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Travel dates for: SIMION / MARIANA MARIA MRS

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Flight Date from to Departure Arrival Reservation

LH 3415 14. May Bucharest Henri Coanda FRANKFURT DE 18:25 h 20:00 h Economy Class (U)
operated by: International Airport FRANKFURT INTL confirmed

LH 30 14. May FRANKFURT DE HAMBURG DE 21:50 h 22:50 h Economy Class (U)

operated by: FRANKFURT INTL confirmed

LH 13 09. July HAMBURG DE FRANKFURT DE 12:20 h 13:25 h Economy Class (U)

operated by: FRANKFURT INTL confirmed

LH 3414 09. July FRANKFURT DE Bucharest Henri Coanda 14:20 h 17:35 h Economy Class (U)
operated by: FRANKFURT INTL International Airport confirmed

Total Price of your Ticket

Price Taxes & Fees Passengers Total

31.00 + 158.16 x 1 Adult = EUR 189.16

Ticket Service Charge = EUR 10.00

Total Price for all passengers = EUR 199.16

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Flight Information
The passenger will receive the ticket and the boarding pass In advance of your journey, please note the current free
at the Check-in machine with any card uniquely identifying the baggage allowance included in your ticket price and the
passenger with his or her name on the magnetic stripe. applicable hand baggage regulations.
Alternatively the passenger will receive the documents upon
It is not necessary to reconfirm any Lufthansa flight booking
presentation of a valid identification card at the Check-In
after ticket purchase.
Please note that the flight coupons must be flown in the
As the air fare you have chosen may be a special fare, please
sequence shown on the ticket issued. Detailed regulations
note that restrictions may apply regarding rebooking and
can be found online.
refund. If rebooking and refunds are possible please be aware
that charges may apply. For rebooking with different travel Please acquaint yourself with the applicable health and entry
dates please be aware to consider the applicable advance requirements.
purchase periods, minimum and maximum stays and
restrictions regarding the departure times. For further
questions regarding the fare conditions of your booked airfare
please contact your local Lufthansa representative who will
be happy to assist you.

Flight Services
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party. No liability can be accepted for the accuracy of the information included in this document.
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