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In view of intensifying competition in soft drink market, it is imperative that

a brand keeps a constant tab on dynamics of market and responds promptly
in order to capture greater market share. In view of this fact the present study
has been taken for “PEPSICO”

The objective of the study is to do an EDS(Every Dealer Survey) and to

have a comparative study of the availability of the pepsi brands as well as its
competitor brand coke and also keep looking up for new sources where we
can crack new markets so that pepsi will be everywhere in the chandigarh. I
am covering all the outskirts areas of chandigarh for this study.

Primary objective:
• To know about the stock position of pepsi brand and its competitor
• To study about the availability of the pepsi brands to the retailers and
the supply condition in the market.
• To find out the loopholes and the dissatisfaction in the distribution

Secondary objective:
• To estimate the market share of pepsico in respect of the industry.
• To identify the retailers opinion towards pepsi products.
• To know the problems of retailers and to offer the suggestion for
improving in sales.
• To know the promotional activities of sales promotion, advertising
and public relations.
• To know the strategy of pepsi and its competitor regarding the
marketing mix.

Good marketers want information to help them to interpret past performance

as well as plan future activities. They need to make the best possible tactical
decision in the short run and strategic decisions in the long run. Discovering
a consumer insight and understanding its market implications can often lead
to a successful product launch or spur the growth of a brand.

Types of research -
1) Exploratory research:

The exploratory research design is appropriate for any problem in which a

very little knowledge is available. An exploratory study is the nature of
preliminary phase and is absolutely essential in order to obtain a proper
definition of problem in hand. So it is helpful in breaking broad and vague
problems into smaller and making it more precise to understand the basic
In this study, the exploratory research has been used and individuals with
knowledge and ideas have been interviewed to come out to a certain


In this study internal and external source of data collection has been used. In
the internal and external sources of data collection these two types of data
comes into picture-
• Primary data
• Secondary data

Primary data
All the primary data for the purpose of the study were obtained by:-
• Interviewing
• Questionnaires
• Visit
• Personal observations
The questionnaire in my case was a sheet in which all the brands of pepsi
and its competitor coke were mentioned and I have to pen down the
availability of brands to the retailer of both the companies in terms of cold or
warm stock. This task was undertaken in order to have a comparative study
of both the brands and to know about the share of pepsi brands in the

Secondary data
• Internet
• Magazines


The respondents were the retailers of all age group.


The geographical area was the outskirts areas of chandigarh i.e. darua,
manimajra, indira colony, kishangarh and naya gaon.


To calculate the market share, the sample size was large and all the
respondents were retailers and it varies as per the areas allotted to me.

Darua –43
Manimajra –90
Indira colony –19
Kishangarh –34
Naya gaon – 49


Aradhana beverages and drinks pvt ltd.


As per the data collected and as per the regular visits in the field area various
observations were made and after personal interviewing the retailers, I came
to know the loopholes and the distribution network in the area.

Based on the data collected, following conclusions were made:

 As per the data collected, the pepsico products/brands share in naya

gaon area constitutes 37% and that of coke brands constitute 63%
 The share calculated in kishangarh ares contains 49% share of pepsi
brands and 51% share of coke brands.
 The market share of pepsico brands in indira colony area includes
44% and that of coke brands include 56%
 The analysis done in darua area comes to a conclusion that pepsico
brands have a majority in the area and contains 61% of its brands
as compared to 39% of its competitor brand coke
 The calculated share in the manimajra area constitutes 52% of pepsi
brands and 48% of coke brands.
 As per my findings, I came to a conclusion that pepsi brands share is
less in naya gaon and indira colony area. They lack behind in these
areas in terms of market share.
 After personal interviewing with the retailers, I came to know that the
retailers face a major supply problem of pepsi brands in the region
of naya gaon and kishangarh area.
 Many a times, proper information of the retailers schemes is not
provided to the retailers and this results in shifting of sales of pepsi
brands to coke brands as retailers prefer to sale those products
which ultimately earns a source of better income for them.
 Pepsi is competing tough in the areas of kishangarh and manimajra as
there is less difference in the share of both the companies brands.
 Pepsico need to come up with more business strategies in order to
capture a larger share in the naya gaon area as it is lacking behind
in the terms of market share in this area.

Every company has some objectives for which the organization is formed.
The main objectives for which the pepsico is established are as follows-

• To carry on the business of importing, exporting, manufacturing,

producing bottling/packaging and selling of soft drinks, aerated
mineral water, fruit juices, extracts and other beverages of all sorts.

• To increase the market share and become the leading soft drinks
company of the nation.

• Customer satisfaction is the highest priority because it’s the public

which makes the company and in fact the company is made for the

• The objective of the pepsico is to achieve a profitable sales volume

through effective marketing programs so that to properly advertise,
promote, distribute and sell the company’s products countrywide.

• The objective of pepsico is to improve their services because of the

competition in the soft drink industry.

• The objective of the pepsico is to make and maintain its higher


• The main objective of any organization is to earn profit and increase

the volume of its business, same is the objective of pepsico.