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Contract Amendment #1 Football Contract Between the University of Oregon and University of Idaho ‘The Agreement entered into on October 30, 2018 (Original Agreement) by and between the University of Oregon (Oregon) andthe University of Idaho (Idaho) i emended es fellows: 1. Paragraph 1, SCHEDULED GAMES, ofthe Original Agreement is deleted and in its pace the following is substitute: 1. SCHEDULED GAMES ‘Oregon and Opponent hereby schedule one or more intercollegiate varsity football games as follows: DHE ToeRTION — [woe TERN [WT TEAR Togs 2,204 | Eger, OR | Oregon io 2. Pamggh 2, COMPENSATION, ofthe Original Agreements deleted andi its alae the flowing i sbstte. 2. COMPENSATION Dao Gane Roan oH Te Ving Te Ass, 242028 —[ 740,00, 3/as/acac rt 3. This Contract Amendment #1 is effective Mereir26,-262. All oter terms and conditions ofthe Original Agreement remain in fll force and effec. “The parties indicte ther acceptance of and agreement to the terms and conditions of this Contract Amendment #] by thir signatures below. UNIVERSITY OF OREGON UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO By Rob Mallens Dinector of Athletios Date: Feta >

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