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died 16 May 7th, 2019 Mr. Jim Clark Mr. Allen Greene ‘Associate AD ~ Development Director of Athletics ‘Westem Kentucky University ‘Aubura University BA. Diddle Arena 4309 South Donahve Drive Bowling Green, KY 42101 Auburn, AL. 36849 eat Jim and Allen, ‘This isto confirm that Western Kentucky and Auburn have mutually agreed to change the date oftheir football game in Aubura, A. from September 24th, 2022 to Novernber 198, 2022, Pease coordinate the execution of a formal contract amendment amongst yourselves so that both seools will be in position to release the date change ata ‘tally agreeable time. this is agreeable, please indicate by signing below, scanning and returning vi «email to Dave(@gridironschedulecom, Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience Regards, Dine Boron President, GRIDIRON Accent AND ace ACCEPTED AND AGREED LO ean eet Clark fas Allen Greene Aescte AD fe Devstpmen Dinars Aes suey One inert Fi ee: Mark Womack, Larry Templeton - SEC ‘Todd Stewart — Westen Kentucky ‘Merton Hanks ~ C-USA Jeremy Roberts Auburm signature: Maree Girton ndgonst@aubumeds Gawe conTRAGT ‘SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE ‘This agreement is made and entered ino this___7th__dayof_Febnuary 2017 Inthe ty. Auburn » Slate of ‘lobar , by aed between ‘Auburn University {heroinaftordeslanated oe the HOME TEAM) and —Westom Kenlucty University (hereinatter designated ae the VISITING TEAN), \WITNESSETH tha ‘The said partes mutually agree to cause thor respective versity foams to meetin the ety of___Aubum __inthe State of__Alabama on the__24hn day of September 2022, and then and there engagoina game of __footba g2me). Tho gems is tobe playedat_TBA___o‘lock. 2. The oligo of al players to patlpate nthe game shal be govemod by the ru ‘equations ofits conference and the NCAA. ‘3, Tiekot pices shall beset bythe HOME TEAM, 4. The HOME TEAM agroos fo pay the VISITING TEAM, 9 ul anc complete compensation, ‘he fixed sum of $__1,900,000_. $_ 700.000 __ ie to be pl on or before June 30,2021, The balance of §_1,200,000_is duo on or before _ Merch 1, 2023 ‘5. The cheerleaders and mascot of each tam shall bo admitod ree of charge provide they re in uniform, 8, ‘The VISITING TEAM shal be alotted TBD _ tkets for eal ot foflowers including bands), sald tickets fo be in number and cation as flows: Auburn wit provide Wester Kentucky Univerlty with 760 complimentary tokets. 7. The ratio broadeaet of tho game chal be the property of but patching teams. The righis of each team are 26 flows: The HOME TEAM shall provide space for one few broadcast ote! for the purpose of exclusive broadest onthe established radio network. ‘ofthe VISITING TEAM only, recalls for which shall belong tothe VISITING TEAM. Ali colhor broadcast rights and privloges and receipts therefrom shall belona exclusively fo the HOME TEAM 10.1Lis agreed by both pares that in tho oven of a broach by ether party, actual damages would bo of an uncertain amount. In vew of the fact, tho VISITING TEAM is the breaching party, they shal pay tho non-breaching party $1,900,000 _ as reasonable and ‘contemplatod Hquidatad damages. the HOME TEAM isthe breaching party, they shall pay the non-breaching party 81,200,000 in conjunction withthe ear payment of $100,000 _ a8 wasonable and contemplated quilted damages, 11. The fea for he game shal be assigned by the Souheastan Conference 12.1n the event of fe, Need, hurricane, tomado, earthquake, war, invasion, hoses, rebel, insurrection, confiscation by order of ho government liar or publ authovily ‘or prohibitory oF governmental authori, including tha of the Soulhoastern Confrence or tho National Collate Ahoc Assoctalion, making itimpossible or impractical o play tho ‘game, oth pares shal be releved of any and al absgations ofthis agreement. 18. The following adilional games shal be played under the same terms and condllons tnloss otherwise indeated on the folowing des ad times: Date Prace Time (at Dior of attics 4 Director of Atlin Y HOMETEAM 229. ¢ VISITING TEAM vie 2/2¥> ow, 2-22-17

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