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Capitol Update
March 18, 2011

Last Saturday, March 12th over 12,000 parents, diane.patrick@house.state.tx.us APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE students, HOUSE and educators gathered at the Texas Capitol to support This week, the House Appropriations Committee voted out public education. I was pleased to greet several busloads House Bill 4 and House Bill 275. HB 4 is the supplemental of school supporters who made the trip from Arlington. appropriation that is needed to fund the remainder of fiscal year 2011. This allows school districts, for example, to continue to receive their funding through the summer. With the Governor, Comptroller, and House Speaker’s support, the committee voted out HB 275 that uses approximately $3.2 billion of the Economic Stabilization Funds (“Rainy Day Funds”) to provide the funding needed to pay for House Bill 4 (current year budget gap). The Appropriations Committee also adopted final recommendations, including Article III Education and Article II Health and Human Services. Contingent upon passage of HB 4 and HB 275, the committee proposed an additional $2 billion for the foundation school program and $2 billion for health and human services. HB 1, the 2012-2013 budget bill, is expected to be voted out of committee next week. These budget bills will still have to be debated and voted on by the House. It will take 90 votes to use the Rainy Day funds appropriated under HB 275. If they pass, the bills will then go to the Senate and then have to be signed by the Governor.

Thousands Rally for Education


PYLC Group visits the Capitol
Earlier this week the Pantego Youth Leadership Council visited our Texas Capitol. The group was created by Pantego Mayor Melody Paradise, beginning with 25 active participants in the current class. The Council was designed to develop leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills, as well as encourage community service, civic participation, and philanthropy in young people now and in the future.

Spring Break Honorary Pages
This week I was honored to host several honorary pages including Justin Werst, Megan Marvin, Caroline Gann, Garrett Elliot, and Courtney and Matthew Sanders.
Our Capitol Update is distributed from my office to provide information about happenings in Arlington and Austin, and we must follow strict ethical guidelines. Factual information may be provided, but political opinions or affiliations may not. If you would like more information about a specific issue, feel free to contact our office by telephone, email, or just stop by.

My Bills
Friday, March 11 was the bill filing deadline. Over 7,500 bills and resolutions were filed this Session, quite a decrease from the 81st Legislative Session. As of Friday, I filed 22 bills that include various public and higher education proposals, utility rate relief for public schools, child nutrition and wellness initiatives, toll roads, and government transparency. Thus far, six of our bills have had hearings and two have been voted unanimously out of committee to be heard and voted on by the Texas House. Only 74 days left until Session concludes!

Diane Patrick, Ph.D.
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Capitol Update Vol.5, Issue 5, March 18, 2011

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