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Dr. Osama Humdy MSc MD

Consultant Endocrinologist, Harvard University, USA
Assistant Professor Internal Medicine and Endocrinology
Member of American Diabetes Association
Member of American Society of Hypertension

Weigh yourself at the beginning of this diet regimen and again after four weeks. It is expected that
you will lose up to 10-20 kgs. over this period. This diet regimen depends on the biochemical
reaction inside your body and independent of the amount of calories included in your daily meals.



• When the quantity of any food item is not specified, you can eat as much as you want until
• You have to follow this diet program exactly as it is without any single change.
• Do not stop this diet regimen at single point, i.e. if you stop for personal reason, you have to
start it one more time from the beginning.
• You can use normal scale to follow your progress in weight reduction on a daily basis. (Better
use digital scale with 100-200 gms sensitivity); Scaling must be done at the same time daily and
with just light clothes and after evacuating your bowels in morning.
• If you feel any hunger pain (although it is very rare), eat unlimited amount cucumbers or
tomatoes (only one of them), provided that 2 hours at least have elapsed since the last meal.
• You have to drink ample amount of water.
• Boiled vegetables (Excluding potatoes) means boiling them in water without addition of fat or
• Salt can be added freely when required (Except for hypertensive persons).
• Tea and / or coffee are allowed freely, if they are free from sugar or milk. (You can use
artificial sweeteners i.e. candril) please avoid fruit sugar.
• Only 1-2 Diet Pepsi or Pepsi max, Alternatively, Coca-Cola Light or Diet Seven Up are per day
• If you would like to repeat it once more, repeat the first week twice followed by the fourth week
Day Time First Week Second Week Third Week Fourth Week
Daily Breakfast ½Grape fruit or ½Grape fruit or Mixture of Fruits The amount of food mentioned in each
½ Orange, 1 or ½ Orange, 1 or 2Boiled day must be distributed all over the day
2Boiled Eggs Eggs without extra food
Lunch One type of fruit 2 Boiled Eggs, Green Mixture of fruits (as Grilled Meat of Chicken 250 gm, 3
only (avoid dates, Salad before ) any amount tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, 1 box tuna
grapes, mango or washed (without oil), 1 brown toast,
1 I banana) orange or GF
Dinner Grilled meat 2 Boiled Eggs, 1 Mixture of fruits (as
without fat (avoid Orange or 1 GF before) any amount
lamb meat)
Lunch Chicken (boiled or Grilled meat as Mixture of boiled 2 piece of meat (lI5 kg.) 200 gm, 3
grilled remove before, Green salad vegetables (except tomatoes, 4 cucumber, 1 brown toast, 1
skin) tomatoes, 1 potatoes) any type of apple, 1 orange or grape fruit.
orange of GF salad
2 Dinner 2 Boiled Eggs, 1 Two- Boiled Eggs, 1 Mixture of boiled
Brown toast, 1 Orange or GF vegetables (except
Orange or GF potatoes) any type of
Lunch White cheese Grilled meat as Mixture of fruits, 1spoon cottage cheese, 1 brown toast,
(skimmed) e.g. before, cucumber boiled vegetables, Tuna fish washed, 1 serving of boiled
cottage cheese, 1 salad any amount vegetable. 2 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, I
3 Brown toast, orange or GF
Dinner Grilled meat at 2 Boiled eggs, Boiled Same as above
Before vegetables
Lunch One kind of fruit as 2 Boiled eggs, white Fish or shrimp Grilled chicken 250 gms, 3 tomatoes, 4
Before cheese, boiled (boiled or grilled), cucumbers, I apple, I brown toast, I
4 Vegetables any amount of salad orange or GF
Dinner Grilled meat as 2 Boiled eggs, boiled Fish or shrimp
before, Green vegetables, tomatoes (boiled or grilled),
Salad any amount of salad
Lunch 2 Boiled eggs, Fish or shrimps Grilled meat or Grilled chicken 250 gm, 2 boiled eggs,
Boiled vegetables (boiled or grilled) grilled chicken, any I lettuce, 4 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, 1
amount of boiled brown toast, I orange or GF
5 Dinner Fish (boiled or 2 Boiled eggs, boiled Grilled meat or
grilled), Green vegetables grilled chicken, any
Salad, I Orange or amount of boiled
GF vegetables
Lunch One kind of fruit as Grilled meat as One kind of fruit as Grilled chicken 250 gm, 2 spoon of
Before before, Tomatoes, 1 before cottage cheese, 1 Yoghurt, 2
orange or GF cucumbers, I tomatoes, I brown toast, 1
6 orange or GF
Dinner Grilled meat as Mixture of all fruits One kind of fruit as
before (with same exception before
Lunch Chicken as before, Chicken as before, One kind of fruit as I spoon cottage cheese, I orange, I
Tomatoes boiled tomatoes, boiled before tuna washed, 2 tomatoes, I brown
vegetables, I vegetables, I orange toast, 1 serving of boiled vegetables
orange of GF or GF
7 Dinner Boiled vegetables Chicken as before, One kind of Fruit as
Tomatoes, I orange before
or GF