The Oafish Hat Stand By Max Rogers

Act 1 INT: Hat shop window display Two aristocratic hat stands in the front of a window display. In the background a hat stand is placed into the display wearing a flat cap who hops around to investigate his new surroundings. He greets the male hat stand and then greets the female hat stand who giggles and shyly turns her head causing the male to growl. He hops off catches a cable from a display light which consequently knocks other hat stands over after he greets them with a cockney mumble. Act 2 The aristocratic hat stands watch as the flat cap unknowingly knocks over the displays as he greets other hat stands. The male aristocrat turns away in disgust at the oafish behaviour but the female looks on lovingly and giggles at the antics. The male aristocrat becomes annoyed with the females interest in the new hat stand and hops over to the cable and stands on it causing the flat cap stand to fall over. Act 3 The flat cap approaches the mean male aristocrat and they get into a gentleman's fisticuffs. The pair exchange blows until the flat cap is knocked to the ground. Just as the male aristocrat is about to deliver the final blow the female steps in and is knocked over. The flat cap rushes to his upright and knocks the male aristocrat out. FADE OUT. FADE IN. The two hat stands are side by side at the front of the window display together and the two lean heads together lovingly.

The Treatment:
Two aristocratic hat stands poshly mumble between each other as behind them a common flat cap hat stand is dropped into the shop window display. The flat cap inspects his surroundings and his eye falls upon the female aristocrat stand to which he begins to hop over to them mumbling away. He greets the male aristocrat and swiftly moves on to the female who begins to giggle at the attention and blushing turns to her head away. The male growls at the commoner who moves away but as he moves he catches a trailing wire on the bottom of his stand. He begins to move around greeting others but as he moves to the next stand the trailing wire knocks over the previous stand. The aristocrats look on and the male becomes fed up turning his head and tutting but the female becomes fixated on the clumsy oaf and giggles at his actions. The male stand growls and hops over to the trailing wire hopping onto it and causing the flat cap stand to hurtle to the ground with a great thud. The male stand laughs evilly as the flat cap gets back to his feet angrily mumbling as he moves quickly to the male stand. They begin to push each other and they exchange blows to each other causing both the heads of the stand to spin round. The male aristocrat knocks the flat cap stand to the floor and laughs menacingly. The female gets in the way to protect the fallen stand but the male stand pushes the female out of the way and onto the floor. This angers the flat cap who gets to his 'feet' and knocks out the male aristocrat. The new couple take their place at the front of the display and lean heads lovingly.

The Premise
Don't underestimate a clumsy commoner in love.

The Logline
A common hat stand who falls in love with a higher class stand is warned off by the mean aristocratic male stand because of his oafish behaviour causing the commoner to rise up and claim his love