HI We are using Variant Configuration for our semi finished product and its batch managed.

There are two plants in one plant say A and B. In A plant we are using Variant configuration.The same material is stock transferred to plant B and is further processed. We are creating CIR in plant B. After taking MRP run we are converting planned order to purchase requisition and subsequently Stock transfer purchase order on Plant A. When the material is produced in plant A,it is transferred to plant B on stock transfer order mentioned above. But the material is against CIR in plant B. We remove the material from CIR through 411E movement and system keep it as free stock in unrestricted. Now when i am consuming this material for further processing in production order of Material getting manufactured system is asking me for Variant Characteristics. System should not ask me variant characteristics once it has been removed from CIR i.e. special stock. Any Work around avilable. Regards, Anand. Rachel Tang Posts: 142 Registered: 4/4/08
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Re: Consuming Material Having Variant Configuration Posted: Apr 1, 2010 11:22 AM in response to: Anand Joshi Dear Anand,


I think you have reported a same issue in CSS message, but I would like also to guide you here.

As the material stock transfered from plant A is only for that certaion CIR. but the system requires you to configure the semi-finish product when you want to use it for other requirement. 4. Regards. then when you convert the planned order into a stock transfer PR. so it is in the special stock. but you use 411E to move it from special stock to unristricted used stock. if you do want to have stock. the configure module will be transfered to the PR too. You produce the material in plant A with that configure module and transfer it back to plant B. finally. then please create materail variant for the configurable material. 3. If my understanding is correct. you will get a planned order with the same configure module in the requirement. you need to make sure the configure module is the same between the requirement and the stock. then you should have configured the material in the requirement. and you want to use that unristricted stock which is moved from the special stock. 2010 11:44 AM in response to: Rachel Reply . if your are createing a requirement for a configurable material. You create CIR or any other thing like a requirement in plant B. then it will require you to enter the characteristic to make sure they are same. if it can't find the source configure module in the requirement. 1. is it customer independent requirement? Let me explain your issue with my understanding. so if you try to do the goods issue in one of the MM transaction. you convert the stock transfer PR to a stock transfer PO and the stock transfer PO will generate a requirement in plant A with the same configure module too. I am not quite sure what is the CIR you are talking about. But actually if you are using configurable material. because when you try to use the stock of a configurable material.Actually. it should be produced with make-to-order scenario as there is no meaning to have unristricted use stock for a configurable material. Rachel Anand Joshi Posts: 311 Registered: 10/10/07 Forum Points: 206 Re: Consuming Material Having Variant Configuration Posted: Apr 1. You are producing the finish product which need this semi-finish product as a component. then I think the system may perform correctly. that means when you run MRP. 2.

in that case system will not accept special stock attached to that CIR for consumption. In Plant A that material is Configurable and if Plant B suppose to raise the requirement or give the requirement then that has to be through Stock transfer Order.e. Now My stock transfer order can not be a cost element for loading the cost of production. It is make to stock. I could understand your issue from your CSS message. Rachel Tang Posts: 142 Registered: 4/4/08 Forum Points: 374 Re: Consuming Material Having Variant Configuration Posted: Apr 2.sales order item object). One more thing in plant B that material is attached to particular Customer independent Requirement(CIR). We have removed the stock from CIR. . so when you produce BB. there will be dependent requirement generated for AA from BB. In your description. One of my Plant say A is supplying material to B. Anand. 2010 10:25 AM in response to: Anand Joshi Hi Anand. that time system is not asking me for any Variant Characteristics then at the time of consumption also system should not ask Variant characteristics or CIR as cost object i. AA is configurable material in both plant A and plant B. AA is a component of material BB. the system will require you to enter the characteristic at that time.But the material is configurable so it should have some cost element like sales order or Customer Independent Requirement(CIR). now you want to use the stock of AA to fullfill the dependent requirement. (for eg.Tang Sir. Regards. Reply Finally. however. BB is not a configurable material in plant B. Now in Plant B the material i am producing is not configurable or Make to Order .

red door for red car. then that means your car should be also a configurable material to make you can select the color of the car too.Then where is the stock of AA comes from? I have mentioned this in my previous reply. if your firmed Car is red car. then you can use red door as the firmed component. material BB is a Car. Another point is that. So normally. therefore. like the door. but as far as I can see you should have no place to configure the door in production order. the system will of course need to know which color you want. For example. For example. but as your car is a firmed material then what's the meaning to have different door. because the material variant is a stockable item but the configurable material is not. you are producing your Car. if your firmed Car is green car. then no matter how you want to consume the stock of AA. your process to have free stock of AA is not correct. material AA is the Door of the Car. because if you want red door but there is only stock of green door. but this can also be realized with a configurable car. the best way of solving your issue is to have material variant for the configurable material. the AA is produced with the configured configuration module. then you can use green door as the firmed component. then how the system should do in your opinion? Then finially. then that means you also need to have different color of the car. you should use multi-level configuration structure to do the production in make to order scenario. if you want to have different door. Therefore. your process to have configurable material as a component of a non-configurable material is also not proper. also when you do the production. you may have material variant as green door and red door. then your scenario would be very simple and there will no such . like green door for green car. no matter how you get the stock of AA. you could simply produce the green door directly without configure the door. system will always ask for the characteristic of the requirement to compare it with the stock configuration to see if they are same. Or if your Car is a firmed material as green car. still the problem has been described in my previous reply. But as I have mentioned it is not correct to have unristricted stock for the configurable material. your Car is not configurable. therefore when you try to consume the door. so the stock of AA is also with the configuration data. like your situation. but the Door is configurable. you may have green door and red door according to the configuration. then do you think there is any meaning to configure the door of the car? Unless you do want a red door for a green car.

so if there is user-exit could be used to change this behavior is decided by MM function. I have a requirement in which A finished material which it´s planning and production is on PLANT 1 and and is transfered to plant 2 (there is no production and no planning on this plant. If you do still want to keep your scenario. however. Therefore. but what you have in stock is green door. I know this can be possible with APO . like actually you want red door.problem any more. but is there any other way round we can do this like MRP area or . Also as you are doing the goods movement in MM transaction. Thanks and regards. but it may lead to the inconsistency situation. I think the best way for you is still adjust your production scenario to make your production standard. I would like the MRP to check the stock of finished material both in plant 1 and 2 for creating planned orders . it is used for storage only). 2011 11:55 AM Hello All. you may consume the green door stock for the red door requirement. Rachel Reply How to consider the stocks of other plants in MRP run Posted: Feb 28. without that. then it will mess up all the following process. because the consequnce is really dangerous for the system operation. then you may have to do the modification of the goods movement transaction to disable that. but don't want the system requires you enter the charateristics. base on my checking there will be no such user-exit to control this behavior at MM side. In that case. then SAP system will accept that standard production scenario under your requirement.

If stock is there it won't create any procurement proposals. check and revert. 2011 2:13 PM in response to: anupam Reply Posts: 2. Maintian special procurement in storage plant as manufacturing plant. based on the stocks at both plants it will create procurement proposals. 2011 2:03 PM in response to: anupam Reply Posts: 100 Registered: 10/11/10 Forum Points: 48 sharma Do the planning run in the Storage plant. Hope this helps you. Thanks in advance Regards Anupam Sharma kvkumar_77 Re: How to consider the stocks of other plants in MRP run Posted: Feb 28. Now system will check the stock at manufaturing plant.050 sharma .826 Registered: 8/24/06 Forum Points: 7.scope of planning or some z developemenmts. Dogboy49 Re: How to consider the stocks of other plants in MRP run Posted: Feb 28.

MRP in R/3 is generally plant based. DB49 anupam sharma Posts: 1. If you are unwilling to set up planning in the second plant. you will have to use a customized (non-standard) solution to meet your requirements. it is not relevant for MRP. If you are willing to set up planning in the second plant. 2.Anupam "there is no production and no planning on this plant" 1. Inherent in this workaround is that planning must be set up in both plants. MRP could then run. 2011 5:18 AM in response to: Dogboy49 Reply Thanks DB49 There is BAdi. and effectively give you a net shortage between the two plants. When you exclude planning in a plant. then there is no exact solution to your business requirement in standard SAP.714 Re: How to consider the stocks of other plants in MRP run Posted: Mar 1.009 Registered: 12/6/07 Forum Points: 1. you also have to have planning configured. but there are solutions that may be good enough. For MRP heuristics to work in APO. Best Regards. then you are facing a customized solution (enhancements). In the second plant. also if i make that plant also to be relevant for planning thenhow it can be achieved with special . You can use Special Procurement (such as Stock Transport orders) to send shortage information from the first plant to the second plant. Without MRP.MD_CHANGE_MRP_DATA and method CHANGE_MDPSX_MARD can be used some how in order to include stock of that plant in the plant for which mrp is to be run .

then if shortage. create stock transfer request to production plant. the stock transfer request will be your demand to offset with stock there before create planned order. At production plant. use special procurement type transfer from others (40 as standard). Regards Anupam Sharma Edited by: anupam sharma on Mar 1. . 2011 6:36 AM in response to: anupam Reply Posts: 272 Registered: 6/21/10 Forum Points: 566 sharma Is there any stock at production plant? Where does the goods issue to sales occur? If both plants can have stock and sales can occurs in both plants then it is the issue not only stock but also sales order consumption with planned independent requirement. You need to have two BADI to do so. 2011 9:54 AM ayethebing Re: How to consider the stocks of other plants in MRP run Posted: Mar 1. the system will check stock at storage plant first.procurement key 40 or scope of planning or some other development Thanks in advance. First is the one you mentioned and the flexible PIR also (MD_PIR_FLEX_CONS). then you may want to explore special procurement type produce in other plant and make storage plant a planning plant. If only storage plant has stock and sales occurs here. and there are stock in both plant. If sales occurs in storage plants. The receipt of production order at production plant will posted into storage plant directly. When you run MRP.

. SAP cannot handle the multiple plants planning very well.Like other comments stated previously.

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