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nen Ente: FOES F220. 489 97D EESCODESEF Dal Ene: AFBI ESSA TELICDSAL 9500088876 FOOTBALL GAME AGREEMENT B Ig UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT ‘This AGREEMENT is entered into by and between THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, KNOXVILLE and THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO. In consideration ofthe mutual promises and covenants contained herein and other good and valueble consideration, the partes’ intending tobe legally bound, agree as follows: 1. PurpaselLvent: The purpose of this AGREEMENT is to onfinm the strangements and conditions for playing football game (hercinater“GAMIE") between The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and The University of Texas at San Antonio ("UTSA"). 2 Bent Bach party shall cause its Football Bow! Series ("FBS") varity football am to participate na football game in accordance withthe terms ofthis AGREEMENT. The GAME shall be played onthe dates and at the locaton a et farth below, withthe HOME TEAM designated by their locale: Day DALE TIME —‘LocaTIoN SATURDAY SEPTEMBER23,2023 TBD ‘KNOXVILLE, TN 3. Rules: The GAME stall be governed by the rules ofthe National Collegiate Athletic Association (beteinafter NCAA"), andthe institutional rules of the HOME andthe VISTTING schoo asin effect tlhe time of the GAME. 4, liriility of Team Members: The eligibility of all players to participate in the game shall be {governed by the rules and regulations of the respective institutions, ther conference, and the NCAA, In elfect l he time of the GAME, 5. Game Officine: Offcisls and replay for the grme in Knowville shall be designated by the Southeastern Conference. 6 is ¢ The HOME TEAM agrees to pay the ‘Commensalion of VISITING TEAM and Settlement: VISITING TEAM, as fll and complete compensation, the fixed sum of one milion six hundred ‘housand dollar ($1,600,000.0) shin 60 days ater the GAME. Any amount not pai by the dc ote shall immediately bear interest atthe maximum amount as permitted by sate law of the _pverning jurisdiction. 7, Tickets, Sidoline Pass, Credentials, Parking: Tickets i. The HOME TEAM will establish al ticket prices. il The HOME TEAM will provide five hundred (500) complimentry tickets tothe VISTING TEAM, ‘The HOME TEAM shal consign total of2,000 tickets tothe VISITING TEAM. iv, By July , ptior othe date of the GAME, the VISITING TEAM should retrn ALL but five hundred (500) unsold tickets from the original consigned allotment seat by the HOME TEAM. Those tickets should be reurned for credit vin al tothe HOME TEAM. Fourteen (4) dys prior to the date ofthe GAME, the VISITING TEAM should resin no more than 700 usold ticket fram ‘the orginal allotment sent by the HOME TEAM. The remainder should be ‘boasign Emule 0 FDSSEOE-#220 4058. 0C7O-CE SESDERSE anon Eng Ae206 DN. AFE STEALER returned for credit via overnight mailto the HOME TEAM. In the event the VISITING TEAM fails to retum any tickets by the deadline set forth in this peragraph, the VISITING TEAM shill not be ented to a refund or ‘eimbursement for those lte returns. Setlement of funds for consigned tickets stall be required prior to GAME, If ticket finds huve not been setled prior to ‘GAME, these funds may be withheld fom Compensation of VISITING TEAM referenced in Section 6 above. vy. No tickets shall be required for media. vi, VISITING TEAM will ave us of one (1) sut, te location of whichis to be determined by the HOME TEAM. vil Cheerleaders and mascots forthe VISITING TEAM shal be admitted without ccarge when in uniform. vi. Seating forthe band must come out ofthe VISITING TEAM'S complimentary ‘tickets (ection i above) or be purchased from the consigned allotment ‘Sideline Passes: The VISITING TEAM shal be allowed sixty (0) sideline passes at no ‘barge. These passes shall be in addition the ickets povided as described in paragraph ‘section a). Such pases are for ue by conches, trainers, and working personne! only. ‘All personnel with the exception of varsity football team members in uniform must wear sideline passes, All VISITING TEAMS sideline passes will be restricted to the VISITING TEAM are (btwexn the 25-yardlins) ‘& Credentials: The VISITING TEAM shal be allowed fiftean (15) al-sceas credentials for its athletic administration at no charge If aitionalall-acces credentials are needed by VISTING TEAM, HOME TEAM shall meke good fithatempt to mect reasonable requests. 4. Parking: The VISITING TEAM shall be allowed packing pases for equipment tuck(s), team and staff buses, and fen (10) automobiles for use by the football program and ministration, Media Rights: Radio, Television, Internets |. Radio Rights: The HOME TEAM (or its conference) foreach GAME, covered by this ‘AGREEMENT owns and retains and is entitled otetrn all revenues deived therefrom, all rights to crete and distribute live or delayed andio-only coverage of such GAME, provided tht the VISITING TEAM may create and distbute, ona non-exclusive basis, and retain the revenues dcived therefrom, its own audio-onlyfil-game account ofthe GAME for distbution by the VISITING TEAM’s regular sean radio broadeasting network vi eretial radio and satellite redo. The HOME TEAM for each GAME shall, ‘provide to the VISITING TEAM one radio oudet location for the aforementioned Troadeast. 1b, Television ond Other Distribution Rights: Except forthe radio rights desribed in clause (@) above, the conference of the HOME TEAM for each GAME covered by this Agreement exclusively owns and resins, and is ented to resin all revenues derived therefom, ll rights to televise or otherwise distribute audio, video or audiovisual ‘coverage of uch GAME and any and all portions of uch GAME (wheter live or dlayed Daas Ele 0 FEMA F208 roo Emp W256 4 AF TEMICADEAA 8. sd oclding re-send highlights throughout the universe by any and ll mean, uses, fed media now kaown or heeft developed, andthe VISITING TEAM agess Yo in th los Id othe extent the VISITING TEAM has or wil hav any Suck gts the VISITING TEAM irevocably sins, conveys and transfers alo soch Highs 0 the conreoe of te HOME TEAM in papetuly. Notwidstanding the foregoing, () the VISITING TEAM and is conference shall have the non-exclusive ghia to cent and daviute coach's fins of each GAME for use solely by the VISITING TEAM, professional sports lags and other colleges and univers for coeching and song purposes, ab well as we of ot moe than 10 minutes of lipped {eotage on aay conc show, and (ifthe epetive coazences ofthe inaitaons Jatt to this AGREEMENT ener ito a seperate agrcmentdecsbing the rights of VISITING TEAM to dstibue audiovisual covege of « GAME plyed betwoen insuton fom sich rexpectve conference, and soc areerent rains in fl oreo tad effect when any GAME covered by hs Agreement ccc, the VISITING TEAM ‘Godt conteac) for such GAME sal hve rights sdesesibed in such agreement. {Internet Streaming: Toe HOME TEAM retains any aad all internet streaming end new ‘media rights to the GAME. The rights to vdeo steaming are subject to applicable conference policies andlor conference television partner agreements, (Other Right: The VISITING TEAM foreach GAME covered by this AGREEMENT hereby authorizes the HOME TEAM (and its conference) to use (and to authorize each ently effecting or fcliating the telocast or eter distbution of such GAME to we) the trademarks and logos of the VISITING TEAM tod the names and likenesses of the VISITING TEAM's individual players, parcpents and cosches to promote and publicize such GAME andthe participating teams and institutions, povided that such fndemarks, logo, names and likeneaes must not be used as an endorsement of any producto service orn connection with ny political cause or candidate, rin any mannee ‘rohbited by applicable NCAA rules and regulations. The visitng team for each GAME ‘Warrant to the home team snd is conference thatthe visting tam has obtained the right to license the we ofthe names and likenesses of individual players, participants, and coaches for the purposes st frth in his clase). Controlling Language: To the extent that this Section conflicts ori iconsistent with ‘any other language or provision inthis AGREEMENT, the terms and content ofthis Section shall contol and supersede anyother such language ox provision. ‘The HOME TEAM shall be ‘Geme Manasement, Concessions, Parking and Proecam Income: ‘esponsble for managing the GAME at its own cost. This aball include but not be limited to the ofthe flity, acranging for and conducting ticket sales, advertising security, ad all ofthe otter details customarily associated with hosting an intercollegiate foteall game, along with paying all expenses asocited therewith, except forthe expenses ofthe VISITING TEAM. The HOME TEAM agrees to have a medial docae and ambulanoe with emergency personnel at the game site throughout the duration ofthe GAME. The HOME TEAM shall have the exclusive right {o sell programs and ran concessions and packing. All acome from program sales, concessions end atking shall be the sole propety ofthe HOME TEAM. 10, Axrivalef-eams: The teams sall present themssves a the site ofthe GAMB in condition to play ‘at least tity (30) minutes before the time advertised as the starting time forthe GAME. en er 6 ons Elo 0 FOND +320-4960.3CTOESIONDESF Denon snp o- S5C ONG 49 AEURSTLICDEN 11. NCAA Kaotball Championshin Sub-Division (“FCS”) Requirements (when applicable: By ‘ging this AGREEMENT, the VISTING TEAM, if e menber ofthe Football Championship ‘Subdivision, confims compliance wit the provisions of NCAA Bylaw 20.99.21 (as coniined in ‘the August 2015-16 Division 1 Manual) and certifies tat it averaged 90% of the permissible ‘maximum numberof grants-in-aid per yea in the sport of football during the two scademi years ‘immediately proceding the date of the AGREEMENT, as well a its intent to do so through the ‘compleon of this GAME, Failure by the VISITING TEAM to meet the criteria established by the [NCAA ‘or Football Championship Subdivision (PCS) membership represents a material Breach of this Agreement. At its option, the HOME TEAM may elect to cancel the game for VISITING "TEAM": noncompliance with Championship Subdivision Requirements, andthe VISITING TEAM agrees to pay the Liqudated Damages agreed to in Section 14 ofthis AGREEMENT. 12, orca Maieursmpossiblity In the event of unforeseen catastrophe such as fr, ood, hurican, ‘tomado, earthquake, war, invasion, hostilities, reelion, insurection, pandemic, confisction by ‘order ofthe goverment, military ot public authority of proibitory or governmental thority, ‘prohibition or edict of the Suthenstern Conference or the National Collegiate Athletic Association, ‘making it impossible or impractical to play the GAME, both pis sal be relieved of any and all obligaticns of this AGREEMENT. Notice of such ctastropte, disaster or edict shall be givens soon ‘as possible, No such cancellation shall affect the partis’ obligations as to subsequent GAMES ‘covered by this contract. Any GAMES not played as scheduled shall be rescheduled as such ‘exigencies may dictate or pert. ‘© Eeeption, Refusl of either eam to participate inthe GAME due to political prefzences| or deologicl reasons shall be considered a breach puruan! to Section 13 ofthis ‘AGREEMENT. Such aefusal will not be categorized as an unforeseen eatastropte, 13, Breach: Failure to participate in GAME for reasons oer than Force Majeure (see Section 12) will be considered «breach ofthis AGREEMENT. In the event that either party fis to meet the rtria ‘established bythe NCAA for Football Bowl Series (FBS) membership ot Football Championship ‘Sub-Divison (FCS) membership this failure willbe considered a breach ofthis AGREEMENT. In the event that ether party announces it wil discontinue its feotball program or will move is fotall rogram from FBS 10 FCS membership with FCS membership effective prior io GAME, this willbe ‘considered beach of his AGREEMENT by the discontinuing or transitioning party at the ime of official announcement by that nation. In the even that either party announces its inten to not ‘asticipm inthe GAME, this will be considered a breach ofthis AGREEMENT st the time of any ‘offical wbleies department annouacement or communiaton ating the intent not to participate fa ‘the GAME. 14, Liguidae| Damages: tis agreed by both partis that inthe event of a teach by either party, sctal damages would be significant andthe amount uncertain, In view of that fact, the breaching ‘party shall pay the non-beaching party $1,600,000.00 as reasonable and contemplate liquidated ‘Semages, Payment will ocur within thre (3) months ofthe evet forming the breach 15, Intogratin/Amendments: This AGREEMENT is the entre agreement between the parties with respect tc the subject matter hereof and supersedes in all respects all othr agreements whether ‘wolten of orl, No amendment to this AGREEMENT shall be valid unless reduced to vaitag and signed by bot partes hereto, et 26 nog Eelp 1: FOHE87= 20.488 9D EISORDESEF son nap AF BREC es kak ara SrtCHOHN 16. Intemeetation: No provision ofthis AGREEMENT shall be construed spans o interpreted tothe

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