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2 The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 10, 2021


Health Officer provides a COVID update.


OBITUARIES 20 The Class of 2021 will be a class for the history
books. The fireworks are back.




American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Calvert County nonprofits that have experienced
economic impacts as a result of the COVID-19
pandemic are encouraged to apply for grant funding
online beginning June 21, 2021.

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For more information, contact:

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Thursday, June 10, 2021 The Calvert County Times Local News 3

Hutchins to Resign Commissioners Approve

Becomes Effective June 28
By Dick Myers
Editor Includes Property Tax Reduction
Calvert County Commissioner
Thomas “Tim” Hutchins, citing By Dick Myers The other most notable increases include
“personal challenges,” has an- Editor Pension Contributions, Career EMS and
nounced his resignation. The Calvert County Board of County Health Insurance. Funding towards Edu-
In a statement at the end of the Commissioners (BOCC) on June 8 unani- cation remains the primary focus of this
commissioners’ June 8 meeting, mously adopted operating and capital bud- budget, at 41 percent of the General Fund
Hutchins said, “Earlier this morn- gets for the fiscal year that begins July 1. Operating Budget and 28 percent of the
ing, I advised my colleagues and A memo to the BOCC from Beth six-year Capital Projects Budget.
then the county staff that I re- Richmond, deputy director of Finance “Education funding for operations of
signed my position of commis- and Budget, outlined some of the budget $134.7 million is provided, which is $2.3
sioner of District 2 effective the highlights. million above the state mandated Mainte-
28th of this month. Having spent It said, “The FY 2022 General Fund nance of Effort (MOE) funding level.
my early youth in the quietness Operating Budget totaling $327,940,026 is “There are 46.6 new positions in this
of the crossroads of Barstow, I a balanced budget, with a $31,076 surplus. budget including 31.55 Public Safety po-
went on to serve many organiza- Overall, the revenues that fund the budget sitions. The majority of these positions
tions and capacities, both here and increased by approximately $9.4 million, were awarded throughout FY 2021. This
abroad. It was a particular honor in comparison to the FY 2021 Adopted budget includes one salary step for county
to come back home to Calvert General Fund Budget. $8.5 million of this employees.
County and to serve you in my increase is related Income Taxes. FY 2021 “The tax-supported General Fund Bud-
home district. It's also significant included the expected peak revenues of get is increasing by 2.97 percent over the
for me, during my tenure, it was Commissioner Tim Hutchins
the Dominion (now Berkshire Hathaway) prior year. “
here in this courthouse, I walked payment in lieu of Tax agreement (PI- Commissioner President Buddy Hance
into the selective service office point a successor for the District LOT). FY 2022 starts the decline with a noted that the final budget included a
decades ago, greeted the registrar, 2 position.” $0.55 million decrease. three-percent reduction by each depart-
Mrs. Jessie Jo Bowen, and stated The press release went on to say: “The FY 2022 budget continues to fo- ment from the Staff Recommended Bud-
I'd like to go into the United States “The governor must appoint a re- cus on providing funding for Education, get along with the third consecutive prop-
Army to which she replied in her placement to serve out the remain- Public Safety, and Capital Investments: erty tax rate reduction.
unmistakable voice, “I think I can der of the term, which ends the while maintaining a high level of service Hance noted that the budget process
help you with that. third Tuesday in December 2022. to our community. $2.8 million of the in- takes about a year so it would soon begin
“That helped lead me to a path The Calvert County Republican creased revenues will be used to provide all over again.
of service that has lasted over a Central Committee will submit a additional funding to the Sheriff’s Office.
half century. Other challenges written nomination to the gover-
have arisen for me over the past nor, who may either appoint the
several months, which I feel ne-
cessitate my resignation and in
so doing I wanted the people and
recommended individual or make
an alternate nomination within 15
days of the submission. 
Bowen's Grocery
Family Owned & Operated Since 1929
citizens of District 2 to be provid- “When a vacancy occurs during
ed with ample notice to alert them a recess of the Maryland Senate, The Charm and Quality of the Past with the Convenience and Variety of Today
to this possibility, should they be the governor will appoint an in- USDA Choice Beef
interested in serving the final 18 dividual during the recess. After
months of this term.” the next meeting of the Maryland
General Assembly begins, the
“Our Own” Freshly Ground Chuck
In a press release from the
county, the replacement process governor will have 30 days to sub-
mit to the senate the nomination
Steaks • Pork Chops • Fresh Chicken
was outlined: “Commissioner
Hutchins also submitted his res- of either the individual appointed FULL LINE OF GROCERIES, MEAT, PRODUCE
ignation to the Calvert County or another individual. The Mary-
Republican Central Committee, land Senate votes to confirm or Berger & Otterbein's Fresh MD Crab Meat
reject the appointment.”
which begins the process to ap-
Specialty Cookies Lump • Jumbo Lump
Frozen Crab Cakes
Full Service Meat Department
Hershey’s “BEST”
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Hand-Dipped Ice Cream
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annuals, perennials, And Subs Homemade Amish Baked Goods
planters, hanging June 12th 7am-4pm Hot & Cold Desserts
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shrubs, tropicals & Bake Sale Available Monday - Friday
garden plants.
Some are free!
4300 Hunting Creek Rd • Huntingtown, Maryland
41360 Friendship Ct. Mechanicsville, MD 20659 410-535-1304 follow us on facebook 410-257-2222
(Off Route 235 In Oakville - Follow the signs) MON-FRI 6 AM - 8 PM • SAT-SUN 7 AM - 9 PM
4 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 10, 2021

Southern Maryland
United Way to Merge
To be United Way of Southern Maryland
By Dick Myers
Beginning Sept. 1, United Way of
Enjoy the soothing sounds of water in your garden. Calvert County will no longer ex-
Choose from Massarelli, Athens, Henri & more. ist. The board of the agency, which
Over 25 running fountains to choose from. has been in existence for more
than 40 years, along with boards
All Fountains Any Size of similar agencies in Charles and

25 %
St. Mary’s, have agreed to consol-
idate as United Way of Southern
Maryland (UWSOMD).
A press release from the new
entity said, “Given the abundant are yet to be worked out with the
need that recent history has shown, Charles County Commissioners,
the leadership of these three orga- but it is anticipated that the head-
nizations realized the tremendous quarters for the new organiza-
tion will be at the United Way of
HANGING BASKETS ROSES opportunity that a UNITED orga-
nization could bring to families Charles County headquarters in
3 price
Get The 4th FREE Buy 3 Get The 4th FREE in Southern Maryland. From the La Plata.
United Way of Calvert County
Hanging Basket is FREE Lowest price Rose is FREE profound financial support that
United Way of Calvert County has recently sold its United Way House
provided Partners, to the ground- headquarters in Prince Frederick.
breaking Community Connections Chambers said the Charles
program created by United Way of County organization recently re-
Charles County, to the hundreds ceived a multi-million grant. Matt
Bellis, that organizations execu-
NEW LOAD OF FRESH of children who have been served
Snack-Saks by United Way of St. tive director, said the monies from
SUMMER TROPICALS HAVE ARRIVED Mary’s County – these three orga-
nizations are on the cutting edge
the second round of CARES Act
funding would be used for emer-
of human services. gency rental assistance and would
‘This UNITED organization likely be expended before Sept. 1.
presents an opportunity to expand The board of directors of United
on the successes of each individu- Way of Southern Maryland will
al organization while reducing op- consist of “an equal representation
erating expenses and ensuring our from the three counties to ensure
donors’ investments meet the most equal voices are heard throughout
critical and systemic needs. The the region.” Chambers said there
WATER PLANTS HAVE ARRIVED decision to integrate these three would be five members from each
unique yet similar organizations county.
did not come lightly or swiftly. “We are thrilled to be join-
“A merger committee consist- ing forces in service to the com-
ing of representatives from the mon good,” said Susie Fowler,
three charities has been meeting Chairperson for United Way of
regularly for over a year to explore St. Mary’s County and United
the potential for integration and Way of Southern Maryland Board
BUILD A GARDEN POND. IT’S EASY perform due diligence. All three Member.
United Ways agree that the timing “We see this as an opportunity
Pick a Pick a Add Rock and organizational positioning is to serve more families through our
STEP combined forces” agreed Joshua
Preformed Border, ideal for integration.”
1 Shape 2 Pump Kit 3 Accents, & Plants The press release said a search Cockerham Chairperson for Unit-
would be initiated to find am exec- ed Way of Charles County and
utive director for the new organi- UWSOMD Board Member.
zation. Long-time United Way of “This has been a long and
Calvert County Executive Direc- thoughtful process. We greatly
tor Kelly Chambers said she would appreciate the community’s part-
not be a candidate, but instead is nership as we navigate this inte-
moving to Michigan to be closer to gration” remarked Shelby Potts,
her daughter. She said she hopes to Chairperson for United Way of
find something to do there in the
Summer and Fall Landscape and Hardscaping non-profit sector. She said she will Board Member.
remain in her position until the The new mission statement of
CALL TODAY for an ESTIMATE: 800-451-1427 this combined organization is: “To
or visit transition takes place.
Chambers said under the United impact lives in Calvert, Charles,
Way of Southern Maryland ban- and St. Mary’s Counties by mo-
ner, prospective donors can des- bilizing the caring power of our
ignate a county or organization community to advance the com-
Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick Oakville
5 minutes North of Hollywood within a county that they would mon good.”
30315 Three Notch Rd, 1700 Solomon’s Island Rd,
Charlotte Hall, MD Prince Frederick, MD 41170 Oakville Road like their donation earmarked for. The new organization already
301-884-5292 410-535-3664 Mechanicsville, MD Chambers said the final details has a website:
800-558-5292 866-535-3664 301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427
Spring Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 9-5 Spring Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-5, Closed Sundays
Thursday, June 10, 2021 The Calvert County Times Local News 5

Polsky: Positivity Rate Down, So Are Vaccinations

By Dick Myers Montgomery County and Howard across to there. So even though
Editor County ranked one/two in terms they have a significant percentage
“Good news, pretty much all of overall population health. So, of their population vaccinated,
around,” was the way Calvert it should be no surprise to anyone they’re seeing a surge in cases.
County Health Officer Dr. Lau- that the two leaders in terms of the “And, if we end up seeing vari-
rence Polsky led his regular CO- percentage of population being ants as we move into fall and win-
VID-19 briefing to the Calvert vaccinated are Howard County ter, there is very large percentage
County Board of County Commis- and Montgomery County,” at 81 of our population still vulnerable.
sioners at their June 8 meeting. and 77 percent respectively. So, if this doesn’t improve, we
“The county positivity rate of Calvert on the other hand is at will see outbreaks again, come
2.3 percent is much lower than 63 percent, still a way to go to fall and winter. It’s just a question
we’ve seen really ever,” he said, reach President Biden’s goal of 70 of how severe.”
noting the 65 and over infection percent by July 1. Polsky said the drive-up clinic
rate still remains low although The 65 and over age group only at the industrial park on Route 231
the numbers of tests administered has 10.3 percent of its popula- will likely continue through the
also is down more than half. tion unvaccinated, in contrast to summer, but with numbers lessen-
He said of the test reduction, that overall adult 36.8 percent ing some staff may be diverted to
“That’s probably for multiple rea- unvaccinated. going out into the community to
sons. One of which may be there’s Polsky noted, “Currently 32 give shots.
just less people to test, not just be- percent of all 12-to -15-year-olds “For instance, we’ve been talk-
cause less COVID, but less virus- have had at least one dose; very ing to the management of Chesa-
es in general as we move toward few have had a chance to get a peake Ranch Estates. Can we set
the summer. Some of it may be second dose at this point. And 46 up there at their clubhouse for
that for some people, they just feel percent of 16-to-17-year-olds in certain days to have people in the
like it’s not as much of a threat the county have been vaccinated.” community come out? he asked.
anymore. And even if they’re sick, “Essentially half of the coun- “So, if we have staff sitting at
they may not be going in to get ty has yet to get a single dose of the drive-through essentially not
tested.” vaccine,” he said, when adding in doing much of anything, it makes
“Clearly overall we are very, those under 12. “And the concern a whole lot of sense to move out in
very pleased.” there is that either what they’re the community where hopefully
The one caveat is the slowing Calvert County Health Officer Dr. Laurence Polsky
starting to see in England over the there’ll be much more,” he added.
of vaccinations. “When I gave last week or two, where the new
our health presentation a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that variant in India has now come

The Chesapeake Orchestra and
St. Mary’s College Present:

Grounds open at 5 p.m.; program runs 7 - 9 p.m.
Townhouse Green | St. Mary’s College

These concerts are made possible by the generous
contributions of our sponsors and donations. More
information coming soon. Save the dates!
6 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 10, 2021

Public Input Plan Set for Police Reform Boards

By Dick Myers separate story on p. 3) pressed for are hoping we'll find a mechanism
Editor a quicker timetable, but Commis- to be able to implement those pol-
The Calvert County Board of sioner President Buddy Hance said icy changes because the sheriff is
County Commissioners (BOCC) it could be accelerated if things a separate elected official.”
has established a timeline for happened faster. The two boards “So, there's some things that
soliciting public input on Com- must be in place by July 1, 2022. we're expecting will have to be
missioner Tim Hutchins plan for The process approved by the addressed in the upcoming ses-
creating two boards in response BOCC, however, does not include sion.” he added.
to state-mandated police reform. a public hearing. Hutchins proposes four retired
The plan calls for creation of a Po- Norris said the new law includes police officers to be on the nine-
lice Accountability Board (PAB), “altering the requirements during member PAB, with the rest ci-
which would be more advisory, traffic stops, establishing higher vilians representative of various
and an Administrative Charging education financial assistance ethnic groups in the community.
Committee (ACC), which would programs for police officers, in- He said the BOCC would control
hear complaints. creasing civil liability limits for the appointment of the remaining
The timeline was presented at police officers that change how five members to ensure that no
the BPOCC June 8 meeting by you calculate the liability end of retired police officer was among
County Attorney John Norris. Local Government Tort Claims that group,
Through August 31, the plan Act, repealing the Law Enforce- Commissioner Mike Hart ex-
calls for: ment Officers Bill of Rights, pressed concern about finding
• Launch public outreach plan adopting provisions that relate to nine members willing to serve.
(Community and Media Relations statewide accountability and the “It's a big ask. It really is. And it's
and other county staff ) development of disciplinary ma- not a huge financial reward,” he
• Schedule meetings with rel- trix by the state board that will said.
evant public interest groups to re- then be passed down to the local “I don't know how many people
view Police Accountability Board jurisdictions.” are going to jump up and down to
requirements. Norris noted that by Dec. 31 of get on this thing, if they realize
• Create webpage as informa- each year, the PAB is “required how much work,” said Hance.
tion resource and also to accept Commissioner Mike Hart to submit a report that identify “It's hard. It's emotional. It’s a
comments. trends of law enforcement offi- tough to ask,” he added.
In September, the BOCC would then appoint members in October. cers in the county and recommend
advertise for PAB membership Hutchins, who later in the meet- policy changes to the Board of
and determine a FY23 budget and ing announced his resignation (see County Commissioners that we

Taylor Gas Company offers full service installation and repair for a
breadth of propane related systems.
The customer is our top priority here at Taylor Gas. We provide 24 hour
emergency service and deliveries to the Sourthern Maryland area.
Combining extensive training with 68 years of on-the-job experience,
you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best service available.
Thursday, June 10, 2021 The Calvert County Times Local News 7

Solomons Fireworks IT’S TIME

Back on Track TO GRADUATE
Way to go Class of 2021!
COVID-19 altered the way you’ll
graduate this year. Don’t allow the
use of alcohol or other drugs to alter
your life. We want you around to
celebrate more milestones with family
and friends!
By Guy Leonard show in 2020 due to the pandemic Be smart and be safe!
Staff Writer and its social and fiscal impacts.
Sources with the Solomons Busi- The Facebook page for the SBA
ness Association (SBA) say that has a July 4 date set aside for the
the previously cancelled July 4 fireworks display, to begin at
fireworks celebration might be on 8:30p.m.
again, after a June 4 meeting of the The event takes on even greater
group’s executive board. importance this year as it may be
The board voted to allow funds the only fireworks display to take
from the county, which are allotted place in the region.
each year for the event, to be used There will be no fireworks this
towards funding the celebration. year at the Hollywood Volunteer
A newly-admitted member of the Fire Department, a top officer of
association, Kyle Webber, has been the company told The County Times
working on raising funds through an this week.
on-line campaign and has also been Bill Mattingly, president of Com-
designated as the chairperson of the pany 7, said the COVID-19 pandem-
event by the SBA executive board, ic was the major factor in cancelling
the source confirmed. the event, which supplanted years
“We do have corporate sponsors ago the county’s annual July 4th
who are supporting the event and fireworks show at the county fair-
Kyle has raised over $11,000 in grounds after commissioners decid-
community contributions to help ed to remove funding.
this event go forward,” said Jennifer “It’s about the planning,” Mat-
Stotler, vice president of the SBA. tingly said. “It takes eight to 12
“I’m very confident that the fire- months and we were in the middle
works will happen this year.” of the pandemic.”
The full cost of the fireworks The company was still set to meet
show is an estimated $31,000, Stot- to discuss, as a full membership,
ler said, which is supported in part whether to hold the annual Holly-
by an $11,000 contribution from wood firehouse carnival that has
Calvert County government. also been a community favorite.
Webber said even though he had Mattingly said the membership
started an independent fundraising was expected to make a decision on
campaign initially, he has partnered whether to have the carnival in one
entirely with the SBA to hold the to two weeks.
fireworks display. Vandy Young, president of the
“The SBA has performed mar- SBA, said she had high hopes for the
velously,” Webber told The County success of the event.
Times. “They’ve worked so hard “He [Webber] has an enormous
this past week to support this effort. amount of energy and got a lot of
“There is a ton of stuff that goes great ideas,” Young said. “We ex-
into this.” pect record crowds because every-
The fireworks have been a main- body has been social distancing.
stay of life in Solomons for years and “This will be a huge party.”
the SBA only stopped putting on the


8 In Our Community The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 10, 2021

Patuxent Wade-In Set Nonprofit Grant

for June 13 Program Introduced
Bernie Fowler’s 34th ‘Sneaker Index’
By Dick Myers
Editor The Calvert County Department or increased expenses resulting from
For the 34th time, on June 13 Bernie Fowl- of Community Resources announces the COVID19 pandemic for the pe-
er will step into the Patuxent River. The the American Rescue Plan Nonprofit riod of March 1, 2020 through Dec.
former state senator and Calvert County Grant Program will offer grant fund- 31, 2021, which are currently not
commissioner has been holding his annual ing to local nonprofit organizations supported by other COVID-19 relief
wade-in for that long to draw attention to the that have experienced adverse finan- funding.
health of his beloved river that he grew up cial impacts due to the COVID-19 Calvert County received $306,086
on. pandemic. in funding from the Department of
It’s known as his “sneaker index:” how Nonprofits may begin the applica- Housing & Community Development
far he can go out into the river and still see tion process on Wednesday, June 21, to distribute funds to local nonprofits
his sneakers, as he did as a child. Last year, 2021 online at https://www.calvert- that can demonstrate need with pri-
amid the pandemic and a scaled-down event, ority given to subgrantees that have
he was able to see until a depth of 43 inches Bernie Fowler putting on his index sneakers.
Once an application has been sub- not received assistance through the
– down four inches from the previous year. mitted, applicants will receive an Maryland Nonprofit Community Re-
tertainment under a tent that begins at 1 p.m. email detailing next steps in the grant sources Introduces Nonprofit Grant
Regular wade-in attendee Congressman on June 13 at Jefferson Patterson Park and
Steny Hoyer, who lives on the river on the submission process. Program Recovery Now Initiative.
Museum in St. Leonard. Nonprofits who receive an award For more information about the
St. Mary’s side, noted at the 2019 event that Fowler was instrumental in initiating a
Bernie’s sneaker index is admittedly an un- from the program will be notified grant, call 410-535-1600, ext. 2460,
suit that led to promised protections of the and granted funds no later than Sept. or email grant@calvertcountymd.
scientific gauge, with water clarity varying river by the states in the Bay watershed and
depending upon existing weather condi- 1, 2021 and must use those funds no gov.
the federal government. later than Dec. 31, 2021. Find information on Calvert
tions, such as the amount of rain. But he also Everyone is invited to the free event that
noted about the awareness that the wade To be considered eligible to receive County Government services on-
Fowler hopes will encourage more people to a grant, nonprofit organizations must line at
in conveys to everyone who hears about it: join his decades-long fight to save the river.
“What it says to them is that we need to be • Be in good standing with the Stay up to date with Calvert County
At the 2019 wade-in he praised the attendees State of Maryland • Be current on all Government on Facebook at www.
concerned. We need to be cognizant of the for “their determination to never give up.”
impact that we have on a daily basis,” not county tax liabilities; f a c e b o ok .c o m /C a lve r t C ou nt yMd
Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum is • Have a physical address in Cal- and YouTube at
just on the Patuxent, but on our environ- at 10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard, Mary-
ment, “on what God has given us to keep vert County; 97
land 20685. Follow the wade-in signs upon • Demonstrate fiscal accountability; Press Release from Calvert County
and preserve.” entering the park.
Fowler, who turned 97 in March, will be • Demonstrate
32 economic impacts government.
entering the river after a ceremony and en-




Just north of Calvert County, Brightview’s award- 97

winning communities in Crofton and Edgewater are
making life bright for Maryland seniors. We invite you 450
to visit one or both of of our comfortable communities,
get to know our teams, and discover how Brightview’s 665 450
personalized services, support, and enriching lifestyle
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or Brightview South River today!
Thursday, June 10, 2021 The Calvert County Times 9
The Calvert County Times

Graduating After Doing a 180-Pivot

10 Thursday, June 10, 2021

in a Pandemic
By Dick Myers with a clear career path as a goal: when I called somebody from the
Editor “To have a good paying job that union and told them that I’d like to
The pandemic was enough of I’m not going to be struggling my join,” he said.
a challenge for the students who whole life, like I was in my child- Upon graduation from Calvert
graduated last week from Cal- hood,” noting his family’s finan- High School and the CTA HVAC
vert County Public Schools with- cial struggles. program, he had everything he
out having other personal issues But he also had a support system needed to get that union position,
to overcome. And it’s especially at Calvert High and CTA from a the required licensing and certi-
noteworthy when the student number of teachers and guidance fications. “So, once I joined the
made a 180-degree pivot to be- counselors that he mentioned dur- union, all I have to do is union
come successful during those two ing an interview that kept telling school at night.”
COVID-19 years. him, “Just to keep pushing and While going to night school he
That’s exactly what happened then I’ll get through it. And I’m will be apprenticing in his new
to Calvert High School graduate smart. When I put my mind to it, I trade.
Keith Largent. He was a prob- can do anything.” Largent was asked what he would
lem child for his first two years. The virtual learning cut into his tell students who find themselves
“When I first got into school, I progress a little but he still made in a similar situation to what he
had trouble with English, math, the honor roll. But in his senior faced his first two years in high
just like staying on top of stuff and year, with CTA mostly hybrid for school and maybe are considering
doing what I’m supposed to be do- the year, he made straight A’s. just dropping out.
Keith Largent at Calvert High graduation.
ing in school, getting in trouble.” “It was very difficult. We had to He said, “Dropping out is never
That trouble landed him on pro- dred percent sure.” But he is clear go in on A and B days,” alternat- an answer in my eyes. I always
bation for “calling out in class, go- what turned him around: “I got ing between virtual and in-per- think whenever you get knocked
ing off on teachers, leaving class into the CTA (Career and Tech- son, he said. down, you just get up, brush your-
I’m not supposed to skip, getting nology Academy) and got into During the virtual learning, he self off and do it 10 times harder.
in fights.” It was not a trajec- HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and said, “I was on my computer tak- Just keep focusing on what you
tory destined for success and a Air Conditioning) and started do- ing tests, or just reading safety want the most and what in the end
diploma. ing that.” He had motivation. stuff from class online and stuff you’re good at.”
As to what was going on at the One of those motivations was like that.”
time, Largent said, “I’m not a hun- one that rises up in some students “And then, my senior year is

Congratulations Class of 2021

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In Our Community
In Community
Thursday, June 10, 2021 The Calvert County Times 11

Calvert High School

Graduating Class of 2021
Oliver Corris Grace Hansen Alexis Lysinger Paul Schmidt
Jani Alansary
Kelly Coulby Bridget Harris Zyniah Mackall Makayla Seay
Mackenzie Alonso
Olivia Cox Karmia Harris Hannah MacWilliams Kassandra Sellers
Josue Alvarado Mendoza
Austin Crider Travis Harrod Jr Melissa Mallette Gerald Sewell Jr
Andre Jr
Hayden Crowell Halie Hart Landen Mansfield Shahzad
Jahzeel Arroyo Perez
Nicole Curran Taya Harvey Chloe Marquardt Jacob Shanks
Samuel Atherton
Vincent D’Agostino Haley Hawk Sarahi Marquez Joshua Shifflett Jr
Brian Bailey
Rachel Caitlin Daelemans Kameron Hawkins Cory Martin Kameron Shipp
Braeden Baker
Erik Danielson Laila Hawkins Grecia Martinez Duran Caleb Simmons
Devante Barnes
Richard Dare Jr La’ Zayia Hearst Andy Martinez Jeremiah Small
Rebekah Barnhill
Taliyah Dargin Michael Henson Vasu Maru Riley Smallwood
Laycyn Barrett
Tyler Darnall Ty Herndon Hannah Matteson Juliana Cadence Smith
Kelsie Bartholomew
Tyrice Davis Adryan Herron Isabel Cristina Mattivi Zachary Smith
Madison Basham
Hannah DeNeale Devin Hickerson Alexis Melancon Jacob Snell
Ashley Bassett
Elizabeth Denton Allison Hill Wayne Miller Jr Steven Sosebee Jr
Kamen Baxter
Dante DeVries Emma Hiltpold Bryan Miller Evan Stinnett
Emily Bazyk
Erinn Diehl Adam Holland Dana Miller Briana Stockton
William Beale
James Dixon Jermiah Holloway Shelby Miller Nicholas Stone
Sean Bean
Vincent Dugan Devonte Holton Chelsea Milligan Diamond Stoneman
Nathan Beardmore
Zoey Duke Landon Hood Calliope Millman Austin Strand
Brian Beckett Jr
Allison Earnshaw Hannah Horton Bryleigh Mims Kathleen Struhar
Kayla Bevard
Isaiah Leroy Ellis Zoe Huesman Sarah Frances Mixon Jack Sturge
Owen Bevard
Taylor Ellis Jenna Humphreys Riley Moore Emma Swearingen
Hannah Black
Hunter Daniel Emery Malia Humphries Ryan Moorehead Garrett Sweeney
Tyson Blackwell
Jayme Erich Jett Jackson Jamar Moss Jr Zamahri Talley
Claire Blumberg
Emily Farrell Joshua Jacobs Kelli Music Brenna Terwilliger
Tenia Booth
A’niyah Fenwick Catherine Kolou Mohamed Abigail Thompson
Mitchell Boswell
Marquis Fitzgerald Ethan Johnson N’Guessan Ethan Toney
Tyler Boulais
Rebecca Flanders Kaylie Johnson Terrell Neale Fletcher Tracy
Lauren Bowen
Skye Fleckenstein Kyniah Johnson Amber Nelson Amanda Turner
Zachary Bowen
Genevieve Fleming Asja Jones Rachel Nelson Cassidy Uber
DeVonn Boyd
Kaylin Forgette Jordyn Jones Jadon Osterhouse Brandon Vail
Kaizha Boyd
Chase Fowler Joshua Jones Kemari Owens Jaydin Shantell Vance
Conell Brandner
Sarah Frankel Josiah Jones Robert Page Grace VanFossen
Racheal Brandon
Courtney Frere Shyra Jones Cassidi Park Kaya Vasquez Ward
Sydney Brenner
Rick Funchion Jr Sierra Jones Noopur Patel Vina Vo
Lainey Brinkerhoff
Amy Garcia Eric Karpus Kirajah Enjoi Peart Chase Waddell
Lauren Britt
Garcia Nicholas Kelley Lucia Petropol Keerstyn Na Wallace
Aiden Brown
Karyme Garcia Andrew Kelly Piper Philyaw Ava Ward
Jacob Brown
Kevin Garman Jr Mia Kidwell Ann Pinkowski Mariah Weaver
Kimani Brown
Charles Gavai Jacob King Ty Pirner Kayla West
Johna Bubin
Alivia Gerami-Fielding Symone King Alaijah Pratt Madison Whichard
Henry Buckler IV
Paul Raymond Gesulga Ja’kaya Kinney Ishyne Pratt Ashley Whicher
Sarah Bunting
Tristan Ghadaki Michael Klock Marissa Prieto David Whitaker Jr
Sarah Burke
Cameron Gleason Nathan Knode Jason Quade Malachi White
Jacob Bush
Sophia Goins Timothy Kraeski Pharoah Ramirez Faizah Wiggins
Charles Callan
Tanner Goshorn Andrew Kulikowski Brandon Reed Kalli Williams
Jeffrey Campos
Caden Gravely Margot LaBorie Dataya Resenois Kyra Williams
Mauro Carrizo
Tamara Graves Christopher Lankford Steven Reynolds Logan Williams
Jackson Carswell
Amya Gray Cody Lare Elizabeth Rice Elisabeth Wilson
Christopher Carter Jr
Tristen Griffin Keith Largent Casey Richardson Nathan Wilson
Nyla Christiani
Morgan Grover Elijah Larson Zackary Rickett Joshua Wright
Brannon Clark
Shannon Hacker Michael Lee Isabella Roberts Edward Young
Lindsey Clark
Troy Haley John Levin Jacob Roush Jathan Young
Liani Clemente
Lynaijah Hall Hunter Lewis Carly Rowe Anela Yusuf
Jessica Cockrell
Timothy Hall Samuel Lewis Carah Rowley
Zion Collins
Danielle Hallberg Audrey Link Donald Russell III
Lillian Cooley
Hayden Haller Kimberly Long Sierra Sams
Paulo Henrique Correa
Ian Hallon David Lozier Kamyia Savoy

Congratulations Graduates!
12 The Calvert County Times

Huntingtown High School

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Graduating Class of 2021

Emily Lynn Corcoran Kelsi Elizabeth Harris Andrew Patrick Macyko Molly Claire Ruiz
Wesley Ikechi Coston Maxwell Thomas Harris Nadia Grace Magsamen Devin Jeremy Runion
Brandon James Abner Hayleigh Arlene Cotillo Travis Michael Harris David Wayne Mallonee II Audry Wade Rush
Mykela Ashley Addington Woods Alyson Estelle Cox Todd Windell Harrod Jr Patrick Joseph Mann II William Kyle Russell
Tyler William Aikin Tymothy John Cranford Kylie Nicole Hartwell Elasia Angelina Mapeso Reese Anjoelina Scarlata
Hannah Lauren Samer Akil Jaylee Rae Crum William Thomas Hartwell Chloe Elizabeth Marlette Emma Jacqueline Schiemer
Nevaeh Rose Alston Michael Adam Curley Anela Keona Harvey Dominic Anthony Mascaro Andrew Michael Schneider Jr
Amanda Marie Anderson Nathaniel James Curry Taylor Elaine Hastings Whitney Michelle Mattera Jaron Eboni Scott
Joshua James Anderson Jacob Sydney D'Leon Brianna Marie Henson Tyler John Matti Emily Sepulveda
Jake Austin Angell Cameron Joseph Dalrymple Emily Michele Herrle Jaiden Ariah Mauck Brady Michael Sharp
Olivia Ann Finn Annis Kirsten Brianne Daugherty Savannah Lynne Hersh Sarah Elizabeth Mauser Christian Bryce Shepardson
Samuel Quinn Antonielli Patrick Benjamin DeMouy-Dyett Amanda Marilou Hewitt Victoria Rose McAnney Bryce James Sherbondy
Alexander Jose Argeles Brynna Robynn Donor Andrew Warren Hickey Cole Thomas McCarthy John Patrick Shoemaker
Preston Robert Arnstein Tyler McKinley Donovan Taylor Nicole Higgs Aaron Christopher McDaniel Samantha Corrine Slack
Katherine Therese Ataviado Markus Jaiden Doster Christopher William Hill Jayden Taylor McDonald Jamie Lee Smith
Sydney Nicole Atkins Shylar Maelyn Doster Frances Emily Hill Marcus Orlando McGee Keleigh Megan Smith
Leandra Carolyn-Louise Bache Dominic Michael Downs Quintin John Hilton Talbot Marie McGirr Reagan Elizabeth Jerry Smith
Brooke Kimberly Ball Jordan James Drinnon Jackson Evan Hodges John Morgan McInerney IV Michael Isaiah Solomon
Shelby Louise Bandelow Clara Reese Drummond Lena Julia Hoetzlein-Sirman Jenna Elizabeth McMaster Jeremiah Scott Soper
Essahe Madree Barber Kathryn Elizabeth Duffany Taya Margaret Hoetzlein-Sirman Chloe Elizabeth McMurray Ian James Southerland
Seraphina Caroline Barberio Tanner Cameron Duffey Christopher Walter Hogue Tyson James McMurray Brandon Tyler Souza
Ashley Jade Barnett Jordan Ashley Ealley Patrick Joseph Hogue Ashlee Christine Miles Amyia Talithia Sowell
Bryce Anthony Bauer Michaela Marie Eaton Hizikiel Michael Holloman Kimberly Josephine Miller Theodore Daniel Oleg Spain
Candice Lyn Bauer Michael Thomas Edelen Jr Lauren Elizabeth Hoover Kacie Renee Milstead Jaidyn Tara Spath
Lauren Elizabeth Bauer Abigail Christine Elliott Lillian Tran Huynh Cody Mark Mister Jonathan Dwight Spencer
Aiden Robert Bean Amber Lynn Elliott Todd Matthew Ireland Jr Luke Afton Moir Kaeden Robert Spencer
Kamilla Kinga Bedea Donovan Walker Elliott Robert Joseph Ireland Michael Patton Moore Lexi Kristyne Stanhope
Bryce Henry Behe Shane Michael Elliott Colin William Jacobson Hannah Elizabeth Moren Alexander Joseph Steiss
James Lincoln Bennett Anthony John Eyler Brynan Michael Janssen Caroline Victoria Morey Shane Harley Stencel
Jaylen Alexander Bennett Harrison Michael Faidley James Ray Jeffries Diaya Nasya Moss Reagan Sophia Steuart
Mitchell Scott Bennett Kallie Nicole Fattizzi Garick Thomas Jenkins Quinn Michaline Mulvihill Lucas Patrick Stevens
Trinity Hailey Beruti Shannon Chelsea Feehan Kelly Shae Jenkins Alyssa Renee Murphy Ravyn Faith Stewart
Kailah Marshae’ Beveridge Hunter Todd Ferguson Matthew Zurbano Johnson Jr Jacob Patrick Murphy Ian McKay Strauss
Skye Jennifer Bielstein Rosalia Mary Ferrante Brendan Patrick Johnson Zachary Raymond Naddell Amber Renee Strickland
Lawrence Dennis Binns Amanda Paige Ferranti Jasey Caylor Johnson Alexander Arnold Neal Kaitlyn Lauren Stubbs
Kyree Jashawn Blunt Brian Jeffrey Ferreira Leonard Matthew Johnson An Khanh Nguyen Cameron Lynn Stueckler
Colby Grant Boggs Gabrielle Marie Fitzgerald Chardonnae Lachelle Jones Chloe Faith Niedzielski Eric Matthew Svendgard
Angela Helen Boley Hayden Peerce Fitzhugh Daniel Titus Jones Gabriel Jon Nimez Shaina Dee Taylor
Grant Alexander Boswell Ian Alexander Flanders Hayley Renee Jones Jennifer Christina Nixdorf Samuel Zedock Tayman V
Lamar Davon Bowens Leanna Allison Frame Rhiley Suzanne Jones Camille Erynn Nobles Hannah Marie Thompson
Armando David Bracero Geremey Alan Freeman Sara Elizabeth Jones David Franklin Nobles Connor Lee Thrasher
Arriyana Solis Bracero Nolan Kurt Fridman Michael William Joseph Kinley Brooke Noel Ashton Taylor Toledo
Jacob Ryan Brickell Hailey Michelle Froseth Hunter Joseph Kasulke Joseph Patrick Nowak Rosa Itxela Tristan Olveda
Teague McEnery Bridges Benjamin John Futchko Breanna Magen Kekesi Lena Marie Olsen Rebecca Lynn Ulmschneider
William Brandon Brinkmeyer Sophie Etta Futchko Daniel O’Shea Keller Alandra Marie Ortiz Hailey Grace Unger
Nathan Cole Brookman Shawna Erin Ganley Faith Ann Keller Gabrielle Aniya Osberry Hannah Elizabeth Vance
Devin Nicole Brosnahan Lacey Marie Garner Ethan Nicholas Kelsey Melissa Nicole Patterson Jasmin Nicole Villars
Emily Anne Brosofsky Stacey Renee Gassaway McKenna Rose Kelsh Shawna Nicole Peacock Cameron Alexander Vinson
Kylie Dehe Brown Olivia Pearl Gehrke Alexander Bao Kinkade Hailey Lyn Peay Matthew Brendan Waddell
Zachary Wayne Bruce Wyatt Vaughn Geisler Kennedy Nicole Kirkman Kelsey Mae Phipps Callie Celine Walker
Shane Keagan Bryant Amber Hope Gieske Daniel Joseph Kitley Emma Marie Pike Ryan Patrick Walker
Brendan Michael Buck Daniel Wright Gillett Anna Elisabeth Kleist Kaitlyn Nicole Plater Piotr Joseph Walsh
Macy Marie Burgess Claire Elise Gilreath Thomas Matthew Kowalski Elizabeth Grace Poissant Colin Milor Wargo
Tyler Wayne Bush Santo Domenico Giordano Sophia Rose Kowaluk Gordon Andrew Porritt III Devin Jamal Washington
John Kevin Calamoneri Logan Emily Godfrey Jacob Alex Krell Justin Robert Powers Nya Gianni Watson
Julie Anne Camden Travis Michael Gordon Catelynn Marie Kreutzer Shannon Lynn Prout Brody Eric White
James Carter Canchola Jane Margaret Gorman Chase Anthony Krolczyk Katherine Paige Przybocki Gabrielle Alyce White
Kelly Jasmine Cartagena Yestramski Kelly Marie Gorman Christopher Andrew Kulp Landon Allen Ptack Edward Louis Williams III
Jack Wesley Carver Kayla Jade Granlund Noah Riley Kuntz Isaac Robert Reck Destiny Aaliyah Williams
Tyler Joseph Cassidy Genesis Gabriella Grant Carson Matthew Kyle Thomas Michael Rennie Cheyenne Samantha Wilson
Anne Carol Catterton Jordan Schirra Niskaipi Gray Preston James LaBonte Alexis Renee Rice Carlie Jane-Florine Wiseman
Sara Louise Chaney Kayla Marie Gray Kolbe Ryan Lagimoniere Arianna Michelle Rice Trevor Steven Wolf
Emily Nicole Ciardiello Mallory Elizabeth Gray Miranda Ellie Lambert Jason Matthew Richard Christian Allen Wood
Zoe Katarina Clark Nicole Renee’ Gray Xavier Thomas Lane Jessica Michelle Riggs Robert Samuel Wood
Nina Rosario Clarke Tyrese Saquan Greene Nataly Nevid Lara-Diaz Logan James Roberson Jacob Christian Woolsey
Lucien Roland Claude Joseph Jonathan Grenier Cheyenne Josie Leagan Grashay Kolubah Roberts Stephen Thomas Worrey
Xavier Christian Coakley Hayden Lane Gribble Richard Charles Lewis Jr Jacob Tyler Robertson Dakota David Wright
Taylor Jane Lynn Coleman Jordan Styles Guensch Rylee Michelle Lewis Zakoria Unique Robinson Alyssa Nicole Xander
Scarlet Storm Joyce Collinson Cheyenne Angel Guimond Crista Mae Link Hannah Grace Rocks Justin Duke Young
Daemon Francis Cook Agata Rachel Gullace Cheyenne Alexa Lopez David Nicolas Rodriguez Prelipcean Tyler Douglas Young
Gabrielle Nichole Cook Giuliano Roberto Guttadauro Leah Juliette Lupfer Alivia Annamarie Rogers Adam Andrew Zahringer
Mary Elizabeth Cook Brianna Lynn Habbert Rain Marie Lutz Cody Michael Romano Patrick Charles Zawislak
Mei-Lien Tai Cooley Ethan John Hanks Ayanna Larue Mackall Joshua Francis Ronn Kenley Grace Zeruto
Keegan James Harrington Seven Elias MacLean Christopher Dane Roper Dylan Gatliff Zimmer
Thursday, June 10, 2021 The Calvert County Times 13

Patuxent High School

Graduating Class of 2021
Justus Ronaele Deneale-Sewell Miranda Lauren Hood Myla Hellen McDade Isabella Mae Shewell
Albert Ignacius Diaz Anaiya Chante Hughes Zarria Courtney McDade Alyssa Grace Smith
Moanna Jei Dixson Korie Logan Hunter Nathanael Hunter McLaughlin Jeremy Isaiah Smith
Kaleb Milton Donnelly-Cookson Matthew Ryan Hutter Mark Tyler McReynolds Stephanie LaDawn Smith
Joshua Edward Dougherty Anthony Michael Hutton Kathleen Michelle Mead Taneisha Odessa Smith
Jaxon Ray Ables William Matthew Durrer Christian Evan Appleby Icaza Tashanna Diamond Meath-Butler Skye Lynn Smorey
Hannah Jean Adams Morgan Alexis Easter Justin Wesley Jackson Danielle Jean Mellen Malia Nicole Speight
Bethany Ann Arnett Allen Bryan Reese Ecker Jr Donald Kyle Jacobs Jr Amanda Nicole Leslie Miller Sarah McKenzie Stack
Bradley Richard Allen Chloe Madison Edwards Carrie Ann Jacoby Robert Daniel Miller Cody Thomas Stamp
Marissa Nicole Amadio Alexandria Leigh Egly Chase Dwight James Sole Evelyn Moon Alexis Marie Stanley
Jonathan Richard Anderson Elijah Mark Elliott Jordan Ryan Jedrey Carter Andrew Moore Robert Franklin Stephens Jr
Jonathan Robert Artz Meredith Ashley Embrey Marlena Elizabeth Jeffrey Nicholas Chase Morlock Thelma Lee Stevenson
James Lawrence Atchison Jr Zoey Elizabeth Eppard-Wilcots Camille Margaret Johns Rebecca Leigh Morris Abigail Marie Stewart
Jason Joseph Baldwin II Haley Nichole Faulk Jasmin Ari Johnson Danasia Jenae Morton Zachary George Stewart
Eron Ross Barnum Benjamin Paul Fisher Niko Tristan Jones Jr Colin James Mullins Colin James Stortzum
Caden Jackson Barony Nikolas Edward Fiske Xander Jarrett Nasir Jones Ambrea Rose Murphy Ashton Chance Stuckey
Sierra Brooke Benninghoven Ian Edward Flaherty Skylar Nicole Jubane Logan Edward Musumeci Hanna Lee Suite
Carolyn Elizabeth Biggar Emily Grace Fox Emily Rose Karwacki Mia Elizabeth Myers Alexander John Sypa
Logan Calvert Birch Kristen Rose Fratz Ryan Russell Kelley Tyler Alexander Nancarrow Tiana Lanae Taylor
Emily Nicole Bissonette Brandon Edward Gaines Emma Jean Corinne Kerns Gabriella Arianna Nathan Anthony Michael Theesen
Kolton Roy Blackistone Kiera Jean Gallagher Lawrence Michael Kerns Scott Anthony Neitz Kristen Makayla Thompson
Brieanna Brielle Bobkoskie Alexis Shawnyse Gantt Kensley Marie Ketchum Stephen James Nickisch Haley Marie Thorne
Demetreous Orlando Bonds Evan Robert Gearhart Courtney Dawn Kimble Andrea Munai Nieman Tyrell Allen Threatt
Amber Michelle Bowen Elizabeth Ann Glacken Jayden Taylor King Brianna Elise Noonan Rileigh Brynn Torri
Jackson Thomas Briggs Kyle William Godbold Joshua Michael King Riley Noel O'Brien Mackenzie Lynn Treadway
Dajerion Jamale Brooks Victoria Sharon Laurene Godfrey Oluwaseun Tolulope Kintunde Destiny Aleeah O'Donnell Kayleigh Elizabeth Trejo
Jaylin Maurice Brown Gantt Lisbeth Gomez Julia Devin Kleponis Sydney Marie Oliver Cora Shar Triantos
Jack Lex Brown Taylor Rane Gonzales Daniel Joseph Kolosky Joseph Earl Oster Shane Garrett O’Neill Turner
Emalee Joan Bundy Justin Robert Grabill Lindsey Nicole Kriner Ahvon Nykhem Parker John Austin Van Hooser
Nathan Chandler Burris Hailey Nicole Grannis Noah Joseph Kuney Aurora Keiley Philyaw Moises Gabriel Velasquez
Christopher Sean Butler Javier Coleman Gray John Wesley Latham Joseph Eric Pickerall Jr Mathew Jason Vieke
Nicholas Owen Campbell Stephanie Nicole Gray Rose Celeste Lazer Juliana Marie Pinto Eric Eugene Viland III

Tyler Jacob Carberry-Nelson Hanniyah Rose Grimes Madison Paige Leafer Jazmine Michele Pitcher Zachary Tyler Vojtasko
Isabella Kaden Carney Michael Jadon Grissett Makayla Marie Lewis Kelsie Christiana Pitcher Lydia Elise Waddell


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Jessica Kathleen Ward
Nathan Joseph Carver Madison Grace Haas Vanessa Belle Lightfoot Jonathan William Priddy Shannon Rae Ward
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Haley Amber Cashman Nathan David Hatfield Timia Carla Lipscomb Gregory Leon Pryor Jr Kelsie Lynn Wathen

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Katrina Celeste Cook Breanna Caroline Hill Tyler Drake Lott
Christopher Michael Richardson Anaya Elon Weems



Isaiah Rashaad Courtney Imani Chardae Hill Joseph Ryan Lusby William Devor Rickwood Mackenzie Marie Wells

Devon Dubiaku Crain

Evan Daniel Croker
Dreyden Allan Hinton
Kendall Katherine Hinz
Skylar Jo Maddox Smith
Titiksha Magesh
Dylan Michael James Roberts
Craig Patrick Robinson III
Kendra Rae Wheeler
Landon Bryce Whitney
Shane Scott Cullen Jr William Blake Hodge Sean Varian Marshall Trent Gannon Rocarek Samiyah Marissa Dawnell Wilkerson
Kathryn Marie Cummings Mathew Tyler
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14 The Calvert County Times Feature
Thursday, June 10, 2021

Northern High School

Graduating Class of 2021
Dalton David Adams Danielle Sevilla Dimitch Natalie Virginia Herchenroeder Stephen Alexander Mobley Abigail Hua-Mei Setzfand
Ryan Kathleen Adams Joseph Edward DiPietri Rachel Amber Hewitt Andrew James Mockabee Caleb Alexander Shank
Maiya Rae Adelsberger Tyler James Donahue Jacob Christopher Heyer Adriana Marie Money Jacob Ethan Sharpe
Esha Ahmad Kylie Rose DonBullian Hannah Katherine Hillyer Dylan Lee Montgomery Kendall Edward Shaver
Ruhaan Ahmad Griffin Andrew Donnelly Ellen Grace House Atheena Josie Montiel-Lopez Lennon Olivia Sherman
Ariana Yalian Alvarez Morales Ricory Delmar Dorsey Jr. Kayleigh Nicole Hubbert Mark Andrew Mooney Jr. Evan Wilson Short
Isaac Dylan Anderson-Aragones Ryan Matthew Douglas Keara Raven Huey Makayla Taylor Morgan Nicco Antonio Siciliano
Ben Anderton Ian Charles Downs Shea Dion Huey David Evan Morris Richard Paul Simpson III
Kaitlyn Meredith Anglim Justin Nicholas Draper Lilyan Lea Hunt Caitlin Marie Morton-DeBoard Mariah Alexis Singh
Ryan David Arias Allison Marie Droneberger Garrett William Hurley Joseph Michael Mueller Tori Yvonne Skinner
Caelie Ashley August Anthony John Duran Liam Alexander Husby-Martin Joseph Michael Munley Sophia Katherine Skolnick
Camryn Elizabeth Baker Jade Durham Eastan Marshall Hutchison Konnor Michael Murphy Cemille Aaron Smedley
Isabel Rose Bateman Dominick Sheridan Duvall Alissa Laurren Jester Daniel Owen Murray Dominic Georgiy Smith
Aiden Houston Baugh Michael Lee Dziedzic Ricky Jiang Akshay Aaron Nanan Emily Elizabeth Smith
Cody Wesley Baxa Hailey Alexandra Edwards Adelaide Zelda Johnson Rian Xavier Neal Kira Lynn Spargo
Isabelle Alexandra Beach Gabrielle Ann Elbrecht James Craig Johnson Joe Keegan Nicholson Samantha Ramos Spears
Camryn Reese Beaver Mary Claire Elbrecht Alijah Jacob Jones Parker James Nickels Dominick Vincent Spence
Aniyah Kore Beckwith Sarah Catherine Eliff Amaria Michel Jones Mackenzie Catherine Nicolas Tyler Nale Stanbery
Alanna Michelle Bell Emily Veronica Elliott Arrianna Aaliyah Jones Bre Alyse Nonnemacher William Daniel Stevenson
Joshua Gabriel Bellosi Samantha Grace Elliott Ashley Nicole Jones Alton Buit Norris Alayna Lee Stewart
Sophie Alicia Benedict Zachary Charles Ellis Jahanah Monae Jones Nathaniel Ensley Norris Shadaya Victoria Stewart
Matthew Jeremiah Bird Luke Alexander Emory Lincoln Randall Jones Kamryn Marie Norton Tamara Anita Stewart
Rheanna Marie Bissett David Aaron Tiller Enfinger Caroline Marie Jurney Quinn Tamara Noyes-Warnick Tyler Michael Stock
Sidra Morgan Blackwelder Tia Joy Epps Jacob Bernard Kalb Bree Hardin Oakley Kaitlyn Elizabeth Straub
Raven Sky Boehm Olivia Rose Ervin Karoline Mary Kampsen Jordan Vincent O'Barr Abigail Mae Strawser
Luke Walter Boone Charles Needham Farrell Patrick Thomas Kapper Lauren Michele O'Brien Jacob Miles Strayer
Madalynn Christine Bowen Anna Jayne Finn Jillian Grace Karbett Caitlin Marie O'Leary Mark Joseph Stubbs
TaMia Leiana Bradshaw Declan Robert Fitzgerald Gurleen Kaur Kaci Elizabeth Oliver Isabelle Ellen Summers
Olivia Renee Brague Sean Michael Flynn Jr. Ashton Nicholas King Nicholas David Olson Angelina Ruby Sutton
Svetlana Nicole Brannon Abigail Paix Foltz Jaelyn Renee King Ryan Joseph Ortenzo Jordyn Leigh Talbott
Colt Justin Brokaw Samuel Augustus Foltz Shaina Elizabeth King Christopher Manuel Lee Osborne Nima Leonardo Talebi
Sydney Jeanne Brooke Connor David Fortenbery Ava Kalani Kneale Jacob Ryan Osterloh Mario Alexander Richard Taylor Jr.
Serenity Tra'Shawna Brooks Kohl Franklin Foster Jahci Lee Knick Kaiya Marie Pankey Connor David Therrien
Ian Scott Brown Daniel Marshall Fowler Bradley Christian Krick Damani DaQuan Patterson Olivia Michele Thompson
Audrey Paige Buckler Johnathan Dean Franklin Rachel Virginia LaChance Giulianna Elza Petrillo Mackenzie Aliese Thorne
Isaiah Steven Burger Nicole Danielle Fullmer Dahlia Virginia Lamb Olivia Ann Phillips Jenna Elizabeth Tompkins
Rachel Dawn Burley Garett Samson Gaare Kathryn Ann Lawless Jerome Anthony Pickeral Jr. Olivia Ray Tuck
Jenna Elizabeth Busl Megan Paige Gaare-Frazee Haley Marie Lawson Brianna Michelle Pierce Spencer John Tucker
Sawyer Keith Byrd Joel Regan Galarza Eliseo Joshua Lazo Aidan James Pinkham Kayla Brynn Turner
Nathaniel John Carey Matthew Aaron Galumbeck Allison René Leclercq Patrick Thomas Pizzillo Louis Fisk Tyler IV
Michael Christopher Carni Vianna Alyse Garcia Marissa Naomi Lee Sang Brooke Elizabeth Poirier Raymond Michael Valentine
Noelle Barbara Carpenter Dylan James Garrett Lincoln Tyler LeHew Melody Karyn Pope Emily Joyce Vazquez
Reina Hunter Carroll Sarina Renee Gaub Christopher Timothy Leon Cole Alexander Potkay Claire Olivia Voshell
Jacob Adam Carter Rachel Marie Gazelle Jack Morris Lindner Jordan V. Powell Seth Lee Walker
Kealy Corrine Carter Mikel Tyree Gibson Jett Patrick Lineberry Nijel Waylan Pressley Caitlin Alexandra Wiseman Walling
Vivian Lorraine Chambers Ian Daniel Gilbert Abigail Elizabeth Litton Eliya Renae Price Edward Alvin Walters III
Brenner Steven Chase Erin Elizabeth Glasier Tosawi Ivan Lynch Kaila Ashley Pruitt Nolan Michael Walters
Johnny Chen Taylor Kathryn Glibota Sophia Faith MacDonald Lucy Elizabeth Ramos Jacquelynn Sue Wealer
Matthew Paul Cimento Aidan Jace Gordon Aaron Dalton Machado William Cain Rathgeb Jarod Austin Michael Welch
Sean Michael Coates Savannah Marie Graves Aiden Timothy Mack Kaitlyn Nicole Rayfield Daniel Adam West
Edward Lee Coffren V YaRon Vincent Gray Hannah Elizabeth Mack Jonathan Louis Redhage Hannah Dawne Weyand
Isabella Maria Cogliandolo Meagan Riley Green Madison Elizabeth MacWilliams Ashley Rae Jin Remz Nicholas Samuel White
Caitlyn Rae College Madelyn Keely Greene Noah Nathaniel Mangen Damian Hunter Richardson Gerald Wilson Whittington
Samantha Jean Collins Camdyn Rachel Gregory Akira Monet Markham Tory Alexander Ridgeway Ryan Thomas Wilkerson
Brooklyn Danielle Colona Catherine Lauren Grier Nicole Marie Marquis Jacob Moxley Riggleman Natalie Rose Williams
Joshua Alexander Conley Delaney Ray Grierson Madison Marie Martin Riley Gil Robeson Rachel Emma Wilmot
Cassidy Mae Cooper Ariyanna Trinity Gross Olivia Grant Martin Steven Joseph Robinson Desiree Gabrielle Wilson
Christopher Blake Cordova Kaelyn Rose Grupper Robert Tino Martin Malayasia Marie Rodriquez Madelyn Alyse Wilson
Ashton Will Corley Lauren Elaine Hale Drew Alexander Martus Paul Pedro Chukwuemeka Adriana Nichole Wimmer
Melissa Josette Corrado Lael Kemora Hameed Hailey Elizabeth Mattison Rodriquez Jordan Brian Wood
Anna Lee Corteville Emma Ann Hansen Emmalee Juliet Mayor Trinity Catherine Rossiter Nicholas Steven Wood
Austin Reid Cost Jackson Reed Harbaugh Andrew Robert McCauley Trinity Victoria Ruiz Ryan Andrew Wood
Natalie Lyn Crawford Matthew Edward Hardy Colby James McCollum Leanne Marie Rupp Talon Gunner Wooldridge
Alina Shadawn Creek Hudson Kenneth Harper Timothy John McKirgan Madison Christine Rusk Brooke Ann Yates
Kellen Tyler Cundiff Amber Ranae Harris Hunter Tyler McNamee Aaron Michael Sanders Jr. Alex Christopher Younkers
Peyton Riley Curl Griffin Michael Harris Karlie Dale Menoche Emma Rose Sanders Tyler Sebastian Zehring
Ethan Roderick Dabbs John Willie Harris III Nina Danielle Mignardi Kyle Anthony Sarrett Oliver Scott Zwinge
Destiny Marie Dandridge Jayda Machelle Hawkins Savannah Jeanne Miles Day'Veon Xavior Savoy
Caitlin Nicole Daniels Jermaine Isaiah Hawkins Dylan John Miller Paul James Schaefer
Allana Karina DeHart Tabitha Jade Heath Kailey Sydney Lynn Miller Hannah Grace Scheibach
Rachel Ann Deresky Anthony Michael Heidenberg Olivia Faith Miller Rebecca Pearson Schlehuber
Bailey Noel Deschaine Jasmine Nichol Heminger Emily Alisa Miranda Hayden Blair Schleper
Mackenzie Paige DeToto Grace Shanell Henderson Nicholas David Miranda Cayley Marie Schofield
Leigha Marie Dick Rhys Donovan Hensley Gabriel Scott Mirasola Dana Alexis Seeram
Thursday, June 10, 2021 The Calvert County Times 15

Calverton Academy
Graduating Class of 2021
Michael Blevins Nicky Ferrante Dean Labash Mackenzie Smith
Charlie Blocksidge Nathan Foster Christen Lugo Elibox Wang Yibo
Katie Carrino Fu Zheng Stephen Miller Jazir Warner
Jaycie Cherry Nathan Furbert Riley O'Donnell Evan Weber
Michael Tyler Emery Amber Hutchins Annie Potter Sarah Weimer
George Evans Katie Hyatt Emma Shove Xiao Yejiong
Jamori Jones-Tyrell Stefan Simmons

Mixing blues, R&B, honky-tonk country, doo-
wop, gospel and rockabilly, The Nighthawks
remain true to its initial mission of recreating
rock and roll from the ever-exciting roots of

FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 2021

American music after 50 years.


Bring your lawn chairs and
Food vendors will be onsite. The Townhouse
Originally formed as the back-up band for
Green, on the St. Mary’s College campus, opens at rock and roll pioneer, Bo Diddley, the Kelly
4 p.m. The event is free of charge and open to the Bell Band has been touring the world ever
public. since. Voted “Best Blues Band” in the Mid-
Atlantic Region 12 years in a row.

A Johnson & Johnson vaccination clinic will also

be on site for the general public from 6-9 p.m.
Walk-ups will be accepted but registration in advance is
advised. After being vaccinated, the public will need to
wait at least 15 minutes with the clinic before returning
to the festival. THE JOSH RILEY BAND
Based out of Southern Maryland, The Josh Riley
Band delivers a unique twist on the blues genre with
a one-of-a-kind sound blending blues, jazz, go-go, and
16 The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 10, 2021

Thursday, June 10, 2021 The Calvert County Times Cops & Courts 17


During the week of May 24 – May 30, deputies of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded to 1,521 calls for service throughout the community.
ARRESTS The sole occupant of the vehicle, fied as Tyler David Edwards, 26 disorderly subject. The complain-
On May 24, 2021, at 8:49 p.m., Grace Helen Guyton, 19 of Prince of Lusby, MD ant advised a male subject identi-
the Calvert County Control Cen- Frederick, MD, was attempting fied as Mitchell Thomas Lake, 25
ter dispatched an attempt to locate f led on foot and to steal a bike of Lusby, MD
(ATL) for the St. Mary’s County was apprehend- from the resi- was heavily in-
Sheriff’s Office (SMCSO). The ed on the side of dence. Depu- toxicated, act-
ATL was in reference to a subject the NAPA store ties were able ing belligerent,
involved in an assault involving by DFC Parks. to apprehend and broke a cof-
a knife. Calvert Deputies located Guyton was Edwards. Fur- fee table in the
and attempted to stop the suspect placed under ar- ther investiga- reception room
vehicle in the parking lot of Patux- rest for Fleeing tion revealed, of the hotel.
Tyler David Edwards
ent High School in Lusby, MD, but and Eluding law Edwards was Deputies ar-
the vehicle f led the area. The ve- e n f o r c e m e n t . Grace Guyton responsible for rived on scene
hicle was later observed traveling While in police additional burglaries in the area. and observed Mitchell Thomas Lake
90 mph in a 55 mph zone. Deputies custody, a strong Edwards was transported to the Lake trashing
activated emergency lights and si- odor of marijuana was detected on Calvert County Detention Cen- around on the ground and detected
rens in the area of NB Rt. 4 and Cal- Guyton’s person. A search incident ter. A search of Edward’s personal a strong odor of alcohol emitting
vert Cliffs Parkway in Lusby, MD, to arrest, revealed three baggies of upon arrival at the Detention Cen- from his breath and person. Lake
the vehicle continued travelling suspected marijuana. Guyton was ter, revealed a syringe in his front failed to obey deputy’s commands
northbound and refused to stop. transported to the Calvert County pocket. Edwards was charged with and was placed in handcuffs for
The vehicle began travelling at a Detention Center where she was 4th Burglary Degree-Theft, 4th Bur- his safety and the safety of those
higher rate and was observed trav- charged with Disorderly Conduct, glary Degree- Dwelling, Theft around him. Lake was transported
eling in excess of 130 mph making numerous traffic offenses and is- $100-$1500 (2 counts), Theft less to the Calvert County Detention
numerous lane changes without sued a civil citation for Possession than $100, 2 nd Degree Assault, Center where he was charged with
signaling. Deputies deployed stop of Marijuana in the amount less Rogue and Vagabond, Possession Disorderly Conduct, Intoxicated
sticks along northbound Rt. 4 at than 10 grams. of Contraband in a Place of Con- Endangerment, Intoxicated Public
Oakland Hall Drive and at Ger- On May 25, 2021, Deputy Ab- finement, CDS Admin. Equip- Disturbance, Malicious Destruc-
man Chapel Road in Prince Fred- ercrombie responded to the 8700 ment (Possession of Controlled tion of Property < $1000, Resisting
erick. The f leeing vehicle came to block of C Street in Chesapeake Paraphernalia). and Interfering with Arrest.
a rest on the shoulder of Rt. 4 in Beach, MD for report of a burglary On May 29, 2021, Deputy Sturdi- Editor’s Note: The above arrests
the area of the NAPA Auto Parts in progress. Upon arrival, contact vant responded to the Holiday Inn are not an indication of guilt or
store located at 1654 Solomons Is- was made with the homeowner located at 155 Holiday Drive in innocence as the cases have not
land Road S. in Prince Frederick. who advised the suspect identi- Solomons, MD for the report of a been adjudicated.


Crafters and Small Businesses Outdoor Market
June 19th 9:00 to 4:00

The California Ramblers Old Town Pub OTP Wing Truck

Playing 11:00 to 3:00 11:00 till 1:00
• The Hall Way Shop • Scentsy • Dream Creations
• Salt water Sailor • Origami Owl by Antoinette
• Dee's L'Town Bees • Hand poured Candles • Pink Zebra
• Heron Pond Wood Working • by Janet • Resinating Dreams
• Twin Creeks Farm • Tastefully Simple • Optimal Air LLC
• Hello Kate designs • Insulated cups, beaded Jewelry, • Tobacco Barn Distillery
• Studio Em candles by Jessica • Cicis Sugar Shack

24435 Mervell Dean Rd, Hollywood MD Open the 3rd Weekend of Every Month 240-237-7142
18 The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 10, 2021

Over 60 Vendors

Custom Stained Glass / Wood Décor

for Home & Garden
Specializing in handmade wood farmhouse style
signs, DIY kits for all ages and SO MUCH MORE!

root SUP & Fitness

SUP, Aerial, Small Group Training
Find us on FB/IG/YT

Casual apparel &

lifestyle accessories
for Men & Women

Hand KnitKnit
Hand & Crochet
Knit Items Items
& Crochet for You & Your Home
Hand Knit & Crochet Items
for You
for You &
You & Your
&Your Home

Located inside
inside Shepherd’s
Shepherd’s Old
Old Field
Locatedinside Shepherd’s
inside OldField
(behind the Leonardtown
Volunteer Fire Field Market
(behind the
(behind the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Dept)
Email or Call 301-247-7611
Call 301-247-7611

Wed-Sat 10am-7pm • Sun 11am-5pm

Mon & Tue Closed
22725 Duke St. Leonardtown MD • (240) 309-4067 •
m e
The Calvert County Times

Thursday, June 10, 2021 19

Exp lo r e
ar d to w n
Leo n
Leonardtown Wharf

ALL HAND MADE! Artist • Crafters • Makers
Local Handmade Products
WED 10-4, THURS 10-4,
FRI 10-5, SAT 10-5 Saturday • June 19th • 9 AM - 3 PM

Linda’s on the Go truck available

Craft Guild Shop

22760 Washington Street
Leonardtown MD 20650
20 Calendars
Obituaries The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 10, 2021

In Remembrance
The Calvert County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

William Charles “Captain children Lynn Schaeffer and spouse Kenny

Wilde, Teresa Jackson and spouse Chuck of
Matt visited, Sharon enthusiastically shared
her knowledge and love of the Bay with
1985 to ’89, and then at Southern Maryland
Hospital from 1989 to 2005.
Bill” Neitzey Shady Side, MD, Pam Brown of Dunkirk, exploration and activities for them.  Alex, In 1998 she married her second husband,
MD, Matthew Burke and spouse Sharon Chris, and Casey lived next door, so she was Howard McDonald, who was her soul mate,
William Charles Maas of Jacksonville, FL and Anthony Clat- not only an aunt, but second mom to them. her buddy, and her champion.
“Captain Bill” terbuck of Annapolis, MD; Sisters Jacque- She patiently taught them how to bake, plant In 2005 she had surgery to correct a heart
Neitzey, 80, of Lo- line Southerland of Southport NC, Mildred flowers and vegetables, and most important- problem.  The surgery was successful, but
thian, MD passed Gallahan and spouse Michael of Alexandria, ly, how to clean a crab in record time, without there were complications that led to a cascad-
away June 4, 2021 at VA and Alice Neitzey of Bolivia, NC. Cap- wasting a bit of crabmeat.  Sharon organized ing series of health problems that no doctor
Anne Arundel Medi- tain Bill is also survived by numerous grand- many crab feasts! She spent a lot of time with was ever able to fully unravel.  She became
cal Center. He was children, great grandchildren, nieces, and them on the beach teaching them how to effectively disabled, and was unable to go
born August 4, 1940 nephews. crab, fish, how to save horseshoe crabs stuck back to work at her incredibly taxing job in
in Alexandria, VA to Visitation will be Thursday, June 10, in the rocks, and just about nature in general.  the ICU.
Melvin and Eileen Mannix Neitzey. 2021, 6-7:30 p.m. at Rausch Funeral Home- They spent many nights with Sharon and Joe Debbie’s restless drive would not accept
In 1959, Captain Bill graduated from Owings, 8325 Mt. Harmony Lane, Owings, and have fond memories and stories to tell.  premature retirement, and so she took up a
the first graduating class at Groveton High MD 20736. Memorial Service will follow at Sharon touched the lives of many, always second career as a Reiki practitioner, doing
School in Alexandria, Virginia.  He served 7:30 p.m.. with a smile, despite her health issues.  She healing sessions and teaching seminars, she
in the Army’s First Armored Division at Ft. Memorial Contributions may be will be missed dearly.  The wonderful mem- wrote a textbook for the field and worked to
Hood Texas, from 1963 to 1965, as a driver made to Maryland Waterman’s As- ories we have will become our strength in the promote the inclusion of Reiki in hospital
of 5-ton wreckers, tanks, and personnel car- sociation, 1805A Virginia Street, An- days, months, and years to come. health care options.
riers, and maintained this equipment.   After napolis, MD 21401; 410-216-6610; Link: Sharon is survived by her husband, Joseph She surrounded herself with beautiful
serving in the Army, he worked at Burgundy or Hos- Richard Lester; her sister, Donna Sue (Jones) objects and images from the natural world. 
Texaco in Alexandria Virginia.  He later pice of the Chesapeake, 90 Ritchie Highway, Fabian and her husband Louis of Solomons, She loved dragonflies and elephants and
bought the station and owned it for many Pasadena, MD 21122; 410-987-2003; Link: MD; and her brother, Carl (Tom) Jones, Jr. amethyst.
years.  However, his true love was the water. and his wife Ellen of Vancouver, WA; and Though she probably never saw herself as
Captain Bill comes from a long line of wa- nieces and nephews, Jacob, Molly, Matthew, such, or even worried about it, she was strik-
terman, including his great grandfather who
worked on the Potomac River.  His great Sharon Ann (Jones) Lester Alexander, Christopher, and Casey.
Memorial Contributions may be made to
ingly beautiful, with long dark hair, green
eyes, and Cherokee cheekbones.
grandfather operated the largest fishing net Calvert Hospice, P.O. Box 838, She wrote poetry.  She had a creative and
Sharon Ann
in the world and received a gold medal at the Prince Frederick, MD 20678l 410-535-0892; open-minded and original intellect. She was
(Jones) Lester, 74,
Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.  Captain Bill Link: an explorer at heart.
of Solomons, MD,
became a waterman in 1978, with his father Funeral arranfements were made by She had a profound love of nature and an
passed away on June
in Deale, Maryland.  After crabbing and eel- Rausch Funeral Home. adventurous spirit.  She loved camping, hik-
1, 2021 at her resi-
ing for over 41 years, he reluctantly had to ing, and gardening.
dence.  Born January
give up what he loved due to medical issues.
Those who knew Captain Bill knew he had
21, 1947 in Washing- Deborah Lynn McDonald She was a fierce and loving lioness of a
mom.  She taught her children a lot of great
ton, DC, she was the
a quick wit and loved to joke.  He had several lessons about personal strength and self-re-
daughter of the late Deborah Lynn
clever sayings that always got a chuckle.  If liance, personal responsibility and compas-
Carl Thomas Jones McDonald passed
you asked him what he needed, he would sion, about open-mindedness and intellec-
and Doris Frances (Lawson) Jones. away Monday after-
usually say a bushel basket full of hundred tual curiosity.
Sharon has had a long history on Solo- noon, Memorial Day,
dollar bills.  He enjoyed eating and when you She was strong, smart, funny, fun, and
mons Island starting in the early 1950’s when May 31, 2021.
would ask him how it was, he would say “It’s kind.
she and her family spent many memorable Nobody called her
the best you ever made.”  If you told him you Through her 16 years of complex and de-
summers.  With her brother Tom and their Deborah.  She was
liked something he was wearing, he would bilitating illness, that gradually stripped her
cousins Mike and Linda and friends, they en- Debbie, Aunt Deb-
usually say, “You should, you gave it to me.”  of her mobility and freedom, Debbie main-
joyed boating, fishing, skiing, crabbing, and bie, or Mom.
When talking with his family, he always tained a positive mindset, hopeful and deter-
swimming in the waters around Solomons.  Debbie was born Deborah Lynn Osteen,
closed the conversation with “10-4” and ex- mined.   Self-pity and ennui and melodrama
Sharon graduated from Surrattsville High February 27, 1949 in Frederick Maryland, of
pected them to answer “Out the back door.” were not parts of her repertoire.  She was
School in 1965. She married Joseph Richard Dutch, French, and Cherokee descent.  She
So to you Captain Bill, we say “Well strong.  And she was brave.
Lester at New London Presbyterian Church was the daughter of Ethel Mae and Alfred
done” and “10-4”. Through all those hard years, Howard was
in New London, PA, in 1987, and moved to Odell Osteen, a Methodist minister.  She
He was preceded in death by a daughter faithfully and dedicatedly at her side in all
St. Mary’s County and then to Solomons per- lived most of her childhood in Wheaton, MD
April Neitzey. ways, took care of her and tried to make the
manently in 1995. Sharon was a homemaker and graduated from Northwood High School
Captain Bill is survived by his wife Mar- most of their life together.
and although she did not have children of her in 1967, where she was a soprano in the con-
garet Elizabeth Neitzey of Lothian; Daugh- Though her body was wracked with pain
own, she was an aunt to six nieces and neph- cert choir.
ter Kelly Neitzey of Annandale, VA; Step- and disease, she never lost her mental facul-
ews.  When Tom’s children Jake, Molly and As a child she often felt stifled by the prim-
and-properness of her upbringing . . . she ties, she remained herself, mentally, sharp
dreamed of being a lion-tamer, or running and smart and intellectually curious, until
Where Life and Heritage are Celebrated away to live in the jungle like a female Tar- the very end.
zan.  In her teens she contracted a severe case Debbie is free now.  She is survived by her
of Beatlemania, and got to see the Beatles on husband Howard, her son Brian and daugh-
During a difficult their very first tour in the US. ter-in-law Sarah, her son David and daugh-
ter-in-law Kate, and her four grandchildren: 
In 1969 Debbie married into the Scoville
time… still your best choice. clan, and she and her first husband Jerry Sco- Cora (13), Beowulf (10), and adorable twins
ville had two sons, Brian and David, in the Rook and Inara (7).
1970s. Funeral arrangements were by Rausch Fu-
Affordable Funerals, Caskets, Vaults, Also, in the 70s she got her nursing cer- neral Home.
Cremation Services and Pre-Need Planning tificate and worked as an LPN at Fairfax
Family Owned and Operated by Hospital until she was deep into her second Charles Edward Turner,
Barbara Rausch and Bill Gross pregnancy, and then took some years off to just be a mom. Jr. “Chuck”
In 1983 she went back to school, got her
Charles Edward Turner, Jr. “Chuck”, 65,
Owings Port Republic Lusby AA in nursing and became a registered
nurse.  She worked long, hard hours as an
passed away May 31, 2021. He was born
8325 Mt. Harmony Lane 4405 Broomes Island Rd. 20 American Lane September 12, 1955 to Doris June Day and
ICU nurse, saving lives and doing a lot of
410-257-6181 410-586-0520 410-326-9400 good.  She worked at Fairfax Hospital from Charles Edward Turner, Sr. Chuck grew up
in Prince George’s County and graduated
Thursday, June 10, 2021 The Calvert County Times Calendars
Obituaries 21


from Suitland High
School. He married
David Blaylock.
Memorial Contributions may
Brenda Lawson on be made to Our Lady Star of the Contributing Writer:
August 16, 1986 and Sea Catholic School, P.O. Box 560, Lynda J. Striegel
they lived in Clinton Solomons, MD 2068.
for a few years before Funeral arrangements were made by Hello to all of you procrastinators out paid for the property, not at market value.
moving to Friendship Rausch Funeral Home. there. Another year is halfway through That means, if the child sells the property
and you have still not taken steps to protect when you die, the child will have to pay
where they raised
yourself and your family with a will or a capital gains tax on the difference between
their family. Chuck
was employed as a truck driver for Murry’s
Marian Rose DeBruyn trust. Why not? Here are the five most $50,000 and $100,000. If the child takes the
common reasons: property when you die through a will or a
Steakhouse for many years, a job that he Marian Rose De- 1. I’M NEVER GOING TO DIE: trust, however, the child takes the property
truly loved. He later went to work as a con- Bruyn, of Owings, Clearly, the first reason not to have a will or at market value and when they sell it for
struction superintendent for James G. Davis MD and Milton, a trust is unrealistic. The saying is “nobody $100,000, no tax is owed. And, there are
Construction. Chuck was preceded in death FL, passed away is getting out of this alive.” In spite of other reasons not to put your child on your
by his wife Brenda Lee Turner in 2004 and peacefully May 29, this, it is amazing how many people put deed. Once you do so, you expose yourself
his father Charles E. Turner Sr. in 1994. He off creating a will or a trust because they to the child’s creditors. Those creditors
2021 at home sur-
is survived by his children Ashley V. Turner- are afraid. They think planning for a will may have claims on all the child’s property,
rounded by her or a trust will cause them anxiety about including property formerly owned solely
Jackson of Friendship, Charles E. Turner III family. Marian was their own death. The easy solution to this by you.
“Bubba” of Dunkirk, and Bryan R. Turner of born May 18,1939, problem is to think about creating a will or 4. IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE: Have
Lothian, grandchildren Blake Jackson, and in Washington, D.C. to Lucille and Robert a trust to protect the people you love. You you ever purchased a big screen TV? The
Charlotte and Brylee Turner, mother Doris Rettew. She married Cornelius “Corny” do not have to face your own death to create average cost of a will is about the same as a
June Day Smith of Lothian, fiancé Patricia DeBruyn on July 28, 1956. In 1975 they a will or a trust, just focus on how you want big screen TV. Trusts are more expensive
Derecola of Indian Head, Stepmother Lillian moved to the home they built in the Od- to protect those you care about. Without a but do not require probate. Legal fees
R. Turner of Florida and siblings Barbara yssey community in Owings, MD. Mar- will or a trust, they are defenseless. And, for making the probate filings can easily
Jean, Brenda, Joe, Diana, Steve, Artie, and ian lived with family in Florida during young or old, almost all of us have loved become far more costly than a trust. I know
Eddie. ones we want to protect. Even if we are some people are using will forms provided
the winter months for the past three years.
In 2014, Chuck moved to Indian Head elderly and alone and do not have any loved online and a word of caution about those.
Marian owned and operated a childcare ones, many of us want to create a legacy for First, the online services do not provide
with his fiancé Patricia Derecola and togeth- center for over 40 years in Calvert County the charities we care about. If we are young legal advice. It is one form fits all and if
er they operated a non-profit organization forand had a profound impact on all the fami- and have children, we are already involved you do not fit into the form, too bad for you.
rescue animals, This & That Senior Animal lies she served. She was also active in her in protecting them. Without a will or a trust, After hundreds of years, certain common
Sanctuary. Chuck loved animals, especially churches, Jesus the Good Shepherd Catho- your children could very well end up in language has developed that is used in a
horses. He also enjoyed carpentry work, lic Church in Owings and Grace Lutheran foster care when you die. Having children will or a trust and expertise is required to
cars, NASCAR and enjoyed cheering on his in Pensacola, Florida. In her leisure time means taking steps to protect them. What use that language. You would not go to a
favorite driver Kevin Harvick on a Sunday Marian enjoyed crocheting, working on good is funding their college education plumber to perform surgery on you. Why
afternoon. He enjoyed playing baseball and puzzles, and spending time surrounded by if you have not created a mechanism to trust something as important as your family
softball when he was younger and enjoyed distribute your property to them upon your to chance? Creating a will or a trust is your
family and friends. She was also a fan of
watching his oldest grandchild Blake play death? How are you helping? last act of love and affection for your family.
the “Washington Redskins.” Most of all, 2. I HAVE NO ESTATE: How about What price can you put on that?
baseball for the past 5 years. Chuck enjoyed Marian loved to sing! Whether it was in the excuse that you have no estate to protect? 5. MY FAMILY WILL TAKE
spending time on the farm and being with his church, to the Christian tunes on the radio, Do you have a home? A car, a boat? A bank CARE OF EVERYTHING: Whoa.
family, especially his grandchildren. or around the piano with her children and account? Personal property like furniture, The excuse that “my family will take care
Memorial Contributions may be grandchildren — she sure did love to sing! jewelry? All of that becomes part of your of everything” is simply not true. It is
made to This & That Senior Ani- Marian was preceded in death by her hus- estate. If you don’t make plans to distribute amazing how many families fight during
mal Sanctuary, 4250 Doncaster Drive, band, Corny; her daughter; D’Ann Bowen; your property in a will or a trust, the state the probate process, with or without a will.
Indian Head, MD 20640; Link: her brother, Robert Rettew; and her grand- will decide for you. And, I am not talking about fights over
h t t p s: // w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m /sons, Jason May and Sean Pope. She is sur- 3. EVERYTHING IS IN JOINT huge estates. Otherwise normal families
loveofeverythingwithfourlegs vived by eight children: Debbie Johnson of NAME WITH MY SPOUSE OR allow themselves to be torn apart arguing
CHILD: I have heard the excuse that over property—without a will or a trust,
Brandywine; Dawn Wood (Doug) of Cape everything is in joint name so there is no the arguments can take on epic proportions.
Sandra Juanita Coral, FL; Denise Bauckman of Prince reason to have a will or a trust. And, it is “Dad loved me best” and wanted me to
Frederick; Neil DeBruyn of St. Leonard,
Kirkpatrick David DeBruyn (Lee) of Milton, Florida;
the case that if property is titled in joint
name with right of survivorship, upon the
have the gun collection, “Mom told me she
wanted me to have the diamond ring”. Old
Dan DeBruyn (Daneille) of Isanti, MN; death of one person, the joint owner takes wounds re-open, childhood memories come
Sandra Juanita Dottie Barth (John) of Huntingtown; and all the property. The excuse is common flooding back and family nightmares are
Kirkpatrick, 83, of Donna Busarow (Ken) of Milton, FL. Mar- with spouses. The problem is, of course, common during the probate process. Some
Lusby, MD passed ian also leaves behind some of the greatest spouses often travel together. There are people think that the best approach is to
away on May 31, joys in her life – her 22 grandchildren and 26 no assurances that both spouses will leave everything to one child, counting on
2021 at her resi- great-grandchildren. not die together—if they do, then what? that child to distribute everything to his or
dence.  Born January You’re back in the same position without her siblings. Keep in mind that if you leave
In lieu of flowers, memorial donations a will or a trust—letting the state decide all your property to one child, that child is
29, 1938 in Cheverly, in Marian’s name may be made to CareNet
MD, she was the Pregnancy Center of Southern Maryland. where your property will go. And, what under no obligation to share it with siblings
daughter of the late if your property is titled as “tenants in even if you specifically put your intention
Visitation will be Saturday, June 12, 2021, common” not as joint tenants with right of in writing. Even if that child is attentive to
Henry Franklin Kirkpatrick and Catherine 1-4 p.m. at Rausch Funeral Home-Owings,
survivorship? In that case, each of you owns your wishes, what if that child has a spouse
Frances (Goodwin) Kirkpatrick. 8325 Mt. Harmony Lane, Owings, MD 50% of the property so if one dies without a who wants all the property for themselves?
Sandra graduated from Northwestern 20736. will, the property will not go automatically The only way to resolve the situation is to
High School in Hyattsville, MD in 1956.  to the other but instead the state will decide make clear that your property will go to all
Services will be Monday, June 14, 2021,
She moved to Calvert County from Silver 11 a.m. at Covenant Community of Jesus the where 50% of the property will go. By the the children, not just one.
Spring, MD in 2003.  Sandra was a Claims Good Shepherd, 1601 W. Mt Harmony Road, way, please check the title to your property 6. The bottom line is protect your
Adjuster for the Washington Metropolitan Owings, MD 20736. Interment will be in the so you know how it is held. loved ones. Make a will or a trust and do
Area Transit Authority for forty five years, Many people I talk to think that putting it now.
church cemetery. their child on the deed to their property I offer no-charge seminars open to the
retiring in 2003.  She enjoyed spending time
Memorial Contributions may be solves their problem about not having a public that discuss wills, trusts, powers
with family, old television shows and mov-
made to CareNet Pregnancy Cen- will or a trust. But, there are tax and other of attorney, living wills and other estate
ies, especially crime dramas and who done ter, 2196 Solomons Island Road, Suite
consequences of doing this. Let’s say you planning topics at 11am on the third
its, and reading books of all types. 3, Prince Frederick, MD 2068; Link: bought a house for $50,000 and market Wednesday of every month at my office at
Sandra is survived by her son, Michael value is now $100,000. If you put your 8906 Bay Avenue in North Beach. Give us a
Blaylock and his wife Nancy of Lusby, MD; child on the deed now, that child “takes” call at 301-855-2246 to reserve your spot.
five grandchildren; and six great-grandchil- their interest in the property at the value you
dren.  She was preceded in death by her son,
BusinessDIRECTORY The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 10, 2021

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Thursday, June 10, 2021 The Calvert County Times
Fun & Games 23

CLUES ACROSS 45. Blackbird 17. County in New

1. Most courageous 46. One point west of Mexico
8. Insurance giant due south 18. An electrically
13. Small trace left 47. Large beer charged atom
behind 48. Third stomachs 22. New Zealand
14. In a way, signals 49. Rare Korean family conifer
15. The same letter name 25. Type of brandy
or sound at the 50. Hectoliter 27. Comments to the
beginning 51. Aquatic audience
19. The Great Lakes invertebrate 28. Tears down
State 55. Where we live 29. Gifts for the poor
20. Engage in a 57. Poked holes in 30. More painful
contest 58. Partner to ways 32. Good friend
21. Drinks served 59. _ _ Ann 34. Lying in the same
to celebrate a birth plane
(Spanish) CLUES DOWN 35. Line in a polygon
22. Manpower 1. Expressions of 36. Clouds of gas and
23. Undivided approval dust
24. Strong, 2. Replace the interior 37. Norse god
magnetic metal of 38. Health care pro
25. People of 3. Not awake 40. Close tightly
Tanzania 4. Roman numeral 7 41. One’s holdings
26. Sorts 5. Sun up in New York 42. Became less
30. Cop car 6. Institute legal intense
accessory proceedings against 43. Wilco frontman
31. Trade 7. Bugs homeowners 45. Woman (French)
32. Sullen and ill- don’t want 48. Expresses delight
tempered 8. Maltese-Italian 51. TV channel (abbr.)
33. Distinctive composer 52. Beverage
practices 9. Very long period of 53. Unit of work or
34. Motor vehicles time energy
35. Electrodes 10. Touchdown 54. Cleaning
38. Polish river 11. Agents of downfall accessory
39. Human feet 12. Complacently or 56. Dorm worker
40. Make very hot inanely foolish
44. Toppin and 16. Argentina capital
Kenobi are two Buenos _ _


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