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Daan tp 0: Se0#O205 817 4072-82 OEDEOAGACT? WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS 1605 AVENUE OF CHAMPIONS BOWLING GREEN, KY 42101-6412 WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY agrees to waive the $250,000 buyout stipulation in Women's Basketball ead conch Michelle ClarlcHeard's eontrast hn exchange fo the provisions below withthe UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNA Women’s Volleyball: Cincinnati plays st WKU on September 18, 2018, Cincinaatl agrees to pay WU a guarantee of $50,000, + Women’s Soccer: Cincimnat plays at WKU inthe Fall of 2019 (ate toe determined by the respective head coaches). Clnelanatt agrees to pay WU n guarantee of 50.00n. ‘+ Baseball Cine yeseres al WKU inthe Spin 0f 2021 (ate to letcrmined by the respective hed coaches). Cincinnathagress 10 pay WICU rate of $5,000, Payment for dhe sum of these contests, otaing SESOIM0, will be ‘Cineiunatnot later thaw June 30, 208, de to WKU by aio to the contents sted hove, Play 2 home/honte series {in the sport of Football. Cicinnat wil play at WKU on September 20,2028 and WRU wil play at Cincinnation September 26,2026, ‘This svisf detailed in a separc cont 1 cider party fais to produce tele fam and play on the date(s) indicated at the place agreed wpon for voleybal soccer or baschal or breaks any clase of this contract withont {he peranisiow ofthe other party to this agreement, that party sal py to the party not at Fat the sim 0f $25,000, Western Kenteky Unery nies of Cacia Seal ame: 2a 6 Schl Phe: S186 460 Gah VK Gs-1t tdi Conde Tod Stewart Dawe Maatiaionley we «6/1/2018 seni Apfesane caneral counsel, Asistant conertcein Daan Ennlpa i: FRRENN GARE. 827CSEACARENE WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY IvreRcouLeciate ATHLETICS AGREEMENT FestiveDats: May 2018, Howe Tame WKU Als: Yad tewa, incor of Asics ‘Aveo Champs Howting ran RY 42101 Visi Tease University of Croat Adtess: Dir fate ISL Vary Way (Cant, OH 3221 Compton: Football Pace Howchont- Sith Statin, WRU Howling Geom KY Date Seponbe 2203 Tie TBA Compensation: nena the Hoe tn wil uy the Visi eam 1080 Complisstey Tikes 490conplimensry Heke with papon pte upto 2040 aka kets Seva Povishns tung wl be din Csi, Ob on See 26, 2 This itrollegiate Athletes Agrerpent(*Agresent) i ade al esr int by the Home Tem tad by the Vising Tea os ofthe Fetive Date |. Couertrios, This Agreement coins the seragcimeats al cnstons between the Hae eam an he Ving Team to meet i an Atle Compton atthe Place, Date snd Tine se oh Daton Emtpe FARES 24 AEC AEHCUREONN? c RULES. The Conpetiion shall be gover by the ales of the National Colle {section NCAA") and Coeenes USA. OMFICINIS. “The officials for the Con conference office a the Home Te sh for oficial on shall be appoint by the Visti Tes Ibe responsible for payment fal fs aid expenses ELIGDILITY OF TEAM PLAvERS, The eligibility of any Team player to panicpate in the CCospetiion shall be governel by the res a wpulatons ofthe NCAA, Conference USA, an svc epeetive Tea, AwHivAL OF TAM. Biel team shall pron themscies atthe sits of the Congpetition jn colton to compete at kes tty minutes belore tie advenised starting time for the Competition CoMMENSATION. The Home Team agrees 10 pay the Vstng Team, as fall and compete ‘onsieration for patipating inthe Competition, the Compesiton st fh abune. Payment of ‘he Compensation shel be made no ltr than the Fst (Is eof Fry eer the compton isha IhiossioLity OF PEAYORMANCE, Ian unforeseen castro o disaster makes imposible the Playing of the Competition by ether Team, the Copatition shall be rescaled ta mutually ‘agreeable ple, date and tise and nthe Tam sll be responsible to hear for any Toss damage, Notice of sich a cataipe or dist shall be given tothe oer Team a 000 resol posible RRECLASSIICATION AND CANCELLATION. Either Team may cancel dhe Compatiion if ihe Tea fs rechsiid 10 a difrent NCAA mesnbetship division afer the Agreement fs best sighed, Cancellaon ofthe Competition under his section shal be deem ot ta bea bach of ths Aseerent Fonterrue Pet. I ither Team foes by filing to comply with the tems and conditions of this Aresient foray reson iter by exncellaon oe flr © ape the Tea 30 Trfting shal be obiigatal vo pay dhe non-toesting Tew the fnetre Foes Fh airs and fe Fiuie eae. Each Team acs ta the Forfeiture Foe represents resonable estimation fof the costs an damages that willbe ineured inthe event of Toeetre and isnot penalty. Provide, however, the Fete Fee shall ot apy cancelation ofthe Competition neous by eau af (a Inpesibility of Performance o(b) Mtl writen agrcinet ofthe Teams newer. {@)_ Ticket prices wil be cxalisi by U Home Team (by The Visiting Tea wll he provid he nuner of Compinentary Tikes set Fath abv (©) Bara embers, chsveaders, and auscots forthe Visiting eam wil be adie without charge whet i unify aed sll ote inl the complimentary tsk alleen Te Visiting Team shal info the Home Team we sas pir tothe Compton ithe Visiting Tens bad will ate the Compton. (In aio to the Complimentary Ticks the Visting Team wl be allowed to purchase a ‘utualy apr! numberof tickets fr sale to its constituents. The Vistng Team mst ret ( all sold tickets except 400 a later than one week preceding the Compton ad (i) 30 a Wikets wo ate dan non lel tne on the day of Competition. No crt wil he hse fo ihe retuned aller dhe applicable deadline. The visting Team sal py the Home Tea forall het. ” oan Enope i: FavORS ANCE oP SesCARGNOS? retained by the Visting Team a the piste ice value Iter th ioe dys lowing the Congetion 4) Notickss will be rxule for: () weds (i sialon workers and (i concession workers SIDELINE PASSES. ‘The Visiting Team will be provided wi 40 sileine posses forthe wse of coches, trainers and working perce only. Sidsine peses mist be wor by all personne with the exception a Team players in unifown. All Visiting Team sli passes wl bere ‘he Visiting Tem area (beween the 2s ines). the Visiting Tear lee ro ad resale sage oan von those wens Dhroxne as AND Pros! Rios, {a The Howe Team wil provide one rio bras ott (40 tele fine) alo hae to the Visting Team or the Vising Tents designed oil sao Bronson to recast live fea of the Corpetiuon. All ote its to and conf live ado brome resting revere shal oretained by an belong exclusively tothe Horne Tea (Each Team sl hae the ght to eco allo portions a's orn rao broads Fv ws in ‘onchen’ shows or home seni are delayed ado breasts {©)_All nights 1 an eomed oF al live Television closed ete, of internet brocasts of the Cowpattion al testing reves sl eta by and los exchsvel othe Home Tes 4a) Fach Team shal have the righ to prede widcoapes or Hs ofthe Conpetin fr ase i och’ shows or home viewing are dled bass (©) All of the Broadeast ant Program Rights descnel in this section sll be abject 10 somplince with applicable regulations, rls, ant aprecnicts the NCAA ana each Teams able conferaice merberti, (9. The Heme Tssm shall provide to the Visiting Team reasonable press box flies nd [wostictionacconmudations. ‘The Visiting Team sill reimburse the Howe Tea for any eests sociated witha incur by the Home Team i eaonstion with proving the Visking To vwithany Broodas aa Pogeam Righls ‘Coxcessia, PARKING AND PROGRAMS. "The Home Tea shal he the exclusive right to an ‘contol o ll eeesson sales, parking ad progam sls ol vesting even sal be rene. ‘yal botong exlasvey to the Home Team, [Noncrs. Any notice piven pus to dis Aareenen toa pty to ths Agreement shall egies in writing by pessoa delivery. oversight deliv, Taesinil, oF United Sates este oe ‘registred mail rer receipt rues ad shall be adress to eh Teun a shown ero 1 sch oer aes, oF to the aetion of such other parson ole, a ether Tenn may by ‘eit neice deze fom tne to tne Nov-WAIVER. No fale by either Team to iass! upon the srt pertormance of any coven apreemeni, tenn, ur condition ofthis Agreent, ot exersse righ ore shal ore waives. No aver of ay breach hl aft rr this Agreeen, eich an every covenant. odin, green, alte of this Agrotea! shall eoataue iy fall free and effect with ‘ess tn any er existing slut beh, AMENDMENT. ‘This Agreement ny be ann ay tine by sm aercenent of he Teams ‘ors any amendment stall be apeaive or vali it shal have Be nakce to writing ad signed by auovied ewesettie of fat Teams ® neon Enulope : Faasce 261 40CE 0 2ENCARTO? 17.No ASSIGNMENT, ‘This Agroemen, and dhe hts al oblignions set forth hein, may mn be ‘sian by ether Team without the expres rir writen extent often Tea S.COUNIERPARTS, This Agreement may be exesutl in ntpke contest, cach of whi shall he ered an orginal aa all of which when taken together shal conta bt oe andthe ane instruc ad Gcxnie or slo sane hall be cally WLENIIRE AGREEMENT. ‘This Apresmen! constivss the ete ageement between the Teams io ‘omecton wit the Competition nid supers ll prior ard connor agreements an ‘wadertandings whaler win orl IN WITNESS WHLRLOE, the pais have execu ths fterollgite Athletics Agreement in ‘nulpte vigil tobe eeete aso the dite fist wien ove WHsteRy KENTUCKY UNIVpBerTY UnIvEsTEY oFciNcINNATT wy edd ny [lees Gas Tt tics Tike ea iti conser, aise as ain PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN ONF ORIGINAL TO eae

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