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Industry: Housekeeping services

Company Name: Fit-home housekeeping
Tagline: Smile forever with us

Planned by
Bala Raghava Kumar. T
Nazeem. P. V
Rajesh kumar
Ist Year MBA, DMS

• To provide clean and healthy environment in each

and every household in an organised manner

• To provide hundred percent efficiency in

housekeeping services
• To become the leader in Housekeeping business
within five year of commencement of the business
Keys to success

• Punctuality - If we are late, we will pay

• Efficiency- We assure clean environment in your

• Honesty- Truth fears, no questions
• Customer Satisfaction- Within 24 hour of
complaint, we will sort it out
Company ownership
Initially the company will be a partnership
company consisting of three partners with equal share,
later we will go for public listing
Start up plan
We will start our company with a tie-up of big
township. Our company will consist of three
departments namely operations, marketing and Human
Resource. We will hire cheap employees from Bihar and
Jharkhand. We will train them as per our requirement.
We will provide Food and Shelter to them near to the

Company Locations and Facilities

• We will start our business in Bengaluru. We will

have our office with 24 hour customer-care service
Service Description

• Complete housekeeping solution that include

cleaning of the house, washing the cloth, sweeping
and disposal of garbage
Competitive Comparison

• The number of players in this sector in bengaluru is

very less and they are basically unorganised
focussing only on the industrial areas
Sourcing and Fulfillment

• Initial investment will be contributed by all of our

three partners. For later expansion we seek the
help of Bank
• For workers, we will outsource people from cheap
labour market. For middle level employees, we will
hire experienced employees
• We will employ new concept of cleaning that will
improve cleaning as well as the efficiency of the
Future Services

• Paper and Magazine distribution

• Retail shop inside the housing society

• Child care center

• Cleaning of peripherals like Windows, Sport shoes

• Tiffin Business

• House-keeping turnkey

• Personal bodyguards
• Tuition center for children
Market Analysis
As the household income of Indians in cities is growing
very fastly, their housekeeping need is also very much
demanding. There is a great need for professional
players in this field because this market is largely
driven by some players. So there is a huge potential for
this market.
Strategy and Implementation
Our strategy is to focus on Individual need and
connect with the society need.
Marketing Strategy

• Collaborating with the housing society by offering

them five day trial offer
• Discount upto 50% for the first six month during
service period

• Advertisement in local cable channels

Pricing Strategy

• We will charge Rs.2500 per month per 2BHK(B-

bedroom, H-hall, K-kitchen) home consisting of 5
people for 1 hour of complete service

• Our pricing differs according to the additional

services required
Strategic Alliances

• We will make collaboration with Municipal

corporation for maintenance of the garbage
Web Plan Summary

• Our website will be customer friendly where he can

book the service required

• We will maintain a dedicated blog where the

customer can discuss about suggestions for our

• Online payment of the bills is provided

Organizational Structure
Projected Profit and Loss

• We expect 12000 profit from each employee

every month
Long-term Plan

• To be a company with market capitalization of

Rs.50 crore within five year of inception.

• We will do it by diversifying our business