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POINTS: Approx 1250

Aeonic Orb
The greatest Necron weapon of destruction, The Aeonic Orb was used mostly in the t Great
reat War in Heaven and even then it was rare.
Rumored to be the remains of a destroyed star, the Orb was not just a titan killer extraordinaire, but a source of eternal sustenance for one
of the C’tan gods they served. While Imperial plasma weaponry loses nearly all of its energy by the time it reaches its target, the Aeonic
orb has a far more powerful containment system, composed of of layers of phase fields and gravity shields that can be moved at will to fire
immense beams of contained plasma. Not only this, but the Aeonic Orb can focus massive amounts of radiation that is well known to
simply pass through any material to incinerate the living beings within. Enemy forces have found, after no small loss of life, that the breach
of these defenses results in a massive explosion that can wipe out a large amount of the surrounding Necron forces

UNIT: 1 Aeonic Orb (max one per army) WEAPONS RANGE STR AP SPECIAL

TYPE: Super Heavy Tank, Skimmer Solar Flare 72” D 2 Ordnance X, 5” Blast,
Radiation Burst 72” D 3 Ordnance Barrage 1,
CONTAINMENT FIELDS: 12 10” Blast, Radiation*
BS FRONT SIDE REAR - Containment Fields are treated as void shields that can’t be
4 n/a n/a n/a bypassed by weapons with special rules to that effect,
effect don’t have a
minimum distance of 12’’ and are used against assaulting troops.
WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: - Reactor Points are used to represent the immense power within the
orb. At the beginning of every turn one of your turns
turns, you automatically
- A single Star fired as either a Solar regain 2D6 reactor points to a maximum of 24.
Flare or a Radiation Burst .
- The Aeonic Orb is destroyed when there are no more Containment
- 12 Containment Fields. Fields left or you run out of Reactor Points. All models within XD6 take
a single Destroyer wound that ignores armour saves such that X is th the
- 24 Reactor Points representing the amount of Reactor Points left when it is destroyed.
current power of the star.
ADDITIONAL INFO: - You may replenish downed Containment Fields in the same way as
Void Shields, instead getting one roll for each Reactor Point you
- Due to the extreme rarity of the Aeonic Orb, only one may choose to spend. Spent Reactor Points are lost.
be used in every game played (even in Apocalypse
games!). -Weapons with the Reactor* special rule may fire as many times aas
you would like. In addition, weapons with either the Reactor or
Some weapons will ignore void shields or inflict certain Radiation consume D6 Reactor points each time they fire.
effects upon vehicles (D-Cannons and Thunderh
come to mind). When firing against the Aeonic Orb you -Any weapon with the Radiation* special rule that hits a vehicle instead
must always hit the containment fields and it ignores any inflicts D3 glancing hits. These weapons also inflict a single hit on
penetrating hits or effects. every model within a hit transport vehicle.
special rules that apply glancing/penetrating
This includes Gauss Weapons and Haywire Grenades e.t.c.