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This Agreement is entered into this lst day of June , 2016, by and between
Texas Tech University, hereinafter called ("Texas Tech") and University of Oregon
hereinafter called ("Oregon") and collectively called the Parties.

For and in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants set forth herein, the
parties agree as follows:


The Parties agree for their intercollegiate football teams to meet and compete against
each other in Games of Football (the "Games") as follows:


September 9, 2023 Lubbock, Texas

September 7, 2024 Eugene, Oregon

Upon mutual written agreement by the Parties, locations and dates may be changed.
The time of the Games shall be determined by the "Home Team".


The eligibility of all players who are to participate in the Games shall be determined by
rules and regulations of the Big 12 Conference ("Big 12"), the Pac-12 Conference
("Pac-12") and the National Collegiate Athletic Association ("NCAA").


The game officials shall be assigned by the Pac-12 for the game played in Lubbock,
Texas and by the Big 12 for the game played in Eugene, Oregon.

The Home Team agrees to pay the Visiting Team $400,000 as a game
guarantee. The Home Team will retain all gate receipts. The game guarantee
shall be paid to Visiting Team on or before March 1, next following the Game.
Any sum not paid by the due date shall bear interest at the highest rate of
interest allowed by law or 10% per annum, whichever is less.


The band members of the Visiting Institution shall be admitted, if in uniform, without
charge. The cheerleaders and mascots of the Visiting Institution shall be admitted, if in
uniform, without charge.


Tickets for the Visiting Institution shall be allocated as follows:

A. The Home Institution shall solely determine the price of tickets and be
responsible for printing tickets, for selling tickets and for distributing tickets to the
Visiting Team. All tickets sold by the Visiting Institution shall be at the printed
price. Such prices shall be furnished to the Visiting Institution by April 1 of the
year preceding the Game.

B. Upon request, a minimum of 2,500 tickets shall be provided to the Visiting

Institution for sale to its fans. The Visiting Institution shall return all unsold
tickets as early as practical, but no later than August 15 prior to the date of the

C. Additionally, the Visiting Institution shall receive 350 complimentary tickets for its


Revenues from the gate receipts, concession sales, programs, pictures, parking and
other associated game activities shall belong exclusively to the Home Team.


Radio and other Broadcast Media. including the Internet.

The Visiting Institution shall be provided space for one radio broadcast outlet for the
non-exclusive regional terrestrial radio broadcast by the Visiting Institution's flagship
station and additional terrestrial distribution on the Visiting Institution's regional network
of terrestrial radio stations, but agrees to require a national distribution platform to black
out the home market(s) of the visiting team.

The Host Institution shall have unfettered regional terrestrial, national terrestrial and
satellite radio rights, and any other audio distribution method now known, existing or
hereafter developed. The Host Institution also shall have exclusive rights to sell
national terrestrial radio rights.

Television. Video. Film and Internet Streaming

The parties hereto mutually desire that the game(s) to be played hereunder should
have maximum media exposure, Including national television exposure.

A. Agreement to Telecast. Each game covered hereunder shall be available for

telecasting by the Host Institution. The Host Institution shall have all rights of
telecast, including, but not limited to, national network television, national cable,
Conference networks, Internet streaming, delayed telecasting, unlimited
highlights, institutionally syndicated packages, and telecasting by any and all
other means. The Visiting Institution agrees to the following:

I. The scheduled start time for the games(s) is solely at the discretion of the
Host Institution and may be changed up to 6 days in advance of the game in
order to accommodate television.
ii. Any change in the date of the game(s), including changes for television, must
be mutually agreed upon by the participating institutions.
ill. Media timeout formats are determined by the Host Institution's conference.
The Host Institution's conference shall be responsible for the TV liaison (red
Iv. The Host Institution agrees to provide the Visiting Institution with one 30-
second message if the game is selected for a national broadcast network or
national cable network telecast.
v. The Visiting Institution may not telecast the game in any way or use any video
from the Host Institution's telecast of the game without the written permission
of the Host Institution's conference; provided, however, that the Visiting
Institutions shall be allowed the use of highlights of the games(s), not to
exceed the length of time designated by the Host Institution's/Host
Institution's conference's Football Television Agreements, for the sole
purpose of producing coach's shows and season highlight presentations.
This permission, if granted, must be within any limits set by the Host
Institution's conference or telecast rights holder regarding amount of video
(time elapsed), where the video may be seen or accessed (i.e., national vs.
local TV, website, mobile device) and any other restrictions. Notwithstanding
the above, immediately following the conclusion of each game hereunder, the
Visiting Institution shall have the right to telecast audio and visual highlights
not to exceed the length of time designated by the Host Institution's/Host
Institution's conference's Football Television Agreements on the Visiting
Institution's or the Visiting Institution's conference's controlled and operated


Questions dealing with interpretations of the Pac-12 Football Television Agreements

should be addressed to the Pac-12 Associate Commissioner, Television. Questions
dealing with interpretations of the Visiting Institution's conference Football Television
Agreements should be addressed to the Visiting Institution's conference office.


The Home Institution shall own the live radio broadcasting rights. Proceeds from Home
Institution radio broadcasting shall belong to the Home Team. However, the Visiting
Institution will be given an outlet free of charge for radio coverage. Revenue collected
by the Visiting Institution shall belong exclusively to the Visiting Team.


Except where the appearance of either team is prevented by one of the events
described in Article 11 below, the institution whose team fails to appear and participate
in the Games provided for in this Agreement shall pay the other institution the sum of
$1,000,000 within sixty days of the applicable Game date. Such sum if not paid at due
date, shall bear interest at the maximum rate allowed by law.


Neither party shall be considered in default of this Agreement for the failure of its
intercollegiate football team to appear and participate in a Game for reasons due to
acts of God, natural disaster, national emergency, labor disputes, war, order of a state
or federal court or similar events beyond the control of the party that fails to appear.


It is agreed that in the event the rules and regulations of the NCAA, the Big 12 or
Pac-12 should be amended, modified or changed in any manner so as to make the
terms of this Agreement to be in conflict with the subsequently changed rules or
regulations, then the terms of this Agreement are to be considered amended so as the
terms shall not be in conflict but In accord with such Rules and Regulations.
This Agreement is agreed to and signed the date shown by the duly authorized officials
of each Institution.

Texas Tech University: University of Oregon:

Date Director of Athletics Date


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