Old Guys 2011 Tour de Sierra Leone Training Program

1. Main Workout refer to program for planned run times and intensity.  Swim 1x /week  Bike 3-4x’s/ week (minimum 65-70km if poor weather)  Run 2-3x’s/week (minimum 1 tempo, 1 interval, 1long run 15-18km) Warm-up  8-10 min run (ideally these should be in 5 min segments if enough time). To be used on continuous run days to ensure a step wise approach to reach your intended exercise heart rate and /or intensity.  2 Part warm-up (8min total). First 4min begin with slower pace medium easy/medium. In the second 4 minutes, gradually increase pace up to or very near to your desired pace of the prescribed workout (i.e. 20 min tempo @ Swing or Fast). (Note: approximate pacing, we will fine tune with your feedback.) Use this warm-up for interval sessions. Follow-up your 2 part warm-up with dynamic leg swings, flexibility exercises, “ABC’s” prior to strides (see below).  Note: Try to include 8-10 strides over 80-100 meters once a week; strongly recommended prior to any interval session. Increase intensity with each successive stride. Practice proper technique; these are not sprints. Cool Down easy running approximately 8-10 min; general idea is to lower heart rate in a step wise manner. 2. Self Massage with foam roller 2x’s/week (10-15min): IT Band, Thighs, Glutes, Calves 10 reps/side 3. Trunk Training 3x’s/week (10 min/session)  All exercises are timed (start 30-35secs.) except back extension. Increase duration 5 secs every 3rd week.  Complete 3-4 sets of each exercise. I) Back Bridge- Lying on back lift hips toward the ceiling “Squeeze glutes” then extend one leg at a time. Hold for 30-40 seconds repeat 3-4 times Plank- Hold body up on elbows and toes; Hold 30s then recover for 30 seconds repeat 4 times Side Plank- Both sides; Hold 30seconds 3x’s each side Note: Use a fitball for the Plank and Side plank Crunch with medicine ball & body bar- start by lying flat bring upper body and lower up into a “V” and legs bend with each repetition. Skydiver- Lie face down, lift legs and upper body off floor; arms extended above head then bring arms to shoulder then back up above head. Finish by lowering upper and lower body to the floor then repeat. Back extension- on machine (3sets 10 reps). Semi-squat with leg x-over; reach behind Hip flexion knee up Hip Extension; skating motion Hip abduction; extend directly to the side



4. Stretching (after every cardio session) – combine with general stretching routine (15 min). a. Quad/hip flexor/IT band stretch on the ball. Hold for 15-20 seconds work up to 30-40 seconds b. Push up walk. Start in push-up position then slowly walk feet up to hands; stretches calves & hamstrings c. Groin stretch against the wall d. Calf stretch on pro-stretch with simultaneous thigh stretch e. Hamstring stretch with rope/towel; IT stretch with rope- leg crosses midline of the body; Inner thigh stretch with rope- leg falls away from the midline of the body. 5. Circuit Training 45 secs/exercise; optional 1 min cardio between each exercise (skipping, step-ups, stairs, bike, row) a. Burpees with dumbbell (start 20 lb) b. Dumbbell chest press (single) on fitball (start 20 lb) c. Squat with row (single) 45 secs each side d. Push-Row using cable machine (start 20 lb) e. Dips and stairs (body weight) f. Lunge, curl, press (start 20 lb) Rather than “trying to find more time”, enhance your level of energy to make the most effective use of your time.

Old Guys 2011 Tour de Sierra Leone Training Program Sample Week Schedule

Monday Run Bike Swim Work: 13K-D Home: 18 K

Tuesday Home: 7K-I Work: 7 K

Wednesday Work: 7K-T Home: 7 K


Friday Home: 13K-D Work: 18 K


Total 40 K 86 K

Work: 18 K Home: 18 K

40 lengths 1 K Total Y Y Set II Y (or Sat) Y Y Set III Y Set I Y (or Wed) Y


Stretch Trunk Circuit Self Massage

Notes: 1. Target is 80-100% of above. 2. Runs should include 1 Tempo; 1 Interval; 1 Distance. Distance runs can build up from 13 K to 18 K. 3. Commute distances:  7 K (one way) commutes are drive to/from Edworthy Park then run or bike downtown  13 K (one way) commutes are the shortest run or bike distance to/from downtown  18 K (one way) commutes are the hilly longer bike (69th/Stratcona/Bow/Edworthy/downtown) 4. Events:  MRU Sprint Triathlon: April 10, 2011.  Tour de Sierra Leone: May 1-14, 2011.

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