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TAO of Mayan Healing 4

Geometry in Space and the Human Body

The photo on the left taken with a hard x-ray

camera of Cygnus was the first time that the
geometric shapes were seen. Notice the
geometry of the star, a square within a sphere.
The space around the star also has visible
geometry even though it is blurry, indicating
that space is not empty.

Geometric Energy Meridians of the Earth and your Human Physicality

Russian scientists* have discovered evidence of faint magnetic lines appearing around
the Earth, outlining three dimensional geometric forms known as a dodecahedron and an
icosahedron, with nodal points at intersections. (Nodal points are places where the Earth's
magnetic energies spin, creating an intensified field). It seems that Earth's energetic
nature expresses itself through this crystalline structure. (figure below)

The geometries of the icosahedron and the dodecahedron are the shapes
that our Earth energetically moves, or 'breathes' between. We might perceive these
geometric shapes as an energetic pattern within which the planet sends and receives
energy from the cosmos.

Roots of ancient cultures can be traced geographically and appear to follow these
magnetic lines. Meteorological maps show global centers of low and high atmospheric
pressure occurring at the twenty nodes of the dodecahedral skeleton. These are areas
where hurricanes originate and where there are gigantic spinning vortices of ocean

Scientists have been listening for decades with

computerized radio astronomy, to sounds from space.
SETI and NORAD encased within Cheyenne Mountain in
Colorado, are examples of such efforts. This mountain
was selected as a working site because of a large nodal
vortex within the tectonic plates. Researchers seek to
understand more about unexplained energies that create
these nodal points because it is apparent that these are optimum places for sending and
receiving planetary and universal energies.

Christopher Bird reports that another Russian Vitally Kabachenki, studied photos of the
Earth taken from space and found a deep-seated grid structure which at times seems to
'shine through' the upper hard core of the Earth. The phenomenon, appears as black
streaks on the ocean, and as a barely noticeable network of nebulous streaks in the sky.
Another Russian geologist suggests a universal, space-filling lattice controlling the
position of planets, stars, galaxies and intergalactic space.

Wilhelm Reich suggested a basic ether or life force traveled in spiral waves with matter
forming where two spirals superimpose. Others substitute the idea of a primordial
chaos, a regulatory pulsation, with all matter - galaxies, stars, and planets - being
formed at the nodes. Hubbell Telescope photos of galaxies in creation and stars
imploding confirm the constant movement of a spiral motion in space.

*Nikolai Feodorovich Concharov, Vyacheslav Moroz, and Valery Mokarov

The 19.47 Earth Meridians

„ The inner earth is stabilized by

the star tetrahedron.
„ The vortex spin points are
located on the 19.47 North and
South Meridians where all of
the pyramids have been built.

„ The second image shows how the 64

tetrahedron structure fits within the
„ Graphic by Nassim Haramein

Geometrics of the Body for Axiatonal Line Connections

The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtock

describes the Axiatonal lines in the
physical body that form geometric
shapes shown on the left.

When you have the lines connect back to

the Universal grid, information and
energy of the highest levels can flow
through the lines.

This connection is considered a very

intensive Initiation and cannot be
performed unless the client is sent to you
by spirit.

It is important that you become aware

that the geometrics exist in the energy

The school will offer a Master Initiation

level course in the future to teach this
connection work to those who are ready.

It is suggested that you read the Keys of

Enoch to prepare for your own Initiation.

Shannon Ogg, the Executive Director of

Tao of Mayan Healing School, has
learned the process and is certified to
teach this level.

Geometry of the Merkebah

This diagram shows the total geometrics of the human form. All prana and energy enter
through these geometrics to the energy meridians of the body. As you raise your
frequencies, the body will vibrate to activate the geometrics of the outer prana field or
aura. Notice the 19.47 meridians on the outer geometrics that match the inner geometrics
of the earth and all other planets and stars. These are the geometrics designed by Source
to connect all in creation as ONE. The clearing and activation work you will learn opens
the energy meridians to the full geometric spectrum.