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Theme 1: Understanding of Sustainable Development

10/02: Sustainable development, What are MDGs?;

Prof. Hubert Gijzen, United Nations Educational, Scientific
and Cultural Organization Jakarta
16/02: Energy access, linkage between energy and MDGs;
Prof. Sivanappan Kumar, Asian Institute of Technology
UNESCO E-Learning Course Theme 2: Current Energy Situation and Needs to Transform
Toward Sustainable System
17/02: Current energy situation, Resources and future energy
scenarios; Prof. Sivanappan Kumar, Asian Institute
ENERGY FOR of Technology
22/02: Gender perspective; Ms. Christina Aristanti, Dian Desa
SUSTAINABLE 23/02: Social and environmental cost, Ethics and behavioral
change issues; Prof. Tetsuo Tezuka, Kyoto University

DEVELOPMENT Theme 3: Current (Conventional) Energy Technologies

IN ASIA 01/03: Technology and applications (pros and cons of

technology options):
Nuclear power generation; Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki,
Kyoto University
Fossil fuel power generation; Prof. Harwin Saptohadi,
Gajah Mada University
Energy course is developed under
02/03: Status of conventional energy technologies;
COMprehensive Program to Enhance
Prof. P. Ravindra, University Malaysia Sabah
Technology, Engineering and ScienNCE
Education (COMPETENCE) Theme 4: Energy Efficiency
The course will be delivered Energy efficiency technologies:
every 10.00 am - 12.00 pm (GMT+7) 03/03: Sector wise opportunities in Japan and Asia;
For registration please visit Prof. Keiichi Ishihara, Kyoto University 08/03: Sector wise opportunities in China and Asia;
Prof. Yanjia Wang, Tsinghua University

Theme 5: Renewable Energy

10/03: Renewable energy technology; Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki,
Contact: Kyoto University
Masami Nakata 15/03: Renewable energy technology - Bioenergy;
Engineering Sciences & Technology Unit, Prof. V.K. Vijay, Indian Institute of Technology
UNESCO Office Jakarta 17/03: Support strategies to promote renewable energy (policy), Renewable energy as a tool to empower community;
Dr. Bundit Fungtammasan, the Joint Graduate School of
Energy and Environment
22/03: Prof. Xi Wenhua, UNIDO International Solar Energy Center
for Technology Promotion and Transfer (tbc)

Theme 6: Sustainable Energy Policy and Development

24/03: Local/national/global policies; Prof. Low Seow Chay,
Nanyang Tech University
29/03: Stakeholder engagement; Prof. Low Seow Chay,
Nanyang Tech University

Theme 7: Case Studies

31/03: Good practices (policy, technology innovation, public
participations) and lessons learned; Prof. V.K. Vijay,
Indian Institute of Technology
05/04: Perspectives from participants; Prof. Kamaruddin Abdullah,
Dharma Persada University and Dr. Dadan,
Ministry of Energy, Indonesia (tbc)