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BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY AMENDMIEINT ONE TO ATHLETIC AGREEMENT UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI AND BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY THs AMENDMENT ONE Amenity ad betes BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY adhe UNIVERSITY OF CoNctaNAT ty hears teem a hr Spin 25 oe "Agen. WHEREAS, iste mau inet of be Paris tamed he Aone ira th tf Ft ge peed NOW, THEREFORE, nsdn be een evans tm an cnn hel oa nd het comin, te hc fh ey soe Foie aera aloe |. Scion ONE sheny amen canging te DATE fe Fol amin eI Sener 2824 September {Lama stineo enone’ ane 2 Seton ONE hay ua ty hog th DATE fe Fst one Cia Oe Sepebe 27,205 Siena 209 time be deme ose ‘Aladin eon nos of he rial Agen lpn, 25a es eed ning. sv by bc Paae [8 WITRESS THEREOF. is Agee sn coe ay echo hepa bee, gh mein eo Shyam ey nde fron se Dies of tbs + 355 ‘ATHLETICS: “Threw agrearers entered to fhe th doy of Septamber, 2015, ya between Ele Stat Unies and (the Universtiy fcc herein rferac oo “tole Stat an "UC" respecte end calectvaly "the partes" Ths new sreementropacas and supersedes the peo conat dated Oxtober 23,2036, ‘ttached hart for referees ony. ‘contest nd Teomsto Fay: The partes pee thatthe flowing Mere ool grew played athe tine and lace inated below nthe partes wi rave an NCAA eg tam fos ge The gue wb eyed ‘the pares camps otal tau, : av ate ine. on ‘satrdoy ‘Separber 3 3030 100 ‘os, 0 sstureay sSeplamber27, 2025, + me ‘Cat, on 2.6ama Governance ‘A. Elity an ules/Ragletons: The cal contesshalbe goveradn a expats nc the ‘ty ote prtpans byte rasa eagulitons ofthe Noa olepte Nt ess, the Irdvalnstitions, andthe nara conferees owen ach pty it member. inte ev oF sy confit nec ules ragulstons (beth teas re mersts fhe tame conference, the Confceceueregltions al contra) IFa of, the conten ar no appltable ae rapution, the HCAArule/regutons all col. ca eet, o Tourament Offa: The eran Ale Conerence sl asl and pay fr ae {orth gameln do, ao and the Wounaln West Conference shal sgn and py for offer he ime nC, OF 23 Farell Considerations ‘A GurentonPeyment As forthe shove desea gamete flown guarehes parent agreed to: ‘+ September 28,2024 ol tate wl uarareepeyennt of $200.00 fo the game played in Boe, ‘tho, Pld in fil tr tan 30 as falowlg ato ceded ges 4+ September 27,2025 UCwil uaante payment of 200,00 for he ame layed Cha OF Pali no iter than 30 dys folowing above chad ges. 8 canealatonn he event that an nsttuton hall ancl or lt appar forthe contest speed nthe ‘sgreement, the part so canceling or flog o appear, sal emburse the oterrttaton $0000 2 [gute damages rd nat pera, wtn 20 days of the a the comet wat scheduled tobe le, ures such carelain/lorturels ue to ant of Sod 4.Tekts Thome team wl pro to the vig tm 350 complimentary ces for sb game The vig team Sfallhave te option af puchasirg vp to 2.50 teksts face vain or sgn sch cetion or aeeee upon bythe pares, Alsles are nal and there wl ena return of any ttt ules Reals vith he rer poy of ‘he home tam andin no es il ay eat be atures or raf ater thn wes pit ame tine, 5. Spell rangement Unless thease area na wit aden bart hee at a other anes provided exap a ful dilses hare, Ts nudes al trv oe soe expec, I Broadat ights ‘A. Ra Rights The home tea agrees ane grants he ing team he eh to rode the shad {are over the isting team's stl boedcastystem. The heme ea wl prove the ing tam ith ‘Suchhook up and fees sare ncesay to progaca ht rosetta ad gee the operty teh eam. ‘Telecast Rights least ght fas and revenue ete property of tha hoentten whe omens seonerence 7. Game Managemen asec of puting onthe gency, bt rte to prong seat for arpa and specatr gualfed staf and managers, dopo el on aly preparation ee the Fesposiy ofthe home es by encton ofthis grement each ofthe pares gets to be bound bythe tes and codons ound stove or ‘ich modestlon rare mate only inwttng. 2. Erato of th Agreement The parsons exciting his remeron behalf tha respethenttons horabywarentthat thy se duly autora to bgt thet to argent spel hes ‘Aeement. ager ‘ove STATE UNIVERSTY BOISE STATEUNWVERSTY ‘WAN: wk Bohn Waniecur Ray {TLE Oretor of titles TTTLE Detr of ata bare: bare Seo agape Daniel A, Bears ‘Aatooate Gora Counsel ‘Asstiant Contacting Otter

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