75 TIPS FOR MANAGING STRESS 1. Begin living now. 2. Live in the present. 3. Stop asking to be rescued. 4.

Stop waiting "until..." 5. Journal your thoughts and feelings. 6. Keep track of your accomplishments. 7. Set realistic and attainable goals. 8. Accept constructive criticism from others. 9. Choose your friends wisely. 10. Be honest about how you feel. 11. Ask for what you need and want. 12. Make friends with people who like themselves. 13. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. 14. Emphasize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. 15. Let other people run their lives. 16. Give permission to yourself to be afraid of failure and success. 17. Develop your personal talents and skills. 18. Learn to accept what you cannot change. 19. Get proper nutrition. 20. Get sufficient rest. 21. Exercise regularly. 22. Stop talking about your miseries. 23. Talk about your strengths and assets. 24. Think positively. 25. Read about human growth. 26. Learn to meditate. 27. Learn from children. 28. Take time to smell the roses. 29. Stop blaming others for your misfortunes. 30. Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 31. Dress in a way that feels good for you. 32. Encourage others to be the best they can be. 33. Stop assuming that others cannot get along without you. 34. Stop feeling good only when doing for others. 35. Be playful. 36. Share responsibilities. 37. Ask for strokes. 38. Listen to people. 39. Compromise on occasion. 40. Take a risk. 41. Stop being a door mat. 42. Make decisions for personal growth. 43. Have fun. 44. Sing.

Encourage gentleness in yourself and others. Encourage others to take responsibility for themselves. Treat others how you desire to be treated. 48. 71. Get into loose-fitting clothes at home. 50. 53. 52. Love yourself completely. Do something you'd really like to do for YOU. 62. Stop letting others push you around. Set boundaries. Redecorate your home. . Read a good book. Do something exciting. 54. 68. Be alert. 46. Face life with dignity. Let go of what is lost. 51. 74. 56. 67. Repeat actions that result in exhilaration. Spend time alone. Listen to the sound of your own voice. 64. 49. 65. 57. Dr. 61. Resolve your problem today. 69. 63. Live with gratitude. Vary your routine. Dance. 47. Remember that you are an adult. Make your living environment comfortable. Focus on one task at a time. Enjoy being paid well for a job well done. Organize your work. Susan Mendelsohn is a Florida licensed psychologist who works with a variety of addictions and specializes in managing eating disorders. 75.45. Get a medical and dental checkup. 73. 72. 66. 70. Enjoy your sexuality. Turn on your answering machine. Curl up on the couch and watch a great movie. 60. 59. Face painful situations head-on. 58. 55.

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