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President "" ,,,., F/L v. L. Stewart

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Sgt. Herscovitch, R

Vol. J


December Issue


Edito rial " ".~.~ __ . __ . '1

Log Room Control " _ 5

False Alarms from the Fire Depe..; 6

Station Hospital Notes 7

Wing Commander Rossie-Brown _..... 8

P.T. and Drill Section _ _ .. __ ._ .. 9

Classiftcetlon Tests _... 10

The Tel'ops Say, _ _._ ~..... 11

Ma.lntenance Scandal Sheet __ ._.__________ 12

Officers' Wives' Cornel" 13

'Brotherhood of Men "...................... I '.I

Extract from Woodhouse, and

Hawkins _ __ _, __ __ __ 15

LI terary Learnings _ .. _ .. _ _ __ 16

Howls from the Wolf Den .. _............. 17

Thoms from the Rose Bowl 20

A f'unnyExperience _ .. _ _ _ _..... 21

Armament Section _ _. 23

Hot Exhaust ._ _........ 25

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Greetings from Accounts _ ..

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A Spoiled Peed _.,_ __ ._ _, .

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Photog .. aphic Exposure .. _ _ _

Latest Gea , ..

Filth Victory Loan Parade .. _ ".

Gunnery Plight __ _~ _.

The Lay of' the PItst Bomb Armer

The Canteen Fund __ _ ..

Works and BuUd]ogs . __ _

A Woman Looks at Man and Smirks

Drill Hall _ .. _ .

Service Police _ .. _ _ _ .. _ _

Padre's Page , _._ _ .

Plotting Office News .

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:. ~

~ ""-

I~,~, "QA ;f.''d ~tIl'Ian ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~:~I ~~

T'H[-' Or-



~ (). T() I:? .'.4. L

I have often wondered about the

.many meanings that can be attached to the expression "One Hundred Per Cent." Usually we accept 100% as meaning "ALL" of anything. Yet if you consider the fact that "All" is simply the standard that we ourselves set, then 1000/0 becomes "All" relatlve to this standard, As the standard varies, so does the meaning or 1 000/0' For example. take the Victory Loan Drive. If we had set a low object and subscribed all of it, we would have been 1000/0' Actually we set quite a high objective, and in achieving this ,goal, we were still 100%. These are two quite different meanings of the terms. It is like a boy in school: when he gets ]'00010 in Arithmetic, does he know:

( 1) AU the arithmetic the paper asked?

(2} All the artthmetic he is supposed to at his age?

(3) All the arithmetic the teacher

knows? or

(4) AU the arithmetic there is to be knows?

The standard here was the question paper set by the teacher. But,sinc,e, the boy answered it 100%, we still don't know how good he is. How many more questions could he have answered? How difficult could the questions, have been made before he would .fail to get 1000/0?

This Station won theflirst Efficiency award and, if judged c by what other schools accomplished. it was 1000/0, By these standards, four more".E" pennants were won. That also is 100%. Is this the ultimate? Is it perfection? How difficult could the task be before we failed to get 100.%? How great must be the g'Oal before we failed to achieve it? What is the measuring stick? What IS 100%7

PIS HUDSON, W.O., Edttor-In-Chief.

F/S D .. M. WOLOCHOW Business Manager •. P.P.

Davie is the hard working business manager of the Paulson Post-nor does he limit his efforts to merely managing ..

Born in Winnipeg, March 16th. 1918, moved west to Calgary for a couple of years: thence to Onaway, settling in Mayerthorpe in 1924. T00k his education there and was exposed to, the U. of Alberta. After mis-applying (his words) some of his newly gained knowledge on the farms of his father (Capt. Wolochow, of the R.CA,M,C), he attended the Mc'Tavish Business College in Edmonton.

Davie became an Airman March 4th, 1941. Went to Brandon, then to 'Trenton (K.T,S. in the Sea Plane Hangar). No. 2 T.C. Headquarters was the grand f.i.nale before reaching No.7. After 22 months in Headquarters O.R., he moved to T,W .. O.R. last April. He is one of the few who can recall the offidalopening of this Station.

Active in theatrical work all his life (he was Little Jack Homer-s-always in the corner at school). He appeared in "Paulson on Parade' and "Pot Pourie." He serves on the Sgts. Mess Entertainment Committee, and is, the "Winqs" correspondent for No.7.

Likes tennis. skating. bowling, and watching men .. do" the COmmando Course.

n you ever want to know anything about Our Station, just phone T'Davte.' No.6.



SGT. J. E. McGILCHRIST Assoctaee Editor

This Blue-nose may be found seated behind a desk beside the tefeph one in Maintenance Orderly Room during normal working hours-after that, don't attempt to look for her. Her job as W.o.. Sergeant-Major takes part of the extra time - the balance is her own business.

A habitant of River Hebert, Nova Scotia, Lynn resided there till going to Business College at Moncton, N.B. Upon the completion of her training there, she was an employee of the T. Eaton Company until April, 1942, when she enlisted with the R.C.A.F. Following a couple of months in Toronto, she arrived at Paulson with the first group ofW.D:s on June 29th, 1942, as a scared A W /2. Although her complaints against the Station are nil, she thinks her tour of duty here has been long enough, and a West coast posting would be welcome-Mac wants to compare that with her East coast home, Likes swimming. A trip to the deep South after the war is her wish.

Calling all Flights! Calling all Flightsl It's the Control ROalD fighting for its rights.

Flight Garland is up in the air-

"A mistake! Impossible! Show me


Here's 300 hours lost in the drift,

From Bombing, "What's that in the life of an aircraft?"

That's Gunnery calling-Another ship U/S.

We need some new Bolv's-s-these are

a mess.

But we still smile and "Carry On." "The Battle of Paulson" must be WaD. There have been some changes made Since the last visit you paid.

To Mr. Dawson, we wish all the best indeed,

To Mr. Wilkinson: "Good Luck" and "God Speed."

Aggie is new on the Station, also to our section,

But already the R.A.F. have passed her inspection (A Major).

Ek still thinks sailors are just the thing, And Kae has an interest in Maintenance wing.

Jeanette has now two chevrons on her arm,

That only add to her petit French charm.

Flight Sgts. Simpson, Maloney and Ash Take "Mess Dinners" with quite a splash,

We judge from the morning after the night before.

But they're on the straight and narrow(?) once more.

As for Flight Williams, carnivals, O/S and such,

Doesn't seem to agree with him very


Next morning he didn't feel so hotHe couldn't have made the "Jack Pot." As for Sgt. McCallum-girls, beware! We think he's a wolf-so. take care! Our wolf Sgt. Ransom (hope he isn't


Has taken a fancy to hunting deer (dear) .

Sgt. Hrllaby, whom I know some of

you have met,

Hasn't developed Paulsonitis yet.

So. tiJI next issue, we bid you adieu, Then we'll be back with more news for


So. to all far and near.



Faillse Alar'ml$ frolm Ihe Fire! Dept.

Back agaioto ,bring you our Christmas c,oDuibufioo to :the Paulsoa Post



Posted to Grand Prairie, Alta." anell since remustered to A:ircrew. our former reporter for the Post, LAC Thurber. Good hrck, Chas!

Wedding bells. iilnd this tlrne for Cpl. 'Basa!!~ba, Best' wishes to you and t~ Missus, Ntcky.

New faces in our secnom-s-Scotty, Mac,kle and Wayne.

Scotey's found out that taxes on jewellery are sttll pretty high. Hoot. mon! Better postpone: it ti.ll after the 'war.

What',s been keepi'll,g "Trombley so busy lately? Keep an eye .on him" Basaraba and Reynolds. I hear he's cutting prtces.

With all this talk of I.Q's, and remuster:

Have you heard of F /0 Arnold (pilot), PIO Maynes [co-pilot}. Sgt. SUns on I( gUIl[iI,er) , Sgt. Cornborouqh ~wire!eS:S)I, and Sgt. Debrouwere [navfqator}, What a crewlf] Keep "em flying, men.

December brings a year of ilappy mai:"ried life to <Cpl. and LAW Shore. Hope there'll be' :many more.

Wanted aJl avallable halt'E!rs. What slz,eare those Saskatchewan horses, :Maynes?

OK Sutherland. you can go, back to sleep now. No more farm, leave un the spring.

FLASH. Two pcstinqs, Raymer and Mac'ki.e. homeward bound (or is it just another nightmare. Bobf}, Good Iuck, men.

Season's GreeUolIs to you all



CANTEEN STEWARD'S Q,UIZZ .1. Allyth,ing to' eat?

2'. Was there a phone caU Ior me from iii ShOFt blonde?

3. Have you a box about the size of

a pair oE stocklnqs -t'. What - no bars?

5'. Is this the W.D. Canteen?

6 .. Have you seen my cap~one 'With a white flash and ,8. RA.F, badqe?

We omit the $2:0.00 question!

Our sympathies' to 5-gt.. Hazelwood and our best 'Wishes for his speedy recovery. Why is it duat ,some: people swollen necks are anowed to lead a normal, and unmedested Jifeperhaps an LAC in the Wareh.ouse will explafnl

Wanted - by Aim-m.en's Canteen - ,8 9,e:oiaJ laundr-yrnan eo answer the questlon: "Why isn't my dry c1eanlnQl bacir; yet?'"

What Senior N.C.O. complains of ,a stiff neck <tfte.t spe:nding a qllli.~t evening in his barracks?

W.D. N.C.O.-"'Please de1i.v,er this note to the tall dark airmen for me-> you know who I mean-the one wiith the ·V.R: on his shoulde e."

W. 0..' s will. all have naturally (1) cltily hatr soon - thanks. to, A W /1 Hutcbtson and her permanent wave; machine.

The floor show at the dance in the 'W.O. Canteen proved very popular-> thanks ~o:r the demonstratton Oil hour to eat. oysters, Cpl. Potter and LAW Britton, May we express ollr sincere apprectatton and thanks, J.oF those who help make these dances a success v+ Sgt. Stevenson, Cpl Doran, LAC (Jock) for their work at the ··," LAC ,I Doug) and others fOI" the use o~ their records-and, last" but not leaat. the Clean-up Gang ..

Have a cup of coffee and drown ),,01.1,[ woes-c-all tastes catered to-even die' salty ones-at the W .. D. Canteenl




KilL 04, eU4e e~,!

Things :have really been .flying ,around the St:.a.tlOID HospHal fh,ese days~don't know ,I,f it'so\l,r ~ew Cpl. Maddlll10n and Sgt. Page..-'whom we all wish to congratulate" or the meek Utfle voice of our big,..hearted Sgt. Adams. P,erlilaps, if,s, tne postings, of' LAW' Ne'ither'cut to Regina :Recruiti'il91 Centre, P /S Griese to' the wilderness of P.E.I .. or ,AW /1 Bennett' to No., 7 M.D. at Rock,cliffe., whom we ,are' sorry to' see leave us. FIowever, we are glad to w,ekome our new despeuser, Cp,m. Labelle (Frenchiie). QUI'" pretty new NUll"sing Sis.ter, N/S Robertsoll ~ boys. watch. out~the Medical Clerk. LAW Argue, wbo seems to have remostered to tie]e· phone operator, and our ne'w ho.sp,ltal assistants. AWjI De Wi U:, and LAW Cunningham. and hope they'll Uk'l: the hospttal,

Bve'' see,rued to enjo.y pl,ayi:ng "Crown and Anchor'· at the Statioo Carniva.l, run by our male personnel, especrally S/L Johnston. dre'ssedl cbarmingly in a Coea Cola cap and carpe:nter·s .apron.~who,m he was, trying to, irnpeI!"50nate'. no one knows.

Pa~nting' has successfulfy been acco,mplished here" and you should see Sgt. Pa.g,e's new dutcb doo["~ratber a meek "Out 0.£ Bounds" s~gn to the OrderlyRoom.

Wonder why Cpl" Chadney seems to Uke black and wbite sweaters these days?

F/L had a ,charming W .. D.

Cpl. o..n. his, knee on the way to Winnipeg,. On the way back be chose ,a CWAC. Will it be .a WREN next time" smr?

Wonder why RaUray doesn't her Sunday best ,every day-who is it, Rattra'y?

Why is F/L Carruthers so' anxiOlll.S far the end of eac.1:. day to, co,me1'

'The Hospital staff wishes to extend their deepest sympathies to LAW Jackso'o on tbe death o.f be'li" mother',

:FOF you no minstrel harp is slung; For you, iDO praise iis, ,smng,

You may never hear the trumpet Mare; Or Ne1'son·s glo .. y share ..

Yours :is a glory eternal ,,-'a. ~gbt Shining ,on thro dar~est night. Yours Is a task tha,t is nevie.r done; A ra,c;;e that Is never won ..

Fouqhr with mercy and tender care" Your oil,my tribute is silent prayer .. We honor you! We: salute you!

[iii white who carry us thro ",

An LAC aud his bride ordered several photos of their wedding cerem,oDY .. Upon openiing the lar'g'e brown envelope t~e n,ewlyweds wen? ,surprjsd to fillld pir,oob of a lovlely tmreem.ollths-o.ld b<liby. But the bride ,fainted when she read on the backe

"'When ordering" pm'ease spedfy slze ,a,n,d number" 1'?




Wing Commander Rossie-Brown is one of those rare individuals who radiates dignity. wisdom and strength. and, at the same time. makes one feel as if he were an old acquaintance. In his presence one senses a ready-to-overflow reservoir of· knowledge and experience accumulated . during a life devoted to Religion and Education.

For thirty years W IC Rossie-Brown was minister of the Murrayfield Parish Church, Edinburgh, Scotland. In the last war he served for four years as a combatant in the Royal Scots, the oldest regiment in Britain - they are known as Pontius Pilate's Body Guard ~ and before it ended he became a Machine Gun Officer.

In 1925 he again wore the uniform, this time a member of the Auxiliary Air Force. In 1935. while travelling around Iraq and Palestine, he flew from Jerusalem to Bagdad in a Wapiti! He was forced down in the desert. and the night he spent there he describes with one word-s-wierd.

Early in life W /C. Rossie-Brown travelled extensively through Europe and in particular Germany. where he attended both Berlin and Heidelberg Universities. His understanding of the German mind and temperament enables

him to analyze and explain the nature of our enemy.

A prominent educationist in the dty of Edinburgh, he used his abilities to further the already high standards of learning in that place. As a teacher, he was once the tutor to the Duke of Hamilton's family, later serving under the command of one of his former pupils. Sports have played no small part in his life, and he is expert in boxing, tennis and fencing.

At the outbreak of World War II. he joined his squadron, No. 603, of the City of Edinburgh. as Chaplain. With them he experienced the first air raid of the war. an attack on the Firth of Fourth bridge by twelve Heinkels, October 16. 1939. The men of his squadron had converted from Gladiators to Spitfires just three weeks previously. They took to the air and. in the ensuing engagement. shot down four enemy bombers without loss to themselves. And their Padre, W IC Rossie-Brovvn, buried the first three Germans shot down over Britain. He also interrogated the prisoners. and, in fluent German. welcomed them to Bonny Scotland with the hope that their visit there would be a long one-s-It was, and still is.

During the Battle of Britain. No. 603 Squadron was moved to Hornchurch. just outside London. During those perilous days, W IC Rossie - Brown worked and fought with his men. That he was mentioned in dispatches suggests that his fiery enthusiasm flamed the spirit of tired men. and his depth of understanding cooled and quieted taught burning nerves as. day after day, many times a day. the squadron attacked and was attacked by the enemy.

It is no wonder that this man deeply impressed the personnel at No. 7 who heard him speak. Whether he was lecturing to trainees and instructors. or conducting the Sunday service, or chatting informally in the Mess. his personality commanded attention and interest, his words bore inspiration and enlightenment.


)fI/O G~LA. DAVERNE. Unbounded enthusiasm and. infinUe patience, plus definite and intelligent ideas, are qualities that carry our P.T. and Drtll Of~ fleer over more obstacles than there are on his favourit,e foster-child, the Commando Course. Stnce his appearance at No. 7 our sports activities have reached a new helqht, We'.re n.ght behinel you, sir.1

WOII CHALMERS. J. B,. And now for our Sgt.-Major. Under that huge frame there Is really a kind heart, despite the fact that you may often hear him. bellow at some poor fear-stricken recruit as you pass by: "Where's your collar pin?" P.S. What did you say you wanted .for Christmas-a ticket to Brandon? ? 111

FIS BROWN. R. M. Our Statton

Ordezly Sgt., a P.F. man, and veteran of Oull' section. 'Was "over there' and saw some ,0E the BHtz-most of it. in fact. Right in the hub of station routine. we practically set OUT watches by him, (Qecking the bus tonight, Flight?}

F IS THOMAS, H. OW' "bend and stretch" expert, Active, and right in there-did [ ,say "pitchinq"? Well. I guess you'd better ask one of our prettiest W.O:s. Have you set the date yer, Fligh t1

filS WYLrE, T. A. Now we come to our "muscle man," who has just returned from Trenton. where he took the PT. and D Course. PIS Wylie hails from S.C .. and is. quite well known at Paulson as an athlete. He is the "Walking Dictionary" of 'the P.T. and

D. Section. If you want your characters read, girls, just send up a sample of YOUT handlwriting. Sorry. girls. you're a little late, Plight was just married r'ecently, so I'm afraid you don'r stand °a chance,

SGT. PAUL. [ssh-e-I haven't said a word. Sarqel) Sgt .. Paul is one of our most: ceusetenneus and hard working "disctps," but on time aU his, artit'lldie changes completely. 'We peesusne that: it's Kenora you '9;0 to on your '1:8'5, Sarge.

SGT. EDDIE CANTER. Introducing our notorious wolf and IQver-Sgt .. Eddie Canter. Prom Ottawa 'to PamSOf!. he has won and broken the hearts of many fair young maiden. (For a "dlscip," you don't do so badly, Sarqe.] The thollghts of better days at: CleruLake will carr'y h1m through the winter months. Canter'a favourite expression:

"Whose buyl.1l1;1 the cokes1....AIready. I bought yesterday!"

CPL FRANCE. When it comes to name. rank. and number. Cpl. Frrance is our Professor Quiz.. He's down at Deer Ledge right now, and we mliss him more than. a little. Hurry 'back. Cpl." we need you here.

LAW :KENT. A. M. Then there is "Newfy" Kent, who handles the duty rosters for' the W.O.-s, and is so proficient that onJy seven. Dames bad to be changed last week. This sets an all-time record for this pretty little Mis.s.

AC/2 SENNETT. A new addition to the S.W.O:s office is a former Air Cadet (Junlor) Sennett. His bl"illi.ant personality and I:ively manner and regimental hearing makes all the W.O:.s swoon within range of this young Romeo. "[untor" is definitely an asset to the S.W.O.

Wel1, I guess there ~s, notblng to say about our Staff. Aber all, is a limit to everything'.

We extend our wishes for a Merry Cbr-i!;tma.s and a Happy Yea.r.

more there

very New


.~*JII-)j!:**.*.**JII-*Jll-l4!:*,..*.Jll-JIl.*****JII-****JII-*****.JII-.********lf.*'"* .. **:Jf.JII-**.*

GREAT has been the recent excite-

ment reg a r din 9 Classfficauon 'Tests. There has been much misapprehension as to what these tests are and what they measure.

Many airmen persist :in calling this test an "I.Q." Since science has never been able to clearly understand what Intelligence actually is, it seems most futi.le to try to measure it and arrive at an quotient, It !is possible, however, to. measure the' speed with which the individual wI!:! react to a new sttuation. or', in other words. learn somethmg new. "That :is what the Classification Test: doesmeasures the ,ability of the iadlvtdual eo learn. En the' opinion of the writer, who has had considerable experience in this type of testi,n.g. the Classlfica,. tton Test accomplishes this, purpose beetee than any other' test yet. devised.

Now, havlnq found what this test measures, we will gl.ance at the factors it does not attempt to measure; factors that are just as important, 01" probably more irrrporfarit. than the one measured,

( ]) The wmingness to put every effort into study and stay with ,the job 'un HI it is successfully compie ted. Your past performance is the' only lfeliableindiex to tllis Factor.

(2) Qualities of co-operetton. It: is quite evident that this factor Is of utmost importance In an organi.:l:,afion such as the Royal Canadlan Air Force.

(3) Qualities of Leadership. Only a summinq up of: youI'" pe'l'"son,ality considered with your ability and williugness to assume the inItiattve measures this teait,

(4) Ability to master and aetend ~o the minor details of a job. Many men who have a low C.T. score shine In tllis quality. 1111 some employments within the Air FOJl.;;'e tllis is most necessery,

Gil .1. S ,$ )10 RES

As the Editor bas approached this Section for a contrsbutton, we are rakIn91 it for granted that: our taleo.ts have at last been recognized. Much better to see it that way thanent,ertain the poss:ibi.lity of wishing to fill those empty pages. Wb.a,t say you?'

At ·the moment we' ate' five-foul' of us toiling happily under Sgt. Fowd"s capable and frie.Ddl.y manaqemenr,

Unfortunate'ly OUI "Bfll," a cheerIu.1 llad from "Way Down Under:' wUl! bevoyageillg homeward .shortly to those Qllori.ous South 'PaCific Islands" We shall miss Ills 'gaiety.

"60n Voyaqe, '. old chap, and have a handle of "W'aitelll1ata" for me, Let's hope 'yQ\.!.r New Ze,.!i1and bride bas :<I grea.t :l>i9 welcome :fo'!' YOI;I"

O'ur duties here include some semblance of order Oil OUI" shelves. so that we' can usually manage' to issue the required pubUcationafte:r a Fe'w months notice.

We have the last word io morale building apparatus here. which is. used whenever a'·Mickey Mouse'" ope:rSitor is avatlable.

Dill, yes, our lB:l"Owniog Guns too" and how we love 'em. So, boys, ,doo't think that we .:II·,e susptclous when we give them. the once over with eagle eye after you have been playing'with them. When we see our beloved guns with parts missing'. it simply cu,ts us to the very quick, We look after body as well as bealn for you.

You do like those "Cokes' a~ least: twice' a day, don't you, boys?

Be it: understood, therefore, the Classtftcanon Test is not, nor does it: claim to be" the' magic rule that decides 01, man's worth at a glance. It is but the accurate measuring rule for one saUent Iaceor.

iP/G MacDONALD, Education Offi.c;,e."



The "Post" bas asked Ear our co-operatlon,

So bere' s a re'sume o] <our job on, the Statton->

We place calls here. a dozen m.ore there.

We ·get b1liwled out without turning a JlJair,

We're asked foolish questions from morotHl night,-

Must answer them quiCkly and pray it"s right.

All airman looks on with .ilJ puzzled frown,

As he watch e,S, us take connections down.

Then he smiles, ]ike the coming Q,f dawn.

Ashe!s why the light. goes OI1J.

My head is aching,. my throat is dry, I'm Dear 'goi[!Jg era;z;y while the miinut·es roll by.

Each night I go home with my head in a whirl:

Why. oh why, did ~ jo,in as, a "bello girL"


******************* .. If-:****.:**.* .. *lII"lI- .. ,. .. ,.**** •••• ****.*** ••



Well, FO'I,b. here once more is ,QUI' repo:rtO'n the Ins and outs O'f Ma~ tecaoee Repair. Ill. tb!s column we make It OU,r motto, to share an secrets in the doings and misdoings of everyaile it takes to make this the organiz;a~ tlon U Is,

I suppose one of the most important moments of the !pBlst few days was the one' when D,R.O."s appeared Lo. full, bloom with pleasant surprlses for some and bitter dtsappolntment for ethers. I am referring. 01 course. to, the re.sults of' the last trade board. 'The remarks passed we're the usual. Those who made the grade said: "'Just the way I fi'gured." Then there were the disappointed who meekly said: "Just 'because 1 don't 'get to work daily tiB eight-thirty, or ju!>t because I de just as much as they pay me for is no t,ea,son. why' I shouldn't get my grouping'." Anyway, to those who did, "Conqrats": and to the unfor.tunate who didn "t, "Better luck next time." I don't know how the powers that be who sat for thei'r master mechanics s'tanding bad it figured out, Being senior N.C,O."s, I guess they found 'It "ather hard answering offtcers by the only words they kn.ow-"Do tbis" or "Do that'." We hope they have success eventually, i.lnyway.

But to get down to the most interestiing part of the report-c-the g'ossi,p column, W'e have a goocUy nlllmber of individuals who, do their utmost to 'get their names on this page. Then we

have 'those chaps who sleep their liv'es away because they are ,afra:ld that the Post ilIil4Y carry news of their misdolnqs to the dearly beloved in God's Counrry. To the w:e ,say. "Better smarten up. Ge:or,ge. 'Man never made any p:rog:ress Iyillg on his back,"

One' o,f the ID.Ost outstandilllg cases in our scandal sheet appears to' be the sudden romance of a wavy-haired boy from Port Erie. Ontario, anell his lovely Cleopatra from' Sarma. Havtnq pledged [to't eo mention names, I 'can only tel] you that hls I.nitials are McConnell. Enough oJ that, I love ]ife ..

Did you hear oJ the case of one.

LAC Bs.JiJpe:ter. wllo was so devoted to his wi:fe (or afraid of her] that he took In laundrv Co raise the prtce 0·£ a telepbone ca II home 011, his third anetversarv, AIIJ"t: ]ove' grand. [ust ask }imm,y, HewUI teU Yol!1 and show you pictures of the littJe cur]y headed youagst:eli"' to bade it up. Whil,e talking to him the other day he told me that he didn't know what happiness rwas till he got married. 'Then it 'Was too lat,!!.

It has been reported that Geary has been plitUng out 'tenders for a contract~r to h.2;,n dle his hatr cur, I met him tli:Je other Illight \Vanderiog around Dauphin and when I asked hhn what he was looking for. he quickly answered with "Just lookinq fora bailber's advertisement that says, 'Come in and we will give you an estlmare on. your hair cut: '.. Now we know why he always feels so' tired. Who wouldn't be. after carrymq around a head like that! He has a kin,d heart, 'though. AJtier each of hts bi-annual tonsorial operations he always has t'E1I: surplus hatr made Into down pillows which he donnates regularly to the Red Cross .. Bless hts Jtttle III eart,

We notice 'that Cpl. Devlin is eating off: the station now. That is just



a formality" ,as Dev. has been eatill9 off the station, now for' quite some tlme, 1 don't know what it is that' River has, but it must be somethln.g' the way Dev. heads that way [ustHke a Homing Pigeon. 1 am sure It can't be the Ochre Rtver Navy" beCaUSe De'V. confided in me the other day and told me that the only way 'he liked his water was in 111 glass. We w.iU leave the real reason to your Imagi.natioll.

I believe everyone got quite a kid" out. of' ,Plying QHi,cer WllkiDson and his clearance pa,lPers at the time of Ills posting. It seems that he lJJad everything on his Inventory up to and :Including the CO.'s desk. Aft,er his deflc'h~:llcles were tot,alled. up- all, u,mp~een pa'g,es of them-and, Mr. WHklnson confr'ontedi with them, he replted ill an earnestaesa, "Why it ~s 'only!Z!e that is posted and 1: wouldn't have much use :fo,.I" a B. & G. School after the' war. ,Anyway ........ e wish him, !lothing but t:he best att, hIs new post.

,A.t, thiS time Jet 'I!IS unfurl our wei,. come banaer to iii new arrival 00 our Enqtneerinq staff. none other than P:lO Dawson. A.e this writing.we can't tell, you. an awful lota.~lIt hiro, but we' can say he is a vel:)'" hkeable, uudee:>taod:lng fellow, and I am, sure he will make hts presence' well apPil"ecia.ted before long. We bid you welcome. sir .. and ,glac! to have you with us.

At: the of w.rH:ing,. the' W.D.

Canteen is out of bounds to all ,a:lrme:o. We' wonder what effect tElat wlll have' on the lif,e and .Iove of a goodly number of the boys on the station. I a:m quite sure that the .re,nde:Z:Vo!l1s wlUbe missed, no end. We' slnceeel'y hope that. by the time thls article reaches the press, a solution has been found and that sac! hearts, beat: joyously onee a,galn.

Well.. lads and lassies", comes tl:roe to sign ~:hlrty and head. for the busb until the ,eHectsof the above mentiol:led have had time to blow over. In dosl,n:g. Jet me 'Wish eac:ha:nd every one ·0£ you, a most joyous t:lmeill. the com:lng festive season, that you wl.ll

t9fficeri' Wives) '6orner

'Waxing long and poetic ,over our conertbutton for tn.e lase: Paulson Post. I became so enqrossed j.1] an attempted lyr.ic composttlon, 'to do 'with harvest meens and heady autumnal tangs, romantic strolls around the' lake. aEd .such, that :r missed the deadline.

Still. not all of us nave had our heads in the clouds-> and much bas been accomplished. ,Another I.a.y,eue cempletedl, and. on Us way "over there," as well as two ,large patchwork q'uj!ts. The airmen's library has been outfttted with new slip covers-' each ,sti,tcb. a Iabour of love, bel:ieve IIil,e. as well as, concentrated dlHg'ence of ve.ry Inexperfenced hands, Thanks to the helpful supe:rv]s:ion of our talented Mrs. C. O. However" I do think we diei. quite a creditable job. Don't 'you?

A ",br!·" was, enqtneered .. the procee-ds of whri,c'1:J are being used to bring: a liWe extra cheer fer those languish:iog lPaJfe and wan "twixt statton baspitaiwalls.

We handled the fortune-'~eUi:llg booeh lor the Station Carntval a,gain this year" having' "local" MadilJ!Ile Zoombies spinnmq her yarn-and they were plellty mystic!'

The O',g Fan Formal was <Ii great: success. everyone looking very glamorous.and still disclJssling W je and Mrs. Stewart:'soys'ter pa.rty-tho,se o,flllis who we,,!! a bit leeey, are certaiilily confirmed addicts now -- ,they're grand!

The:re is still much work to be dO:lle, so' we' :hope our new wives wUl turn out" as, weUa.s more of our olde:r membe'fs, who :have made onlyinfl'e" quent appearances, Tog'e~el'" we' can do much-besides. it's fUll! So. eeme

onolll! - S. J.

enjoy to' the u·tmost eve.ry minute of y,our leave, and happtness, peace and pto.speriity wH:I:J the coming 0,1 ·tll!e New Yeae,

Mrs:. Rainbar.refs Lntlie 'Boy.



****************************** isms. and dress. are as trivial among

English speaking nations as they are among neighboring states within a nation. The deep fundamental beliefs of freedom and democracy apply to us all. W I' have in common the basic ideals of our way of life. With the Germans. he continues, the converse is true. They are similar to us on the surface only. They may be good workmen, good family men. staunch citizens . . (so are some animals). But fundamentally they are different. They believe in the Master Race-one great nation being the boss. the rest reduced to slavery. The world is to be subjugated to an enormous hierarchy of subordinate bosses, with Germany the Master Nation. the whole pyramided

by one man-Hitler.

"We owe something to future generations to realize this difference between us and our enemies in, the settlement of this war, and to take care to prevent this from happening again."

Of the Germans, he also had this to say: "They fight a brilliant battle when they are winning. They press home the advantages of the victorious. But, just as he loses interest in a game he is not winning. so he loses heart in a war he cannot ... in, This is another difference between Germans and us, We fight harder when the odds are against us. Magnanimous in victory. we are most dangerous if faced with apparent defeat. The tougher the game the better we enjoy it.

The Germans hope to split the United Nations, But in this they are wrong. We have the advantage of the brotherhood in which we believe, for the winning of the war and the winning of the peace.

"There are two factors that decide great wars-the sword and the spirit, and always the spirit wins. There is something stronger than mere weapons. Hitler understands the human mindhe is a clever psychologist, but not the spirit. It is not within the understanding of a man like Hitler. He is for






Much as we would like to, it is impossible to publish the entire speech of Wing Commander Rossie - Brown, But. because of the significance of the many ideas he has left with us, we shall attempt to interpret them as truly as possible,

His philosophy is expressed in the statement: "I am fighting because I believe in the Brotherhood of Man, with-

out class distinction. acting and living together. with fair play for one and all. I believe the world will develop along these lines. We must work to establish a world in which we recoq-

nise each other as brothers; members of a family in which there will be equal opportunity for all."

Thus it is that he reminds all English speaking boys-R.A.F., R.C.A.F .. R.N.Z.A.F .. R.A.A.F .. U.S.A.A.F .. etc: "To

mix together. work together. to understand and like each other, instead of only making friends with boys from his home land. The opportunity to do this is here and must not be wasted. If

we avail ourselves of this opportunity of getting together now, the foundation for the Brotherhood of Men is


He goes on to point out that the many differences we have are superficial. Differences in accents. manner-

everything except the things which him to powder."

These are to grind

the spirit.




iCiCiCiCiCiCfCfCfCfCiCiC:i(iCiCiCiCiCiCi<iCfCfCiCi<iCiCiCiCiCiCiCiCiCiC-tciC-tc-tc-tc:-tc-tciliC-tc:fC ••• iliC ••• iC-fI

93ritain/' c:7reedom J5'hall fJ'V,ot Perish

Tyrant",s war' this earth is rending, Rolling thunders blast the free" Lest this fiendish foe is routed We're not safe across the 'sea.-

,Fertile fie,lds are being planted

'With the kernels wrought from lead:

Once pulsating. thriving village Left to shelter countless dead.

Raise your banners freedom loving. Smite tile' foe a fatal blow;

Show _ tllis '"Hun''' our mi.gmtty power Which will crush and lay him low.

Britain's Ireedcrn s.l:JlaU not perish! Noble heroes <;;Iiv,e it Jile

God's'ity hand shall guide it Through, this ,grim. relentless strife'.

..... A. SMALUK, Armourer Bombs

Poem ,$ung to C(i;rees

1 think that I shall never see.

A girl refuse a meal that's free A g:irl who doesn't ever wear

A mess of doodads in ner hair.

Girls ave .loved by fools like me'Cause who on earth would kiss a tree.



I Wish that I could only see

.A man whose bands aren't quite so free. A, man who 'Wouldn't even dare,

To, kiss, to hug. to want eo stare ..

A man who won't expect too much, In return for a show. a dance ,or such, A WGlf wbo is not 01] the spree:

Brother'. dear broeher, SHOW HIM TO ME!

~s.y A GIRL

Sarge: "Are ym.l bothered with troublesome thoughts?"

W.O.: "Mao.-I I!cinda like 'em,"

,M.O.: "Whet's your trouble, lad?" Nervous Airman: 'T got center-pedes craw.ling' all over mer

M.O. (backing up hurriedly): "Well quit brushing the dam things on to II"·



"Twas, the nite before Christmas and a.11 through Beii'lm

The Na,zis were' co, thei:r shelters within.

The sandbags were placed ,on the roofs with great care, the knowledge the RA_fT.soolil would be there.

Hider and 'Goering werre snug in thei.1' beds.

While Goebbels was combing 'the fleas froom his head.

Benito in nIghtshirt: and 10.119 tasselled cap.

Was d.l'eamillg of Egypt and Greece, the .big sap ..

When out 011 tile lawrs there arose such a clatter:

They Felli out of bed and yelled. "What :is. the matter?"

AU rushed to 'the window and opened! it

Then dashed back to bed 'neath m,e covers too hi:de.

For there at the,w had 'com,e' in a sleigh,

A fellow named Churchill to take them away.

He was sturdy and rugged. a real British


And, Ado]ph said "Htoimel" and BenitOl _ _ said .. Yipe ....

Mussoltni and Goefl"ing 'we,re both cut 01 luck

For I!:Indel:' the bed thetr' biog stomachs had stuck.

As for Hjt'le:r and Goebbels 'twas useless ito run,

For Churchill had covered them< 'both w:ith a gun.

He rounded "em lip ill a bunch and the!!! said.

"I'm going to harness you up to my sled."

Then out to the lawn. the whole bunch of them led:

They didl1l't say boo "cause their courilge was dead.

"NoW' Pal!1. now Benlto, now Ad.olph sod, Hetman.,

The orders from now 0.111 will not be in Germao,.

With a crack of his whip. 'WinstGIl

. had. them all ,squi rm.i 1191.

As :is, always, the case with that type ,of vermin,

He dro ve them to, Hades without any rest.

FO.r t.he world is w,ellliid of that kind 0'£ pest.

But we heard him shout back as he' ran them from Sight

"Deraocracv's saved-so to an a goodntte."


**'!IIollll"'**:*******.*********, •• ,**** __ Jif.lfo,.,.,lf-:*"'lf-**:**lf.lf. •• lII-*lf-*lf-****"


We are constantly being shocked ffily people who, on c:on.Un.g' :ln~o the I:lbrary", u III u a] 1 Y' as "somebody's f:ri,elld,'" exclatma "What a nice lWle 1',I:ace you"ve got here" or' "\I/11'y d.ld!o't I kmow ab ora t ~htsm"

Such a, d,c'plorable state of af'fairs eanaot g:o 011. and, 'this being SO'" it seems time to, talk about: eueselves (II liul,e.

W:e carryon OUI" modest tittle trade [n an appendix to the .A1.rmen"s Reading Room. the building 0ppo;site the W..JD. Canteen. and ,any sane thinking ~,rSQn would reasoa out that an. insmutiOD such as tbe Hbra::ry. c'pen, as it is" to all ranks, would naturally be' the place in whj'c:h ma:ddi'llQ1 cr,owds, should niQ1htly thron,g" not -only fo:1" the pur~ pose of raking ou~ suitably edifying books, but also ~orthe enJoyme'llit of the local bit of 'Qo.ssip, dearly loved hy all self·~ respec.tllliIJ soci.ety, whedilc'l' Seevice o:r CivUiao ..

Alas" such Is .far fr,omth,e Case a~ the momem, and Bob (alias the' ·'.Killer") gently dozes .in his chasr, his, tongue rusting rapidly f,or want of a ju:lcy p'le<:e, ,o,f, surveyinQ1t:he' l:>ook~.lined shelves mou.rufUilly. and doesp,"t even raise a J~ugh when tel!1i.llQ himself one of his ineVitable s~orh!$"

SeriOUsly. though,. the Library c;ontain:s a ,really good. cross-eecaca ·of:public taste" and, thanks". tOI the ,efforts of Mr. R .. E" Bro'IMIl, the c.r..W'.S. representatrve and FIlL V. L .. both of w!tom havelbeeninvaly;able in keep:10'9 the -OJ'lganiz.ation runnjng' efficie,ntJy, personae] an: no,w beginning to reahze 'the be-Dent o,f borrowing from tllis institution.

It is not generally know.1l. that cables and telegr~ may be sent ,from the 'Library. .i!Ll1!d" apaT.t from thls service, iii scheme for sl!Ipplylllg of books to, hO:!l,pita~ patients :has been :pl~anaed. provilllgi very suc.cessfl!llin opezation.

New Zealand trainees, will be inte.l'~ esaed to kllOw rhar we :rec1eive :Ile'glJd.<w news f~m their country and this can be seen at any time dUIrJing Library heues ..

Fo~' t:fue el11igll~eDJ!l,ellt of the .r1I.ewer ,arrivals a.t Pa~J'soll:. !:Iere aTe a ~:ew of the most po'puJa:r' boo:ksa.t present:.Grapes ·of Wr,ach; ror Whom the Bells 'rolls. This Above All. Works by Eric Knight. j,ames Hilton and Walpole. On the llo~~flctio'A side, Travel ~nd War <lrew.e:ll represented, one of the la.t;~ 'ter, Beu.r'Jlng's "Malta! SpItfire."

Rehabilitation after the 'W,ar should oceupy soene pa.rt of evervone's mind", and thepubHca,tion of ··,[)i.scna:r'Q1ed/· by England ... iSinv,aluable iii this respc,ct.

OW' FefeFeoce shelf Is ,stiU i!!l(;'Q!ii!l-' plete', hul: We hope' to increase tid::; ,sectiQIl, ,soon. and ,art the mOmen.t: w,e have ,a c.A.P. 78 aad CA,.P., 1:2, as well as a large book known ali A.:F.A.O.

.. , C.AN SEE '"laUe:) c:QaoH'I"<iI 'C.O~I'NG ·, ... n::lU', '61 A'IC~ .. q




Born in England. "Our Sergeant Major' came to' Canada in 1920; his parents settled in Ottawa. An athlete. he became a football star on the sports fields of Ottawa Schools. Prior to enlistment in the RC,A.F., at Ottawa. in 1937 (he's a P.F. man), was in the Army, Until 1940 the permanent station at 'Trenton was horne, but the war brought him to Toronto Manning Depot-he was one 0·£ the first at what was later to' become the initial stop of thousands. From here a posting to' the East coast, where twa and a half years were spent before gaing to BrandanManning Depot. In August of this year the Major arrived at No. 7 to become the Station Warrant Officer.

In reply to vartous queries, he said:

"No.7 isa good station, and I'm proud to be a member of it. Those five 'E' Pennants weren't awarded for nothing, Hobbies? Drill-and mare drill. Yes, my future is In the RCA.F ."

We're pleased to have you as our Station Sergeant Major, sir, and may your stay at Paulson be an enjoyable and memorable one,

:Ho,wls. 'r',om ':heWoU

~ .. ~

Den., ••

For the last time in 19-43 we are howling at you from the old wolf den.

Perhaps the most startling event of the year was the Invasion of the W.O. Sergeants - welcome to the latest three, Sqts, Helen Faust, Agnes Newsome and Nancy .Munro - who have made themselves quite at home, It is feared by some that if the Influx continues the sign "Powder Room" will have to' be replaced by "Shaving Room . ."

The dance opening oUI""new" Rose Room was a great. succ·ess,ane of the best ever held here. The ather social event, the smoker, went over with a banq-e-thanks to the Commanding Ofricer for the oysters: to Charles MacArthur for his entertainmenr; and to Sqts, Page and Adams for the intermission sing-sang.

With introduction of an R.C.A.f'..wide physical programme, all the boys are P.T. minded, When Sgt. Major Chalmers gets through with his class, many are suffering from that dread illness. acute abdominal chalmerms>perhaps that is why WO/2 Beecher and F/S King retired at 1830 hours after taking some Commando traininq,

So many changesa.f personnel take place that it is impossible to name them all. However. the posting of Flight Sgt. Press cannot escape mentlon. Rob was .one of the very few members who Were here prior to the Statian openinq, he has been a Iorce on the Station, and a valued member of the Mess (he was chief groaner); it was largely through his personal efforts that we have such a Hoe Mess today. Good luck, Bab!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Keep your spirits up and keep' punching,



:;1( ... ""''''''''''''''''''''''''''''"''''''''' ... ''''''"'''"''''''''' ... '''* ...... ''' ...... ''''''**'''"'''"'''*'''"'''*'''"'''**''' ...... ** ... ,.,* ..........

NURSING SISTER MAny RIPLEY This attractive and popular native of StrathcIaire, Manitoba, trained and graduated at the Carman General Hospital, and later became its supervisor. After serving in that capacity for three years, she transferred to the Selkirk General Hospital, where she supervised until enlisting in May, 1912.. Paulson has been fortunate to have had her services since that time, for, except for a course at Toronto in June of this year, she has been stationed nowhere else.

AffectionatelY,: known around the Hospital and' Station as 'Sister Mary," she is on the beam when it comes to innoculetions=-In fact, her hobby is setting up lnnoculatlon needles ~she loves to see the big bruisers squirm. We heard the S.M.O. was frantically searching for her the other day-he found her in the chart room, surreptitiously reading her favourite comic, Dick Tracey. Reluctant to speak about herself, all she would say, "I'm a ,good little girl."


"Chris" is a native Albertan. Born in Enchant, he moved, with his parents, to Claresholm early enough to start §:.chool. and still calls that thriving town his home. Completing school, he attended the Provincial Youth Traininq Technical School at Lethbriqe, where he became proficient as a welder and later took a specialist course in that trade at Calgary.. Prom here he went to Fort William as an employee of the Canada Car and Poundrv Company, Aircraft. Division, working on Hawker Hurricanes. Enltstlnq in june of 19i1. he arrived in Paulson the following month. Having been in Maintenance, Drogue and Gunnery flights, he is now a welder in Station Workshops. A year ago he married a girl from Ochre River and lives there at the present time.


One of the few WD's wearing a "Newfoundland" badge on her shoulder "to show she served in the wilds of Canada}. Ada is widely known on the Station through her position in the Office of the Station Warrant Officer. In addition to her other duties in that office, Kent is the keeper of the roster for W.O. after hour duties, and they say (we wouldn't know} poor Ada gets a terrific raking over from her barrack room pals. Perhaps that is why an Eastern postlnq would be welcome=-East because she was born in, and her parents still live in St. Andrews, Newfoundland.

Her trip to Halifax to enlist was not her first there, as she took part of her schooling at North Sydney, N.S. But her trips to Ottawa and Toronto, after becoming a member of the Air Force, were first ones, as, of course, was the Western one which terminated at Paulson just over a year ago~for she asks land this is a sixty-four dollar question} who would ever want to come here twice?


".~-«-«-«"''''-«''''''''''''iC''''''-«~''''''iC-«-«''''''-«''''''·'''''''''-«~''''''iC'''''''''-«iC''''''''''''''''''iC'''iCiC'''iC ............. p 10 TITTERTON

FlO 'Tttterton was born in Plymouth.

England, and educated at Bromsqrove, In 1928 he moved to New Zealand, where he took up dairy farming. Surviving the ups and downs of a new venture, he established a fine herd of 75 Jersey cows and, after the "War, he hopes to return to New Zealand and settle down to his old life.

Mr. 'Titterton enlisted in the R.N.Z.A.F. in May, 1941, in Aircrew. He was sent to Canada in August, 1942. An Air Bomber. he graduated from Rivers, coming to Paulson as an Instructor in February, 1943. A sport enthusiast, he plays rugby, tennis and golf extensively. His hobby is ohotocraphv=-- (he swears his pet camera is locked up in a vault!) -and his passion is bombing. It is the latter that makes him say: "Of course, Paulson is a wonderful station, and I've en-

joyed myself very much here, but ..

Yes-he means Overseas.


John Forest Coleson, known to us all as "T'ex," is a typical son of the Lone Star State. He is tall. sun-tanned, angular, and speaks with a draw!. Good riatu re d and of a quiet disposition. 'Tex has won many friends during his sojourn in Canada.

He was born and raised on a cotton farm. but later worked in the oil fields. Previous to enlisting in the R.C.A.F. he was a mechanic in Huston. About three years ago he felt the urge to do a little fiQhting on his own and came to Windsor. Ont .. from there to Mt. Hope for E.F.T.S.. and on to Uplands. converting to "Battles" at Rockc1iffe. He was sent to No. 7 B. & G., January 22nd. 1942, and. after many months in Bombing Flight, he was recently transferred to Gunnery.

Having played basketball in High School and Colleqe, Tex has been keenly interested in our Station team. He also bowls a wicked game of 10 pins and can certainly hold his own at baseball.


Jim is a true Eastern product. Born in Truro. N.S., he was moved almost immediately to Westville. N.S., where he received his formal education. after which he worked in a grocery store. Enlisting in the R.C.A.F. on the 27th of January. 1941, Jim was posted to Toronto. Jarvis and MacDonald before arrtvmq six months later at No.7.

The Corporal is one of three of the ortqina I group of Droque Operators who is still on our Station. A rather shy and modest lad, Jim says drogue operating is a quiet life. but hastens to add it's O.K.

Hobbies. dancing. hunting and fishing. Theory: DAPS has forgotten him-after all. two and one-half years is a long time.




We, of ehe Turret Section, wish to . apoloqtze for the epiloque whlch appeared in the peevlous Issue of the Paulson Post. The Dews was history, and even we' experienced dH.fkuIty ill. bri!Jging to mi:ndi some 'of the, eveots,

Nevertheless we wll] endeavour to make amends by giving you the up to date "qen."

In September" WOj2's Switzer,. Cannon and Amy (the' latter is now a P/O) were posted overseas, after havIng been stationed at Paulson fo.r a considerable length of time. These losses were closely followed by the ti:mely arrtval of FIS Reynolds, whose past experience with turrets has proved prtccless.

Early ln October, FjS Blake (R.N.Z.RA.F.' was ,plucked from our midst, tog,ether with Majors Edwards and WaH ace. Later i.1l the same' month. FIS Barley was compelled to leave us, One of the two remamtng white N.C.O:.s of the Permanent Staff. he really expected to eat Ch r istmas dinner in Blighty, but unfortunately the authoritres at Moncton decided that his instructing ability was far more valuable to Canada. He will. therefore. continue t'o existoveF herl':.

The' second week of November saw F/5 (Peggy) O'Neil taken to Deer Lodge and, we understand from reliable sources, that he is having a lone! '1 time [sarss fruit, S<lDS dgs. sans Ierters}. How about a lilt.!e actfon, Headquarters?

Soon <lfter Peggy's confmement, a posting came in for both he and F/S (Gus) Anweiler, Therefore a replacemerit was called for .. , D"A.,p.s.. finall.y decided that Sgt. Strojch should accompany Gus (now PIO Anwetler):

Good luck. felLa.s.

The cancelJat'lon of a certata posting from tlli.s Section certainly made a Cor-

poeal 10 Plotting OHice very happy. Good luck, Ev .

Corporals Pickard and Herscovitch and LAC Co,hen have achieved promotlons, Dot fo.rgett.lng the unexpected promonon to Flight bestowed Uj)Of.I Sgt. Fordham, the last member o.f the orig~ i.llial 'Turret Section Society. The members of which :;tronglylilplleld the' metlon of twenty-eight clays' leave pel' year' and nve workil1l.g days per week (no 'work between meals] ,. without suecess, of course.

We wish to extend our siaeere thanks .fiOr t:he addittcn of the Two, Bit Ranqe to the numerous "joe" Jobs a]rea.ciy allotted to this Section. Sgt. Pickard. being the joe In this case,

With both ranges, nightt duty, Orderly Sgt., Bareack detail. etc., we often wonder if we could pass an M2. as well as win the "R" Pennant.


Tomorrow I stand befol'·e the Trade Test Bo.ard-l shall not pass.

They maketh me study my precis.

The·y leadeth me~Q the slall.ghtier for my g.rouping·s sake,

Yea, thoug:i!t I studied] for a fort ·[l.igh~, I shall not pass.

They prepareeh the qlliestiolls ami tile tests for me;:

And in the presence of my h:How~ workers they anomterh my :::ffor;s with zeros,

My eyes brimmeth over and a lump azlseth in my throat,

SU.l'"ely 'Trade tests will bother me the rest of my days:

And [ shall dwell :in good old No. 7 A.irpo:rt forever.



**'*****************************:*'**'***************** ... ****"


.' ...

W ~NEVIE!R E hear the ,song,

. Co,ming Home on a 'Wing and

a Prayer," it reminds me of the~ime when I had a strnilar experience, We' we're on a routjne cress-country-c-as a matter oJ fact, we were lust,S:hing, when a voice came over the Inter-com:





port an

winy, looked looked





through the perspex, and as if the wing' was doiu91

ji.tterbllg. [mean to ,say, to see the wlng of an all-meta] Stirling flurtertnq, is a, sight worth seeing. I wouldn't say that I was actually afraid-not lust then, at any rate, but my heart did. be,gJn to beat about ten times as fast.

The old girl began to waver and then pkk up. We all had our eyes on that wing. but it seemed to hold, and, although :it still fh..lttered and trembled, it snll held. The skipper sard, "Hold 0.1]., boys, we're! in. I think that I can make it:' Thillkl!! [be,g;;u to pray. We were losing hdgbt fast, ~lldJ I knew she' wouldn't .stand the strair.i of dimbillg, much Jess an overshcoe, so E sat down a.lld held 0.1:1. the sides of my chair. 'Then fd t1!lb :my hands on the sink stocking around my neck, or' stroke the little St. Christopher in my pocket. Wen, although I'm not really superstlruous, I thQught: at least that it wouldn't do. aoy harm to try. I was then begi[)_ning' to get reallywotll"ied, when the Engineer said over the Intercom: "1 hope We make It, Sk:ip-I got a date to--lligl1t-only met her last night. but she's a wow.'" That broke the tension. We all began to. laugh. but i,t was only stramed merriment at tn,at.

We were cominq :in! The ground

was only about fifty feet away, and I began to breathe more freely ..

Suddenly the world turned upside' down.. I was lying' on the floor of the, ktte with my 11I,IJV kit, c'bai:r and. tab-Ie on top of me. 1 d.idn't know exactly what was m:appening until I heard someone shoot: "Port engine afke!" That was enouqh for me. I scrambled up", undid. ('h,e bulkhead do Oil' and made for the Astro--dome. But quick as I was, tne F.E. was q,l,1ic:ke:r. 'He- alr,e,ady had the Asfro~dome out, and was struggling through,l!lSi.r:lQ' the poor old Wil)eJess Op's face as a step', Anyway., I was next out'. and there was P,E. sitting on the matnplane, laughing' like He,ll. "HeY"llow. we lost a ruddy ,el1lgine,"" he grinned. "Someone told me once tbat a Stl,ding could ]andl on three BD'ilIines, but not when yon leave the wil'.lQ off as well as the enqine."

Tbe £ic'e was oLlt-~he Skipper had pulled the emergency Hrie extinguisher. So I slid to qround. Suddenly {be Rear Gunnel" came dashing round from tne' front of the kite: "Whelle"s, the Front Gunner?" he shouted. We paled, thinking somethtnq had gOD,e wrong, when a, voice hom, the real' shouted: "Hi. where's the Rear GUIl~ Del' Did he bale out?" They were pals. and after all. you know, it's a lonq way' from the front tnrret to the rea r, Anyway, we Wen! down and safe, except for poor old . 'L'" ,lor "London" '"""' she had lost half a So tne Skipper said: "Ceme on. boys. let's away from here, I want a drink." We: did~many. I stiIl laugn wh.en I thick of the way we tried 'to get out of the Astro.-dome~t:heex:pll"ess;ion 01'1 the Wheless Opos, face as the P:E. put his fOOt on jt. Never mind-"'[fs a grand life':'





'''-_Il0l1'' ""--0

~'.O. NI!;O'1iI'CILIt.,,_

THE IP A U L SON P 0 S T 2:]

****:*****JiII.****.JiII. •••• Jill.lII-****lf.*lf.****,..**lf.lf.* .. ,.,.* .. Jt. ••••• ,. ... : .... :


Un,til BOW this Sedion has, doJle ]jjtde advertising ,e')I:,c:ept in the one w,ay all other Sections have done......-by pegging up excellent. records of good, work accomplished.

'But we ha,ve :become a, Iltt[e tir,ed of' the semi-anonymity :resulting ,h'om such ii, sedous: and rather one>-slded outlook. So the new policy consists, of: both iind'i,vldual and united eHorts to put: th,e Sec1tj.QD on the map and sHill ,malintaln, our repU'tatiion as ahaI'd - wa,rkilnlJ. tra,de-proud team"


"To be' an A,r:molJrer you must have a strougl back: like' r,epeUtloo; know how ee humour students, have lots ,of money ('why Dot?):: win at ·Smuts.', be able to find an 1 t H Ib.. practice bomb in the snow a't night with the temperature <!it ~30. How to be a GOOD Armourer is still a Trade Secret] Our best friends are: the Eleetr'icians: Pilots who come back with ,no bombs: B-1 exercises .:


LAC Johnson Lodge Hospital. daughter should

is doing well 'in Deer The arrival, of a, new help. to cheer himl

The best of everything to Red Forrester in his venture into matrjrnorry. The same goe:sfor LAC Coupland when he "staads by'" in December',

Con'Jratulal::ions to Corporal Cohen and P /5. She.rlock <!is. proudf,ailiers o.f a, g:lirl and boy respectively, Not out: ot the picture hy any means :is, om Electrical. WaUah, Sgt. Weeks, whose hitherto smaU fam.ily Is Increased. by one ,bouncing boy.

As one. the Sec:tiolll is in sympathy with Cpt. Peake in the recent loss of his father.


joe wants to break :in now-says he iis, s.ick: of waiting around. On the 'Quiet.


~oe used, to be tIl,e Section. Problem arid. by t are c:learing U,p ni.c;ely. except that he remains a problem to, himself!




Since our Section has been dol:ib,ed, wl.thin the':realms of myst,ery and having derived! the conclusion that advertisingpay.s. I hereby seek: to enliighten the personnel ,of' the station about the' essential ,activities 'ilia.t contribute toward wi.noingan "'R'" Pennene.

To ,exempl.i.fy 01.11' untiring ,df,ort's [ shall gi .... e you a summary of tlile grlle~iog .routine borne by 1.1$ .Fti'gM Armourers, tha,t :is. we who service the aircraft on tllle [Gunnery line ..

In the wee grey hours of the mornilng. Iong 'before aoy creature is stirring [(ex.c:ept our Duty Watch)., OUlT' barrack corpoeal quietly arises ,a[ld places tn.e movement of Grieg's Peer Gynt S1LIite (NUimber One) on 81 phonoqeaph, ]n this, etbereal atmosphere, 'he [then gently shakes each man, ·ask~ :iog: "Would you care to arise now?"

W,e immediately reach for our It!rousers, towel and w,asilin.g kit,. and". as a reward, the- corporal returns our sbeets!aok,ets, M[ter a fuastily gulped cu:p of coHee ~ [,COFFEE. that's a South American word meanlnq drink it before' it eats the' plating off the spoon) -we dash over' ~o the sectioa and commence dUll" Oaily [nspe(:tions of the aircraft.

If: an Armoure,r become's ,t;> ..... e;!i"-zeaJol:lS and tests the guns with, Iive ammunldOD. he is g,j v en lots of ltiime' to leall',n about his new trade under e.xperttutor~ ship; thus. il:l.IlO t:ime, be' is quite' capable of waShing dishes with ~he best of them ..

(COntinued on 11 ext pag'e)'

24 T IH EPA U l SON P 0 S T



As the . planes come down we run out, carrying belts, 01 amIDO over our' shoulders [you've seen us in the recruiting posters), ,and bang on the sides o] the alrcraft to let the students lns-ide know tliat the e,ngines have stop:ped and the ship Is on the' ground. AHe,r wa.itin.g fifteen minutes fa]" the students to' find a way out, we are informed, that. the guns are U/S. We check the Browntnqs and then return t:o the' crew-room and explam once ag,ain to the trainees why a gunwiU not fire :if the tl:"igger :is not depressed.

After vicissitudes of washing f1ylngl Jn and washing Hying out, we fin<l,lly 'gai.n momentum and "keep 'em flying'" until our regular quitting ttme: unless, of course, we 'get the afternoon aU (very rare), in which case wear,e through at five o ' clock.

Wlben the sun, is, slowl y settin91in the west. to the strains of Brahm's Lullaby. we homeward plod OUI: weary way, .feeUng in every muscle. tendon and ligamen.t the "truth of the adage':

"A ~J'oman works from sun to sun, But an atlDourer'~ woek is never done!"


To the e.O.-Thanks for the poolroom and bowling alleys.

To 'the Easterners who come to this wilderness and·for civilization.

To the Westerners, for putting up wit:h them.

To the Padre and M:r. Brown-A very nice lounqe,

To the trataees who are so co-operative in matters of belting ammo and unloading it.


To the .. !*'110.&!" who stole our mascot, SMUTTS - a kitten. Maybe he prefereed "cottaqe life" and just ran away!

To the two-tone suits that seem. to be the Jashton this fall.

To the canteen - Need we say more? To the new showers-Some -of us' nave led sheltered lives.

To the tropdca] atmospneE'e around an upper bunk and the Arctic aura about ill lower.

JOE WANTS TO KNOW What time will sick parade be 'when the commando course comm,elOces1'

Is it poss,ible to cook more than ten pancakes at once?

Who does G.I.S., Fire Plcquet?

Why is not something clone about that A. to F' line at the Post Olfiite? It seems that 75% of the personnel line· up at that wi.cket ..

Who broke the bank at Monte Carr:1ow,a.s Ile the fellow who withdrew a dollar from the Post Office Savings, A,coount1

'Who puts the go]fba:Jls, :ill the :porridge?

Who huilt the highway through Barrack Block: 10 to the .Mess HaU?


(From a staff o·f ,60 ,Armourrers)

Ice Hockey .. , __ .... _ .. _.""_""" """""",,,,,. __ . ,,.,,,, 24

FlQQr H'ockey ",""."--" .. ,,,. -,_ ..... " ",,,,,,_ ... ,,,, .... ,,, 1<0'

Basketball, __ ",, "" .. _ ...... ,,""""_"".... 15

Bo,wling '" " "" __ ",._""_"".," .. ,"" '""" .. _ .. " .. "" "_ .. __ . ",, 20

:8oxil)g (,guess who?) , .. ,"" ',, . ._ 2

Statton Orchestra __ " ""',,""" __ ,, .. _, 2


Best wtshes for' the Festive season, JOE and the Rest


********************,****** __ ***********:lfr**,******:*********

Since last ,goillg to press many postings have taken place and. many new faces may be seen around the Section. A hearty welc:ome to the newcomees and best of luck to those who have left.

Fun!.liY the way post~ngs "happen," isn't it. Strange how Br-igley Iol'lowed Clissold down to Wiullipeg. wasn't j,t? Right on hisbeelslll We miss ' em both.

We were delighted to see fI,['<lY (n,ow AlSO) aiJain fur a f]eti~g I11IQment when she was on her way to the West Coast. She 'is posted there and is she, happy! ! !

After being noti,fied of her posting' to Tor "B,a,yj MacDonald spent a whole day wnnil'lQl around the StatiolJl leeking ~or a fur ]ined parka. Good luck. Mac, hope Y0!l'U be able to :I:!andle that :l:nowplan€' all right.

CilJins up, Flight Commanders. here is some' real news for you. The Transport 'is workinq strenuously on a number of madifi.cafionslo he incorporated in :refueIlinQi tenders" conststlnq mainly .of ,an Intricate mechanlsm by which the tenders may be r'efuelled by remote controle, and a tattle-tale device in the sectLo,o enabling the desp<ltcher to keep a check on the drivers! II'



Ques. How does tile little man at the phone hold up that great big pipe aU day?

Ans. It holds itseH up; it's strong! enouqh.

Ques. How many ration books has Cpt McManus?'

ADs. He'll check on it.

Que:s. Does Ed, Brelddal like be'lnQ a sergeant?

ADs. Yes - be' (loe'so't have to work nights., (ConfidentlaUy, he bas th,e full co-oper anen 0 f the e'nUre section-c-or has he?)

Ques. W:bat .is a '9'ood example of blind faith?

ADS. Mrs, Jony,a,s she slqhs, WOt.kio.g late t:o~nigb~." he mus~ eat peppermmts w,a,y heme.]

Qaes. Why does Peggy always ~p for the ,farme'r's'?

"jim is (Surely .0111 the


Ans. Maybe it's a deep dark secret, ~ut you wouldn't think she would, ,after the way she was treated by one of the local hayseeds t]],eo,the'r day.

Ques. What did Jone'sy leave behind! :in Sf. R.ose?

ADs. We don't know, and Beez;le'y "atn't t,alkio···. We know Bird's Hm lsa mc:e place, so what has Omaha ,got that is so' much moee enU(:'iI'!.g" Bill? (or was it Reno?)!

Ans. Et"s nice to getaway for a. change, 'Ques. Since Bondy Is always .refe,rringi ~IO the' bull rushes, what does, he expect to find there?

Moses. perhaps,

Wh.y do we think Lindy is, such a smart .little W,DJ

She always makes a point of f:inding out whether a man is single m,e~or,e she makes a da,te, with him.


Why does Wills take so Jon'l!Jon the Expr,e,ss run?

Ifs a mystery to us and :ifs not because ,he always comes home

with a. load 'Oil.

Daan . ." Da:nny, tut! tut! Don't YOIli know they don't have at the schoo']ho,use ,i,j,long the every nig'ht1'

A good thlag a'~wago'll came along.,

Ques. This ain't 'full_ny, M:c:Gee" but 'we want to know when yQU are coming back to Paulson. MacRae? Get well S(XlIII .• eb?





may These Recall Pleasanl memories to Those Who Have Passed Through Our Unil and 10 Us Who Remain Here





There have been a number of: c:ha"ges in our staff stnce the last editio,1]J of the Po:>t.We were sorry to' lose Cpl. Jones and wish her luck down there in the U.S.A. QUi" red~headed ··Civvie, .,.

J uneWi.llia;m.$, is now workin.g at the CN. T emegrapb. so we still keep in eouch with her, However. Sm.itll doesn't rush for the five o'clock telegra,1DS any more. Maybe that masculine votce was, the attraction" eh Smith?

W'e would! li'ke to welcome ,the newcomers iDto this mad house. A W Roper lin the 'Orderly Room, over in Records, A W's Sawyer, Donald Duboes and. AC Thiessen:;: acr05sth.e halll, in Central Registry, A W Coombs and AC Cohell,ihave all become members of our happy family.

Co'~g!rat1.lIatio!]js are in CpJ. M~nl"o. who is now strtpes and a diamond. qrats, too, to eur two Bullen and Anderson.

o~de.~ For €xw€,a:ring three ring. Connew Cpls, __


Is the M:ajor kidding when !"I'e' tbreatens to cbarge 25 cents for 'eacii:l empty coke bottle he takes back.

Is there a shortaqe of chatrs ,alld. are OU:boisaod Thi.e.sson. real]y discussii!liQl the daily rati.Qn strength when they get over there in, the corner,

Why Sawyer is always COGlp~aining because: we get only two passes a week. We must keep u.p the morale of the boys at .!:tome. too. she says .. ,

Why Bullen. spent: the first day ·of her kaye' 011 the Station, :It "Was just. about that time that a certain Plight. Serg,ea,nt fAir Bomber ] was posted, wasn't Jt, Bullen?

Why Ander.son MUST have New Years leave, She has gone on that diet. again. ~oo. Wou.ld she have ,a~ything to do with Ltnda" s remusterv :

Does he get ill your hair.

Why Sgt .. Munl"o, was lookmq up the ages of aU the airraen on the StatiQn.

Why Roper is always, singing', "Tin ID Tbe Mood jfl,O.f Lo,ve.,"·

'Why M:a,jo[" Cameroei .is aJw,ays comp,laining ebout the crowded busses. especrally the 1;10_ We hear he is a ,nightly pa.ssenger on. that one.

Where Donafd gets t~e s:!lackbe~ fore reti.F"lng' and have you seen thefU of her grreab::oat?

'WIly Gorham doesn't mind 'b~inQi duty de~k about ev,e:I:"Y two weeks. I gue'ss Mainte!1!ance: wOI.I.ldJi]/tknow any~ ti:!i!lgl about that. eh T_P.?

'Why 5miili was so excited about going to Regioa on .a 72 tQ "see herr mo,tiher."

'Why, ,althnugb Coombs, :Is from the West" she stays ill every n.ight and writes a J.etteil' East.

'Why Cohere spends all his 'i8: s in Winnipeg. (Shucks. I just fou~d out his wife lives there .. )

We. wonder what has sudd.en:ly brullght that ~:ender Iove Hght to Ada's ,eyes. Comd one of FlO Neapole's little Armourer,s,bave somethin.g to do. with it.

You're wrong. WhUe'sel., we dldn't have the heart to 1P:ril:llt: that :little scanda:1 we Idt on your desk.

W:e: thi~k we have dug up enouqh gossip £01" this ,edUio.n. Any resemblan.ce to the trod:! 'or to pe'![',,sons wo.rkillQl at: the Ordedy Room is purefy co.inci diel'ltaJ_




Tune in, your receiver; we are comingin Olll the beam ag,a:in, With the Post 'editions. two. months apart, it should be easy to find news. but it :is, iius.t as hard as ever, Choice ,news, tidbits are as scarce as posttnqs

We have a. few orchids 'to, hand out. so we will begin with Gordy Shave, who has joined the ranks of the M'Ostrtpers: next, Ca,dey and Chermak on their "B" groupings, and last, hut. no means least, to "Pop" Perkln on the delivery of a, bOIlRCiRg baby boy. (Those cigars were greatly appreciated, FHght.) When the Plight finaIiy gets posted tl!Je popularlon o,f Daupnjo will !tit a neW' low.

Rumor hath it. that Sgt., Stevenson is getting himself a set ,o~ store teeth-at: least', he' ]s puttIng in e,llough time' ar the Dental Clinic. I wonder if that .new Sgt.; ('W.O.) could have anything to dQ wnh it?

Say, how do yotl. hill-bdllys from the West coast and you smoke-eaters from the East like our winter here in. Canada this, year?

We have a mild Invaston since OUI" last edmon. LAC Naqle arrived from "Newlje" to replace Shorty Gibbon. Seems the woJf packs run w.iJd out thel)"e~at least the ones, in uniform do. Bob must have had ,som,elhing nice out there. He wouldn't mind ,going bade.

Neil "Mike"" Sullivan (y,es. he's

:lrish) aretved from Mon,treat. Evel:"Y 'time someone cornu from MaoOke'aI, those old memories, come back. Those were the days.....-Wow!

I hear' !:hey aren't holdi!lg a Carnival again unless Davidson is ,elilier posted or banned. One more !light and he would hav'e' owned the joint, There :must be a similarIty betwe,en and Wfnnlpeq, because AU spends ,aU bls 48's in Winnipeg when Winnie is a,way, butt he sure stays close ,to ,home when sheg:ets back. (Any s:imiJarUy to c,haracter,s :in this document and ,any person living' or dead is pure]y CO-incldental.] That should clear :me tllere.

"Father" Doran an.d "Bait" Cr07Jer seem eo admir,e ~:he sceotc beauty down McCreary way-o:r cOl:lld it be those fidd]ing contests (a long way to travel just to go to a dance},

Must be a shortage of lipsti.c:k down in Montreal, en. Zeke1 Those letters just have' ordlnery seals lately. "Zeke" Beamtsb doesD."t Care for Manitoba, wlnters (:lJas to wear boots every day). I guess it is hard. on those feet'!!!-wben they are ncrused to being penned up,

"News Nose" Carley knows 'When the war is gOing to end, so if you know of any !big manufacturers with war contracts, who. want the tip-off, send them aroucd, If the war :isn't over by spring. I know where y,ou can buy a radio chea,p. What do you say, Jadc1


Doran ......

"He wase'e drunk-s-he just kiS$ed me ,good~bye at the train because :he was sorry to see moe go."

"Put: (bat pis.tom down, Babe."


"'Now, I'll. '~eU you so.meJtl1ing.'" "Here is a, ~ast minute's news cast, folks."

"Whe~ do }I'OU think the war will end?"


"That is where the milk: b, sweetest, "

"Guess I am going to be skunked," "I'm not very good at this 'game'.

Shall we say a, $5.00 bee just to make it interesting,""


"Any body want to bet that theee is a dime under that bottle cap.]" 'G\lSUts-

"One no 'trump." "·Paky·'''-

·"A.liiybod.y tlil.irst:y-hmmml'" '"Now, in Vancoover," e'tc, McCaw-

"Pay day stakes?"

'''Wake me 'up for ]breakfast:"

30 1 H EPA U l S <0 N PO S T

:JI,.*: : ** .. * ,..*.:*.:** •• 'l(-.*.******'.*,******** ,.. ,.. •• :****,

A.M. L.

A.M.L. or A.M.8.T. This series of letters, may see,m. at first g),an~e. puzz.ling., nerve wfac::k:hlgl. and,at odd times,. exasperating,. Whe,Q we' review bri.efly our type '0'£ school ,and u'afniing. the I,etlliers seem to unscramble themselves andi a new ,siQ'nifi,callce appeaes, Slince ,oufscnOO:I tral,ns, A:irBo:mbers and Air Gueners the A.M:.'L. does stand for Air M1Distry Laboratory. and tile A.M.B.T.. d,oes :r,e'P'resen.t Air Mi!:listll'Y Bomhlng'Teacher. So we are out in the dear fl,eld now.

Our staH' is an eHident unit of Bombingl Instructors assembled from the vartous parts of Canada and OU,r neighbor the 1II.S.A.. In spite of the fact that they [put in eight hOUTS of work 'each, and e:very c,ay under "Black-Out" conditions. they still l'et:aina:n atmos:pher>e' of friendliness. a,n attitude o:f: servtce, and! leave an impre.ssloll. of efficiency and compeetnce. So bere they are:

Cpt Yemchllllk, f.rom Fort Wmiaw' ili tall and handsome individh.lal. marrted to .a pretty Manitoba gir]" both happy and both live under the Manitoba:n sktes at Dau phtn,

CpL Byrne. also, known as "Yankee."" hails from New York City, and expects to spend, his, annual leave theret is petit. but: [cvtal, W'e enjoy his "wit" ana h,is Amerh::ao accent,

Cpt Chivers- Wiilson. a sertous, determined. ta.ll,blond ,chap. who is very mud1 the dr.IYing' cog of every day',s work. His home ]s in Port Arthur.

Cpt Cherwvk, a Sa.skat'chewan. lad. stiU sin~'le aad sUll ambitious. We do hope that he attains what he"saft.el".

Cpl. Stokes, 'lIho~ails from, ,Medicillt.> Hat. Alberta. who is very much at home In a pha:rmacy, but, wh.o'. i:hroug'hJ constaat application, bas made Ms presence felt in this section, 'Then ehere were others whom we had and whom, we mi,ses. Sgt. Smith, from TO:l'onto:

Cpo!. Call. from Okanagan Va.lley. B.C.: and Cpt M~ol"se. ,fro.1ll the .Anapolis


Valle'}'.N.S. These lI,av,e talken on class rrespoosibi!ntles i.1IlI the G.I.S. To you 'WE: say. Good Luc.k.

It .may be of intle'ce'st to many as to thena,ture: of work done in tn.eA.M. B.T. :En dli:s lab. we try to hridge the theory ,o,f the class ruomwi,t,h the practical application of th,e vaded. preclston I.nstrrum,ents as us,edi in aerial bombing. W,e are a.her the' Indrvtdua] developmene of the .rncil.ime,nts of pre-cision, in handling ,0,E such as the computers, the bombSights.. the' R.T .• etc. We a:reafter the develol"meDt. o.f p.I'ecisi,on. :in f,ollowingl Olilt the estalb-, Iished proceduees required lin :bombln.g; weal:"e after the deve'lopment o,f skiU a:l!a, .speed loi doin.g' suc'hexer'cises as wind findi:cg. bombing statlol:!lery lB.f'~ ge:ts. bo.mblng t,argets wHo single l"eJ,ea:se or stick rreleas,e., map reading., cross-country flying. attacking] selected targets in well mown. enemy areas,

To ~he Dew tramees OUI:' sectlon is, ODe oJ new expeziences, .familiarization of sdf' w~th new equipment. new methods. new procedures.vand newe:x:~ erclses, To the s'eniort:r<lJ:inees. :i.t"s a place of CO!l.c:entrati<m 'Of mind and muscle in the :handli.llg of eqlli.pment with accueacy and speed urlUI proflclel:lc:y is attained.

Qu!:" aim is IlIO,t to pleaseo!'" entertain, but to, be of service to the Air Bomber tra.inee :in the acc:o.mplishment of SUCD techntque tbat wO'Ilrldi :mak:e: bim not only ,effici,e.llt but also profident in his pa.rtl:cular line oIwo.l'k. What we do ask of every tratnee is simply this:; ·'Use what :yon know, Do, wna.t YOI.i ,c:a:l!lJ. Live tip to :youfs.e'lf and your trade." With furthe'.relJicoul:':ag·e.llleot: and advice given through short Iectures we ask the tratnee to "study ever;" so that he may a'iways kr!Ow mere: to ··p,racUt.e ever, so that he may steadlly glrow more skillful and mor'e versati.le and tberefore mo'r>e adap'~ table. To dh this the nature Q,f work

(Continued! on. page 32)


If- •••••••• '''*****.,.. •• **,,.,..*** •• ,..*.*.******* •••••• * ••• ',.***,..


As Red Skelton would say to Daisy June. ··Wen. here I' am again," Yes, it is, IlIuite a I,ong' time since this section was, heard from, or' should I: say sectl,ons,' It has gr-own to be' quite a 1<1[9,e section and, as there are so many newcomers, we have decided to give you SOIDe inside Information about them,

o.f course, there is SIL H. C. Jews. bury, our O.C. PI,yi,ng. Oid you ever notlce those twinkling blue' eyes of his? Why is it he always 'goes to Winni· peg 'on his 48's since a certain some .. body has been posted? Not being in,quis:itiv,e, but we were just wonderi,og.

Now. about his efficient 5taH ,of Steno's, He' may aor think so, but we always thou,ght a little self-praise gives a :IiH to our morale, Their's Nicki, ,our II,ttle civil:ian steno, She sure keeps ~o>se P.O:s guessing. W'ho is lha'~ new heart beat of her's that she went to visit in Winnipeg. He's ,3 certain Plight. Sergeant w,lth Irlsh blue eyes. Have you been holding out on us. Nicki?

What's this We hear about LA. W Mal:'Un [better+kncwn to aJI as, Susiep Who has she been geULng those aiegraphs bam and, SUSie not beillga drinking woman, "Who knows :maybe some day she'll :be drinking some "Jamaka Rum." How's about it, Susie?

There's Anile Simmons (or as 'we call her, Cy}, I wonde r why she :h as such a long face lately, Couldln't be because a 'certain was posted. Chee.. Cy, you Can always 90 ~o Winnipeg on your 1S's.

Then, last but by .no means least, there's LAW Shirley Tadman, better known as "Taddy." First, it was a IUtie blonde fellow from Norway, then a certain pilot, and of late the attracHon must be some tall dark and hand. some man as she spends all her 4-8's in Winnipeg. (Busy l!ttJe bee, tsn'e .shel)

Then, o:f course. there is PIO W',


E. Way, our O.c. o,f !Plying Contro.!, better known as Wolf Way; :bu,t narueaUy bl:s bite isn't as bad, as his bark. ] wonder what's the attractton down in the Orderly Room? Maybe you can help us. slr] His staff consist's of a, very efficient: lot. Col:lgra,t:ulations go, !first to Cpl. Dodds who. 01'1 November 1] th (be. sure, will remember that day, won't you. Cpl.)1 married M:[ss Kay Catrns iin Dauphin-and they tell us Cpl. Noseworthy makes a, ve'ry hand» some "hest man:" W'e wooder who, will be Ute next to take that fatal (1) step? Surely it couldo't be LAC Harry Johnston and the: Station, Hatsdresser? (how's about j,t, Vi?)I. We must not forge't to menttou tJiJe newest and, equaJly well liked members of FlO Way's g'ang. There is Cpl. Sagar and LAC's Roper" Hellender, and LeCompte-on night watch, or should, we' say the "Blade Watcb,"

It sure was quiet in Our Control, Tower, I.JIntil all of a sudden 'O'n.I'! br,ight and sunny day (at least: we thouQlbt it w,as) came the arvaston. Yes, G.J,S. Orderly Room invaded Qu:r quId little bJ,;wen, Down the ball came the tramplag fe·et of Innumerable steno' s ,carry~ lng wfferent 'types of cbai;rs, tables and" of course, a cute little Flight Sergean't VJhat 8l lIapp'y little f'aOlli]y wew,ere then. Now we are one famHy! But we get along fine-'after a .fashion~ 1943 type.

This is quitetthe up-and-coming Sectlon and things really hum. Miss Wickson ably took over the duties as Adjl,ltantin the absence of our bel,ovedl, WO/2 Austtn, who filled in tempol"az::ily a.fte.r FlO Goodall was posted. F/S Wolochew (little Davie). alias "Charles Boyer," has q,uite the' time with all. the feminine gender--yotl know there' are nine females, ill all that poor little "Davie" has to' contend wlth, :LAW Dorothy Mason, who halls from. fUpper Canada) Van,couver was .bOF~

I(Continued on ,page 3,2)

3:2: if H I: If' A U L SON P 0 S T


A .. M .. L SECTION .... continued

calls for <irate quality o,f cbaracter. It's this: "The wlIJ to apply and. tlJe will to work." This must come' Jrcom ins:lde the trainee. It's an i.nne·r qlJaHty. and must come from the heart, 'No one else-can glv,e Hto htm, All we try to do :is to COI:l.V1.m::e: the trainee tha~ HOW more than ever before the world and our cause crles for men of such character more so than for sktlled workers or walking encyclopedias, We do ,get the qrandest .f,e'eling and the greatest satisJaction of each and every day's work when we notice boys grew to men; whe:n We notice indiv.idual shouldering 01 responstbllirles withoul outside pressue: when we notice growilh ana developmen~ of respect for one 's self. one's leamlnq and one's .insh:u.c~ tors.

In conc:lu.:;.iori. m<ty we' extend this: 'To the new trainees we welcome yOI:l.. we want to know you. we try to hel p you ..

'To the graduates, Good Luc"kand Good Speed in your mission. to Vi,ctory .

. P/S HAWRE:LAK. G. S ..


rowed from the Flying Squadron Orderly Room some time ag'o by TraiOJing Win.g Orderly Room, and has been with them ever since. "Davie" said it was "in the Interest of the Servtce' ~ or something. otherwise we would 'have put up a mare strenuous arqument, 'There is AWII Neilson, who always. 'gets a second 91'alO<:e f.r,om the males-> g'uess it must be her auburn hair and/or he:rpeaches and cream complexlon, She always has a knack of borrowing' things from Flying Squadron Orderly Room. Then. of course. we all know MilIlly (who aoesll"t?') and Miss Arnold. I quite the gal) who are old timers from G.I.S. (old in servrce we mean).

OJ course 'Training' Wing .orderly Room would not !be complete without their sketch men, Corporal Potter, no less as D.C. DrafUng. How's your concert comtnq along, and. say. Corporal. did you really dance with DInah Shore~-jus't wondering.. T.hell our dear little "[untor Fleming ... · who rea"lly eurns out some peachy drra:wiogs.. I think he's planning t.o draw his dream house some these days. ·Wh.o is the lucky girl .. Junior?'

There's our old pal Towers. Blessed be the day when he goesoDi leave,


Then a certain steno I.D F]ying Squadr'on Orded), Room will have a rest. S<lY, 'Towers, couldn't you ge~ youl" 11l~ formatlon from the c'N.R. Rai1way? His questtons usually .are (quote) "Does the C"N.R. travel J.;Is.ter than the c.P.R.? or, Do yotlthink l'Il get ill Montreal on time"? (unquote). You know you 're making just as much noise as the Gestetner unachtne, Towers.

Towers has two ·assistants. names are Clifford ScoHand

The~r Frank

Murray, These boys sure have beautiful eyes, I can dream. can't If DId you know that Sco.tty has been planningi m.auiage7 I wonder w:l1.o has been ,!'obbing the cradle?

We e'ldemd a hearty welcome eo our new Chid Instructol:' S/L Dixon and to P/'O Boyd! who has just arrived to take up the duties as. Adj,lI.tant of Trainingi 'Wing OlXlerly Room. W'e, hope Y'OIl both I.ike it here.

This is all :fo·rthis year, So, with sed and tearful faces. we bid you adieu. Heee's hopiog yol.!. have a Merry Cbristmas and a Happy New Year,

See you again in ] 91'1'.



T HE P A lUI L SON P 0 sr 3,3:

.If-lI-lf-lI-lt-**********·lII-***c ..... :.t-**,*****,**,*****liI-*liI-*****************

Hello Folks.-

iHJ,e~e's the good, old .Accounts SecUon back again ~r-ingiDig our best Season's Gree'Ungs and Wishes for <I, H.appy Yuletide. As for us clerk-accountants, we'Il probably be too busy ~,o reaH2;e Xmas j,s here.

Drastic changes-especially for Fligh~:

Sgt-E, Iones, You'd never- believe it, but our conftrmed bachelor g'ot married last month. W,e are still weak from shock" prolbailly 'he is too. However, OUI" heartiest conqratulattons to }I'Ou. and Mrs, .Jones, Plight.

To aU yo!.! bew:ildered people who used to phone tl.p and ask for F IS91~. [ones, the tall o:r short one. we o'nly have one [lOW. Go'od! luck, Flight R.D. on your commisston.

'We still don't know 'Whether :it is a compasstonete or pas.siona~e 'posting t:lla~ Cp:l. Heaveacr. LAW ]acksol!1J and Baird want overseas. Keep 'on kids.

'We were wonde'ring why LAW Davis kept counting days: "l'3 days. 42 days-but we' know !lOW. A.nothe·.c' of OUI' flock is going astray, and taking the plunge-intD' matrimony. The 23.rd is the happy date. O~r best wishes to yOU! arsd T'raves.

We want to welcome Ale ingram.

O:Hanley, Ben and Fddm,all 'to~he of~ fi.c:e.. You "luck'y" boys, You'll get used ~o us in .0'1 w.hil,e'.. That's what Ale Lang (FEARLESS FOSDICK) 'had to do, although Ile getspreUy drscouraqed a.~ times. What woulcl be dio wirhour those 48:s in. Win:nipeg?

As. tennis did for Short. dian,dog did for Jadk:son, badminton did f:or Heavonor - W.HA.T 'Wil.1 bas'ketball do for Hembrnf,£ W,e"lI let you know lat:er developments, Keep' plugging, Hembroff!!!

~ay, Barclay, you're not in 'Toronto now. We. 'wear shoes Olll't i'tere. you know. especially when :playing foocba II!. We wi.!] a II be' SO!'!"}" to, SI!: e LAC French leave 'us. Let us know how you're 1::)I~Uillg 0:0, Harry. Pretty

,Allenfion: AI[(ollnls and Fi.aR,:e

W,e'"ve been here seventeen months, We''t-e not !:lard ~C> please:

But elloug'h/'s e.I'IDugh eiF Paullson. PLEASE POST US OVERSEAS! Courses going Gut each week.

'It ollly serves to tease .•

W:e see them aU de oart but us, PLEASB POST US OVERSEAS!

Don't mentioo forty-eIght's tollS. Or even annlU'al leave:

Plain embarkatson lea,v€: will do, PLEASE POST' US OVERSEAS!

We',re all ,OUI" second winter .here" 'We' know iliat we will freeu:.

The' wolves are howJjn~at the door, .PLBASE POST US OVERSEAS!

We'~'e sick of this Uat country,

Hard water. dust. no trees.

We fee'.1 so sorry for ourselves" PLEASE POST· US OVERSEAS!

A.ccotlnts can get on witnoot us. These's lots more W.O."s;.

So. com.!? all" Accounts and :Fhliill:lCe. PLEASE POST US OVERSEAS!

p.s ..

We don"t like S,rt.T.S."

So if overseas passe's u.s re:.y. Don't send us to a Repair Depot; Just leave us here eo die.

W~it by hand 14th Nov .. 1943,.

WJ04050 L~Vf Jackson. J. E . elk. ACd.. A Grp.


W30i75 I CPL Heavenor, T. .E. elk. Accr ... "A" Gr;p.

No. 7 8. & G. Sch.ool.

Paulson, Manitoba.

grim., eh! We were wO.lldering i~ LAC Turnbull is going ~o be permanently attached '1:0 Deer Lodge. or whether he is ever oommq back to Paulson. That isn·~ two weeks' leave you're taking. is it?

LAC Krempm has lost' all illt:el'est ill that posting: to India. he seems to, ~,i,1ilI::

Winnipeg will be al:1 I"ight fOI" Mm now. And, Pete, please toe II us, who lives i,nMoose Jaw?

Cou1]ratl;llations ~o Sgt. Gent. and Sgt.

T.horst;eln.son on your c€,ce.ot promot'ions, How is the Wolves Den compared tOI ~:heW.D. Caeteeu?

That:"s all for now. Merry Xmas., everybody ..


34T H E P' A U L SON P 0 :5. T




lucky BOBd Winners ... LAW Adams :and F. S .. Arnold


Once again, for two days, Lady Chance, Queen of the Carnival. reigned over our Station. Above are two recipients of her blessings. To each went a One Hundred Dollar Victory Bond. Below, the merrymakers relax between spins of the wheels and throws of the dice. Those hundreds of people who believed that it was better to give than to receive, shall be rewarded tenfold with a sumptuous Snack Bar and a Regal Recreation Room.

36 THE P AU L SON P' 0 S T

,...*.****.*.****'.*****If-:**,***** •• *************lf**** ........ ****


,_ ,c/I. Story ,_

THIS. is not an escape from France

or ,anything so melodramatic-eit's just a little adventure that happened to me and may have happened to scores, of ,other fe'llows out there,., All details have been eliminated and only bare facts related - :1:11 any 'case ~ never did like writing. So here it is:

It happened about a week aft,er Dunkirk. We were at a place somewhere in France. about fi.fty' miles northwest of Parts, I reallv couldn't say exactly where the place was because' I don't know-s-I don't think that anyone knew. My regiment was gone - my fn,end's reg'i,mel1l.ts we're gone, too-we' were just a few scattered bodtes haDg~ ing around for somethiog to 'happen. but: what. we knew not. We were six.-with an empty Moms truck-a rifle apiece and about fifty rounds of am:mullition. Besides. -we were hungry, having had ,Ilothingto eat, except Bully (comeclbeef) and M.scuits for about three days. Another thing. where were we? Smal.! Dodies of troops were always pass:ing by. travell,ing ]n a sOll.l:thedy direction. !Presently ae officer came along, took particulars of us and told us to report to a little Village about seven miles away. This 'w,e did and found about 500 or 600 other felIows waiUng around, there, We went on the scrounge in the villag'e and III the cella r of 'an Estarmnet [cafe] we .fm,mel about a ton of champagne hidden away beneath the faUe.!] bricks and gird.ers. Later' we found a calf weighing about ]80 pounds, Just then the officer returned and de~,afled our JitUepar~y to go ,away QO o~tpost duty-a. few miles away in the centre of a wood. We decided to load the truck with ,champagne. Sam took the calf as: a mascot. 010 rhe way out we

passed a potato, .field and so we stayed over Jo09 enough to get a. sack .full. When we ,arav'ed at our destination we fOIlDd it was an ald. dilapidated, broken down farm house-s-bur rt had a 'w·ondeidul, ceUa:r-,pe:rfectl'Y dry, with a fireplace in perfect condltlo'n. One: look at the fireplace and at the calf and O'IU resolutions '0,£ a, mascot went west. Curly,. Qut driver. said be <:QllIld really do with steak and chlps, eyeD if we didna,v,e only w,a,('er to 'wash the.1iIl down - so - weill. a short whli].e later saw' us cutting up calf steaks (poo:r old mascotf] • peellnq potatoes and s,~okliDgll:lp .:he fire. Believe me. we were very busy, 'Ginger was, keep:iog Q''d.. and ence :in a wbUe he would shout down. "'Boy. they smell good." After about six hours of el[~ tremely hard work, thing,s were heginning to really look {Iood. Suddenly a whistl!e which rose to a shrif] scream, rent the air-it was Jer:ry dropping a few shells 01'11 the woods-a practice that he frequ.ent:ly carried out on isolated wooded areas. W'e ran for the open spaces ,8. half a mile away, He only dro,ppedahout a ,dozen shellSiliI all, so, afrer a short while" we deeided to go back, Sam remarked. "That run will put ,an edqe on our appetites .. what!" A surprise 3w8'ited us-one of the shells had landed right :in the eentre of the fa,rm house" blowing ilt sky n]gn,-steaks,. potatoes as w,ell. We jWit sat down and wept -another shock was eomiiog to us, this time in the form of a despatch rider ",]h,o said: "'Get moving. you chaps, Jerry is oODI,y abQ\lIt fi.v,ekilos up the and make YO'Ill!'" OWn way.'·' So. once ,a.gain we were on our way, stlll not knowing where we were-s-not really caring and not even knOWing where we were ,going - and. minus our mascot i:1l the fo,tm of

(Continued on next paqe]


************* •• ************.* •• ***** ••• ****If-********lI-:+*:If


Persistenr :rumot's,

that wHl his

.F/") E. Way is posted, What those Junior Offlce'!'s do WithOiut

fa,tbe,rJy care, lessons in billiards, les;.sons in Knock? Alas, one ray of sunshine, however, It may be cheaper ro.!: students of Knock i,f someone else teaches them, The Town of Dauphin wi.![ miss FlO Wa,y's faithful howHng,g on W'altz 'Night" All joking aside. the Me'ss Will miss its ple'asaJl1I.t and eHide,llit 8.P,O ..

'The'pleasant faces of many other genial chaps are ,missing, P/O "Brownie Brown" passed the cigars in honor of an ei,ght-pound daughter, and then departed for the lesser dangers of shooting down Messerschmidts, Flying Officers Robinson, Warren: Pilot Office:rs Wrig'ht, Ogre. Johnson and others too numerous tom,em'tion.

New members il:u;l.gde S/L Dixon, the new C.L FlO Vallance. who. Uke :H:ol'atius. is keeper of the 'gatlf!:: PIG Durkin. who assists filL Henstrtdqe to conserve the thumb tacks and paper' ,; P/O Pederson. [ameson, aDd others.

One "formal" and several "at home" evellilflQ'S, have bee.!] pleasant :i,fite:tludes In ,the :sodal lif:e of the Mess, ad.d1.og a. gay note "to the sterner pat~er of g:e~~ 'Ungche job done,


She's all a:l:i1g:el in truth", a demon in fiction~

A woman Is the Q'lIeatest of' all centradktions;

She 's afraid of a cockroach; she 'JJ

scream at a mouse,

But she'll tackle a,hl;lsballd. as !bi.g as a house',

S.he·ll take him for better, she'll take mim, for worse;

She'll, sllt his, bead open, then be his


And when he is well and can get out of bed"

She '.II. pick: lip a teapa,t and throw at hi::; bead ..

She's faithful, deceitful, keen sighced and blind:

She's crafty" she's simpl.e. she's crud, and she's kind.

She'll make htm he r . hero, her ruler, her clown,

You fam;.y sbe's thls, but you find she's that.

She'll p~ay ]ike a kitten and fight like a cat.



sseaks, and still te'l"rificaUy hUIl.gry,. and this tfme wuhollt even a till of BlIIJly or a biscuit. Wl::lat happened after this was actually a conHIlI.1:Jat'lon 01 what, had happened to 'Us all .alol:ll the route for about the past two weeksjl.lst: wandering on and 00, hungry. footsore and weary. Anyway, we: evelltually reached Reuea, where we met, up w]th a lot of old fnendsafter that is another :Mo,ry.





Weil. boys and girls, since the .Photography Section has been swarmed by W.D:s. we can HnaJly enter a column ill tbe Pa~lso!l Post. That :is one goodwi,ng the airwomen did fOI" the' section. Everyone here is wondering when Rockcllffe is g,oing to let up and allow Corporal Campbell to ,have so me peece, once' more, without bein.g 'consti'lotiy pestered by a bunch of W.D.'s. Paulson has ta'ken a stlfong hold on them. however. a'nd when they de gO' back to take: their 101'191 awai~ed course. RO'ckdUJe personnel wIll utter sHent:ly and sadly. "Paulsonltts."

Who, could wish. for better servtce than tbey receive when they come to' th,e sectlon for some work to be done? First, they are give'n aw,a,rm w,e'kome !by six W . .o. 's, who rush madly to ~:Ilem. seize them by the arms, bring them into the office, and. then, all start to talk at once. When at last the poor airman has stated his, business, one airwoman takes care of' that part while the other five stand by and ga:z,e in~ teatly at him. At last he goets the courage to walk ,out. havtnq gottel1 no sat:isfa,ction at all. After he has gOlle and the W.D."s have discussed him thoroughly, they once settle pea~'efully 00 work until the next customer comes.

Everytilill91 is an uproar,-MacDooald is asking questions, Smith .istaiking

about a certain W.A..G. (nothing unusual) ; Glat~e:nbu:rg Is cleaning E:J,e:r shoes; Ttckacr ydls" "Here comes PIO Titt:erton-there is one mad scramble, and then quiet. Pia Tureerea comes in, happil y whistl:in<;j'. Th'en dramaticaUy he exclatms, "Blast it an~eve.y~ one is working hard. btlt me."

MacDo:ni.lId. seems to think she can turI! oon one ·tap and get water from. the one next ~o it, She often tries it: anyway. She also likes to sit in. the, hypo. It isn't ,any skirt deane!", Mac.

We wonder what Smith is goingl to find to talk about: aft,e. that WAG leaves,

[t is quite a discussion who :IDeal's their baby most-Corporal Ca.mpbeU ee lFlighc Sergeant: Cutting - also babywiU walk fks(., We are lJet,ting on bUm" COl"poral' s, of course.

LAC Barley paid us (we~l, never mlnd how much] to mention him. in cO]U1WJl, but :if we started t,ellin.g some of the thillgs he does, all of Paulson would. be in hysterics. As yet. we' have nothing 0111 OU,r new .gi,r]. Ryan. but. be patient. kids-we"l1 '9'et so[[)e~hing yet. Well. tea is served, so' bye bye fo!:" this time, For all the Pho,tography Section, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas vand <!I Happy New Year.

. 'YANK'"

Tl!l'Il1"sday. December 2:3rrl- "THE ADVENTURES OF' TARTU. with Rob£rt. Donat., Slmda.y •. Deceraber 2'6tb - "THE LADY TAKES .A CHAi.."lCE" with Jean AdiJUll.'"'. Tuesday, Ikcembel' 28fh - "SWING SHIFT 'MAISIE."

Thursday" Decem.bu 30th - "I. DOOD IT" with Red SkeItIO.1i

Tuesday" January 4th -- "DR. 'GlLLBSPiIE'S CRiMINAL CASE"wj'th JLio.a.el Barl"Y' moee

Thursday, January 6th - "THE SKY'S THE LIMIT" witb Pnd Astake

Sl1Ilday. Jan'uary 9th, .- "PHANTOM OF THE OPERA" with Nd.son Eddy and 8. Foster

Tuesday, I. - "HEAVEN CAN WAIT" (Tedmicolor) "'itb Don A.meche.

GqC Tierney

Thursday, JanU3il"Y Htb - "WHISTLING IN BROOn YN" with Red Skehan Sunday. January I lith.- '''RIDING .HIGH" w~tb I)ot'otby Lamour

THE P A lUI L SON P 0 S T 3,9'



Tlte new Automatic Ins true tor, MK.

XVII, is, now ready for issue to, all B. (; G .. Schools.

This device gives lectures and

answers all questions, computes class: records, instructs studenes in the atr, and shoots skeet.

Instructors will still have to attend graduatl'oll parties as the machine has not yet been equipped to absorb alcohel.

L. McGURK. G/C O.G 'Traininq

There have been frequent oeeurences in the past of students dropping bombs in or around farmyards,

To prevent future happeninqs oK this type, all students will be required to attend regular classes in Live Stock Recoqni tion.

L. McGURK, G/C a.,c. Live Stock ReCoOgn.iUon

All aircrew personnel will be given an opportunity to remuster to Air Bomber (Helicopter) .

This affords an excellent vopportunity for doj,ng Helicopter Reconnaissance Patrols over' enemy nudist colonies at

Low level.

L. McGURK, G/C O.c. Helicopter Division

.' ...

G/e Lucifer McGurk has been awarded the S.O.C.S. (Sacred Order of the Cold Shower) for his outstanding


work in orgalll12:ing the Helicopter Hotel Patrol. This squadron has qreatly'ed hotel detectives in patrolliaq outside downtown hotels 011 week-ends, ami holidays.

J. DEADBEAT. SIL. rOi" L. McGurk, G/C Q,C, Special Awards.

,. .' ~,

Under one of the [lew amendments to the Rehabilitation Act. a priority is being given to all Air Force Instructors for post-war pesiuons as psychoanalysts at all mental Institutions. This does not apply to those possesslnq qualifications to become inmates of these instiltutions.

L.. McGURK. G/C IS.O .. C.S.) D.C. Rehabtlltatton


Hooks. transporting, Mk. VI. are ready for issue to all airport bus. transport companies.

These devices are designed along the same lines as the Sky Hook. and. should double the maximum passenger load of all huses. Passengers are iequired to weal" lug~. IOoa.diI19, for use with . above.

I •. McGURK. GIC (S.O.C.S.) O.C. Transportation.

L. McGurk G/C (S"O.C.S.). has been awarded the bar to tile S.O.C.S. (Sacred Order of the Cold Shower) for his original ideas submitted while on the Entertainment Course.

His Rest Pavihon, which provides.

Ice cold beer, rub downs. and '18 hr. attend "C's" fOil" all those cornpletlnq a circuit On the Commando Course, is. proving very popular.


for L. McGurk. G/C (S.O.C.S. and bar) O.c. Special Awards

40 THE P A U l SON P 0 S T


Fifth Vict,ory Loan iParade

No. 7 B. f:J G. came through again with the usual power-play backing of the War Effort in subscribing more than 1260/0 of the quota. which was set at $65.000.00. The final figure turned in was $82.000.00. subscribed by 884 persons. This amount can be further broken down into cash sales of $22.150.00 and deductions from pay payments of $59.850.00,

Some of the sections to make the best showings were: Headquarters' Officers. 100 per cent subscribed, fer a total of $6.950.00; Drogue Flight Pilots, Bombing Flight Pilots and Gunnery Flight Pilots. each subscribed 100 per cent. for a 'grand total of $16,650.00. G.I.S. Officer Instructors, 100 per cent; Turret Section. 100 per cent; GJ.S. Clerks. 100 per cent; andW,A.G. Course 6'1. 100 per cent. Other sections. too numerous to mention here. made considerable showtnqs, In all. everyone can be proud of the manner in which No.7 helped to YSpeed the Victory,"

******************************************************X ... * *

i CORIR.,I.IIO'AS! Keep up the Good Work I!! !

* * :: 1. It is desleable, but not necessary, to have your mat.edal typed double ::

* spaced, *

* *

t 2. You should sign all manuscripts, drawings,. etc., submi.tted; names 'will be t

t published only with your consent. ::

t 3. You shouldn't wait until the DEADLINE; start sending your contributions t

t to F/S HUDSON,· G. I. S., NOW for the early SPRING ISSUE. ::

t Thank you. ::


* *


l"HIE PAUlSOIN .POS,l ·4·1

****:*****JiIf-*:*******.*******:*lI-:lII-****** ... lII-*****lf.**lII-***If.****JII.*

At the present. time, Gunnery is deeply 'eng:agi,ng die tnrerese of all the otller .fl:igh'ts-lna,slllu,ch" as we possess SOme of ·theoldest menabers on t:he Stat:lon (since its ope,IiIing) ,plus the "rookies" ....... but we oursetves know that tile new and the old. will keep up the great standards of ·'Guonery.'·

Therefore a sl:ight resume is in order C·Qu.ote") .


Answer. Gunnery is the Hight which flies the well-known Bolingbroke. The' "Bol)," is also equi.pped with a turret f,om which the Slloutsof two vicious browning' gUlls protrude. It:ls also capable of canyiog a bomb load, of constdeeable wei'gi'lt. if' any of the persOI:lDe,J orr the St(lltion would like detailed specifi.cation,s of this, ".sllip,·· just ask :tile "Gunnery boys" ~ they wiill tell Y'01li cheerfully.

..... *'

Now, with the short days UpOIl us, and lon,9' cold .nights" we will be ][1 there punching to keep up the' high morale of tile: St:atj,on. and keep the "E" Pennant flying high from 'Our fla.g pole.

Congratulations to LAC A. L. Syl~ veseer on his ma.rriage last month eo .M:iss" ·of: WillJllipe,g. Best of luck to' both of you ..

Also well wiishes iIO out to PIt. Lt.

Fa]lls, D.C. 'Of HE,'" FIa'ghlf:. and FIS. Fedor. who, a:r'enow ail: T'rel:ltoo study~ 1.1:1:'01' Admilllstr,aUon. We: ,e.xtend a hearty welcome to FlO Sheedy---new D,C.-andP/S 'Ttan, Cef."talruy GWl~ ner)' CaJ;I never go wrong 'with such men attb,e helm.

'''Who Is the sp.a.rse headed LAC who, iinthe Ileal' [ut:U,!:'e, will be (living the well known 'JoeJobs" "'1 At any ra,te. the best 0.£ hl'clt. to this indlvldual.

We ~A.J.A.)

wonder wh,at the. Ki.llgnsh wanted to do With. n:is half-

dozen big 'UIlS a short Ume ,a.go.

A certain Corporal from "E", that was pos'te'Cil kI' "D'," decided to bave a snow,er before proe'E:'edin.g on his pos.t,... io.g'. We wonder what was 'l:fue matIter with tile barrack ,sho,wer:s, Corpor,al ..

flor awliljj,e" Coeporal T' """,,as geWng up I'oo,r dione.r. Our gu~ is be was building l:!im:seU up, for nib e~nation.

It seems sbowil];g the "cboppers" was ,quite a promlnent tlhing' around Gunnery" espectally wilen Litt!le Norway (Berg)r showed the c:ombwati.oll .p,f choppers. dimples" ,and watth those ears, turn red-bow about it. Berg'?

'Tile "Gove~rnor" has finally de:c:ided on his, new editiou ·o,jf Poker :Rules. From DOW on, Five "Bufls" (not couetirngthe one up Ills, sleeve] are pretty potent.

We nnders,tand tl:lat P.N. has bought quite the jalopy. How ,a.Do,ut if: 6-26"s, "Yokres in tile Catrs," Perce'?'

Joc:J\;.ey Petterson :has, everytbing but' the h~rse-and latemy"Bi.g" Olson :bas, been inqmrmgas to ho,w to :buy a bO.rse,___.2xl tfue "Big Boy" is giving this "Morden Lad" a Christmas Gift .

. Du,ring' the saammer months the "Re,dI COat" and "Su,d]s" made several trips to the counrry alldwe wonder-was it re'2'Uy 19o1f?

42 T HIE IP A U ts 0 N P' 0 S T

****,************ .. ***********,**'.***-************* •• **.***

'he t,a, cd 'he f:ir,sf 180,mb ,limer or Wher,e d',id thai' Egg 60!

By kind JKrmiSsiOR of SGT. D. G. CA~ELL ~S.A.I.). No. '1 A.O.S .• May 7. 1M2

Breathes ther,e tlie man with soul so' dlead

Who never to htmself hath said:

"True' height. true air speed, "Red on Red' '"1

Whose heart hath 'l'Ie'er within him


As to the pmlot be hath turned.

And yemled, "Tb,e'l'e '90esthe mtercom," Theil, gaily waves his feet around

To signal. and, perhaps, has found That Il'lI.,ots the:re are ,fe'w indeed

Who «dare 'we say It?)' do Dot need To 'get some "Left. rigb.t." OD the


Ob happy day-the w,lnd Is found. Then to his partner turns around;

"Your g'o, old sock"; if lack ,oJ time Prevenzs hl.11I1 st:retehi,l]g t:here supine,

I'll us,e Ute 'M,et' he sagely thinks (For'gettlng that the 'Met" man dr:lnks). The pilot then. with nought to do, Proceeds at once to rendez'vous

A.t the .a,ppointed, time and place,

B.ut, 10, .o,f planes there is no trace;:

So, softly sweadllg ~o nimsc'.I,f: (Despite' his plunder. power and peIO, He' says: "Let's go, to Hell wJtil AU."

Thebombin,g ranqe th,ey .forthwith


Content that they are now to te'2ch All others who would want to see How scores are sbattered in 1B3.

The bomber now proceeds witn ease:" Sel,e.cts his m>ombs, and, if you 'please, Remember-s-one switch ,at ,a time

May give some reascn to this, rhyme. All switches up-but one. of eourse ...... Forgot are' ID.R.O.. maps and Morse, Intent on that red-oran~e doe, Determtned !:Ie' will make one blot

Of that much armed-at fiendish spot. "Left, left," he yells, forgetting now That tntercom has, made its bow,

And waves hils feet mUlch as ,a cow', The' ptlot yanks. the plane responds, The bomber-s joy fair breaks its bonds. For there. between the drift wires c'lea:r Is that ,",ed-orange dot to him SQ dear. "Bomb gone:" he roars, and shifts hts


Remembering then thai: "Red 01'1 Red" Has not been, set, but wh.a.fs the odds He' wonders, as he follows down,

That stream,-),llled object of reuown,

,A pufF of smoke. "No. can i.iI: be

,My bomb, he wonders. as we see

.A round white puff a half a mUe

From that triangme~,so short a while That he had vowed would. soors be' hts "Bomb plotted." yells our bomber- crew, A.nd p'lotUr:v;QI on T32

Puts it fo, port a 'yard 'or two'.

The pilot banks. a look to ge't" ExpectIng that some' day he yet

M.ay see a bomb burst near that spOt For which the bombing mnge was:


,A "Turning on" is next, we hear

10 'tones melodious. soft, and deaIl'.

X X ! ! ! ? ? ? 000 ? ,a.n: d.'ear.

And thus it g'oes-ruD after rUJill~ ··Attack··-and then begins the fun, "'Le'ft. len," "Rig'hr." "Steady,"· quick

as ,nash

The pilot answers with a, dash

Of what we know befongs m,y right

To the sterUog character of a. knigbt.

All twelve are (iE'opped, they Jo'rthwith


Stil'ai.ght frooo rhae seene of sin and


Back itO the hangar, whef\em wait. T~e poor instna,eto,r whom. they bate, Is s,tanding (if 10 'eady mom)

Or .ate at D,ight. he will be WOrD Dow.nto' a shadow-s-weak 8odtorD. Into ~he room they gaily' trounce,

UPO,rJj ~:he plotting ,;::h:a~fs, they pouoce. And grabbing up T32

Compare with it Bomb No.2"

Whkh. if they have eyes. they surely


Hit that ruddy target dead 011 square. Bur, la-Bomb No: 2 is plotted

Two, h undred y.ards ,away f~om ta:rget~ To argue then is of DO use, Instructors. r,ange cre'w get abuse

]n ever groQ,wing heaps of sound,

Which make the room spioround. and


The offIc,!"!:" who. Fa.~e decreed,

Must: inter~ede in ti,roe of lJIeed, Comes stalking in the noise to quell. ADd see if he can surely mell

Wbose bomb is whose - ,a vain a.ttempt .•. Hi.s overtures meet with contempt"

And Ollceagcdo the chaos rains While dear old! Sarge just racks his


"Let's check the trrnes" is sometimes


I.f lapse ther,e is for just one word. A futrve eHort~as it proves->

But gives the s,e'E"geant, as he moves, Toward the' door, a spo'li'ting chance,

To stilI ge't our complete with pants, They sign the book, but with a vow Tbat In the futl:lre they-al:ild :bowWill breek that target bit by bit

And show the serqeant th.ey are fn

To go .foll"th with that one-half wing, And show Adolph the' Lioll can. sting' As, well as fly, and they, uruike. this


Find larqer targets to bombard.

T HI EPA U L S 0 IN p' 0 S T 43

,.*.****:**.***"'***"'**.lIII-"'*"'*.* •• *"'*"'****.********.~****,..*,..,..



Occasionally we have enqulrtes as to the collection and dtsposal of the profits made in. the Airmen.·s and W.D.'s Cante,ens,.We would like to cladfy the situation. using' as a, basis the ftnancial statements of the Station Fund for the quarter July 1st to September 30th. 1913.

To most people the term "ftnancta] statement" is enouqh to discou,rage til em, i:mmedi,ately. Well. we will try to make :It int,eresting,.

As at September 30th., the Statio!] Fund had a Capital !Fund of $13.300 .. , This amount is off-set by Property-sFurniture.. Band. Equipment, etc., which o.l"lgtnaUy cost $11300. but now is depredated by abol,1t $2.000,. This leaves a ,surplus to' cover current expenditures of approxlmately $"1.000 .. That. of course, is pure:ly .financial starrdinq, which, to. most of 01.11: readers, w.ill be uninteresting.

During these three months" the Canteens made a net proiit of $1'.700. Other revenue. totaUillg $1,200, was derfvcd from Laundry Commtsstons, Theatre Commtsslons, Wurlitaer, !Paulson Post Sales. etc. This, money was spent as follows: Extra Messing. $1.650:

General Expense, $640; Sports and Sports Equlpment, $580; Entertainment. $[,3'00; Paulson Post. $150; and Depr,ectatton, $.125. This leaves a surplus of $1.155 unspent,

To the majority. the amount spent. on Extra Messing will be the most interesting. To the amount already mentioned as contributed from Canteen profits is added the amounts recetved from meals sold to living-out personnel, The combined total revenue jor extra messing fo!'" the three months was $2,300. This money is, spent on those thlnqs that w]1I supplement the rr,egu.lar rations to produce more meals. For instance. ice cream. corn flakes. puf-

fed wheat. apples, pears and many other commodities are bought through extra messing, Did somebody say "eggs." No. all eggs are 011 !tile rations.

During this period. approxtmately $1:.550 worth of equrpment 'Wa5 purchased, Tltis includes toasters for the ,AIrmen's Mess, a: radio for the GJ,.s.. Intelliqence room. bowlin.g alleys and bil.llal)d tables lor the Drm Ha:II, and musical instruments for the Seanon ,01:"chestra,

Some o,r the :interestillg Items culled from the det.ail of tile General Expense Items are: Graduatloo Presentatlons. $130: Ltbrary 'Books. $150; and Tuning Pianos, $60'. 'The other items m,aking up the total, were spent: ,to make your stay on this Statio,D as pleasant as possible.

Of the mteresttnq ,amounting' meat has

Sports expenditure, the most item rs that for Equipment, to .$540. AU this equipto be accounted for, thus

necessit:ating fr,equentre.minde'rs to turn in equipment which is out 'on loan. The Officers' and Sergeants' Messes C:OIltribut,e monthly to'wards the Sports of the Station.

Quite ala.rge sum was spent on entertatnmenr, which Includes dances, 01:"chestra and, music. Wings' parade teas. and such big days as the Fourth Pennant Presentation Celebnation and the successful Sports Day :in September,

Plans are under way for furth-err improving conditions for recreation arad Canteen factilities. ,0...... Commanding Offi.cer and his fellow Officers have ioterested themselves in the welfare of the Airmen and A.irwomen on the Station and in finding ways and means of makilJlg their stay on this Station more enjoyable throuqh the best applfcation of Canteen proftts.





Here we are again, the old reliable Works and Buildings, always r eady to, fix your troubles (or. as has been said by some nasty Airmen, cause you more trouble). But. first. let us inform you of the scope of our work.

We are responsible for the repairs to all butldinqs, the construction of all the knick-necks and qee-qaws the fertile' minds in C.l.S. can think up to help with training our alrcrew personnel; fixing sidewalks. broken windows, and the many jobs which a carpenter is called upon to do. This department is in charge' of Mr. Gourlay and Sgt. Rae, a couple of dependable (and sobert) Scotsmen.

AU the power lines. electric motors, in fact everything electrical on the S ta tio n, I" xc ept a i rc raft ins [alia tions, come under our wing. The old familiar call of. "We have 1000 bulbs burnt out," is a very familiar sonq in our ears. This department is commanded by that commanding figure. that superduper lady killer, PIS Andrews, better known as Barb-WIre Bill.

Then the heating of all the building. the water supply" the sewage plant, are all our babies. and what babies I The Weeping and knashlnq of teeth when it: is 400 below. and a stoker augu r breaks. or the fireman [civilian] turns the switch off. deans the fire. and slowly walks away Without turning on the: switch. 136 occupants or the particular barrack brock are ready to commit murder by morning. £I IS Mullen and four able Sgts. are in charge. assisted by thirty or so civilian firemen.

Our painting dept, is responsible for all the outside and inside painting on the Station. Amongst our latest efforts are B.B. 15. which was turned into a lovely green boudoir for our W.D:s; and the Airmen"s Mess. whtch is now the' pride and joy of all who labour therein, This dept. is presidled ever by LAC Spearman, who never can be' found, and. when found, never

has enough paint brushes to supply the demand.

Then we have our plumbing dept.: very much in demand on Inspection mornings - this, is putti!lJQ1 in a gpod plug for this dept. They also have to service all water lines, install facilities ,in additions to bulldlnqs, check rue hydrants, etc, A new comer from Prince Rupert. Sgt. Simpson. is the !boss of this dept, We welcome him to the fold,

Our M.T. Section has, a lot oE grouod to cover. winter' and summer'; in fact. acres of airport and miles of roads to our Bombing ranees, etc, In the summer g.rass must be cut on the aerodrome, all around the buildi!lg~; the roads be repaired, gravel hauled and tons, of coal unloaded. Our bulldozer tractor and trucks were bU3Y all

.. summer 0[1 the genenll maintenance of No.7. In winter, of course, tbis department has the [ob of keeping roads on the station, to the ranges. and to town open for vehicular traffic - to say the least. quite an undertaking.

Over all the A.e.rodrome Malntenance Department. upon his throne in the Snow Blower. Sits Akmtd Abdlliah Plight. Sergeant Press, a Hgure like unto Buddah. who beams upon his tolltng slaves. encouraging them with a word of kindness. but when emergem:y warrants. must climb down from his vaulted piace and. with flashing eye, and undaunted mien, doth pick up a snow shovel and make the aforesaid Snow Blower look not unlike a teaspoon ..

The nerve centre of our section is" of course, the Orderly Room" where tile phone never stops rinqinq, If it isn't a broken door. or a broken wtndow. or a ligbt burnt out. or no heat, then it is sure to be Maintenance try~ iog to borrow our Farmall tractor, of knowledge gained during a lifetime

(Continued on next page)


............ ' .. :+.*'.* ... *.*' .. *.**** .. ** •••• *****_*.****.***,***>>*If-

MEN ARE WHAT WOMEN .MARRY. They have two hands, and so:m,etiwes two wives; but never more than orie donar or one ideal at one time.

LIKE TURKISH OGARETTBS" t,bey are an made o,f the same rnat:erial. the' on]y difference is, that some' are disgui£sd, better tn;;lu o~her's.

GENERALLY SPEAKING. they can be divided into three classes: Hus~ ]bands. Bachelors and Wtdowers, A bachelor is an ell.glible mass of obattnancy entirely surrounded by suspkion. Husbands are three typesprizes, surprtses and ennsolatlon prizes.

TOMAKIB A, HUSBAND OUT OF A MAN is one of Ithe highest for,m~ of plastic art :klilown to civiliz a tio 11, It requires science'. sculpture. common sense" faith, hope and charity -'mostly charity.

IT IS A PSYCHOLOGlICAL MAR~ VEL that a sm.all tender vig,id-s(;ented thing 1ike a woman should enjoy kissiny a ]big stubbv-chtnned, tobaccobay-rum scented thillg Itke a man.

IF YOU FLATTER .A MAN }l'ou fdghreo 'him to death; if you do not you bOl'"ehim to death. If YOIl pel'"~ mit him to make love to you, he gets tired! of you in the end; if y,ou do not. lite gets tired of you. in the b e<;J ilnllillg.


THING you cease to int'eresthim.. If you ,argue with him in eve'rythling. y'OUI cease to, charm hi m. If YOIl! b e~ II eve all he tells yoUl, be dJi:nks you are a fool, If you do not. he thinks you are a cynic.

IF YOU WEAR. GAY COLORS, ,rouge and a ,sta[,W:ng hat. he hesl.rates to take yOy out; but :if you wear a Ilttle brown beret and a tailor-made' suit he takes you out and stares an eveoing at a, woman m gay colors, rouge and a stt.a:rtling hat.

IF YOU JOIN HIM IN THE GAIETIES. and approve of his drinking. he swears you ate driving Illim to 't:h.e devil. U YOIJ do 1I1.,0t approve of hIs driokilil9 and urge him 'eQ give it up and his he vows yOIl ere a wet blanket.

IF YOU AIm, A CLINGING VlNE YY-PB be doubts, whether you, have a brain. If you are modern. advanced, and intelligent, he doubts whether YoOu have a heart, I.f you, are .!;:illy" he lonqs for a hright, mate, If you are brtlllant and ill~' tellectual, he longs fora ;playmat,e.

CONCLUSION. Man is jl!.lst a worm in the dust-he comes along, wriq'!l'les 'around for a while, and finally some chicken gets, him.

• con+inued


Sitting. surrounded by Work Orders and tr'YilJg to. sort out all the troubles and complaints. is 'that 'well known Shanty Irishman, LAC O'Brien, aUas Scarface O'Brieo (who always claims I hit him when he wasn't looking).

01.1,1' Foreman of Wo,rk:; is ge.l]ia'l Sgt. Shand. who supervlses the beautlftcatlon of the ,grounds and helps to

solve all. our problems from hi~, fund spent in this dIstri,ct. At the: top of the ladder is F. L. Rose. our Works Officer" who bias to accept the responsibilit.y for all our mistakes. We are glad to see that he has recovered hom his recent accident.

PLASH!!! F/S Press has been


46 THE P A U L SON P 0 S T





With the addition of two warm, 'well-Iiqhted lean to's to the Drill Hall, that edifice will be more than ever a <entre for personnel interested in Sports.

Most appealing at present are the two new bowling alleys. fully used by all personnel. and the new pool and billiard tables in the same room. A thousand personnel a week are using this room. Bowling leagues have been <">rganized under PIO J. B. Bryant.

Next is the Music Room, used for orchestra practice. band practice, singsongs. music appreci atiori, and (yet to come) broadcasting of records throughout the Drill Hall and on the Rink.

On the other side of the hall is the Sports Equipment Room. well stocked with summer and winter sports equipment - material to use in playing hockey. plenty of sticks, pucks, pads, uniforms. etc.; badminton twenty-six

rackets (birds to come soon), basketballs. volley balls. floor hockey. boxing gloves. a new cover for the wrestling mat. 30 pairs of skates. and other articles too numerous to mention. (No. we don't sell them!) This equipment is issued freely to the signature of the borrower and the return of the article in the same condition as when borrowed.

Next is a room used for tumbling and weight-lifting, equipped with six hundred pounds of weights-no, Gertrude, you don't use them all at once -and six small mats. Also in this room are the benches used In the Harvard Step Test. Take a look at it. folks, or come in some night and use it.

There remain three dressing rooms, one For Officers and Senior N.C.O:s. (Continued on next page)

THE PA U L S 0 INI P' 0 S 147 -1If-****:********Jf.*******lI-********lIIf-*'**:****** __ *******lI-*:If.*lf.lIf..**


Wha~ is the story bebtnd tile scratches on Sgl~. BamHton's face?

Who is Jenny?

What is the attractioll for Omcer,s in the Ainneo's Mess at tea time. Co,ulell i,t be ··,LOVE"?

What. blue-eyed W,o.. likes to punch tickets 00.11 the bo,y',s side? Admits she doesn't nke men,

What two amateur cooks had, thi,DgS, flying around the kitchen? GQuld i~ have hee'll! potat:oes1

Why does .a certain blond. watch the dessert so closely? Is it to save some: for' the Range Cr,e'W' ,colllling 3n late?

What cook g'elts, delayed g,oin,g £r,om the ,M'ess HaU to Barracks?

[s, O,De of tbe old romances between the Fire Hall go,lng' to be Il'ekindledi? Hcw's vabout it. johrmy?

Wham: certain Cpl. has .a sofil: spot: in hell' heart for the R.A .. ,F.?

Who's ,hoping Fred doesn't get marrted while he is on furlough?

Tile addition of due,e chefs (two, men and orre W.D.) wi1l help, out considerably. Wekorne to all three of them, Hope we ge'lt iiIlDre,.

We oU~ Sgt. Baxtertable; but hope to see n.e'ali' future'.. T,ea wi.11 Sargef

at' our tea her in the be' waitin.g.

DRill HALL .... continued

one for 'W.D."s., and 'One for A~rmellliall equi.pped 'With showers. TheywiU be com.fortahly fLl:rniished - a11 have ,good linoleum floors and are weU beated,

Out em the bi'g cemen~: floor of the Drtll Han are Courts for p,layiing basketball. floor hockey. seven b.admint,on cour-ts and a track 1 ~6 yards IOI]l~. There are also a good riog for booci.l1g and wl"estling •. a punching~bag,. a horse. a parallel bars, bar. flying rmgs -th,e Iast four loaned to us by the' .Athletic A,Ssociatio:n at Pilot Mound, Manitoba-and sOIE.e dimhlngl ropes. Tr'avelHogi rings arrd a no,ri2;ontal ladder will be constructed.

Clos,e ~:o' the east lean-to Is the skating rmk, approximately 2.00 feet by 280 fed, surrounded by ,a fence topped. with wire' !letting. Ska.ters and. hockey pmay,ers, wiU he permitted 1:0 use -Unl entrance to the Drill Hall in whiclJ to put on tW!Jei.r skates.

COMMANDO ,e: 0 U R S E. Thi:s speaks Fall' itself.

LEAGUES. Statton Leaques in Basketball, Floor Hockey. lee Hockey. Broom Ball are in process of organiz,ation. A Badml.n~ol1 CILlib will soon be going. but at present lack of birds is

keeping' 'Players of that Q'ame very q ... ie~.

All :in all, there .is no reason fer anyone suHeriJllg from tack of spoets ,and recreatton, The Oriill Hall is the centre of the Station. fOl" us. Lei: us use it, ofben,

The great help given by the: fo.mIowiug personnel in diHer·enl spOltts is acknowledgedi=-- To ME. R. B" Brown., ,of the Canadian Leqion, fall' his mt:en:st: ~n all ga:mes and .sporss, appaeatus work. tumhliing'" floor hod~ey • and otbers, 1'110 Taylor. a fanner cffilJampi.on boxer, for his tl"aiming of hoxers. CpL Rudolph. an accomplished 'wrestler, who instructs mn that sport. WO/l Coulson. LAC Mozu~ rkk.WOj2 "Ther rtauft and SID J. Widtsol1 for their work in basketbaU. :P/O BOlllianne. for his tu,mblillg aid" AC/I iBusqlle. a. fine lifter., who, be'lps with. 'Weight exercising:: and all the men 'who have Clone 80 mucb In. COIl,~ stliucting sports equlpmens and repasring' the rinm.;. including' Cpl. Kantola arid his l'Ielpe:lrS.

The' P.T. and Drill Section extends to all their wishes foOl' a



48 1 H EPA IlJ L SON P 0 S T

...... ,.,.,.,.*,..,. •• *.* •• **:,..,..' .. ,. •••• ,..,.:,...,..,..: •••••••••• ,. •• ,.. ......


Some one asked. 10.1" a Service Pollee w.rite up, So here 'tis, Our time is taken up. so 'we must be brief, and we hope that some of you. people from the school know what ~ mean,


No. 1 Man. D.A.P,.M. PIO Foster.

Wears wings. Pilot in the last: war. Very quiet, good person to work under, and a sportsman, lif there' ever was one'. Llkes baseball. hIJlDtin,g. golf and many other sports, If: he can help you in any way. he will. We regreat that he was posted, but we extend a hearty 'welcome to his successor. FlO Valence,


Here 'We have a stocky short man with curly hair: runs like' a. "deer." ask Bullock. Good speaker" and a real sport" Has taken up every sport you can mennon when <II little ·younger. Course he is not old. [ust a little out of shape. Don't know much about this characree, as he :is a new comer on 'the Station. Comes from Fort Elgin, Ontario. While on leave his horse took second .money at cme of the races. Good stuH,


Tall, curly-headed, easy going man.

Took active parts in Rugger .in ctvtlian li.fe. Was picked on the AU-Star team three seasons ln a row. DallcesweJl Looks ve:ry smart in uniform. Ex-Mountie, his home is in 'Winntpeq.

.,.. .. ' ..


A:n ex-Polleeman, is the heaviest man on tne' squad.W as the ancbor man 0.0 our Tuq-of-War team ,_ .no other team entered: how Sadl' Works like a bee-s-aad works and works. Geed sport. Ask C:ruise Mild M:an. Comes out ofWlllnipeg ..


No re1atlveto tbe Flight Sel'geanL Played :bockey in and arounl Regina. Sask. Ex-cattle dealer in beef=-new he straiqhtens out the beef's, Sbould be ,good enough to make die Hockey team '00 the Station. Home is Regina" Sasle.


He will. eepore t_o> No. 2 Command.

Winnipeg. Lots o] luck. Cpl. Home Is Cochrane. Aha ..


Has been on the Statton too long.

Has Peulscnttls. Acts like Sbe.IQck Holmes, smokes a pipe like Sherlock: works live a. beaver and gets I,et.s of a ction. Hopes to become a Serqeenc some' day. Ke,ep tryin,g. BiIlJ. Loves tea, and animals. Home is Regina. Sask.

..... '


Better known as General. An exSo:ldier. Acts and looks like a Cop. Likes dancing. Takes to his work seriously. Would like a few chanqes on the Station. U he had his way. Expects to, remusrer to a D .. A.P.M·, Favorite expressron: Poof, poof.

" * ..


Comes from the East coast: an exSailor. also a Security Guard. Loves fishing, and always travels sort of make believe. Last, post was Newfoundland. Loves to delve a cae, Home is New Brunswick .


Has beel] on the Stat:iona very long time. Did! Security Guardl work on the Station. Has taken active part in all lines of sport. Loves, to dance. dress smartly', and does his work well. Home is in Toronto.

THE P A U L SON P 0 S T 49


On one of the walls in the R.C.A. building in Rockfeller Centre, New York City, there is a great mural by the English artist, Frank Brangwyne. It is a panorama depicting Man's march across the ages. There are men, women and chlJdren in it, all straining. struggling.~ sometimes faltering - hut ever moving forward and upward in search for true freedom. Engraved at the bottom of the picture are these timely and poignant words:

"Mao.'s Ultimate destiny depends, oot upon his ability to learn new lessons. or to make n.ew discoveries andcooquests, but UPOD his willingness to learn the lesson taught 2000 years ago - 'He that loses his life shall find it':"

It is sacrifice alone that can save society. History has proven that the ideas which change the face of the world spring from nations in a state of suffering, not from nations in comfortable circumstances.

Christmas is a time when humble things are exalted and eternal principles are reaffirmed. The principle of sacrifice is one of these. God forgive us then if we should continue to be pre-occupied during this season with


private advantage-with personal safety and comfort; with dollars and cents more easily accumulated now than at any other time in our lives; with once frustrated plans and desires achieved under war's sharpened stimulus.

During two bitter wars we have fought to free men from tyranny, want and fear. And they say victory is in Sight. But let us put our cards on the table. It is possible to win a victory abroad and, at the same time, to suffer all sorts of defeats at home. Look back and see what history says in this regard. It reminds us that our heroes of the last war were made Knights of the R.oad when they came back. We provided them with iron chariots and sent them touring back and forth across our land. Can that happen again? -Look back and see what the "foot-loose and fancyfree" attitude of the last war did to home life. It turned many a house into an emotional casualty station. It can do it again!

From 1939 to 1942 juvenile crime increased 540/0 in this country. To win. at home greater respect for home life and more attention to the future is required.

Look backward to the pre-war days when we were afraid to spend money to improve our country. Then listen to the words of Field-Marsha! Lord Wavell, Viceroy-designate of India;

"We shall really make progress when we are willing to spend money against poverty, ignorance. unemployment and sickness at the same rat,e as against Hitler."

To this end we shall require courage and the spirit of sacrifice-not only to complete the victory-but to go on and on opposing the forces which retard man's progress.

With these fundamental things in mind, may I wish you and yours a :MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.



"J(ilitititit-jlcil-jlc·it-jlc-ilCiCifi'iC.iC.iCitiCit ••• iI ••• 'itiCiCiI .... 'iC ... it.-tc-tc.itiCit •• iCititiCiCil-

All of the best, Nancy, on your new station; from the Plotting Office staff. We miss the ,gi.r:I from Newfoundland.

For days, the girls ill the P.O. have been running around with a ttn of paint rernover. Green paint e'Very~ where you :10 ok, Now. we wonder if Cpl. :Rudolph's gre.a.t - grandm.ot:her Was Irish!

Since due P.O. wickets w,ere dosed" AWll Dewitt bas remustered to hespfral assist. What a break! Frcrn Plotting bombs to holding hands.

Welcome. LAW Grant to the P.O. staff.

Congratulations to a certain WD Cpl. on her engagement. AU oI the best, Ev.

Wha.t has, the Plotting Office got

the Turrets want?

Congratulations. to our Kay" the girl from Lake Wlnderwere. on her Cpl. hooks.

What has Made done n.ow? She

sure :is doing some' 'high flying witb a certain Sgt.

Do you know we have two famous ballet aanc,eJ!"s-Gerry arrd Myrt. One'. I think, is a Snake Charmer'e daygh~

ter-Myrt?:!! ~~

Hammle's looking forward to the new course of New Zealanders. What a ga1111

Who's the girl who bas anilltere:st i,n a palm reader. or is it the hotdinq hands, part? How about it, Scottie?

ILife in tile' 'Plottin'9 Office,

What is wrong. wbat is, t:l1,e matter? Wh, is all that friendly chatter? Ask the ,girls in :the Plotting .office. Whose Jauh has, caused this awful


Not one person seems to know=-

But ask the ill the Plotting Office.


Who put 'the bars on the windows] Who put the lock on the door? Who, caused. us all this grid? That's what we'd like to know.

Who gets th.e blame Eo!:" poor scores? Who gets [oe'd for :not doing small chores]

Ask the girls in the Plotting Office.

Who does iall tile complaining

When the Corporals start explaining?' Ask tile 9i.rls in the Plotting Offic,e ..

So we carry on from day to day. Hair torn out, and! turning gT'ay. Bombaimers everywhere .all day long. Calling their Javorfte expression:

"That's not my bomb."

-"'Plotting Office Ne'ws.:'

Many thanks for the wonderful response from all sections, The volume of material submitte.d was most g,ratifying. After such a strong finish for the y'earl943, we hope you will make the First Issue of your Magaz.ine In 11944 Bi9ger and Better.

Sin ce rely,

1he Paulson Posl (om'mitlee

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