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This agreement is entered into as of the 17th day of April 2019, by and between

LOUISIAN A TECH UNIVER SITY and Stephen F. Austin State University

1. TEAM PLAY: The parties hereto agree that their respective FOOTBALL teams shall comp ete und er the following terms and

DATE: September 10, 2022 LOCATION: Rust on, LA

2. Eligibility : The contest(s) shall be governed in al l respects, incl uding the eligibility of the participants, by the rules and
regulatio ns of the Natio nal Collegiate Athletic Assoc ia tion, the individual inst itutions and t he intercollegiat e ath letic
conferences to w hich each party is a member. In the event of any conflict in such rules or regulations: (a) if both teams are
members of the same conferenc e, the conference rules/regulations shall control; (b) if not, or if the co nference has no
applicable rules or regu lations, the NCAA rul es/regulations sha ll control.

3. Officials: Officials shall be app ointed by Conference USA .

4. Tickets: The home institution will provide to the vi si ting in stitu tion 400 complimentary standard admission tickets. The
visiting team will be allocated a minimum of 2,000 ticket s on consignment, if requested by June 1 for the year in which each
game is scheduled . Unso ld tick ets must be returned by Friday September 2, 2022. The visi ti ng t ea m is responsible for pay ing
the printed face va lue to the home team for any t ickets not returned by agreed upon date above .
Ba nd, Cheer, Mascot : The visit ing team's ba nd, cheer and mascot(s} sha ll be admitted to the game when in
uniform . The visiting team band shall be seated in the stadium stands and require either complimentary tickets to
be used or additional tickets to be purchased for the seats needed to accommoda te the band . The visiting team
shall inform th e home team of t he approx im ate number of band members.

5. Visiti ng Team Travel: Unl ess mutually agreed to the contrary in the "Specia l Arrangements" section herein below, th e
visiting team shall make all of its own travel arrangements and pay all associated expenses.

6. Cancellat ion/Forfeitur e: It is agreed that $500,000 wou ld be du e as liquidated damages if one party breaches the
contract. Payme nt of liquidated damages w ill be the so le remedy for damages incurred because of cancellation of the game
due to breach. No liqu idated damages shall be paid if it becomes impossible to play t he game by reason of force ma jeure
(See Article 15) . The su m sha ll be payable on or before February 15 of the year following the game for which the breach
occurred. The parties acknowledge th at the breach or cancellation of one game in a series shall not be considered a breach
or cance ll ation of all games .

7. Financia l Arrangements: Louisiana Tech University agrees to pay $3SO,OOO game guarantee .

8. Broadcast Ri ghts:
A. Generally: The parties agree that the game start times are subject to change in order to accommodate live broad cas ting
opportunities. Any change in the date of th e game shall require the consent of th e visiting t eam, which consent shall
not be unreasonably withheld or delayed . All reven ue derived from radio, television, and Internet broadcasts sha ll be
retained by the team owning the broadca st right s.
B. Radio Rights: The vis iting team shall ha ve the right to produce (or to have its officially designated station or affiliated
radio network produce) a radio broadcast of the games and di stribute it via terrestrial broadca sl, the Intern et, and
satellite rad io, and to re lain any revenue from that broadcast . The home team will provide the visiting team w ith
necessary hook-ups and fa cil ities free of charge to produce the radio broadcasts, however, the visiting team shall be
responsible for all applicable incidenta l costs (i.e telephone line charges, special electrical set-up, enginee ring, etc.) .
The home team shall not be required to make any alteration to existing facilities for purposes of this agreement. All
other radio broadcast rights are the proper ty of the home team.
C. Television and Internet Rights : The parti es agree that all televisi on and Internet broadcast rights, both live and
reb roadca sts, are the exclusive proper·ty of the home t eam and the home team's conference, where applicable. The
home team's television right holder(s) will have th e excl usive first right to select t he game ror dis tribution through all
television media, including digital distribution . If the television broadcast is not aired in the visiting team's OMA, the
home team will make best efforts to facilitate an agreement between the home team's television rights holder and the
away team to allow the game to be televised, at a minimum, in the visiting team's DMA, at the expense of the visiting
team. In the case of the participating C-USA team serving as the home team, and the C-USA television rights holders
pass on the game, the righ ts to th is game will revert back to the [-USA participating institution. The visiting team may
request permission to distribute the game in a manner consistent with the C-USA's media agreements, which permission
will not be unreasonably withheld. Internet rights will remain with the home team, and the home team will make best
efforts to facilitate an agreement between the home team's exclusive web provider to share the stream with the visiting

9. Event Management: All aspects of event management, including, but not limited to, providing security for participants and
spectators, qualified event staff and managers. adequate facility preparation,. etc., is the respons ibility of the home
institution .

10. Walk- Through: If requested by the VISITING TEAM, at least fourteen days prior to the game, the HOME TEAM will make its
best efforts to accommodate the VISITING TEAM's request to conduct a walk-through at the game facility on the day prior
to the game. It is understood that such an opp ortunity is contingent upon weather and field conditions . Non-cleated sh oes
shall be worn .

11. Sideline Limitations : The VISITING TEAM, including game personnel, may use any and all product, clothing and equipment
on the sidelines of the football field that are normally used on their home field sidelines, and in conjunction with such use,
may display the product or equipment names, logo, image, slogan or identifying marks in a safe and responsible manner.

12 . Credentials: The VISITING TEAM shall be provided a minimum of sixty team bench area passes, eight all-access passes,
eight coaches' booth passes and four team/coaches video passes. Bench passes must be worn at all times by those holding
such passes and shall be restricted to team bench area (Between 25 yard lines) . Additional credential requests shall be
subject to mutual agreement, availability and facility constraints.

13 . Parking: The VISITING TEAM shall be allowed parking for one (1) equ ipment truck, one (1) equipment van, four (4) buses,
and will receive six (6) automobile parking passes for use by football program and administration .

14. Force Majeure : It is understood and agreed tha t neither party can foresee the exigencies beyond the control of each party
which hereafter arise by reason of Acts of God and Nature, and Acts of Common Enemy, and which would make necessary
the cancellation of this Agreement, or any portion thereof, or of a game . Therefore, if either party, because of an
occurrence of such an exigency, should cancel this agreement, or any portion hereof, or a game, the Agreement to that
extent shall be cancelled, and neither team shall be responsible to the other for any loss or damage , Cancellation of a game
under this section shall not be deemed a breach ofthe Agreement. Notice of such a catastrophe or disaster shall be given as
soon as possible.

15. Severability: In the event that any condition , covenant or other provision herein contained is held to be invalid or void by
any court which has jurisdiction, the same shall be deemed severable from the remai nder of this agreement and shall in no
way affect any other condition, covenant or other provision herein contained .

16. Execution of this agreement: Each of the persons executing this Agreement, on behalf of his/her respective institutions,
hereby warrants that they are duly authorized to obligate hi s/her institution to all arrangements as specified in this

17. NCAA Bylaw By agreeing to this game con tract you are also verifying NCAA Bylaw which states, "Each
year, a Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) institution may count one victory against a FCS opponent toward meeting the
definition of a "deserving team," provided the opponent has averaged 90 percent of the permissible maximum number of
grants-i n-aid (63) per year in football during a rolling two-year period ." If your team does not meet the 90% in the year in
which th e contest is scheduled, the contract will be void with no penalty to the home institution.

Date : l/- '7-1 9

Please return one signed co py to :

Tommy McClelland, Director of Ath letics

Louisiana Tech Un iversity At hletics
P. 0 . Box 3046
Ru ston, LA 71272

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