A Black Father has Four responsibilities: To (Populate & Educate) AND To (Provide & Defend

Guerilla Economics: Hit’em Hard, Hit’em Fast & Disappear!!!

How to Leave Amerikkka: Developing Multiple Streams of Income & Have a Family! *The Queen of England receives a $12million WELFARE check every month. Are your children any less important or deserving than hers? Own a Rental TAX Refund
3children EIC $8,000/yr Or $650/mth Food Stamps 3children $600/mth divided by 2 Gives cash value of $300/mth Duplex, Triplex or Quadplex Profit from Rent =$1000/mth

Teaching Job
Africa or Caribbean $600-$1000/mth

Student Loans UnderGrad: $1000/mth Grad:$3000/mth

$687-$1011 /mth

Total:SSI+Tax+Stamps+(Rental or Section 8)+Univ. + Job
800+ 650+300+1000+1000+800 = $4,550/mth Or Dare to Get Out the Box Bang on dat Wicked Beast!


Off the Books Invisible Hustle

BlackLove is Supreme


Adjust for *cost of Living!!!

Income: $$$Unknown

Kenya = 10 x cheaper labor than USA  50K becomes $500,000/year lifestyle Jamaica = 4 x cheaper labor than USA 50k



becomes $200,000/year lifestyle

*Cost of Living is based on Average Teachers Salaries: USA=$42k/yr, Kenya=$4,200/yr, Jamaica=$12k/yr

BlackWoman, Mother of My Creation and Queen of My Universe, I Thank you!!!

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