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7/23/2018 7:57 AM


2022 Term Sheet
Prepared for: University of Oregon

Description: Peach Bowl, Inc. (PB!), a not for profit corporation is proposing a 2022
regular season football game between University of Georgia and the
University of Oregon in Atlanta, Georgia at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Game Date: Saturday, September 3, 2022

Television: ESPN/ABC or CBS

Kickoff: Kickoff time TBD in conjunction with the TV Network

Participants University of Georgia and University of Oregon

University of Georgia: Home team, Home team locker room and Red jersey

University of Oregon: Visiting team- Visiting team locker room and Green jersey
Locker rooms are the same size and neither one is the Falcon locker room

Officials: On-field Officials: Neutral

Replay Officials: Neutral

Arrival Date: Friday, September 2, 2022

Departure: Post-game, day of game

7/2312018 7:57 AM

I. Tickets
Ticket Allotment: University of Oregon's ticket allocation is listed below.

University of Oregon will be responsible for staffing a general school will call location and a
player/guest will call on game day.

University of Oregon-Visitors Tickets Price Total

Lower Level Sideline 4,500 $220.00 $990,000.00
Lower Level End Zone 500 $180.00 $90,000.00
Lower Level End Zone Student 500 $60.00 $30,000.00
Lower Club 500 $300.00 $150,000.00
Lower Level Suites 52 $300.00 $15,600.00
Total 6,052 $1,275,600.00

**The budget allows for no comp tickets to make payout thus the suites include 2 (two) 26-
person suites, the band tickets and the player-family tickets listed above that are included in the
revenue projections.

In addition to the suites listed above, both schools will receive 2 (two) complimentary 20-person
suites. Suite locations will be determined at a later date.

Every ticket above except for the student tickets includes a $5 Fan Zone ticket.

7/23/2018 7:57 AM

II. Transportation and Parking

Each University will provide its own team and official transp01iation from its campus to Atlanta,
and to and from Mercedes Benz Stadium on game day. Blue light escmts will be provided for
the football team and coaches only, with PB! coordinating in conjunction with team and local
law enforcement.

• Car Parking - Game Day Only

Parking will be sold through the Universities/PB! in advance and the Mercedes
Benz Stadium on game day. PBI anticipates making available 550 game day
parking passes collectively to University of Georgia and the University of Oregon
fans, available for sale at www.Chick-fiJ-AKickoffgame.c9rn and sold as part of a
Cost will be determined by January 31, 2022, and include a program.

• RV Parking- RV parking passes will be available for sale to fans of both Universities
through Mercedes Benz Stadium parking office.

• Bus/ Limo Parking- Bus and Limo Parking passes will be available for sale to fans of
both Universities through the Mercedes Benz Stadium parking office pending

• Parking pass allocation will be as follows:

o 550 parking passes will be made available for sale to fans via public sales at beginning approximately June I, 2022.
o 30 parking passes will be provided to each University for internal use.

III. Finances
PB! agrees that it will manage all operations for the game and any surrounding events taking
place in the days preceding and following the game.

University of Oregon guarantees that it will purchase and sell a total of 6,052 game tickets with a
$5 Fan Zone ticket included in the pricing of all tickets (with the exception of student tickets) as
outlined on page 2 at the prices listed there, for a total of$1,275,600.00 In exchange, PB! will
guarantee University of Oregon:

1. Total team payout of $4,500,000.00.

2. 125 Complimentary tickets on September 2, 2022 for tl1e team to visit the College
Football Hall of Fame.

7/23/2018 7:57 AM

PBI strongly urges both schools to begin ticket sales for this game as early as possible in 2022,
but absolutely no later than March I, 2022, and conclude sales by no later than June 14, 2022.

IV. Sponsorship

The Kickoff Game will identify a local and media sponsor of the game, and the event wi II be
recognized as the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game at other title sponsor's name in all controllable
media and in the following onsite applications. University of Oregon will agree to refer to the
game as the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game or other title sponsor's name in all promotional materials
in suppo11 of the game and through its TV contract insure that ESPN/ABC or CBS will agree to
these naming rights and will utilize it during the game broadcast.

V. Marketing/Advertising

Environmental Event Promotion

• Full stadium event signage including lower level walls, club level walls and upper level
walls, plus field level press corrals.
• 75-100 downtown pole banners promoting the game.
• Directional signage su1TOunding Mercedes Benz Stadium

Game Program
• PBI may produce a standard regular season game program with a custom cover, with
each University having an equal number of pages allocated toward team-specific content.
Each University will receive one full page ad in the game program at no charge.

In-Game Inventory
• PBI agrees to play conference or institutional messages in-stadium on the halo board and
public address systems during the game.
• PB! will manage all in-game balo board and ribbon board inventory.

Concessions and Merchandise

• PBI will have the right to utilize approved University of Oregon trademarks and logos for
the purpose of producing officially licensed merchandise, PBI will work with University
of Oregon Trademark and Licensing office and/or University's licensing agent on all
approvals. PBI will also ensure that University of Oregon receives all royalties as
standard for use of University of Oregon-only marks, through its licensing agency
• Pending agreement of both Universities, the alcohol policy will min-or that oftl1e Chick-
fil-A Peach Bowl. Beer will be available for sale, but sales will be cut off at the end of

Television and Radio

• ESPN/ABC or CBS shall have tl1c exclusive firsLright to telecast or distribute the Game
on a live basis. PBI acknowledges it does not have the right to sell the TV Tights for the
game but will serve as a primary point ofcontact with ESPN/ABC or CBS.
7/23/2018 7:57 AM

• ESPN/ABC or CBS will work together with University of Oregon and the PAC 12 to
accommodate both University of Oregon and the PAC 12 with highlight rights typ.ically
associated with a controlled PAC 12 game.
• PBI will serve as primary point of contact with ESPN/ABC or CBS and any other TV
Networks on all issnes. If ESPN desires to bring the College Game Day broadcast,
College Football Live broadcast and/or other assets to the site in support of this game,
though each element is at the discretion of ESPN then PBI will serve as main contact.
• University of Oregon flagship radio network will have the ability to broadcast the game
just as with other regular season games. PBI will provide broadcast locations on game
day at Fan Zone, if such event is held, or at another location on the Mercedes Benz
Stadium/Georgia World Congress Center/Centennial Olympic Park campus if the Fan
Zone is not held. The radio network originating the broadcast will be responsible for
payment for phone lines/high speed connectivity as required.
• Radio broadcast for University of Oregon will be exercised as if they were in their home
venues. Their broadcast partners may use all normal regular season radio outlets whether
instate or out of state. PBI will exert its best efforts to confirm that conference
agreements with Sirius/XM will be honored for this game.
• PBI will negotiate with ESPN or another radio entity to attempt to obtain a national radio
• lfESPN College Game Day broadcast originates from Atlanta and ESPN requests that
both· Universities provide cheerleaders, mascots and/or bands to appear on-camera during
the broadcast tl1en each University will have the discretion to detem1ine if it is willing to
accommodate this request. The appearance by the cheerleaders or bands is not required,
and expenses for the travel and lodging of those cheerleaders and/or bands will not be
assumed by ESPN. PB! will attempt to find discounted lodging if the Universities want
to have their cheerleaders and/or bands appear.

Sideline Rights
• University of Oregon will have the right to pour its own isotonic beverage of Gatorade
and be permitted to use all Gatorade equipment and towels on sdeline.
• University of Oregon will have the right without limitation to utilize its own headphones
and communications devices on the sideline during the game.
• Each school will receive 70 bench passes.

Ticket Mailing and Fan Zone/Tailgate Promotion

• PB! will provide printed tickets in tl1e quantities specified on page 2 to the ticket
manager. University of Oregon agrees to insert in those ticket mailings to buyers one Fan
Guide per envelope/order promoting the events surrounding the game and informing
buyers of parking and travel options to Mercedes Benz Stadium. The insert will be
delivered by PBI to University of Oregon or its designated ticket mailer.
• University of Oregon agrees to promote school-specific tailgate paities to their fans if
PBI chooses to create and market such events.
• University of Oregon agrees to utilize their own ticket buyer email databases, social
network tools (Facebook and Twitter), and football web sites to promote the fan activities
and tickets for all events. University of Oregon will agree to send no fewer than I email
blast per month in June, July and August of2022 to ticket buyers of this game, and will
agree to post at least once per month in June, July and August of 2022 to the official
7/23/2018 7:57 AM

football Facebook Page, and to tweet through the official football twitter account at least
once per month in June, July and August. Content of event and ticket marketing will be
specific to actual events and assets associated with the game and not specific to the title

Team Walks
• University of Oregon agrees to allow their teams to participate in ofiicial team walks
during the Fan Zone event prior to the game.

• PBI will provide game day management and operations.
• PBI will identify and provide the field crew, including chain crew, clock operator, red
hat, etc.
• PBI will manage credential distribution and will provide to each school 70 bench passes.
• TI1e Field Game Officials will be brought in from a neutral conference.
• The Replay Officials and equipment for this will be from a nentral conference.
• The Universities agree to play this game under NCAA rules.
• Mercedes Benz Stadium will be operated under the policies and rules set forth by PB!.
• PBI will handle press box operations and media credentialing, and University of Oregon
will provide sports information staff to assist PBI in operations.
• PBI will provide a stat crew to work the game.
• PBI will provide a uniform patch, helmet sticker and logos for coaches sideline apparel
which must be worn during the game.
• University of Oregon will provide a Team Specific Medical Observer and PBI will
supply the Team Specific Medical Observer with a credential and a viewing seat.

Field Layout
• One End zone will be painted with University of Georgia's nonnal game end zone stencil
or team name.
• The opposite End zone will be painted with the University of Oregon's normal game end
zone stencil or team name.
• The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game logo or other sponsor logo will be painted at Midfield.
• Each 25 yard line will have one Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game or other title sponsor logo.

Hospitality Functions
• PBI will organize and execute an official fan VIP hospitality function for each of the two
fan bases. University of Oregon will guarantee that its alumni clubs and/or booster clubs
and associations will book its official hospitality functions through PBI, unless said
function is held at the official team hotel.

University Appearances
• PBI will organize several events at which the presence of representatives of University of
Oregon will be required:
o VIP Reception - Friday September 2, 2022 @ approximately 6 pm (8 total
guests, to include the University President/Chancellor and Athletic Director)
7/23/2018 7:57 AM

o Team Tailgate Parties - Saturday September 3, 2022@ approximately 5 pm

(Athletic Director to make an appearance and speak to alumni for approximately
15 minutes. Cheer squad, mascot and small pep band (if available) to make an

• In the 2-3 months leading up to the game, PBI may run a local service program in
Eugene. University of Oregon will provide 4 football student athletes, cheerleaders and
mascots to make an appearance at this event.
• University of Oregon agrees that during its spring game in of 2022, it will allow PBI
and/or Chick-fil-A or another title sponsor to activate promotional activities around the
game in order to generate excitement and ticket sales for the matchup. That promotion
may include, but not be limited to: providing in-stadium media to promote Chick-fil-A
Kickoff Game or another title sponsor (ribbon board, jumbotron, public address, etc.)
Chick-fil-A will provide complimentary Chick-fil-A food for media, staff, teams, etc. and
providing complimentary food around the stadium for fans. University of Oregon will
not specifically promote Chick-fil-A outside of the context as title sponsor of the event.
• PBI will have the right to utilize the approved game logo, which incorporates botl1
universities/team marks, in promotional materials, marketing materials, sales materials,
and has the right to pass along use of the event logo to third-parties who are official
sponsors of the game.

VII. Hotels

PB! will identify two host hotels as team hotels for this game, Each team will be placed in
contact directly with the appropriate property listed below to coordinate their rooms.
PB! will provide 100 Complimentary rooms in the official team hotel for the night of September
2, 2022 for use by tl1e Oregon football team.

Both schooJs agree tl1at it will guarantee tliat all of the following will book its room blocks into
tlie official team hotel:

• Official athletic depmtment travel paity

• University parties including president's office, official booster club and alumni
• Official athletic department and/or booster and alnmni club travel compm1ies

It will also agree to promote its team hotel to appropriate fan blocks as the Official Fan Hotel in
m1 effort to sell that property's transient rooms for this game by placing tlrnt hotel's phone
number, web site and reservation information on the University of Oregon athletic web site
and/or emailing it to ticket holders, or directing its official travel company to the hotel to secure
some or all remaining rooms.

7/23/2018 7:57 AM

Fan and Media blocks may be secured and information made available to both schools so that it
may be promoted to fans and media, if requested.

We the undersigned agree to the provisions of this tenn sheet.

(Signature Page follows the page break)

7/23/2018 7:57 AM


University of Oregon




Title I


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