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evrz0zi 2 i arsntcte ror: ‘To:, re Subject: Date: Thu, Jun, 2021 1:14 pm Dear Mr. Stair: This office is counsel to the Town of Marshfield. ‘The Town Clerk, who is the Records Access Officer for the Town, provided what it believed were the responsive materials tol initially on March 22, 2011. The complete materials included the raw data ‘emergency lists ofall of the voters by precinct. She highlighted the data transfer issue below in her response. We can provide you another sample and the files if need be. It was sent in zipped files i could readily open and review. Tunderstand that IEEE appealed because the information was reportedly not in a searchable format he desired. | The SEC ordered the Town Clerk answer whether it provide additional records responsive to| tequest. The simple answer is that there is a problem with the information database transfer from the Town’s vendor, LHS, to the State’s VRIS database. The result is that there is an incomplete record at LHS which the Town Clerk is diligently attempting to work through with the vendor, LHS. There is a problem specifically with file transfers from LHS (which has all of the correct information) to the State Elections Division. ‘The Town Clerk has an appointment scheduled for June 4, 2021 at 10AM to attempt to resolve this file transfer issue with LHS, our vendor. We are not ignoring this issue and want it resolved equally as much as Il In meantime, EEE has complete and accurate information from the Town and we cannot provide any additional information or information in the desired format until this data transfer issue is resolved with our vendor and software _ Once the issue is resolved, the Town Clerk agrees to promptly provide further information to In summary, we have provided everything we have the ability to provide at this time and will update that as soon we reasonably can. If I can assist further, please advise. ovazoa a ‘This email is confidential and privileged. _ If you received this email in error, please contact J: to report the email From: Stair, Joshua (SEC) {mailto:joshua] Sent: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 2:11 PM ‘To: Casper, Narice Ce: SEC-DL-PREWEB Subject: Compliance Inquiry for [Io wn of Marshfield Hello, am following up on this appeal as a response will be past due on Thursday, June 3rd. I have attached the determination letter for this appeal for your convenience, Please review the subject matter and requirements of the order when responding. Also, please advise this office and the requestor as to the status of the response regarding any expected date of issuance as well as any other pertinent information impacting your ability to respond. To the extent there are responsive records, are there any that you could provide now and on a rolling basis? If you have already responded to the requestor to this extent please provide a copy to this office with the appeal number noted above. Should you wish to review the determination letter please visit: Review appeal determinations online: ewa0et I ove or tearsnscrs Ifyou have already provided this response to the requestor, please be sure to also provide a copy to our office by emailing it to and note the appeal number as provided in the subject line above. Ifyou have yet to provide a response to the requestor due to Covid-19 please include any relevant information in the status update noted above ( when you have an intended date of response or further information regarding a response). Please provide this office of a copy of any correspondence sent to the requestor. Please be advised that failure to respond to the determination letter issued by the Supervisor of Public Records for an appeal may result in referral to the Office of the Attorney General for enforcement. Our goal is to resolve this matter so if we may be of assistance in any way please do not hesitate to contact our office. Most sincerely, Joshua Stair Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth Public Records Division ‘One Ashburton Place, Room 1719 Boston, MA 02108 (617) 727-2832 (office) (617) 7127-5914 (fax) http://www.sec ‘A Guide to Public Records Law: Review appeal determinations online: http:/