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ft ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY-JONESBORO Agreement for Athletic Competition, This Agreement for Athletic Competition is made and entered into on this 16" day of April, 2020, by and between Arkansas State University - Jonesboro (“Home Team”) and Stony Brook University (“Visiting, Team”). He Date and Location, The parties agree that Visiting Team shall travel to Jonesboro, Arkansas, oon September 16, 2023, for the purpose of participating in a varsity Men's Football game beginning at TBD September 16,2023 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, 2, Compensation, Home Team shall pay Visiting Team $280,000 on or before February 1, 2024. 3. Athletic Competition Management, Home Teatn controls the management of the Athletic ‘Competition and retains all rights related to parking, program sales, and concession sales, 4, —_Liquidated Damages. Visiting Team understands that Home Team has expended substantial money preparing to host the Athletic Competition and will lose significant income if the contest is not played a scheduled above including lost ticket revenue, lost concession revenues, lost advertising revenue, and lost sponsorship revenue in addition to incurring damage to reputation by failing to deliver a promised Athletic Competition, Because the damages to Home Team resulting from a failure to play the scheduled contest aro not capable of exact calculation, the parties have bargained for and agree that, if the Visiting Team shall fail to produce its team and play the Athletic Competition, then the Visiting Team witl pay to the Home Tean the amount of $750,000 as liquidated damages on ot before within one week of breach of contract. ‘The parties expressly agree that these liquidated damages are a fair and reasonable amount of compensation to Home ‘Team and do not constitute a penalty. 5. Fores Majeure, Either party shall be excused! fom pecformance, and no damages of any type shall be owed, should an unforeseen event occur outside the contro! of either patty which makes it impossible to play the Athletic Competition. Events of Force Majeure include but aze not limited to fire, flood, hurricane, tomado, earthquake, epidemic, war, invasion, hostilities, insurrection, or order or ruling of any court, governmental authority, athletic conference, or the National Collegiate Athletic Association, 6, Officials, ‘The officials for the Athletic Competition shall be selected by Vi expenses of said officials shall be paid by Visiting Team, ing Team and 7. Hiigibitity. All players or contestants representing either party in the Athletic Competition shall be eligible under the rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athietic Association (NCAA) and the conference of which each institution is 2 member. 8. Broadcast Rights. All radio and television rights to the Athletic Competition are the property of the Home Team and shall comply with conference and national governing body contracts. Home Team will provide Visiting Team with one radio broadcast outlet and grants Visiting Team pennission to broadcast 1 ‘he Athletic Competition live on Visiting Team's official radio station, Home Team likewise geants Visiting Teant permission to utilize videotapes or films of the Athlctic Competition Tor use in coaches” shows and te range (or closed circuit television presentation of the Athletic Competition on ils campuses or for alum ‘groups around the country. Visiting Team-shall acquire any-licenses or permits required to broadeast the Athletic Competition or publish any depictions thereof including any names and likewesses of individot players, participants, and coaches. Any other Broadcast Rights desired by Visiting Team must be negotiated by separate agreement, 9° cozithetss Visiting Team shall be allowed a maxinnm of 450 complimentary tiokets pursuant to Sun Belt Conference regulations, Ticket prices shall be st by Home Team, Band members, cheerleaders, and mascots for Visiting Team shall be admitted without charge if in aniform and shall not be included in the ‘complimentary ticket allotment. 10. Cancellation. This agreement may be canceled by either party without penalty if either Home Team o- Visiting Team is reclassified to a different NCAA membership division after the contract has been exceuted, 11. Amendment. This Agreement may be amended only by vwitten instrument signed by both patties, 12, __ Ralive Agreement, This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and replaces and supersedes any prior agreements whether written or oral Arkansas State > Yiversty Jonesboro Stony Brook University Whe Wr chinw® Sf oobi Grcolleginte Athieies, §—“Asscinne Daaten- Pae“7feqfeoro PecReyrsing Shawn Heilbron, Dirwetor of athletics Stony Brook University Inside Sports Complex Stony Brook, NY 11794-3500 7 Haz hoza Dale Finance and AdminNtation Hand one copy (0: Vice Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics Arkansas State University-Jonesboro P.O, Box 1000 State Universit AR 72467

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