Functional Guy- Devendra Gulve: Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle


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Functional Guy- Devendra Gulve
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DEVendra Gulve
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle
1. Order Entry This is first stage, When the order is entered in the system, it creates a record in order headers and Order Lines table. Enter header details: Once you enter details on the order header and save it or move it to lines, record goes to one table OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL FLOW_STATUS_CODE = ENTERED, BOOKED_FLAG = N), Primary key=HEADER_ID
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No record exist in any other table for this order till now. Enter Line details for this order: Enter different item numbers, quantity and other details in line tab. When the record gets saved, it goes to one table. Order header details will be linked with line details by order HEADER_ID. OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL (FLOW_STATUS_CODE = ENTERED, BOOKED_FLAG = N, OPEN_FLAG = Y) Primary key= LINE_ID 2.Order Booking This is next stage, when Order is booked then the Flow status changed from Entered to Booked. At this stage, these below table get affected. OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL (FLOW_STATUS_CODE as BOOKED, BOOKED_FLAG updated to Y) OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL (FLOW_STATUS_CODE as AWAITING_SHIPPING, BOOKED_FLAG updated Y) WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS (DELIVERY_DETAIL_ID is assigned here, RELEASED_STATUS ‘R’ ready to release, LINE_ID comes as SOURCE_LINE_ID) WSH_DELIVERY_ASSIGNMENTS (DELIVERY_ASSIGNMENT_ID is assigned for DELIVERY_DETAIL_ID present in WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS, DELIVERY_ID remains blank till this stage) *In shipping transaction form order status remains "Ready to Release". At the same time, Demand interface program runs in background And insert into inventory tables MTL_DEMAND, here LINE_ID come as a reference in DEMAND_SOURCE_LINE 3. Reservation This step is required for doing reservations SCHEDULE ORDER PROGRAM runs in the background and quantities are reserved. Once this program get successfully get completed, the MTL_DEMAND and MTL_RESERVATIONS table get updated. LINE_ID gets updated in DEMAND_SOURCE_LINE_ID in both the tables. 4. Pick Release Pick Release is the process of putting reservation on on-hand quantity available in the inventory and pick them for particular sales order. Pick release can be done from 'Release Sales Order' form or 'Pick release SRS' program can be scheduled in background. In both of these cases all lines of the order gets pick released depending on the Picking rule used. If specific line/s needs to be pick release it can be done from 'Shipping Transaction form. For this case Pick Release is done from 'Release Sales Order' form with Pick Confirm=NO. Once pick release is done these are the tables get affected: If step 3 is not done then MTL_RESERVATIONS gets updated now. WSH_NEW_DELIVERIES (one record gets inserted with SOURCE_HEADER_ID= order header ID, STATUS_CODE=OP =>open) WSH_DELIVERY_ASSIGNMENTS (DELIVERY_ID gets assigned which comes from WSH_NEW_DELIVERIES) WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS (RELEASED_STATUS ‘S’ ‘submitted for release’) MTL_TXN_REQUEST_HEADERS MTL_TXN_REQUEST_LINES (LINE_ID goes as TXN_SOURCE_LINE_ID) (move order tables. Here request is generated to move item from Source (RM or FG) sub-inventory to staging sub-inventory) MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP (link to above tables through MOVE_ORDER_HEADER_ID/LINE_ID, this table holds the record temporally) MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS_TEMP (if item is serial controlled at receipt then record goes in this table) MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS (enter value in GROUP_MARK_ID ) *In shipping transaction form order status remains "Released to Warehouse" and all the material still remains in source sub-inventory. We need to do Move Order Transaction for this order. Till this no material transaction has been posted to MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS 5.Pick Confirm/ Move Order Transaction Items are transferred from source sub-inventory to staging Sub-inventory. Here material transaction occurs. Order line status becomes 'Picked' on Sales Order and 'Staged/Pick Confirmed' on Shipping Transaction Form. MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP (Record gets deleted from here and gets posted to MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS) OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL (FLOW_STATUS_CODE ‘PICKED’ )

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. These are the table get affected in this step. Can you please update more on different business cases and setups.. only in case of shipped quantity is two or more) MTL_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS (linked through Transaction source header id) MTL_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNTS Data deleted from MTL_DEMAND.html[3/16/2011 11:42:22 PM] .. Thanks Kaushik August 18.. Inventory Management Inventory Transaction Data Flow Invoicing of PO for over Received quantity Item Reservation (InSide View) Jumbled Order .. At the same time records also goes in the table RA_INTERFACE_SALESCREDITS_ALL which hold details of sales credit for the particular order. 2008 6:36 AM Siao said.Complete Line In this stage order line level table get updated with Flow status and open flag. hey i just want to say that this is an excellent blog~ http://functionalguy.Handling KANBAN introduction Manual / Online Discount at Order Line level Manufacturing Management Material Status Control in R12 Oracle Inventory Min-Max Inventory Planning Miscellaneous Transactions ..Inventory Management Why upgrade to R12. thanks! August 27. 2008 9:59 AM Siao said. (Qualifier and Modifier) Out-Side Processing Demo (WIP) PDH Fundamentals Pre-Payment Receipt Purchasing Overview Relationships in Customer Online Requisition templates (Create and Use) Requisition to Pay Cycle in Oracle Serial Number Genealogy Serial Number Generation in Oracle Apps Setup for Oracle Configurator Shipment Tolerance Use of different Purchase order types What is Customer Data Hub (CDH) What's new at R12 Purchasing What’s new in R12. that mean information moved to accounting area for invoicing details. In this stage only OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL table get updated.. At the same time records goes in RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL (CUST_TRX_ID is primary key to link it to TRX_LINES table and TRX_NUMBER is the invoice number) RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_LINES_ALL (LINE_ATTRIBUTE_1 and LINE_ATTRIBUTE_6 are linked to order number and LINE_ID of the orders) 8.. they way you delivered helped both a functional as well as Technical guys to understand the basic flow.Overview MOAC . Workflow background engine picks those records and post it to RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL. MTL_RESERVATIONS Item deducted from MTL_ONHAND_QUANTITIES MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS_TEMP (records gets deleted from this table) MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS (Serial number stauts gets updated CURRENT_STATUS=4 . hey there.Enter Invoice After shipping the order the order lines gets eligible to get transfered to E-Biz OCP Blog ERP Schools ERP Stuff Finance (David Haimes) Fresher's Oracle Oracle Applications Library Oracle Applications Tips Oracle Apps 11i .. just want to say that this is an excellent blog. SERIAL_NUMBER if quantity is ONE) WSH_SERIAL_NUMBERS (records gets inserted with the DELIVERY_DETAIL_ID reference. OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL (FLOW_STATUS_CODE ‘shipped’) WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS (RELEASED_STATUS ‘C’ ‘Shipped’.com/Apps/oracleapplications/Articles/General/Order-to-Cash-Cycle/index. RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL (interface table into which the data is transferred from order management) Then Autoinvoice program imports data from this table which get affected into this stage are receivables base table. Training Anil Passi's Q&As Anil Patil's Blog Apps Knowledge Varsity Apps Learn blog (Functional) As-Oracle Blog Ask Tom Oracle.. Presentations Oracle Integration Repository Oracle White-papers Oracle-Fusion (Queries & Solutions) Relationships in Customer Online Training sessions from Oracle on R12 42 comments: KOUSHIK said.Know Oracle All Oracle Tech. OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL (FLOW_STATUS_CODE ‘closed’. Invoicing workflow activity transfers shipped item information to Oracle Receivables.. OPEN_FLAG “N”) 9. Oracle Inventory Terminology Oracle Pricing. OPEN_FLAG “N”) OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One more very good document on this topic is at http://erpschools. 'Issued out of store') 7..1 ??? Workflow diagram for manufactured ATO item MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS (LINE_ID goes as TRX_SOURCE_LINE_ID) MTL_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNTS WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS (RELEASED_STATUS becomes ‘Y’ => ‘Released’ ) WSH_DELIVERY_ASSIGNMENTS MTL_ONHAND_QUANTITIES MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS_TEMP (record gets inserted after putting details for the item which are serial controlled at 'Sales order issue') MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS (record gets inserted after putting details for the item which are serial controlled at 'Sales order issue') * This step can be eliminated if we set Pick Confirm=YES at the time of Pick Release 6.Devendra Gulve: Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle Datafix to Close Sales Order Header in Oracle Drop . This is also called Receivables interface.Close Order This is last step of Order Processing.. Data removed from WSH_NEW_DELIVERIES. The items on the delivery gets shipped to customer at this stage.ship Order Demo File import in Customer Data Hub (CDH) Freight Charges calculation in Order Management How to Calculate Freight Charges in Order Management How to create configurable BOM. OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL (FLOW_STATUS_CODE ‘shipped’..Understanding Move Order Types Oracle Configurator Demo Oracle Configurator.Ship Confirm Here ship confirm interface program runs in background.Free Training Oracle Apps Blog Oracle Apps Training-Online Oracle Apps-Hub Oracle AppsSter Oracle Blog Oracle FAQ wiki Oracle Ind..Functional Guy.aspx Posted by DEVendra Gulve Labels: Order Management (OM) Indian standard Time Clock Related links .

In WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS table: MOVE_ORDER_LINE_ID becomes NULL as mover order gets canceled RELEASED_STATUS becomes 'B' from 'Y' 2.. program is used to do reservations) Cheers Ramana January 21.. Hi Khaled.. Thanks DEVendra Gulve for the wonderful blog. 2008 6:36 AM Labels Bill of Material (BOM) (2) Configurator (6) Customer Data Hub ( CDH ) (4) General Management (6) New in R12 (4) Oracle Inventory (INV) (12) Oracle Pricing (3) Oracle Purchasing (PO) (8) Order Management (OM) (14) Product Data Hub (PDH) (1) Work in Process (WIP) (1) Venky said. exactly i am looking for this. This will be very helpful for both functional and technical guys January 23.. 2008 7:11 PM A to Z of this Blog ►  2011 (3) ►  2010 (12) ►  2009 (13) ▼  2008 (16) ►  December (1) ►  November (2) ►  October (3) ►  September (1) ►  August (1) ▼  May (4) Serial Number Generation in Oracle Apps Oracle Pricing. Srikanth. Vipin February 21.blogspot...( which conc.. 2009 3:53 PM Anonymous said. How About if backordered. Excellent work dude. there would be other changes also in table March 6.. In WSH_NEW_DELIVERIES table: STATUS_CODE becomes 'CL' from 'OP' 4. great work. 2009 6:13 AM Oracle Apps Functional Guy Naveen said... 2009 8:42 AM srikanth said... Excellent one..... November 25. (Qualifier and Modifier) How to create configurable BOM. In WSH_DELIVERY_ASSIGNMENTS table: DELIVERY_ID becomes NULL 3. Can you please explain me in detail about step 3. Wonderful job. April 28.. 2009 12:13 PM Anonymous said.. October 14.html[3/16/2011 11:42:22 PM] .. Keep searching.. Great post! Thanks.. good one srikanth April 21. very nice... Record/s from MTL_RESERVATIONS table gets deleted This is not all.Functional Guy. 2008 11:03 PM khaled said.Devendra Gulve: Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle August 27.. Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle ►  April (1) ►  March (1) ►  February (1) ►  January (1) ►  2007 (4) Prashanth Kiran said.. 2009 5:11 AM Anonymous said. That was a brilliant article I have ever found on O2C cycle.. please update.. also if the item is serial controlled then there would be changes in those tables also... Following are the changes which will happen if you backorder the line/s 1... Hi.. Thanks Devendra November 28. 2009 8:28 PM http://functionalguy. 2008 3:44 AM DEVendra Gulve said.

2009 12:29 AM Pradeep said..html[3/16/2011 11:42:22 PM] .'D=Cancelled'.'S=Rel to Warehouse'..'C=Shipped'. Greate Itis very useful in understanging the flow thanks August 18. Excellent work dude Srikanth April 28.... In any case... 'D'.. May 19..'P=Pending Inv'. This is really good one. 'N'. 2009 1:44 PM Anonymous said.'Y=Staged'.Functional Guy..'X=Not Applicable NULL indicates either the record is still in some early state and not ready to commit a record or is not a shippable or transactable item.. May 15.inv_interfaced_flag May 19. 'R'. 2009 6:38 AM Sanjay said.Devendra Gulve: Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle srikanth said.'N=Not Ready'.blogspot... 'X'. these flags get populated by the Shipping Transactions function.'B=Backorder'.wsh_delivery_details. Thanks for the GR8 article. and are also usually a part of the WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS status as well. 2009 4:59 PM Anonymous said... Hi Dev. 2009 8:28 PM Rohit said.. if it has appropriate attributes and has progressed to where a workflow activity should have provided a status). 2009 7:37 PM venkat said. 2009 4:45 PM Anas MS said.. I need to know what the meaningof different values in apps.. Thanks Again. Nice Article. 'B'. 2009 2:41 PM Anonymous said. Good article July 6. (It can also mean a missing record. 'P'. Vijay July 7.'R=Ready to Release'.. 'S'..1 on metalink May 19. Since inventory handles shipping updates. 'C'. keep it up. 2009 3:37 PM DEVendra Gulve said. Anas MS. these are the normal definitions applied to those single letter abbreviations: 'Y'. can we have the same kind of data flow of procure to purchase August 20. Hi Dev. Can you go further beyond OM and give the details of the Cash Cycle as well. For details check out doc ID 207780..

. this is a master piece… mind blowing article I have to say. 2010 12:23 PM Senthil said.I need one clarification.html[3/16/2011 11:42:22 PM] . Thanks and Regards Senthil February 24. 2010 8:06 AM DEVendra Gulve said. acceptance before generating Invoice or after generating invoice? Please explain to me.... Thanks Devendra February 24.great these 2 steps are done in Pick release stage.something so brief and yet informative is very hard to find..Functional Guy. This is done by raising a Move Order.. 2009 4:48 PM sasi said.blogspot... keep it up. 2010 12:18 AM Anonymous said.. Move order is created? What is difference bet move order and transction move order? Kindly explain. Thanks allot. Mover order is a document based on which store keeper transfers the material... Very Nice article. Great job.. Christina January 15. 2010 10:36 AM Mugdha said. which is done by doing Transact Move Order.. In R12..... I expect more articles like this fro you. Excellent. Sasikala January 5. When the material is issued on the basis of Move Order and shifted to staging sub-inventory then this transaction should be registered in system... Request required material to be transferred from stored to shipping area (or Staging subinventory). December 30. 2.e. HI. 2010 10:08 AM Arya said.. Actual/Physical movement of the requested material.From which statge . Can you explain me where ct. When we try to do Pick Release. Thanks Davendra. 2010 3:26 PM Anonymous said... acceptance comes into picture and also when revenue is recognized i. Can you please send me different accounting entries generated in O2C cycle. Ashish wakale January 12. Hi Senthil. whether we are considering ct. your blog is very helpful. 2010 3:00 AM Christina said. 2010 10:51 AM Senthil said.Devendra Gulve: Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle hai devendra. http://functionalguy. Thanks... Its our (readers') privilege to have such kind of document which gives so much of information in such a concise manner and simplest way.. Hi Deva. Dev. we basically do two steps: 1. Thanks January 15. Excellent document for O2C. January 27.. Hope this answers are query. January 25.. This is an excellent article.

definitely it will be back end Can you please provide the detail steps in both technical & functional aspects when :1. 2010 8:42 AM Anonymous said..blogspot. can anyone help in writing the query for internal orders status. Hi Devendra. Amazing Article Sir .. "Location_A_IO_Transit" it should show the Sum of qty that is shipped from any other locations for location_A and that is not delivered(or taken into inventory) "Location_A_IO_Reserved" it should show the Sum of qty that is reserved from any other locations for location_A and that is not shipped(or reserve qty for the Locatio_A from any other locations) June 30...|Warning: For Delivery Detail 1" Please help me resolve this error in mtl_transactions_interface table December 5... Thanks. greatest detail possible . I am still getting the error "|Transaction failed to transfer reservation|INV_XFR_RSV_FAILURE|Failed to update reservation|Update Reservation failed. 2010 8:39 PM Anonymous said...In case of RMA May 13.... I tried fixing by doing the following: . The destination org should ahve been Columbus. whertein i require two feilds..Updated PO_REQUISITION_LINES_ALL with the correct destination org..'US'. ! :) Thank you very much for such a beautiful writing . 2010 5:27 AM Anonymous said. An order was created with both source and destination org as the same . 2010 12:26 AM Anonymous said.. Has anyone come across the error in MTI table "|Transaction failed to transfer reservation|INV_XFR_RSV_FAILURE|Failed to update reservation|Update Reservation failed. 2010 11:23 PM Dilip Kumar Madesiya said. 2010 12:29 AM Venky said. Is there a way you can insert lines into this table after the fact the invoice is transferred to GL. Now revenue accounting is faling for no sales credit in RA_CUST_TRX_LINE_SALESREPS.html[3/16/2011 11:42:22 PM] . Piyush October 10... 2010 5:34 AM Anonymous said.Update mtl_transactions_interface with transfer_subinventory and transfer_locator.. . 2010 7:23 AM Anonymous said. http://functionalguy.|Warning: For Delivery Detail 1" Has anyone come across this error? December 5.Functional Guy.Drop shipment occured 2. I am having a situation where sales credit information is not exsiting in some transactions.Devendra Gulve: Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle Regards Senthil February 24. Venki July 27.... Very nice document for technical persons October 21. Great post!! Many Thanks.

Can someone assist? December 13. February 1. you are not able to find record in WSH for the line with 'Picked' status.. Check out status of interface trip stop program for this order. then Oracle support will be the best people to help you in this. Select profile. Preview Links to this post Create a Link Newer Post Home Older Post http://functionalguy.. or try running it again for this delivery or STOP_ID.Devendra Gulve: Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle I have an issue. Hello. Thanks Devendra December 13. 2011 9:42 PM DEVendra Gulve said. 2011 9:47 PM Post a Comment Comment as: Post Comment Select profile. As far as I know. please check whether anybody has access to delete it manually or not. If nobody has access.. One order has file linse.. lines status of the order is showing shipped instead of closed. this flag shall be 'Y' or 'X' (X for phantom item)... I believe.Functional 2010 10:30 AM NEERAJ K said. Workflow for the line is complete. Order header is booked and all 4 lines are closed except one. Can you assist? February 1. One line status showing "Picked". Hi Neeraj.. once the order get booked then it also insert the value in WSH delivery details table.blogspot.html[3/16/2011 11:42:22 PM] . Id these are inventory item also check INV_INTERFACED_FLAG in wsh_delivery_details table. It is not possible to pick the line with out having record in WSH tables. I have 3 consumer swap orders. Looking for some assistance. all the 4 lines are available in this table except one... 2010 12:42 AM DEVendra Gulve said.

content is edited and complied after referring various sites to make visitor's job easy for storing portions of the vast Oracle knowledge world.Functional Guy. Oracle EBS is an Oracle Corp. *NOTE: Few articles on this blog are not completely prepared by me.html[3/16/2011 11:42:22 PM] . practice and observations. The blog has been created solely as a educational. product and you should contact Oracle directly for any specific fact or issue. The blog has been created keeping only one intention of sharing knowledge and for learning purpose.Devendra Gulve: Data flow for Order-to-Cash cycle Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Please add your valuable feedback / comments This blog is purely personal and the thoughts expressed here represent only me. The purpose of this blog is to share information and knowledge about Oracle's product which I have come across with my exposure to the product.blogspot.