PROJECT OF Mudra Port, Gujarat

Mudra Port and Special Economic Zone Limited (MPSEZ), India¶s largest private port and special economic zone, was incorporated as Gujarat Adani Port Limited (GAPL) in 1998 to develop a private port at Mundra, on the west coast of India. The company commenced commercial operations in October 2001. Mundra Special Economic Zone Limited (MSEZ) was incorporated in November 2003, to set up an SEZ at Mundra. MSEZ was merged with GAPL in April 2006. The company was renamed as Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone Limited, to reflect the nature of business.

Mundra Port, part of the Adani Group, is a port developer and an operator. The company has a 30-year concession agreement beginning 2001, with Gujarat Maritime Board and the Gujarat Government for a non-captive private port in Mundra located in the Kutch district of Gujarat

Punjab. during spring tides.This port. Madhya Pradesh. which has been operational since 2001. Haryana.14 . Mundra port has a wave height 0. provides services for various types of cargo such as food grains. investor friendly and commercially successful states. 60 km west of Gandhidham in Kutch district of Gujarat.30 m and wave period 6. Mundra Port is strategically located for global trade (Latitude: 22º 43¶ 88¶ N. Uttarakhand and J&K Facilities Mundra port is an all weather. It has considerable distance advantage over other ports to most destinations in Rajasthan. Delhi ± NCR. America and the Middle East. petrochemicals and crude Location of the port Mundra port is located at Mundra. The port is ideally situated to service the huge hinterland of northern and northwest India. Longitude: 69º 42¶ 34¶ E).5 knots (9. independent and commercial port.1.6 km/h).3 km/h). The pilotage within Mundra port limits is compulsory and port provides 2 tugs for assistance in maneuvers. which account for two-thirds of India¶s GDP. Africa. tidal streams flow 0700 ± 2500 at an average rate of3 knots (5. Located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Kutch on the west coast of India. Uttar Pradesh.. Mundra port benefits from proactive policies and governance in Gujarat.0 sec Connectivity Road Mundra Port is about 65 km from Bhuj and 400 km from Ahmedabad. one of India¶s most industralised. Mundra port has a clear deep water approach with a minimum depth of 18 m at any state of tide.17.50 sec. The tidal range is between +0. Himachal.37 m and +6. Mundra Port provides a convenient international trade gateway to Europe. and 4 . . It . coal.40 m.

New Delhi and Kolkata). a project by the Indian railways to shorten the distance between the northern hinterland (including Delhi and commercially important cities like Ludhiana) and Mundra Port by providing a broad gauge connection between Palanpur and Adipur. which runs from Porbandar in the west to Silchar on in the northeast. As NH 8A is part of the East-West Corridor of the Golden Quadrilateral project (connecting the four Indian metros ± Mumbai. Rail Mundra Port is well connected to the Indian railway network. Chennai. Pipelines have been laid to Bhatinda. Mundra Port itself has a private operational airstrip that is suitable for landing mid-size easily accessible by the national highway network (NH 8A and NH 15). The aerodrome can be extended for commercial operations as land is available with the Adani group adjoining the airstrip. Air The nearest commercial airports to Mundra Port are at Bhuj (65 km) and Kandla (60 km). etc . Adani also has equity stakes in the Kutch Rail Company Ltd. Pipeline Because of the distance advantage over large ports like the ones at Mumbai. Mundra is a port of choice for crude and other liquid cargo bound for the northern hinterland including the refineries of Punjab. Adipur falls on the broad gauge from Mumbai to Bhuj. the proximity of this port to this highway is of strategic importance. ‡ The port has 7 railway sidings and two dedicated diesel locomotives ‡ It can handle double stack container trains ‡ A 64 km private railway line has been developed which connects the port with the national network at Adipur. (KRCL).

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