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Lge Nee HILLTOPPERS WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS AGREEMENT ae tiv Dae Auge 6 2018 one Tom WRU ‘ils; Told ew Dv of Ate ‘iano ne, Sova aa Vite Teens Manny Adee Dad i Dt tA Binal Suton 56 ‘owpton Fst ox Homi tut, WU, Dwg i KY Date: Seplemberas, 2027 wey aoe S oops 250000 . Culaontertun fe: 09008 eth conpiney kes: comin ies wt on pba phe wo 400 el hs st Rovinee WU ol lay rt oe Ma ney etn 23,2 os ‘Aivtorametecosgecn was as ‘This ineolegie Aes Apes! (“Agree”) imide nd ete I bythe Some Tose sndby ths Visti Tessa of ho te Das, 1. Conor. This Apeement conf hs anges sd onde betwen the one (cam od te Viitng Tans fo at nan Atte Calton athe MDa Tie ot ‘ert sbore, a 2. Rout, the Conpetton shal bo govemed by tora ofthe National Collate Alatc Asoeliton (NCAA") and Coonan SA ho Camplin aes pase 3. Onrcis. Te ofc forthe Competon hl be apo by the Kame Teas and ek Home Tes tl be epoca or parent fl ead expan ar oi 4, fray or Tean Paves, Tho ell of ey Tepper prspat ths Compan lb governed ty tenes adaption ofthe NCAA, Coneene-USA and ‘ach epectv Te inlet when hs Coneton al, 4. Anya. Teas eb esha wom hosts hea te patton in endton to cnpeoat est ty tnt th veined slag ne tho, Compan, (6 Coyomareio% The Home Ten agus pay the Ving Taya fl end lee userinfo partial in he Camettion, he Conpesitin sl fart above. Payrant of (ho Compenston sl be ada ate an to dy of Ferry at eon ihe, 7. Imrossonery op Panron Ane. Han firesoenettophe o ter les nposile the ‘tying of th Conpottion by altar Teun the Compton sl be escbedaed ural sgeabl plc, das adi and et Tos il oth any ls ‘dogo. Note of rc a catssrophe oder nl be given theo Tees son a ‘stony pote 1 RacesamrcaTI AND CaNCanL ATION. Hes Tem may ene he Corpeiton iether Tet ‘nave Alien NCAA manbentipdvsonwlrthsAgresnent ha bee ged Caoeition oft Compotion der hs seston snl be doo ao tbe beh of 3 Apes. 9. Bonraruns Pus, Ile Team ffs by lag a comply with ho te a ons of Is Agreament fc ny recon ber by canelintn fe sppn, th Teams fing shale to py th on feig Team he rf Peet fathead ar lige camage. Bc Tea pos tas Poet Fen epost aaron eatin ‘ofthe cas a dnoges the wl be nsdn te eon oer ne not peal. Proved, howeve th Forte Bee skal at ony i cnet of ae Cametion cea by sono of) iposty a Pra; () Recon (Ml ale genoa 0. Texan, (a) Tleet cos wb nabs by ho Heme Tees (G) te Vsing Team willbe provide tho mane of Complinsatey Tekets ot fos soe, (@) Band mento costae, od acu frtho Ving Team wl beaded wtowt hae wenn fn end sal not be student company ett lott The ‘Visng Ten shine he Homo eas type othe Capeltea te Ving Tee dw tea ho Cente (@) In adton ths Complinnamy Tks, the Viking Tem wi be lowe pushove 3 ‘niyo nue of Ue alta Sone The Vang Teme ttn ty ‘old eh i cei: () all sol eter 20 uo atta one we prsedng te [Cemgedton an i) 0 ung sets non tha 00 oe en ey of Compton. ‘Nooret wi tested forts retuned ae tie spate del, ‘The Ving Te akall ay the Hore Team forall etaed ty tho Ving Po st ete ie len er ‘han ian des fon the Compete, (6) Notts wl be requ fr) cs) sada week nt) conan wks @ ” 11, Stun Passes, ‘ts Viang Ten willbe provide with 4 saline psc rte we of ‘onche,tias wd worklig eroan oly. iio paste sb pros ih ‘Se stapionof Tex player i nfo, Al Vistiag Tee sine pass wl bros the Vig Team area (eben te 25 ins), he Vieng Ten locks ror and noone sca om thot re, 12 Boaneasr aw Proonase Rens, | @ (the Heme Teaxs will provide oe radio broudaet out (wo telephone thes) at 0 charge to | ‘he Visit Team for‘ Vsting Tens dest ofa edt bends ton to rece | refed othe Gmpetan alter nah to oa cones rao onder ae oan, ‘vem al be etaied by ae lng ell toe ane Toa, (©) Hach Tena Sl inv th sgt oe al or prt ot wn ado oe fr sin ‘neha shows oho tting ae lye sin nent, | omc iy da ia aan Consgetion nd reeling ovens el bores by sb blogexitaly foe lo Tea. (Each Tea shal have tight prodon vicotpe ce i fhe Competent ‘che sho ar home viewing aa dyed eden, (©) A ofthe Brendsst and Program Rigs desuled nhs ecto lb sbjet to ‘anlianse with plane stints, sad wencet ofthe NCAA taeda Teas thle onrence mete, (© ome Te stall video the Ving Tom resol pss box tin td rodnsianseomnadeoes. Th Viskng Team ll eb tome Ter ey os soca wi al need by the ue Tam in eaaton wth poving ic Vig tam ‘wit any Bede and Progr Rit 1, Covessson, Panama anmPRoaeANs. The Hate Touma hav he xls ight to nd sgl ofl eeu nes, pug ad program exes, and etl even hl be ned ‘bya belong exlasialy the Home Ton | seo ta orem em en oi a eet ee Sunt eaatieenteentegacaaeeneey Einegigereamevaia ame sac Saeeeeas |S. NOWWatvi. Noir bye Team oni po th srt pfrmneo of ay event peenat tem, reno ofthis Agesa, ro exes sigh cr ede ots a waiver. No waver funy beach fl et rls Agnes teach ced very soy endo, aor, emf his Agrenat sal cet is fl oe afc wa ‘orp ony othe niga bent ee, 16 Aumunaar Tis Agreement my be aad yn by mn ageet of be Tos ‘ie nerd hl operas relive ae ed tg ed | Iyathtonl qr oft Tome . | 17. Assonecon. This Ago, ee he ghee bliin uth ec may tbo ‘ssigne by sith Team witout the expe, or en cont fe oer Tea @ 18, comerman, Tet Ageamstt may be exceed in mpl conzpat ac of whe shal, ‘be ded en rig] nd al of wich whan tek ost el ont at on and We ss Tnsremeny od sale or seo sigs cal te cgal- ‘9.sivmg AoesENaT. Ta Agrnment ont he aie eam ete the Tox jn conan wi fi Compan nd ened pea and ontrpornen gent ad ‘edustandings wheter wt oF xl sn Wms WETBRHOR, te pares hav onsale Aletes Agee a ‘alii b eve a th a fi wetan shove. fo et a) PLIASH SIGN AND RETURN ONE ORIOINAL TO: ‘Wit eas 1s dee Bowing Oren KY “10h

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