" J'~.

J """ f




d'll'eS5 up your wit,!!! with , .

Clean 'the wire if necessary by using a pol'ishi:ing cloth. Be careful! not to twist or kink the wire v;,IhHe cleanmq, Cut the wire into seven ~ 2:" 10l1Qi pieces .. Hold the wiires h)g ether keepl ng the end s even. Marik the CEIlter, Tape the wires together about .;%" on each side of center mark, making' sure that wirres are lying' 'flat side by side and snuq togetner_

Gut a short piec€ of the half round wire, about 6·, for yom wrap wlire. When wmpp,ing with half round wlire, the nat s;ide should be down aqalnst the square wire. Make- a hook on one end using the tlat nose pliers" mal ki ng su re th e f~at sid e of wi re is down. Leave a short tail to hold onto when you're startlnp the wrap. This end can be wrapped down after you have the wrap started.

Place the taped bundle iin the hook, and hold lit with flat OIF chain nose pliers" Wr,t1p the long tailaround the bundle, and ge'nt~y mash the bend with the flat nose pliers each time you wrap.

Tliis assures a snuq wrap to hold the \viires securely in place .. Continue until you have 6 complete wraps. Cut the ends. Both ends shoulc be on same side of your bundle, as this will become the beck of your work,

Remove the tape, and fan the lNinas out in peacock tail fash;ion.

Place a bead all each wire start:~ng from the outside, and work in toward the center This allows them to slt on each other in the right order,

ribbon of rings brocelet

'Repeat trus with the second flower from the tl'8W set, and theflo\~verVQ the left of it from your bracelet. Lay out the bracelet, and look at the three rows you have completed. Ag.aMlI, ensure that. the ripple was maintained throughout the thl'ee rows. The first and third row should De lying the same direction, with. the second row lying in the opposite direcUQr'i. Thi'ou.ghout the bracelet, you wi'll have the odd rows 1,)ling one directio,n, and the even rows another.

ConUnue· forming two new interlocking flower groups, and. attaching them with small rings to the two nowels, on theend of the chain, as descnbed, Allway:s ensure that rh,€: ripple effect 'is, present. with each row of flowers 'Iyi,ngl in the opposite direction of the row above hi.

Once the bracelet 'is. the desired len,gth, attach one side of the clasp lei the bracelet, !!.J.t.Hiz;,ng a small rl,ng.

Attach the other side of the clasp to the remai,nvng unattached ha.lf of the end flower, uhlizing .;;li small ring. Ybu/( bracelet is riOW finiShed. g,

SUle, Rilpsd1,

grew lip on a f'H'01. h~ Centra 1 Illinois and curreraly livc!i in ji!.n.csvill<2, tVls. She begaTi her· G:,~f~r ,~5 ,1 l'ef,is~e~d IiU;5~. SU!"· 10.15 '1Iw:~p; OOE!l'l C~<lU .... ~~ in the area (}[ bandwm''', bUI for the I<lst '92\l'(~·r.al years, IM~ 'iJ.t~('TI (on1..'en!J:,.,ning h,,~f' focus on ·d1<lin ']'L"Hk Her hClsba,n<i, Sk:v~, has Il!Jmt:d to make m,ll'}, sizes <lJ1d typ~ of jump rings, and ,)hm assisls heA' in lhl<! m-ilny d<1iSfieS Sh(f le·<'lches Ij'IH)1lghout 1.'\Ib;~on;;in cn:;,d in Las .... ~cg,i1:,., Her Jewelly is for sale ilfl :g~lh'!r~es in S(-!<.iO]l<l, A 1'":,,, [erome, Nev , '!.HO in li,S Vcg();';. S·ll(~ hil~ beem I.e~(.·hing chail'l mililli;! a~ rl~v .. 'dT)' Arts F:<:}'!o and Bead I:i(:':';.t. V;;;il Sue Q·n IlN· W-eb :;j,le at. if'V<'dl'~·by6U~(}nlinC,(om,

"~.\ -


'"' .:.

..:0 ~ .



~ ..

.~~ icy blues


Straighten, dean, and then cut five 4~ pieces of 22- g:auge wire. Twist 3 or these \tu'ires. CUlt one 5" pieeeof 2:2-gauge ~Nire. Organ lze these ,6 wires in your hand; with one ilI'Us'h end. 'The 5 II wire is on this bottom, and the twistedwkes on top. forth positions; tape near elther end, Find and mark tne center of the bUlidle", measure, and mark %" on either side ot the center.

Make two rolls of tape, with the sticky side out Place one on your fihllQ,ertlp" and oTIle on the workbench. Pla.ce the stone, crown side down, onto the bench tape; and place the bottom of the snapset onto the tap~ on 'your fingertip. Center the snaps-at over the stone, and press down firmly :until the stone I:iterally "snaps" into the

find I ng. Set all four stones, and set aside,

Straighten and cut one 9" piece of 22-g,auge wire,and twist an bu.t 1 V2M cneithsrend. Usill9 a round mandrel, or double banre:1 b,ail pners (about 7mm across), 'put a smooth U sh ape. into the center of this Vi/ire.

Cut from chain two 3/4" lengths" and one 1 '" length. llhrood a 2mm bead,3A" cham, 2mm bead, 1" chsin, 2mm bead, ~" chain, andzmm be-ad onto the U shape you just made .. Carefully insert the ends of the U'into the 10mm snapset, under-the stone, with:2 prongs betv~een them, and under one prong before coming out the other side .. Gently work the wires through, untili the chains are at the bottom Q·f the snapsst,

Where the wires come OlJ,~ the top o.f U1i6 1 Omm se,fiingJ, press them toward their opposite sides; and wrap them each around the stone setti.ngl, just below the girdl'e, until. they each come back around to the top. UsiJn:g the same process as lin Step 4, add theBm m snapset atone to, the U wires, with one prong between them" before comi.l"l:g out the top, Repeat securing the stone seWng by wrapp~ng each of them around the -girdle. Finish by twistingi theSIS two wires tog·ether at the top of the 8m m stone setl:ing" DO NOT cut1!


STI:P BY STEP WI~E JEWHRY V' .... ir.1ef 2007

e if

\/V1NTER 2007 • volume 2. numbai d

wWW. 5 te p by.s te pw i re. co rn

61 Off the Wire

B~! Der~sll Perk .. EdifO,fri{IJieJ

71 .MaiJbox

81 Wife Wise Q &A

1,01 The Wir'e Couture of leigh 'Pennebaker

by Mn'w G;ari

131 links & Rings Brocelet .@

Heo\.y 9'.JLI~W \''''ire ITlakf:;~ G s1ued}' link brocelcl.

R!i .fkJrrie hWIO

161 Victorian Bracelet

Cry~\1a\s ocr.en uotc (l. sl'Jnning wire c~lrl. By l'GlJl¥ic R. lo.wef1


Vere Don ne Bracelet

Pem!s (J ',d cryslob. con'ros] v,"ith melO\. IJr (c~mi8 Fox

251 Wire Crochet Pearl Blfoodet

r/\ulli-cobrcd peorls ... voven in sil·.;er

8;' loot L {I..<JItlOfNdi~r

311 ley 'Blues

U~e snnpscl heuds 1(,) crectc U s?oFkling fi~ckpiece.

lIf' lk~e YOlIgu," !~rJlt9WI(9'

351 WireWorks

.A. cJcdbrv 01 oriqinal d.'JS.8~ ns

"oM ) ._.

You should have three wires. Cut one outside wlire V~" long.,

Using the mark made in Step 12 as a gljide, shape the other outside wire around to torm a loop with the, end pointing back to the last wrap. Out this wire to meet the V4· wire, The center vl"iire should be on top 'Of the loop.

Usiif1l9 a long piece of half round wire, startinq at the end of the previous wrap, wrap these 3 wires for at least ~h~ or more. Cut the canter wire about ~%. long, make a spirai" and fold it back on the end of the wrap.

To make the hook. bend one outsidewire !iiI' lonqer than where mark is. You can double check tlliis for size iby bending it around your wrist or a mandrel. Bend this wire backaqainst itself. and continue as in Steps 13-16,

Whe,n filnishedwith the \Nrap, use round nose plli,en~ to bend the, end OJ the wire over to make a hook, Shape' the bracelet into an oval to fit your wrist and enjo}/ your new creation. @

Valerie IR.Jewell

is ih wm:lo:l wo rkc 1':, I"mpl .... orker, and ~ f'MC~ and wire a~tis!, She has b(-!'oI,m wocdworking [(Jr m'L~T 2J~ ye;'!'I's" and 'learned lampwnrkinp; ami ,....-ir<2W01'king from Barbara 13i.o,;:M~T Sim(ln (rom the Cape Coral Arl Shldi(~, She I('[)ch~ win!, PM(", ,~nd beiKling ~H over southwest Florlda.

wire b(J51U 01 STEPByS-'I:PVVIRF COM

- .- ~ ~
: ,
• j
- - - -.
~ - _. - -
; I
I t ,
~ - - - ~ ~
i , ,
-. - - ..
, - .


- .



, ,

. '_ ':.

, .

, . -


::·,1 EP BY STEP WIRE JEWFLRY \·\·'jnl~r 2Q07

Walkingl directlyfrom a spool of 24-gaUQ18 pink wire, curl a smen circle at the end, usinq the tips. of your round nose pliers.

Place your round nose pliers approximatelv 1 H from the end, and bend lhe wire back down toward the smsf circle ..

Repeatth'is process, and continue to bend ~he, wire into a z,ig-zag shape until you have ,approximately 7 zigr-zags. Cut. the w~r,e off the spool, Ileaving about lh" extending"

Using.a combination of your fingers arid flat nose pfi~ ers, pull the zig-lags around to forma, drc'I,e until the cut end of the wire meets ths irJitj,al small loop created ill Step 1.

Secure the twoend 8 togrether by co I"!necting the INires. at tile center of the petal frames,

Create another identical petal frame" following Steps 1-5 llsing the 24-gaugegng'elll win~.

OUI' Time Thcalrn C:omp.;:ln).'. In rhe meantime. Wilt· CO!..lillJ'~ went from being displayed ln the v .. d.naov..' of <I ~IT1.111 j~'welry' store in S~lh~l, to filJi.i~g 30 ~,,'illdow:=' (1·1: t:h!_' IVi)OWIWfl l}osE,Qon jcwd€!,' Shl'(','\"('- CI''i.lI:11P and Low, 13')-' 1')1.1uary 20.[14, ,the wrre d resses were stri.kin}'; thei r pose:; ~rI tl.H~ w indows 'Df s..l~<; Filth Avenue i.n NE.!\'~" Y~lrk Cit),.

A1 27, 1'('nneb,1h'I' has f~.~11Stl'tlfl.('L:1 9.1]. C.<Ib'INop v\.'jrr. sculptures r<m;;ing from 'lH"-26"' in. height. Pive more ha VI".:' gU)i'!iil to " heihht of 6', d irnensions th<l t ~o~ 'n tOlJk over thE' East Vill,~g'l! a.pMtml"nt she- sharrd !"vHh her husband. HfW .. 'C!VN, in 20114,. afrcr Simon DooR:m, CreativeDin.'cloJ" of Barneys )'1~".'\[ Vorl, comunssioued gO m"N pi,",('<;,"S for U~i.:'il' \ .... -indows, :;.J,i!! ,et'li:(:'d <~ sma ll ,~h>II.el' OI~lhL.' 17fh rlOUl' 01 f\hui'lding in Ihc gnl'mt"!nl district.

Penuebeker has a spectacular; unobstructed view off Manhattan fr,uIIl the studio 'whl:'r,,' she ",,-'(\rb dj~(tlJ' wl~h lw~ itl8dium. Shf;" (LI~8-,. ti("S, k'1(11,s and weaves w-


.fell: kigh ar,4 O,'lC of 1)<::( $CiJlpivfe.s.

and lO-gatuge industrial fencing and rehar tie-wire on her stainless st(:'('1 \;\lNk t'l.bk.

"In ,~ W":ly tho p~~")C(~~S of rn[jki~g each sculpture !s like mak!ng ,~ sketch in three dimensions. I begin \·\·'il"h the torso, t,'king: mdividual strands of l"eh1r 'iIi-win:;, ":H~d 1\\'isHng them I()::y~th(!j'·by hand 10 establish the relatiou<hlp of the hips to the shoulders: proportions, go":.'!:itufl'<l.l1Ia attitlude," she said. "At this point it's d Vi~T'y wispy [onu, bu t J. (fl n "",:1jl,1 31: I,he L",1S I c pose and u m pu ~~L~ down to my Uking.Fl'nm Hlil~ ('nrr. trunk part of file physique, I move outward, up t'iJ th(:' S~T1IJp5 of the dress ,md clothes h<H~gli.'r <15 WE'll <'>5 ,Iown. through 1:'11.(, hips and skirt. After the h~'Sic fl'amcwnrk of lhl~ dress has been worked out, I overlay the ti<:!-w:in~' formwith a grid like patchwork of v,!el.d,=dl,\,'ire ~em:ing, v> ... hich is m,uketl?d f.o,r rOib,b'Il"-pmoil[lg g'l,,'d~',~::;.

"'I~~,~ !he hodicc of [ulic! and lhc vertical st!"ipC!~. of C(~Ha'~ skirt, ~ used ,,< very pliable, fabrlc-like Cl'<lfte,'t;

Wlr<? !:)m;it:s 01 STEPIHSTEPWIRE.COM 11

Us.ing a mea.sur~ng tape, measure your nlng size. Be'gin folding the 5.0" of 2'6-gauge wire in an accordion. The wire should be folded to a !Iength of about ~." longei" than J10ur finger £;iz.e., Repeaft fok::li:rltg the wilre to ttlll!is length four more times, for a total of five. Keep the wire diose together, and Hghi~y bundled,

Hold the five folded pieces of wiJ'e toqether; These five pieces wlill become YOOJrr r~ng base" C(),i~ tlhle r,emainliilllg tail of wire neatly and tiightly around the fold@d w~ms., making sure to leave a srnah loop exposed at the end of your ri r'I1g base,

When you have finished co,ilingl., leave another loop exposed at the other end of the ring base, You will have a tall of 'wire remaining,

Insert the end of the tai~ into the OUIi€lr loop on th@ ring base, creatlnq a U shape. Leave about ~&" of wire between the two. hoops .. This wire will be 'Used as the base for your stones.

On the ta~i,. start stril1Q!ing on the stones. lise just a few sto nes at a ~t i me, Fol d the \'"Jire over arid, bad across the top span, and anchor the: cwire onto the cpposlte side by wrappiing it through the IIOOP,

Hapaat Step 5 several times until you ar€- satisfied with the look and size of the dng. On each row, use the length of wire to also wr.i3!p andanchor the stones to the center span of wim,

r j


: .:


, I i t: I

, .









Prepare the base wim by mOlJltlitin,g .1:11. coat han'ge:r in a vis8"and c!.Jtttiingl to length (6" or 7"} with a hacksaw, Sand the ends smooth with HO-glrit wet-dry sandpa-

p elr, or a belt sander;

Measure the colored wrapping, w~r€! to beat least 5 time's the length of your base vJiire, With wilre s:tr~ppers., remove W'of the plastic coaling of the wire ends to be soldered lnto the cl~p.

Place the stripped ends and ths base w~re imi~de the all!igato!r clip.

Solder the wilrss {2 colored and one base) ~!I!tQ the alllgator dip on afire-proof surface, I trap the wires together by h611d i ng: th em down wi:th the sol cieri ng t~p.

Precaution: A1ways work jIJ a well ventilated area, open a win;dowand use a fa']'1 if nscessa.ryl

Make sure th at you r lron touches fhe bass Wil"8 and the dip_ Hieating these to soldelring tempera.ture willi take approximately 3, minutes or more. 8e patient, Wait until the solder fllo'Wsfr,eelly when touchinq it to the iron, before usinq at least 6 ~ of tine' so~der tofill

lin the 'gaps between the dip and the base wire., iRun the iron down the cllilP about ~" to get it to tllow inside. lrnpcrtant tip: VoJh$1lI remov~ng the iron from the soldered joint, wait until the lead solder hardens b'efore ITlOving. The lust@f of the solder changes from shiny to dun, that is how you know the solder has cooledand Ihard,®neo, This is cruclal to the strength of tile connectlonl

W,IP. b!"1~,,"S 01 5TE PBY5TE ::>\N'.R[ .co,'",'1


~ bracelet wend

Slide one bj'g beiad over all the wires up to the, c.lip. Be,gi,1iI windiJlgr one colored wire around the base wire TOI" about 1,·" Place 7-9 smal~ beads onto fhe other colored wire" and twist around t.he wrapped section, Begi,n, wrapping around the, base for another 1" section.

Conttnue to alternate beading and wrapping, but be sure to leave 8'1l0Ug h space at tne 'e'rild of the base wire equal to. half t1"H3' I,ength of your end bead, This makes the end mon~ stabilE! and secure,

Slide the end bead over the Wlire:s and hot glue it onto the base \!vir,e" Gut the ends roebout 6"_

Bead about, 2"-3w of the 'end wires, and call the ends with flat nose pliers,

Usea \ivire tie to rno~d open the ja\ivs of the ci'ip, and dip it into, ru bber tool cQ;ati.nQl" Hang it to dry, Preceution: Vs,ntl'alion is very fmportant when working with a.oy tool coating product, This will pro,teGE fin·e metals I1ke gold and silver 'from being marred by the g,teel jaws. of the clip! 9

Fr,an 'Kohl brenner

H.aving le<1.rrwd T1G w~ldln8 and silver sold~ri!1~ as ,1 tra-de, hilll , ... ri::;hed to 1:1.1.': able to use her oxy-scetyieH~ torch ,1rldi meta] shop productiQl} L'!'xp",rlI!'Hce in It'(}:~ ('r~aljv'~',endcavo;s. A. [ltothL!I' of two d,tughtel'~, she 'has a passior, fl), b~'1Cls., The history of j~w'dry [,l!;.CLnililL!& h~r and ma'k.iagCQIl.tel]1po.i'~ri!J' daG..,k ~L!~ ... 'eh:y "hat SljTp..1Sf£G tren":~s iH her ultimate goal, She 'L,!njoys custom work <7I11d the Ch<1t!ii:1,1ge of In~~king new hEidon'l't'l~" C(mMrt her through her \\'",b sit~ http://w·wt·/Jmrl.lR!;tix .. WI1:\. or frm~t<1~ti)<1j)msl1"COfl}

<.:, rr P '2. Y '). ru WIRE J E ;",\I'ElfU 'v\,'j Iller lD07

AUach the clasp to the opposite end oil thewatchban d fro m the chal n, and }lQu"re do ns! g

Ro!byn Rosen

has been c 'I2'.1tin~ chain m.1,i II,,~ r ~.,'·i re, and tiJ~ild,,-'d jl.:"I.'. dry ror: {}\'I"rlfl yL~'ir.; .. lu: rccentiy «Hil;!. .l chatn , ... 'e,wifLf; d'LS.~S at, <'I local .lduh l1'ighl. school. and is wor king on p rCKlu(i ng j("N{~ 1 ry ;mel cl ~iI in rna kin!!; kits for S,1 le via mail order, He I' \'I,'(>r!<: can h,~ "t~'w~]d ,'It hI tp;;, /www.I.ObYIU.(1:;;(..n.("nm.;;md:fUllC. •. HLc·m.1il h,'!'r at l'l)byllf1:r,,)by!1m~~en.!.'om,

'5 T R E. N G THO IF 5 TEE b -- Simj}i~' th~ m~~~ ---- .....

- Junoe 14th~ 1994 Sof't !F Ilel('e Wi re Is AVilHa ble Juue 1 Stn, 19fi4 De'sigtu~r.s, Worldwid@ REJOICE


I I·



Ma.l"cn ,3ut H19'8 ,SOftlOlilclh'" Wilre Is Availalble Marc.fl4tn,19g.8 STRENGTH lMellts Ultimat@ FUXIBiUTY

liQ find II bil'lIic! ~tQf~ ,,~an'lU!J, eentacr us at

r I FreE! PhO'M~86t.~925·FLlEX!3S39~'* PhQ=P071'il'3S·3SJ9

www~~oft'F'lle:xC~~p,any,t'Om II

...... ---- Slrr,p!'y the m~1t -- S li R ENG THO. Ii S H. n


Once the frames a re connected, thread the remaining [ •... ''*.] .. ' pink wire w~th small beads, Jcri$s~crossingi ovsrtha

middle of the frames to cover the gap i,fj the center.

. - .- 1. -
j I
~ , -
- -
~ ~

,_ . ...,
_.J ••
~ ~
"- •
! .-
_. ~
- ... .::' Place the ,green petal frame on top of the p.ink frame

and bind both togethelf, usilngappr-oximately 12:" o.f 00' ....•. ....

24-gauge pinh wire. Weave this wire in between the ~.

petals, I.eavlng about 1" pr.!:;ltmdin,g from the back of

the flower,

_J, _ I I

When yol.lJ have hUed the center with beads, and are satisfied with the middle of the nower, pull the end of the pink: wire, throUigh to the back. of the Hower. Twist iit together with the protruding wire to secure at the mar.

To create more shapely petals on tns pink flower frame, place your round nose pliers insiide each petal shape, andgrE!ntly open the centers,

Squeeze the, end bps of eacn pink petal with your flat nose p~ier$. Spend a little time forming the wire flower frames into pleasing shapes. YOIU might !flleed to repeat Steps' 10 and 11 a couple of times until you are satisfied with the petal sh apest

Using YOIU,r round nose pliers, curl. the un-shaped green petal s forward, toward tlhe beaded centers.

Make· another se.t of two lnterlocked flowers as was done in Steps 1-4.

Place fhe two flower sets so that the set attached to the clasp is to the :I,efit of the other, ,Arr:ar1lg,Elso that the tWIO pairs of flowe·rs. ~n one rewara Iy~ng in the opposite direction of the two flowers in the second (Ow. This is wh.a.t gives the bracelet iIt:B. ripple effect

With a sm~~11 open ring, run it through one 'flo,.w,er from one set, and through tne fliower beside it from the other set Close the small ring.

With another small open Iring, run It throUigh 'the sec-

ond fllo\Ner from the left sefand thrcuqh the second ~~-'

flower from the right set. C~Qi5e the smail ri,ng. Once " 11- , 0'-',',' '.

you have attached the flowers, lay them outand

ensure that the ripple was maintained as you attached the flowers together.

Make another set of two interlock1ng flowers followilng Steps 1-4. When complete" lay them to the fight of your blracele1,and arrangle them so that they lay in the. opposite direction to the tast If'(j,W of flowers in the bracelet.

With a smalll open r~'IiIg, run it through one flower from the bracelet set, and throUglfl. one flower from your t1ie\l~.r set. Clo:s,s the r~llg.

wi-'~' cmio ot SHPb'fSTEF'VVIR[. COM

ribbon of rings bracelet

1 Gbse one largle ri.l1g., and open three others ...

, ... ~,. 0-· .

. . .

. --'·4

' .

> .

With an open large ring. pick up the closed lalrgie ringl" and CI,OS9" Place the twa I'ings in posjtion as shown. This us the flower slhape you wiill utilize th roughout the pattern .. Continue to open riil1lgsas. needed.

Pick upa third open rilng,. and run it through the flower. C lose the ,ring.

Place· a. tourth open r~ng throLl,gh al.li thres rin'9:S. Close the lIir,19. A:rrange the third and fourth rings ~nto, a flower that iinterllocks with trli!3 flower termed by the first and second l'i111;9i5.

Open tWO small rings. Take a smai'l open ring, and mn it through one ot the two~ring,flowers., and th!"ougrh one loop of the cI asp. Close the rh1ig"

Takea second srnas open r~ng, mnit through the other loop of the clasp, and through the other flower. Close the· Irilllg!.

SI[ P BY ~~ rs P WIRE J E \'\1 F LIef Wi nler 2007

L •




.. ___, ..





I ~ .....

• _.';'r" r:

; .. ~ .• 7

. '; .:.- ¥-

.. ",

This highly decorative flowercan be wi.:md onto <lJn)"~bing: .


Tops of gi:~t boxes, hair slides, hair orttara bands" .. <15 well as Hie

- ., :......_ ...

lapel. or hat p'in th;t you ~ee created here. You cil!n choose to


ma!<;e Hi'I~ flowel'i" larger by :il1cn:~as:ing theammmrof ~il'e, and

chunldcr by u$i:ng thicker gllug~ wire .. Experiment with different com bin.lIl tion8 of colored wires til (:lot-arlit, Rtttj~ctEv:e .results! .

• 1: !

• "
~ • 39 :1
•• ~ wife b:::~ic:s -at SlEPBYSTEF'vVIR.E.COM


: ! I:;

.One end ItJn5CT&VS fi"D~/th~

.~!N'):i3' P(}!lt to easily IF·Bma.W! .

beads, SEries jndlwd~ ... ""~o lIS size pendants, s[ickpins <!il'ld I;~pelpins finished in either e);~ra·~ eiivy .92 5 (scwling) ~i lver-plate o:r 24 lllrat gO:lcl·plate OYler br~5s"

1- ~

e~~, tt;~~

.~ '.'Jl~.

~ ~. I'

I:LLIAMS STUDIO 'f Hand-made Glass Bedds~Jeweiry \i\I\IIIW,changeabea,d .Cq,m


17 f'ka.sam SH'i!<:I, GIQIJ..:est.:r. t. ,1, 01910 fAY.:: 97£ .283-5589

5l[P BY STEP WIRE JEvVE lRY \/Vi"ler ){}{)7


To finish your ring, cut 'off the' rernalninq ~i!lire, and leave a small tail stiill attached to the ring. Wrap the r,emaining ~ajl around the base ot the ring, and hide the end of the wire inside of the- cluster of stones.

Fin.al:ly, push Hw ring down on a dng mandrel to size. Gently tap the ring with a ru bber mallet wh~lle on the mandrel, 10 harden the wire, anc to round the shank .. ~

Christine Haynes

Christine Haynes has been d[~~ij;ning jf:" .... velry for ovur '](1 y~·ar.;_ She ts an award 'i~'h1n~!lg jc'\'vdry desjgner whose work bas b~~~n f'eilwr<?d on Wear<!fl.'!<Irk".'>.(om and varlous pui:>ticahmlos. She ~!-i also Iht: personal jC"\'CIT)' cle!>i:;;rll.'!' f~Tr ral k show hllS~ Tony;;, Blow t. c: ulsrine eeit be c()ntdd(~d at: wwwJc:t.dry.cum

!'ies, ~QU '(;_an ma1i:.e1?(}sotedearringsouoFi.re.l :A:.o4 P@ glue 01.' soldering i~ l'equ.ited!

Po. fhos:e"dil~s witen da.l1gly b:ae!ed. ea1trings. IU:;1.i dOlJl.'t look 'tigllt.

lassie ea.tring, design tlimtJ offers a nice ahe; ati"·'€ to"the usual fiangmg so/les. "[ 'lNod~s up ~ 'uii::ki¥. and. tequirces a rmnirnat aJnoQ.li'lr o materials, so )10U san make IVtSl of them! I0ress th~m up" OJ[: cl~s ili':em deuwll.-ffiis design It}Oks cquan~r good roth ways .

. aux -earlS., snell as- 8wa;rovski,'" pearls, wud< we41 in 'this design, b c;')usGof fheir G:Glnsfs,fent'! siz~ a rl sfutpe.


Jump, rings.

The large jump rings that form the foundation of this bracelet weremade from 14· gilugeroun.d, dead soft sterling . wire; the irmer diameter ls 10n:un and the outer diameter is 13mm_ You. w:ill need 1l rings for a 6" IV.!:lSt Cutti.ng this heavy gauge' wire with a flush cutter w . ill notproduce a desirable cut You have seve-ral alternatives.' I. '11"1(;': jump rings can be purchased ready made', and if y(;m' have choice>:,.. select rings where the curhas been soldered. 2. You can saw the .rings with a jeweler's sawjfor information, see Cha:rle5.-Lewton Brain's tutorial at 1iN'I.-'I1wGarn.)ks:in.oom. andsearch for an article titled T~,e Final O~t-Ctmil'1g lamp Rings After Willl:lhig_ 3,1Yfak,e your rings with a jump ring maker such as the Jump llingeT. 4. If you prefer cutting. your jump rings wifh 11 flush cutt-er, make them smaller andljSe 16-geugewire, )'0\1 will also need an ample supply OF 18~gauge round, hali~ hard sterling jump r~J1g5 to join the components together; the 5lUm. inner diameter and 7mm outer diameter,

The hiU9E! j,lJ.mp !lings are even more attractivs if you forge them. Using, a baH peen hammer and a. stee,1 bench block, hammer tne rings ifiat Helr€ are a fe\r~ suggesti:ons to achieve nicely shaped, unmarred ring$, with a tlghtt,even closure. 1 .When you ham mer, 'make sure youarre strlking the metal par.all,e,I to the jump ring. 'If yOU! COGI'< the hammer to one side. as you strike the ring. you will mar the silver: 2.A.s you hammer, the wire automatically spreads, and the ring will open. When you see this happen; s-top .and bring the ends back together usingl standard jump ring procedures before you continue to hammer. 3. Thlnk 'of metal as a IiqlUi,ciinstead of as a hard element, In hammeriing, rreal'ize that the metal. will move in the direction you are telling it to move. lf you want th.e metall to spreadtowardlthe' tnside of the ]ump ri.ng, you need to hammer wUitiha .glandng b,low in this direction, Remember, these wings are hand-farg,ed and wil.llhave more characterthan :rfJ.aoufactured) flat j""mp rings,. J10in your ~arg€ijlUmp rings wi,th two 18~galU,ge jump rings ..

wire bo:;ir;:s CiJI STEPBYS1EPI,~,1'RE .COr-A

, , ': .

. : Pfll~i~ 11;;1<5 worked i~1 ::>POC.ifll edliC!1~i(ln £01.'. o,>'er 2..., . ".yeilrs,' Shc· 110150 ·worked in ·"'arloil.5 i:Y:l:ull;i-medl'ums

.~ .. ~l!!fo:L"e ju~u'.ne.~lir"ig' .i,-ttQ .thl"W0f1de~f(lI·Wot[d 9.[· wire,

.. TI}etal" and l.apirila.IJ~~L)ntci;;:t Dome fhwLlSo WW"I ..... d:ut .

. ' tle~tririkets,.oom f~r dcdtje,tuttl'l;!!'itrinkt"ts.()om :

, " .

~." "

.. c

Still .... vorkinq with your flat nose pliers. bend the longer frame wire irl\,vard a" the mark, in front of the shorter wire, to almost 90". You wantthe long wire to ~ie directly across the bend at the base of the shorter wire.

Slide the second pearl into place, and coil the wire 7 times mound the frame.

Continue adding pearls, working on both earrings, until you haveslid the last pearls into place. As you complets each celled section, glently press it and the beac downward; the beads should touch each other, and the wires through the beads should be parallel wiit.h the base of the frame. Finish with four coils on the outside. Trim. the end in thE! back so ~t is hidden behind the frame wire. Smooth it, an d press it ln to pi ace.

With your flat nose pliers" bend the short leg of the frame: inward at 9000' so it lies str,aight across the top of tne earring. 'It doesn't matter whether the short wir·e crosses in front of the lonqer one" or behind it. On the IQI1ger wir'!5, mark t'he point where the two wires cross.

!,,1ark the snort wi're at the center otthetopottneearnnq.

Place the edge of your flat nose pliers just beside this mark, Bind make another 90~ bend, so that the wire extends straight up. parallel with tne 'longer 'trams wirs. This wlll become the earring post.

\i\llre crochet peorl bracelet

Pulll the wire through th,e two loops on the crochet hook (one completed single crochet 'I,vith bead placement], INote that the bead ls on the backside of yoUIi' wir'8.

insert the hook into the next singlie crochet on the pre= vious row; and repeat Steps 9-13" Repeat this three mora times to crochet a total of 'fiiv,e beads.

Chain t andturn,

, .~



~ )o{"o _ : •

. .-!-' • .: .. '- ....

'. ~~:.~~~~(

~ ;-.,;




-, ....


.. ~:

. !f~"

WIRE-WISE Q' •• & .....•. , A.······ rt.t-:' , ~~-'"'.

";~,"",' ~ ~


A,s l.wul.llis.·L?'d! in (ll1l' fL~ll .&...SU(~, m~lalsLTlith instructor Di..'h Jemrr Oil has rs+urned to teach yOLi how tomake "hot "!:I\'!s.t'cr' wile i·ewE~lry .. ,o'l.,nd, her timln¥; couldn't be better, Ri~b.t h~!·nr·e tht~ holidnys, Dli:b routinclv t~'H,:h\"!'s these methods suSllldents can quirkly cn~[Jle j'nexpensiv",- ve Ir)\'l,ly gifts. V'lith .;) minimal amount of wire. 11m;! a f:ew eools, :,'01.l '.,;,ill be 'ovell··("llJipred 10 put smiles on the fi:1tE'$ 0:1 yLHLi" tri'l:'mh.

~"ihlt i~ th(~ dirrk~·.Nl"':'l:' bdw~en "cold h'vi,s·t~~d" and "hot twistei]" w!re? Tlk: '·'c(.)ld n\lb~~d" method prH;('llled ill n UJ ],;18"1 i ssm' II suall Y ~lf('S l..." .. t~ (I;"' rn OR' wi res and t.·,,' ists in a t-in~i{! eli rccnon " w] • lle the "hot tw"isted'" method uses onl:' one v ..... ire and ern ,11tcnEI~e tlu: direction of the twist. VVhetl '.'mrkill); hot, ),('1,] need ~',!ire that 1M.'> edges: Sql~arc, tr'i<l,ngl~, or I'L.\'t.l:n~k wire }'\nd, Yl)U probably gue~~li'"d by !l~W'" that YflU I."\~I\.."~~ to h,w(' ,~ torch, n .. e <'In ;lce[ylL?'rI(:'!·abr torch with .1 #3 lip. If you don't have one. a trip to yOU!' h l ~[l 1-1:' i m r L""( r~'E.~ 1:11 en t ::;lO!ft!" is. all y Oll need, r>urch,~~' a prOp.W1t' t(,'I'rh tH'icaHy U~L2d !'("~r plurnbinj; projects (plense ruud and f,)l!o'.'" ,)11 enclosed instructions). In addition tolJ <I rorch and 'wire, Y{)LL wHl need these ~Uppli~5:

• Bench vise .; \"ise grjps

• INire cutters

.. Hammer 3Jnd anvil

• PermMen~ ink pen

• Pickle (altcrn.ativ·e: Lemonade KQol~Aid® \ivitrlOlJt sugar)

• #400 w,~t·dr:i sand p.ap€ll""

• #OOO[) steel wool

• Ravlh.id e h81 rnmer

• 8racelet rr andrei

.. JeWEi1er'S saw frame and blades

'n~lrutti(1n.~ for ,"L cuff arc presented in thls <l!l"~id:!!, ,~llh{)Llgh there 1\1"(' m<)[l,Y creative 1,.IBe=-> rt)[ lhr.· "hot twisted" IN·iT'.L' method. V .. 'hai type and size of .,., .. il':' do vou net,(,f? Srerii ng s il vcr, roppe L. ~):I' red-b 1'<lIS"S, dn(] here , ,m~ :;'lmt~iclt~'ll sizes;

Squ.are wire: lriangle· w~rH

Bee .angular ',!.·ire:

'o-gau:gre through 1a.gsuge

No. 2-N o, 6 .

411lm 1\ ... idth)-15.8DllIn

.,\[ter &ck:diln~ yom ... virc, determine what length ruff ynu w,mt, and add 3". Tv,.'O inthc:,: .<II"\:! reserved fOi' the end of the " ... 'in:! secured to ~trJe·l)~r.ch \,'LS·r.·: this prevents tlu: bench vise from acting as a heat slnk. The shorter allow ance will be' "held in \J lse g[~ ps.

Cut. and ~tr<)~ghten the WLn:, by hand (it does (J(lt have to be perfectly straight). Before securing U1Je wire in yom' vises. you have <he option of forg:ing (flattening) the wire ro oj,,"!! it rurthu: di:LTl!!I1Sion,[VI.lrk yom w ire in sections lo indicate whai areas you " ... ill forge and then IMl~J' twist.

As yOLlmark off sections. k~ep in mind that ;Hl~<:1~ that arc NOT hvisbt~d provide.<I. kyt of interest too, Also, don't for':ct that YOll have 2" e:>;,I:I',' 0;:' Ul"l~' side and 1" on the other, These ends ",,·nl Iater be cui off, Accurate rncastrring j.;;

important 'l"'~FH=ci,~ll!, if you v .. ran~ <1 synul:wtric<ll dt:;;l.gn. After thr:· wire h,1:::; been fo rgeJ. (,md before 1."". i~h n:g) clean

the l·vil'l.~ with iNDO W,'~t .• dry sandpaper -

I Ivou [rave or t,ed to not f ()]'g·e the Wl re, mark 1'U"€"lS vou want to ~\ .... ist "'lith ,1 pen'n,mell't ii)k pen. Secure the wlre in the bt'nr h vise and in y~)U r V[!;E::' S:I'ips, There shor 11.d be 1. i,i"

b~t""",'t~l:'n the bench vise find where vour cuff will end. ~'Vhere do you start yow· heating and tWifling? hl the area closest lo your vise gri.ps. In n ·weH-'o'·~ntilah:~d area, lig.ht your' torch. Use the middle part of your n<~rne to hr-at tnE::' surrounding area 0, the section ),('U W<1.n~ I.n t'o,\'ist. C; racl u'~ 11 r move you. torch iu ,he <11'i.'.O) toot' twi~t~'J and ~,,,,ith a ]j~hL turnir g pr~ss\lIx~ of your vise grips twist the 'WI1'(". Or c-~' it starts to twist at the location of the fl.am~. t"wbhll.!I.ddy al1.d make as manv loc''i'olllfinm as 'i/0U di..~iff.. Remove the torch, 'l! d .n;opt'iH ·l.he prOC!?S:; until you have

\-Vhile many artists m,lY drl'<lfTI 'I_I( ~{'('ing thc!r collcctions l'l::;p'l1lyed in t11" vv indow:,< n! S.lks Fifth Avenue, leigh ·1'efln€b<'lk·~'1' I::; living her drc<lrn. Unlike dt'::;'igllt'rs who Ct.LI., stitch and sew fabric into hL8hi~ln. ~\:nnL.·hil·kl~r spin s reba r wi i'.:! i n t~ 1 thE.' g r,;)(d L11 wi rf: d fi",:';~~S she C;: .. ~ ts Wir!' C mtur«. A~I oftlu- colJ.erli.nn'~ lOll dresses an . .' ]I ,I tiE..' by w~'avin& and knoll'ing: hard wire int J ;:! nowjn~~ ' •• ,'j!,!~ web, lmprmted with tnt' curves of tht, f,:m,~~[! form th;,t seems to have just ::;tt~ppcd Nit of lhorn,

"I am ir'lSpit(,d by rurrent and past tashions ,~Ild ,wn f.-.vinaLed ,,·,~jth feminine <u-.:.:hE . .'t.yp!.:'::; li kc' 1:lw diva, the southern belle, the svductress 'H~d 'Ilw illt;l~nuC!," she said, '·Styk is ,[lhl)q.Jt so mud, more than fabric or f.<l~h~'ll1.I1'~ 'Ibu~;t how <omcthjng i~ ".VU 1:"11 , and mOrt' irnl:>(!ltanl~y, \-\'hy. '~Vith. L';Kh , .... ire d'l1.!:;"~., i L'xpll)w ~~'(: pn·_..:,t'~ncc of ~he female ion <HId §l'!::;illl": without sClIipUng rcpresentut'iLI[I::; d M:tual b'~Kly ).,ll'K

"l ns r.L:\KL.. ] .::11 ~ udo to r h y;:;.if.:<) I bl"'<i ri n ~;, :.;p iri L, un d impulse through ::;cll1pkd d~)1.hin.p;. E;~ch piece has a un i.(!Ul> kll'l ,! Icl~ ~ fit,: I't',l ai] ng lo I h (;' l;,i~h n Lt pt' r::;{111 ul i ty i 1'( th~· d i'C'::;S. No L ' .... o are ahi.kc in <lti"it.udt, I.!r ::;I:yk. Uiidl'i'.Iy:nK C<1Ch. plcce is the ~t·ll~t· U",lt ,l ~r~D['d i~ "K'1i\',\Ling it; lhese are never just limp g.,~ml~:nLs d:I'Clnpilflg rr'llm clothes hanger;:... They an- n~'ti .... ,(". TllL~ Wii'~ Cf.'WWl~ Cf!lIe"n~)1r L'};yl'l~il'~ thrpfW,.'("l' Cit line to Cl'c,;te dynamic, 'l:hl'i:e-di 11wn_sinn,11 fnshion skctcl es, Ev<.'1'Y ·,,·.:irE..' dn'ss l:'i InL(~ndt~d h C<lptUI'C the

spirit and d'<l!'li'l olJf hnutecoutuec.'

J\'i1r d·Mh,t':.; rhildhood fig.ure drawing classes first bq.;;,~n to pny off in college, where nf:.'I":;kiil ,'IS ,) (;~ri('n'ILlrt~ ortlst helped polY 111;:.''1' luif·iwl. ~Vhl.'Ir: in m!k~ge, she explore d wir rs pnl.(:nti':ll as il sculptural medium. She combined fencing wire, naked plastic dolls. ;:11'1(1 s·ha1'l;cl'(:d mirror fra~rn(:'nts into an 'l,w01l'd.- ...... inninc mixed 1~ICdL:l piece, [)(Jlihf'!I.W.' 11M .kt:"fl the: be·g inn nng 0 f her explora ti Oil. (11: tht, th~)mcs ihat have remained constant in her wo;rk, nil.mdr the dichotomy between kl'l'l,~I", POW('l' Mid obiect!fic,~,ti(' ill fashion .

"J)o.li.o'UiII.\'(' had i1 vc-rv dark ~ed Sinc-e that time and the almo~l violent flavor of th';,l~ pi~c._·,1 h<'l \1 L': gl'~vH<lt.f:d towards making sculpture th,~1 {Cll~bl'<lt.f'_~ tho. beauty and fHH·,.'cr oj clothing,'~ 1'(:nnL,lKlkel' explained .. '·F(.}I' me, each ].'!('(~' o~ I'ViF:" Couture: acts ;1:; a talisman dlx~.;U!ty ur ,i lil'<l(,~l'Oli~~ icr n .. The dark twist W[T)o~~ with l'lll' ja'~gt"d, abrasive nllZlttL'l'i<lb l use, and tlw bc! 'lh,1! dL~~pHe all their g·l.l:1llUur <1I.ld b~_"'ltJ~y, (:J{h .. 11'L~ss i.s essentially a little cage."

~ 11 2lll] I , Pennebc ker moved from Stell',. i\,1 iss .. , h;",) v ~ng two o r he r I i h!-sHz~d tV i f'i.:! J ire~St'S on t_"xhihition a I. the M lsslssipp i [I..·1usQurn ~ll' /\1"1.. Slw hit r-...'LmhJltzm asrned with 1l deg:rel' in ~ilw nr+, and a pas..<;!(')i!li ~o explore her Jitd(~ng f,~s(i[')alirm with h:::.hin:n, women, art ,~nd b~WI.:lt)i_ 1'~'nn(:bi.lko.·I' worked .

• 11 Screaming M1rni'~, ~hv cil.'t"~ kgcndmy vintage clothinj; ::;l1op .. ur til ..,1 r: became Resident Costume Designer (If 1+1E~




wire crochet pearl brocelet

Few this bracelet, II laid out the pattern +rows 1-4 twice-tD get a good visual on my pattern.

P = purple Row 1: P Row 2: W Row 3: G Aow4: W !Row 1 ~ P !Row 2: W IRQcw 3: G Raw4: W

w "" wh~te' 'IN G G W







G.:::: green

'!/II p








Once you have your pattern, string the beads onto your wire, ~igl~,t on the speol. Start wiU'! row ~ gO~:1'IIg lett to' filght so the first bead on the wire is purple, then white, th€N',,] green, etc.

String row 2 ,and follow your pa.t!tern across th rough row 4, Aft the end :of :f,'QW 4, start OV>91' with row 11. Rep1ea;l rQws 1-4 ~iv€dimes, You'willl end up with quite ;,along string ofbeeds, but it's better to stJring too m1any" ~ihan tOG few,

; ,

. :,. '/.

iMake 13. sllip khq£ on the end '(Ii-your. wi re~ and :sliip your' . crochet hook irio it Leav~ $i tall!' ofa;t ~ea$13"; ,This '

will. be wQven into ytQl.I:~ piece in a '!Iat~t step, ,

, • I 1 ..._, •

I ,

victorion bracelet

Gently pul'I and sheps the wires around the beads unW they are back tl)g,@ther at the end o.f the bead center point It is sometimes helpful to tape the wires closer to an end, and wor~ back. toward the beads. When the wires are back fiat toqether, make another wrap as before', in Steps 3-4 ..

Cut the outer wires on each side so they are 11hnlong:,

Coi~ Uwse wires in a jdly roll fashion bV rnakmq a tiny loop at end of the \9ire·. This loop sho'U~d turn toward the center of the bracel@t.

Hold the loop, in "he-lower part of pliers jaws, with the loop pOHnti!flg toward the tip of pliers, and the wire at rightangles to pliers. Take the wire and push i·t up against the' pliers" remove, reposition and repeat untii the wire forms into a spiral. Sl~ape this spiral into place la.pping it slighUy over last wrap section. Repe,at INith other side of the wire.

'Re-peat S'~eps 5-10 using the ramalninq 5 wires. INork 'the other end of the wires to c reate a mirror image,

Shape the bracelet around your wrist or a mandrel, to check the size .. rvlark the spot on each. side where they cross .. This is where the clasp and hook w1ll be" and should be centered between the last wraps on each end.

At the top ot the snapset component you just created. twist, and trim the shorter of the top wires to 3A" lcnq, Place the rosette on top of the Bmm stone settinq, Remembering that the longe,r wire is ti1ebottom of the necklac,e bundle, place the stone component ontot.he center of the bundle, and use the Iionger top wke rema!ining! to make an X formatlon, securing the stones to the necklace, Trim.

On efrther side of the center stones/wraos, us~ng the bottom, [longest wl1re, make a shalliow t-shaped platform by rais~riig it '900 toward the front. Place til schain nose pllers onto the base of this wire, and bend it: over the pliers tips with yourfinger~ back toward the bracelet bund le,

Using a piece of 24-g.aU98 round wire, make double eye charms from each ofthe l' Omm brlolettss

CuUlhe chain into two 1", two i4" , four %1ft, and fou r %" lengths. Thread them 0 nto the platform in the fol!~ lowing order: 2mm bead, 1" chain, 2mm bead, %" chain. 2mm bead, %." chain, and briolstte charm with a. .2mm bead in the center of its eyes, 2mm bead, %'" chain, 2mm bead, % I' chain, 2mm bead, %" chain, and 2mm bead. Use chain nose plisrs to return the platform wire back into the main necklace bundle, and retsps, Repeat the proced u re on the opposite side of the center

St:ralighten and cutone piece of :2Q-gauge half round, h,allf hard wire, 5" long. U8i~l!ig this wire, bind 5ti'mes to show, starting immediately after th,€! platform wire gloes back into the main bundle, and wrapping toward the end on each side.


.' ./.' .,,: .•. 1_j ~,

'.'lire bosics 01 SHPBYSTEPVvlRE .COM


§f) rosette \0.lotchbo nd

SIEP BY STEP W1RE j(\NFLi:Y \·\linter 2007

Repeat Steps 1.-5· 0111 the opposite side of the watch. Add i 0 jump rings, in .81 sing!~e Ii1nk chain, to the end 00'; one side of the watchband. The' clasp will g10 on the opposite side.

lak.e the sa piece of dead. soft wire, ha!ld. it mone hand, and turmlyg:l"asp one end with your round nose piiers. lUll'll the pliers away hom your bodyto form a ~oop. Continue turning this loop unti.1 a small halt spiral begins to form.

Pllace the wire on the widest point of your round m.ose pJi.efs, near the base, and bend the wilrein the opposite direction of the spiral you just created.

Use nUish cutlers to trim the excess wire so it's just below the h.a~t splrat.

Using your chain nose pliers., bend aboutls" at tile end sliqh.tly away from the half :spil'al. and Me away any rough edges.

Hammer the clasp usi.ng tine· round end ot your ball peen hammer on ·a steel bench b!odkl i.J.ntii it's almost flattened; and has a nice textured appearance.

wire mesh, w h ieh ~ bend] a nd mold around the ~ib<l r tif:'wire understructure: The next pout of ~htt process. involves clipping small chunks of the mesh and attaching them to thl? ex isti ng "'.' ire d.I.'!2~S form by t> ..... isting and hooUng. the ends, After the wire is assembled to til}' S,H·· isf::td!on, I sign and ddh" the riec~ with a D~'emC!~t-lik(' etching tool. The fina.l step is a spray of gIossy black ("na md pa inL"

Pennebaker draws with wire. Sh'e~Jscs a throw-away milter.ia~ as ~l tool h) CIii'.1~C line and scale, which blossom iMO three-dimensional sculptures. She employs j, .... ire's sharp, linear quality to create fashion that is ,,,,iE-gMH and whimsical hut also has a raw and edgy undercurrent.jt is her virtuosity In wirl:"!· tfam:Jorming hard wire into flowing, gr<lI.:I(:!'fullil1es that enables her to we,'L>Je Illusion and art as \ ... '~Jl

Gemma is ;H'L eHI'a,cm:Hni11')' wjre dress, Standing 21),5"' tall r a cascade of bustles flos ..... from the dress's cinched waist down toa frothy hem, ]t is hard to believe l·llillthis dramatic piece got under Penn(:-hokc!l"s skin. Hut while wi.),kin.g em it In summer 2:00f.i for <In exhibition. its many incarnations forced Pennebaker to abandon it for other work But Gemm« haunted he!'.

"On really good pic~~c:s. it'~ as :if.1 moment comes after the struggie where the piece IS ready to be CIE:'attoJ and the tide just turns, Suddenly everything that was worklng <1gtlim,t thri:' rieCl? stari;S !I('I allow itself to be tweaked in just such J ·way th::H it be-comes so f'(qht and so good;' Pennebaker said, "Tha t is a really ft!ltl and m<lsi~.:J I moment

of UN tion and not something ~hilt I can fully exp lai 1'1., A her (i"ci;'lmo \\'.1S complete. it became the standout pien: of ffi)' whole show' andlots "I,f people gravttatcd to it,

"A]~hough it is J hit unorthodox foran artist to show thl:.Ib' work so often ill store windows, I am fbtlClred to have my artwork USE:''l'l .IB window dl'(~~sing .. I don't think ,he:;'l~ (011HHCrcj,)I von cs diminish the work or takt' ,1way fl'(Mn theartistic sta ements l'rn making. If i1r\. lhi"S, disiP lay ing: In)' work in high- p-rofj Ie s lore! w indov v s has mtroduced it to 8· rnuch larger audience" I have had a kmgst~,ndjng fasclnation with the ::;Pt'C:t,K],~ ~,!1J ,~t~ustr!, (lof top-notch window displays. ~ egendary places like l3ergdoff'::;, iJ .. Wrlti. S, and Saks employ armodes of people to orchestrate their IN!ndoW5 and the amount of tv~{>nl, lime, and. effort that g.'iJ~S into (re<l~il1g these visions behind gh1SS is just 'lSh)unding.. In a world .• \ here ~'iJ m;:~ny things .11'C mass produced and created for the 10w·('!slc·ommon denominator of mass cOf1s'lInrhon, 1 think there is something 1I:'<111}' b-~'~.l1 ti f~ ll, Oint'[ Pl"(!c:I (Hl!S ;) bOIlJ t the best kinds 0 f 'iN in d'lw,.' d i..spb ys_ ,.,

~li<'i·r(J Crnaure is in priva.te collections in the Unit~d States, Europe and South AhK<1. Th~! sma!! piecesrange from $J5-f) to $95l1; lii"0-Sizc:d ones <we $1.500 and up g

Nimmo G're'ci

wri t(~J; nbDU~ the i L~spil""<~tion:. s find !<?C'hniq Ll€2<> thilt hrin~ jew8'1.f}' into I t' world. Sh", 1i.\'(~ij in Toronto, Canada, but has been spotte"'d w!.if;hinS iUld b"'l'~cTi.[)S (or silver in r,C-THOle .-i("'S~,rt vil.iilW~~_


completed an of the twmsted sections, Three samples of hot twisted patterns are S~t::'i1I in the im"g.,= below.

Quench tile wirein cold water, and pliH:E:' it in pi.cklc ~.I,) remove [irescale, [j::;~. ;liDDOn .ste(>~ v .. 'ool under water tn provide- a satin fini:'lh to the 'wire. Re-measurcthe 'wire starfing ~~'om .the center ~o the ends .. C~H the ends to the length you had determined: i( Y()U are 1I3ii~g heavy ·,·vin\ use a jewelers S.H\' .. hloe the ends, Or if you F'1"l?fer, forge

them flat and then file, Borh the ends and the front Sl'C'tlon (tf One cuff in thi~ image have been forged. Use 3 bracelet mandrel and a rawhide m,~Uet to shapL'.:' .y(.mr C iff. Curve the ends of the cuff before shaping the ccn+ral section of the bracelet

'TIle piece can be lli.Ul.,blt!a. for a shiny fi.ru.sh, It is po-ssible tQ buff the piece with v v hifu(> dia-

mond compound ('~n the flex shah 01 on a polishing wheel,

H you "'.Iould like further information about using twisted wire in your designs. you (<Ill vislt DE:'b·~ Web s.itl" at www.d ebjt'lTU11 oU .. com.

Orher .options:

I. USE' 20-~.a'ug.c S·t]WH"t' WiH' to make earrings. Eric Johnson's gold hoop earrings. shown. ill the im(tg~~ requlrc knov ... ing: how eo make a hingE'.

3. Brnnd~ 'L~'t~t tntn a whole new workt, and consider IH!'lking t<lblc\·,'iJJn?

C,ollmie Fex

has been iil"k!!1g [ewelry tor H'J,n lO ycars. Sh(~ reaches cbS!il~!'. ill h.c!" S~ n Di.eg.o st~IJio .. .'I.n~ .It major j~'we Irv lind bead ('vC'.r~t!> ind l.ding jew·(ilr;.- Arts EXFD alll..! Ue"d l'I.!st. Sh.,~ is abo ~I fn:que1\t contributor to urpidm-y ,hmrrwi and Sr"i~ r,.\' Sr('p fj~.,.rd.~. VlsH her' store at ·ww, v, conruetox.com.

wire boslcs ol STEPBYSr.W,,·VIRf.COM

-: 0. L I

'.::=.), lev o ues

- _./ (

i i

i . . __ .




STU :.,..-~ ST _I' WIRE IE v \lEI.RY \1\/;111"" 'Inn!

lrnrnedtately after tne binding you just made, brin~g the bottorn/longest wire toward tihe trent at a 90<) anglle.; using the same procedure as: in Step 7. Make a platform with this wire" over the top ,of the necklace bundle. lnssrt a 4m m snapset stone onto ~ihis wi're. wrappi~g the' wire. eb1iUrel'y around the stone after coming! out the opposite side; and ending up back at the top.

Use the remaining wire I,e:ngth to secure the setting toth,a neckllace bundle. Repeat on the opposite side.

Imm,ediatel1y arft\e!r the attached stone setting;. bend the tOPI twisted wire, up at a 90'l- ang!~e to, the top of the bundle, trim it to ~16" and piace a rosette down on top of necklaoe bundle,above the stone setting. Repeat On the opposite side. Repeat the same procedure on each side of the bundle" usin-g tn,e ve'.ty bottom wire., pl'acing rosettes under the, stone slstti.i'iIg.

Bring down tile next twisted, bottom wire at a 90<> angle; use th,e remaining two, untwisted w.ires to make the connection hook for theneck chajn Trim them to '¥J6", and use round IIlOg@: pHe.rs. to roll! them fonva.rd toward the front of the necklace, untiil the'if' ends meet the necklace base. il nsert the neck chain Ilength of you!!' choice, usual~y 7"'"'I8~ on each Side. Use the remaining.". bottom twisted wire to wrap these eye connections into the main bunole. Add the clasp of yotJr choice to the ends ofthe n.eck chains. ~.

Dare HCQugor" Armstrong

D,lL~ "Cougar" Al"mstl'Mg Is ,1 diehard roekhound, laptd<li~y, ,md <Ii full-time wire artist and instructos; 5i;:I;! can be contacted vla her Web ::;He; WWW.OOLJ!¥.rSC1·{.~IlQfi8.cI:lITl

wire crochet pearl bracelet

Weave about half of the tail throug!hourt your piece. [Push t.he ,end of the tan through a space on your crocheted! piece, .and gently pull the end of the wire with chain nose plliers toO ensure that you pulll the wil'€l aU the \Naythrough .. Do this several! times. Ilik;e to work my 'IN.ay down the bracelet and into the middle of a. row.

Before Gutting your wire, weave the wire as close to a bead; or :in between beads ii YOLI can, and weave the wllre around the Same spot t.WO Dr three times. GUit the wiire leaving about 1A" tail.

Usfiig the smallest portion of the round nose pliers, make a loop in your wiire and continue 1000ping it IL,lII1U1 it is up against your piece. This wi Iii prevent ms wire from pulling tlhrough to 1i:he· back side· of your bracelet. NOliE; If you cut i:t on the Opposite side, the wire may poke or scratch you .. Weave the tal lion the other end of your bracelet as above,

Plaic,e your clasp al.oll1gside your bracelet toO dete,rmine where to put 'your jump lI'ings -and attach ~lOUIr clasp,

. -

keeping it centered in the width ·of your bracelet This

was.easy on this particular bracelst-eltlsS single crochets. The '~oggle is for a 3~5trand bracelet, so. simp~e deduction is to attach it .to the '_Initidlle ~ sing~e orochets, . [eaving l siingl·e crochet on each side. Wear !it with a smile'-·enjQY the eomplirnenteyou wil!geU! .9

j~i'~. :~omba[die~ .

J()~.il is .iiI·:'j~H-ti;1ugh~'jew~ry-·desjgner of 4l~ year&, , 1.'(~IP dlseovered 'w ire wtcllpp.ing "'l~(}1,!t, H~ years ag9', . t1.rrd ha'~· [ou nQl ~er niche, ::Her je-weJ r'}" Is: cL)rrt.··htly .

. ' sold in ~tb'l'eS Cn A.nzd!'!-<l,Yllyomlolg,ana.·. Utf,ln. JCld~s . bl.l~'i~!J~' 'Je'i_vels By Iules, .is ~11l.m€t1 <lftEir her-daugbl:err jedQs. I'lo:!a:ie. .... isit. '!her Web sHe ~Xw·W\-\',,)C'weJs·HyJl,.Illi!\',oolll to s:e~ ril(}~'e~ oI he-I" j~w~l.ry, ~t t'n ~r.lt;U:t her,

,. 1 ~

brccelet wono

Skiip tile 'first cham, and sin'g'~e crochet in the remainhlg 5 chain stitches across,

Chain 1 ; and tum.

Insert the hook lin the first singl'e crochet on the: previous row.

Slidle. your first bead down to your hook"

COfl'ni:e fox

has b~Llmil~i.tlg, \viriE! je'w~lr!l: SfLilC;:!' iMli Shl;!;.~~dl. es classes ill her s(udio· in Siiln ])ie-g'O and at' m~jo(l' jew~h)' and ~ad events i!JH;;h;u;l;l,l~Jewehy Arits Expo

andBead Fest, She' ig a19D a :fl'!f!qUe-J.1~ C1;J\ti.tr~btL'ro.r to .' !ppid'my .J9.~nJ'(It 'ililld Step' by S/qi' l)wiJs, CQJ:"ilUe l~1U71.ed j~w~lr! .making ski.Us ,:tr.om Ly.f1n.~ Merd~~nlLt and Deb }e'IIIIDQt, ,Ovex ~ 'three-y~~1[ P"l'.J.'10d,.-Qo(mle ttan_'''.H:ion~ Iron':: bB-lng <I' f~lWti:mri. pSj'cnoihe-:mpls,t to workmg solei Y as a wire.jnsi:mdoi' and ope.L'alingJl'!1lf Internee je1NiE:~-

ty ~urpHf!$ SIDllL',e·, www.t:{.)I1.t.li;2.WK.:;om. .,' .

~ vere donne bracelet

If you Ii~e .at'll .. all1tiq ue ~ppearaf!ce, iLlse' liver or su:lfuir . on. you r ~racei~tl have chosen to not add (qj~tiina to the Vere Donne bracellet And, j~~a iirtll-e·wdrd oj eeu- . 'til'''': 0: nit " oHh ',p:"'t' in a !ti"m"'ll,.;r as····· _ .. willi, .' >~ • . 0, '- _ o. p. ' .. e k _ e .. ~"' ... !.i y ,,' you. J

re-rnQVe the nac.reJfmm ·thie pearil~. tdJ .


Straighten the 21-gauge w~re and cuttwo pieces, each 31ha mcm) ~ong, Marrk the center of each piece, and placea second mark 7;32" (5mm) to one side of the center mark. This measurement determines the .viath of th e ea!rriiilig frame, If your beadsere more (or Iless} than 4mm across, adjust this measurement accordinqly The frame should be irough[y trnm w:ider than the beads,

Tip # 1 " It' your wier is not marked in 11'32 incremem«, IllS t measure 3' ~2 16th-s,

Place' the edge of your flat nose pliers agalinst one of the marks, and make a I'ig ht angile bend {90a)" Mak.e anal her bend at the other mark ,. so th e wiJe f·mms a square-bottorned U shape" Ch.eck to be sure that the wi~e:s are stralqht and paraUifBl,.and that they ~iein the same plane. One lieg wlill be longer than the other"

Tip #2: Placing your pliers beside this mark insfead of directly on it, .ensures- that the wire wiJ1 bend in the right place ..

Cut and! str2l.igih:t.en~wo 9" (22cm) pieces ow the 22- gauge win? Using the tip of your chain nose or round nose pliers, make a U-shaped bend aboutY2" from one end of each of the wires"

Hook th 8 24-gauge wirpa over the longer leg of 0 ns frame. so that the tails of tM th~n w'ire stick out to the left a:nd the short ta~1 is in the back, awayfrorn you,

Using the short tail as a handle, brhli9 the Ion·£! tail around the frame wire above the short tail, wrapping the thin wire tighUy around the frame wire ones,

Tip #3:' As you wrap, keep the wires close togethef; so you get a nice, tight ,even coif) and not a tooee spiraI; if necessary, pross the wires together with your flat nose pliers.


Close 60 of your jump rtnqs, and keep them lin a separaJ€ pille from the rest of your ringls {whi.ch wiUI be' referred to as: raw jump rings). This will make the watchband much easier to assemble than if you dose' them during tn,e weavin9 process.

Open 1 raw jump ring, and pass it thrOl.J,gh the outer. hole on one slde ot the watch face. P~aoe 1 closed jump ring onto ei~lch Slide, of the open Jump rirng, and close, Lay the [piece flat OIi1 your work surface and make sure that the pr,e-closed Irings are always facing in the same direction.

Open another raw jump ri ng, and pass it thll'oug h fhe last 2 jump rilngs you just added, Add 1 closed jump dng to 81ther side ot the open jump ring, and close, You may wilsh to lay the piece nat again to rnaks sure the rings are facing, the same dlrection.

Repeat untili you have added a total of 150 sets of closed jump r~li1igs. Add one open (ilng to the last pairr .of dosed jump rings, and close ..

You now have a section of European 4-in-1 chain mailUe that you wm rnodlty into the rosette pattern .. lay the piece flat on your work surface. Take one raw jump ring, open it, pass it through th'9 1ilrst 3 rilngls on one Slide of the chain mail!e piece, and close,

Repeat Step 4 to the- end, adding a single jump, ring on each subsequent three rings. You VIIi'll see the rosette pattern take shape. Repeat down the other side.

wuc b(l5i(:;;, nl STEPBY$lEPV\'1RE.COM.

',':'~ A:'poputaf style' d,o:ri',e 'I; \;w1th,,:,cry 5'815 ,J ;n'a, ,

: :,':~pe~r,I~~ -:

.' "

, t

1 would like to say 1 cre~t0:1~h~ wiJ;e' w:r~p r.~ng' ~i?jeqt ~ii' by

. . . ,' ... : ~~ "{

myself,buI alas, I did not Let me ~x.pla:lry. 'Se.i:qg ~~cis.ny,>seH-,

taught. t-his' ting project, WAS a' ~roduc~ (i~~~~~al. i~e~~iq~e$ : ~ "', , '

. ~. .. . -

pid,'ed up here and, there, and tW,eak~ oo:s:tI~t"mY'5~,{~'n,~~~~.j" ,: -:/:

• -; •••• ...- ;. _'.' • r- I';

Being SieIf-iau_ght has jts,.h~h:(bec<luse you" d.on.'fget-'stu(~{,il~, :', ",' r

this way of doing tJ~irig$ strictly 'by theb'ool:;: 'I,thtew (HIt th~ :b06k; ,'~ ':":': ,:

• . r. • ~ I

and this is whatl.camsup wit'b::,. This prq;'~t 'is,~c;J easy, ti"l;at dnc~' ,';'

yOll make one ring; you 'Will,Vi.a~1t to make: .~;ing,f~~' e'Very)rng~t,' !;"" ,

- .'~' .. ..'.....

ever~routfit and. every toe, With this t:ecl:uligue, y'oU' can pil~ yom: ;:" '

stones mile-high .m,~' make a bi,~ 'bold 'f~c'~lJji~ sure to '[mp~e6Sf " :; , '

" • J. ,:.'

beaded arc eorrinqs

V\,Mh your non-dominant hand, 9Iently but fijrmly hold the e,arring. frame in your chain nose pliE3r:S, so that it keeps its shape, \lVith your other hand" uSle your flat nose pllers to pun tIle ~on'g wire snug,ly aWI .. md the shorter one, wrappi,ng 1',':' times, and 8ndi,ng in the back. Be careful, not to pull too hard=von don't want to distort the frame as you do this, Trim the end; smooth it ,~iTld press ~t 1nto place,

'Mar,k tile post vv~re ~'$J" {1 crrnfrom the top off the wraps" and cut it oft s.quare .. Smooth the tip of fhe wire, \tvell so it won't scratch going through your ear.

Place the tip ot your round nose pUers about 'lJ2" from the end of the v;!ire', and squeeze geni'ly several times, rotating the eal'TiIf'lQl, to. make a small dent all the way around the post This wi~1 help keep the ear nut from sllpping off_

Place the backs, de of theearrl ng ag,ai n st the ring mandrel. at size 5, or against an object of similar size, such as a s:,h~ doweL Curve the earrtnq by pressing gently with your fingers. Note: If you are uSing crystal beads, it is better not to use the mandrel, and to shape the curve using only your fingers in order to ,avold cracking: the beads.

Bend the post to the back of the earring at !"Oughly 90c'. S~ide on. the ear nuts. Clean, polish and enjoy your new post-style eatTingsl

Variation: Change tne look of this design by using a double rOIN o·r heads. Simpl,y cut the wires sHght1y longer.,,4" for the frame and 10" for the wrapping wire, and tallow the sernelnsrrucnons, making the base of the frame 9mm wide :instead of Smrn. ;@

Step:hcmi,e :EvereH

Sl!cph;mic b·l~Dt't l i;~L"(\' I.Ir ~m r;h-l! crust ( l j\'ii!ine, and ("K't'.' milk",,; he-tO [mill.:' in UK' ;.\nn.ijwj is, ':-"'1 D urea. Sh~ I,.; a popularlocu! i,~~ ... "~lpr' inslrlldo,· c117id [! pri:t.('-\,V"mlIinlJ, dl,\in rnaill« LleSLl,ncl', Whl!H slu. i~~' t snn king ~)I' t')"t:hjfl!~ i'~',,'dry. ~h(' works ,i:> a TIi.'S{\)J"dl !.cL,'nti~;l f('T tilt' US N,wy. 'r\'~1 can <:nn~,Kt Se.t'ph,tni,,:,,·hr li~~h her ~Vd:> :;It,~ Llt JrwdArl:l,;i;,,(OIn/Sf"'f'lh\t"li,l!_

beaded ore eorrmos


Continue Goi,ling the fine, wirre around the frame, untJl you have made four coils, or l.Jnti~ you have fo'Ll!!' 'wires. 011 the ourslds of the trams .. End with the short tali pointlng outward, awayfrom tlhe kame, and the long .....,..,.--, tail cmssilllg thmugln the frame and sticking out in front of the right vli'ire. Trim the short tail so the cut end is hidden behind the frame wire. Smooth the end vi/lth your file or E!H18ry board to remove anything sharp, and press it into place with yOUI' chaul1 nOoSE! pHers.

Tjp #4:' f often have trouble counting the coils by eye,. so i run my fingemaiJ across: them £lowJ}~ and count the bumps.

Slide the first pearl onto the th~n wire, u.ntil it rests between "he two wtres of the frame,

Take the second piece of .2.2-gauge \ivi,fe and the other frame. Hold this frame sothe 10119 leglis. on the rrigllt, and flook the thin wire onto it so ttl at the ends stick out to the ri'ght, with the short tail. in the back. Repeat St eps 4- T \i\tith tn is trarne, keep; ng the long leg .of th e frame on the rright Tillis will ensure that your earrinqs come out as mirror images O'f each other.

Check to ses that the thin wire wit.h the pearl is crossing through the frame wires, and that the pearl is sittit.lQl parallel with the base of the frame. Wrap the tail of the iJvir:e once around th,E) frame. Adjust this iirst wrap so that it is down next to th!i! pearl, sitting IJ'ight

on top of the other wire.. . .

Tip #5: Take care that you don': pulJ too tightJYflnd distort the frame,. The Wires need to stay straight and paraJfe{, so .that all the pearls will fit into it properly.

Continue coiling the wire around the short.I,eg of the 'frame, Ij(·eeping the coils snugly togiether,. unhl you have 7 Wires on the outside of t'h~ frame. 'End with the· wire crosslnq through the trame as y-ou did before. 'Repeat Steps 7-10 on the second earring.

Tip #6: Whene\{·er YOLI are making earrings, doing each st.ep on oom mutings, rathe-r tnan finishing one' earring and tn'en starting the' other; he,lps make the .earrings match better.

I ~

~ '. flovver p j ns __ j

PILl 51'1 abe, or lapel pin throug h tine back (If the flower, Secure it in place by wmpp1r1l9 the cut ends of the extended wire eround the top, to ensurs that the pin 'cam n 01 sl,ide out.

Finally, place the cap onto the base of the pin, and it's ready to wear as a lapel brooch, or hat pinl @

Linda Jones

Having "tudicd. j~vp.lr.y mahng 14 j'Car5~g0 in 1 ~mdlWI, lit~da [ones c(>mpleb'ed .1, elly &; (~Ld,lds in

I jewelry Desig;l'I, speCializing in empnelmg_ She l)l"giln making metal [ewelry (01' rriEjm:!s from her studsu, and di5pl.~}"l~d work a l various shows and event U~ Il Y began !;dlil g hE')"wDrk. In l~J9t:\, sh~ rcceiveo a gmnt fro'm her 'local. arts counci] to set up win~ ,.itd bead workshops. A;; well <L~ tp.a(:hjJ:~g all..:! dli!;tl,on.stril~ing wire t;;o.C'hil1iqul:.'!o;, slw makes ('l r;!nF;f! of bespoke 'N'E!dding Jewf!lry. which indudi!s tiaras, headdresses, necklaces, imd earrings. V~:;it her l,\1~b ~it~ 'W\o\.''o,''_~,drf!~t~w ellery.co.uk, p~C'k~d \· ... ith in~~rm"'h(l1"l on how ba g~1 slarted in [)Mkln~ wire jewelry and workshop iII!.()i'JUa!'ion_

- - - - --


- - - -



- -- -




·~\'in:· is 8 particularly schizophrenic rf1~,d~l.Im_ Consequently, win,' jewelry ha,. ,) lot of di,Here:n~ ~)ltrson<lli,ti(!s, which is t\"hy Lt'S jJfitl:it.'ulady challenging to WI the pages of each issue, Tht~re an~ such distinctive and vf~ryii1g looks that range from (lI'(hilr;clul'al.1nd sndustrial ro fine and feminine. And there arc readers .. for whom both looks work, and readers who strongly prefer one over ~hE:!' 01:'11",,1'. J like to hear our rH~ders' P~"L~lt~l'el1ces, 'Good or !J;:ld-(ommenls from our ~i:lder'$ he 1 p me forg.e the p<l til. fur E"i,ch subsequent issue, Do fOll1 gt"r'I.t::1'ally i)rl:'!.fer one style on'. anot~)er-? Do '!'ou want to see more gflll "r').' pages with design ideas? 00 you enjoy the m-ti~t profiles? Would you like to see. more proiscts, 0:1' more features?

On~ s.~"bjed !' hear ;} lot about is the ~k~U levels of the projects. Many have wril;l"Cn ~() say there are not enough advanced projects, But others have kIf that the Step by Step moniker implies accessibility fur b~gimwrs_ T L.ry to includ.e projects of ,1[1 sktll levels, so that the.rI:' is. something to challenge everyone.

SOH'Hi'lhing lhat T feel strongiy about is pI'ov!ding inspiration. \VI1~n I pick up craft m<!g .. izines, 'CVL~n if ~ don't ever make. the 'l.'x,wl projects outlined, ] arn geH:ing ideas ~lrId techniques :I m,1Y nol have thought of myself That's why I like to Ln.(l.q,gd~ arl is! profiles and the ue"diers' gaBery pages.

The other seemingly universal desire among Te;'1C1~rs js. for information OIl how to sell their je\ve!ry,We all know bo ..... [hilt goes! Wh<lt started OW as an innocent hobby has overtaken the house, .'!TId in ~1l'd!er to support our habit, WLi' have to start selling off some Gf ~he stock! In our ne::d issue, our luarkeHng director, David 'iNciman wil] discussbis !1I~W e-book on just that h.1.pk. D.wid has written sevt'f;:i! hooks on the subject a~ weI'! ,}S a column in the pagt:s of OUr ot.lwr m1!.gazine~, Step by Sier Beads and Lrrpi.rlrrry f()i.ri'n~J_ H~'s alwavs full of good ideas,

Please continue to let me know what you\ .... 'oukl. Hik.e to ~('e in thi mag.azine, After all, we're here be-cause all of you wire [cwclrv artists wanted ;1 resource, Let's make it the best it om be!


...... A"r ..._ ,


Denise Peck, fditm'-.iIJ-OricI cipt!ck@inleT·weave.com


V vUu '<Jewel y

EDIl'O:RIAl. _

Eml).n{h tI C'('.nil,!b;~

!~ Dit"i};ltt !(~ .. irl 'I..\E~

~[I~!'·lli':_;I(l ll,j,'n·~;\''''

AAlXDtolld'« ]111]'1'1 Di,k,,,,.

.\.;l~~'J l~"~ [~l Uiiw.n

~M [ Gi'olu~

{!lilt~Wi'~ hll~5 {~n,i; r.,



1t:l1,",iI:IlimlJ' W!,I,lIhi1.

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______ -=BU'S!NIE'.SS

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rOi' Cj!.fB~!iQI'1~ _~eg~;udm!:! L~J ( book p.ragram I coil t970l M,rn 6n. tyl.ort&:Jy~Friday, 8:0';;;' .... \ ~:s:oo ~ M.

or email book:;-@iii1-:e:rwc(J ... ~.o;(.:.11I

S~IlGcri,Il"!;(;Im" O,e;;:1 'LlnefCue;tomer Ser,;,i~B'; t300) ,(!.;)(;,,7(!R§ • ",1 .. ,pl!J~~1",pW;ite.lewelr.y@Il-BllnnCI)~J6;d,c~l1>. C"II",,,, o:i"l!<lde 01' 1M LI.S'_~311.~3B5'l24'i!-3j~i!,

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ASPI1U': l\·~EDI.A


SiEP BY '}1[P WIIRE Jt:V\'E:l~Y VVi'lle:f 2007

For this row, you willi crochet five beads again" as you did previously.

From here all, you will' crochet a row of fiive slnqle crochets. chain 1, turn your piece. Crochet five beads, cnain 1, turn your piece. You win do this until voureaeh the desired length of your bracelet 1111 order to h,tI'!Je your beads on the same side, you a.lway'S need to have one row of single 'crochet with no beads, LAST ROW':

Your last row must be a row! off 5,i n'g I e crochets ,- same as your f,jrst row - 5 singl,e croche,ts- no beadsl

M'e,asur'e the le'Filgth or wi'dtih of ~lour clasp as, you would wihen making any braceI1e.t. Your clasp will be' joined to your bracelet with jump rfn.gls $0 add in the measurement of your jump rings, [00. II want tile final' length of my bracelet to be 7V<1~ _ My slidetogQ'le plus jump rings on both sides measures ;-4- so I am gO~liig to. crochet until my bracelet is about 6~h~ long.

When y'OL~ have reached the desired length of YOLW bracelet, cut your wire ileaving a. 3," tail,


Pull the tajl th~DU9!ll the last loop ..

With chain ,nose ·pliers •. puU the'\!t,tire snugly whicb , >

knots the loop down, Be sure to glrasp ypu~ crocheted piece \tilifh one hand, wh i le ,you: puli with 'the: 'pI iers, "[)o : " not pun too hard ilJnd misshape:your cmehetilJ9'.

481 Rosette Watchbond

Kf-~ep UD · -, ,·,·'Iih the hrnes v'/itf~ n chain moille creation!

B)( Roby,'1 RI}5eJl

521 Beaded Arc Emring'sg,@

\/'l'(OP C(·;.'slo:Ji.5 or psorls into 6-orring !IWTie.). 8,' S,tf)fJh(Jill'~ [l'ereff

361 BmceletWa nd

Original ond colorjul adaptation of the "Broceler Buddy'."

{J,' rUM ,~f)M)J(ii.lfJfN

391 fllower P~ns

Colored ..... vlre rnokes Cl fe~,li"ic favorite. ll~; lJJidfl JM8$

431 Ribbon of R~ngs Bracelet ,§J,@

CreatG ;he flo\.,..,. of (ibb()Il~" in chain moille. BV Sue ,~ip:.(b

6 11 Wi re Bcsics 621 Book Reviews

581 Cluster Wire Rilt"~g @l

.!:" popular ~~:il<-: done \..vith crvsiols (mel pearls ..

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661 Adverti'sers' :llldex

find thj,~ complete projeci an our "//eb sile-

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I ~,!,!1I il:l~rigl,.led by hUI'I~nll ~lU~li~l~ !fl'-It on tfle :mri~~;5>OO,m tcb.Q .~~ o;o;iid~'viih €!acll o1'lm(f!!i;,Y,~ti k'n~W, '!I'i~' 9liisc~ 1.\'1\1'1 i~ J~:>pi5'ed Dy the oOIIlIll'I.mity but.Iaaves hils ~['lrtuDl! 1!J} f~ad. HliCptJt\r, Or, d~ 1,1\'I',il)~ly br,aiiJW iim!i'likllilil~ w:iTlO ~<I.l1'~: .~[~~ rut! ho,w tto O~fl:lte iI Itom"tC!r,. y,~, ~f'iJ!rMI;C~l,;ms.fil~l.· ~B~ ml!1.. and ou~: (l.f H'Lis ~creoo:l:<ll o<:!ktLt}l' the i'mra.;eli!!t fat tl~i!; rror ~~ .el.'1\~rg~~, It Is lin~l h,\~ Dom~e." Q,T; ~lt.eid VY\::lIl:'lal\'~ In HttUarn., 'ifhJl',!llitz,;a!1!d 15lamt)f ih~ p'~"d~,.ulicl Clr}'51~ls~.rc.o:}Jttttast@d V!l'itlil hiamro8Ii'eQ,. V>'Drlt.lm;OO!mil!:!d sI1~L' 'me~1. li~~ 1)Ufli",(;'il~ ~h-t: 1iI1~@i hil:~ ibIlH~,n ~tlbk~k1d t~J hi(l1;N'S.,llB!:ihapin,g, <'Ilnltd ,tml&hC!fl'in~ Yet Ihb: 'pf:\'i~ coe1'l"1s1:& 1l4lI:j:

Hy" 'W~th IdlrnmI d@.~ior;;tcy~[~d f!;'<'Ig,iili:ty, 1t('lli ~VI~mel1l c;;'Hrwylheiir. ho'1ll'd k!10~.k~Ii'I'ilth dignll"j, l~.efil v~'Om~n, M\'cr :shy away In>JirI !'1.·v~li"l$: Uie'jr m,i.j;lJijI!Y.

Tl1!i~ proj:ocl' i!~ jd~lrur !hI]' wiJ~ ii1rl:l!'Ot Who wan1:s to :>~lm iili~rI~p~lrntlng, 5l1~~rnetill ~ii1~ h~l' Qir hl!O d!~~~tllS, l\.g, ~.~ ~jullld to '11,= i~~~llctiOJ.]!;, )'t11Jj ,,~jj, follow iI ~.t'4;!p br Sh!p sneQI' 111ie"lI ttt1w:illi 0['1 !'ny WE!b!>ite. EI·~J)f!

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' •. ~Iatle 11Ifl.fi~[rI.~h!iIUliStlJ~t.UtlC,IJF~f »:

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