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About Us
Our background

Born out of one man’s dream to positively impact the world, Unaico owes its initial impetus and drive to Jarle Thorsen,
the Founder of Unaico Holdings Ltd.

His vision, built on years of experience and success in Direct Sales, was to create a business where ordinary and extraor-
dinary people could achieve true and lasting success. Despite several negative experiences with short term operators
and business leaders of dubious motivations, he knew the ongoing launches of these “ventures” indicated a real, if un-
realised, need in the market. Aware that Globalisation and International networking trends would accelerate, he saw
that there was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a business that capitalised on these dynamics, by serving the
needs of people, both customers and distributors, to connect, communicate and do business together.

The centre of his realisation --that online connectivity was paradigm-shifting --was that an online business community
had not been created yet that combined two channels, social networking and direct selling, in a meaningful way. In 2008
he started to approach investors and entrepreneurs and created Unaico Holdings Ltd.

In 2009 his vision attracted more and more capable people, started to gather momentum, and a number of subsidiaries
and partners, and spread from Scandinavia to mainland Europe, and to Asia.

Our Vision

We believe that one person can affect the world. But only if he or she inspires and helps others. We create the smoothest
and most professional platform for aspirational people to reach, empower and support each other.

One person is great Two are powerful A group is world-changing

Our Mission

Unaico is dedicated to creating a platform for individuals to fulfill their aspirations as a one-stop holistic solution:

I. To build financial and business success

II. To positively impact others

III. To learn, develop and grow

To be part of and build something larger than themselves

To contribute to Global social harmony

Our Objectives

To become a Global top tier Direct Sales company, dedicated to fulfilling the aspirations of our distributor partners,
committed to leading the industry and creating new paradigms in business methodologies:

I. To break new ground in online social networking, network marketing, and distributor partnership.

II. To be part of a group of companies that adds value to our shareholders, our partners, and customers.

III. To be a dynamic, responsive and caring partner to our distributor leaders

The Unaico Holdings Ltd Group

The Unaico Holdings Ltd group of companies include Unaico, The Oxford Programme, SiteTalk, Realpoker24, and
I-Investorclub, with several in development, and we have joint ventures with companies in nutrition, property,
telecom, marketing and sales in a multitude of niche markets.

Our Business Model

In the centre of our business model is This Global multi-lingual social networking platform was
pre-launched in the end of 2009 and achieved astonishing interest and explosive growth. From the out-set and
through-out the vision has been that this is the heart in the middle of our business model. Using the viral nature of the
web distributors have the opportunity to spread the word about Unaico, easily signing people onto our SiteTalk platform.
Apart from the normal communication, sharing and networking benefits, our companies also make available product and
services opportunities, purchases of which become commissionable in our compensation plan.

From the perspective of a new entrant to our business, a typical case study would be this:

John introduces Mary to She join the community, discovers that several of her friends are already in-
volved, introduces more to the community, and enjoys communicating and sharing with her group of people, friends
and family. She discovers several social groups that share her values and interests. Occasionally she purchases
something from banner advertising of goods and services that match her desires and aspirations. Through the new
people that she introduced she is vaguely aware that her network is building and numbers hundreds and then
thousands of people.

One day partway through all of this, she is sent a congratulatory note informing her that she now has the opportunity to
upgrade her membership for free. She accepts the terms and conditions and to her astonishment she starts to receive
communications that she is starting to accumulate SiteTalk Cash on her account, a small percentage override on the sales
realised in her network, which she can use to purchase products and services. She also has the option to upgrade her
membership to become a distributor and earn commissions. A small trickle grows into a supplemental income, a sup-
plemental income grows into a significant income, and one day she attends a company sponsored event and realises that
there is more available. She gets serious and starts, with John’s help, building her Unaico and SiteTalk business in earn-

Of course, in contrast to Mary, we have attracted an unprecedented number of powerful network leaders who are joining
with eyes wide open to the potential of our business model. What they are attracted to is the fact that our business
model is fresh and new in the Direct Selling industry; love the fact that we are creating a social networking and Direct
Sales hybrid; appreciate the power of having a friction-free fast build, using non-physical products and no geographical
borders to expansion; respect the Direct Selling experience of the management team; and in most cases have looked for
years for a company that genuinely believes in a true business partnership with the field leaders.

Our Partnership Model

The thumping heart of our business is the fact that we know that no Direct Sales company can be successful without a
strong and committed field leadership. All companies pay lip service to this self-evident truth, but no one built it into
their business model in the way that Unaico Holdings Ltd has.

From the outset, a full 49% of Unaico Holdings Ltd has been reserved for ownership by field leaders. Many companies
has created bogus share schemes with no intention to truly redeem the value of these shares, but Unaico is different.
Qualifying leaders own, through an electronic share register, their part of the company that they are helping to build.
Using stock market disciplines and protocols, way beyond our compliance needs, not only is their future stake of the
company assured, but they also have the opportunity to redeem the value of their shares
immediately should they so desire.

As servants of the shareholders of the company, Unaico company officers treat distributors differently than these have
experienced before with other companies. Through multiple communication channels and internal processes and
disciplines we communicate and manage the business jointly with our distributor leaders.

Our Key People

All of the key people of Unaico Holdings Ltd have successful distributor leaders, as well as corporate and business, expe-
rience in their CVs. This ensures that they know both sides of the fence. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of what
a distributor leader needs to quickly and successfully build a powerful distributor organisation. It also ensures that we
remain true to our philosophy of a true business partnership --it is hardwired into who we are. We can hand on heart
say to a distributor leader, “We know who you are; we know what you need. We have walked in your shoes.”