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ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 1
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Issue 18 25th February 2011

Vessel in Focus
This month we look at the and discover how this powerful ship

Pictures from SS
A new month and a fresh set of pictures from Ship Simulator Extremes.

Feature article - New York Harbour

Capt Matt tells us about New York Harbour and the variety of vessels that call throughout
the year as well as some of the other activity that goes on in this bustling port.

New York in SSE

We present a range of pictures of the New York ShipSim users know well - the port in SSE.

Competitions Page
The usual quizzes and word searches including ‘Guess the Ship’ as well as a new crossword

Ship Review - Bugsier 2

We look at the Bugsier 2, an old Ship Simulator favourite that has been in the game since
the New Horizons add-on in 2008.

View the winning picture for last month’s ‘Picture of the Month’ competition and some
new ShipSim pictures.

Real Life Pictures

A selection of pictures from the maritime world.

Ocean Liners Page

A brand new page produced with every month showcasing a liner from
the golden age of travel. This month we examine the , one time flagship of

Competition time!
Fancy winning the new Ship Simulator Extremes ferry pack? Go to page 13 to find out how
you can get your hands on a copy!

Latest news from SSM and a quick look at Issue 19 of ShipSim Magazine as well as the
usual maritime links.

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 2

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Fairmount Sherpa

Fairmount Sherpa... An SS08 veteran Sherpa Facts

Length: 75.05m
first There are bunks for six
joined the Ship Simulator fleet officers, six crew members Beam: 18m
with the release of ShipSim and 24 towing crew members
2008 and is the first offshore making 36 bunks in total. Draught: 6.8m
tug to be featured. (max)
Sherpa also has two deck
Built in 2005 by Niigata cranes capable of rotating Registry: Rotterdam
Shipbuilding of Japan she is 360° and lifting eight tonnes
part of the Fairmount class when extended out at seven Tonnage: 3,239GRT
and with a maximum bollard metres.
pull of 205 tonnes she has the Deadweight: 3,568
power to undertake big tows. In Ship Simulator 2008 tonnes
Sherpa has been used to tow
The ship is 75.05 metres long the oil rig Erik Raude as well Built: 2005
and has a minimum and as being a very popular vessel
maximum draught of 4.08 in multiplayer, particularly in Total bunks: 36
metres and 6.8 metres Marseille where she was the
respectively. only suitable tug before the
New Horizons addon was
Sherpa is powered by four released.
Wärtsilä 6L 32 engines and is Ÿ Fairmount Sherpa has a
propelled by two propellers She returns once more in Ship deck area of 384m2
each 3.85 metres in diameter. Simulator Extremes and with
Her bow thrusters provide the recent release of the Ÿ Sherpa has a maximum
her with an extra 825kW as Mission Editor will I hope RPM of 750
well as 736kW from her stern continue to be a popular
thrusters which enable her to vessel to sail. Ÿ Fairmount Sherpa is one
manoeuvre easier in ports. of five anchor handling
tugs owned by
Fairmount Marine.

Ÿ She has a maximum

power output of

Ÿ Fairmount Sherpa’s call

sign is PBNF

Ÿ The ship has an onboard

oil dispersant system

Ÿ Fairmount Sherpa has

water guns allowing her
to fight fires at sea.

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 3

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ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 4
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ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 5
©ShipSim Magazine 2010
Feature Article By Capt. Matt

NEW YORK Cruises. Statue Cruises is a

Hornblower Company
service to Alcatraz Island.
Statue Cruises gained the
HARBOUR operation in 2007 taking
Circle Line's title of
serving the National
Since the 19th century the Port of New York has
Park Service for 54 years.
played host to many types of vessel, including the
There are also some
great liners of Cunard and White Star Line. Capt.
smaller commuter
Matt tells us more.
ferries such as
New York Water
New York, the city that ( about 8 ½ Taxi, New York
never sleeps, especially on the kilometres) and Waterway and
water. I have so much to has 8 vessels. Liberty Landing
cover in this article, however There is the St. Ferry.
let’s start off with one of our George terminal in
favourites... ferries! From the Staten Island and Now it's not only
commuter ferries, to high South Ferry at the ferries that are on the
speed, to tourist, to Point A tip of Battery harbour ...during the
to Point B, in the Harbour, Park. The daily summer the harbour
there are ferries galore! One ridership is is filled with pleasure
of the oldest ferry lines is the around 75,000 boaters. Most boats
Staten Island Ferry, operated people. in this area average
by the New York City to around 40 feet
Department of A long (about 14
Transportation founded in with the metres). There
1817 and is free of cost. Staten Island are also many
Prior to the World Trade ferry there sightseeing/dinn
Centre attack vehicles were are the Statue er cruises. The
allowed on the ferry, however of Liberty dinner boats range
that is no longer the case. ferries greatly in size
Currently it has one line operated by ...from 60 feet
which is around 5 miles long Statue to 200+. Continued
Wikimedia Commons

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 6

©ShipSim Magazine 2010
Feature Article By Capt. Matt
Continued from previous page...

Don't get me wrong it's not

only larger boats that occupy
these waters. There are many
kayakers and every year there
is a kayak race around
Manhattan Island.

Let’s take a touch on some of

the events that happen in the
harbour. One of the largest
is the fourth of July
fireworks. Every year on
Americas Independence Day
there are several barges
placed around the harbour height restrictions. The most the Queen Mary 2 berths.
displaying an incredible well known is the Verrazano- Left out? Unfortunately I
fireworks display. There are Narrows Bridge, the gateway understand that there are
also the Superboat races to New York Harbour linking several places that weren't
along with the ‘Poker Run’ Staten Island to Brooklyn. included in the environment;
speedboat races. One of the Now there are the bridges on however I feel that it would
forgotten events are the the East River, an easy way to make a huge difference to the
tugboat races ...yes, you heard remember them are the game. One is Chelsea Piers,
me tugboat races! It's pretty 'BMW' bridges, standing for many cruise ships dock here
self explanatory; this is where Brooklyn Manhattan and including Norwegian Cruise
several tugboat companies Williamsburg bridges. The Lines ships. Another huge
enter tugboats to race each last bridge featured in the thing that was left out was
other. It's quite the event! environment is the 59th street the ports of Newark and
Bridge. Elizabeth. These ports
I'm trying not to go too provide a huge supply of
overboard so now I'll just Points of interest include, goods to the United States
give some general one of my favourites: South and is one of the busiest
information about the Street Seaport. Several ports.
harbour. As you know in the ferries/harbour cruises leave
game there are several from there. Also the
bridges, sometimes posing Buttermilk Channel is where
Wikimedia Commons

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 7

©ShipSim Magazine 2010
New York
Sticking with the New York theme, we present
some pictures from the SSE New York.

in SSE

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 8

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Guess the Ship Ship Quiz:

Q: Name of Sherpa’s
A: Fairmount Marine

Q: Pride of Rotterdam’s
A: 6.04m

Q: New York features

Statue of...
Can you guess the name of this ship and who operates her? A: Liberty

Ship Quiz Q: Cornish environment

in SS?
Ÿ Name of the company that operates Red Eagle? A: Padstow

Ÿ What bridge do vessels have to pass under to enter or Q: New Greenpeace

leave New York harbour? sailing ship?
A: Rainbow Warrior III
Ÿ What is the name of the German environment in SS?
Guess the ship:
Ÿ Name of the Greenpeace vessel featured last month?
St Clare, operated by Wight
Ÿ What is the name of the pilot boat in SSE? Link ferries.

Nautical Term of the Month Nautical Term

Hawser Laker
Down: A ship operating on the Great
2 3 1. Small circular window on a Lakes.
4 3. Used to fly flags on a ship
6. Propels a ship and can rotate Word Search
5 6 Across: Stern
2. Front of a ship Rotterdam
4. Used to help manoeuvring in Red Funnel
port Engines
5. Small boat used to evacuate a Funnel

Send your answers to: Congratulations to Chris Richardson

and ‘sebas80’ who guessed last or via our contact form. month’s GTS correctly and to
Andrew Thomas who correctly
Winners will be mentioned in the next issue. answered the nautical term and Ship

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 9

©ShipSim Magazine 2010
By ShipAddict

Even though she is used for

harbour work she does have
the equipment and capability
to carry out deep sea work
Bugsier 2 first came to our screens back in 2008. Several years including anchor handling,
on in 2011 she is still a popular vessel in the ShipSim series. however the anchor cannot
be placed on the deck. She
also has an onboard crane on
With the launch of the New The vessel has the after deck which can lift a
Horizons add-on pack on accommodation for the crew maximum weight of 9.1
March 25th 2008, for the first with three single cabins and tonnes at a fully extended
time Ship Simulator fans had two twin cabins, all of which outreach of ten metres.
the opportunity to pilot an are air conditioned.
azimuth tractor tug, the new Bugsier 2 is powered by two
vessel being the Bugsier 2. Bugsier Reederei officially Deutz MWM Type 9 M 628
took over Bugsier 2 on the engines which give her a
In real life, Bugsier 2 June 30th speed of 12 knots. They also
is owned by the 2006 and power the air conditioning
Bugsier Reederei
towing company and
“...started started
units and even two
searchlights above the
she operates in operations in ons in wheelhouse.
Hamburg, mainly as a
harbour tug to assist
with day to day port
Hamburg ” When undertaking harbour
duties Bugsier 2 tends to
operations. operate with a crew of three
people, however she can take
Both Bugsier 2 and her sister a maximum of ten crew
Bugsier 3 have members at most.
azimuth Inside
units the
under the
bow with a
protective plate
situated just in front
in order to protect the Bugsier
units should the tug ever run 2 there
aground. Hamburg are six
on July 8th. watertight
Bugsier 2 was designed as a compartments that
seagoing tug with offshore While designed for both protect the main areas
work in mind as well as harbour use and offshore of the vessel, including the
harbour duties, therefore her work, she spends her time in engine room.
forecastle was raised by Hamburg assis-ting with
roughly 1.5 metres allowing In the wheelhouse Bugsier 2
her to be used for deep sea arrivals and departures. has two radar systems...
operations. Continued on next page...

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 10

©ShipSim Magazine 2010

When Bugsier 2 first came electronic chart system, With a bollard pull of 63
echo sounder, and auto pilot to Ship Simulator she was tonnes she is perfect to
function, and an AIS system a welcome alternative to use in in-game missions
as well as magnetic and the Fairmount Sherpa in along with the push
satellite compasses. online multiplayer; boat Herkules Atlas as
particularly in Marseille well as multiplayer,
Bugsier 2 in ShipSim where it was very popular particularly for
to sail container ships assisting large
Bugsier 2 was one of the new into the port and ships
vessels included in the New moor them in
Horizons add-on and she was the dock area.
modelled by forum member,
‘SimonDR’ in Lightwave. Since she

The 3D model itself is

beautiful with a lot of
attention to detail
including navigation such
lights, life rings and as the
bollards. Latitude
and Vermaas.
Inside the wheelhouse
consoles and buttons have was
all been modelled as well as released with Even though she is used for
bookshelves and seating. New Horizons people harbour work in real life, she
have always had trouble can still be used in-game in
The winches and life boat controlling her due to her an open sea environment to
have also been modelled as azimuth drives which have assist with rescue operations
well as the break water, the ability to rotate 360 in missions as well as
designed to protect her from degrees allowing the player to multiplayer.
larger waves when used in spin her around at fast speeds
offshore operations. and in tight spaces. Bugsier 2 has returned once
again in Ship Simulator
Extremes along with her
azimuth drives and features
Built: 2006 in the ‘Core’ campaign
section of the game. With the
Length: 32.80 metres recent release of the Mission
Editor she will hopefully
Beam: 11.70 metres
feature in user made missions
Draught: 6.70 metres and continue to be a popular
Ship Simulator vessel.
Air draught: 14.80 metres
Gross tonnage: 430GRT ‘Mvsmith’ has produced a tutorial
on using Azimuth drives in
Speed: 12 knots ShipSim 08. You can view it here.
Crew capacity: 10 persons maximum
Bollard pull: 63 tonnes

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 11

©ShipSim Magazine 2010
Congratulations to December’s POTM Winner!

The Ferry King

Remember you can

send your in-game
pictures to be
featured here via our
contact form at

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 12

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Capt Matt

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 13

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ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 14

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Ocean Liners
Welcome to the Ocean Liners page, produced in association with This
month’s liner is the SS Normandie, one of the fastest Atlantic liners of her day.

History of the Normandie Normandie Facts

Normandie was considered by passenger liner to have such a Built: 1935
many to be the world’s ultimate device.
ocean liner, she was the largest On 29th May, 1935, on her first Builder: Chantiers et
and fastest passenger ship voyage, the Normandie broke Ateliers de St
afloat when she entered service the speed record for crossing Nazaire
in 1935, and a pinnacle of the Atlantic and became the (Penhoët)
French design. Construction Blue Riband holder, and Hales
started in January 1931 at St Trophy winner.
Nazaire, western France, where For a number of years the SS
Length: 1029ft
all previous French ocean liners Normandie provided
had also been constructed. The passengers with luxury ocean Beam: 119ft
liner was completed in May travel.
1935. However with the outbreak of Draught: 37ft
The shipyard Chantiers et war, the Normandie ultimately
Ateliers de St Nazaire was seized in New York by the Passengers: 1972
(Penhoët) built the liner for the United States, who intended to
shipping company Compagnie convert it into a naval transport Crew: 1345
Générale Transatlantique vessel, and rename it ‘USS
(CGT), which was known as Lafayette’. Fate: Scrapped
the ‘French Line’. In February 1942 during the 1946
Normandie’s design was conversion from passenger
created by Russian émigré liner to navy ship a fire broke Timeline:
Vladimir Yourkevitch, and out. The fire department
incorporated beautiful lines, a pumped water onto the ship in
1932: Launched by the
rounded stem and bulbous bow an effort to put out the fire,
beneath the waterline. The however the water ultimately French
liner’s dimensions were caused the ship to capsize.
revolutionary, with a length of Although the liner was re 1935: Maiden voyage
1,029 feet and width of 184 floated, it was impractical to
feet. The hull design also restore her to her original 1942: Caught fire and
enabled the ship to achieve a condition, and she was capsized
maximum recorded speed of scrapped in October 1946.
32.2 knots. 1946: Scrapped
Despite having three funnels,
the last one was actually a
dummy, used to house kennels.
The interior spaces were
lavishly decorated by a number
of designers in a modern art
deco style.
During sea trials it was revealed
that Normandie had vibration
issues, this was later corrected
at the end of her first season.
Normandie was also fitted with
a radar detection device for
Wikimedia Commons

detecting objects, the first

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 15

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Fancy enhancing your copy of SSE
with this fabulous addon?
Enter the official ferry pack competition and you could
win this brand new package for free!
So... How do I enter?

To be eligible to enter this great competition all you need to

do is answer the following questions:

Ÿ In which issue did we hold the ‘SSE Slogan

Competition’? Hint:

Ÿ What is the name of the bridge at the mouth of New

York harbour? Hint: Page 6

Ÿ When was SSE released?

Answers are to be sent to and must

say “SSMFerry” in the title. In your message please include
your full name, email and country.

Entries with the correct answers will be added to a collection

and five random names will be selected to win a copy of the
Ferry Pack.

The closing date for entries is March 14th.

1. Competition not open to VSTEP employees and forum staff.
2. Winners will be notified via email by the 21st March.
3. Editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Produced by and officially backed by

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 16

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Name Link Description
Great Lakes Great lakes.
§ We need a hand!
Fancy writing an article for your Panama Canal Panama Canal site.
favourite magazine? SSM needs the Marine Traffic AIS Vessel tracker.
help of volunteers in order to
Professional Mariner Maritime magazine.
continue to produce great issues. If
you would like to help, please send Ships Monthly Maritime magazine.
an email to Maritime News Maritime magazine.
Marine Log Maritime magazine.
§ Calling all mariners
If you work at sea and would like to Baird Maritime Online news.
tell us about your work or take part Marine Link Maritime magazine.
in an interview we would love to hear
Thank you to Chitch for compiling this set of maritime links.
from you. If interested send a
message via or a
direct email to

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Other contributors:
White Marlin
We examine ‘White
Marlin’, the new
catamaran that
Special thanks to: will make its Ship
Simulator debut
Frank_VSTEP, Swenson with the release of the Ferry
Pack and examine how these fast cats came about as well
as some of the routes these Not forgetting the usual SSM
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Issue 19 will be available from the 28th March 2011

ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 17

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ShipSim Magazine Issue 18 - February 2011 - 18
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