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“That put a quick $3-Grand in my pocket. Yes, I am definitely having fun. Wouldn’t you be?”
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“In more than forty years of trading I’ve never seen anything like it… I really enjoy it.”
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Meet Jea Yu

ea Yu is a natural born entrepreneur, with several successful businesses to his credit; having started his first business, a medical billing company, before the ink was dry on his University of Maryland diploma. So it’s not surprising that when he became interested in the stock market, in 1998, he immediately founded As it turns out, trading has an addictive allure surpassing any other business you can think of. And Jea quickly became a trusted authority on short-term highprofit stock-trading strategies. •  Created, voted Forbes “Best of the Web” four years in a row. •  In less than a year, grew an account of $87,000 to over $6million in open profits. •  Popular speaker at Money Show events, Legends of Trading Forum, and Traders Expo. •  Member of the prestigious International Speakers Bureau commanding upwards of $10,000 for speaking engagements. •  Contributing writer and expert columnist with over 100 published articles in Active Trader Magazine, and Charles Schwab’s CyberTrader. •  Featured in “Investing with the Best and Brightest on the Financial Internet”; Leitzes, Adam, 2002, John Wiley and Sons. •  Interviewed on BizRadio, the Vince Rowe Radio Show, Christopher Byron Show, TraderInterviews. com, TradeStation Securities’ World, Wall Street Journal •  Quoted in Financial Times, USA Today, Yahoo Life Magazine, MSNBC online radio, Online Investor Magazine (deemed “an enigmatic online stock prophet’), Forbes and MSN Money Central. •  Conducts live all-day seminars with attendees numbering 50-70 at $1,200 per seat •  Trained over 8,000 traders worldwide through UndergroundTrader chatroom, and offers an intense 5day one-on-one mentorship program for $5,000 •  Published four books, the first three are sold-out. The fourth was published April 2010 by Marketplace Books, Trading Full Circle: The UndergroundTrader System for Timing and Profiting in All Financial Markets. •  Produced three videos: Short-Term Profit Hunter is the most recent release. Previous releases include The UndergroundTrader’s Powerful Weapons for Winning and Beating the Bear: Short Term Trading for Difficult Markets.
PLEASE NOTE: sTock Trading on margin has large poTenTial rewards, buT also large poTenTial risks. you musT be aware of The risks and willing To accepT Them in order To invesT in The markeT. don’T Trade wiTh money you can’T afford To lose. This is neiTher a soliciTaTion nor an offer To buy/sell any sTock. TesTimonials are believed To be accuraTe buT have noT been independenTly verified. no aTTempT has been made To compare The experiences of The persons giving The TesTimonials afTer The TesTimonials were given To Their experience previously. no one should expecT To achieve The same or similar resulTs as Those shown herein because pasT performance does noT necessarily indicaTe fuTure resulTs. also, hypoTheTical or simulaTed performance resulTs have cerTain inherenT limiTaTions. unlike an acTual performance record, since The Trades have noT acTually been execuTed, The resulTs may have under or over compensaTed for The impacT, if any, of cerTain markeT facTors, such as lack of liquidiTy. simulaTed Trading programs in general are also subjecT To The facT ThaT They are designed wiTh The benefiT of hindsighT. in addiTion, hypoTheTical Trading cannoT compleTely accounT for The impacT of financial risk in acTual Trading. The abiliTy To wiThsTand losses and adhere To a parTicular Trading program are maTerial poinTs which can adversely affecT acTual Trading resulTs. no represenTaTion is being made ThaT any accounT will or is likely To achieve profiTs or losses similar To Those shown. 
simulaTed resulTs do noT represenT acTual Trading.

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7/22/2010 3:12:00 PM

.  Now you can join an elite group of Underground Traders who know the secret to turning a few thousand dollars into a SIZABLE MONTHLY INCOME. to retire comfortably… which I’m sure you already know.000 $50. have you ever stopped to think how close to retirement you may be? The truth is.007 SPEND $50.309… has generated an income of more than $50.000 $20.000 $30.007 REPEAT 6/22 6/29 Dear Friend.697 in 30 Days It Feels Like a Miracle… Next Thing You Know. with no consumer debt . The question is… how comfortable will your retirement be? If you don’t want to wait years for your money to grow.indd 3 7/22/2010 3:12:00 PM .000 in a single month. $50. and this lousy job market.697 profit on $8.. you could be closer to retirement than you had planned.000 $10. starting in as little as 30 days! Real Money – Real Profits In the chart above.309 is an amazing 610% gain… in less than 30 days! Imagine if you let a 610% return compound JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL..000 $40. It takes at LEAST a million dollars in invested assets . you see a real-life example of how a small amount of “seed money”… just $8.30 Days from Today Your Money Worries Could Be Over Forever!!! “The First Time You Earn $50. Steady Profits Become A Wonderful Way of Life!” $60..309 Grow to $59. But.000 Carry-over $9. I have GREAT NEWS.000 $0 Real Money Real Profits $1.90 Per Day 6/1 6/8 6/15 IMAGINE DOING THIS… Start with $8.689. corporate downsizing. with today’s economy.

many people won’t allow themselves to think big. Settled Funds Avail.47 $44. So. you’re not alone. Let’s think about this for a minute. liquidity issues make that particular billion-dollar scenario impossible.161.067.221… Whew! If you really could do that.. consider how you’d feel if you had $4 MILLION in your account.000 (and have taken about 10 weeks vacation)… thanks for your help and please keep up the great work!!! – Ralph aka “the Albatross” JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. So. from $87.309… $59. growing exponentially with each revolution… $8.713… $21.000… So far this year I have made profits of $235. This comes directly from my own broker’s statement… it’s not hypothetical.920.006… $419. Account Value Grows $1. well within reach.007. So. satisfaction and confidence as you watch your bottom-line swell to $4.131.500 Grew to $4. Take a look at the 7-day equity chart above. maybe visual proof will help.month after month… like a gigantic snowball rolling downhill. But millions of dollars are. why couldn’t you do the same thing! Mind-boggling profits exceeding $3. in fact. with entry after entry containing 6 or 7 figures… Feel the excitement...9million may be hard to comprehend at first. So let’s take a moment to let this true-life performance sink in.007. Here I am. you’d be a billionaire in less than a year! Of course.161.894… $150. simulated.029… $2.442.975. And while you’re at it.. don’t you think you ought to be able to do just as well? I feel very SURE you can!  Most days I do 4 or 5 trades… and I can easily exceed $2.37 $44. Picture your own personal account statement. Not really big anyway… not like millionaire big.057.655 In a Single Week My Account $3835309 $3113581 $2392654 $1671326 $949999 7 days In Just 4 Months $87. For some reason.007.371 in open profits.44 MILLION in a SINGLE WEEK. just a regular guy with a liberal arts education from a public school.37 $4.870… creating $3.480%. if you follow the same system I follow.870… W    Th    F        M T *My Account chart is current as of previous day’s close and does not include options value.870 Between February and May my account grew 4.indd 4 7/22/2010 3:12:01 PM .500 to $4.97 Do You Find the Prospects of Earning Millions of Dollars Hard to Grasp? If you’re having trouble seeing yourself earning millions upon millions of dollars.870. your name and address printed across the top.007. or edited in any way. for Trading:  Total Money Balance:  Total Account Value:  $30. for Trading:  Total Funds Avail. Study the chart carefully and see how this account grew in value more than $1. And I’m making $Millions. Visualize the right-hand column.

000 Perpetual Income Plan In Real-Life Action Every investors dream: A reliable “money machine” so powerful and so efficient that you can generate $10. Your official goal is $50. $50.000 in profits.But.007 in a single month. cash out and start working on the next $50. no matter what…“Unknowns” lurking in everyone’s future… like inflation. needs. in case you still can’t come to terms with your own potential to earn $1.000 per MONTH! On page 3 you saw for yourself how steady profits… averaging $1.000 seems very realistic and easy to achieve. Here’s WHAT You Want to Do •  Start with a small amount of “seed capital” •  Follow the same profit system I’m going to $50. How about $50. let’s scale back to a number you do feel comfortable with. healthcare. Who cares what the size of your nest egg is when you have a flood of cash coming in that you don’t have to work for! Plan – Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a solid financial plan. and desires.000 “annuity” should be right on time! It’s what I call the “Perpetual Income Plan”.000 per Month REAL DEAL Performance You Can Trust Your decision to withdraw profits every time you hit the $50. next month’s $50.000 mark is EXCELLENT.689.000 income was wire transferred out of my account? Don’t you think it’s amazing how fast non-stop profits refill the well? At this rate.000 seed money… sound impossible? Well.000? A goal of $50. until the end of time. starting immediately… Not years from now.44 MILLION in a SINGLE WEEK. emergency expenses… are no longer a threat.000… $50. check out this excerpt from Jea’s personal account statement… When you hit $50. Now.… Never run out of money. Do you see where a $50. that’s it. take a look at the excerpt from my broker statement below.indd 5 7/22/2010 3:12:01 PM .90 per day… grew $8. but TODAY. Don’t you think? So. with readily attainable goals. and the built-in safety-net of a like-minded community of fellow traders… some of whom you’ll meet in just a minute. And what I love most about it is spelled out in the name: Perpetual – Support all your wants.000 a week income starting with less than $10.000! 2010 month-after-month illustration on page16  JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL.309 to a whopping $59. Income – Live the lifestyle of your dreams.

aka “Lego” Putting the odds in my favor by using the right tools properly… and most of all. once everybody else sees the move. The good news is… I have perfected a way to do exactly that! The unique UndergroundTrader System essentially foreshadows the market and makes an upcoming price move apparent minutes. So. And from that small seed. have time with my family and thoroughly enjoy my work and my leisure. proceed to grow your next $… I would have failed on my own. and live it up! •  Spend some… Save some… Do whatever you like with your profits. My $3. maybe even a full day before it gets underway. –Bill aka “Baby Huey” JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. That is to be free. The year was 1997. before it becomes too transparent. be myself. being able to predict the market with crystal ball clarity sounds “too good to be true”. hours. I’ve just about done it all. And with insight like that.indd 6 7/22/2010 3:12:02 PM . Since then. •  Cash out the minute your profits hit $50.000 in income… a grandiose lifestyle… and you’ll have one heck of a good time! That IS what you want. But first. and do it –Dr.000 is now close to $30. if you want to win you need to anticipate ahead of time what’s about to happen. Repeat this twelve times over and you end up with $600. Withdraw all your profits. It’s pretty hard to exaggerate the feelings I have now about my life after a thirty year struggle to find myself. it’s too late.000. These days. Because there’s plenty more to come! •  Repeat… Be sure to leave a small amount of “seed capital” in your “money-machine”.tell you about in a minute… you’ll be amazed by how quick and easy it is. and when I first started trading it was the “Wild West” compared with today. let me introduce myself. and my broker statements give you proof that it must be true… still you may find it hard to believe. •  Let your profits accumulate for a few weeks.000… I am ecstatic to be able to do what I love tell you the rest of the story in their own words. Here’s HOW You Get It Done Before I go on. so I don’t blame you for being skeptical.000. as you can see from my bio on page 2. I’m going to let members of UndergoundTrader. and I was determined to become one of them! In 1998 I founded UndergroundTrader. Even though you want to believe it’s true. – Peter L. Because. My name is Jea Yu. And I can tell you with absolute authority that the market is a much different place today than it was a decade ago. winning is easy! I know. Pincus profitably With your help I have evolved into a confident trader with a simple set of rules which work day in and day out for me… I have made well over 100k net of commissions in 6 months… You have helped me turn my life into what I always wanted it to be. “dot-com’s” were creating new millionaires every day.  I have been a member now for about two weeks. let me introduce you to my new tellall book. rather than try to convince you myself. listening to everything Jay has to say… soon paid off with $140. more than just about anything else in the world… right? Then let’s see HOW you go about turning your lofty goal into reality.

and the rest. aka “Skye” Best! Thank you. You are the –Joey J. Computerized trading.... trade his calls and make money. IMHO The Pit is God... and to have such a gift for teaching and leading others.. My surprise came and what I didn’t expect was that I was receiving an education on trading the markets and being taught by a master. as they say. I have attempted to follow your methods and disciplines and am happy to say I have had 10 straight days of $500-1000. and methods as well… Thanks for EVERYTHING. – Roland W. My wife is learning about daytrading too.And this is worth much more than the price of admission.Which I can do any day. but close -. aka “Dragon7” There’s no such thing as a “level playing field” in any financial market. dark pools. and she is a big fan of your book. You know the saying. Well. Jay.. My account is growing in leaps and bounds… You’re very blessed to be able to do something so well. a system or support group.indd 7 7/22/2010 3:12:03 PM . maybe not God..Teach a man to fish. I’m passionate about trading again and so fired up about having a way to make –Tim S.. and sub-pennying are just a few of the tricks that tip the scales in favor of large institutions.all I have to do is sign on.The Complete UndergroundTrader System Trading Full Circle Introducing It’s scary to realize how blindly I was trading just two weeks ago without charts. site. I started UndergroundTrader to even the odds.00 and I thought. is history. I learned about the Pit via discovering your most recent book a couple of months back.. aka “Sully” consistent profits. ‘this Jay Yu guy is great.certainly a major manifestation. And we’ve done such a stellar job that we received the Forbes’ “Best of the Web” award four years in a row! Over the past decade. Even very experienced traders don’t know about most of these tricks – much less how to beat them. My first day trading with you I made $2700. –Paul S. you are truly an amazing person and I wish you and your family the best. aka “Alpha2” Simply put. through the Pacific Rim crisis… dot-com and real estate bubbles… volume droughts… recession panic… Wall Street scandal… manic optimism… UndergroundTrader’s 7 JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL.

Instead. After that. Right out of college I got a job as a Federal investigator. TesTimonials may or may noT be represenTaTive of The average person’s experience. Everyone in the pit tries to add a little humor and have a good time while making money. I really enjoy it. I’m going to be a buyer now. Don’t miss this rare privilege worth $250. Fred was an authority on the stock market long before he met Jea. will help you claim the “first seat on the bandwagon” headed for profits.N “Getting the first seat on the bandwagon is something Jea does better than anyone” ot only was Fred a stock broker. But my passion was studying the markets.” “Getting the first seat on the bandwagon is something Jea does better than anyone I know. I always have. The pit gives you such a sense of community.” “Successful trading requires a predictive edge.” “In more than forty years of trading I’ve never seen anything quite as effective as Jea’s charts when it comes to anticipating what the market is likely to do next. at my wife’s suggestion. “If you want to make money as a day-trader. make sure you’re one of the first to buy your ticket. including Jea himself. Where a chat-room of like-minded trading buddies. as he’ll be happy to tell you. I want to sell”. Yet.” Order “Trading Full Circle” within the next thirty days and you’ll get 30 days free access to the Pit…. day-trading is my hobby. Jea’s secret to predicting market direction is unlike anything he’d ever seen before. you have to catch the intra-day trend BEFORE everybody else sees it. when people were panicking in 2008 and they’d call up and say “Oh. he was also manager of a large brokerage office for thirtyfour years. And most people find that pretty hard to do. The important thing is. But that’s not soon enough. Finally. But it always felt like a hobby. with insight like that. I’d say “No. And. Not a real job. I left the government and got a job as a stock broker. you just sit back and enjoy the ride!” “I love the markets. Anybody can recognize a trend once several bars are lined up like stair steps. see page 2  JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. Plus it has been his hobby for over forty-five years. So obviously.” “Being a contrarian by nature.” “Now that I’m retired. And Jea’s Underground Trading Pit is where I spend most of my day. where there’s no time to build a contrarian position. Call now: 888-233-1431. with countless clients. For example. the rest is pretty easy. And that’s what you get with Jea’s Rifle charts. I tend to go against mass psychology with my longer term trading.” “But after I retired I got interested in day-trading. you need to ride the bandwagon.indd 8 7/22/2010 3:12:04 PM .

to non-stop-profits like never before. “Most people think whatever is happening today is going to continue forever. staying on top of each market mutation to deliver non-stop profits. bagging any-and-all prey the moment it shows itself.” And of course. traveling around to all the different offices and talking about various option strategies. Set Up Your Own Wealth-Seeking Profit Center Your first step is to simply download your Quick Start eGuide and spend a few minutes building your own incredibly accurate profit center. just fill in the code for any stock or index and Voila! Your profit seeking command center will instantly zero in on that particular stock. Then. A contrarian by nature. five indicators work in unique harmony to create an easyto-read “Road Map” to your next profit opportunity… page 3 of guide •  The bottom part is the “Engine”. So he possesses vast knowledge and sage wisdom you can trust. Let’s ask Fred. he was the options specialist for that same company. And with this knowledge you’ll suddenly be in a position to ride the Underground-gravy-train. profit secrets that were once the exclusive providence of an elite few can be yours. the rest is pretty easy.indd 9 7/22/2010 3:12:05 PM . Want to change stocks? Three or four key-strokes and you’re there. Earlier in his career. And that just isn’t so. those charts make JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. But Bill. What could be easier? •  On the top part of each chart.. predicting market change is what the UndergroundTrader System does so well. But don’t take my word for it. who has been an active member of UndergroundTrader.. with the release of Trading Full Circle. The way to do well in the market is by anticipating change. And. Easy-tofollow step-by-step instructions make set-up a since the beginning… and who happens to be a real sharpshooter… says our charts are more like a radar screen. to carry Fred’s thought about “the rest is pretty easy” one step further. you know his rave review is given without exaggeration. And who am I to argue? Maybe a rifle/scope combination would cover it… you think? At any rate. Fred once told me. I nick-named our charts “Rifle Charts” because they make you feel like a sharpshooter. basic and deadly accurate… it leaves no doubt as to the exact moment when you should “hit the gas”… page 5 of guide •  Power-link multiple time-frames for fluid foreshadowing and watch approaching trends emerge with amazing clarity… page 8 of guide. Fred said “In more than forty years of trading I’ve never seen anything quite as effective as Jea’s charts when it comes to anticipating what the market is likely to do next. keep in mind that decades of experience have made this man the consummate cynic when it comes to “Holy Grail” trading systems.” And. So. Now. earning a perpetual income pretty easy too! So let’s start by setting up your own profitseeking charts. after retiring as branch manager for one of the largest brokerage firms in the country. with insight like that. As you read each word of Fred’s interview.proprietary system has dynamically evolved. there’s one thing that is indisputable and that’s this… Rifle Charts keep the profits coming!  STEP #1 The UndergroundTrader System is More Accurate Than ANYTHING Fred Has Seen in 45 Years of Trading Fred became an UndergroundTrader six or seven years ago.

sensational news always pushes stocks one way or another. And. Stick any stock you’re interested in up on the screen. I’m certainly ahead of the curve enough to do that. I’ve averaged 3 to 5 trades a day and I’m normally picking up anywhere from 6 cents to 40 cents on a trade.” “Looking at my trade sheets for the last 3 or 4 days. Wouldn’t you be?” S keet-shooting enthusiast Bill S. That’s all you need to make a decent living. Years ago. Since the market is driven by people’s perception. TesTimonials may or may noT be represenTaTive of The average person’s experience. “They’re like a radar screen that zeros in on one profit opportunity after another. How about you? Then what are you waiting for? Call now: 888-233-1431. So this allows me to have a lucrative career and still be home to take care of her. But I enjoy trading. see page 2 0 JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. You can tell immediately if a stock is going up or down. I am definitely having fun. he should know. Bill met Jea in a chat room more than a decade ago. lucrative career that you can do at home… Sounds perfect to me. two or three days later. Wouldn’t you be?” “Following Jea’s strategies I can go for weeks without a single losing trade. I guess I could retire if I wanted to.” A fun. not reality. I am definitely having fun. “Last week I hit a homerun on Apple and picked up 3 points in about an hour. Even after twelve years of doing it full time it’s still a lot of fun. it’s all forgotten and they swing back the other way. Bill’s been trading for a living ever since. my wife and I were both in the airline industry and she ended up with a back injury that left her disabled.indd 10 7/22/2010 3:12:06 PM .” “Day-trading has worked out real well for me. Yes.” “It’s amazing how the cycles of human emotions show up on Jea’s charts. That put a quick $3Grand in my pocket. says Jea’s Rifle Charts are like a radar screen that zeros in on one profit opportunity after another.“That put a quick $3Grand in my pocket. I like to watch CNBC or Bloomberg and think of what stocks will be most affected. And his Rifle Charts make it pretty easy too”. And you can usually tell where the resistance and support points will be too. Yes. And following Jea’s lead. And you can make immediate sense of it. And then.” “But when it’s really fun is when there’s some kind of hyped up news event going on.

Thanks so much! –Rho JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. Please. For example: 1. and head for the “Winner’s Circle”! Scoring one winner after another will be easier than you ever dreamed possible when you use the powerful profit secrets revealed in Trading Full Circle to zero in on the most fertile ground. profitable. Get in ahead of the push and claim every last penny of profit–Unmistakable “Tell” detailed on page 98. even after twelve years as a full-time trader. Bill’s having too much fun to even consider stopping.Bill and His Wife Have Enjoyed Perpetual Income For More than a Dozen Years Bill and his wife have enjoyed perpetual nonstop income for more than a dozen years now. and gives you a brilliant view of current events… what’s not to like about that! As you read Bill’s interview. without a single loser. And even though he could afford to quit trading and completely retire. wait for your entry point.indd 11 7/22/2010 3:12:06 PM . You sometimes score thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes. excuse the cliché… but. And you’ll be taking full advantage after you read page 107. let’s see how we’re going to go about getting that cash flow going! Map”. it’s like “shooting fish in a barrel”. l “Follow the Leader” to consistent profits – All you do is pick a stock correlated with this often overlooked index. l Watch for this tell-tale sign the “Big Boys” are about to make a move. no mystery… “Hitting the jackpot” is an irresistible thrill that would keep anyone coming back for more! 3. You can go for weeks winning 3. Again. Your dedication to each of us is really something special. Don’t you? And Bill says. and enjoy the ride! See page 139. 5 trades a day. I think having fun is important. 4. I think you’ll agree… it’s all good! Now. I gives me the flexibility to spend time with my 2 and 3 yr old boys whenever I choose. make a mental list of all the reasons he gives for why he’s having so much fun. “Put your foot on the gas”. l “Gapper” and “Dumper” stocks are priceless gems that can yield a full day’s gains in just ten minutes. Treasurehunting secret turns unique pre-market characteristics into consistent profits. when you combine rifle chart accuracy with concentrated opportunity. see what other rewarding benefits you can find interwoven throughout his words. No mystery there… winning is fun and gratifying too! 2. Exploring stocks that are caught up in late breaking news is fascinating. l Make a generous day’s pay while having your morning coffee. See page 106. And imagine yourself enjoying each one. So. Delve Into UndergroundTrader’s Closely Guarded Secrets Step 2 is where you learn to read your “Road  STEP #2: You have provided me with a second career that I really enjoy. there must be something pretty darn special going on! As you read Bill’s interview. he’s still having as much fun as ever.

I can see when it’s going to go down. and my 13-year-old daughter. follow Jea’s rules to the letter. And that’s a real comfort. With a click of a button $1. Between work. But since I own a lot of Apple products. the long and short of it is this: Right now trading is a profitable hobby. Anyhow. and never trade by emotion… except when it comes to Apple. I can’t remember the last bad trade I have had. I’ve made so much money on Apple. see page 2  JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. maybe I should make time. Then. So that doesn’t count. Call today: 888-233-1431. He’d already doubled his money.” “It was my personal trainer who got me interested in trading in the first place. “It’s almost scary how well I’ve been doing. It’s crazy. And what he said made so much sense that I signed up for one-on-one training. But that was an accident and I made it back in just a couple days. except for the time when I was on my exercise bike and my computer crashed to the floor. But I’m making money and I’m having fun! All I do is watch 4 or 5 stocks. And he kept telling me how great Jea was. For four days I watched as he went though the same steps over and over again… and by Friday I knew how to trade. I’m in love with. I trade about a half hour in the morning and half hour in the afternoon.indd 12 7/22/2010 3:12:06 PM . I’ll have an income to fall back on. When I’m not too busy with meetings. but I can’t bring myself to short it. So I don’t make a lot of trades.” “But then I started to think… I’m 48 years old and at the height of my career… The way companies are always downsizing. not a single one! “ “Well. meetings. Enjoy the comfort of knowing your profitable hobby could potentially provide your family with the lifestyle of your dreams.“I can’t remember the last bad trade I have had… I’m making money and I’m having fun!” J ea’s systematic approach to trading is so effective and so easy to replicate that Annette started with zero trading experience and was making consistent profits in less than a week. I’m busy every minute of every day as it is.700 was gone. if at some point I got downsized. Thank you Jea! In today’s uncertain world everyone needs a backup plan. I’m biased and I don’t like to short Apple. so he was all gung-ho. Apple.” “At first I told him I didn’t have time. But I know I could easily turn it into a career at any time. TesTimonials may or may noT be represenTaTive of The average person’s experience.” “So I went to hear Jea speak in New York.

with a demanding schedule. And then you trade. my students sit shoulder to shoulder with me for an entire week… following along… totally focused… asking questions… doing whatever I do until they can do it nearly as well on their own. It really is so worth it.These are just a few of the strategies you’ll use to get all the cash you want flowing your way. being a natural-born multi-tasker. you can specialize in just one or two. Annette walked through my door with no prior experience whatsoever… she knew nothing about the stock market… she had never placed an order… she didn’t understand the terminology… she was an absolute virgin. they’re easy to learn. So. So welcome to the TradingPit! The TradingPit is a chatroom where members of UndergroundTrader. And they produce extraordinarily results. You need to play in order to learn and you continue learning as long as you continue playing. Not only that. No doubt she has a hefty 401k. not only do you learn much faster. you must first learn how to play the piano. today’s economy makes her nervous. and available time. shed STEP #3  JeaYu meet to share ideas. first you have to learn how to trade. I mention this only so you know that Annette was not 100% focused on trading. Each profit secret is completely unique and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. a generous profit-sharing program. “If I could offer one bit of advice to anyone just starting out it would be to get a mentor. but you become much more skilled too. The important thing for you to realize is this… although these strategies are extremely sophisticated. by the end of the week we had only spent about 16 or 18 hours together. depending on your personality. Usually. she left my office a confident UndergroundTrader. financial objectives. at the peak of her career. and only then can you actually sit down and play… which you know is ridiculous. Just ask Annette… between trading. And has been trading like a champ ever since! Now I’d like you to read her interview and know this… if she can do it. Still. so why not). best of all. but she was called away before the week was out. So. So she signed up for my 5-day one-on-one mentorship program. of course she’s right. Annette said. And it’s the same way with trading. and her lovely daughter… who she brought to Baltimore with her. But. and all kinds of other retirement benefits. And if you have a skilled teacher sitting by your side. Yet.indd 13 7/22/2010 3:12:07 PM . Annette divvied up her time Do What Successful People Do Step #3 is where it all comes together and you actually start to trade. so can you! And to make sure you can. And she’d like to have a financial safety-net for her 13year-old daughter and herself. every strategy found in Trading Full Circle is a proven winner. I’m even going to give you the mentorship advantage! Annette Learned Everything She Needed to Know In Just Four Days! Annette is a high-powered corporate executive. But that’s like saying if you want to play the piano. And. conference calls.” And. (she also has no time for vacations. Or you can do what I do and incorporate them all to seek the perpetual income you desire. Most people think that if you want to trade.

like most people probably would… Oh. But that’s not all.000 for one-on-one! Imagine stepping into a room filled with a dozen or so tremendously successful traders. The pit gives you such a sense of community. And instead of getting out. I’m just so happy.. Your Life May Never Be the Same Again Chris literally gushes with enthusiasm when he talks about UndergroundTrader. Everyone is chatting comfortably.” Fred is making money and having fun. because I was trading totally on emotion. just ask Chris. afor putting raw emotionillustrates children’swant to has a special talent into words. And when you say “Yes” to Trading Full Circle you’ll enjoy a full 30-days access to the TradingPit… worth $250. it’s climbing. I’d lose nine of them. And all the other traders you heard from today visit the TradingPit regularly too. Then. and simply have a good time.light on current market activity. it’s climbing.” “For example. the Pit. I’d hope and pray that it would turn around. Chris. “You can succeed at this.indd 14 7/22/2010 3:12:08 PM . If you don’t think so. now… And I’d jump on it. I really enjoy it. the stock would start to go in the wrong direction.. you’ll gain mentorship benefits without paying $5.” Chris said.. If I entered ten trades. just read this. If you know what “Before I got in the Pit I was losing money like crazy.” “The UndergroundTrader is like a dream-come-true. so will you. I’d get this feeling. if I was watching Apple computer and I’d see all green candles. He seemed to always be making money. ‘Oh God.. “Trading can also give you the means to accumulate vast wealth by investing your profits “I’m consistently making money I got 12 out of 13 winners today Yesterday it was 9 out of 11” 32-year-old artist who books. JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. And that’s the day my life was forever changed. I’m in the TradingPit most of the day… pointing out trade opportunities… ripping apart the myths about trading… shedding light on how the markets operate. trying to find someone who knew how to do this thing. so I signed on. meaning people are buying and buying. And you can earn a very good living. I want to buy this… I should buy this… I should get into this now.. If you’ll recall. “Jea’s Underground Trading Pit is where I spend most of my day.”  UndergroundTrader and the TradingPit can really mean to you. in his interview on page 8 Fred said. I can’t tell you how happy I am. and the abundant wealth you can expect to come your way if you’re willing to invest the time. Everyone in the pit tries to add a little humor and have a good time while making money.. please make it go the other way’… It was all so foolish. FREE. And believe me. now. But make no mistake… there’s serious money being made and you’re welcome to ride the coattails of these savvy pros. And I stumbled upon Jea’s Pit.” “So I started talking to people and sending emails and searching on the internet. This way..

. so what Chris is really saying is that price activity is the result of human behavior and chart patterns reflect the emotions behind that behavior. it means you can use the UndergroundTrader System to claim a steady stream of profits in absolutely ANY financial market! Make Easy Money In ANY Financial Market You Choose! People do not randomly buy or sell in the market. I see people getting nervous and the stock starts to drop. long term investments. “When I look at the charts. relaxed attitude towards trading stocks. Because I’m always in the Pit when I trade. now trading is pretty much second nature. And one day I’m going to become even better than he is. but you get an extra measure of satisfaction when you find an opportunity on your own. if you want to learn French or you want to learn Italian. It’s really great. I got 12 out of 13 winners today.600… it felt great!” “Be it ego or whatever. because I’m so green. if not better than Jea… if I keep practicing and if I keep listening to him. and explaining what’s happening. TesTimonials may or may noT be represenTaTive of The average person’s experience. I feel that I am destined to be as good. Chris has a lot to be excited about. But they answer them anyway. But. And human emotions go through the same predictable cycles no matter where the drama is played out. but I’m the student. I’m starting to see people now.” Ah… the enthusiasm of youth.. I see people getting excited. And so do you! “All glory comes from daring to begin.” Okay. There are other traders in there that have been doing this for decades and they all answer my questions and help me out. It’s like. I got in because I read the technicals the way I I had learned from the Pit. you wonder is that so important? Because. Yesterday it was 9 out of 11. Chris said. Even computer generated orders contain elements of human emotion. Conscious decisions are being made. all kinds of things. the more you do it every day. is to go live with an Italian or a French family. I’m so very happy that this happened to me. Seven pages of heartfelt testimony had to be trimmed down to a single page. You start to really feel these technicals. That’s the amazing thing. Nobody in the Pit was talking about it. But then again. which has been shown time after time. And before I knew it.indd 15 7/22/2010 3:12:08 PM . the best way to do real estate. Jea is the master. and saying why we should get into a specific trade… it’s not just him.” Chris went on and on about the joys of trading and how thrilling it is to see all that money rolling in week after week.” “I’m learning by doing. And now I’m consistently making money. So you won’t get a chance to read most of his colorful tales.” Call now: 888-233-1431. He’s the I did with AIG. And “Why”. see page 2  JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. but he’s not the only one typing things in. Nobody makes fun of me. I had a profit of over $1. And it’s the same way with the Pit.” “I’ve gained a very calm. become totally immersed in the culture. my friend.” “I could just play everything Jea plays. Sometimes the questions I ask probably sound kind of silly. so the stock starts going up. And I see people panicking. the following clip holds a special message I don’t want you to miss. Every day… in every market… in every corner of the globe… cycles of consolidation are ending “The Pit has kind of a master-mind synergy about it. I don’t just see technicals. You’ve got to love it.

which you will generally hold for more than a day.000 account… and took every swing trade posted in the Pit during May and June 2010… You could have potentially earned profits totaling $27. So. you decide to take just the swing trades. but less than two weeks. Like Annette.000 $0 10 10 01 0 01 0 01 0 10 01 0 01 0 /20 /20 5/2 2/2 9/2 /20 2/2 9/2 6/2 7/22/2010 3:12:10 PM Potential Day-Trading Profits In just 2 Months After commissions $30. And you take every day-trade posted in the Pit during May and June 2010.  JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. you juggle your schedule and spend about an hour and a half in the morning and another hour late afternoon. and in two months earn $27. Please see full explanation on page .000 $90.indd 16 6/2 .000 $60. If you started with a $30.000 $120.Swing-Trade versus Day-Trade Which Will You Choose? The following comparison is based on actual UndergroundTrader TradingPit recommendations May and June 2010 Swing-Trade 2 Months… 15 Trades… 12 Winners…Potential Gain: 93% Let’s say you’re enthusiastic about trading.818 Every Day But One Was a Winner! 01 0 5/1 5/8 5/1 5/2 5/2 6/5 6/1 6/1 Or invest just a little more time and enjoy the lavish lifestyle afforded by a 2-month income of $103.000 Grows to $133. 865. but your time is limited. Check it out! You could potentially make more money than you ever dreamed possible! When your toughest decision is whether you should spend a few minutes a day trading. after commissions! Think about it… that’s a whopping 557% annualized return… and enough income to live very well indeed! Day-Trade 34 Trading Days… 383 Trades… 33 Winning Days… Potential Gain: 346% Now.865 (after commissions)… $150. Will and Chris.000 $30. Hypothetical returns have certain inherent limitations. suppose you’re having so much fun swingtrading that you decided to try your hand at day-trading.818… You know you “have arrived”! Hard to imagine? Why not see for yourself? Call now: 888-233-1431.

anywhere. Steam builds as nervous traders try to figure out what to do next. if Will can keep the profits flowing with his busy schedule and limited internet access. and your own financial objectives. See how he juggles trading. it will be the bulls who panic and the bears who rush in. 7 Trading Full Circle Swing Traders & Day Traders Alike Enjoy Help and Guidance UndergroundTrader systems have produced consistent profits across the board… anytime.indd 17 7/22/2010 3:12:10 PM . which yield the greatest gains •  Identify vital time and price points for the highest returns •  Incorporate fundamental analysis into a technical framework that leaves no room for doubt. Eventually. you can too! Just Look At All the Things You’ll Receive to Help You Achieve the Income You Desire The Complete UndergroundTrader System Discover trade secrets that will empower you to…. momentum and trend. does a little of everything depending on his work schedule. And let’s start making you some money! So what’s your trading pleasure? Do you relish the fast-paced action of day-trading? Or would you prefer something more leisurely. JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. •  Detect the most fertile trading environments and harvest incredibly consistent profits • Target big plays. Will. you can mix it up any way you like… depending on how busy you are. like swing-trades that can last several days? How about leverage? You can get 4-to-1 leverage when daytrading stocks… 2-to-1 when holding stocks overnight… or control 100 shares of stock with a single option. you can chalk up another big win for the UndergroundTrader who got in ahead of the crowd! Both day-trading and swing-trading are popular in the Pit. price stalls. pent-up demand is exhausted. Read Willliam’s story. and traveling to remote locations all over the world. Of course. You pick the explosive breakouts. You choose the timeframe. the market will have to break one way or the other. which way will it go? Here’s where UndergroundTrader’s unique foreshadowing power comes into play… allowing you to see the signs and get into position before hardly anyone else knows what’s happening. if the steam explodes to the downside. But. and the trading range tightens. Before long. your tolerance for risk. •  Avoid common pitfalls known to plague novice traders. Bill and Chris both favor day-trading stocks. which invite volume. So really. on the other hand. Either way. And you’ll find some option plays too. All the poor suckers who got whipsawed during the sideways chop are finally relieved and step in with a vengeance. running a corporation. Surely. If the steam explodes to the upside… Shorts get squeezed in a panic… Buyers come off the fence… And the market resumes its uptrend momentum until the next peak and exhaustion.

But the way Jea’s charts are set up.100% profit… 80% winners… and a system so robust that it’s “a lot of fun and extremely rewarding” no matter what you trade! Why not see for yourself? With Jea’s risk-free 100% money-back guarantee.45. because I have an engineering business with 12 employees to run. I typically make 20% . With index-tracking stocks. (if schedules allow). so it’s really been a lot of fun and extremely rewarding!” Wow! Talk about every investor’s dream… 20% . I can hit my daily goal. TesTimonials may or may noT be represenTaTive of The average person’s experience. William visited a chat room. In the last six months I’ve been trying to fit in more day-trading. Until recently. that is. And that’s when I jump in.100% profit… and 80% winners add up to a very nice return” A bout a year after the dot-com bust. Take for example the S&P options that I just closed out. (I wish I’d held till $9). Jea is a great teacher. I look for 1%-5%. you can tell when a day’s going to be particularly good. I am mostly swing trading. but still I made one heck of a nice profit (almost a double) in just a couple days. When three roads converge you’re on a super-highway to profits no matter what you’re driving!” “I mostly swing-trade indexes and options because that’s what I started on nine years ago. they’re trading near $9. the way Jea does. You could see the trade setting up plain as day. (1-3 days).“20% . And a couple traders in that chat room were raving about Jea Yu and UndergroundTrader. “Jea’s system is like a road map that applies across the board… day-trading… swing trading… stocks… options… indexes….whatever. And it’s been very productive.indd 18 7/22/2010 3:12:11 PM .” “I’ll watch for about an hour or so in the morning and then do the same in the And.100% profit. But I only trade one or two at a time. And 80% winners add up to a very nice return. Why not call now… 888-233-1431.” “Leverage is so good on options. my percentage of winners has been better than 80%.” “There are about 15 stocks in my watch list. Normally. playing just the two ends of the day. trying to figure out what to do next. And he’s been an enthusiastic follower of Jea’s ever since. because business takes me out of the country so much. sometimes more. Four days later.” “I don’t have time to trade every day. I got out a little early. see page 2  JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. So we bought June 120 PUTS at $3. you’ve got nothing to lose… and a potential fortune to gain. Regardless. So Will checked out the site.

I realize two years is a longer than normal guarantee… but it’s actually shorter than I wanted. thanks to my unconditional 2-year guarantee. I don’t want you to feel rushed. we’ll visit the Pit. redeem your UndergroundTrader gift certificate and ride our coat-tails to higher profits for 30-days FREE. •  We’ll start by setting up charts on your computer screen… step-by-step together. Authentic practice leads to real profits! Why not let me prove it to you 100% risk-free! Even if you’ve never traded before. since your eGuide is in pdf format. simply return Trading Full Circle and we’ll refund every penny you paid us… No hassles. But most of all. you’ll be up to speed in no time with the help of this handy 55-page eGuide. This gives you plenty of time to follow in my footsteps for awhile… plenty of time to feel the thrill of seeing profits mount… And plenty of time to develop confidence in your ability to trade on your own… which. you will eventually want to do. I want you to have time to proceed at your own pace. Things come up and life happens.. When you’re ready to turn on your own personal Money Machine. •  Finally. and see how trade alerts come through… So you can start making money right away! •  And. a lifetime guarantee is a no-no. unconditional.  JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL. Try it Risk-Free For 2 Full Years! You can test-drive the UndergroundTrader System completely risk-free. And if at any time during the next 24 months you decide you’re not satisfied with your progress. But for some legal reason. learn the jargon. I’d give you a lifetime guarantee. The publisher is confident in your success too. So we settled on two-years. If it were up to me. like Chris. and walk through a confidence-building check-list to make sure you “cover all your bases”. originally developed for our $5. •  Then we’ll look at a trade setup.000 mentorship program. So I’m giving you two full years to decide if the UndergroundTrader system is right for you. chat about the markets. place your orders. and watch the profits mount… Exactly like a live trading account in every way except the “money” isn’t real. Set up your charts.indd 19 7/22/2010 3:12:12 PM .UndergroundTrader’s Quick Start eGuide Underground Trader’s Quick Start eGuide Cobra-IQ Charts and Demo Trading Account Hone your skills for 30 days in a real-time demo account. identify each contributing factor. no questions asked. you can always find immediate answers to specific questions by simply typing an appropriate word into the “find” box… How handy is that! TradingPit Observe firsthand as seasoned Underground Traders. myself included. That’s how sure I am of your success.. conduct real-time analysis. and place actual trades… trades that could potentially earn you $50k income per month (see page 20).

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indd 24 Be one of the first 250 to call for Free Instructional DVD worth $199 See Page 21 for Details  7/22/2010 3:12:14 PM . off a very small investment… and now you’re invited to join them! TesTimonials may or may noT be represenTaTive of The average person’s experience. And I’m telling you that I am consistently making money. for Life In Just 3 Easy Steps If Chris Can Do It. And anyone willing to invest a little time could easily do the same thing.Investment Software Systems. earning a solid income. Annette. Because I don’t know any other place where you can get a reliable income like this…There just is nowhere else. see page 2 FREE JeaYu Magalog-2010-FINAL.  Hicksville. Postage PAID Permit No. Believe me. This is simply amazing. but with one thing in common… They all belong to an elite underground group. NC 0 Presorted Std U. INSIDE: Read the personal stories of four men and one woman.S. each from a very different background. And I have looked around a lot. And If Bill. NY All the Income You Need. William & Fred Can Do It Why Not YOU? “If you want to make money every week… week after week… this is what you need.” Read Chris’s story on page . I never overstate anything. C New Leicester Hwy #7 Asheville. Inc. I say it like it is.

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