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HILLTOPPERS WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS AGREEMENT Adds: Tad Sea Dis of Ati Ps oashane nih Sada, WRU, Bowing Gio, RY ace Steer 8.908 ComstishsFvne Fo: $5000 Compinsny Tih: 480 compliment with mp pce wo 200 io sks Spi Provtone WLU ply tm gui tal Ste aie Sopher 1,227 “This intrellerateArheties Agreement (Agreement) fs mad ana eee into by the Home Team sl bythe Visti Team as ofthe Eetve Dae |. Guero. ‘This Agretent eontions te arangements ad cantons betes te Home team athe Vis Team to eet a Alte Compton lhe Place, Ded Tie se a RULES. The Competition sl be govee by he rs of te Natal Colleia Assocation ("NCAA") and Cnfeence-USA when the Cerpesiton tks pee athlete 2. OMICHALS. The official fr the Competition sal be pp bythe ome Team and ssh oat Team sal be espns for payment ol fs un expense forthe oils 4. Funuusty or Teas Puayins. ‘The eigiily af ny Tem player opr the Comptin al be ere hy th ile an relations ofthe NCAA, CoereneSA sand ‘ct epective Tatneft whe the Compton Wh 5. AwwvaLor TsaNs. ach am sl poet themselves testo the Compton in onion to cmpet tent ity wise en he vents ing ie the Competition. 6 Conumunsarios. The Home Tea agrees to py the Visi Tet, fll and complete cvsieron fr ptt i the Compton, the Conetaton se eth ave, Payment of ‘heConpencation tal made no ner than they of Feb afer the competion 7. ossiity oF Pearonsusct f'n anfreson catastrophe or disaster makes mpossibe the paying ofthe Competion by ether Team the Compton stl be rschedled o muta grecable place, dat, and ti an eter Tey shale espa othe ee fo any fs faze. Noice 0 ich esr or distr sale en fo the he earns sass ‘essay pst 4. RECLAssnCAtIN AND CANCEELATION. Either Ten ny ease he Competition sie Tea ‘stecasifed 10 diferent NCAA manership dvsion ar the Agreret hasbeen signed (Cneelatin ofthe Conptton der hs sexton sl be deme tf be a breacho is 9. Poms: Pi, either Team fi by ing to comply withthe tem an condiins of this Asses fray tsi thor y encarta he Teams eg Si sited so pthc afore Teme ei Feet eh cat std iid dag. ach Tea ges he Poff Fee epesets esse etinaton ‘icone and dnage thal be cred nthe ove oferty ad tap, Provided however the estat ee tal no gps cael of she Compan orcs by "evn (2) Imesh of Perot: fh ssn o() Mat wren comet ea ean 10, Texas, Tih piee wit be cataished by the Home Fam (0) The Visiting Tear wl be ped the be of Camplimenary Tickets efor above, {6} Band members. cheeks. al wast othe Vs Teo wl eit wilt ‘hus wen uf aa shal a ben ne copier tet late. The Visting Team shal inform the Home Tear tv rath pri the Compton Ue Visine ‘Team band il tend the Conpetion (4) Inada tothe Complinenay Tickets the Vsting Te il be allowed to purchase Fully seed amber a ickets forsale icons The isting Pam tay ttn ay ts ike for tei (0) ll unsold cht xcept mo fn than ne weeping the (Cnngitin: ad (i) SO ul kets 0 late that Teal te on he day of Compete Noerot willbe ste fr chts tuna afer te spine dene, The vsting fea shall a the Home Tea forall ticks tained by the Visung Tea the printed face veld Ho at Than nce dys following the Competition (0) Novices wl be ees fr) mi) sta workers an i cnnesson works, @ 2 it Swonant Passes. The Vstng Team lb prod eh AO sideline pases fre us of ‘ose ines and working psomel oly.” Sideline pases mt be ora all pesomel with thecxceton of Team payersin nie. ll Ving Team sidline pees illo reid to ‘he Visti Tem area (Beween the 25-ya ow) he Ving Te echer mom al ese sag aad rm how ans branes an PRo«aas Ras {al_The Hams Team il provide one rai oes! wt fh teephone line an arg 0 "he isting Team rhe Vs Tes esa Tal ras teat ston net 9 Tie sd he Compe, All her gh oan cont lie ao bree nese reve sal he bed by a el ese ote He eam (Each Team ul Fave the right to ocr lo pation on rad relat for ei ‘Soacer” shows o ain lieing ara dchyed lo oat {cy Allighis to au ena of al ve tein lose eel fer Hrs fhe Coniston it esting reunite sal be etied ty apd belong excel ode ame Team, {i Fach Tom halve the iho prce dst nso the Compton fo sen ‘Sache shows or me veg are lye bonds, {Allo he Hroaess at Progra Right Serb in hs etn sal be sj to ‘omplnce ith pphable regulations, es, an apc ofthe NCAA aden Team's isis eontree aeiberin. (Cy Thetome Team shal provides he Visag Tenn reasonable res bs acts und [radios acsommadtons The Vstng, Fea shal ruse tht Hane Tes fr any cs ‘soul hand inured by the He Ten coanestion with presiding the Vsti Teen ‘shay rst ant Pegs Kits 3, Conessinn, Pathan AND PROWANs, The Howe Te hl ave dhe ence ght tnd “onl al onsen sles, paring prog se, and eli vvense sal he ened by andbstongensisvel tothe tome Tat [Nomee% Any ntise yen past thi Agree pf ths Agsnent l be sven Ini hy person iver, ern livery, ese Ure Snes eee ce Feira ele veg oust. nd shal be aes io ac ea ay sou et, ok Sof oer aes. oo te atetion of sh ote perso fie, 5 ee Tea a ‘wien tice designate am ine ine [os-Atame No fie by cher Tem to nist yon the st pein of ny covering, ‘grec, t,o conton of ths Agreement, of exerci gh or remedy sal cme Srnver, Nowaver ofan beach Sal set oar this Areeine, beat a vst coven {ton gern, le hs Ager scone al oes ants with espero ay the existing or subsequent ech Avner This Agrunent he ad a nyt by tl aeenet sf Tens ‘Before aay ante sal be apetsive ora tal ave Been edu owing and shod ysautaczad eesti of bh Teas No ASMUAMENT, Ths Apes and ths igh obligations fot een, my ot be ‘sige yer Te eb the eae por ritenemen ofhe ther Te @ 1H.Con NTuNHNRIS. his Aazaren may be esc in tne conpor, cach which sha {beds aia aa alo which whan togethers bt oe ad ne ‘name. a fie dc pats al be sal. P.ENtr Aunt, This Agwenent coats te ei econo een the Teams in enna with he Compeiton ra serra fr al cntonguransnes cements ar tndontnding ther ten IN WHINESS WHEREOF. he parts have enc sleet Atom i Toki Seva (27a tae pet DPLEASISIGN AND RETURN ONE DRIGINAL 2: xt amis {Gk hve Changs

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