The ' Bajaj ' group of India owes immense gratitude to their founding fathers whose vision and dedication over the years has greatly helped to build a business house that can set standards in Indian Industry. Jamnalal Bajaj was the founding father of the Bajaj Group. The adopted µfifth¶ son of Mahatma Gandhi, and the 'merchant prince' who held the wealth he created in trust for the people of his country. Trust - a simple word that contains a whole philosophy handed down by Jamnalal Bajaj to his successors. He valued honesty over profit, actions over words and common good over individual gain.

Kamalnayan Bajaj, elder son of Jamnalal Bajaj, followed footsteps of his illustrious father and consolidated the bajaj foundation. With characteristic foresight and pragmatic vision, he launched a steady diversification programme which gave the current name "Bajaj" both its shape and size. His unique management style created a work culture that matched well with the national spirit he had inherited.

Ramkrishna Bajaj took over the reins of the "Bajaj group" in 1972 after Kamalnayan Bajaj and steered the Group from strength to strength for over 22 years. He had also actively participated in the freedom struggle of the country. In post independent India, he had led the youth movement. All along, he actively strengthened the foundations of business through ethics and practices both within the group and amongst the business community as well.

Shekhar Bajaj, Chairman & Managing Director of Bajaj Electricals Ltd., started his career with Bajaj Sevashram after which he worked at Bajaj International, the group's export company. Mr. Shekhar Bajaj joined Bajaj Electricals in 1980, became the Managing Director in 1987 and took over as the Chairman and Managing Director in 1994. Mr. Bajaj is the Chairman of Bajaj Group companies Bajaj International and Hercules Hoist Pvt. Ltd. and on the Board of Directors of Bajaj Auto and IDBI Bank. He was the President of ASSOCHAM, former Presid ent of Indian Merchant Chambers (IMC) and Council for Fair Business Practices (CFBP).

Brief history of our Company Our Company was incorporated as Radio Lamp Works Limited under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 as a public company limited by shares, pursuant to a certificate of incorporation dated July 14, 1938. Subsequently the name of our Company was changed to Bajaj Electricals Limited, pursuant to a fresh certificate of incorporation dated October 1, 1960. In 1964, Matchwell Electricals (India) L imited, ("Matchwell"), a manufacturer of electric fans became a subsidiary of our Company and subsequently, with effect from July 1, 1984, the business and undertaking of Matchwell was amalgamated with our Company. In the financial year 1993-1994, our Company entered into a joint venture with Black & Decker Corporation, United States, for the manufacture and marketing of power tools, household

appliances. In November 2002. our Company entered into a technical collaboration and brand licensing agreement with Morphy Richards. pursuant to which Black & Decker Bajaj was renamed as Bajaj Ventures Limited. our Company established and commissioned a wind energy generation unit with an installed capacity of 2. However. lattice towers. During the financial year 1999-2000 Black & Decker Bajaj became a 100% subsidiary of our Company upon our Company acquiring a further 50% of the shareholding thereof from Black & Decker Corporation. Patan. United Kingdom. the financial year 2002-2003. our Company established a new manufacturing unit at Chakan near Pune and commenced operations of manufacturing of fans and die-cast components. In the financial year 2002-2003 our Company discontinued manufacturing die-cast components. we acquired 32% of the share capital of Starlite Lighting Limited. our Company divested 50% of its shareholding in Bajaj Ventures Limited and Bajaj Ventures Limited ceased to be a subsidiary of our Company. VISION. 2001. In the year 2000-2001 our Company set-up our manufacturing facilities including a fabrication unit and a galvanizing plant at Ranjangaon. PHILOSOPHY AND VALUES . In September 1999. and the said manufacturing facilities commenced commercial production with effect from April 1. Tal. The production of fans at our manufacturing activities of the Matchwell unit also was gradually shifted to our Chakan unit. ("Black & Decker Bajaj"). near Pune for the manufacture of high masts. In the year 2005 our company entered into a Distribution agreement with Trilux Lenze of Germany for high end technical lighting.8 mega watts at Village Vankusawade. In the year 2007. District Satara. Maharashtra. for the sales and marketing of electrical appliances under the brand name of "Morphy Richards" in India. and related accessories. through a separate company named Black & Decker Bajaj Private Limited. and related products. a company engaged in the manufacture of Compact Fluorescent Lamps ("CFLs"). In January 1998.

while empowering them to achieve their performance goals with speed and efficiency. LONG TERM GOALS . Personal Growth : Every employee will be enabled to learn at the work place with significant opportunities for Personal Growth and Contribution to the organization. while continuously enhancing stakeholder value. Belief in Excellence : We believe in setting higher levels of Excellence in all our actions and will recognize and reward the excellence achieved by our team members. Delighting Customers : We will delight our customers by providing them world-class products and services and thereby enhance their quality of life. performance oriented environment and define clear accountability for our employees. Trust builds Quality Quality builds Satisfaction Satisfaction builds Relationship Relationship builds Trust We believe in ³Inspiring Trust´ Build Trust : We will conduct all our business dealings with fair and ethical business practices and strive to build trust in the minds of all our stakeholders. Ensuring Accountability : We will work in a transparent. Encouraging Teamwork : We will ensure dignity and respect for the individual while encouraging Teamwork. through our products and services.We aim to bring greater happiness to our customers.

it should be our µDharma¶. Services should not just be a slogan. Awareness to profit has to be strengthened and percolated at all levels. reliability and good value in the products we sell and services we offer. To see that the fruits of prosperity are shared by those who have contributed in the prosperity of the company. To create an atmosphere that will encourage best of talent talent to join our company. To aim to become market leaders in whatever we take up for marketing ± whether in restricted areas for certain products or on an All-India basis for others. To be sensitive and responsive to changing customer needs right from product development stage to after-sales-service. Our Suppliers They are our backbone. development. We must make such policies that will improve the profits of our dealers. Our Shareholders To assure them proper growth and return for their trust in us by investing their money in our company. We have to see that they earn reasonable profits from dealings with us. People at every level will be expected to adhere to high standards of business ethics. Quality Consciousness . We must create conditions for them in which they would like to establish long term relationship with us. since each person is expected to and must contribute to increasing the profitability of the Company. Our Consumers To ensure that our customers are kept satisfied through good quality products at reasonable price and proper after-sales-services. We are committed to five groups of people and we cannot reduce the emphasis of obligations and responsibilities on any of them. We would like to improve our profits by higher market share rather than by higher margin. Our People To offer growth and encourage promotion from within by proper training and motivation. We have already established a consumer cell to take care of consumer complaints as also desired by the council for FAIR Business Practices. Social Responsibility To discharge our responsibility to people. Our Dealers To motivate them by offering quality products at reasonable prices. Consumer Satisfaction To develop the right relationship between the Company and all its customers. so that the customer¶s needs are met simply and effectively.Market Leadership To provide quality. Profit awareness To earn reasonable profit is extremely essential for discharging our obligation to any of the above five groups of people. We should also assure them satisfactory growth so that they also prosper with the prosperity of the company. marketing and administrative functions. Ethical Dealings To conduct the company¶s affairs with honesty and integrity. Price Competitiveness To improve our competitiveness by constantly enhancing the performance of our manufacturing.

where each person is motivated and assisted to give out his best. ± Rahul Bajaj y y One of the oldest business conglomerates in India A group comprising of 25 companies . There should be no place for demoralization and frustration if the markets are bad or for complacency or lethargy when they are good. or dealers ± should be made to consider ³quality as a way of life´. Action Orientation To be on our toes and always dynamic whether markets are good or bad. The emphasis on quality is not to be restricted to our products and our services only. People at all levels-whether they are employees or vendors.To perpetually strive to improve the quality where there is to be no compromise. Technical Superiority To develop our Company in technical orientation so that we sell our products on the basis of technical superiority. but to all spheres of our activities. Excellence Culture To develop a culture where mediocrity is neither accepted nor tolerated. To create conditions where each person is striving to surpass his earlier best. We should not be satisfied with our past achievement but strive for higher and better performance like a real ³Karma yogi´.

000 Employees. etc y Bajaj Auto Group's flagship company is one of the world's leading 2 & 3 wheeler manufacturer y A brand well-known across Latin America. Headed by Mr. at INR 46 per USD Around 36. general insurance and consumer finance businesses y It has plans to expand its business by offering a wide array of financial products and services in India y Deals in the financing of consumer durables.y y y Turnover over INR 280 Billion (~USD 6 Billion. South and South East Asia . loan against property/shares y Achieved a disbursal of INR 24 bn (~USD 0. WEF.47 bn) as on 2008-09 y A brand well-known across Latin America. South and South East Asia y The company is currently engaged in life insurance. Africa. currently Member of Parliament and active leader in CII. Rahul Bajaj. Middle East. Middle East. personal and small business loans.52 bn) in FY09 under its various financing schemes y General and Life Insurance Joint venture between Bajaj Finserv and Allianz SE (74:26 holding) y Assets under management of INR 22 bn (~USD 0. Africa.

Baroda Industries Pvt Ltd. Bajaj Sevashram Pvt. Jeevan Ltd. Hind Lamps Ltd. The Hindusthan Housing Company Ltd. Bajaj Finserv Ltd. Mukand International Ltd. Bajaj Electricals Ltd. Bajaj International Pvt Ltd. Mukand Ltd.y Mukand Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of alloy and stainless steel long products in India. Bajaj Ventures Ltd. y The company also builds machines and plays an active role in turnkey projects and highway construction. Ltd. Bajaj Auto Ltd. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Ltd. Bachhraj Factories Pvt. Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd. Bajaj Auto Holdings Ltd. BEYOND PROFITS So what has won Bajaj. Hind Musafir Agency Pvt Ltd. Jamnalal Sons Pvt. Ltd. Mukand Engineers Ltd. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd. Maharashtra Scooters Ltd. Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd. Bajaj Group Companies Some of our group companies are: Bachhraj & Company Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. its enviable position among the Ieading business houses in India? . Mukand Global Finance Ltd. Hercules Hoists Ltd.

he furthered the cause of business ethics and practices. Its philanthropic activities are being carried forward by the present generation under the stewardship of RahuI Bajaj. actions over words and common good over individual gain . Spending up to Rs. 700 crore (US$ 153 million). As such. He was the founding father of the Bajaj Group. Kamalnayan Bajaj devoted all of his time.Jankidevi Bajaj Puraskar for Rural Entrepreneurship . Wardha Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies Consumer Protection IMC Ladies Wing . And the 'Merchant Prince' who held the wealth he created in trust for the people of his country. Ramkrishna Bajaj actively participated in the freedom struggle of the country. The social and welfare objectives of the Bajaj Group are being fulfilled through the many Trusts and Foundations it has established. This simple word contains a whole philosophy which was handed down by a man who valued honesty over profit. the group even today continues to enjoy moral strength with financial muscle. 100 million (US$ 2.What has given Bajaj. the reputation and name that It enjoys today?! Trust. The assets of these charitable trusts is at present nearly Rs. In his footsteps. A veteran freedom fighter. His vision has stood as a beacon for generations that followed. The relevance of Jamnalal Bajaj's principles and practices has and can only grow over time. resources and energy for promoting Gandhian activities. the house of Baja] has striven for the 'common good'. All through its rise to a leading position in business.Jamnalal Bajaj. All along. The adopted 'fifth' son of Mahatma Gandhi.15 million) every year. To know more about the activities of these trusts click on the links below: y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation and Awards Jamnalal Bajaj Seva Trust Jankidevi Bajaj Gram Vikas Sanstha Rural Development Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital Institute of Gandhian Studies Gandhi Gyan Mandir Gitai Mandir Gita Pratishthan Fujii Guruji Memorial Trust Shiksha Mandal. Jamnalalji's younger son. his elder son.

y y y y y IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award Laxminarayan Devsthan Trust Paryavaran Mitra (Friends of Environment) Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation Other Activities .

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