4 times) PS: Number of times, these Proper names are used are approximate and not very accurate. So if some one finds some mistakes in them, I stand corrected. (Contd.) H. Biographical Names which are missing in Quran: Some people consider that Quran is nothing but life history of Prophet Mohammad. For their information and knowledge, let me inform that following Biographical details or names are missing in Quran: 1. Name of his Father and Mother are missing. 2. Name of His illustrious Grand father and all of his uncles are missing. 3. His city of birth or date of Birth are no where mentioned. 4. Name of His first wife or any other wife is not mentioned in Quran. 5. Name of his sons and daughters and their husbands are not mentioned in Quran. 6. Name of his closest Disciples, Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali are not mentioned in Quran. 7. Name of His staunchest enemies, Abu Jahl, Otba. Omayya bin Khalaf, Walieed bin Mughairah etc are not mentioned in Quran. 8. Name of his close Helpers in Medina are missing from Quran. 9. Name of Hypocrite Leaders as well as those of Jewish Leaders are not to be found in Quran. 10. Details of any or Muslim forces in any of his battles are missing from Quran. There are many such details which are found in biographical books or historical books which are no where to be found in Quran.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 This confirms that Quran is not the book of history or life history of Prophet Mohammad. Its purpose is guidance and nothing but guidance. It uses historical details and names only which is required to get the lesson from that particular incident in human history. It is a unique book in the annals of world’s scripture!! That is why those who are “used to their type of books” find Quran so much different!! Q186, Who= A SOG Tell me this MUQ. What could Islam offer me? If I am here for 70 years then isn't it a 1000 times more punishment according to islam? At best, the good news is over a thousand years have passed since that was written. And what when I die and go to hell and find Muhammad there? I will know who it was that sent me there! The promises in Christ are true. We need not fear Islam. For God does indeed love us! I will not be fooled so easily. Ans. You have a very negative picture of Islam and Quran. If you want to read “Love” versus in Quran…..you need many, many, many pages for that. Most of the attributes of Allah in Quran are for mercy and benevolence . But the enemies of Islam some how hide these things and present Allah as blood thirsty tyrant, always threatening people with hell and punishment. This is not the case, Allah is Just and merciful. His mercy is for those who try to walk in His path…His anger is for those who willfully reject His message. And Allah is always ready to accept repentance. The story of Prodigal Son as told by Jesus also holds true for Islam. Islam has every thing to offer as your supposed Christianity……Pleasures and mercy of Allah, a high place in paradise and every bliss…. Then is not eternal punishment in hell is promised in Christianity also for those who do not accept Christ as their Personal savior.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 When you die, you will neither face Jesus, nor Mohammad, nor any other prophet of God. You will face God, Your Lord, Your Creator and no one else……all the righteous prophets of God…Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses…..Jesus and Mohammad (may peace be them all) sitting in the thrones of Highest honor. No one will judge any human, except the Creator, Al Mighty Allah…..these prophets are only guides and medias thru which we received the message of Allah. They are to be respected, loved and be held in highest honor…..but none of them are to be worshipped. We worship only one Allah, One God…True God, The Creator and sustainer of whole Universe. Jesus did not make any false promise…..however many people in the name of jesus make false promises …. And your Paul is one such person!! Seeing that you are deluded by false promise made by Paul so easily….. I doubt if you have real reasoning power at all!! Q187, Who=Gottaliv MUQ: If you want people to believe the teachings of the Koran and your cherry-picked version, does that take into account these verses as well? Have you personally poured boiling water over the heads of any "infidels", or cut off their heads, hands, feet, or killed anyone for not 'believing'? Or do you choose to ignore all this nastiness? *Sura 9-29 , *Sura 22-9 *Sura 47-4:“5:33 *IX. 5-6: Kill those who join other gods with God wherever you may find them. *IV.89: *"Know that paradise is under the shades of swords."

Sahih al-Bukhari Vol 4 p55 Ans. Since you quoted Quranic verses and sayings of prophet, I am responding to each of them.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

But first a general warning. If some one believes that every war and every type of use of force is banned in religion, then he or she is wrong. Wars and use of force is also a part of human life. If force and wars were not to be used against tyrants, oppressors and mischief makers on the land, then this world will not be a fit place to live. That is why in Quran Jihad is always post fixed with “in the way of Allah”, i.e. in the way of truth, justice and equity. No society which totally negates wars or resistance against injustice or against its enemies can survive for a long time on this earth. That is why Quran gave permission for Muslims to fight and subdue its enemies and those who practice tyranny, oppression and mischief on the earth. Similar permission was given by God to Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon and other prophets of God. *Surah 9-29:“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth,(even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” MUQ: This verse tells us as to when the fighting should stop. Either they sue for peace or agrre to pay tribute. This is a Natural consequence of any war. There is nothing strange about it. *Surah 22-9:“As for the unbelievers for them garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowels and skins shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods.” MUQ: This is what awaits un believers in the hereafter. If you feel it is very harsh, please avoid being an unbeliever!! *Surah 47-4:“When you meet the unbelievers, strike off their heads; then when you have made wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives” MUQ: This is the starting phase of war. When armies are ready to fight, and there is no recourse to peace, so first we should strike terror into the enemies hearts by a sudden charge. This is standard military tactic.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 *Koran 5:33 :The Punishment for those who oppose Allah and his messenger is : Execution or Crucifixion or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides or exile from the land MUQ: This is punishment for those who try to create mischief on this earth or fight the established government. You find punishment too excessive? Check what you do with Carpet Bombing or Napalm Bombs!! *IX. 5-6: Kill those who join other gods with God wherever you may find them. MUQ: This is specific reference to battle between Pagans of Makkah and prophet of Allah. This is not a general or universal verse and has never been interpreted in this sense by any Muslim. Otherwise why we find so many Non Muslims in countries which are under Muslim rule for more than 1300 years? *IV.89: They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah's way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper. *"Know that paradise is under the shades of swords." Sahih al-Bukhari Vol 4 p55 MUQ: This is a general verse exhorting Muslims to fight enemies of Islam. When time comes and it is the question of survival of Islamic state….every Muslim must fight otherwise he will be counted as Hypocrite *Bukhari:V4B52N220 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.’” MUQ: Causing terror into enemy’s heart is what Military try to achieve. In the case of Prophet, Allah gave him already this gift. That is why he was so successful in his wars. With human loss of less than 1000 lives (on both side) he was able to subdue a nation of the size of Arabia for a perpetual submission!! *Quran 8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 MUQ: Obviously Allah is with the Muslim army and not its opponents!! So why should you be alarmed at it? *Quran 8:57 “If you gain mastery over them in battle, inflict such a defeat as would terrorize them, so that they would learn a lesson and be warned.” MUQ: This is another military lesson. The enemy should be subdued fully, that he does not think about rebellion easily *Ishaq:326 “If you come upon them, deal so forcibly as to terrify those who would follow, that they may be warned. Make a severe example of them by terrorizing Allah’s enemies.” MUQ: I think this is commentary fro above quoted Quranic verse, so the same answer applies here also. *Quran 8:67 “It is not fitting for any prophet to have prisoners until he has made a great slaughtered in the land.” MUQ: Yes, this is instructions for prophet. That when they are in battle field, they should first subdue the enemy forces,. Before taking captives or war booties. This is a military teaching and uniformly acceptable. *But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. MUQ: *IX.29 Forcing non-believers to pay tax MUQ: Already answered , in your cut and paste operation, you forgot that it is duplicated!! *Koran-Surah 5:51 "O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people." MUQ: The word used in Quran is “AULIA” which means protectors or bosom friends. If Muslims had taken this Quranic advice sincerely, they would have been saved from lots and lots of mischief done by these people. They divide Muslim countries and set them against each other, they first help one side and then the second side and in the process weaken both of them. And when the chips are down, they become enemy of all Muslims!! This is a very good and practical Quranic advice, but Muslims have generally ignored it and they get swayed by sweet talking and glib tongue of their “Jewish and Christian sincere well wishers” and find themselves in soup afterwards.

PS: Your post suggests that you have picked up your information from various sources. There is no uniformity of spelling and references. This is typical of such “pseudo scholars” like you, who do not do their own home work.

Q188, who="pjam2825" …….. People like MUQ arrogantly insist that the scientific information contained within scripture prove it is from divine or mystic origin for me and I believe you it is proof of complex knowledge lost. …. Ans. Sorry to butt-in your “private” discussion. But since you mentioned my name, I am entitled to clear my position and my stand: A. Quran and Modern Science: 1. I have often stated that Quran has not come to teach us science, mathematics or Medicine. Its purpose is guidance for human kind and not science. 2. The real proof of Quran’s divine origin in its teachings and its challenge to all human kind to bring another book or a chapter like it in Arabic Language, which no one is able to do in past 1400 years.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 3. Quran draws our attention to nature and things in nature as proofs of God’s Mercy, Power, Knowledge and wisdom and wants us to reflect and explore nature and looks for these signs. 4. While commenting on these natural phenomenon, Quran does comment on many aspects, which were not known to humans when the Quran was being revealed. Many such things have some into light only recently. 5. That lends ADDITIONAL PROOF to Quran’s Divine Origin….and that is why NONE of Quranic statements have been contradicted by the established facts of Modern Science. B. Authenticity of Bible: 6. As Regards Biblical books, I have always maintained that they had a divine origin, but people did not preserved them in their original condition. Some they translated into other language and lost the original. In some books they added, subtracted or did other type of interpolations. 7. Due to these defects, these Biblical books have become suspect and no longer the Pure Word of God which was their original status. 8. These books still do contain, Words of God , but these have been mixed with Words of prophets, Words of Commentators and Translators, Words of Historians and Worlds of Folklore plus a few semi porno stories. All these are intermixed with ach other and it is almost impossible to separate one from other. 9. Nevertheless we respect these books and accept their message so long as they do not go expressively against Quran and its teachings. 10. We take Quran as standard to judge Biblical books. What Quran confirms, we also confirm, What Quran rejects, we also reject and on which Quran is silent, we are also silent. 11. My recent series showing the “real status of Biblical books” was to show some people who are under false impression that present Biblical Books are still Words of God from beginning to end.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q189, What are sources of Quran? Ans. If you listen to these so called "experts" on subjects like "Sources of Quran".....It would appear that Prophet Mohammad had a well stocked Library in his house and he was picking, choosing and editing these various Biblical stories as he wished and wanted. They fail to realize that The Prophet did not know how to read and how to write!! Neither Makkah was a center known for learning like other well known places....very few Jews and Christians were to be found there. Quran took 23 years to reveal, where the Prophet was hiding all these "sources" for all these years. If some one was "coaching" him then why such a man has to humble himself before the prophet. Because none of his believers ever disobeyed his commands. And if our prophet could concoct a book from such diverse sources, then why his enemies could not do it.....and why despite 1400 years, no one is able to produce a book like Quran. But one thing which these "experts" lack is common sense and second thing these people lack is honesty... And Third things these people have in abundance is hate, hatred and bias against Islam....and when you are armed with these "Qualities".....you can prove "Anything" well "almost anything"!! Q190, Who=Eric We know that written versions of the Quran existed during the time of Mohammed because the Quran itself refers to them. But the versions that are extant come much later. How do we know that the ones that we have now are the same as the ones during the time of Mohammed. As you yourself admit, there is a tradition that speaks of other versions of the Quran that were much older. We know that the Caliph decided the version to save. How do we know that that version is the original? Just because current Arabic copies are the same. How do we know that the current version is the same as during Muhammad’s time since no copies are that old. All copies of the Tanakh in Hebrew and Aramaic today are all the same. Yet you question them because they don't date back to Moses (actually only the first 5 books would date back to Moses). But none of the copies of the Quran date back to Muhammad although there were copies during his lifetime. The Quran suffers from the same maladies.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 am not sure why you addressed this to me. I didn't ask the question of you. But since you did, here are some thoughts. Ans. Your post shows that you have no knowledge about Quran and how it was preserved and how it was written down. Let me put a few lines for your info and then you will see, how wrong is to compare Quran with other world’s scriptures. 1. It was universally agreed that our prophet did not know how to read or write. He received the revelation thru Archangel Gabriel in verbal form and which he transmitted in oral form to his followers. 2. At the same time, prophet used to call his scribes and get the revelation written down. He will ask the scribe to write it and then ask him to read it, to verify that he has written it correctly. 3. The Quran was not revealed whole at one sitting, but in stages in bits and pieces and it took almost 23 years for it to be revealed. 4. Prophet encouraged Muslims to memorize Quran, he used to recite it in prayers regularly and Muslims used to recite it during night prayers regularly. So the Quran was being preserved on both hearts and in written forms. 5. By the time prophet died, there were hundreds of companions of prophet who had memorized the whole Quran and recited it to prophet in complete form as verification. 6. Many companions of the prophets had some portion or whole portion of Quran written with them , many during the life time of prophet himself. Prophet died and the whole Quran was not compiled in a book form, though each verse was written down and whole Quran was memorized by hundreds of companions. 7. Within two years of the death of Prophet, First caliph of Islam, Abu Bakr compiled the whole Quran in a book form. He gave that task to Zaid bib Thabit, a young companion of prophet. Zaid asked people to bring all written material to him, compared it with the memorized version and he wrote down whole Quran in a book form. 8. The Quran was kept by Abu bakr, then with Omar and then it was kept under the custody of Hafsa, wife of prophet and daughter of Omar. 9. During the time of Third caliph of Islam, Othman, there arose difference between Muslims as to how to recite the Quran properly. Because prophet had allowed different tribes of Arabia to read Quran in their own dialect. That was a concession given by prophet, but when many Non Arabs embraced Islam, this started causing conflict. So Othman decided to make an Official version of Quran, written in the dialect of tribe of Prophet. 10. Othman appointed the same Zaid as head of a committee to oversee this job. Zaid asked Hfasa the wife of prophet for that copy of written Quran, asked people to bring

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 to him any portion of written Quran along with two witnesses to testify that it was written in presence of prophet and was recited to him. (Contd.) 11. That is how the Official Version of Quran was written down during reign of Othman. He asked Zaid to make 6 to 8 copies and one each for dispatched to each major province along with an official reciter. Othman asked people to destroy whatever portion of Quran people have other than this official version, so that there be no further disputes or confusion in the Book of Allah. 12. Now three copies from those Quran still survive and every one can compare them with what Muslims read today. 13. The whole process was transparent, there were thousands of companions of prophet still alive when the Quran was being written down. 14. How can we compare Quran with any book of OT or NT, when we even do not know who wrote the, who edited them and how they were preserved during copying and translation and transmission. 15 Authenticity of Biblical books is “confirmed” by the Church for laymen, while in case of Quran it is demonstrated in the field. Comparing Quran with Biblical books is like comparing oranges against apples. 16. There are hardly any one who has memorized Tanakh or OT or NT books. Memorizers of Quran are in hundreds of thousands in all ages and in all times and in every country and in every nation and many whose mother tongue is not even Arabic!! Can we have any such parallel for Tanakh! 17. It is to cover up for their own shortcomings that these people raise objections against Quran….making mountains out of molehills…..so that they can justify the mistakes, the errors and so many contradictions and incompatibilities in their own manuscripts. Q191, who="Neville Thompson" Hello, aren't there enough people born of this land that read the Quran and would be capable of the task of the Imam? Who chooses the Imam's ? You say enough time to study Islam.I was under the impression that all Muslims had to learn their Quran from an early age, so by the time they reach adult age, they know it by heart Is it so, that in your system if a woman has sexual intercourse against her will, she is deemed guilty under your system of justice seeing she has to prove she was the innocent party.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 A. Quran and its memorization: Reading Quran and memorizing selected portion of it is the duty of each Muslim and I know almost every Muslim tries to memorize as much portion of Quran as they can. Since every one has to offer individual prayer also, so they must have to memorize at least opening chapter of Quran and some small chapters that will suffice their needs. Quran is still the most read and most memorized book in the world and there are hundreds of thousands of Muslims who have memorized it fully during all ages…..but it would be parting from the truth, if Is aid that every Muslim has memorized Quran fully. B. Imam: Imam simply means the one who is in front, I.e. the one who leads the prayer. In fact any Muslim if he can recite some portions of Quran properly can be an Imam, but Muslims strive to find who is better reciter of Quran or has memorized more portion of Quran to lead the prayer. Imam is not an elected post, people or the governing body of mosque appoint Imams , and they get some remuneration for that. It is not obligatory to appoint a foreign Imam or Imam from a particular nation or group, it is an open subject. I would be happy if Muslims of Australia become self sufficient in this regard and not only have their local Imams but also send them to other Western countries where there is shortage of local born Imams. C. Women forced to perform sex: In such cases there shall be no punishment to the women and she shall be free of any wrong doing. If she can pinpoint and has proof (witness and circumstantial ) against the man who forced her,. Then that man shall be given death penality by Islam courts. In Islam rape is a crime which is punishable by death. Q192, who="Neville Thompson" Hello, aren't there enough people born of this land that read the Quran and would be capable of the task of the Imam? Who chooses the Imam's ? You say enough time to study Islam. I was under the impression that all Muslims had to learn their Quran from an early age, so by the time they reach adult age, they know it by heart

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Is it so, that in your system if a woman has sexual intercourse against her will, she is deemed guilty under your system of justice seeing she has to prove she was the innocent party. Ans. A. Quran and its memorization: Reading Quran and memorizing selected portion of it is the duty of each Muslim and I know almost every Muslim tries to memorize as much portion of Quran as they can. Since every one has to offer individual prayer also, so they must have to memorize at least opening chapter of Quran and some small chapters that will suffice their needs. Quran is still the most read and most memorized book in the world and there are hundreds of thousands of Muslims who have memorized it fully during all ages…..but it would be parting from the truth, if Is aid that every Muslim has memorized Quran fully. B. Imam: Imam simply means the one who is in front, I.e. the one who leads the prayer. In fact any Muslim if he can recite some portions of Quran properly can be an Imam, but Muslims strive to find who is better reciter of Quran or has memorized more portion of Quran to lead the prayer. Imam is not an elected post, people or the governing body of mosque appoint Imams , and they get some remuneration for that. It is not obligatory to appoint a foreign Imam or Imam from a particular nation or group, it is an open subject. I would be happy if Muslims of Australia become self sufficient in this regard and not only have their local Imams but also send them to other Western countries where there is shortage of local born Imams. C. Women forced to perform sex: In such cases there shall be no punishment to the women and she shall be free of any wrong doing. If she can pinpoint and has proof (witness and circumstantial ) against the man who forced her,. Then that man shall be given death penality by Islam courts. In Islam rape is a crime which is punishable by death.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q193, Who=Bufford Qur'an 67:3 "We created seven heavens, one above the other. Muhammad, can you see any fault in Ar-Rahman's creation? Look again: Can you see any rifts or fissures? Then look again and yet again. Your gaze turns back dazed and tired. We have adorned the lowest skies with lamps, and We have made them missiles to drive away the devils and against the stone Satans, and for them We have prepared the doom of Hell and the penalty of torment in the most intense Blazing Fire." Sounds good to me! Ans. I do not know what you find objectionable from scientific point is verses 67:3 onwards? Seven is indefinite plural in Arabic it could denote many skies, any thing above earth is a sky. Clouds are in the sky, so are the sun and moons and stars and the galaxies. Is there any break in the God’s Universe? Do we not get light signals from distances as far as 4 or 5 Billion light years? If there was any discontinuity in the Universe, surely those signals would not have reached us? Are there any different laws for different places of the Universe? Earth gets illuminated from the stars in the night. We people living in cities (with so much background light) seldom see the majesty and grandeur of sky with all its stars. The lower layer of atmosphere protects earth from many things, harmful rays are filtered and meteorites are broken into pieces. If some of them are used against Satan or Devils, how we are sure that it is not the case? For rejecters of truth, there is grave penalty in the hereafter. I am unable to see, what is the point of your complaint? Q194, Did Quran copied from Bible? Ans. A small proof that Quran is from a different source than OT: I have clarified the charge that “Quran says that sun sets in murky waters” (18:98) ….now I will just point out one more small incident that will show that Quran had a different source than OT books.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 This concerns the story of prophet Joseph. It is described in Book of Genesis Ch 37Ch-50 and in Quran Ch. 12 (I have already covered that in detail some times back). I want to make reference to a small problem between the two narratives. (there are many big differences for that matter). Who was the King of Egypt when Joseph reached Egypt? Bible refers to him as Pharaoh, which was the traditional Title for Kings of Egypt. This word Pharaoh is used not less than 50 or 100 times in the book of Genesis. While in Quran, he is always referred to as “King” and never even once as Pharaoh !! Some one will say “Because Mohammad did not know that Pharaoh was not a proper name, but a title. He thought Pharaoh is the name of King of Egypt during time of Moses” So they ridiculed Quran and Prophet and made loose remarks on his “poor knowledge based on hearsay, just putting down in Quran what he heard in market places and passing caravans” What Modern Archeological Researchers say: 1. Just before the time of Joseph, the Egyptian Kingdom got divided into two, lower kingdom and upper kingdom. Each claiming Title of Pharaoh, so there were indeed two Pharaoh at one time. 2. Then one Shepherd tribe invaded the Upper kingdom and took possession of that land. They also defeated the Pharaoh of Lower kingdom and he had to fled from Egypt and take his residence some where in Sudan. 3. These new kings were known as Shepherd kings (Egyptians did not take them as Pharaohs)…it was during this time that Joseph reached Egypt, so the ruler was not actually Pharaoh….it was this king which allowed Joseph the position of Power and allowed his family to enter Egypt and dwell in the best part of the country. 4. It was 50 or 100 years after Joseph…when the son or grand son of the Lower Kingdom Pharaoh came back and dispossessed those shepherd kings and reunited the two kingdoms and declared themselves once again as Pharaohs. 5. These “New Pharaohs” were against the Jews and persecuted them….till God delivered them from Pharaoh by the hands of Moses. Now the Question I want to ask is this: A. Was Quran wrong calling the King of Egypt as “King and not Pharaoh” or was Bible wrong in calling him Pharaoh? B. Did our prophet knew about this “internal history” of Egypt when he “wrote” the Quran?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 C. What was the “hand” that prevented him writing Pharaoh and instructed him to write King. D. What about those people who ridiculed and made fun of “ignorance” of prophet Mohammad for centuries before these Archeological Findings came out in defense of Quranic narratives? E. How can you say that Quran was simply copied from Bible? This same situation is when we find “Insurmountable Contradiction” between Quran and Modern Science. In many cases we find that a slight reflection and understanding will solve those contradictions. For some “Real Contradictions” (Like this BTOE)…it is Science that has to correct its path and not Quran!! Q195, Who=Buford Here is yet another curious thing. I searched the question: "Can the Qur'an be translated?" and this site came up: http://www.everything.com/can-quran-be-transl... Excerpt: Arguments Against Translating the Qur’an "Muslims may argue that the Qur’an was revealed in Arabic, and thus that language preserves God’s exact words. At the time of its revelation, and even now, the Qur’an is considered to be the perfection of the Arabic language. .. fully grasp the meaning of the Qur’an. Arguments for Translating the Qur’an

From the earliest days of Islam, there were non-Arabic speakers among the Muslim community. The Qur’an brings a universal message to all of mankind, not only to those who can read its text in Arabic. Therefore, there have always been some who promote

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 the translation of the meaning of the Qur’an into languages understood by a wider audience.

My question is this: shouldn't Muslims and all others who would know the Hebrew Scriptures learn "Classical Hebrew" so as to best understand what God/Allah was revealing to those "people of the book" in the language that they knew? Ans. I thank you for bringing a very interesting topic up for discussion and that is “Can Quran be translated”? I would slightly re-phrase this question and ask “Can any scripture be translated” ? A. What we mean by translation? 1. Translation is to help people of other language to understand the meaning of the original scripture. 2. Translation is accurate reproduction of original scripture in another language and for people of other languages, and for all practical purposes it takes the place of original scripture. These are two major view points as for as translation of any scripture is concerned B. What are scriptures and how they are different from other books / writings / documents: 1. I think most followers of any religion agree that their scriptures are holy and they are “Inspired or dictated Word from God Almighty”. Or books written by prophets or their disciples thru inspiration. 2. Words of Holy scriptures have a special place and they need be preserved. 3. Other books and documents are not in that category. If people understand their meaning, it is not necessary to preserve original words. Now, let us ask this question: C. Can any Scripture be faithfully translated into another language? 1. I think every one should understand that every language has its own peculiarities. Words and phrases used have special shades of meaning and depending on the situation, same word might change its shade.. 2. With the sacred nature of scripture, translating them into any language is not without error.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

2A. It depends on the level of knowledge and understanding of the translator as to how best he could convey the original meaning into new language. If the translator be one who is not believer in that scripture, he might twist and turn the meaning and few would notice it. 3. Errors of translators are compounded when link with original manuscript is lost and people freely use translations in place of original document. D. Case study: Bible: 1. Best case study is Translation of Bible; its manuscripts are in Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic and Latin…..very few people understand these languages in modern time. 2. So Bible has been translated into different languages and these people only know their Bible only thru that translation. They cannot read or have ever read the original “Revealed Words of God”, what they read and recite are words of translators, and not Words of God. 3. Differences between different translations, give rise to many controversies and people divide into sects and denominations because of these translations. 4. No one cares about original manuscripts and they keep on arguing on each word and each phrase of translations, taking them into dogmatic sense and arguing with each other endlessly. E. Middle path of Islam regarding Translation of Quran: 1. First of all, Muslims believe that Quran is the Revealed Word of God in Arabic Language. No translations can replace the Revealed Word of God and no translation can be Called Quran in that language. 2. In the initial stage of Islam, it was mandatory for every one to recite Quran in Arabic language, so as not to cause divisions between Muslims and to preserve the Word of God in its original state. 3. After a few centuries, when the foundations of Quran were deeply rooted and there was no danger of its getting corrupted, it was allowed for people to translate it into other languages, so people of other languages could understand its meaning. 4. But in Prayers and ceremonies, Quran must be recited in its Original Arabic and no translation in other language can take its place. 5. In this way, Muslims for 1400 years have preserved Quran in its original language and it is possible for any Muslim from any country to go to any other country in the word and perform prayers without any doubt or confusion as to what is being said. If people were using different translations as Quran, Hajj and any International gathering of Muslims would have caused lot of differences.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 6. Every one has access to Original Quran and in case of doubt, mistakes or errors of translators could be verified or corrected. 7. It is mainly Quran which has preserved Classic Arabic to be kept alive and not change despite all these 1400 years. If some one wants to read English of year 1000 CE, I doubt he will feel that it is English or another language!! I hope I could clarify this matter from my point of view. Q196, Who= eric So the Quran suffers from the same problems that you rail about the Bible. To those who don't speak Arabic, there are multiple translations. And, why can't the same be said about the Tanakh? Can't we refer back to the Hebrew and Aramaic texts to check and cross check in case we have a dispute? Ans. Quran does not suffer at all from the sickness that Bible has: 1. First of All, Textual Purity of Quran is unprecedented. Every one recites the same Quran. While textual purity of Biblical books is in doubt. 2. Quran’s traceability to its “author” is beyond any doubt. In case of most Biblical books, we even do not know you wrote them in the first place. Even if we make a calculated guess…we certainly do not know the names of “unknown hands” that edited them number of times. Quran is in a LIVE International language. There are millions of people, Muslim, Jews, Christians who have Arabic as a mother tongue. Its language and its phrases are still in wide usage, while in case of Bible, the manuscripts are in DEAD language. No one except a very few people can understand it. 3. There is no shortage of Bilingual Translators in most world language. Those who translate directly from Arabic into those languages. I doubt if so many direct translators are available for Bible. They might use KJV or RSV as source and translate from them. 4. In case of any doubt in the translation, people can very easily cross check, because Arabic knowing people are available in Most Islamic countries. This is not possible for Bible. Every Church holds to its own Bible!! 5. Daily recitation of Quran in Arabic brings Muslim very close to Understand their meanings, while very few read Bible in the language in which their prophets spoke it.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 B. About Tanakh: I do not know what is Tanakh. Please tell me what it is? How is it different from Biblical books. Who wrote them? How were they transmitted and protected from corruption? What is the oldest manuscript and how close it is to its origin? These are the questions that need be asked about any religious scripture. believing in what people say and repeat is not correct. Just

What I think is that Tanakh is the Biblical manuscripts in Hebrew language. Please correct me if I am wrong. Q197, Was Universe Created in Six, 24 hours day? Ans. My purpose here is not to be dogmatic or to criticize any scripture; I only want to put my honest opinion on this subject to the best of my knowledge. A. Power of God: I believe that God is so powerful that He can create this whole universe in the twinkling of any eye!! So it is not the question of How Powerful is God or what can He do or not do. B. Question of Time: The question of time is only relevant for us humans who have a limited life time. For God who is Eternal and who shall live for ever, the question of Time Period is not that essential in itself. For Him a Million and a Billion Years of our time is like nothing!! C. Wrong understanding of God’ creation process: Some people are under the wrong impression, that when God creates any thing, it should come into existence instantaneously, If it take small or more time to come into existence, then it is not created by God. They fail to forget that God is also wise and knowledgeable. He does every thing properly and with logic and reason. The laws and process which we see in NATURE are also made by Him and Him only. So if God has fixed time period for certain process, there is nothing wrong and it in no way puts a restriction on God’s Power. D. Creation of Galaxies and Stars and Earth:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Some people argue that since it took many millions of years for galaxies to form and then our sun to be created and then earth to separate from sun and then slow process of earth getting cooled and continents to form and then life to originate…..so these processes could not be from God’ process of creation but NATURE’ own ways. This is not correct, every step in the process of creation of Universe and origin of life on this earth, was formulated by God and it took place in that order. E. Correct Science and Scriptures do not contradict each other: Science by definition is study of cause and effect and its observations and findings are based on observation and deduction…..so for most part Scientific Observations are correct (except when they start hypothesizing like this BTOE) and logical. Scripture by definition are direct revelation from God the Creator of Universe, so how can scriptures say some thing which is against true scientific observations? By definition of truth, they do not contradict each other; every truth supports another truth, so there cannot be any contradiction in true science and true revelation from God. F. What to do if there is any Contradiction between Science and Scripture: So if we see that there is a certain and unavoidable contradiction between Established Scientific Fact and any Scripture, we should recheck both carefully. Either is Scientific Observation or deductions are wrong or the Scripture is not really Word of God or has been corrupted or changed during transmission and preservation. Direct Revelation form God is Pure Truth and it can never contradict True Observation. G. Biblical description of Creation of Universe: After what I have written above, there is no doubt in my mind that the Biblical description of Creation (as mentioned in Gen Chapter 1) is not correct literally. Either the text has been tempered with or the words used are allegorical and not to be interpreted in literal sense. I am not saying this to hurt any one’s feelings, but according to me this is the best approach to reconcile the two extreme views. Quranic description of Creation do not contradict established facts of science, only because Quran is preserved exactly in the words and in the form it was revealed to our prophet. Q198, who="Captcanuck" The entire rest of the planet except your most radical Islamic states have women dressing normal not those stupid burkas/black tents.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Your society is abnormal to the rest of the planet and it is rejected whole hardly. Shorts are not allowed in public for either sex in Saudi Arabia meanwhile it's like a zillion degrees. The laws of the despot nation are just plain bad and very restrictive. Your wasting your time advocating your foolish restrictions. Ans. A. Majority and Truth: Majority of people doing and following this and that is not a PROOF that it is the right course. You have to provide Logic and Proves in support of your logic. If majority of people on this earth start eating from their noses, it would not become right. Natural course to feed human is still thru the mouth. If majority of people on earth start walking on their head, it would not become right, the natural way to walk would still be on the legs. If majority of people start believing that earth is flat, it will not become flat, it would still be spherical in shape. In the same way, if majority of people on earth start believing that there is no God, He will not vanish!! He will still remain the Creator, Cherisher and Owner of the earth. B. Perfect Equality between Sexes: Perfect equality between males and females is still only a myth and has never been practiced in ANY COUNTRY of the world. How you can have perfect equality between the two sexes, when they are different physically, mentally, psychologically. How you can have direct competition between sexes when God made them as Complimentary to each other? If some one tries to do it, he or she will fail and Nature would take its revenge for following a Non Natural process (as it always does, whenever humans try to act “over smart”). C. Perfect Equality is a Myth: Why you have more Female Nurses than Male Nurses? Why you have more Females in Electronic Assembly lines than males?
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

We always have MORE male doctors, surgeons, engineers, politicians and top thinkers in Males than in females. I am not against females in any way, but I am stating the facts. Despite more than 100 years of Western Women’s Liberation (I should say exploitation) why the perfect equality has not been Achieved in ANY of the Western nation or society? D. Islamic division of Roles and Duties: Islamic ideology is based on Nature and it divides the roles in most natural way. But people who always act and think in Un-natural ways, would find these divisions offensive!! Like one who thinks eating thru Nose is Natural….would take offense at any one eating thru mouth!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Chapter-6 (On Jews and Israel)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q199, who="Frijoles" Save your sob story for people who care.... Palestinians waited 4o years before they took their matters into their own hands? Lets do the math. Just an example: 1929 hebron massacre of Jews.... 1929 minus 40 years = 1889. Who did they appeal to from 1889-1929? The Turks? The UN? The Turks were fellow Mulsims - why didnt they oblige? MUQ you are full of SH*T as usual. Ans. You miscalculated the dates….I was referring to 1947 partition of Palestine 1947 + 40 = 1987 That was the time when INTIFADA (Palestinian freedom movement started) and HAMAS like groups were formed. If you calculate the date from 1917, when large scale Jewish migration to Palestine was allowed then we have 1917 + 40 = 1957 And that was the time when PLO like organizations were formed. I am not that far from my calculations…..but it is you who are putting forward fictitious dates and events. Q200, [QUOTE who="Rick Moss"]

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

1. You know PRECISELY what this word means and where it comes from. I'll answer this for others who might not know. 2. The word "anti-Semite ", while not anthropologically accurate, has been used for over 100 years to describe collected hatred specifically against Jews. The term was not coined by Jews at all -- but by Germans. 3. These German writers used the term "Semite" to refer exclusively to Jews in a pejorative manner. The purpose of the term was to highlight the non-European origins and customs of Jews and Judaism to isolate them and target them for abuse. 4. Because of it's popular usage, it has achieved the definition that it has today. Changing the meaning of a common usage term doesn't alter the fact that specific hatred of Jews as opposed to other Semitic peoples exists. To pretend that it does is ingenuous.. Ans. 1. I thank you for pre-judging me!! I told in the start with that the name is a misnomer and the word does not convey what is actually says. 2. If the name Anti Semite is not correct, what prevents us from correcting it now? Why you want to persist with the mistake? It does not matter if the term was coined by Germans or Australians or any one else, a mistake is a mistake and once brought to our notice, we should correct it. When the hate is against Jews, why hide the word Jews and cover it up with term like Semite? Arabs are also Semite and they outnumber Jews by many orders of magnitude, why they should be removed from this protection? 3. What Germans writer did is neither here nor there. We have outgrown every thing that those Germans did, why we want to persist with this Anti Semite terminology? If those German writers did mistake, we should correct it rather than persist with it? 4. Have you ever thought why people should systematically hate only Jews? What are Jews own contribution to cultivate that hate? Why of all people and races to choose from, only Jews are singled out for this hate…..they cannot be as clean as snow….they are not white wooly lambs, whom every wolf in the world lover to devour…..surely they must have done something to earn that constant hate from most of world people?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 And how come it is not OK to hate Jews…but it is OK to hate Arabs, and Muslims and Indians and Chinese and Japanese. There is no law to catch you, if you write hate messages against any other people….but you must not say any thing against Jews. All in all, your post was a very weak approach to justify a wrong thing and a wrong practice.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q201, who="crimes4allah"] Try me... Hebrew is a beautiful language. Psalms is the old testament, isn't it? Post it in Hebrew, I'll translate it. Also in Arabic, but it's not a beautiful language. Ans. There comes your bias!! ALL languages are beautiful!! To those who speak them!! You calling Hebrew and beautiful and Arabic as not beautiful shows your open bias. All languages are from God Almighty and we should not place one language over another. So many nations just came based on the language they speak!! For every nation, its language is the best and sweetest. But what we know that last Revelation and Final Revelation from God came in Arabic Language.....and we should bow down to the choice of our Lord and Creator. Why Did He chose Arabic and Arabia as a place for His Last Prophet and Last revelation? We can make guesses but the real knowledge is with our God, Our Lord and Our Creator only!! So we should hold our tongue when we comment about any language. I have nothing whatsoever against Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, Chinese , Korean or thousands of other world languages. In fact, In Quran, Allah refers to the differences in colors and languages as a Sign from Allah!! Q202, who="Eric" The Tanakh are the Jewish holy scriptures. The oldest Tanakh predates the oldest Quran by 14 centuries. Note that no Qu'ran from Muhammad exists. The oldest Quran dating back to his family are not entirely the same although current copies, like the Tanakh are consistent with each other. Purity is guaranteed by laws governing the scribes. Ans. You say that Tanakh predate Mohammad by 14 century.....so that should be around 800 BC!! Do you know when Moses existed? Around 1800 BC.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 So these Tanakh are almost 1000 years after Moses? How are you sure that they faithfully preserve every word which Moses spoke? Who wrote these Tanakh and how were they preserved? I doubt if you have original complete Hebrew Manuscript of EVEN ONE OT books as old as 800 BC. Having bits and pieces are not enough to verify authenticity of any document. Now regarding Quran, it is known universally that our prophet did not know how to read and write. So there is no case of having his hand written manuscript.. However he SAW to it that EVERY WORD of what revelation he received was WRITTEN DOWN DURING HIS LIFE TIME. Then he conveyed the same wordings thru oral recitation to thousands of his followers. Quran was openly read in five daily prayers 9as it is done to this day). People were listening to recitation of Prophet and remembering the same words. Quran was the ONLY source of their evangelization. Then, within two years of prophet’s death, the WHOLE QURAN was written down in presence of thousands of his companions. And then within 20 years of his death, six or eight copies of that Quran were made and distributed to all major Islamic provinces. Two copies from that original 6 or 8 copies still survive to this day!! So there is no comparison in textual purity of Quran as compared to any book on this earth, Tanakh, OT or NT!! Purity of any old scripture is only guaranteed if it is committed in memory form and distributed amongst the masses, so that it is not private knowledge any way. This was done for Quran and not for any other book on this earth. I can only express my sympathy to you and to them……but you cannot post dated verify authenticity of any document. May be it was plan of God……that only one Authentic Scripture be available on the face of earth. But I do not say, that your scripture is 100 % wrong or 100 % forgery. It does contain words of God……but it also contains words of prophets, words of commentators and words of history writers and a few folklores …..what you need is a standard a criterion to swift grain from the chaff so to say!! Look for that standard through out the earth!! Q203, who="Ex-Mess ”

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 RIghto. When Ishmael was blessed, his numbers became numerous and he needed a lot of territory, so now he has 57 nations. When Isaac was blessed, his name was changed to Israel and the twelve tribes and they were given one small land. So why does Ishmael not be thankful for all his blessings and leave Israel alone? Ans. You do not know the story of Ishmael and Isaac in its totality. God did promise the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants after him. So Ishmael and his children have as much right on the land of Canaan as the children of Isaac (if we speak strictly thru the book of Genesis). When the Children of Isaac were strong enough to defend their territories…..the children of Ishmael did not interfere with than land… However when the Abraham’ legacy well into the hand of “others” (Romans, Greek and Pagans) and they drove out children of Isaac from the promised lands in 70 AD…..and 600 years passed and there was NO WAY in which Children of Isaac could come back to take their lands from “squatters”…. It was then that children of Ishmael, decided to re-possess their birth right….they drove out all those “foreigners” from the land and cleansed it from all outside interference and they toll possession of 100 % of all lands , which feet of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, and Jacob had touched during their entire lives!! So Muslims indeed did a favor to Jews by re-claiming the Land of Palestine from Roman Empire. Then Muslims never claimed “sole possession” of that holy land…but they maintained peace and tranquility in holy land for 1300 years and they allowed Jews to come and live in these lands as and when they wished. But Jews tied to repay the same hospitality…..after 1917, when they termed their “elder cousins” as “Squatters” and forced them into exiles with the help of same “outsiders” who were responsible for their exile in 70 AD. What a strange world we do live in!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q204 Who=LWS Ans. Here are short answers for your questions that caused you confusion: 1. You and Ken seem to disagree as to whether Isaac or Ishmael was the son that was symbolically sacrificed because God was testing Abraham's trust and obedience. MUQ: a. It is mentioned both in Quran and Bible that God subjected Prophet Abraham to extreme test by asking him to sacrifice his son. b. The sacrifice was to be only symbolic; as God would not allow the son to be actually killed (but that was not known to either Abraham or the child before hand). c. As per Bible that son was Isaac, and as per Islamic literature it was Ishmael. d. But the Bible records show a contradiction by calling Isaac as ‘The only son of Abraham” ; while at no point in Abraham’s life, Isaac was his “Only son”. That distinction only belonged to Ishmael when for 13 or 14 years (when Abraham was 86 to 99 years old), he was his only son. e. In order to overcome this “problem” in Biblical story, “scholars” like Ken and others say bad thing about Ishmael, to prove that he was of a lower stock and not worthy or fit to be called “Only son of Abraham”. This is merely a theological argument and every one can see whose arguments carry more weight. 2. What difference does it make to Islam whether Isaac or Ishmael was the sacrifice? MUQ: a. It does not make ANY difference in the real sense, because the test was for Abraham and his sons and not for their descendents. b. But the records have to be set right and like we cannot say that ‘Queen Elizabeth – II” is the Queen of India and England. c. If some thing is wrong historically and the records show some contradiction, we should find logical explanation for it.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

3. What difference does it make whether Isaac or Ishmael was "legitimate" in terms of ancient traditions? MUQ: a. There is no question of “Illegitimacy” of either Ishmael or Isaac, because God Almighty recognised and blessed “Both of them” as the sons of Abraham. b. But it is the jealousy on the parts of Jews that they look down upon Ishmael and his people, Arabs, (same way as they look down on other people and nations of the world). 4. Where does the "wild donkey of a man" come from? MUQ: a. This comes from Chapter 16 Verse 12, where angel is supposed to have said to Hagar (About Ishmael) “He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hands will be against anyone and everyone’ hands will be against him, and he will live in hostility towards all his brothers” b. This “prophesy” is wrong on all counts, because Isaac and Ishmael had no arguments or quarrels with each other and they never fought on any issue. c. Isaac was settled in the land of Canaan (Palestine) and Ishmael was settled in Makkah….so there was never any tussle between these two branches for many centuries!! 5. Could Isaac and Ishmael be the same person, confused by ancient oral traditions? MUQ: a. There is fat chance for that, Credentials of both Ishmael and Isaac are well established so there is no chance in the world to say that they are one and the same persons. b. But there could be some “glory stealing” in some individual and particular incidents as we saw on this issue. 6. I thought it was Sarah's idea for Hagar to bear Abraham's child- Is this correct or incorrect? Is there any significance to who "decided" that Hagar bear Ishmael? MUQ: a. It is very correct and it is recorded in Bible. The book of Genesis records in Chapter 16

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“Now Sarai , Abram’s wife had borne him no children, but she had an Egyptian maid servant named Hagar; she said to Abram “The Lord has kept me from having children. Go sleep with my maidservant; perhaps I can build a family thru her. Abram agreed to what Sarai said” (V1-2) “ So after Abram had been living in Canaan ten years, Sarai his wife took her Egyptian servant Hagar and gave her to her husband to be his wife, he slept with her and she conceived” (Verse 3-4) b. Anyone can see that verses 1-2 are from a different source and verses 3-4 are from another source. The language of Verses 1-2 is “Coarser” than of V3-4. c. They repeat the same story. That Abram took Hagar as his wife after Sarah was barren for many years. 7. What significance (if any) does Ishmael's legitimacy have on the conflict between Islam and Judaism? MUQ: a. The conflict between Islam and Judaism has nothing to do with the legitimacy of either Ishmael or Isaac. b. The legitimacy or illegitimacy of any person has no effect on their subsequent generations (according to Bible), because the “illegitimate” son of Incest Zerah (conceived from the incest that Judah the son of Jacob had with Tamar his daughter in law – as mentioned in Genesis Chapter 38) … if the forefather of such illustrious persons like David, Solomon, ….and even Jesus!! c. And basically there is no conflict between Islam and Judaism as such. They are in different planes, Islam and Christianity are competing against each other, as to which can gain more converts, but Jews are not in this business. d. On theological level, Judaism is more align with Islam than Christianity, Islam and Judaism have many things in common and most of the laws in two are more or less same. 8. What exactly is the argument ABOUT? I am trying to understand, but you are NOT helping. MUQ: a. The basic argument is where advent of our prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) is mentioned in OT and / NT books or not. (And by the way, that is headline of my all posts!!) b. Both Jews and Christians claim that most “Major” events in human history are mentioned and prophesized in their books, then how come advent of our prophet,

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 which changed the course of world history and had both direct and indirect effect on Judaism and Christianity is left out from their books? Despite this lacunae , both Jews and Christians are more than 100 % “Sure” that their books have “Nothing” to say about the advent of our prophet c. And the Jews are also “more than 100 % certain” that their Scriptures have “nothing” to say about “Jesus”…. To which Christian scholars take “strong exception” and try to “Prove by quoting Jewish scriptures” that such and such books and verses say such and such things about Jesus. d. Why can’t we Muslims do the same thing about our prophet? And try to prove by quoting from Jewish and Christian Scriptures that such and such books and such and such verses speak about the advent of our prophet? e. Is it logical or illogical approach? Q205, who="Absurdity ” Yeah imagine how surprised they would be if they realized that there are Israelis fighting the same fight we are against their own government. Exchange programs between Hebron and the Israelis in an attempt to teach each other that there is no reason they cannot live in peace beside one another. And Israeli activists living in Jerusalem that are fighting for the rights of Palestinians. And the Turkish that attempted to bring supplies in for the Palestinians. Why would these people all be trying to go against the Israeli Government? Egypt opens the borders to let some supplies in to Gaza and they are immediately threatened by the Israeli Government. Why are so many people wrong and only the Israeli and the US Governments right? The Israelis are using religion the same as Hamas and other groups to say that God has promised them that they would return to the promise land. Well maybe today isn’t the day. Ans. Jews and Muslims were indeed living in peace for more than past 1300 years……the things changed when swarms of European Jews descended in Palestine in hordes after end of WW-1 and started all that mischief in the land. The way they see is that, the land belongs to them and no one else…..and if you go by their history of past 3000 years…..they could only got full control of Palestine for less than 100 years of last 3000 years!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 They were forced to share the lands with Non Jews, willingly or unwillingly and the same will happen in this case also. Irrespective of how much force, torture, lies and killing they do in the land they will NEVER EVER will get full possession of the Land of Palestine!! And I have reason from Bible to say this thing forcefully….according to Bible (book of Genesis), God said to Abraham “14. The LORD said to Abram after Lot had parted from him, "Lift up your eyes from where you are and look north and south, east and west. 15 All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring [a] forever. 16 I will make your offspring like the dust of the earth, so that if anyone could count the dust, then your offspring could be counted. 17 Go, walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I am giving it to you." (Gen 13:14-17). And the offspring of Abraham does include Ishmael and his offspring also!! So if this promise of God is true….Jews would NEVER EVER be able to usurp the share of Ishmael and his offspring!! And if the God’ promise is not true, then Jews have no legal title to land of Palestine at all!! As per Muslims they NEVER said that this land belongs to them exclusively…they Always shared it with Jews and Christians. Under Muslim rule spanning more than 1300 years, the land only saw and experienced true peace for such a large duration. Just look at Bible when Jews were ruling the land of Palestine…and modern period from 1917-2010 and see how many days of peace the land has seen since Jews were ruling that land!! Q206, who="Spartan ”] Listen, "friend", I’m not from Israel, i don't have friends in Israel, i'm not Jewish in faith, hell, I don't have anything close with these people, but when you say that "they should wiped out from the face of the earth because they have desirable qualities", i know what i want, people like you to be isolated from the rest, as abnormal Ans. Thank you "friend"…. I am happy that you are not "emotionally attached " with Israel, as so many people do on this thread. You misunderstood my views when I said "Israel should be wiped off from the face of the one or most people living in Israel should be killed.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 What I meant that the present state of Israel should end….its population redistributed as it was before 1917. Because existence of Israel is not good for world peace…it is the main source of violence, turbulence and terrorism in the world. So to maintain world peace, those in power should take steps to dismantle it or restrict its power or influence….same way as they did in Iraq, in Afghanistan…..they way they are planning it for Iran, Libya , Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Host of other counties. Instated of fighting so many countries it is easier and more beneficial if they just remove one country….which is source of all these problems…..the Zionist state of Israel. It does makes a lot of common sense!!. Unless you are very biased for Israel or emotionally attached to it, you will see the wisdom and truth in it. Q207, who="Spartan ” The only person that would not care for a country to get wiped out from the face of the earth, is a fanatic. I hope you are not one of them, but you also have to know, that the few are always fight for the rights of the many. Ans. Do you know how many countries have been wiped out from the face of earth in our "Short span of life"? And how many New Countries have been born? I will give you a short list (off hand from my memory): A. Countries that were wiped out from Earth: 1. North and South Vietnam (Now there is only One Vietnam). 2. North and South Yemen (Now there is Only One Yemen). 3. East and West Germany (Now there is Only One Germany). 3. Chezslovakia 4. Yugoslavia 5. USSR 6. Sikkim (Swallowed by India).
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7. Tibet (Swallowed by China). 8. Hong Kong (annexed by China). 9. Macau (Annexed by China) B. New Countries which were Created (right before our eyes): 1. Bangladesh. (Even its Father, Pakistan was part of India before 1947) 2. Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, …etc. 3. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan…etc. 4. East Timor C. Political boundaries of world and countries keep changing all the time.\: If you look at the Map of World 200 or 300 years before, so many countries "have been wiped off the map" that no one even remember their names. And so many "New Countries" have come up whose name no one knew in those days. D. When a country "goes off the map of earth"…. The Land does not disappear…..nor all of its inhabitants are killed. The land remains where it is, most of its inhabitants also remain the same. The political boundaries do change and rulers do change…but this is normal and acceptable. E. When a country "should disappear from the face of the earth": When it is source of violence, injustice and poses a threat to its neighbors …. And no way of dialog can be affective….then it is time that country to be wiped off the face of this earth. And Israel possess all those "desirable qualities"….so it is in the interest of Word Peace, Tranquility and Justice and people should see to it that it is dismantled…. Peacefully if we can or by use of force if it is unavoidable (Examples of Iraq and Afghanistan are fresh in our memories)!! Israel also comes under the same category!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q208, who="G J ” Thank you for your post. You hit the nail right on the head. The Zionist never tire of telling us about how they were holocausted but can’t see that their treatment of Palestinians is no different from the Nazi's treatment of Jews. How come the Israelis get to claim they have universal support from world Jewry when the harshest criticism of Zionism comes from Jews? Ans. You are welcome. I said that once you get biased….you can do horrible crimes and not even think about it. Were not Germans civilized people at the onset of WW-2? Yet they did to Jews what we know (even if 10 % of it be true). I will give you another example from my native country, that is India. Hindus are supposed to be (or have done propaganda in this regard) “most peaceful” of all religious groups, but have you seen them during communal riots that are so frequent in India? They become almost inhuman….common folks and police doing unspeakable crimes against poor and rich Muslims alike. Burning them inside houses, killing women, children and old alike. Raping women in front of their relatives and so many heinous crimes. As if they have become Devil during that duration. It is hate and bias that prompts them to do these things. The same holds good for Israel and Zionists of today….they have been programmed for immense hate against Palestinians… and they are told that their existence depends on destroying “these squatters” from the land. Any action by Palestinian is deemed to be an act of terror per see…..and that of any Jew or jewish Army or Police in self defense and self protection or to maintain law and order per see…. (no proof or evidence is needed for such assumptions. Court and Media and Bulk of people of their nation are already programmed to assume it to be true) And we watch the repercussion in horror….. The biggest problem of our time and that people have made their country and give it the same status as old people used to give to their false gods and idols. For Modern Jews their God is their “state of Israel”…..they would be ready to offer “any and every type of burnt offering at its feet”…..even if it be “A mountain of heads of these “cursed Palestinians”…. Extreme Patriotism and Extreme Nationalism is the curse of our Modern Times, which very few people seem to realize.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q209, who="GJ ” Today I saw a very short news clip of a Palestinians kid getting run over by an Israeli Jew. The Zionist obviously could not stop because he would have gotten himself killed. I am sure the Israeli courts would have agreed with him. When you marginalize and disenfranchise the majority using violence this is the kind of society you get. Israelis are people and their only option is running over Palestinians kids who throw rock or leaving the country. The Israelis who are smart enough to leave will be made welcome the world over. The sickos, who need this kind of power, we will leave for the locals to take care of. Ans. It is sad but true, that when some one is biased, he forgoes even the basic human values. For him what is of value if his life, his children’ life and the security of his nations. Any thing else has but little value in his eyes….that is why we see the scene which you have described. They talk about Universal Human Rights….and what they really mean by that is Rights of their Own Human in the whole Universe!! No one else has any rights if it conflicts with their own rights!! Q210, who="NT" 01. If I am wrong please correct me. The Zionists, originated in Germany and chose Israel to be their future state in about 1914 thereabouts. 02. After the 2nd War of stupidity finished there was an exodus of Jewry towards Israel which was under British control. 03. From what I gather the British did not want the Jews to be armed so international benefactors paid for and shipped people and guns to Israel until they could be self sufficient in arms and food production and community services ,this they did more better than any other for the very simple reason that they would never be stood on again by anyone ever again. 04. At this time Palestine did not exist for it commenced in about

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 the time of the Israel-Arab conflict that showed these people that their own Muslim people's cared little for them, this proven by them never being able to leave that location. 05. There were some like Arafat and his mob who used this scenario to profit his aims in life by stirring these people's into a frenzy that still exists to this day, at no profit to them or ever likely to be. 06. We on the outside of this disaster are receiving the blame from Muslims everywhere simply for being borne not of a Muslim, which has to mean your enemy, as Muhammad decreed. Is this fair on those of us who want nothing of conflict, of pain, of suffering as experienced so often by Muslims everywhere just because they don't follow the same brand of Islam ? 07. Your real problems are closer to home, Israel is being used as an excuse by those amongst you who cannot solve your own problems of coexistence with each other.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Ans. Based on my limited knowledge my comments on your post are: 1. The Zionist movement is older than 1914, the First Zionist Congress was held in 1901, In Switzerland , in which Lord Bilfour, the foreign Secretary of Britain, had agree to help establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. So the Zionist movements and Britain’s commitment to it, predate WW-1 and WW-2. I know that Jews agreed to help Britain, only if they do every thing for their homeland after the war. So Britain was never an “unbiased” player in the whole story to start with. The dice was already loaded when after WW-1 Britain “asked and got” the control over Palestine to “fulfill the promise made by Lord Bilfour in 1901”. 2. Entry of Jews started immediately after 1917 and continued till WW-2. The fighting with Local Arabs started almost the same time these European Jews started to land there. Britain assumed the same pose of “neutrality” as we see US and west are doing in the present Arab Israeli conflict….every one can see that the “dice in loaded in which direction” 03. The answer is covered in point # 2. The Britain played the role of “neutral Umpire”….”A mediator”….”Unfortunate Victim of Terrorism”….”Humanitarian Aid” at different times while seeing that “None of the Jewish immigrant was ever to be turned back” 04. Palestine might not have existed as an Independent nation, but it was always a separate region under the control of Muslim Ruler. It was a very wrong slogan which was raised by Zionists “Jews without a Nation and Palestine a land without Country”. Like Texas which was once an independent state and now part of USA, would some one say that Texas has ceased to exist? 05. There are always leaders in any community who are in there for personal gains. Arafat was not there in the scene then…it is always easy to “find and locate” such people in any community…but when we talk about issues, we should not involve personalities. 06. You people are getting blame for your one sided support to Israel and Zionists and always thinking that they are victims and not aggressors. If you are people are “our enemy” then you are enemy of “Jews also”….because they do not have any respect for jesus and we on the other hand respect and revere jesus Christ.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 07. We also have internal problems, but that should not diminish the importance of problem which we have with Israel and since it is the main source of souring our relations on the international level. Q211, Who: Tony 17 Here. Learn when the word JEW was first used. The word JEW was not in the Biblical Text till around the 18th century. Of course most of you that consider yourselves scholars is painfully unaware of the most basic knowledge. Question #3 in the following link should help demonstrate that you nor the rest of these morons have no idea as to the origin of the word JEW. Just because it says JEW in your current bible versions does not mean that the word JEW was in the original text because they weren't. In fact substitute the word KENITE for the word Jew when it is used in scripture whenever it refers to those Pharisees etc. http://www.biblestudysite.com/answers13.htm#3 Ans. I think you are accusing a wrong person!! I am a Muslim and I am not a Jew…I do not know when the word Jew was used first time. But I have heard that King James version was published in 16th or 17th Century….what term it used originally for Jew? If you are a scholar, you please tell me. As per Quran, all past prophets were Muslims, i.e. they surrendered and submitted themselves to the Will of their Creator. All obedient followers of these prophets were therefore Muslims.!! The term Judaism, Jew, Christianity and Christians are human concocted terms. That is why in Quran it addresses these people as: O! Who call yourself as Christians (NASARA in Arabic)…. And O! Who became Jews (YEHUDI in Arabic). But as Shakespeare told “A rose by any other shall smell as sweet”….. So a Jew by any name KENITE or Canaanite, or Hebrew…..shall be as miserly and niggardly as he is…..Just by calling with another name, will not change his character!! Q212, The "Kosher Nostra Scam" on the American Consumer

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 by Ernesto Cienfuegos La Voz de Aztlan Los Angeles, Alta California - 4/27/2002 - (ACN) La Voz de Aztlan receives quite a few "news tips" per week from our many subscribers and readers. Some we dismiss immediately but a very few catch our attention. Last week we receive an e-mail asking us if we knew the significance of the small encircled letter "U" or letter "K" that can be found printed on many food cans, food packages and on other kitchen products. The message gave us some clues and suggested that we do some research into the subject. What we found certainly was "news" to us and it both shocked and angered us. On arriving at my residence, I immediately went to the pantry to verify that what I had just learned was actually true. Sure enough, most of the packaged and canned foods from major companies, like Proctor & Gamble and others, did have the (U), the (K) or other similar markings. The Arrowhead water bottle, the instant Folgers Coffee, the Kelloggs box, the Jiff Peanut Butter, the Pepper container, the Trader Joe's tea box and even the Glads plastic sandwich bags carton had the (U) or (K) mark on them. We needed a little more verification so we called two major companies to asked some questions. We chose Proctor & Gamble that markets the Folgers Coffee and the Clorox Company that manufactures the Glads plastic zip lock sandwich bags. Each of the two companies, as well as most others, have 1-800 telephone numbers printed on their packages for consumers to call in case they have any questions about their products. When we asked the Proctor & Gamble representative what the (U) meant on their Folgers Coffee container, she asked us to wait until she consulted with her supervisor. She came back and informed us that the mark meant that the coffee was " certified kosher". We than asked her how and who certified the coffee to be "kosher" and whether it cost any money to do so. She refused to answer these and other questions. She suggested that we write to their Corporate Public Affairs Department. We than called the Clorox Corporation to ask what the (U) meant on the package of their Glads plastic sandwich bags and she also said that the (U) meant that the plastic bags were "kosher" but refused to answer questions concerning payments the Clorox Corporation has to make in order to be able to print the (U) on their products. What we learned next, pretty much floored me personally. I learned that major food companies throughout America actually pay a Jewish Tax amounting to hundreds of million of dollars per year in order to receive protection. This hidden tax gets passed, of course, to all non-Jewish consumers of the products. The scam is to coerce the companies to pay up or suffer the consequences of a Jewish boycott. Jewish consumers have learned not to buy any kitchen product that does not have the (U) the (K) and other similar markings. Another shocker was learning who is actually behind these sophisticated "Kosher Nostra Scams." It turns out that the perpetrators of these elaborate extortion schemes are actually Rabbinical Councils that are set up, not just in the U.S. but in other western countries as well. For example, the largest payola operation in the U.S. is run by those who license the (U) symbol. The (U) symbol provides protection for many products sold here in Aztlan and in the United States. This symbol is managed by the

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations with headquarters at 333 Seventh Avenue in New York City. The scam works like a well oiled machine and is now generating vast amounts of funds, some of which are being utilized by the Union of Orthodox Rabbis to support the Ariel Sharon Zionist government in Israel. The website of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations is full of pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian propaganda. (Contd.) The "Kosher Nostra" protection racket starts when an Orthodox Rabbi approaches a company to warn the owners that unless their product is certified as kosher, or "fit for a Jew to eat", they will face a boycott by every Jew in America. Most, if not all of the food companies, succumb to the blackmail because of fear of the Jewish dominated media and a boycott that may eventually culminate in bankruptcy. Also, the food companies know that the cost can be passed on to the consumer anyway. The food companies have kept secret from the general consumer the meaning of the (U) and the amount of money they have to pay the Jewish Rabbis. It is estimated that the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, which manages the (U) symbol protection racket, controls about 85% of the "Kosher Nostra " certification business. They now employ about 1200 Rabbi agents that are spread through out the U.S. Food companies must first pay an exorbitant application fee and than a large annual fee for the use of the (U) copyright symbol. Secondly, the companies must pay separate fees each time a team of Rabbis shows up to "inspect" the company's operations. Certain food companies are required to hire Rabbis full time at very lucrative salaries. The amount of money that the non-Jewish consumer has paid the food companies to make up for the hidden Jewish Tax is unknown, but it is estimated to be in the billions since the scam first started. The Orthodox Jewish Councils as well as the food companies keep the amount of the fees very secret. The Jewish owned Wall Street Journal wrote about the problem many years ago, but they have stopped writing about it now. Only public awareness concerning the "Kosher Nostra Scam" will eventually help stop this swindle of the American consumer. Public education of the scam may lead to an eventual non-Jewish boycott of all products with the (U), (K) or other Jewish protection symbols. I certainly do not need to pay extra for "kosher water", "kosher coffee" or "kosher plastic sandwich bags". In fact, I demand my money back for all I had to pay over the years for the hidden and illegal Jewish Tax. Are there any bright attorneys out there that could bring a class action suit against the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations on behalf of the citizens of Aztlan and other non-Jewish people? "The Petition to End Kosher Certification Labels and to End the Involvement of the Federal Food & Drug Admistration's Participation" Q213, E who="Lipush"

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 With all due respect, the fact that many Jews don't see the Messianic as part of them, meanest nothing but how much the Torah DOES mean to us Are you aware of the way Messianic live in Israel? Have you been between them. If you would have, you WOULD have known better. Ans. I am talking about the principles and not acting of individuals or groups. Messianic are supposed to be Jews that believe in the Prophethood of Jesus Christ….they are supposed to follow Torah laws as modified and reformed by Jesus Christ. By logic and by definition, they are the true Jews. Because those who rejected Jesus, were removed from the grace and mercy of God, unless they repent and recognize jesus as a messenger of God. How messianic jews are organized in Israel and what they believe in, I do not have any idea. If you explain any of their shortcomings or falsehood in teachings, I would be glad to hear it and comment on in. I just do not go by labels or names that people go by, HIZBOLLAH literally means, Party or Faction of Allah…..just by assuming that name they would not become Party of Allah, unless they act and work according to His Commandments. The same goes for Messianic Jews or True Christians etc. Q214, who="Carla - Goldencat" I like your ideas. You are right - a child can understand many things our American population shamefully doesn't take time to. Thank you for being brave enough to say it. However, Jews are keepers of Torah, God's Law, as delivered through Moses, the greatest (to Jews) prophet that ever lived. One must be careful to test all prophets to be sure they are sent of God, and have signs to prove their special position. To obey a false prophet is to be under the curse of God. Jews reject Jesus as God's promised savior to the people because he claimed to be literal son of God, thus some called him a blasphemer and no true prophet. They refused to believe he proof signs he gave. So, a Jew can be blind to Jesus as redeemer or prophet, and still be Jewish, but will lack the blessings of the promises that go with God's anointed one. They still wait for their

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 messiah. Indeed, a Jew who accepts Jesus is rejected by Jews from being Jewish any longer! They feel that strongly. So we have now Messianic Jews and Hebrew Christians who embrace both Jesus and Torah. But Jews and Christians both reject us. Ans. Thank you for very reasonable post, I do agree for most part of it, but where you said that Jews rejected Jesus because he claimed to be “real or Begotten Son of God”. This is not correct, Jesus never used the term “begotten Son of God” for himself….this word was added by Christians afterwards in the Gospel of John, which was written much after Jesus left this earth. Jesus used the word “Son of God” in the same way as it is used in OT books for many prophets and persons. In Jewish terminology “Son of God” meant “Some one who is very near or close to God” a righteous prophet or a very pious and righteous person. Jesus did qualify for both these epithet, so he qualifies as “Son of God” according to Jewish standards. By rejecting Jesus, Jews have lost their search for their Messiah and they are still looking for him. So later when Prophet Mohammad came (as prophesized by Moses in Deut 18:18) and by Jesus as “Another Comforter”…..Jews rejected him because he did not fulfill their own version of “Biblical Messiah”. So modern day Jews are rejecting the prophet hood of two Real prophets of God….Jesus and Mohammad (PBUT)…..and they are looking in vain for another Messiah to come to them. I really enjoyed your post, but I thought fir to clarify the matter some what more. Q215, who="according to the islam" hi every one according to the islam, end of the world will take place after a very hard war between the Arabs and jews>>> and after that will be an Islamic rules all the world like before 1500 years ago... http://en.20dollars2surf.com/?ref=125463[/QUOTE] Ans. You have condensed a very long story into a few sentences which might mislead people. So let us put things in their proper prospective. A. Jews and their Mischief:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

As per Quran and Prophetic sayings, Jews would create great Mischief in the Land of Palestine on three occasions and on each of these occasions they shall be severely chastised. B. The first of that occasion came at the time of Babylonian captivity, ~ 580 BC when Jews created great mischief in the Holy lands and killed many prophets of God. As a punishment God, send Nebuchadnezzar, who killed many thousands of Jews, destroyed their temple and took remnants as captives to his capital city. Jews were freed from this captivity after 70 years by Persian king Chesoros ….and returned and re-built the temple. B. The second occasion came in 70 CE, when Jews again created great mischief in the land, killed John the Baptist, an innocent and True prophet of God (and no one even lifted any finger or said OH or AH , according to Gospels) and then tried to kill Jesus Christ, another , True Honest and Innocent prophet of God. As a punishment, God send Roman general Titus who severely chastised them, killed thousands of Jews, destroyed their temple and disbursed them thru out the land, where they wandered as nomads for more than 2000 years. C. The third occasion of their mischief will come in future…the exact date for which is not told to us. But every one can see that stage is slowly being set, Jews have gathered once again in the Holy land, started killing and persecuting innocent Palestinians and are planning (mischievously and surreptiously destroying existing mosque there) to re-erect their temple. As per prophetic sayings, Jews and Christians would become very powerful in the land (another prophesy made 1400 years back and being fulfilled now) …. And at that time a False Messiah (Anti Christ or DAJJAL in Arabic) shall rise. Since Jews rejected the True Messiah (Jesus Christ), they would follow this false Messiah. Once again they would create great mischief in the land…so much so that God would send Jesus Christ to come back on earth and he will kill that Anti Christ. In that big Fight, Jews shall face their final chastisement and would be exterminated form the face of earth. When Jesus shall clarify his position, Christianity as it is followed now, would cease to exist and most of world would be united in the worship of one True God of Universe. This is Islamic position, which I clarified, should any one be mislead by your synopsis. Q216, who="Rick Moss "

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Your jealousy of the Jews consumes you. Ans. Why would we be jealous of Jews, our YOUNGER cousins by EVERY standards? - We outnumber them by many orders of magnitudes - We control many countries in the world and they only one (that too supported by the stilts of their "arch enemies" and now "bosom friends" Christian). - Arabic Language is a major live world language and Hebrew, well its speakers can be counted on fingers like our Younger cousins!! Muslims permeate every country and every race and every language of the world and Jews only live in limited countries. There is nothing by which we could be jealous of our Younger cousins in any way. However, there are things in which we are REALLY inferior to our cousins...and these are -.Racism, - False propaganda, - Usury and controlling other people and nation thru usury, - Mischief, - Intrigue - Promoting Pornography, homosexuality...Loose Morals etc. If you think we are jealous of our younger cousins because of our inabilities to compete with them on these items....we confess Q217, Who= Eric I am talking about the hundreds of years until Israel freed Hebron and Jerusalem when jews were banned from entering the temple mount and cave of the patriarchs. and would probably not been allowed for another 1000 years if not for the state of israel. i can not think of anything that is going against god more than taking over a peoples holy place deciding that because it was holy to them its holy to you and then not allow them to go and worship there. Ans.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Jews were going to the holy places which THEY built or those which were surviving. The places where Churches and Mosques have been built by Muslims and Christians were obviously out of bound for them. No one will look after YOUR places of worship for centuries when you are not present there. Will Jews care for maintaining Muslims mosques and Christian Churches when no Muslim or Christian is present there to go for worship. You have to be reasonable and pragmatic. When Muslims entered Jerusalem, there was not a Jewish temple or site there. You should complain to Christians about that!! Whatever churches were present there, were kept as such and not demolished or damaged by Muslims. Over the centuries Jerusalem became a holy city where Muslims, Jews and Christians were living peacefully side by side. Islam does not allow destruction or possession of any religious place of any community. If there are some cases, then let me say that either there were some special reasons or they were acts of tyranny by some Muslim leaders and no one supports them. Q218, Will try asking for the 3rd time was the muslim world right to ban jews from entering their own holy sites while they ruled the land? Ans. When Muslims captured holy site (Jerusalem), there was not a single Jew there!! In fact it was one of the clause of treaty between Muslims and Christians that no Jews would be allowed to stay in Jerusalem!! That is how Christians of those days treated Jews!! Muslims constructed their mosque on the place of Al Aqsa mosque and that was a place of worship for Muslims and people of other faiths could not enter there. Then over period of time, Muslims did allow Jews to enter Jerusalem and take up their residence there. I do not know there is any rulings that Jews and Christians cannot enter Jerusalem during Muslim rules there. The prohibition is only for Makkah and Medina and not for any other place. Allah Knows Best. Q219, Who=US Born
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

We do believe in a different Jesus. I do not think the Dome of the Rock will be replaced by the Temple, that would definitely be all out war. I was just wondering if your religion spoke of its re-building. Jesus did say it would be re-built. It is a significant part of the Christian doctrine. MUQ - What is conflicting about the death and resurrection? Ans. 1. Al Aqsa Mosque and Jews: Dome of the Rock is not the issue at all…..the issue is Al Aqsa mosque, which extremist Jews are trying and planning to pull down. If Jesus spoke of its rebuilding….then it has already been rebuilt….By Muslims!! When Jesus was alive, he did see the Temple which was existing in its place….he prophesized that it will be torn don and no stone will stand on another stone….This prophesy was fulfilled when in 70 CE, Romans destroyed the Temple…. For 600 Years the Temple stood in ruins…..then around 650 CE Muslims conquered Jerusalem by evicting Romans …. And they re built the Al Aqsa mosque there to celebrate the praises of One True God of Universe for five times every day. If Jesus had prophesized that Temple would be rebuilt….then it was already done. As a honest and true prophet of God, why should Jesus would object to Al Aqsa mosque…..for it to be tear down and a sectarian temple for Lord God of Israel built in its place? 2. Death and resurrection of Jesus: Well, the “eye witness” accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection as recorded in the four Gospels are contradicting each other at many place. For such an important event “that only happened once in human history” the records should not be so sloppy. It is not the place here to put all the contradictions mentioned in the four Gospels on this issue, but any one who reads these four Gospels, will see that all four accounts can not be true at the same time. As per Quran, Jesus never died on the Cross, God took hem up bodily into the heaven, even before Jews could lay hand on him. So when he did not die, there is no question of any resurrection. Q220, who="HughBe"

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 "Islam considers itself to be the only true religion NOT approved by God on the face of earth. " MUQ, I believe that many will readily agree with your statement above but I think you should adjust it to conform to your intent. "Coming to hard facts, when Muslims took possession of Jerusalem from Christians... There was no building there…... Muslims cleaned the area , built up mosque and restored the worship of One True Lord from that place…would you call it honoring or dishonoring the place?" Here is a solution to temple issue. Since it is argued that both Jews and Muslims worship the same God and are very similar then why don't both of you share facility i.e. Mosque. Jews on Sabbath and Muslims on Friday. Temple restored. Ans. I would rephrase my observation like that: “Islam was the only religion established by God thru all prophets and it was completed and perfected during the time of our prophet, and after that there will be no other prophet”. Jews and Muslims sharing Al Aqsa mosque on Fridays and Sabbath day is a novel suggestion!! It has NEVER been tried and I am sure it will NEVER work. If Jews want, they can prey EVERYDAY there, FIVE TIMES a DAY, bowing and prostrating themselves before the Lord of Universe (as their forefathers Abraham and Isaac and Jacob did)!! This is MORE PRACTICAL solution than dividing the House of God on exclusive worship on different days. Q221, who="Frijoles" What do you call the el aqsa mosque, then? Is it not a mosque? How about the Mosque at the tomb of Rachel? What does any of this have to do with commonalities? You made a statement of questionable accuracy, and I am asking you to explain.... Ans. Coming to Al Aqasa Mosque, the site has relation ship with our prophet’s journey to that place during that Blessed Night.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 As Last Prophet he inherited that House of God from other prophets of Jewish origin…… That was in metaphorical sense. Coming to hard facts, when Muslims took possession of Jerusalem from Christians, there was no Al Aqsa Mosque standing there. There was no building there…..Christians in there 300 years of ruling have made that place as a dump yard. Muslims cleaned that area and re-built the Al Aqsa mosque there….at that time, there was not a single Jew living in whole of Jerusalem (in fact it was one condition of Christians while handing over the keys of city that no Jew shall be allowed to live there…..talk about Mutual love between Jews and Christians in those days!! Any way it was all Pre-holocaust….so we can ignore it). You cannot call that Muslims building their place of worship on other people’ lands. Muslims cleaned the area , built up mosque and restored the worship of One True Lord from that place…would you call it honoring or dishonoring the place? I have no information about Tomb of Rachel. So I cannot comment there. If any place of worship of any faith is existing, then Muslims are not allowed to demolish it and make their mosques on that place. This is Islamic law as for as I know. Q222, Have Jews Right to conquer Palestine by Sword? Ans. I do not deny that Jews have right using sword to get back their land, if they did that at any time. Instead they used intrigue to brain wash the Bulk of Christians that Palestine belongs to them. They used their Media power and still now try to prove by "scriptures" that Palestine always belonged to them and it is their Birthright!! If Sword is the only option then that should be used in their logic to capture and expand their kingdom. But what I feel strange is Christians coming to their aid and support with "logics and scriptural proofs" and paint them as a lamb amongst the pack of wolves. It is this duplicity which I am against, that Western Powers using all their political and military and financial might in favor of Israel and then taunting Muslims, see this small nation has beaten you all....you cannot stand in front of him etc. If Might is Right in true sense, then let there be open war and no cease fire and let those who have real might take control of whatever lands they can capture and grab.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 But that solution is not acceptable to either Jews or its western backers.....they want blitz type of wars...which always helps the small and well equipped armies......but that tactics also has to fail as so many actions after 1967 war has shown. The wars with Israel shall not be short but open ended....until one party is exterminated.....unless of course Jews sue for real peace and live in the same state of peace and tranquility with which they were living for past 1300 years under Muslim rule in Palestine. Q223, QUOTE who="Red Brigades" Historical lesson was given to jewish turds so they'll know very well that Aryan Nordic race the chosen race. Jews are bunch of brown pieces of shit and killers of Jesus Christ and this will never end they will always be killers of Jesus and simple as that and you can repeat as much as you want. Also i don’t give a shit for Arabs or jews Ans. You cannot fight one type of Racism with another type of racism!! As per Quran all humans from one pair of man and women, so basically they have equality in the eyes of their Creator. No race or people are superior per see over any other. Chosen people are those who walk in their lives as told by their Creator. They could be from any race, color, language, or inhabitants of any nation. Then the title “chosen people” could change hands from time to time. No nation or people have exclusive right on that title.It is awarded to people who are “currently” walking in the ways of their Lord and doing His duty!! This is the REAL Racism, which Islam promotes…..not your genealogy, not your skin color, not the color of your eyes, not the language you speak…..but only your faith and your deeds!! That is the racism taught by ALL prophets of God thru ages. Q224, [QUOTE who="DHJ ”] lol! Actually he spends all night studying, and so he is tired in the morning already. When he talks about Rashi and the Tosafos I am not sure whether words are coming out of his mouth or fire. Man I miss going to synagogue! Our Rabbi spoke six modern languages and Aramaic. When he taught the arguments of the sages it was like a symphony. At the end--he would combine all the arguments into such a beautiful and complete picture. I remember once he was talking about Matan Torah and at the end a less observant guy who came sometimes

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 burst into tears. It wasn't even an emotional exposition--the logic was just so beautiful it astounded us all. It was like a wind passing over our souls. Todah Akhi, you have helped to rekindle a fire that has been smoldering in my chest for a long time! Look at this! This is what the world should be! A Muslim helping a Jew to be a better Jew! Ans. Jews have a perfect religion by their own right. Quran gives Torah the same names and attributes it gives to itself. There is not a single word in Quran criticizing either Torah or Moses or any prophet of God for that matter. The only problem with jews is that they have closed the doors of their religion on other people and isolate themselves from other people. If it would not have been for their racism, there was not much in which we can distinguish a true jew from a true Muslim. I have no doubt about the capability of that jewish Rabbi. When you speak about Matan Torah….do you mean the actual wordings of the original scripture. Because Matan is also an Arabic Word, which means the Main Body of any passage. In fact religion does not teach us to hate each other. In Quran we are asked to help each other and come to a minimum common program. But so called religious people, fight and do down each other and leave the ground open for Materialistic and Atheists of our time.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q225, who="bmz" Hello, MUQ You do have a point here. The Jewish Scripture was written during 1,500 to 500 BC, which is a huge range. I have guessed that period. However, when it was gathered as the Jewish Tanakh, some duplicate stories went in too. Perhaps, that is why we see those differences. Salaams BMZ Ans. These were the "tell tale" signs when Scholars had a close look at Biblical books more than 200 years back. Before that most people took these things in stride. Bible was Word of God from genesis to revelation....it was declared so by Church....so majority of Christians believed in that. But when they had a chance and looked at it more carefully....they found many contradictions, confused accounts....word by word copying of many passages from one book into another. It was then when Higher Biblical Criticism took off. Now no LEARNED Scholar in the whole world believes that Moses wrote those first five books of OT....or that names appearing on Title pages are those of its real authors. But there are many Bible Thumpers (SOG for example and many more)....who still swear that Bible is Nothing but "Revealed Word of God" from Genesis to Revelation!! God took "special care" to preserve and protect Bible against all corruptions!! How can you argue with such dummies....how can you convince such dummies. They would write pages after pages of what is "revealed" in the "Book of Revelation"!! The poor chaps do not realize that there were MANY book of Revelations!! Church just picked one of them and declared it as a winner!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q226, [QUOTE who="Frijoles"] MUQJews do not recognize the label Old Testament. AS Ex and others have said, that is a Christian translation and reorganization. Also it connotes that there is a "new" testament. To a Jew, obviously, this is anathema. We do not even call the tanakh a "testament". Testament in Hebrew (and perhaps Arabic) is "aid". You never hear that word in conjunction to the tanakh, at best it is referred to as Torah which means "teaching". Jews understand the tanakh as a teaching, not a testament. Teaching is a more fluid concept. Ans. It does not matter what Title you put on your books! Neither the Title “OT” was given by God and nor “TANAKH” was given by God….both of these are Man given names. The Names which came from God are Torah, ZABUR and INJEEL… I want to ask, has anybody translated your TANAKH in English….do we have any link to read it and compare it with Christian’s translations. I think Christians did not write those OT books either….they only got it from Jews….what I have read is that they used Greek Translation of Jews Scripture which was called Septuagint. This translation was done by Jews only and was supposed to be very accurate. But it is very common for people to edit and modify and add and subtract from their scriptures, unless there are very strict eyes monitoring it… so let us have a look at English translation of your TANAKH to see where and how Christian Translators deviated from the true path. Q227, [QUOTE who="Eric"] 01. No one came forward because you refuse to discuss substance, only form. When discussing scripture, no one cares about form. They want to discuss the actual words, and the meaning of those words. 02. The religious community, in general, has adopted a common referencing convention so that these discussions can be facilitated. It is this referencing convention that you keep referring to. 03. This is no different than the referencing convention that the Muslim world has adopted to discuss the Qur'an. The original work
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 was not divided into Surahs and verses. That was added later by mankind to facilitate discussion of the scripture. 04. You have to go beyond the format of the common referencing convention to begin any comparison of the Tanakh and the Christian Bible. The common referencing convention is but a tool for discussion. Ans. You did not note the “headline” of my post. I wanted to “Demystify” TANAKH. This acronym Jews were using on this thread on and off, many non Jews might not have any idea about what it was (same as myself). So I got the address and went to the site and reviews the “component parts” of this TANAKH and found it to almost identical with the OT of Protestant Christians. I would have done the same thing with OT, if it was not universally known. 01. The “quiz” was only symbolic…no one came forward because they might have thought it was “too trivial or too simple”….may be for experts but not every one is expert round here. 02. And I am thankful to the religious and scientific community that they have made these discussions possible. Now we can discuss in seconds, what would have taken months in earlier times. 03. Why are you so incensed about dividing the books into chapters and verses? Did I ever say that it was wrong? If Jews and Christians had done it independently, could we have so close match as we see between OT and TANAKH books? This shows that they used the SAME Manuscript for their scriptures. 04. The question of translation is for people who know Hebrew and English….it is not for people who do not know Hebrew and / or English. It is for you people to highlight mistakes and deviations which Christians have done in their translation of Jewish Manuscripts. I posed this question to every Jew on the thread, when some one posted 60 odd prophesies about Jesus from OT books, but no one came forward to answer that time also. I got a lame answer that, our scriptures are our scriptures, we do not care how people translate and interpret it. With that type of negative and indifferent attitude, how you expect people to know what is the Jewish meaning of those verses and phrases.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q228, who="Rosesz" just saw show on the Dead sea scrolls.. amazing how alike the scripture the Jewish people have studied for centuries are the SAMe as those thousand at Qumram.. and dated at lest 200 years before Jesus time.. True they only have fragments for most but an entire one for Isaiah.. Amazing.!![/QUOTE] Ans. Just a partial matching of some parts of one book of the entire encyclopedia of 66 or 73 books (that is holy Bible) should not elate you so much!! You do not know who wrote those Dead Sea Scrolls, do you? Those Scrolls do not contain whole of OT books? Has any one read the ENTIRE Dead sea scrolls? Has any one concentrated on where it DIFFERS from the modern texts? Showering one sided praise on some parchments, whose authorship itself is not known, could be the stand of those who are drowning and want to clutch at any straw to save them from drowning!! We need much more than Dead Sea Scrolls to authenticate the Bible!! Q229, Who= Savior Self Jews were horribly mistreated for 2000 years. Although, it wasn’t exactly 2000 years consecutive... the actual first split didn’t come until the siege of Titus that destroyed the city of Jerusalem and split the inhabitants. Even after that, Christian teachings were really just "Jewish sect" teachings largely until the first Council of Nicea in 325, and after which Jewish interests were actually redressed (because they were still, technically, Christians.) Even after THAT, the splits that were to occur in the "Christian" Church didn’t actually "split" the faith, after the first council, Jews who followed Christ wound up Morocco, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. You don't really know much about the early Christian Church, do you? The one that existed in the interim between the first council convened under Constantine that produced the Bible? They were Jews, my friend. Don't kid yourself, every bit as much as the Christian Churches who clad into the wilderness that were actually founded by the Apostles themselves in the immediate aftermath of the Crucifixion, that found themselves in Syria and Persia and Gaul. Ans.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 It is very interesting to read your views about Early Christians….you say that before 325 CE all the Jews were Christians or all the Christians were Jews!! This is a strange logic, split between Jews and followers of Jesus started immediately after Paul came out with his teachings and overwhelmed Jewish followers of jesus with Non Jewish new adherents. The tussle between jewish and non jewish Christians continued for many years along with the main line Jews which rejected Jesus totally. After 325 CE and afterwards, the Jewish Christians lost their support and became a small sect to be persecuted and harassed and anathematized …..as for bulk of Jews that rejected Jesus totally, they were target of oppression and cruelty thru out Christendom as “Christ killers”. This situation changed when Christians became “friends” with Jews once again to take “revenge” on Muslims. That is how far I can decode this “hate-love-hate” relations between Jews and Christians. It is one sided love….Jews have not changed their stance an iota towards Jesus and his mission. It is Christians who are bending over their backs to “please” jews and asking them forgiveness and pardon for those centuries of mis-treatment. I do not know what was the Role of Holy Ghost during all these years. It is surely changing its stance now and then. Q230, [QUOTE who="Dave ”] Jews are not given preferential treatment in the US. i don't know about Gandhi’s son (although Gandhi recommended that Europe offer 'no resistance' to the Nazis, and blamed the war on those who resisted the German invasion, telling them that if they had not fought back, there would have been no war. people like to recall him for his better moments, and this wasn't one of them. people of conscience everywhere (not just in America) do notice comments about jews. this is because jews were officially discriminated against across Europe and America until after world war II, .. as for whether it's worthwhile to defend a minority group that's discriminated against. the answer is yes. failing to protect someone, just because they are small, or poor, or powerless, or weak, is despicable behavior. just to get right to the heart of the matter. israel was

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Ans. Your post is a confused apology for Jews in general and the treatment they get in US in special. 1. You say Jews have no special protection in USA, why then there is this Anti Semitic law in US that only protects Jews and no other people? 2. If Jews suffered holocaust in Germany, so have many other people and nations at various stages. Why only Jews’ holocaust be remembered and perpetuated in memory and no one else. 3. I was referring to the case of Grandson of Gandhi (and not the original Gandhi), he was chairman of some UN commission. He made a very innocent comments about Jews and had to resign due to that. 4. Why no one has to resign after making much stronger comments against other people. They get away with a simple and hypocritical apology. Why even the smallest comment against Jews is taken so seriously? 5. Whatever you say, Jews have taken the American people in a vice like grip and they do not want to loosen it. Jewish Lobby and jewish controlled Media and Jewish controlled Financial houses, have imprisoned general people of USA. 6. They are free to speak openly against any people, any nations, any religion, but they cannot speak a single word against Jews and Israel. 7. The case of Helen Thomas is the latest example…so many have suffered in the past. I want to ask again….what is the thing in Jews and Israel…that has mesmerized people of USA. It is not pity, it is not mercy, it is not tolerance, it is not compassion, it is not truth, it is not justice, it is not equity, it is not fair play……it is nothing of these positive qualities. By all logic and reason it is simple Blackmail and extortion!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q231, who="saviorself" then you have only to prove it. Give me one shred of real-world, tangible proof of "Jewish control" of the average American, Muq, I'll buy into your idiot-ass theory. Almost 40% of American business interests can actually be traced back to Italian … -instituted the crucifixion of non-Muslims as an appropriate capital punishment under sharia law and allow NO such universities. Reconcile my fact with your fiction, and you may convince me Ans. The beauty of a potent brainwashed person is that he does not know that he is brainwashed!! He starts believing devoutly in the doctrine. You asked me to show a single proof that Average American citizen is “under control” of Jews. I will give you plenty!! I do not know if you are a Jew yourself or not….but if you are a Non Jew, consider the following: 1. Why should Americans a majority Christian nation, should feel so “close to Jews” that they have some special laws for jews like Anti Smite Law? I Know Americans do not hate Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists etc. but why they are outside this Anti Semite Law? 2. Why US media is so concerned about Israel and any news connected with it? Israel is not next door neighbor of USA, why its news and security be so vital to US interests? There are and there have been many US allies in Europe, Asia, Africa and elsewhere, why no one else is given the same importance? 3. Why any negative comment against Jews and Israel by any one in Government or Public Post generates so much condemnation in US media. Remember Obama and his criticism of Israel’s new homes in Jerusalem? Why he had to face so much criticism? 4. Why, No one can hold public office in US , if he does “unpardonable crime” of offending Israel and Jews. While he can get away with similar or harsher comments against any other religion, nation or people? 5. Why safety and security of Israel and no other country should be a “cornerstone” of every New President elect in USA? 6. Why every Presidential candidate has to “growl before Jewish lobbies” before every election and each one trying to outdo the other in helping and securing safety of Israel?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 7. Why US had to use maximum number of its vetoes in UN to save action against Israel by UN Security council. Why no other nation? 8. Why US and Media comes to defense of Israel on any of its action, why this attitude is not followed for “any other nation” on this planet? What makes it so special? 9. What percentage of US populations are Jews? How is that percentage compared to Hispanics? Blacks? Asians? Muslims? Why no other group has that much hold on US media and US politics as Israel? 10. Why there are so many churches who keep on collecting funds from US public for “poor Jews in Israel”? Why there are so many “Aid Israel” societies in USA? 11. Why so much elaborate arrangement for “Kosher” products in USA? Why not the same for “Halal” food for Muslims? How would US population react when Muslims insist on same protections? I can keep on giving you many of such “Tell Tale” signs that common people in US are “bewitched and brainwashed” by Jewish and Zionist lobbies, so much so that Most of Zionists are now Christians working for their “Jewish Masters”!! And this is only one sided love for Jews have not made any concession to Christians on Jesus or his mission. And Israel does not care a damn what happens to USA or its world image on all its support to Israeli cause. It is one sided love affair, which can only be termed as “weird and Brainwashing”. Q232, How the Gold was Stolen from America Under orders of the creditor (the Federal Reserve System and its private owners) on April 5, 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Presidential order 6102, which required all Americans to deliver all gold coins, gold bullion, and gold certificates to their local Federal Reserve Bank on or before April 28, 1933. Any violators would be fined up to $10,000, imprisoned up to ten years, or both for knowingly violating this order. This gold was then offered by the Fed owners to any foreign, non-U.S. citizen, at $35.00 per ounce. Over the entire previous 100 years, gold had remained at a stable value, increasing only from $18.93 per ounce to $20.69 per ounce. Since then, every U.S. citizen (by virtue of their birth certificate) has become an asset of the government, pledged at a specific dollar amount to pay this debt through future taxation. Thus, every American citizen is in debt from birth (via future taxation), and is, for all practical purposes, property of the creditors, the privately owned Federal Reserve System.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Presently, the United States Government (which again, is completely owned and controlled by the international bankers) continues to forfeit its sovereignty by entering into international monetary and trade agreements which abolish almost all forms of trade tariffs that previously protected not only the value of American commercial productivity and workforce labor, but which were also a substantial source of revenue for the government. One of the largest stockholders in the new Federal Reserve was the House of Rothschild through their direct and indirect holdings. A few years later it was disclosed that the Rothschild s also owned about 20% of J. P. Morgan. In time Morgan would merge with the Chase Manhattan Bank of the Rockefellers. Years later John F. Kennedy opposed a private national bank and was assassinated in 1963 and Ronald Reagan opposed a private national bank and in 1981 an attempt was made to assassinate him. Coincidence or not the opposition to a privately owned national bank was a common characteristic. Which brings us full circle to the present bailout of Bear Stearns by J.P. Morgan Chase & Company and we find the Rothschild, Morgan and Rockefeller families are all conveniently part of the same group benefiting from the bailout and the $30 billion guarantee by the Federal Reserve. This is the third time the J. P. Morgan Company has come to the rescue of the American banking system and economy. Q233, Is it a Crime to be a Zionist? Ans. There is no harm in being a Zionist (or even a lower specie). But you must see that you do not do injustice to other people and you do not fill the land of God with corruption and false worship and live according to laws and commandments of God. That was the offense for which Jews were banished from their "ancestral land" on past two occasions. Either you say, your God was unjust to you and punished you harshly, or accept His judgment and say, indeed you did wrong. When it has happened twice, why it will not happen third time, what is your guarantee against it? If you do mischief on the land, do injustice and kill innocent people, and discriminate based on their race or nationality and make your own laws and regulations and totally disregard the Laws and Commandments of God from you daily and national life......then you are in the same condition as you were before those two previous occasions.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 And looking at the modern day Israel and boasts and behaviour of their Leaders and Supporters....I can see all the above "crimes" being committed by it. Any nation which is based on discrimination, falsehood and Mischief has but a limited leash of life (fall of USSR is one such example, fall of Hitler is another and there are endless examples in the land). Why only Israel, Jews and Zionists should be exemption to this "Natural law of Justice"? So I do not mind, if one is Zionist, Jew or Christian, Hindu or Buddhist...so long he is upright and does not preach hate and injustice to other people and other nations.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Chapter-7 (Misc. Topics)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q234, Are Australians Racist and biased against Asians? Ans. I was thinking that Australians are only against Islam and Muslims and could be treating Non Muslims fairly…. But such is not the case. The Australian people are generally racist and they do not like people who have other skins colors or ethnic backgrounds It is not that important if they be Muslims or Non Muslims. Against Muslims they have one additional degree of bias. This was shown when so many Hindu students from India were attacked in Australia recently. Despite government denial and promises….these cases are not ending…..many students have even lost their lives. It proves that your color of skin and ethnicity does matter in Australia and your religion is secondary thing. There is another curious observation. Indian students who go to USA (let us talk about Hindu students, leave Muslim students for the time being ) are able to secure high paying jobs , are generally successful and reach highest rung in the corporate ladder. Many Hindu Indians are CEO s and Chairman s of Blue Chip MNC s in USA and are highly respected in society. If we compare Indians Hindus which go to Australia, we seldom find any one rising to the level of CEO or Chairman of any big corporation in Australia. Most of them rise only to middle management level. What does it show? Either poor stuff goes to Australia or they are treated poorly or not given opportunity to rise to the top. These Indian Hindu students are a resource, Human Resource…. USA uses and treats them good and they benefit themselves and help USA also to benefit and retain its # 1 spot in World. Australians on the other hand are more interested in their “colors and ethnic backgrounds” and want to “keep them and show them their due place”. Due to this either they are not able to attract the best and brightest talents from India or stunt their growth so as to show their real talent and benefit themselves and Australia too!! That might be the reason that Australia is not # 1 country in the world in any field!! It is just a follower of US and other European countries.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 I have taken only the example of Indian Hindu students, because I know that if I mentioned Islam and Muslim students, Islam and Muslim bashing will start. Why should Australians be so much against these “cow like Indian Hindu Students”? Are they racist to start with or hate to use their “human resources” in a better way? Q235, Million-dollar coin On May 3, 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint unveiled a Gold Maple Leaf coin by artist Stanley Witten, with a face value of $1 million Canadian dollars. The weight of the coin is 100 kilograms, and measures 50 cm in diameter by 3 cm thick. The coin is mainly a promotional product to give the RCM a higher international profile. The 100-kilogram coin was conceived as a showpiece to promote the RCM 's new line of 99.999 percent pure, one-ounce gold maple leaf bullion coins. The coin is made only to order and so far five have been produced as of September 2007. It is not 'struck' like a conventional coin, but is instead cast then machined to the right size and shape. The coin drew many comparisons with an oversized coin from Austria, a €100,000 gold coin, worth about C$153,000. The Austrian coin is 37 centimeters across and weighs 31 kilograms.[31 Q236, Canada's population eclipses 34 million By DAVID AKIN, Parliamentary Bureau Chief OTTAWA — Canada’s population eclipsed the 34-million mark for the first time ever, Statistics Canada said in its latest look at the country’s population. The federal agency said the country’s population stood at 34,019,000 on April 1, a jump of about 88,000 since it last counted Canadians on Jan. 1. More than two-thirds of the growth can be chalked up to international migration. The rest was the result of existing Canadians making new Canadians the old-fashioned way. Stats Can noted the rate of growth from immigration had slowed compared to previous years. The Conservative government has made boosting immigration a top priority because it believes an aging Canadian population is going to soon need more workers if the country’s standard of living is going to be maintained as baby boomers leave the workforce. And it believes immigration is the only way to rapidly replace a retiring workforce. From a regional perspective, the big growth was in the western provinces, particularly Saskatchewan which saw its biggest quarterly population increase since 1972. All provinces saw their population increase in the first three months of this year except for Nova Scotia, which is not attracting many new immigrants and saw more deaths than births in the in the first quarter.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Counting Canada The latest population estimates from Statistics Canada, as of April 1. CANADA 34,019,000 ( 0.26% compared to Jan. 1, 2010) Newfoundland 510,900 ( 0.02%) P.E.I. 141,600 ( 0.23%) Nova Scotia 940,500 (-0.03%) New Brunswick 751,300 ( 0.08%) Quebec 7,886,100 (0.20%) Ontario 13,167,900 (0.25%) Manitoba 1,232,700 (0.30%) Saskatchewan 1,041,700 (0.36%) Alberta 3,724,800 (0.35%) British Columbia 4,510,900 ( 0.37%) Q237, Who= Leah wrote: Communism in its base is not a bad idea, problem is, no one has ever been or will ever be able to build a true communist country. Humanity's biggest sickness is boredom. Bored people do stupid things. Ans. No, there is nothing bad in Communism and all others "isms"....so long as you let them remain on papers and in books and in drawing room discussions. The problem comes when you try to impalement them....only then you know their fatal mistakes and their shortcomings. It is only religious systems that are designed by Creator have more or less withstood the tests of time. Ideas like Communism, Socialism, Secularism, Capitalism and all other "isms" that are put into practice dazzle the world for short time....and then they are dumped into

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 the heap of history books.....people find them only in the books and papers....."from where they originally came and where they belong to"!! Q238, who="Dovid HaShoteh Gadol" Human Rights in the West: The right to explore myself and my world. The right to my mind. The right to be angry with the views of others. The right to be offended. The right to cause offense. The right to anger others. The right to be courteous because of conviction, not coercion. The right to be valued for the validity of my arguments, and not the accident of my birth. The right to be a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Christian, or a Buddhist, or a gay, or a woman, or an atheist, or a Hindu, and not to have my status skewed in the eyes of justice. The right to protect myself and my family. The right to protect others and their families. The right to not be the target of violence when I have not been violent. The right to defend those I disagree with. The right to change my mind. The right to speak out against injustice, and not to be blamed for it when my voice is ignored. The right to solitude. The right to despair. The right to poverty. The right to obscurity. The right to hope. the right to love, without the expectation that I will be loved in return. The right to sit still on a clear night and marvel at the handiwork of G-d. Ans. Thank you very much, it was a very powerful post!! Are these rights “self given” or “snatched” or “sanctioned by some one”

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q239, Who= Gogobar I knew that from the outset since you didn't name any Arab country as an emerging Asian power in your earlier remarks against the "white racists". But, first and foremost, you named India... Anyway, if the caste system in India is used to deprive people of their basic human and civil rights, then that is just as bad as "racism", if not worse ! This goes well beyond the issue of merely marriages ! Ans. I mentioned India, because I am an Indian and I know India better than any other country!! India has the hallmark to become Super Power of the world and bigger than the present Superpowers. It has land mass, human resources and hardworking population. But this caste system does not allow India to use its full potential. Caste system is as bad as any racism and in some ways caste system is worse than racism. Because in racism the other party feels that it is being wronged…..in Indian caste systems the victims feel that it is their “destiny” to be denied their rights. Because it has a religious sanction at the back of it. Low caste Hindus in India ,, even though they are in majority, do not even think to go up and sit and talk on equal terms with people of high caste, because they have been made to believe that their birth in lower caste is a result of their misdeeds in an earlier life. And if they swallow these humiliations and continue to serve High caste, may be in next life, they will be born as a High Caste Hindu. That is why it is worse than any other type of racism. Those racism can be cured, but caste system makes the victim resign to his or her fate. That was the real ingenuity of those people who designed it!! Q240, What is caste system in Hinduism? Ans. Caste system in Hinduism Brahmins ALSO break the cups from which a SUDRA has drunk water....so these SUDRAS are also like shit? The fact is they were like shit and below shit....but after independence Hindus could not rule the country, unless they include these SUDRAS and Untouchables amongst Hindus.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 So calling them Hindu is their political necessity. In religious terms they are shit and below shit. We are not offended if Brahmins treat Muslims the same way....this may be ONE reason why people only Exit from Hinduism and join other faiths. There is hardly any one from other faiths who becomes Hindu. Majority of Muslims in India today were Hindus once....they left Hinduism and became Muslim.... not because of sword....but because of this graded inequality in Hinduism. And you confirmed that by saying and justifying that "Brahmins break the cups in which Muslims have drunk, because they consider them shit". But we Muslims, we do not break the cup in which Brahmins, or SUDRAS have drunk....we still consider them as our brothers. We all came from the same pair of parents, Adam and Eve. Hindus and Muslims, Brahmins and Sudras. Let us talk about brotherhood and tolerance....this hatred will lead you no where. Q241 Sequence of events leading to the destruction of the Ram JanambhoomiBabri Masjid structure TOI, Sept 28, 2010-09-28 1. The single-minded agenda of the RSS and VHP; and the extremely patient and focused manner in which the handful of ideologues and theologians manipulated the masses and turned them into a frenzied mob, capable of acts of the gravest depravity, is unparalleled. 2. It is established that the events of and leading up to the 6th of December in the birthplace of the virtuous Lord Ram were tainted by a joint conspiratorial enterprise... Lured by the prospect of power or wealth, a rank of leaders emerged within the BJP, RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, etc who were neither guided by any ideology nor imbued with any dogma nor restrained by any moral trepidation. These leaders saw the Ayodhya issue as their road to success and sped down this highway mindless of the casualties they scattered about. These leaders were the executioners wielding the sword handed to them by the ideologues. The role played the chief minister and ministers of Uttar Pradesh and by individuals and organizations in connection with the destruction of the RJBM structure. 3. The BJP's claim that it was carrying out the people's mandate makes it inexplicable why it had to resort to subterfuge in order to effect the destruction of the disputed

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 structure... Kalyan Singh, his ministers and his handpicked bureaucrats created manmade and cataclysmic circumstances which could result in no consequences other than the demolition of the disputed structure and broadened the cleavage between the religious communities resulting in massacres all over the country...The parallel government run by the RSS has also been exposed and analysed in my report. The deficiencies in the security measures contributing to the demolition 4. The state government did not arrange for a single video camera to record the events which were unfolding for posterity... Even the CCTV cameras, which the state had promised the Central government would be monitoring every inch of the disputed structure, were either inoperative or their footage has been hidden. In either case, the results are a betrayal of the nation and of history. 5. By far, the worst sin of omission of the state government was leaking into the public domain the information that the police personnel had been hobbled and would not react or retaliate under any circumstances... The only non-manageable variable, from the Sangh Parivar's point of view, was the possible deployment of Central forces in the state, either at the behest of the Central government or sanctioned by the Supreme Court. This threat was also neutralized by senior and well-respected individuals stating blatant lies on oath before the Supreme Court. 6. The state had become a willing ally and co-conspirator in the joint common enterprise to announce the revival of a rabid breed of Hindutva, by demolishing the structure they had denounced as a symbol of Islam. Events leading to the assault on media persons at Ayodhya 7. To frustrate the attempts of future investigations, including efforts by commissions like this one, the leadership at the spot had evolved a common strategy to deny the world an accurate record of the unfolding events... The first step in this direction was to identify the journalists who were present at the spot. The accreditation of the media was entrusted to their own cadres... Dramatic situations were precipitated to paint the foreign and domestic media with hostile colours and the stage was set to instigate the mobs. Standards of culpability. 8. For the purpose of quantifying their culpability, the various persons and organizations named in this report have been divided into three groups. 9. The first group represents those who bear the primary and greatest responsibility...

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 These people had complete knowledge of the events as were scripted. These individuals and organizations were part of the decision-making process and instrumental in the assault of the structure... Those found guilty of primary responsibility had the means to prevent the assaults, they were the active leaders of the cadres and without their participation, December 6 would have occurred . 10. The second group consists of those who bear physical, ideological and intellectual responsibility. These persons were not decision-makers and would not change the course charted by those bearing primary responsibility. Nevertheless, without their sins of omission or commission, the situation would not have deteriorated as much as it did. 11. There are those who bear tertiary responsibility for the situation. These people may or may not have been associated with the Sangh or had any influence over the situation at all. However, it was their sworn and statutory duty to prevent exactly the kind of event which took place around December 6... Their complicity stems from their sins of omission rather than of commission. Pseudo moderate elements within the Sangh Parivar 12. It cannot be assumed even for a moment that L K Advani, A B Vajpayee or M M Joshi did not know of the designs of the Sangh Parivar. These people, who may be called pseudo moderates, could not have defied the mandate of the Sangh Parivar, more specifically RSS diktat, without having bowed out of public life as leaders of the BJP. 13. The BJP was and remains an appendage of the RSS which had the purpose of providing only an acceptable veneer to the less popular decisions and a facade for the brash members of the Sangh Parivar. … the RSS might have been able to achieve de facto clout, but would not have been able to legitimize its hold on the Indian system by translating that clout into political success. 14. These leaders have violated the trust of the people and have allowed their actions to be dictated not by the voters but by a small group of individuals who have used them to implement agendas unsanctioned by the will of the common person. There can be no greater betrayal or crime in a democracy and this commission has no hesitation in condemning these pseudo moderates for their sins of omission.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q24 2Saffron terror leader to be booked for Samjhauta blast Vishwa Mohan & Dwaipayan Ghosh, TNN, Jan 6, 2011, 12.54am IST NEW DELHI: The National Investigation Agency probing the blast on Samjhauta Express in February 2007 looks set to book militant Hindutva leader Aseemanand. It has identified Aseemanand as the key plotter of the attack that killed 68 people, majority of them Pakistani citizens returning home after visiting their kin in India. Sources in the agency, which was brought in after investigations by Haryana Police reached a dead-end, told TOI that Aseemanand planned the blast to avenge the series of terror attacks by Islamist terror groups. "The role of Hindu extremists behind the blast has become clear. The probe agency found that Aseemanand was one of the plotters. The group had done it under their 'Bomb-for-Bomb' plan which was hatched in the Dangs district of Gujarat," said sources in the NIA. Haryana police had found similarities in the explosives used in the Samjhauta blast and the explosion at Hyderabad's Mecca Masjid, another attack suspected to have been carried out by Aseemanand and his comrades under the 'Bomb-for-Bomb' plan. But the Haryana cops could not connect the dots. The picture was further complicated when the US named a Pakistani terrorist, Asif Kasmani, suspected to be a go-between Lashkar and al-Qaida, as the main suspect in the Samajhauta blast. NIA's probe into the cases of saffron terror has gathered momentum after the arrest of Aseemanand who is believed to have inspired Abhinav Bharat members to retaliate against Islamist terror. NIA's investigation into the Samjhauta train attack may give Pakistan a handle to embarrass India. Officials are wary of the possibility of Islamabad asking for Aseemanand's custody once he is charge-sheeted. But the government has decided to press ahead with the probe, said an official. Q24 3Legalize prostitution if you can't curb it: SC to govt. PTI, Dec 10, 2009, 12.19pm IST NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the Centre whether it could legalize prostitution if it wasn't possible to curb it. "When you say it is the world's oldest profession and when you are not able to curb it by laws, why don't you legalize it? You can then monitor the trade, rehabilitate and provide medical aid to those involved," Justices Dalveer Bhandari and AK Patnaik told Solicitor-General Gopal Subramaniam. The court said legalizing sex trade would be a better option to avoid trafficking of women and pointed out that nowhere in the world was prostitution curbed by punitive measures.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Subramaniam said he would look into the suggestion. "They (sex workers) have been operating in one way or the other and nowhere in the world have they been able to curb it by legislation. In some cases, they (the trade) is carried out in a sophisticated manner. So, why don't you legalize it?" the judges asked. The court was hearing a PIL filed by NGOs Bachpan Bachao Andolan and Childline complaining about large-scale child trafficking in the country and seeking directives to contain it. The apex court also wondered why 37% of the country's population continues to reel under below poverty line at a time when then there is much talk of growing GDP rate in the country. The bench said child trafficking and sex trade were flourishing because of poverty which needs to be tackled. "We are taking about growing GDP. I do not know what is the development we are all talking about when the number of BPL families is at 37% which has increased from 30%. "Growth of GDP does not mean some four or five families have developed. If this is the state of development, we can't help it," the bench said while posting the matter for further hearing to January 5 The contention of the petitioner is that a number of minor children, particularly girls and those of tender age, are being pushed into sex trade. Childline counsel Nandita Rao alleged several minor girls are being sexually exploited by circus owners and there has to be adequate legal framework to prevent such exploitation. Responding to her suggestion, the Solicitor General told the bench that government was contemplating a legislation to declare circus as a "hazardous industry" to prevent abuse of child labourers. Q24 4 who="JOEL PASTAKIA" The king of Kashmir acceded to India at the time India was partitioned.....but really politics is not the point. I am not biased which is why I abhor theocracies or nations being created on the basis of religious mumbo jumbo as it's clear that even if Kashmir were to be granted nationhood it'll be a colossal failure on all fronts from the start and will be used by terror agents to fan the fires of unrest and jihad throughout India under the illusion that India can be made a part of the pan-Islamic territories.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Through the Yogic insights, I can tell you for sure that within a few years the entire Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Kashmir regions will be completely destroyed in a series of massive earth quakes and a nuclear strike....even Mecca and Medina are going to be completely destroyed when the destruction of perversions commences in the world in a few years from now Ans. King of Kashmir had no RIGHT to decide against the wishes of its people. He did not Own these people to sell them to whomsoever he wanted to. That is what India argued against the accession of Junagarh to Pakistan, which was done by the Nawab of Junagarh!! You cannot have two laws, once which to be used when it suits you and another which is to be used when it goes against you. Nizam of Hyderabad wanted to be independent (against the wishes of his people, so India said) and they used that logic to capture Nizam’s estate. I can assure you that your Yogic insight about Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir are going to be wrong. And your Prediction about Makkah and Madina are going to certainly wrong. And my making these prediction, you have removed your Yogic cover and presented yourself as a Rabid Islamic Hater. I knew it all along, but you could hide it in your mumbo jumbo Yogic language. With this Kashmir issue, you have totally exposed yourself….and I am happy to know that my “Yogic insights” were 100 % correct about you!! Q245 Awning saves baby in seven-storey fall, By Vicky Buffery, Reuters PARIS - A 15-month-old baby girl survived a fall from a seventh-floor apartment in Paris almost unscathed after bouncing off a cafe awning and into the arms of a passerby, police said on Tuesday. The infant had been playing unsupervised with her four-year-old sister on Monday when she somehow fell out of the window, a spokesman for local city police said. A young man saw the baby starting to fall and alerted his father, who raced to get into position, arms outstretched, to catch her after she hit the awning, the daily Le Parisien reported. “He must have played rugby for years to have developed reflexes like that,” a bystander who saw the incident told the paper.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Police said the girl appeared to have no serious injuries and was under observation in a nearby hospital. The owner of the cafe, located at the foot of the block of flats in the northeast of Paris, said it was a stroke of luck he had decided to leave the awning open that afternoon. “I usually close it to stop it catching fire as people tend to throw their cigarette butts onto it,” he told the television station i-tele. The police spokesman said the circumstances behind the accident were unclear. “The parents were absent, and it’s a bit difficult questioning the two girls, given their age.” Q246 What are the idols of modern age? Ans. Some one said that in old days, every nation used to have idols of stone, gold and silver and the people used to offer every thing to their idols. Any sacrifice was enough to please that idol. In modern days, these idols have been replaced by Nations. In our time, nation is the idol and in the name of security and safety of nation, we can do anything. And acts, good or bad, any sacrifice small or big is justified if it is done in the name of nation. People cheat, loot, kill and rob other people in the name of their nations and it is highly acclaimed by their people. It makes their nation strong. So being seen naked is not such a big sacrifice to be made in the cause of safety and security of their nation. Extreme nationalism has been the curse of our modern age and it has already taken the lives of 50 Millions only in WW 1 & 2 and how many more millions before or after these wars, only God knows. If you live in any country, you must never admit that your country has done wrong, so goes the modern definition of Patriotism. Where it will lead to world? WW-3 for sure and after that? Who knows

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q247, PERCEPTION THE SITUATION In Washington , DC , at a Metro Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, this man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, approximately 2,000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After about 3 minutes, a middle-aged man noticed that there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds, and then he hurried on to meet his schedule. About 4 minutes later: The violinist received his first dollar. A woman threw money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk. At 6 minutes: A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again . At 10 minutes: A 3-year old boy stopped, but his mother tugged him along hurriedly. The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head the whole time. This action was repeated by several other children, but every parent – without exception - forced their children to move on quickly. At 45 minutes: The musician played continuously. Only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while. About 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32. After 1 hour: He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed and no one applauded. There was no recognition at all. No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before, Joshua Bell sold-out a theater in Boston where the seats averaged $200 each to sit and listen to him play the same music. This is a true story. Joshua Bell, playing incognito in the D.C. Metro Station, was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people's priorities. This experiment raised several questions:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

* In a common-place environment, at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty? * If so, do we stop to appreciate it? * Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context? One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made How many other things are we missing as we rush through life? just because of the preprogrammed MIND - the product of the dead past. Q248, [QUOTE who="PK"] 1. In my opinion God Eternal will come back before hatred of men destroys his creations. 2. Noah for example. God promised to NEVER Flood the earth again. If people think he was saddened by killing of Evil wicked people they are mistaken. Why did God take 2 of each species. God is proud of everything he created, Animals, Fish, Dolphins, etc. Plant life, man destroys what he touches. 3. All of us are to blame not just one country for having a belief that I myself don't agree but will respect. Because the Aspect of survival no matter what race, human, animal, plant life has the Right to coexist on this wonderful planet God created. 4. I have found it is better to have Faith and understanding, which Jesus/God states brings wisdom. Not college educations, wisdom comes from God. My father always told me, we are nothing in this universe just a mere speck of dust. 5. Man even your own country men are out to destroy you. Man has bred Satan the deliverer of LIES and HATE amongst every nation. They can take all your possessions, your clothes, your money, food, everything including your life... 6. The only thing they can not take is the love in your heart and the wisdom that God has granted to anyone who dares to believe... Peace with you my friend..

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Ans. Thank you for your preaching…. Though I did not get how it is connected with my answer. Certainly God created every thing in this universe with a purpose. And He created humans also with a purpose…. Humans are undergoing a test on this earth… and this test is “how many of them are willfully leading their lives in accordance with the Guidelines send by God thru His chosen messengers thru out the ages”. Humans have their lives as the test period to write their answer books and the results shall be shown to them on the Last day or Judgment day and day known by so many other names. Those who pass this test of life, will enjoy blessings of their Lord and Creator and will live in eternal life of bliss. However those who fail in the test of their lives and rejected the message of messengers of God, will fell His Wrath and Disfavor and Chastisement. These are the absolute realities and whatever else we see on this earth is only a means to reach one of the two ends. Satan or Devil and his associates are trying their utmost to lead as many (or most humans) to the path which leads to Wrath and displeasure of God…. Messengers of God and his (limited number of followers) are trying to lead humanity to the direction which leads humans to Grace and Bliss and Pleasure of God. This battle is going on since the first human descended into the world… The path of Devil is full with pleasure, music, dancing, sexuality levity, freedom from every moral law and social constraints… And the path of messengers is bedecked with Prayers, Fasting, Charity, Morality, Sexual purity and every type of things which are “unattractive” to a “neutral mind”. But when stakes are so high and issues are so serious…. One should be very careful as to with which side he or she tie their knot. PS: I know it is a very serious post and would pass over the heads of many. But our aim is to pass on the message, as plainly and as unambiguously as possible.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q249 , who="Pete-o" When you don't live in a free society, you have no idea what living in that society that allows it's citizens to make there own choices. Men can do the jobs you talk about and they do them well. I don't care what beliefs your country has, just don't try to make others follow your 6th century laws, most of us are fine in the 21st century. I'd prefer if America pulled out of the Mid East, left you to your own devices, and become energy independent. Ans. About Free society and freedom, I have provided answer in post to Capt Canuck and it should suffice to you. Let me tell you, calling any society as free is only a MYTH, a society can NEVER be FREE. There has to be a surrender of freedom, if one lives in a society. Full Freedom is only for ones who live away from society in Jungles and caves, they are Free to do what they want. You say, your society is free, do you know what happens to you, -if you do not pay your taxes? - Do not pay your bills? - Do not pay your mortgages or Insurance Premiums? - Do not honor your cheques? - Want to drive FREE on any road? In fact the more advanced is any society, the more restrictions are on its actions and its behaviour. It is a very wrong concept of freedom, which western people have. They consider that they are really free. They are bonded by so many laws that they can hardly do anything, unless there be a law for it. In political system they have to vote one of the two buffoons presented to them by Political parties (In USA, in other countries, one of the three or four buffoons). And they are proud that “We select our Rulers”. Every thing that matters in western life is very tightly controlled……only thing which your leaders consider as of no consequence (religion and vain talks)…..they have loosened the ropes a slight bit, and you are yelling that “we are free, we are free”.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 The true freedom comes when man surrenders to its Creator….if you became His Servant, then you get rid of all these man made “false freedoms” Q250 Sob story: 10 facts about crying and tears (http://chealth.canoe.ca/channel_section_details.asp? text_id=5742&channel_id=11&relation_id=27878) 1. Why your nose gets sniffle when you cry: It all starts with your lacrimal glands, located on the outer portion of the upper eyes. These peanut-shell-shaped glands create and secrete tears. Most tears will flow over the surface of your eyes and drain out the corners of your eyelids, through the tear ducts, which lead into the nasal cavity. If you cry an abundance of tears, the tears overflow the nasal cavity and start running out of your nose. 2. Tears help you see better: Even when you are not crying, tears flow from your lacrimal glands with every blink, moistening your eyes. This moisture - made of water, oil, and mucus - helps to maintain healthy vision. Tears clear your eyes of debris and allow light to enter your eyes so you can see. 3. Tears flow for 3 reasons. Think about the times your eyes water, like when you feel overwhelmed by emotion, when you sneeze or have allergies, or when you're peeling onions. Tear experts generally separate the droplets into three types. Basal tears are the kind of tears that clean and lubricate your eyes, supporting your vision. Reflex tears are the ones that stream out when your eyes are irritated by something - the compounds in onions, pollen, bacteria. And emotional tears, well, you know what those are for. 4. Emotional tears may be an evolutionary adaptation. We humans may have evolved tears that do more than mere eye-moistening as a means of survival. Evolutionary biologist Oren Hasson suggested that we may have used tears to protect us from predators by making it harder to tell where we were gazing. Or, Hasson wondered, could it be that we evolved emotional tears as a way to show others that we were vulnerable, that we would prefer to make peace? When most people see a crying face, they feel an urge to ask what is wrong, to offer help or empathy. It could be that emotional tears signaled our willingness to trust and become bonded into supportive, protective communities. And crying when we felt fearful or vulnerable or when we felt a sense of unity could then have developed into the kind of emotional crying we all do now and then. 5. A "good" cry can make you feel better.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Crying is often called "cathartic," a release of pent-up emotions and tensions. But how we really feel after crying may depend on the circumstances and context of your crying – the "when," "where," and "with whom" you cry. In an international study including over 5,000 men and women, certain "good" and "bad" cry patterns emerged. Criers who got support from those around them were more likely to feel better postsob. Criers got a boost from bawling if they came to a realization, new understanding, or resolution regarding the thing that made them cry. 5. A "bad" cry may make you feel worse. Participants in the study mentioned above who suppressed their crying or felt shame as they cried reported that they did not feel as good afterward. A different, smaller study found that crying can be the opposite of cathartic for those with certain depressive symptoms. Those with an inability to experience pleasure did not take pleasure from crying - in fact, they felt worse after they cried than they felt before. The same results applied to those who were out of touch with or unable to express their emotions. 6. Some people are more prone to cry than others. The smaller study mentioned above uncovered another pattern about crying. If you are quite empathetic to the suffering of others, you may cry more frequently than the harder-hearted. People who are anxious or neurotic cry both more frequently and more easily than others. And extraverts tend to cry more often during negative situations and are less likely to cry "happy tears." 7. Babies cry 1 to 3 hours each day. New parents would probably estimate a much higher tear tally than that! Infants cry to communicate. Their wails and screeches can alert a parent to so many potential issues - hunger, thirst, tiredness, discomfort, boredom, loneliness. Infants cry out for help if they are too cold or too hot, if they have gas, if their diaper is wet, or if they are in the painful throes of teething. Parents may develop an instinctual ability to translate their infant's various cries. And new mothers discover the amazing power of a baby's cry to engorge her breasts with milk. A baby who cries for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks may have colic, which is excessive crying without a known cause. 8. Tear ducts can become blocked. The ducts that drain tears from your eyes can become blocked due to aging, infection, inflammation, injury, tumour, or cyst. A blocked tear means tears can't be drain properly, causing symptoms of excessive tearing and watery eyes. Blocked ducts can also increase risk of eye infection and inflammation.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 9. Crying can become involuntary. Yes, any of us can be suddenly overwhelmed by the waterworks. But in certain neurological conditions, crying - along with laughing - can happen uncontrollably. Called pathological laughing and crying (PLC), laughter or sobbing can occur at inappropriate times. PLC can appear as a symptom of stroke, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease). 10. Some times Laughs leads to cry and tears: (Added by MUQ) Sometimes when you laugh too much….you experience tears coming out of your eyes…..this is a warning from your Creator….that Life is not a laughing matter….you should be careful and follow middle path in every thing, even while laughing!! PS: And these tears are also IRREFUTABLE proof of BTOE. Random Mutation and NS esq.!! Q251, No kidding: 10-year-old girl becomes mom, dad a minor too MADRID: A 10-year-old girl has given birth in southern Spain and authorities are evaluating whether to let her and her family retain custody of the baby, an official said on Tuesday. The baby was born last week in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, said Micaela Navarro, who is the Andalusia region's minister of social affairs. Navarro told reporters the father of the baby is also a minor, and both the mother and the baby were in good health. Her department declined to give further details , such as the sex of baby. Spanish newspapers said that the mother is of Romanian origin. The daily Diario de Jerez quoted medical staffers who treated the girl as saying that they were told by her mother that giving birth at such a young age is common in their country. The Romanian girl became pregnant before coming to Spain, according to media reports. Medical experts warn that because young girls are still growing themselves, they are at higher risk during pregnancy. Studies have shown that teenage girls are more likely to give birth to premature babies and their infants also have a higher chance of dying by age one. As reported by the ministry of Equality, the 10-year-old girl has not requested assistance, so the family will take care of two children . However, community social services in Jerez will monitor the case. Social services have refused to say if a police investigation will be launched into the matter of the conception.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 In Andalucia, 48 under 15's gave birth in 2008, the last year for which the National Statistics Institute (INE) provides data. Across Spain, in the same year there were 177 births from underage mothers. Q252, Telescope spots oldest galaxy ever seen Galaxy is 200 million years older than next oldest seen , By REUTERS WASHINGTON - U.S. and European researchers trying to peer back to the beginnings of the universe said Wednesday they have spotted what they think is the most ancient galaxy ever seen — 13.2 billion years old. The aging Hubble Space Telescope collected light from the dim object, which would have formed when the universe was just 480 million years old, the researchers report in the journal Nature. “We’re peering into an era where big changes are afoot,” said Garth Illingworth of the University of California at Santa Cruz, one of the researchers working on the study. “The rapid rate at which the star birth is changing tells us if we go a little further back in time we’re going to see even more dramatic changes, closer to when the first galaxies were just starting to form.” Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles a second, or about 6 trillion miles a year. Astronomers can use light-speed as a kind of time machine, and seeing light emitted from objects very far away shows them as they were in the past. In this case, the galaxy’s light started traveling 13.2 billion years ago, right after the Big Bang that created the universe The distance is measured using what is called red shift, a kind of Doppler effect of light. Just as a train’s whistle seems to change in pitch as the train approaches and passes, light’s color also shifts. This galaxy has a red shift of 10, making it the farthest and oldest ever seen. The previous record, set in October, was a galaxy with a red shift of 8.5. Just 200 million years later, stars began forming at a much faster rate, the researchers said. “However, only when the James Webb Space Telescope is launched will these first phases of galaxy build-up between (red shifts of 15 and red shifts of 10) be revealed,” they wrote. Hubble, launched in 1990, can see the faint light from these ancient galaxies because it orbits outside the Earth’s atmosphere. The more powerful Webb telescope is scheduled for launch in 2015.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q253, Violent crime up in New York City: NYPD says murders jumped 11%, rapes rose 13%, 7% more people shot DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Wednesday, June 30th 2010, 4:00 AM The NYPD says violent crimes has risen sharply in New York City, though the overall crime rate is down 1%. Halfway through the year, crime has increased in all but one of the most violent felonies, and shootings plague neighborhoods all over the city. The overall crime rate through June 27 is down 1% percent, thanks to a 7% drop in grand larcenies. The other six categories of major felonies, however, are up. Murders have jumped 11%, to 221 from 199, and rapes are up 13%, from 555 to 629. More people have been shot this year, 799 compared to 748, a 7% increase. Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, NYPD's top spokesman, said the agency changed its strategy after noticed that most of the recent shootings occurred outside, after midnight. He also said the NYPD is fighting its own success, as last year's murder tally was the lowest in at least 47 years. Tom Reppetto, a police historian and former head of the Citizens Crime Commission, said the murder rate was higher earlier in the year and that police have done a good job "holding the line." Q254, Who=Zinfab What the Western World is defending here is freedom. The freedom of speech, in the case of Rushdie and these cartoonists, and the freedom of thought and conscience of everyone else. It's great that you love Islam, Allah and your profit Mohammed. That's your right and your freedom, and everyone who agrees with you should be free to do the same. But your love for your religion is your own. You have no right to demand that anyone else respect your religion. I think people should, but only as a matter of politeness. Western freedom does

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 not, and should not, require politeness of people.

The truth is the Western world is fine with anyone's religion, so long as the practicioners of that religion respect Western values in return. If it hadn't been for the Fatwa against him, Rushdie's "Satanic Versus" would have recieved little attention. If it had not been for Muslim riots and violence threatened against the cartoons, they would have gone unnoticed too. You guys, at least the violent among you, create the very disrespect you're so fearful of. Ans. You have a wrong concept of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. No one has freedom to hurt feelings of millions of their own countrymen by writing and lampooning religious personalities of other faiths. Writing good thing about any one, is another thing but abusing and making fun is another thing, you cannot bracket them one action. What I see strange is this double standard of freedom of speech and expression….when it comes to defense and security of your country, then there is no “freedom of Speech and Expression”!! Do you have “freedom of speech and expression” to tell your country’s defense secrets? Do you have freedom of speech and expression to plagiarize any one else’s works? So the freedom of speech and expression is not absolute and has been and can be restricted. Since in your society, you do not give any importance to religion, so you care least who writes what and who makes fun of whom. You enjoy the Fun and Controversies which such actions generate. But there are millions of people who take religion seriously, so your laws must restrict “freedom of speech and expression” so that harmony in the society be maintained. By defending Rushdie s and Cartoonist s, you are sending wrong message to 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world. Q255, Who= Zinfab Clearly we have different ideas on what freedom means, so I won't bother to argue it with you. On this issue, however, I will disagree strongly. In the United States we have freedom of religion. That freedom includes freedom *from* religion, if the individual wishes.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

The freedom not to be religious makes those that choose to be religious more devout, not less. For each and every one of them, being religious is a personal choice. A choice made when the option not to be religious is easily available. In the United States our religious institutions, our Mosques, Synagogues and Churches are all self-funded by the people who worship there. In other countries religious institutions need to be funded by the government. I'd put the piety of Americans who choose to be religious against the piety of people in other countries who don't have the same choices any day. Ans. A. Freedom of religion / or freedom “from” religion: Freedom of religion does not mean freedom “from” religion or to make fun and abuse other religions or their religious personalities. And it is also against reason, logic and against freedom of people who follow that faith. This warped view of freedom is what is the root cause of all that trouble. And the way you people try to defend it makes it all the more unfortunate. It is your “mirage assumption” that US or Western Govt. do not fund these religious institutions….they may not fund it directly, but they encourage people to fund them by giving all those “Tax Breaks” and making these institutions “Tax free”. Most of money which goes to these religious institutions is tax money….which should have gone to public treasury. “A penny saved is a penny earned” is a popular saying, in the same way “A penny from tax money and not reaching treasury is Government‘s contribution to that cause”. There is a big racket going on in USA and Europe by these Churches and that is why you see “mushroom growth” of many weird Church bodies and Church lobby groups.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q256, White House backs compromise on gays in military By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer Philip Elliott, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON – A proposal to step up the repeal of the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military but still allow the Pentagon time — perhaps even years — to implement new policies won the White House's backing on Monday after administration officials met with gay rights activists. The White House budget office sent a letter supporting the proposal to remove the Clinton-era "don't ask, don't tell" law even as the Pentagon continues a review of the system. Implementation of policy for gays serving openly would still require the approval of President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen. How long implementation might take is not known, but the proposed amendment would have no effect on current practices. "The proposed amendment will allow for completion of the comprehensive review, enable the Department of Defense to assess the results of the review, and ensure that the implementation of the of the repeal is consistent with standards of military readiness, effectiveness, unit cohesion, recruiting and retention," budget chief Peter Orszag wrote in identical evening letters to Pennsylvania Rep. Patrick Murphy, Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman and Michigan Sen. Carl Levin — the Democrats leading the push for repeal.. "Without a repeal vote by Congress this year, the Pentagon's hands are tied and the armed forces will be forced to continue adhering to the discriminatory 'don't ask, don't tell' law," said Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign. The White House had hoped lawmakers would delay action until Pentagon officials had completed their study so fellow Democrats would not face criticism that they moved too quickly or too far ahead of public opinion in this election year. Instead, administration officials recognized it could not stop Congress in its effort to repeal the 1993 ban and joined the negotiations. Hours after activists met at the White House, top Democratic lawmakers met on Capitol Hill and approved the final version of a brokered deal that adds the repeal to the annual defense spending bill. … On Capitol Hill, the third-ranking House Republican promised unified GOP opposition to lifting the ban. "The American people don't want the American military to be used to advance a liberal political agenda. And House Republicans will stand on that principle," said Mike Pence, R-Ind. Pence urged Democrats who control both chambers to wait until the Pentagon completes its review of what a repeal would take. Congress led hearings on a repeal and heard testimony from Gates and Mullen — the top uniformed official in the country — in favor of repeal. Additionally, a Gallup poll

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 earlier this month found 70 percent of American favor allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly. Obama's relationship with gay activists has been rocky since his election. Gays and lesbians objected to the invitation of evangelist Rev. Rick Warren's to participate in Obama's inauguration because of Warren's support for repealing gay marriage in California. Obama responded by having Episcopalian Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the denomination's first openly gay bishop, participate at another event… The military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy was imposed by a 1993 law intended as a compromise between President Bill Clinton, who wanted to lift the ban on gays entirely, and a reluctant Congress and military that said doing so would threaten order… Between 1997 and 2008, the Defense Department discharged more than 10,500 service members for violating the policy. (abridged) Q257, Who= Aurelious Just a point Muq. We don't have a democracy here. Good thing too. We have a representative republic. Now, I am not afraid of the truth. You state silly things like how the building fell exactly into their footprints. Patently untrue. That is how tower 7 got damaged and eventually fell. You need to move on and address something else. You might also try being a bit clearer but I do realize that you may not be a native speaker. We know the whole truth. Give it a rest. Ans. America claims to be a Democracy…..and you are correct to say that it is not…..voters are swayed by the media and the lobby groups……they are coaxed to believe in things that are not true…..the candidates are made to dance to the tunes of voters…..they are made to make promises which neither of them believes to be true…. If you are from Government in Power…..you present every thing in white….if you are from opposition side, you present every thing in black…..that is once there is election time…..after election is over….both sides lay their arms and enjoy in the “fruits” of democracy….having fooled the nation and electorates…..the policies seldom change because Mr. X or Mr. Y is in White House…..the changes are only cosmetic…..that is US and Most democracies in the world today. Now coming to 9/11 and collapse of WTC towers, you have to read thru the article, before you will know what is it talking about.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 To lay man it is “very logical” that a jetliner at 600 KM , fully loaded with fuel hits 96 and 80th floor of WTC towers and due to “impact and high heat generated by fire” the entire structure falls like a “pancake”, floor crushing floors below and so on…..that is very fine for a fiction movie and fine TV effect. But you fail to realize that WTC Towers were DESIGNED to take the impact of a fully loaded Jet Air Liner!! They were made of massive solid steel columns…… Steel just does not crush away from the impact, it twists and it turns and the collapse is never symmetrical. There were 80 to 90 Floors below which were not damaged, they cannot just give way and allow the building to crumble to ground in 10-11 seconds (and that too repeated for BOTH towers). It is only possible if members are weakened BEFORE the top mass reaches there and this is the standard Controlled Demolition technique. The fall of WTC-7 in the same manner was all the more bizarre. It was a 47 story building, also made of steel columns….it was almost 100 meter away from WTC Towers…..no plane ever hit it, is it possible that such a building would also collapse in the similar fashion just be falling debris from WTC? Some people say it could, some say it could not. investigation? Why hide the facts? Why not do independent

That is what I am talking about. People behind this Truth of 9/11 are not Muslims, they are not Anti American, they are not Osama and Taliban supporters….what they want to know is the REAL TRUTH behind fall of WTC towers. They do not want to know the POLITICAL TRUTH!! That disclosure of real truth is detrimental to the security and stability of US and tripe like that. It is media and bias and false sense of patriotism, which is stopping more and more people to know about the real truth and real reasons of fall of WTC towers. If we know truth and uncover REAL plotters of 9/11 incident, it would go long way, in making USA a powerful, and honest and great country. Believing in falsehood is never good for growth and existence of any country Q258, who="Interesting" I honestly wish that they find alternative. I once owned a company named "Renewable Energy" with a German Canadian, who also owned Alliance Engineering in Calgary, Canada. Our assessment was not so grand at that time for anything other than oil, gas and coal. Hope something new is discovered. But, America has begun to marginalize its engineers and like Brits in 1900, judges and lawyers are afront.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 I found that out when, even as key engineering support to a major gas industry lawsuit involving the world's largest chemical company and also with my interaction with Europe's largest. I always found that the judges and lawyers were like divine and I was poor little engineer. I found that even with my engineering publications in the annual International conferences of the world's very tops in gas engineering based in America. Ans. What you said about "Engineers and Technology people" being marginalized in favor of lawyers and judges….you for got to mention “Business management guys”. I do not know how it is in your country, but in India these B-school fresh graduates are paid salaries and perks, which Engineering and Technical people will not get even at the end of their carriers. I do not know how can you “manage a business” if it does not exists in the first place. Bosses from MNC s (Multi National Companies) swarm at these B-schools and “cheery pick” these fresh students and offer them salaries which are beyond thinking a few years back. This sends wrong signals to the people and more and more Brilliant students are attracted to these B-schools, and the Engineering side suffers. In long term it bodes ill for the country, because instead of a “producing country”, you become a “management country” and that is what we are seeing in case of India and China. While Indian students and professional are on top in IT and business management, China is # 1 “producing country” in the world. I am talking about India and China because I am from India, may be you can share your views what is happening in US and Canada and Europe Q259, Iceland's gay PM marries partner under new law , By Reuters REYKJAVIK - Icelandic Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir, has married her long-term partner, her office said on Monday, making her the world’s first national leader with a same-sex spouse. Sigurdardottir, 67, married writer Jonina Leosdottir on Sunday, the day a new law took effect defining marriage as a union between two consenting adults regardless of sex. The two had had a civil union for years and changed this into a marriage under the new law, which was approved by parliament earlier this month.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 The new law was celebrated at a church service on Sunday, which was also the international day for homosexual rights. The prime minister’s office said Sigurdardottir had sent a message to the gathering saying the new law was a cause for celebration for all Icelanders and adding: “I have today taken advantage of this new legislation.” The Lutheran State Church has long been split on the issue of same-sex marriage and the church congress in April did not unanimously support the new legislation. The bishop of Iceland has urged parish ministers to comply with the law. Sigurdardottir, who has children from a previous heterosexual marriage, is the world’s only openly gay prime minister but her sexuality has never been an issue in Iceland, which, like the other Nordic states, has a history of tolerance. Q260 Will Hijab ban save West from Terrorist attacks? I am slightly confused, will some one help me. A. Will Banning BURQA Save Western Countries from Terrorist attacks? Majority of people in Western Countries (seeing their approval from general public, after their parliaments made these laws) , accuse (indirectly) that Most of Muslim men and women living in Western Countries are fundamentalists, extremists, terrorists and having soft corners for Al Qaeda, Osama and Taliban … If such is the case, then they should keep Muslim men and Women under close observation …. Best way for that is that they should dress in such a way that every one would recognize them instantly and watch their movements. Islamic Hijab and BURQAS were a sure test for identifying Muslim Terrorist women instantly….now by banning BURQAS and Hijab, Muslim women would merge with “Non Terrorist” Western women and could easily go any where and do their acts of terrorism with ease!! So actually by banning BURQAS, western people are creating more risks for terrorist attacks!! When the Ban on Muslim beards shall come? After “saving” Muslim women from the “Prison Cell” of BURQA,. When the turn for Muslim male shall come to “save them from Beards”? Beard is also a sure sign for a Fundamentalist and Extremist and Terrorist Muslim….so to save Western Society, a ban on beard should also be considered and any one having beard or wearing Cap should also be banned from public places

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 I think western people should take a lesson from Turkey, where after 80 years of banning head scarves and BURQAS, the people have VOTED for removing the Ban!! This is power of Islam, it penetrates down to your heart…. You cannot change it from outside. Q261, Pot lovers light up Queen's Park By TOM GODFREY, QMI Agency TORONTO - Thousands of Toronto pot smokers were puffing their bongs and spiffs without fear of arrest at Queen’s Park before taking part in a march calling for the weed to be legalized. The air around the legislature reeked with pot as an estimated 25,000 users, mostly between 18 and 35, gathered to spark one and view arts and crafts that is part of a fourth Toronto Freedom Festival that takes alongside a Global Marijuana March involving people in 200 countries. Festival organizer Blaine Dowdle said the event promotes the legalization and medicinal use of marijuana. “We are encouraging people to look at alternative lifestyles,” Dowdle said Saturday. “We would like cannabis to be taxed and regulated and available for use by those who need it.” More than a dozen speakers from across Canada, including B.C.’s Mark Emery, the so-called “Prince of Pot,” who is facing extradition to the U.S. for selling seeds, praised the benefits of marijuana. There were bands playing and donations being accepted and lots of fast food for sale for those with the munchies. The march went along Bloor St. to Yonge St., south to Wellesley St., and across to Queen’s Park Coco Hogarth, 21, of Oshawa, who was puffing on a large glass pipe, said this was her third year at the event, which she said keeps getting better yearly. “I am here to lend my voice to others who want pot legal in Canada,” she said. “I think it is just a matter of time.“ Hogarth lit the bowl of the pipe and began coughing from the strong smoke. Millie Byers, 18, with sister, Lexy, 17, and friends, all of Toronto, were sitting on the grass puffing a reefer. “We would like to see this smoke legal at some point,” Millie said. “I think it’s just the government who don’t want this legalized.” Raya Moazen, of Toronto, said she was enjoying the event and the people it attracted.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 “If the authorities can legalize booze then why can’t they do the same for marijuana,” asked Moazen. Chris P., 26, of Toronto, said the police have lost their war on hard drugs and marijuana. “Pot is a soft drug and is relatively safe,” Chris said. “It is a non-violent drug that can be taxed if passed.” Officers at 52 Division said about 25,000 people attended the event and the only incident occurred when a man fell from a tree and lost consciousness and had to be rushed to St. Michael’s Hospital. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2010/05/01/13794441-qmi.html Q262, Mother admits killing 'mouthy' teens , By QMI Agency A U.S. mother admitted to killing her two teenage children because they were “mouthy,” police said. After a relative called police out of concern, they found Julie Schenecker, 50, on the back porch of her Tampa, Fla., home Friday morning covered in blood, according to a police statement. The body of her 13-year-old son Beau Powers Schenecker was found fatally shot in an SUV in the garage, and Calyx Powers Schenecker, 16, was found dead in an upstairs bedroom. "She did tell us that they talked back, that they were mouthy," Laura McElroy, spokeswoman for Tampa police told local news station WTSP. "But I don't think that will ever serve as an explanation to the rest of us of how you could take a child's life." An arrest affidavit said the children's mother shot her son twice in the head with a .38caliber pistol on the way to soccer practice for “talking back” and shot her daughter in the face while she did her homework at the upscale family home. Her husband, Parker Schenecker, is an Army intelligence officer, and was on-duty in the Middle East at the time of the shootings. He was notified by police Friday. Police believe the victims were gunned down Thursday, but the medical examiner will determine the exact times of death. The accused described the crimes in detail to police, and confessed to the killings, said McElroy. She is charged with two counts of first degree murder. Schenecker did not appear in court Saturday as she was being treated in hospital for an unknown medical condition.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Investigators were initially called by Schenecker's mother in Texas, as she was concerned she could not reach her daughter and believed she was depressed, according to a police statement. Q263, Economic Times Women banned from wearing mini-skirts to work LONDON: Women in Britain's offices have been banned from wearing mini-skirts to work, and people involved in "customer-facing roles" have been told to look more professional "in a way that shows respect to children and families". Around 400 staff in Southampton City Council's children's services department received a memo telling them they should dress respectfully and "carefully consider their work attire", the Daily Mail reported. Council bosses said in the memo that women wearing mini-skirts could be sent home, while men have been advised to wear "collared or polo shirts, cotton trousers such as khakis or chinos with a belt". Women can wear trousers, informal dresses or skirts of "reasonable" length, but "not mini-skirts". "Please try to dress smartly and thoughtfully, in line with other professionals you come across in your day-to-day work, and in a way that shows respect to children and families," it said. Women, however, have threatened to fight the ban, as one of them said: "Are they going to come around with a tape measure?" "I would have thought the council has got better things to do than impose a regimented approach to what people wear," said Mike Tucker, secretary of a union. PS: A Counter to Hijab? (MUQ) Q264, West’ laws on marriage In the politically correct world it is fashionable to apply today’s political correctness standards to figures from history. Look at the facts of Western Christian marriage ages until very recently: English Common Law had allowed a male at the age of 14 and female at the age of 12 years to marry with consent of their parents. The English Marriage Act of 1753 abolished English Common Law but still permitted previously established marriage

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 age. In 1927, the English legislature raised the marriage age to 16 years for the both sexes. The U.S society followed the English Common law initially and allowed the male of 14 and female of 12 to enter into a marriage contract. However, the law continued changing and today the marriage age for both sexes is different in different states of the United States. The marriages with consent of parents are allowed much earlier than fixed by statutory provisions in different countries and states of the United States. Q265, Women's role in combat needs a deeper look: Army Chief Gen V K Singh PTI, Sep 18, 2010, 01.53pm IST CHENNAI: Army Chief Gen V K Singh said the issue of women's role in combat operation was not a simple question and needed a "deeper look". "Women have a role in the Army. They have a role in lot of aspects that the Army does. If you are looking at actual combat, I think we have to think more deeply about it," he told reporters after reviewing a passing out parade at the Officers' Training Academy here. The role of women in combat "is not a simple question of saying whether they have to go to combat or not," he said emphasising that the issue required a "deeper look". "The army, wherever it operates, whether in the frontline or the people who supporting it, everybody is in combat," the Army Chief said. The Indian armed forces have a cumulative strength of about 2,200 women officers amidst growing demand for providing them permanent commission in the combat streams including infantry and artillery and as fighter pilots in the IAF. In August, the government had told the Supreme Court that the male officers who are given permanent commission alone can go for training for command appointment (combat). The government submission came during hearing on a petition filed by the Army challenging a Delhi High Court judgment directing the armed forces to grant permanent commission to women serving in the armed forces. "It is not a question of man or woman. It is a question of merit. It shows how the system works and we don't look at the gender and look at how good a person is and that is what has happened today," he said.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

In his address, Gen Singh said the Indian army had a formidable image at home and abroad for its professionalism, discipline and dedication and had delivered exemplary services during internal and external challenges and other peace-keeping operations and rehabilitation works. He exhorted the cadets to be prepared for the challenges involved in conventional and proxy war. (Abridged) PS: These are views of a Serving Indian Army Chief, not that of any Male Chauvinist Pig- MUQ

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Chapter –8 (On Violence and Terrorism and War on Terror)

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q266, Obama backs mosque at ground Zero PTI, Aug 14, 2010, 09.00am IST WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama has strongly supported the move to build a mosque at Ground Zero in New York, saying US commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable. "Let me be clear: as a citizen, and as President, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. "That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community centre on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances," Obama said in his remarks at a Iftaar dinner hosted by him at the White House. "This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable. The principle that people of all faiths are welcome in this country, and will not be treated differently by their government, is essential to who we are. The writ of our Founders must endure," Obama said. The Indian Ambassador to the US, Meera Shankar, was among the select few diplomats, mostly from Muslim countries, to attend the Iftaar dinner which was attended by top Muslim leaders, academicians and lawmakers of the US. "Recently, attention has been focused on the construction of mosques in certain communities - particularly in New York. Now, we must all recognize and respect the sensitivities surrounding the development of lower Manhattan," he said. "The 9/11 attacks were a deeply traumatic event for our country. The pain and suffering experienced by those who lost loved ones is unimaginable. So I understand the emotions that this issue engenders. Ground Zero is, indeed, hallowed ground," Obama said as he went on to support the move to construct a mosque there. "We must never forget those who we lost so tragically on 9/11, and we must always honour those who have led our response to that attack - from the firefighters who charged up smoke-filled staircases, to our troops who are serving in Afghanistan today," he said. "Let us always remember who we are fighting against, and what we are fighting for. Our enemies respect no freedom of religion. Al-Qaida's cause is not Islam - it is a gross distortion of Islam," he said. These are not religious leaders - these are terrorists who murder innocent men, women and children. In fact, al Qaeda has killed more Muslims than people of any other religion - and that list of victims includes innocent Muslims who were killed on 9/11, Obama said. "That is who we are fighting against. And the reason that we will win this fight is not

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 simply the strength of our arms - it is the strength of our values. The democracy that we uphold. The freedoms that we cherish. The laws that we apply without regard to race or religion; wealth or status," the President said. "Our capacity to show not merely tolerance, but respect to those who are different from us - a way of life that stands in stark contrast to the nihilism of those who attacked us on that September morning, and who continue to plot against us today," Obama said. Q267, Who= Robert2 I agree. Islam should do the same, if they followed your doctrine, there would have been no 9/11. Unfortunately, those guys chose to Target America. We will now go wherever Jihad is, and strike them down. Islam MADE this a war. They better be prepared for the consequences. Ans. First of all , you cannot blame 9/11 on all Muslims. Second thing is that 9/11 has not been investigated impartially and in details that it required. US has become Prosecutor, Judge and Executioner in one stroke. There are many evidences that events of 9/11 were not as simple as it looked. It was a deep rooted conspiracy and its purpose was to place a permanent wedge between US and Muslim nations and it has achieved its purpose. The forces and persons who planned and executed 9/11 are still at large and US is running after red herrings. US is fighting Jihad, wherever it finds or suspects to find it, wasting its energies and resources and the end result will be wastage and suffering for its own people and for other people. That is not the right approach. If 9/11 was done by some people, they only should be punished and no one else. How was Iraq and Saddam connected with 9/11? Why did US invade Iraq? Where was Jihad in iraq before US attacked it and occupied it? Is US not responsible for starting Jihad activity in Iraq?

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q268, Who= Saviour Self Are you so blind as to ignore every bit of evidence quoted to the contrary? or just so stupid as to dismiss every post that speaks to the truth of the 9/11 attacks being the culmination of militant Islamic aggression against the United States? Now why again would Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden specially accept responsibility for the Sept. 11'th, 2001 attacks if they were not culpable? After assuming responsibility for 60 years worth of attacks against western (and, specifically, American interests) why should anybody assume all of a sudden that the militant Islamic world was no longer responsible for the assaults it claimed responsibility for? What disturbs me most, Muq, is not you yourself, you are supposed to hate America, it is your nature. Ans. Why should you be so biased? I am giving scientific proofs that WTC towers could not have collapsed to ground just because of Jet plane striking it. Instead of refuting the arguments…..you keep on speaking about actions of Islamic militants. In past, present and future. Both Al Qaeda and Osama denied any responsibility for 9/11 immediately following the attacks, that was the best and ideal time for them to corner all media attention and glory. The co called “responsibility tapes appeared almost two years after the incident”. Let us be focused on the fall of WTC towers without prejudice, bias or pre judgment. You anti Islamic bias and hate is evident from every word of your post….I usually do not answer such posts. I have told you in past also and telling you once more that I do not correspond with people who propagate nothing but hate on this thread…..you seem to be one of them Q269, Chronology: Major Maoist attacks in last 2 years , PTI, May 17, 2010, 07.35pm IST The Maoist attack near Dantewada in Chhattisgarh is the fifth major strike by Maoists in the country this year. Following is the chronology of recent major Maoist attacks: June 29, 2008: Maoists attack a boat on Balimela reservoir in Orissa carrying four anti- Maoist police officials and 60 Greyhound commandos, killing 38 troops.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

July 16, 2008: 21 policemen killed when a police van was blown up in a landmine blast in Malkangiri district of Orissa. April 13, 2009: 10 paramilitary troops killed in eastern Orissa when Maoists attack a bauxite mine in Koraput district. April 22, 2009: Maoists hijack a train with at least 300 people on board in Jharkhand and force it to Latehar district before fleeing. May 22, 2009: Maoists kill 16 policemen in the jungles of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra. June 10, 2009: Nine policemen, including CRPF troops and officers, ambushed by Maoists during a routine patrol in Saranda jungles in Jharkhand. June 13, 2009: Maoists launch two landmine and bomb attacks in a small town close to Bokaro, killing 10 policemen and injuring several others. June 16, 2009: Maoists kill 11 police officers in a landmine attack followed by armed assault. In a separate attack, four policemen were killed and two others seriously injured when Maoists ambush them at Beherakhand in Palamau district. June 23, 2009: A group of motorcycle-borne armed Naxal rebels open fire on Lakhisarai district court premises in Bihar and free four of their comrades including the self-style Zonal Commander of Ranchi. July 18, 2009: Maoists kill a villager in Bastar and in a separate incident torch a vehicle engaged in road construction work in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh. July 23, 2009: A 40-year-old tribal killed by Maoists at Ettapalli taluka in Gadchiroli district. July 27, 2009: Six persons killed when Maoists trigger a landmine blast at Dantewada district in Chhattisgarh. July 31, 2009: A special police officer and another person killed by Maoists in Bijapur district. Sep 4, 2009: Maoists kill four villagers in a forest in Aaded village in Chhattisgarh's Bijapur district. Sep 26, 2009: Maoists kill BJP MP from Balaghat Baliram Kashyap's sons at Pairaguda village in Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh). Sep 30, 2009: Maoists set ablaze Gram Panchayat offices at Korchi and Belgaon in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Oct 8, 2009: 17 policemen killed when Maoists ambushed them at Laheri police station in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. Feb 15, 2010: 24 personnel of the Eastern Frontier Rifles (EFR) killed as Maoists attack their camp in Silda in West Midnapore district of West Bengal. April 4, 2010: Maoists triggered a landmine blast killing 11 security personnel of the elite anti-naxal force Special Operations Group (SOG) in Koraput district of Orrisa. April 6, 2010: 75 CRPF personnel and a Chhattisgarh police official killed in a Maoist attack in Dantewada district. May 8, 2010: 8 CRPF jawans were killed when Maoists blew up a bullet-proof vehicle in Bijapur district of Chhhattisgarh. May 18, 2010: 40 Civilians killed when Maoists blow a Public Transport Bus in Dantewada , Chattisgarh Total in Two years: 240 Police and Paramilitary Persons, and 55 Civilians and villagers (A very rough estimate of total killings done by these people) Q270, Truth lost? Most military records of Bangladesh war missing NEW DELHI: The history of the 1971 India-Pakistan war will never be fully written. Most of the official records of the war that led to the liberation of Bangladesh have been destroyed. The destroyed files include those on the creation of the Mukti Bahini — the Bangladesh freedom fighters — all appreciation and assessments made by the army during the war period, the orders issued to fighting formations, and other sensitive operational details. Authoritative army sources said all records of the period, held at the Eastern Command in Kolkota, were destroyed immediately after the 1971 war. This has remained secret until now. According to at least two former chiefs of the Eastern Command and other senior army officers TOI spoke to, the destruction may have been deliberate. They say the destruction may have happened when Lt General Jagjit Singh Aurora, the Indian army’s commanding officer on the eastern front, headed the Eastern Command. If true, this would be at odds with Aurora’s image as the hero who led his men to victory and the Pakistan army’s surrender in Dhaka. The sensational fact that the files were missing became known only recently when the Eastern Command was searching for details of the Mukti Bahini camps in order to organize a reception for Bangladeshi veterans. The Indian Army had housed the freedom fighters in different camps across India,

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 where army instructors trained them in warfare. Later, Mukti Bahini fighters were part of the operations led by the eastern command. A senior army source told TOI, “We were looking for the details of Mukti Bahini camps. We wanted to know where all were the camps, who were in charge etc. When those files were not available, the eastern army command launched a hunt for the records of the war. That is when we realized that the entire records are missing.’’ Lt Gen (retd.) JFR Jacob, who was chief of staff of the eastern command during the war and later its head, admitted the records were missing, when asked if this were true. ‘‘When I took over as Eastern Army commander in August 1974 I asked to see the records. I was told that they have been shredded,’’ he told TOI. He refused to discuss who ordered the destruction of the records. The army headquarters and various units of the army may have some records of the war, a senior army officer said. But the picture will never be complete, he said, adding that military records maintained at the nerve center of operations are crucial if one is ever to construct the full picture. The details are significant as this operation is one of the great success stories of Indian intelligence and the army. Q271, Who= Frijoles .1. Regarding my name: You were not paying attention to detail, and at the same time being culturally insensitive. Two negative traits coming from the house Jihadist. 2. Best way to know about a religion is to read the scriptures? I disagree - yourself as case in point. Many of your inaccuracies I surmise is come from the fact that you have most likely NEVER MET a Jewish person for real. If you did, and actually learned from them about what made their system tick, and got to know their religious culture, your posts would be more accurate. Or you could just buy a book (with pictures) other than scripture. 3. Islam has a transparent convert system? Yeah, if convert by sword is transparent I suppose you have a point there. 4. What is a hindu race? Last time I went to India I was overwhelmed by the number of ethnicities. What is race anyhow? 5. Having a religion associated with 1 land is a tribal concept. Please study your anthropology. It is actually quite common. And you guessed it, that’s why tribal religions are not universal religions. Yes, you have rediscovered the wheel.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

6. If you are favor of many paths, why are you here spewing nonsense like a 11 year old how your superhero is better than everyone's else’s Ans. You are right, I have never met a real Jew in my entire life and I do not expect that he will have horns on his head and breathing foam from his mouth.!! I know Jews are very learned and talented people, how else such a small number would have “mesmerized” and neutralized so many Mighty Christian nations as Jews have done in USA and Europe? You cannot find any fault with individuals, but as a group, every group has some tendencies. For Jews, their stiff neck is visible form the very beginning. Who else could be more benefactor to jews than Moses, even he was forced to say that “You are a stiff necked and rebellious people, from the day I knew you” I know that some people as a group have tendencies to dominate other people. I am from India, the Brahmin people there have totally neutralized majority of low caste Hindus living in India for centuries. These low caste people even though they constitute more than 85 % of Hindus were virtual slaves of these Brahmins for many centuries. And what is more they liked it!! Brahmins manipulated the religious system in such a way that these low caste people resigned themselves to their fate and their only purpose in life and hope in salvation was to serve these high caste people!! Jews have done some such things to Billions of Christians!! Now they all are “mesmerized” to believe that they must help Jews to get Palestine, so that Jesus may return!! In Quran , Isaac the father of Jewish people is described as a “learned child” and Ishmael , his elder brother is described as a “forbearing child”. People can still see the two traits in their offspring even after 4000 years!! Jews have always been cunning. They are talented and hardworking and have many achievements to their credit, I do not doubt it. As an individual, it is difficult to find fault with them, but as a Group, they look down on others. Their opposition to truth was evident during the time of jesus. If they would have accepted him, they might be ruling most part of the world now. They adopted same tactics when our prophet appeared. If they would have followed him, may be they could have got the whole Palestine for a perpetual possession. But they chose otherwise. I cannot comment on this, because this is the matter in the hands of God.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 We should try to coexist as much as possible…..we should stick to our believes and hope that God will judge between us on the last day. Q272, Who=Pete-O Now you understand what I was saying, that it is up to moderate people to keep the radicals in check. Science is not the beginning and end to life, it only explains the natural world and shows that a supernatural world has not been proven to exist, that may change, but as of now, there is no proof of the supernatural. What exactly do you propose science and religion join in? In your last point, you prove my point in that religion can be a destructive force in the world and if we got rid of it, troubles would ease in the Middle East. You seem to be part of the problem when talking about removing Israel. What you don't see is the common problem is religious belief. Ans. The problem is not the religious beliefs or religions themselves, but people who use religion to gain power and material wealth. Very few wars have been really fought in human history on purely religious issues. Most wars that we assign to religions were in fact for political and material gains. The bridge between Science and religion could be built, if scientists be not so cocksure that anything, which they cannot see or experiment, does not really exist. They should restrict themselves to the physical and material world and leave the questions of spiritual world to religious people. Religious people on the other hand, should restrict themselves to spiritual issues and do not criticize science and scientist and accept any thing which is a proven fact of science. In fact no true religion will believe or say any thing which is against proven facts of science or which humans can see or experiment themselves. Mutual respect and mutual cooperation would go a long way in removing the present climate of mistrust and denial of other by each party. Science has really no answer for as to what is the purpose of human life and what happens to him once he is dead. Science also has no proof that there is no Creator of this Universe and it just came by itself. In fact the more science explores Universe and its intricacies, the more it

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 should get convinced that all that could not have come with out a Planner, A Designer and a Mighty Powerful being. Islamic concept of an All Powerful, Knowledgeable and Wise Creator, who is not Material and not part of this Universe, is more logical and reasonable than what we find in other religion. Islam defines the purpose of human life as a test to see who excels in belief and good deeds. It is free from any caste, race, language or linguistic bias. Then none of the facts mentioned in Quran have been contradicted by science. These are factors which show that Islam is very much in harmony with Modern science and its discoveries and exploration of Universe. I said that israel is the source of most of problems in ME, has nothing to do with religion. In fact the existence of Israel itself is based on religion. Why Western people should have supported such an idea in this modern time is itself Q273, Who = Ricky-F. The Taliban also gave hundreds of other inhuman commands, some to WOMEN! Like strap some bombs across your tits bitch and go blow up all these kids, women and old people in the market. Yet you praise the taliban? Praise THIS bitch! Ans. I am neither blind supporter nor Rabid hater of Taliban. I do not believe that they were angels in human shape or devils in human form. I consider them as humans, they did many good things and have also done some bad things. Like any human group, they should be praised for their good deeds and criticized for their bad deeds. But the Western Media have transformed into monsters, the very mention of name Taliban creates images of brutality, murder and extremism in the eyes of most Western people. First of all they brought peace to major area of Afghanistan, which was burning in fire of civil war for more than two decades before them. They united the country into one government. Then they eliminated most of that drug trade as being Un Islamic. That one act of Taliban, from Western Prospective, should have absolved them of other minor crimes, but they overlooked it and now have to deal with ever increasing drug trade. On negative side, they tried to impose Islamic rule in more haste than the local conditions demanded. They can be accused of Extremism, but not of doing Anti Islamic or Un Islamic acts.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

If world would have talked to them and taken them into confidence, Afghanistan and World itself would have been a different place. But there are people and forces inside USA and Europe and in every country, that do not like that peace, understanding and mutual trust should increase in the world!! It is these forces that brainwashed most people in the world about Taliban.\ Q274, One More Anomaly of 9/11 Of all major U.S. airline crashes within the U.S. investigated and published by the National Transportation Safety Board during the past 20 years, the 9/11 'black boxes' are virtually the only ones without listed inventory control serial numbers. NTSB American Airlines flight 77 flight data recorder report, not noting a device serial number: http://www.911myths.com/AAL77_fdr.pdf NTSB United Airlines flight 93 flight data recorder report, not noting a device serial number: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB196/doc04.pdf With flight data recorder serial number data that is virtually always provided within NTSB reports of major U.S. commercial airline crashes that occur within U.S. territory, one can trace an installed device to a particular registered aircraft through manufacturer or airline records. The following e-mail was provided by a Susan Stevenson of the NTSB on 12/26/2007, in response to a 12/16/2007 public correspondence e-mail inquiry: "Yes. NTSB investigators rarely encounter a scenario when the identification of an accident aircraft is not apparent. But during those occasions, investigators will record serial numbers of major components, and then contact the manufacturer of those components in an attempt to determine what aircraft the component was installed upon." Because of the criminal nature of the 9/11 attacks, the FBI became the lead investigative agency into the 9/11 aircraft mishaps, along with the requested aid of the NTSB. It is possible that the FBI seized FAA 9/11 aircraft records containing component serial number data for aircraft identification purposes and that the FAA no longer possesses them. http://www.ntsb.gov/pressrel/2001/010913.htm

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 By document labeled "Testimony of Marion C. Blakey, Chairman National Transportation Safety Board before the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation United States Senate", it is indicated that the NTSB assisted the FBI with the process of "aircraft parts identification" regarding the said aircraft. http://www.ntsb.gov/Speeches/blakey/mcb020625.htm Flight data recorder information provided by the NTSB, for all major U.S. commercial passenger aircraft crashes within U.S. territory, involving major aircraft and/or loss of life, since 1988, with noted FDR serial numbers: 1. Comair Flight 5191, August 27, 2006, CRJ-100, 49 Dead, Fairchild Model F-1000 FDR, Serial Number: 102368 http://www.ntsb.gov/publictn/2007/AAR0705.pdf

2. Chalk's Ocean Airways Flight 101, December 19, 2005, Grumman G-73, 20 Dead (Not equipped with a FDR) http://amelia.db.erau.edu/reports/ntsb/aar/AAR07-04.pdf

3. Corporate Airlines Flight 5966, October 19, 2004, HP Jetstream, 13 Dead, Fairchild Model F-1000 FDR, Serial Number: 00511 http://www.ntsb.gov/publictn/2006/AAR0601.pdf 4. Pinnacle Airlines Flight 3701, October 14, 2004, CL-600-2B19, 2 Dead, Fairchild Model F-1000 FDR, Serial Model: 01094 http://www.ntsb.gov/publictn/2007/AAR0701.pdf

5. US Airways Express Flight 5481, January 8, 2003, Beechcraft 1900, 21 Dead, Fairchild Model F-1000 FDR, Serial Number: 01110 http://www.ntsb.gov/events/2003/AM5481/docket/255651.pdf 6. American Airlines Flight 587, November 12, 2001, Airbus 300, 260 Dead, Fairchild Model FA-2100 FDR, Serial Number: 1186 http://www.ntsb.gov/Events/2001/AA587/exhibits/241509.pdf

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

7. Alaska Airlines Flight 261, January 31, 2000, Boeing MD-83, 88 Dead, Sundstrand Model FDR, Serial Number: 9182 http://www.ntsb.gov/Events/2000/Aka261/docket/117973.pdf


One More Anomaly of 9/11…

8. American Airlines Flight 1420, June 1, 1999, McDonnell Douglas MD-82, 11 Dead, L3 Model FA-2100 FDR, Serial Number: 00718


9. COMAIR Flight 3272, January 9, 1997, Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica, 29 Dead, Loral Fairchild Model F-1000 FDR, Serial Number: 997


10. TWA Flight 800, July 17, 1996, Boeing 747, 230 Dead, Sundstrand Model FDR, Serial Number: 10291


11. Valu Jet Flight 592, May 11, 1996, McDonnell Douglas DC-9, 110 Dead, Loral Fairchild Model F-800 FDR, Serial Number: 6132

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

http://www.ntsb.gov/Publictn/1997/AAR9706.pdf 12. Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 529, August 21, 1995, EMB-120RT, 8 Dead, Fairchild Digital Model F-800 FDR, Serial Number: 04856

http://www.ntsb.gov/publictn/1996/AAR9606.pdf 13. American Eagle Flight 4184, October 31, 1994, ATR 72, 68 Dead, Loral/Fairchild Model F-800 FDR, Serial Number: 4838

http://www.ntsb.gov/Publictn/1996/aar9601.pdf 14. US Air Flight 427, September 8, 1994, Boeing 737-300, 133 Dead, Loral/Fairchild Data Systems Model F-1000 FDR, Serial Number: 442

http://www.ntsb.gov/publictn/1999/AAR9901.pdf 15. US Air Flight 1016, July 2, 1994, McDonnell Douglas DC-9, 37 Dead, Fairchild S-703 FDR, Serial Number: 00880

http://amelia.db.erau.edu/reports/ntsb/aar/AAR95-03.pdf 16. US Air Flight 405, March 22, 1992, Fokker F-28, 27 Dead, Fairchild F-800 FDR, Serial Number: 154


17. Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 2311, April 5, 1991, Embraer EMB 120, 23 Dead, (Not equipped with a FDR) http://amelia.db.erau.edu/reports/ntsb/aar/AAR92-03.pdf

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 18. United Airlines Flight 585, March 3, 1991, Boeing 737, 25 Dead, Fairchild Model F-800 FDR, Serial Number: 4016 http://amelia.db.erau.edu/reports/ntsb/aar/AAR92-06.pdf 19. US Air Flight 1493, February 1, 1991, Boeing 737, 22 Dead, Sundstrand Model FWUS FDR, Serial Number: 692

http://amelia.db.erau.edu/reports/ntsb/aar/AAR91-08.pdf 20. United Airlines Flight 232, July 19, 1989, McDonnell Douglas DC 10, 111 Dead, Sundstrand Model 573 FDR, Serial Number: 2159

http://www.airdisaster.com/reports/ntsb/AAR90-06.pdf 21. Delta Air Lines Flight 1141, August 31, 1988, Boeing 727, 14 Dead, Lockheed Model 109-D, FDR, Serial Number: 654


The only other instance of undocumented FDR serial numbers following a major U.S. commercial aircraft crash within U.S. territory during this 20 year period, seems to be a little known mishap that oddly, occurred on September 11, 1991, exactly 10 years before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. This report also did not list a FDR manufacturer or model number, possibly because the accident was immediately determined to be the result of negligence on the part of aircraft maintenance personnel. 24. Continental Express Flight 2574, September 11, 1991, EMB 120, 14 Dead, FDR Manufacturer, Model & Serial Number Not Available.


PS: It seems that anything and every thing connected with 9/11 was Unique and unprecedented (including election GWB the Great and Dick Cheney as Presidents & Vice Presidents of USA)!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q275, Solving 9/11Mystery and Hollywood: I think the only way to SOLVE the mystery of 9/11 and WTC Tower collapse is when Hollywood decides to make a "realistic looking" film on 9/11!! So far they have not made any movie on 9/11 which is based on "replicate models" of WTC Towers and showing their collapse by jet impact and resulting fire. The day they will try to make a "Scale Model" of 110 Storey Towers and simulate their fall to their bases just by simple hit of Jet Airliner on its 64th or 80th floor and resulting fire…..they will realize how foolish it was to believe in "official theory". By no means imaginable, they will be able to bring down a “scale model of WTC 1, 2 and WTC-7” just thru Jet Strike and Jet Fuel and Office fire” untill they “weaken” the pillars of Lower floor. This is a Challenge, which will bring to rest the collapse of WTC Towers. Why did not NIST made a scale model of WTC and showed their total collapse during their “Full and Exhaustive Investigations”? They had shortage of money? I don’t think Hollywood would have similar shortage of money or imagination? Why American People are not DEMANDING Hollywood to make a Film on 9/11, showing the collapse of WTC Towers with a "truly scale model"!! Is it a bad suggestion? How many will support me? Q276, who="my kind of town" The truth. 911 was the biggest mistake Islamic extremists ever made. Ans. Truth, 9/11 was the costliest mistakes ever did by any one running after red herring. Let us take accounts A. What USA lost 1. Four Commercial Jets. 2. Two WTC Towers. 3. One WTC 7 Towers. 4. Damaged Pentagon Building and loss of important Military document. 5. Loss of 2000 + Civilians and 250 + Military offices on the eve of 9/11.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

6. Loss of another 10,000 Military Personnel as death and 50,000 + as injured and disabled during the twin wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. 7. Trillions of Dollars in direct War spending and as compensation to those killed and injured. 8. Billions in health care and Insurance claims on WTC and related events. 9. Ruined economy and worst recession in US history (after 1929), with so many banks and industrial units getting bust and so many unemployed. The cost could be in trillions of dollar. 10. Loss of Billions of Dollars as direct investment from ME countries as they do not view US as friendly country any more. 11. Loss of moral leadership of world after accusing Iraq of having WMD and starting an illegal war. 12. Loss of civil liberties due to patriotism act and phone tapping…..security personnel viewing their “private parts” due to full body scanners installed at all airports . 13. Continuous living in fear and rumors of “another and more serious” terror attacks due to “routine “ warnings issued by CIA, FBI and NSC, to scare pants off of normal law abiding citizens. 14. Permanent rift between US and 1.5 Billion Muslims and 50 Muslim majority country. No US citizen feels safe in this country. 15. Internal hatred within US between Muslims and Christians. 16. “guilt” feeling of doing coverup and not fully investigating real reasons for fall of WTC towers. Always dodging difficult questions by becoming rhetoric and start abusive language at those who ask these questions. 17. Charges of “incompetence and stupidity” as they are still unable to trace and arrest “masterminds” of 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden!! These are some of the direct and indirect losses that US has suffered and shall continue to suffer in years to come unless they change their attitude. B. What USA gained? 1. Initial Military victory in Afghanistan (which was insignificant in itself, as there was no match between them and Taliban). 2. Capturing and arresting 800 + “Hard Core Dreaded terrorists of Al Qaeda and Taliban” and keeping them locked in GITMO for 9 years without any trial. This move also backfired, because none of these were really “dreaded terrorist”. Many had

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 to be freed without pressing any charge. They are unable to answer any query regarding abuse of “Human Rights” (the doctrine they swear by) 3. Installing of puppet regime in Afghanistan (after holding sham elections there) and supporting it on crutches for past 9 or so years. Loss of respect from common Afghan people due to constant killing of civilians in the gorilla warfare. 4. Military victory in Iraq (which was insignificant in world’s opinion as there was no match). 5. Occupying that country with promise to turn it into a “shining example of Democracy and Freedom In Entire ME (a move which totally backfired due to their stupidity, incompetence and without doing any home work.). 5A. Their stupidity resulted in break up of Civil War in Iraq and resulted in upto a Million death, the bulk of blame for this rests with USA as they were the people responsible for maintaining Law and Order there. 6. Holding “sham” elections in Iraq and installing a puppet regime there, a move which is totally against “democracy”. The “sham” government is highly unpopular in Iraq and elsewhere as it has no authority and power of its own. It is more like “Civilian Dictator ship” 7. Ignominy of “accepting” before the world that they could not find any WMD or Chemical or Nuclear Weapon in Iraq, neither could substantiate charges of collusion between Saddam and Al Qaeda. 8. Their friction with Iran, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia and almost all countries of ME, due to their actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan. C. What were loss and gains of Al Qaeda and Taliban: 1. Al Qaeda are as powerful as they were before 9/11 (if we accept warnings from US Experts). They have branches in almost every country and can plan and do any thing they want and when they want. The War on Terror has resulted only in multiplication of terror. 2. Taliban are still alive and kicking. Their core leadership is alive and very much in command. They were a militia before 9/11 and they are still a militia post 9/11. 3. They are getting more powerful by each passing day, and making life hard and miserable for the US and NATO army present there. 4. There is writing on the wall, that they have to leave Afghanistan with empty hands and with eggs on their faces (this is the prediction as on now, when Taliban are not getting open support and aid from any country in the world. If any powerful country start backing them up, life for US and NATO would become really hot there, same as that of USSR in 80 s).

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 5. The concept of Jihad is as alive today as it was pre 9/11. Ten years are not small time to judge effectivity of any drive. It seems that this drive against Jihad has only made it more popular and looser are US and Europeans. D. Who did the costly mistake? 1. In light of above, every one can see that who made the mistake and who took the role of sucker? 2. If US was not so quick in coming to conclusion about 9/11, waited for full and complete investigation of the whole operation, and THEN made a rightful move, they had more chances of being successful. 3. By adopting this “Cowboy and Rambo” approach, they have played right into the hands of “masterminds of 9/11”. 4. They cannot come out of that hole now, because they have to admit that they had really been stupid and taken for a ride….which is not so easy for some one who claims to be the “mastermind and Lone Superpower in the world”. 5. They would continue to simmer in their soup, till some one takes drastic measures and calls off entire operation. 6. But would Media, War Mongers, Hate Mongers, Lobbyists, People with vested interest allow them to do that? Can it be done in a Democracy? I say NEVER!! Q277, 9/11 A Lucky day for Terrorists? Ans. I am only dealing here with fall of WTC towers, and we have seen that it is not possible to explain the fall purely on the basis of Laws of Science and Engineering. Only way to explain the fall on the basis of “official version” is if we assume that “9/11 being a special day, the laws of science had also taken a day off or were dosing off….as were those people on whose shoulder was the responsibility of safety and security of Mighty Nation of USA”. If USSR had decided to launch a full fledged missile attack on USA on the ever of 9/11……they would certainly have caught the whole US defense system with their pants down and taking a day off. But from Terrorist’ point of view, 9/11 was a very “Lucky day”….such days only come once in centuries!! It seems all “Murphy’s Laws” were acting in favor of Terrorists. I mean “any thing howsoever probable that could jeoperdise their mission will not happen and any thing having remotest probabilities to assist the mission shall happen”

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

I think terrorists all over the world would be praying that they be given “one more day like 9/11, …. when they could do any thing they want, without least suspicion , action or resistance from Government authorities” Let us look at those “lucky coincidences” that happened in favor of Terrorists on the “lucky day of 9/11/2001” 1. Four Jet planes were hijacked in USA on the same day, within a few minutes of each other, without any pilot raising alarm. None of the hijackers were carrying any arms or explosives or any other known arm or ammunition. It is only guess work how they hijacked the palnes. 1A. In any other country it could be termed as “incompetence or collusion by airport security staff”……but saying or assuming anything like this for US airport staff is Anathema, so we can say Terrorists just got “lucky” 2 Novice pilots, who had never flown these jets before, were able to change the route and fly them to another city on their own. 2A. In any other countries we could have blamed ground staff with collusion, but inside USA we can only say “A lucky day for Terrorists” 3. Aircrafts were flying off the course for 60 to 90 minutes and no one could detect the change of route…….another “Lucky day for Terrorists”. 4. Hijackers, apparently, had no means to know that all four jets have been successfully hijacked, because even if one hijacking was reported, the whole operation would fail….but as usual it was a “Lucky day for all terrorist activities in USA”. 5. Usually the jets should have stricken their targets in close succession, so that authorities do not take defensive action….but in this case, there is a difference of 45 minutes between each strike…..but no one knew what to do….if terrorists had 50 planes hijacked, they could have hit 50 targets…..”what a lucky day for terrorists” 6. The only plane which could not reach the target, was not stopped by any US authority, it was Heroic action of the passengers of the plane and not by any US Govt. agency. So the terrorist were “lucky from US Govt. side but unlucky due to passengers”. 7. The single jet strikes and resulting fire could not bring down any WTC tower on any normal day…..but as usual “9/11 was a lucky day for terrorists, so WTC towers also joined in their luck”. 8. What more WTC-7, an unconnected tower also collapsed, because as per “Popular Mechanic” debris from WTC-1 & 2 fell on “One Critical Member of WTC-7” that caused the building to collapse fully….another “Murphy Law” or “Lucky day for Terrorists”

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Bad Luck for Terrorists: I must say there were a few “bad luck for terrorists, that helped authorities to identify them 1. One was that Bags of Mohd. ATTA were the only bags that could not be loaded on to the flight….so it gave “positive identification” to authorities about ATTA being on the plane. 2. Terrorists were “dumb enough” to leave all drawings and plans of WTC buildings in their computers. Silly Idiots!! They forgot that their “Lucky days were only until Jet planes hit their target”….. Immediately after 9/11, all US agencies became once more Smart, Active , Efficient and Fully Competent to defend US Motherland against all aggressions internal or internal. 100 Minutes after 9/11 Strikes USA was once more the Mightiest Super Power the Earth has ever seen.. Run of luck for Terrorist was over. Down with Terrorism, Down with Al Qaeda, Down with Osama!! Long Live GWB, Long Live Hypocrisy, Q278, Mosque in WTC-2? Ans. Michael McElroy for The New York Times Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam, now retired in Boca Raton, Fla., prayed at the trade center. By SAMUEL G. FREEDMAN Published: September 10, 2010 1. Sometime in 1999, a construction electrician received a new work assignment from his union. The man, Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam, was told to report to 2 World Trade Center, the southern of the twin towers. 2. In the union locker room on the 51st floor, Mr. Abdus-Salaam went through a construction worker’s version of due diligence. In the case of an emergency in the building, he asked his foreman and crew, where was he supposed to reassemble? The answer was the corner of Broadway and Vesey. 3. Over the next few days, noticing some fellow Muslims on the job, Mr. Abdus-

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Salaam voiced an equally essential question: “So where do you pray at?” And so he learned about the Muslim prayer room on the 17th floor of the south tower. 4. He went there regularly in the months to come, first doing the ablution known as wudu in a washroom fitted for cleansing hands, face and feet, and then facing toward Mecca to intone the salat prayer. 5. On any given day, Mr. Abdus-Salaam’s companions in the prayer room might include financial analysts, carpenters, receptionists, secretaries and ironworkers. There were American natives, immigrants who had earned citizenship, visitors conducting international business — the whole Muslim spectrum of nationality and race. 6. Leaping down the stairs on Sept. 11, 2001, when he had been installing ceiling speakers for a reinsurance company on the 49th floor, Mr. Abdus-Salaam had a brief, panicked thought. He didn’t see any of the Muslims he recognized from the prayer room. Where were they? Had they managed to evacuate? 7. He staggered out to the gathering place at Broadway and Vesey. From that corner, he watched the south tower collapse, to be followed soon by the north one. Somewhere in the smoking, burning mountain of rubble lay whatever remained of the prayer room, and also of some of the Muslims who had used it. 8. Given the vitriolic opposition now to the proposal to build a Muslim community center two blocks from ground zero, one might say something else has been destroyed: the realization that Muslim people and the Muslim religion were part of the life of the World Trade Center. 9. Opponents of the Park51 project say the presence of a Muslim center dishonors the victims of the Islamic extremists who flew two jets into the towers. Yet not only were Muslims peacefully worshiping in the twin towers long before the attacks, but even after the 1993 bombing of one tower by a Muslim radical, Ramzi Yousef, their religious observance generated no opposition 10. “We weren’t aliens,” Mr. Abdus-Salaam, 60, said in a telephone interview from Florida, where he moved in retirement. “We had a foothold there. You’d walk into the elevator in the morning and say, ‘Salaam aleikum,’ to one construction worker and five more guys in suits would answer, ‘Aleikum salaam.’ ” 11.One of those men in suits could have been Zafar Sareshwala, a financial executive for the Parsoli Corporation, who went to the prayer room while on business trips from his London office. He was introduced to it, he recently recalled, by a Manhattan investment banker who happened to be Jewish.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 12. “It was so freeing and so calm,” Mr. Sareshwala, 47, said in a phone conversation from Mumbai, where he is now based. “It had the feel of a real mosque. And the best part is that you are in the epicenter of capitalism — New York City, the World Trade Center — and you had this island of spiritualism. I don’t think you could have that combination anywhere in the world.” 13.How, when and by whom the prayer room was begun remains unclear. Interviews this week with historians and building executives of the trade center came up empty. Many of the Port Authority’s leasing records were destroyed in the towers’ collapse. The imams of several Manhattan mosques whose members sometimes went to the prayer room knew nothing of its origins. 14. Moreover, the prayer room was not the only example of Muslim religious practice in or near the trade center. About three dozen Muslim staff members of Windows on the World, the restaurant atop the north tower, used a stairwell between the 106th and 107th floors for their daily prayers. 15. During Ramadan, the Muslim employees brought their favorite foods from home, and at the end of the daylight fast shared their iftar meal in the restaurant’s employee cafeteria. 16. Fekkak Mamdouh, an immigrant from Morocco who was head waiter, attended a worship service just weeks after the attacks that honored the estimated 60 Muslims who died. Far from being viewed as objectionable, the service was conducted with formal support from city, state and federal authorities, who arranged for buses to transport imams and mourners to Warren Street. 17. There, within sight of the ruins, they chanted salat al-Ghaib, the funeral prayer when there is not an intact corpse. “It is a shame, shame, shame,” Mr. Mamdouh, 49, said of the Park51 dispute. “Sometimes I wake up and think, this is not what I came to America for. I came here to build this country together. People are using this issue for their own agenda. It’s designed to keep the hate going.” PS: Posted with no Comments- MUQ Q279, Who= Robert-2 I agree. Islam should do the same, if they followed your doctrine, there would have been no 9/11. Unfortunately, those guys chose to Target America. We will now go wherever Jihad is, and strike them down. Islam MADE this a war. They better be prepared for the consequences. Ans. First of all , you cannot blame 9/11 on all Muslims.
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Second thing is that 9/11 has not been investigated impartially and in details that it required. US has become Prosecutor, Judge and Executioner in one stroke. There are many evidences that events of 9/11 were not as simple as it looked. It was a deep rooted conspiracy and its purpose was to place a permanent wedge between US and Muslim nations and it has achieved its purpose. The forces and persons who planned and executed 9/11 are still at large and US is running after red herrings. US is fighting Jihad, wherever it finds or suspects to find it, wasting its energies and resources and the end result will be wastage and suffering for its own people and for other people. That is not the right approach. If 9/11 was done by some people, they only should be punished and no one else. How was Iraq and Saddam connected with 9/11? Why did US invade Iraq? Where was Jihad in iraq before US attacked it and occupied it? Is US not responsible for starting Jihad activity in Iraq? Q280, who="iMonk" Your lame 9/11 conspiracy theories don't change the fact that radical Islamic fanatics murdered over 3,000 innocent human beings on 9/11. My youngest daughter was in midtown Manhattan on 9/11/2001. The hatred stills burns in my heart and mind for revenge. Go to your Taliban friends and strap on some explosives. I cheer when I hear how many of them die everyday. Ans. I was asking basic and simple questions about 9/11. Instead of laying charges and claims you should first answer them. I repeat them again for your benefit: Q-1. Why did NONE of the four Pilots and Co-Pilots reported that their planes were hijacked? Q-2. How could 19 hijackers, so quickly and so silently were able to overpower 8 able bodied Americans, so that they could not raise any alarm. After all plane hijackings are not such a rare events that pilots and co-pilots are not trained as to what to do.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q-3. What arms these 19 hijackers used to hijack these planes so easily. They were not carrying any conventional arms….unless of course security officers at Airports let them pass!! Q-4 Even if the pilots and co pilots in ALL THE FOUR planes were decapitated so quickly that they did not raise any alarm, what about the REST of Crew Members in all the FOUR planes. Why none of the Crew members noticed some thing was fishy and why they did not raise alarm. I assume these Modern American Manufactured Jetliners were have Satellite phones, why NONE of the Crew members used them and sent message to their HO pronto? Please provide your answers to these questions, before we can say who was responsible for 9/11. Q281, who="Rick Moss " How does a Jew-hating nut-job begin an "investigation of 9/11"? He starts be ignoring the jets crashing into the planes photographed by thousands of cameras. Then he pretends he didn't hear the recordings of the hijackers on the radio screaming "Allahu Akbar". Next, the conveniently omits the fact that Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and the Taliban all freely admit to and brag constantly about planning and executing the terror attacks. Once that ground-work is laid, they completely ignore EVERY single terror attack since that was conducted by Muslims and focus instead on websites that argue about the colour of the sparks coming off the building and argue if steel can be weakened at 800 degrees or 799 degrees. They obsess like "Star Trek" fans over how long it would take a piece of aluminum to fall. Ans. I asked you to go to Internet and search for Truth about 9/11 sites… Instead of doing that, you started fantasying and given your own color to these events. Most of people on these threads are Non Muslims; they are professional Engineers, Scientists, Structural Engineers, Fire Fighters and other extremely qualified people. When they saw and analyzed the WTC collapse and collapse of WTC 7, they realized that some thing was missing in the picture. The laws of science, engineering and structural engineering were not to be followed if we accept the Official version. They started asking questions and the more questions they asked the more evasive were the answers and that is how this movement to know about the truth of 9/11 got momentum.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 You should refute their claims and findings by logic and reason and not just by rhetoric, because rhetoric are no answers at all. Let me ask you some FUNDAMENTAL questions regarding this event: 1. First of all why NONE of the Hijackings were reported by ANY of the FOUR Pilots or Co Pilots? What sort of weapons these hijackers used to STUN these eight able bodied Americans? If you have any INFORMATION, please post it. Do not just give your INTERPRETATION….This is the First step to know truth about 9/11 – Lesson No 1 Q282, who="my kind of town" The United States did not build a model to understand Pearl Harbor. Japan did not need a "model" to understand Hiroshima. Dresden citizens know what happened to them. 911 is not a question in the minds of the majority of the world.. .only for the few who try to wriggle out of the consequences of the worst mistake jihadists ever made. Americans are not confused bout Islamic terrorism. Ans. NO One doubted that Pearl Harbor was done by Japanese. (in Japan and USA to be precise). Japan in fact declared war of USA before going ahead with Pearl Harbor attack. No One doubted that USA dropped those Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (again in USA and Japan to be precise). Japan and USA were already in a state of war then. But 9/11 was totally different....people were doubting from the VERY FIRST DAY if fall of WTC towers was only due to jet strike and fire. There is no scientific evidence to prove it. They only point at TV screens and say "here is the proof". This controversy can be set at rest by making "True Scale Model 1/20 or 1/50 or 1/10" and simulate Jet strike and Jet Fire and watch the collapse in slow motion. Since on 9/11 it happened in 2 out 2 cases .... If they could achieve it in 1 out of 100 True Scale Models....I will forever leave all these threads!! And if they are able to simulate fall of WTC 7 just from falling debris of WTC 1 & 2 in 1 out of 1000 true scale Models, I will do the same!!

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Unless they say that "it was pure luck which those terrorists had on that special day which is called 9/11". And our future generations would ask, "why our forefathers were such fools, that they did not make scale models of WTC Towers and laid to rest all doubts"!! And these doubts are not raised by only Muslims. Most people behind 9/11 Truth Movement are Non Muslims and they are educated, professional people and not laymen. They are raising valid Technical Questions and Scientific Reasons against “Official Version” Why in democracy their voices are not heard? Q283 Who is really responsible for 9/11? Ans. I was asking basic and simple questions about 9/11. Instead of laying charges and claims you should first answer them. I repeat them again for your benefit: A. First Batch: Q-1. Why did NONE of the four Pilots and Co-Pilots reported that their planes were hijacked? Q-2. How could 19 hijackers, so quickly and so silently were able to overpower 8 able bodied Americans, so that they could not raise any alarm. After all plane hijackings are not such a rare events that pilots and co-pilots are not trained as to what to do. Q-3. What arms these 19 hijackers used to hijack these planes so easily. They were not carrying any conventional arms….unless of course security officers at Airports let them pass!! Any why these “Fool Proof” plane hijacking technique is not used in past 10 years to hijack other planes? Q-4 Even if the pilots and co pilots in ALL THE FOUR planes were decapitated so quickly that they did not raise any alarm, what about the REST of Crew Members in all the FOUR planes. Why none of the Crew members noticed some thing was fishy and why they did not raise alarm. I assume these Modern American Manufactured Jetliners were have Satellite phones, why NONE of the Crew members used them and sent message to their HO pronto? Please provide your answers to these questions, before we can say who was responsible for 9/11.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

B. Second Batch: Q-5. How did the Hijackers KNEW that all the FOUR planes have been hijacked successfully? What sort of Inter Communication they had aboard those Jetliners? Even if any one of the four hijackings would have failed to materialize the WHOLE plan would have gone waste? Did hijackers work only on ASSUMPTION that all planes have been hijackers successfully, or it did not matter one way or other? How some one planning for such a project for years would miss such an obvious flaw? Q-6. How did the hijackers, who were only novice pilots could fly and manure these Jumbo jets without any training and with both Pilots and Co Pilots decapitated? If flying and maneuvering these Jets is so easy that even novice pilots with just passing from local flying clubs can do it, then they should not pay those commercial pilots such high salaries!! Q-7 Then the question comes, why the change of routes of NONE of the FOUR Jetliners were detected by Ground Radar staff? Some jets flew in almost opposite directions for close to 90 minutes. Do you mean to say that US airspace is so much uncontrolled that no one knows which plane is flying in which direction, then US is in lots and lots of trouble. Q-8 How did these Novice pilots navigated these planes from one place to another place without any professional help. Did they say, OK Manhattan Island is in East, so let us just follow sun and Washington is North east, so let us flow 45 Degree to the sun!! It is amazing for these FOUR AMATEUR PILOTS to navigate all at once. Q-8A. Those in knowledgeable circles think that to manure a Commercial Jetliner to Hit Pentagon Building was not an easy job even for very expert pilots, how could novice pilots flying this hijacked plane for the FIRST Time, could do that, that too undetected by any one on ground is simply amazing. C. Third Batch: Q-9. Why there was time gap between four Jet striking their targets? Usually when some one plans such operations, they synchronize their watches, and decide that they will reach their target at such and such time. This gives little time for the authorities to realize what has happened. Here at one location itself WTC Tower, there was gap of around 45 minutes between one plane and second plane hitting. Q-10. How did Hijackers KNEW that people have not realized that first WTC hit itself is a Terrorist attack and how come Pentagon strike came almost 45 minutes after second WTC strike? Q-11 How they were sure that US has not realized the danger by now? It seems if they had fifty planes, they could have hit fifty targets as they wished? It seems that they left MOST of things to chance, this is not expected fro an organization which took years and years to plan this operation. Unless of course they KNEW that they have Inside support and those in authority would look the other way and each and every CRITICAL Juncture.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Q-12. Then why NONE of those responsible for Safety and security of Airports and Navigation were held responsible and why EVERYONE was exonerated by a simple stroke of SYSTEM FAILURE? There seems to be some SOFT CORNER from people at highest authorities to shield the guilty parties. All except Al Qaeda of course!! Q284, who="Arbitgeur" Back to your "ideology", now, after avoiding my earlier line of questioning on the matter. I must continue, although you will certainly avoid any specifics, and employ your ambiguous sweeping generalizations. I see, on your one hand, that "ideology" supposedly cannot be fought with force, and on the other that those who have invaded Afghanistan now have no ideology of their own. You have now upped the ante. .. Has this ideology versus ideology inherent in Afghanistan's civil wars ever been peaceful, or has it always employed your "naked force"? You know, forceful ideologies fighting forceful ideologies without the influence of foreign lack of ideology. Ans. You have confused the issue knowingly or unknowingly.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Before starting Afghan operation, your media painted the picture that Taliban have terrorized the whole Afghan population and the moment they were removed from power, Afghan people would jump into the “western bandwagon of Freedom from religion” (The same faulty logic they assumed for post Saddam Iraq). But even after removing Taliban from power (with the real help from Northern Alliance, other wise US and NATO forces had to suffer heavy casualties)…… your forces are yet to win the hearts of Afghan people…..they see in your daily bombardments and drone attacks and killings……your scant regards for their culture and their religion. And that s why they are turning against you and Taliban are getting stronger and stronger…. I want to know why? What did US and NATO did for the development of Afghanistan (which they promised in bold letters before start of Operation)…..the same story of Iraqi development after fall of Saddam is repeated here. What wrong I did is assuming that US and NATO have no ideology to fight back Taliban and their ideology……they only ASSUME that once Taliban are removed, Afghan would tumble back to their side….. same mistake which EVERY Invader did in past 200 years!! It were only Muslims who invaded and were able to win the hearts of Afghan people by inviting them into their religion as an equal partner!! I doubt that even if 100 % of Afghan people become Christians (God Forbid)…they will get the same rights as “White European Christians”…..because Christianity as a religion has become “color sensitive”! Q285, Why I call GWB as “GWB the Great” Ans. Many people have questioned and even objected, why I nicknamed GWB as “GWB the Great”. I think I owe them a clarification. Who is “Great” and why we call some one as Great? I think that some one who does a very difficult or nearly impossible thing deserves to be called as Great. And Great people in history are those who leave their legacy for a long time to come. People are affected by their deeds for a long time and remember them long after they are gone. Alexander the Great, Ashok the Great, Genghis Khan the Great come in that category. Many Great people are known for their Good deeds and their Positive contributions while some may be known for their “Greatness in the negative sense”

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Hitler the Great, Stalin the Great and GWB the Great come in the category who are and will be long remembered for the “Negative things and for the damages they did to their nation and world at large”!! Since our topic in GWB the Great, let me give some of the act of “greatness” done by this “worthy son of USA”. 1. Getting elected in 2000 election without securing majority of Popular Vote: Only a great man can win election of US Presidentship without securing Majority of Popular Vote. GWB did it thru US courts and not thru voting process. So even before he became US president, he showed how “resourceful” he was and how he could manipulate US election system thru judiciary. 2 . Interpreting his cowardice as Heroics on 9/11 eve: GWB was dead scared on 9/11 and went underground for fear of his life. Later he used that opportunity to show “What Great sacrifice he did to US by continuing to be US president”. Another act of greatness to bamboozle us general public. 3. . Mobilizing US population for Afghanistan war without completing 9/11 investigation: This was another act of greatness that with half and self baked proves, he mobilized whole nation for attack on Afghanistan. Before attacking any nation, you must have iron clad proofs as to who is actually responsible for the crimes. Investigations about 9/11 crime took many years but US had already attacked an independent nation. That “shoot first think later” job can be done by a Great man and GWB the Great did it with flying colors. 4. Changing Course of War on Terror midway to attack Iraq on false charges: This was another Great Hat Trick by this Great man. After 9/11, it was evident that what GWB and whole US wanted was Osama dead or alive (better dead than alive, because dead men do not speak and open secrets). But once Taliban was removed from Power and some one “informed” GWB the Great that there is no oil in Afghanistan….he forgot all about Osama and Al Qaeda and WTC and Pentagon and 3000 dead…. He fooled the whole US population that real threat to US was Iraq and not Osama!! He painted grim picture of Saddam having WMD, Nuclear capability, Missile capability ….so much so that every one in US was ‘dead sacred” about Iraq and agreed to launch full attack on Iraq to take revenge about 9/11!! Only a Great man can do it and so did our GWB the Great. 5. Systematic Destruction of Iraq and get away from it without taking any blame:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

GWB and his cronies systematically dismantled Iraqi Army, Police Force its administrative machinery and wanted to “rebuilt Iraq from Scratch”.. As usual they messed up the whole operation….because they had no knowledge about Iraq and its society. Iraq was run for two years with “amateurs just fresh from college”…..this resulted in eruption of civil war in Iraq with upto 1 million deaths… But GWB the Great went Scot Free….and put all the blame on those “cursed Iraqis” …only an Evil Great man could do it and our GWB did it and passed with flying colors!! 6. Re-election in 2004: It would have been impossible for any one which such a poor record in the past four years to get re-elected. But GWB the Great did it and that shows his true Greatness. He used all his mistakes as his plus points and used patriotic and nationalistic cards in such a way that US voters got mesmerized and re-elected him for another four years!! I think the person most surprised would have been GWB himself? How could he be re-elected with such a poor record? His re-lection would make a permanent dark spot of US system of democracy and voting…..but that is why we call him GWB the Great!! 7. damaging US economy: His parting gift to nation was the collapse of US banking and Stock markets in his closing days…..but he is called great, because he left it for the next President to handle it and not him (and he knew that new President would be a Democrat, so he has to wash his dirty linen and not his party!!). Republicans would be back after 2012 election. A real genius indeed!! 8. Causing Permanent rift between US and 1.5 Billion Muslims: By using 9/11 incident as a cover up, under GWB the Great US became a “natural enemy” to 1.5 Billion Muslims. The damage done by him would not be easy to repair. It would take 100 or more years for it to be removed properly. So far next 100 years people would remember GWB the Great…and that is one reason why some one is called Great!! Who remembers Ford? Or Carter? Or senior Bush? 9. Honorable Retirement after all these “Positive” Results:

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Any one with so much damage done to US tax payer, US army, US economy and US image deserved a trial and life time imprisonment (in Korea they hanged a former Vice President for a much lesser crime of Bribe taking)….or at least getting a “shoe treatment” on every street corner… But our Hero, GWB the Great got away with all these criminal acts and went into “Honorable retirement” with his Vice president still in “belligerent mood” and likely to win the 2012 Presidentship. The man who should be in GITMO prison is given protection by Mighty US army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, CIA, FBI and every other government agency. Who can doubt his Greatness…..how else you cam measure Greatness? I think every one in US should shale hand with this Great Man…..he can say to his grandchildren…I did shake hands with the Greatest Crook and Greatest terrorist of Out time!! But this can only happen in USA? Because USA is a Great country…..and a Great Country means that you should be in vice like grips of Jews and Zionists…and US has that Necessary Quality!! Q286, who="iGONZO"] bout 30 years from now the free world will finally and rightfully look back and thank GW BUSH for standing in the way of IRAN, via IRAQ. Squashing their early attempts at taking over most of the Mediterranean as a part of the Axis of Evil. The same Axis of Evil that is tying up BaHACK OBUMMA right now with their antics. IRAN and N. KOREA need to be addressed and soon. GW BUSH warned us. Don't let that lead go to waste. Ans. Thirty years from now, Majority of US people would look at the Presidency of GWB the Great as the darkest Chapter in Modern US history. The new generations will ask their fathers and grandfathers, what duped you people into re electing the lying cheating duos of GWB and the Dick Cheney....I doubt any one will be honest enough to say "I voted for their re-election"!! The Invasion of Iraq on false charges and its occupation would be a permanent blot on US conscience, a hole from where they will never come out. That year marked the end of US position as defender of freedom and moral values of the free world. I do not make predictions, but to me it seems that Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq are the death kneel in the coffin of USA as the Great Super Power of this earth.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

They have lost the moral authority to be representattive of Free world by these invasions. It is just like USSR, their invasion of Afghanistan in 1949 , lost them their position as "natural allies" of poor and down trodden people....and they could never recover their status and it finally led to the break up of mighty USSR. The fall of nations usually start when they think that they have reached the summit of their achievements and there is no power on the earth to stand in their ways. Fortunately or unfortunately USA has reached that position and from now on there is down hill journey all the way!! The writings are on the wall....only White House occupants and Think Tanks of Mighty USA are unable to read them. The Presidency of GWB the Great was the starting point of decline of USA...first as a moral force....then as an economic powerhouse....and finally as a military superpower. Read decline and fall of Roman Empire by Gibbons and find parallel with US history in it. Q287, Gunman kills eight, then himself in US shooting Tuesday, 03 Aug, 2010

NEW YORK: A disgruntled worker went on a shooting rampage Tuesday at a beer distribution firm in Connecticut, killing eight people before turning the gun on himself, police and local media said. Officers were called to the scene at Hartford Distributors in Manchester, Connecticut shortly after 7:30 am (1130 GMT) at the time of a shift change, with 35 to 40 people inside. “There were nine individuals, including the suspect, who were killed during the shooting,” said a Manchester police statement. We are presently in the process of trying to identify the victims and make notifications to family members.” The shooter, who local media reports said had been called in by managers for a disciplinary hearing, was found dead some 40 minutes later after having shot a total of 10 people then himself. Two wounded were transported to a local hospital and “expected to survive,” the police statement said. -AFP
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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Q288, US man charged with stabbing cabbie for being Muslim PTI, Aug 26, 2010, 02.53pm IST NEW YORK: A Muslim cab driver was stabbed several times by a New York man after being asked "are you Muslim", according to New York City cops, who arrested 21-year-old Michael Enright on Tuesday. Ahmed H Sharif of Queens was stabbed several times by Michael Enright, after Enright had asked Sharif if he was Muslim and the cabbie responded that he was, a police spokesman said. The attack comes at a time when the majority of Americans are opposing the building of a proposed Islamic Centre near the World Trade Centre. Enright has been charged with attempted second-degree murder as a hate crime and is awaiting arraignment. Sharif issued a statement yesterday warning his fellow cabbies about the tense environment in the city. "Right now the public sentiment is very serious" he said, as quoted by USA Today. All drivers should be more careful. Sharif received stab wounds to his arms, throat and face. "I have been here more than 25 years. I have been driving a taxi more than 15 years. All my four kids were born here. I never feel this hopeless and insecure before," he said. Enright was drunk when he stepped into the cab, according to police officials. A student of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, he recently returned from Afghanistan where he was making a film on the US Marines. Some of Enright's friends said that he had a problem with alcohol and was prone to bizarre behaviour. "I have no idea about his current condition but I have been following the story all day. What I can say about Mike is that he is without question a troubled person with a bad, bad drinking problem," said one of his classmates according to Talking Points Memo. "He was my best friend's roommate in freshman year and would drink till he blacked out every single night," he said. "I remember on election night 2008 we were all downstairs outside of the dorm screaming and celebrating at Obama's victory and Mike came outside with tears streaming down his face".

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

Another friend said that he had past problem with alcohol but was recovering. "I'm not sure when he picked up drinking again. I saw him after he had gotten back from Afghanistan from filming his doc, he was happy to be back and had fond memories of the Afghan children," the second classmate said. Enright's conversation with Sharif started out friendly, with Enright asking the cabbie where he was from, how long he had been in America, if he was Muslim and if he was observing Ramadan, according to the statement from the Taxi Workers Alliance, as reported by USA Today. He then shouted 'Assalamu Alaikum', before pulling out the knife and slashing Sharif across the neck and stabbing several more times as Sharif tried to knock it out of Enright's hands, the alliance said. Q289, who=" KSF”] Will set aside your ridiculous suggestions about 9-11 (some guys flew planes into some buildings and that was that!), but on your last point....of course they already had plans in place. Every competent military force makes contingency plans for every eventuality. And the US is more competent than most. I'd be surprised if they didn't have plans ready for attacks or invasions of Australia and the UK - probably their two closest allies. That doesn't mean such plans would likely ever be needed, just that it is sensible to be ready for any eventuality. You can be sure they will have a plan ready to wipe your place off the map if they every feel the need to do so. Ans. Yet the same people who have Contingency plans to invade each and every country of the world…were caught with their pants down on the eve of 9/11!! They were so busy in making contingency plans to attack every country on the world that they forgot attack on their “own Pentagon” by a band of “amateurs flying commercial jets”!! I hope that they give more attention to their own country than about each and every other country in the world!! What is strange is that every dept of US Govt. is ready to take any blame of “Incompetence, stupidity and negligence and dereliction of duty…and whatever else charge is brought against them” (so long as they are not being punished for those charges), for 9/11 incident.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7

But from 9/12 onwards….they will fight tooth and nail even the smallest charge that has bearing on their competence, professionalism and their efficiency… They will drag you before court and harass you in whatever way they think fit, till you apologise. Only exception they make is for 9/11….a Special and lucky day for Terrorists….if they had 1000 persons they could have hijacked 100 planes and had hit any target any where in USA!! This is what Media propaganda and false sense of Patriotism and Nationalism does to you!! No one is even considering of making a scale model of WTC Towers and demonstrate their collapse as we saw on the eve of 9/11!! Really 9/11 was a special day for USA…..when almost EVERY Grown up man behaved like little children…and what is strange they still behave like little children when 9/11 investigation issue is raised!! They point to their TV Screens and say “See, See, that is how it happened, don’t you see Al Qaeda people flying those planes? Don’t you see their beards? Their Saudi Passports visible thru the Air Plane Glass window!! Q290, US general in Afghan war at risk of losing his job By ANNE GEARAN and JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writers Anne Gearan And Jennifer Loven, Associated Press Writers – 2 hrs 15 mins ago WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama rebuked his Afghanistan war commander for "poor judgment" Tuesday and considered whether to fire him in the most extraordinary airing of military-civilian tensions since Harry Truman stripped Gen. Douglas MacArthur of his command a half-century ago. Gen. Stanley McChrystal is prepared to submit his resignation at a meeting with Obama on Wednesday at the White House, two military officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. Obama summoned McChrystal to explain disparaging comments about his commander in chief and Obama's top aides. The meeting was a last-ditch moment for the general once considered the war's brightest hope. .. "I think it's clear that the article in which he and his team appeared showed a poor — showed poor judgment," the president said, surrounded by members of his Cabinet at the close of their meeting. "But I also want to make sure that I talk to him directly before I make any final decisions." The eruption comes as the war and public support for it are at a tipping point, a perilous time to change military leadership. A majority of Americans now say the war

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 is probably not worth fighting, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said that public dissatisfaction means the U.S.-led international coalition must show progress this year. And he was quoted joking that he doesn't recognize Vice President Joe Biden's name. As support for the general drained in Washington, the showdown was set to take place in two parts — as part of Obama's regular monthly war meeting, in which McChrystal usually participates by videoconference, and a separate discussion with Obama in the Oval Office. A crucial military push to pacify the Taliban heartland in southern Afghanistan is going more slowly that McChrystal had planned, and showing fewer solid results. Marines in Helmand Province are in near-daily firefights, months after a push there was supposed to clear out the bulk of Taliban fighters. McChrystal has spent the past several weeks arguing that the U.S.-led military effort is gaining momentum against the Taliban, while Gates argued for time to show that McChrystal's many changes in strategy and tactics can succeed. McChrystal publicly apologized Tuesday for using "poor judgment" in the magazine interviews, words echoed later by McChrystal will also meet separately with Gates, who issued a stern scolding to McChrystal on Tuesday that contains no endorsement for him to remain in his job. Gates hand-picked McChrystal to take over the war last year, calling him a driven visionary with the guts and smarts to turn the war around. Obama fired the previous commander at Gates' recommendation. Military leaders rarely challenge their commander in chief publicly and when they do, consequences tend to be more severe than a scolding. McChrystal has a history of drawing criticism, despite his military achievements. Obama called him on the carpet last fall for speaking too bluntly about his desire for more troops. (Abridged) Q291, Six dead after argument over eggs By QMI Agency Kentucky man went on a shooting rampage that left six people dead after arguing with his wife about how she cooked his breakfast eggs, reports say. Stanley Neace, 47, killed his wife, stepdaughter and three neighbors in a Mount Carmel, Ky., trailer park Saturday, then turned the gun on himself as police arrived, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported. Britain's Telegraph newspaper, quoting Kentucky State Police, said Neace chased his wife through the trailer park in his pajamas, firing dozens of shots from a 12-gauge shotgun before cornering her in a neighbor’s mobile home.

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Dialog With Non Muslims (FAQ about Islam) Volume – 7 Kentucky police identified the victims as Sandra Neace, 54; her daughter Sandra Strong, 28; neighbours Dennis Turner, 31; Teresa Fugate, 30; and Tammy Kilborn, 40. Neighbors told the Herald-Leader they heard shots and screams, then saw Stanley Neace chasing Sandra Neace around a Jeep, shooting out the vehicle's windows. Sandra Neace ran to Turner's mobile home, and Stanley Neace followed. There he killed Sandra Neace, Sandra Strong, Turner and Fugate, who was visiting Turner, the Herald-Leader said. Breathitt County Deputy Coroner Mitch Smith told the newspaper two of the women were killed in a back bedroom and Turner and one of the women were killed in a bathtub. They were clothed, he said, and Turner was on top of the woman, perhaps trying to shield her. "There was really nowhere to hide," Smith said. "Literally, all the witnesses are dead." Two neighbors said one of Fugate's young children ran out of that mobile home and into Tammy Kilborn's home. Kilborn hid the child in a bathroom, but Stanley Neace, who had followed the child, shot Kilborn in a hallway of her home, the Herald-Leader said. State police said they have not established a motive for the rampage, but the HeraldLeader and other Kentucky newspapers quoted a relative of several of the victims saying Stanley Neace became enraged because Sandra Neace cooked his eggs in a way that displeased him. Residents of the trailer park said the entire incident, from the initial argument to Neace's suicide, lasted about an hour. Trailer park landlord Ray Rastegar said he had begun the process of evicting Neace because the unemployed man had become increasingly hostile to neighbours in recent months, the Herald-Leader reported. Rastegar said Neace had lived in the trailer park for about seven years. Neighbour Steve Smith told the Herald-Leader Nease and his wife had been arguing for a week, but he didn't know why. "He's been trouble ever since he's been here. He's always been trouble," Smith said. PS: Can any one guess what would have been Media Reaction if the person was having a Muslim Sounding Name?- MUQ

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