Jason landed hard next to the burning building. He scanned the carnage looking for someone. He found her propped against a boulder, covered in blood from twelve bullet wounds. She slowly opened her eyes when Jason grabbed her hand. “I’m here, don’t worry. Every thing is going to be all right. What the hell happened?” He asked. “We were attacked without warning during the meeting, by Warriors. We managed to get your sister away before they overpowered us.” Lauren said, gasping in pain. Jason breathed a quick sigh of relief, that Sabrina was ok. There was a thud as someone else landed close by. Jason picked up Lauren’s Glock and checked the clip. It was full. “Jason, It’s me, Robert!” A figure said coming toward him. He spotted his sister, and rushed to her side. “Is there anything we can do to help?” Robert asked, tears in his eyes. Jason shook his head. “I’m not a Hunter remember.” Jason replied. “But you can fly, just like Hunters and Warriors!” Robert said, desperation in his voice. Jason’s watch beeped. It was now 3 in the morning, on his 19th birthday. Jason doubled over as a gut-wrenching pain overtook his body. His hands and feet went numb and he became lightheaded. Robert jumped back as Jason began throwing up. The pain continued, this time in his right arm. He pulled up his shirt sleeve and watched as a black skull with an R in each eye socket began appearing. As suddenly as it had started it ceased. “What the hell just happened?” Robert asked. “I don’t know, but it sure as hell hurt.” Jason said. He snapped back to reality when Lauren grabbed his hand. “Jason, we found out what you are. You are a Reaper. The Warriors hate the Reapers more than they hate us Hunters. You need to fi-” She began convulsing, as her body fought for air. She went stiff, and then was no more. “You bastard will pay for this!” Robert shouted at the top of his lungs as he picked up a rock the size of a basketball and hurled at the burning building. Jason bowed his head, as he closed Lauren’s eyes. The sun was starting to rise, and a chill wind was blowing. The time now read 3:30. “Screaming you head off wont help anything!” Jason snapped at Robert.

“Oh, that’s easy for you to say! I just lost my sister. I’m gonna go blow those bastards to hell!” Robert said still shouting. He check the shotgun he had strapped to his back, and then flew off in the direction of the sunrise. Jason gently lifted Lauren’s body and flew her home.

Chapter 1
1 year later Jason picked up his books and left the room. His professor had been boring as usual. As he walked down the hallway girls stopped talking and turned to stare. He figured that starting at a community college was probably the best way to get accustomed back to reality. For the past month he had been waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. Dreams floated in his head during the day. “Damn.” He muttered as soon as he walked outside and spotted the black limo. The door opened and Jason entered. “You know the drill.” The man inside said, taking a long drawl on his cigar. “Hell yeah, I do.” Jason muttered under his breath as a blindfold was placed over his eyes. “Care for a cigar?” The man asked. “I think I’ll pass on that BS.” Jason replied. They rode the rest of the way in silence. After a thirty minute drive Jason received his sight again. He stepped out of the limo and into the bright sunlight, before being ushered into a large brick building, down several flights of stairs and through a labyrinth of tunnels. A hispanic man built like a tank roughly frisked him and removed Jason’s fighting knife. Passing through five metal detectors he was given his knife back. Jason made his way into a restroom before heading to Room 225B. He stepped in front of a mirror and looked at his reflection. At 20 years of age, he had black hair, brown eyes, and stood about 5’ 9” His cell-phone buzzed. It was a reminder of what day it was. Today marked the one year anniversary of Lauren’s death. “I’m going to have to go buy flowers for her grave.” He thought. Splashing water onto his face, he let it drip into the sing as he thought of why he was here.

There was a knock on the door. Jason quickly dried his hands a left for his meeting with Richard Walker. Richard met Jason at the door and ushered him into his office. “Why do you make yourself out for hire?” Richard asked. Richard was in his early forties and had moved from England six years ago. He still had a British accent, even though he had tried to Americanize himself. This was the twentieth time Jason had come to Richard’s office. “Do we have to go over this every time I come?” Jason asked. Richard thought for a second before nodding a yes. “Sorry, I just like how pissed you get when I ask that question.” Richard said picking up a blue folder, but was interrupted by Jason’s cell-phone ringing. Jason ignored it. Richard continued. “I don’t have any work for you right now, but I do have some files I want you to go over There have been a few reports of Zombie sightings. There have been a few attacks reported, but seriously, Zombies are just a thing for Hollywood movies.” Jason took the folder just as his phone rang again. He answered it and was on for two minutes. “I have to take my sister Sabrina to the Katy Mills mall.” Jason sighed as he hung up. “Do you mind taking my daughters with you?” Richard asked. Jason agreed. “These are for your new set of wheels.” He added, tossing Jason a set of keys. Jason left the room with the keys and folder. Jason found Teresa on the first floor waiting for him. “Where is Brianna?” He asked. Teresa pointed to a closed door, where a lot of shouting was coming from. “She’s in there with her ex-boyfriend. The guy is so big, even security is afraid to deal with him.” Teresa said. Teresa had brown hair and brown eyes, and was slightly shorter than Jason. Jason sighed as he walked toward the door. He opened it and walked in. “Do you mind! We are kinda busy!” The guy snapped. “Actually I do!” Jason replied. “Brianna, we’re leaving.” Brianna quickly left the room. “Who the hell do you think you are?” The guy asked. “Someone you don’t want to mess with!” Jason replied threateningly. He turned and strode briskly out the room. It took them about 35 minutes to go pick up Jason’s sister. The vehicle they were riding in, was a black Ford Edge. Brianna was sitting up front with Jason.

“How fast are you driving?” Brianna asked as they passed other cars and trucks. “About 75.” Jason replied. “What’s in this folder?” Sabrina asked. Jason gave her a look in the mirror that told her not to open it. After parking, the group headed inside to meet Sabrina’s school group. “Do you have a weapon?” Sabrina whispered to Jason. “Yeah, 45 cal. Desert Eagle. I have six extra clips on me, and Teresa and Brianna are each carrying an extra box of bullets in their purse. How about you?” He asked. “Yup, 9 mm. Glock, four extra clips, and two boxes of bullets in my purse. You never know when we might run into some stubborn jackass.” Sabrina replied laughing. It was mostly girls that came with the school group, except for three guys. Andrew, Nicholas, and Jared. “At lest we have and older guy.” Nicholas said. Jason glared at him. “You know what would be really freaky, a Zombie attack in the mall.” Jared said.

Chapter 2
Kristen watched Jason approach the tables. He had a had a slice of pizza and a bottle of green tea. She motioned to an empty seat next to her, but he walked by and sat at a table with two girls she hadn’t met before.“Sorry, he seems to ignore most girls these days.” Sabrina said. Jason shook the bottle and slowly opened it. Brianna switched sides and sat next to him. “You seem to be under a lot of stress.” Teresa said. “My radio keeps buzzing like crazy. I just wish they would leave me alone.” Jason sighed. “I wonder what happened to that lady the medical units were looking at.” Brianna said. Jason’s head snapped up. “What happened?” He asked. “It looks like someone had bitten her on the arm. There was blood all over.” Jared said joining the conversation. “Got to go, be back soon.” Jason said, before racing off to the medical station. The door to get in was partly open. Jason stepped in, and nearly slipped. The floor was covered in blood. The room was dimly lit my one

when Jason severed his head with his fighting knife. Jason swore as he sprinted back toward his group. and had an W tattooed on the back of their neck. Jason hurled his fighting knife.” The guard replied. “It was the weirdest thing ever.” Brianna said. what the hell is going on here?” Nicholas asked. Brianna locked the door. he found that he was tied up. “Oh wow!” Nicholas said. Trying to stand. “Ok. which caught the women dead between the eyes. Sabrina gave him a questioning look. but it was to late. you blacked out. “You never told me you had this.” Jason said. what the hell?” Jared said. then these four guys in blood red body armor came up to us and gave us an injection. “Hey. She nodded . untying him. They made the women bite them. “Did any one else that was bitten leave this area?” Jason asked the guard as he whipped blood off his face. Jason shoved the boy away. “Jared just got his damn wish. but stopped when he saw the blood.” Brianna replied.working light. “After you killed the boy. “What the hell just happened?” He asked. Jason just winked back at her. Jason whipped out his Desert Eagle and put a bullet through each of their foreheads. “I don’t have time to answer the question. Apparently it makes you lust for the shedding of blood. trying to sound scary. The boy lunged at Kristen. The security guard franticly put a finger to his lips. but dropped to the floor.” Kristen said. They said something about it stopping the virus. Kristen slapped him.” Teresa said. ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ Jason snapped back to reality when Kristen kissed him on the lips. “Why are you covered in blood?” Brianna asked. Someone grabbed him from behind and put a hand over his mouth. “What the hell!” Jason whispered spinning around. Jason unholstered a Remington 12 gauge shot gun from his back. The security guard let out a yelp as the secretary rose from behind the desk and tried to bite him. As soon as he had left the room. Someone grabbed him from behind.” She whispered. There was a low moan from one of the rooms and young women and male medic came limping down the hallway. Jason looked around and found that they were in a storage room. “They were dressed in all black. “We are in the Bass Pro shop. It was a young boy bleeding from a bite wound in the neck. She whipped out her K-Bar and began slashing open boxes looking for something.

Sabrina. Brianna . Rifle.” “This is probably the stupidest thing I have ever done. who says. Teresa and Andrew.” Haley said. From within his trench coat. I spotted an abandoned Ambulance.” Jason whispered to Kristen. Every one followed his lead. Jennifer. and Kathy. he produced eight throwing stars.” Jason said. “Ok. and Sapphire. and then handed it to Jason. Jennifer opened the door. Jason held up a large Diamond. and after Jason entered. They say that the virus is widespread. who was also armed with a 22. While I was out. that they are holed up in a hospital near us. Jason rummaged the shotgun shells until he found what he wanted. “It’s to quiet. Jason always gave these speeches before a mission.” She whispered. Sabrina rolled her eyes. “What’s wrong with your eyes?” Shana asked. He placed the shotgun against his back and the magnetic lock caught it. I have the keys so. She answered it. “Found them!” She said. Rifle and slowly opened the door. we need to exercise extreme cation. and Jason asked to be let back in the room. Shana and Nicholas. “It’s Bonnie. Rifle. With deadly accuracy. Kristen. Up ahead of them was a group of “Zombies. They were slightly thicker than normal.” Jason said. Jason. who also began rummaging through the boxes. Brianna’s cell phone rang. Jared. They left the room in groups of four. as he threw himself to the floor. After about 5 minutes Teresa spoke up. giving a short prep talk. They struck in different areas throughout the pack. And then Brianna.” Sabrina said loading a pump action 22. listen up! I have friend of mine. So. I can see every thing that the Dragon Scopes would have allowed me Teresa. we should have a ride that will hold all of us. Shana had been watching Jason’s eyes. Jason took it and talked to Bonnie for a few minutes and then hung up. He loaded the Remington and then placed extra shells in special pockets in his trench coat. “I always wondered why you wore a trench coat. “That’s awesome!” Andrew said. Haley. Jason pumped the 22. opening a box of hunting knives. So basically.” Jason said. Jason hurled them into the clustered bodies. when they injected the chemical into me.” Jason said. “The two infected Warriors I found had these on them. “Hell no!” Jason replied. “well now you know why. There was a knock on the door. “My scope chip was fried.

Bonnie sat up shivering. They quickly rushed for the exit and made it outside. The other girls stopped their conversation long enough to hear Kristen out. “Dammit!” Jason hissed as he put a 22.” Bonnie said. A wave of energy pulsed from the knives. He tossed Jennifer the rifle and grabbed two of the hunting knives from Brianna. She was barely a year younger than him. She then left the room. closely followed by Brianna. as they flew through the air. slicing the creatures in half. Chapter 3 Jason awoke the next morning to the warmth of a body lying next to him “Uh. Bonnie lay beside him. and tugged slightly on one that was protruding. He pulled his hands toward himself.” Bonnie said. Bonnie decided to share a cot with you last night. Brianna watched as the knife blades started glowing in Jason’s hands. “It’s fine. “I’m sorry if I surprised you.” Teresa said. and stared at the celling. “I’m sorry if I went to far. and began slashing away at the creatures. before more creatures started coming for them. Jason ran a hand through her reddish brown hair. so I think they will last against a pack of bloodthirsty humans. and blood and body parts went flying. The kids made it to the vehicle and started it up. in Texas!” Jason asked startled. don’t worry about it. There was a muffled explosion. Kristen poked her head in the room. and the doors slammed shut. He turned back. . coming into the room with two cups of coffee. He took off at a dead spring for the Ambulance and launched himself though the back door. She went and looked for Sabrina. yeah. but quickly left when she saw the two of them.” Jason replied. “Snow. He waited till the vehicle was almost to the exit before hurling the knifes forward. “How strong are the windows?” Jason asked.” Brianna said in a sad voice. Bullet though one of the creatures eyes. He sprawled back on the cot.pulled out a pack of cigarets. “They were designed to last against hurricanes and tornados. “Go!” He shouted to them. after she couldn’t find one for herself. She handed them to Bonnie and Jason. with her head on his chest. Sabrina shook her head. She paused to look out the window at the falling snow. tossing the keys to Teresa.

Brianna swore under her breath and stormed out of the room.“Go figure. One of the machines was piloted by a Warrior. Brianna quickly headed inside. ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ Back inside the hospital.50 caliber Desert Eagle with six extra clips. We just happen to be really good friends. before heading away. Jason would be smart enough to keep a relationship hidden from me. at the snow covered ground. “He left because you F-ing pissed him off.” Brianna grumbled to Teresa. I’m sick of this bull shit!” Jason replied. “Just don’t let her get under your skin. Another pair of MW-46 lead the rear. He closed the locker door and left the room. He walked across the parking lot and walked down Fry Road. and chained together.” Teresa replied. They don’t need to know who I like. He stormed away to look over the railing. we aren’t even dating. . this is none of your business.” Bonnie sighed. “What the hell! Dammit. He never tells her anything. Something wasn’t right. “Yeah. “Shit! It actually does become some of my business when that other person who likes you. yet there was still snow on the ground. “Don’t act like you know my brother better than me!” Sabrina said. ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ Jason walked away from the hospital. Two MW-46 came into view. “For your information. and Jason sprinted to hide behind a truck. “This is all my fault. He also grabbed a SIG556 HOLO with four extra clips. They unlocked the door and let him out. The ground began shaking. “The little bitch thinks she knows every thing about her brother. happens to be my best friend. they were followed by twelve humans walking in twos. He turned and gave Brianna a hug and kiss on the forehead. He sighed.” Sabrina said. He made his way to the weapons locker. She left the room and headed to Jason. What the hell is every ones problem.” Brianna said. The guards at the sliding door stood to their feet when Jason approached.” Jason said. He grabbed a . “He did what!” Sabrina shouted. Sabrina lead Jason onto the roof and began lecturing him. Jason shook off the snow from his boots. The sun was shinning and the weather was really warm. and one by a Hunter. “Going somewhere?” Brianna asked coming up behind him. getting the hell out of here.” Jason responded hotly.

Jason heard the roar. only to be hit in the engines. “I used to be. He had only one chance.” Everyone looked up when they heard frilogs. with only one of the gatling guns still operable. The guards gave Jason a surprised look. Frilogs was the world currency. He quickly searched the bodies and found the key. Jason threw a smoke grenade and rushed forward. His eyes zoomed in and out as he took aim. aren’t you?” Jason said. The remaining survivors huddled together. Blood flowed from both the entry and exit hole in their head. praying that their end would be quick. The jet went into a dive and slammed hard into the ground. His eyes zoomed in as close as the scope would go. his eyes connecting with the built in gun scope. After unlocking the people. when you rescued us.” The women added. “Let me guess. Jason looked around. . He fired twice. “They then had my whole family seized. and both of the MW-46 close to him stopped moving. Jason aimed the gun at the space-jet. He swore softly under his breath. Their goal was to take over the world. He was the only grown male. The jet turned around to make another pass. You refused. He then lead the people back to the hospital. Jason pulled the trigger and rained hell on the space-jet. He pulled two of the girls closest to him to the ground just before and explosion shook the ground. They were taking us to the lab. as their drivers slumped to the ground. He launched himself in the air. by which any thing could be bought. The other machines whirled around. and high-tech armor and weapons. Jason squeezed off another shot killing one before the Warrior spotted him and opened fire with his gatling gun. as gunfire raked the ground behind him. “Your a warrior. I was a high ranking official. The pilot pulled up to avoid fire.“Shit!” Jason said under his breath. before the Grechlings came.” Jason said. and ripped it off the machine. and enslave the humans. Sabrina meet Jason as he walked to the cafeteria. The survivors had gather around an elderly women. Four of the men climbed into the machines and oriented themselves to the controls. Two of the MW-46 had been destroyed. The two remaining machines were blown up in another explosion. Jason rushed toward it. before he saw the space-jet. who appeared to be their leader. The women nodded. All we had to do was work for them. whipping out his fighting knife.” She said. “They offered us Frilogs. The warrior barley had time to glance up before Jason landed on the machine and thrust his knife into the Warriors chest. He grabbed it. before opening the doors.

blowing up the vehicle. “Jason. your not old enough to drink!” Sabrina shouted at him. “You will show respect to that girl. I’ll never forgive you!” Sabrina shouted across the room at him. he pushed the button. and Jason put the next bullet though the same hole. “Why don’t you shut the hell up!” Jason shot back. “You’r not listening. He used the keys to open the truck which belonged to his sisters boyfriend.” He whispered to Jason. The whips let out a screech and then vanished. “What’s wrong with your eyes?” Janna asked. to back a bag of clothes. one of the guards handed him a bottle of Guinness. He walked the way back to his house. He saw through the walls and watched as the creature walked up the stairs. but pointed his gun at the wall. Jason closed his eyes and then slowly opened them. Another came up. “If you killed him.“Can it!” Jason snapped. when she opened her mouth. and supplies. Upon reaching his house he headed inside. “I don’t give a damn if he lives or dies. He found his neighbors daughter curled on the couch. Jason shot out his hand and whirled the guy around. White wisps whirled over her. He waited till the hunters head was visible. when he heard a scream come from across the street. “A Grechling hunter.” The guy said. In the cafeteria.” Jason whispered. “Let me go. He dove across the floor and flipped the table over her just as several thuds hit the table. He grabbed the keys to the red truck. The door opened and he left again. The door was locked.” Jason replied.” Jason said. He had just closed the front door. A plasma blast blew a huge whole though the wall. Jason didn’t reply. “What the hell was that?” Janna asked. four years older than Sabrina. Walking away. then pulled the trigger. who I happen to cherish dearly. . Sabrina’s boyfriend was 22. slamming his face onto the table. They bolted into her room and slammed the door shut. and heard it coming from inside. which he fixed by kicking it in. The bullet tore through the wall and then punched though the creatures skull. Sabrina’s boyfriend stood up. Jason grabbed Janna’s hand and hurried up the stairs. He placed a pack of C-4 on the steering wheel and closed the door. He stormed out of the room pissed off. He reached the door. He grabbed Jason by collar and yanked him to his feet. He walked over and slapped the bottle out of Jason’s hand.

that was 18 feet tall." Jason whispered to Janna. “We had better go. “There are more?” Janna timidly asked.” He added. "Just how do you expect to get inside?" Janna asked. "When I tell you to run. “Where are we going?” Janna asked over the com-link. The sniper was sitting there patiently waiting for it's target. He spotted a tree that looked into the yard. The gate was made of reinforced titanium. they came to a large house. "Yes. Jason took a deep breath and then sprang up firing his SIG 556. "And why couldn't you have just done that instead of jumping?" Janna asked. sending a wave of energy. About half an hour later." Jason responded. Jason attached his gun to the magnetic hook. He grabbed Janna and dove behind a water fountain. They found themselves in a large front yard. "Sniper!" A voice shouted. Jason again nodded. They speed across the snow. that was surrounded by a 6 foot thick wall. Blood sprayed against the wall. it is Megan! Call off the damn sniper. I will give you cover. He opened the garage and brought out his Speed-bike. Jason's eye's were going crazy as they scanned for the trouble. “Will that carry both of us?” Janna asked.” He said.Jason pulled his hand back and then thrust it forward. Jason remained silent for moment. "Shit!" Jason hissed. and out onto the empty streets. Jason lead her across the street back to his house. and then scooped up Janna. and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. run like hell. when a spot of ground in front of her exploded. before more show up. He crouched down and then launched himself over the wall. "Is that you Jason?" A voice called out. “Someplace I’m hoping is still safe. Jason nodded. “A helluva lot more. Megan was about to respond when the window she was standing next to shattered. A few seconds later the Speed-bike came gliding over the wall. Jason ignored her. that cut through the next two creatures. Janna had just taken a step. She nodded. . They were now on the interstate.” Jason said. make it to the other side of the stairs that lead to the front door. and heading west. Janna climbed on behind him.

The man swung his fist into Jason's stomach and sent him flying into the water fountain.” Jason sighed. "How the heck did you get here?" Jason asked."Run!" He shouted. Jason had a huge bruise on his right side. I called my friend Meredith. Chapter 4 Megan lifted Jason’s shirt and took a look. Jason flew out of the way. “You went to school with me for a year. The entered the large ornately decorated entry hall. “I’m gonna need to take a look at your side." Kristen said. and the Sniper impaled himself on the sharp point of the flag pole. and was about to throw it when there was a spray of red from the side of his head. Jason landed for a split second. your sister started acting like a bitch. and Kristen came and sat next to him. I can also heal myself so it seams. when I was trying to grab the attention of Mercy. Jason nodded sitting down. To Jason's astonishment the man broke the flag pole off and pulled it out of himself. The black and blue color slowly faded away. He slowly removed his boots and then followed the others into the family room. Jason glanced around and found a girl holding the SIG 556. Jason bent to remove his boots and winced at the pain in his side. "Well. They walked up the stairs and into the house.” Megan said. He landed beside her.” Megan said shaking her head. It was a mixture of both a Hunter and Warrior. “Uh. so. One of his bullets stuck the sniper. maybe once. and she had her brother come pick me up. The Hunter-Warrior crouched down and then launched himself at Jason. “Are you ok?” Kristen asked. It took Jason a few second to recognize the Sniper class.” Kristen said. I never tried to be amazing.” Jason said laughing. Jason winced. Well. We got here like 15 minutes before you did. Kristen gently pressed on it. Kristen scooted out of the way as Jason lay on his side. when you left. At the last second. “What the hell just happened?” Megan asked. “You always like to give a grand entrance. “I think you have some broken ribs. who leapt into the yard. Jason hooked the gun to his back and then gave Kristen a hug. Jason let out a grunt of pain as he clenched his hands into fists. . before launching himself into the air. and was surprised to find Kristen. Jason hovered in front of the side flag pole. “Can I get you any thing to drink?” Meredith asked. He stood to his feet and cracked his knuckles. He aimed it as a spear. and he dropped to the ground. He sat on the couch. yeah.

that change the way your eyes work.She whipped the blood off the back of his neck and kissed him on the head. as if you were using a scope. you can take the bed. Megan swore under her breath. a small microchip. “Megan said. then a year later the microchip was removed. “They started using microchips. It was now being called Dragon-scope. In the newer chips. Jason’s skin healed. that I might have to share a room with you. Jason dropped to his knees as pain filled his head. The brain. as he found that he still had control of the scope-system. Kristen followed Jason to his room. Jason used his watch projector to show Kristen the image.” Janna said. “Sure. but stopped when Megan 8 year old sister came into the room. Janna poked her head into the room. He opened them and gasped. Slowly the body grew accustomed to the change. Jason shook his head.“I’ll take a coke. He found an article on it. “You alright?” Megan asked.” Jason said. It felt good to have control of his eyes. Meg.” Kristen said as she pulled out the microchip. eyes and nerves had by then been enhanced and were able to operate by themselves without needing the chip. Finishing his shower he dried off and headed to the computer.” Janna said to Jason. Jason stood up and went and sat next to Kristen. As she turned to wash the chip off. “Dammit!” He hissed.” Jason started to say. The article went on to explain that the second generation microchips were injected at the tip of the subjects spine. Jason went into the bathroom and took a hot shower. and thermal. it seems those (blanks) really screwed with my eyes. I’ll just sleep on the floor.” Jason said. but stopped when the knife cut into his skin. “Is there any thing we can do?” Janna asked coming and putting her arms around Jason. It also enabled you to see night vision. it also kept count of your ammo. Kristen slowly lifted the knife. Meredith look at Jason. He closed his eyes as the water fell on his face. He reached for the Scope-implant. He quickly explained to Kristen what he needed her to do. His skin had sealed over the chip slot. . He had. “And you want me to put a knife to your spine!” Kristen shouted. He began researching on the scope-system. He swore under his breath. inferred. “No. glancing at Rachel. who just shook his head no. You zoom. at the tip of his spine. “Son of a-” Jason started to say. “I think I’m gonna be sick.

I also refuse to stay at the house when he and his wife come to visit. He glanced at the screen. “No fair.“No. He thought of refusing the call. It turned out his sister was going crazy.” Kristen slowly said. “Well. but picked in the end. Jason’s cell phone rang. “I’ll help. He then pinned Kristen down. as every one was getting used to each other. He sat back.” Jason sighed. that was weird. Janna and Megan exchanged glances. “She’s acting like a really annoying bitch.” Jason said. “I believe that they think you like me. Kristen glanced out the window.” She said laughing. and saying that Jason never really loved his family. as Jason maneuvered himself on top. “Wait. It was Sabrina. then quickly looked down. It was Shana calling to see if he was all right.” Jason said. I had to grow up with her.” Shana whispered. “I’ll go see what I can make for dinner. not without placing a new microchip in my head. Jason held his hands up in surrender. .” Meredith said. She tapped him where his bruise use to be. “Yeah. The two girls quickly left the room. I think he has about ten in the gym out back. and Jason winced slightly. he is also here with his wife. “F-en Son-of-a-Bitch. “And if that also requires me putting a knife to you head I flat out refuse!” Kristen sharply stated. Her twin brother Derek is just as annoying.” He replied. a look of sadness on her face.” Jason said before hanging up. She caught his eye. “I choose to remain silent on this one. he answered. She pinned him down. Chapter 5 Dinner started out quiet. I haven’t talked to him since then. and they floated in the air. “I’m so sorry!” Kristen said wrapping her arms around him. He got married last year.” Shana sighed. “I’ll call you back later on you own phone.” She said. Jason closed his eyes. Laughing Kristen tackled Jason on the couch. and looked over at Kristen.” Megan said. “Does your dad still have the blood dummies?” Jason asked Megan.” Janna said. Jason cleared his throat. “Well. Jason took a bite of his salad. “Tell me something new. are you saying?” Meredith asked.

“What?” She asked. and one at the throat.” Richard sighed. “There is. that ran across the chest. Jason held out his hand. He pulled out his phone and called her. starting to cry.” Jason said. Jason awoke an hour later. Jason swore and gave Megan a hug. Kristen had pulled her brown hair into a ponytail. A thin red line ran over the throat and then the head fell off. and his mind drifted to Bonnie. Jason smiled at her and sheathed his knife. After emptying the clip. “I don’t know. Without even pulling the gun to his shoulders. After dinner Jason cornered Megan. I haven’t seen them in over a week. I do know. He crashed on the couch in the gym and turned on the TV. . He pulled out an AR-15 and loaded a fresh clip into it. It’s about thirty miles north of us. In the right corner of his vision.” Megan said. As he hung up Kristen stirred slightly. Jason saw the weapon and ammo count.” Megan said.” Jason said. The skin at the chest separated and started bleeding. “Kristen started the targets. “Oh. One. He stood in front of a blood dummy. that they abandoned it shortly after they finished it. After the sixth ring a groggy female voice answered. “Remind me not to get on your bad side. He stood to his feet and looked at his watch.“How long do you think we will remain safe out here?” Richard asked. “Where the hell are your parents?” He asked. and it is hidden deep within the Dark Woods. we should be safe. Jason scored all bull's-eyes. It read 1:25 AM. Jason gave her a place to meet him. Jason ran a hand through his hair. “Shit! I new there had to be a problem. Kristen later found Jason in the gym. There are no roads. In a flash. He looked at Kristen. Jason whipped out a fighting knife and made two slashes. He walked over to the gun lock. that if we can make it to one of the portals that were set up as a form of evacuation in case of invasion. Jason held her as they watched the news. Kristen sat on the other side of the couch and gave a side glance at Jason. nothing.” Jason said. catching him staring at her. “I don’t know. “But there isn’t a portal within a hundred mile radius of us. Jason cleaned the gun and put it away. until they both fell asleep. and Kristen scooted to his side. The only problem is.” Kristen said laughing. Meredith looked at her brother.

Kristen flipped one blade down and the other one up. Jason had his blade at her throat. Before she had time to react. They stared at each other for a second. He came perched on the wall and then flipped over Kristen. as Bonnie landed beside him. "What happened last night?" She asked." Megan hissed to him. Two slashes. After they had cleared the dishes away. They both stepped away breathing heavily. He landed softly on top of the McDonald's building. I know." Jason whispered. Kristen gave Jason a quizzical look. “What the hell?” Kristen said. and the blades I’m using are blunt. “Megan says I have to train you to fight. . always followed up by parries. "You SOB. She made her attacks quick. quickly followed by a strong side kick to the chest. Kristen started to reply but then stopped. She pulled him aside. Jason tossed two fighting knives to Kristen. and wont cut. Jason used the moment as he flew back. we will leave for the portal.The wind blew through Jason's hair as he flew through the air. Megan whispered something to Jason who nodded in agreement. Jason tolled Kristen to follow him out to the garage.” He said. and rested against the vent. Their lips met and they kissed. There was a soft thud. As they stepped on the training mat. Around 6:30 tomorrow. Megan stopped him and started to open her mouth. He headed into the kitchen. “Megan thinks it would be best if tonight is our last night we spend here.” Jason said. Blood flowed for a second and then stopped. "I finally realized who I truly liked. " Jason sighed. we will need the extra help in getting to the portal. "F-en can it.” Jason said. She did a spinning crescent kick. In the end your more like a younger sister to me. My cuts will heal. It was really shitty of me to do that. to do a back flip. “Hit me. The next morning the others awoke to find Bonnie there. Chapter 6 The meal at breakfast was even quieter than the meal the other night. knocking one of his blades out of his hand. before Jason pulled her toward him. Jason stepped to the side. as one of Kristen’s blades raked against his side. Fortunately for you. Bonnie followed Jason back to the house.

The TV was still on. The others burst out laughing. and crashed on the couch. How well do you think your doing in the training?” Megan asked. Jason caught Kristen before she fell to the floor.“Dammit. “Uh. “Megan’s going to have my head for this. “She freaking drew blood on one of her knife swings. and did a jump spick kick. . Jason went to his room. Bonnie interrupted to let them know it was lunch time. “That doesn’t mean I can’t attack you though. He headed down the stairs and into the family room. Jason dove out of the way.” Jason sighed as he looked at the damage. we are the only guys here. but that goes against my hitting a girl rule. He looked to the bed where Janna lay. After that. he failed to see the elbow strike. On the table he had set aside an AR15.” She whispered.” Jason said. followed by a spin hook kick. Kristen. Jason gently lifted Bonnie onto the couch. They finished eating and dispersed in separate directions. and how to fix it if it jammed. “That’s what happens when you let a girl handle a sharp object.” Richard said. but at the last moment. He looked at the hole in the wall. Jason blocked them all. Jason. he found Bonnie lying on the floor. He winced as Kristen kicked him under the table. Jason ran her through a vigorous target practice. Coming back from the gun rack with his own AR-15. “What the hell happened?” She asked.” Jason sighed. Jason nodded toward the rifle range.” Jason said. By the end of the forth round.”Kristen said laughing. “You have a bounty on your head.” Jason said. As he started to rise. looking at his torn shirt. Kristen launched herself into the air. he went on to show Kristen how load the rifle. she could hit each target dead smack in the middle. and let Kristen’s boot punch through the wall. She lashed out with a series of vicious blows. He staggered back dazed. “So. He awoke around 2 in the morning. If you haven’t noticed. and as Jason bent to pick up the remote Kristen sat up. They had just started to sit down to eat when Meredith noticed Jason’s torn shirt. “Megan want’s me to teach you hand to hand fighting. Jason nodded an agreement.

and infrared. They continued on slowly this time. “Megan. thermal. using his night vision. “It looks like an abandoned oil pump. Jason glanced every direction. She bounded up the stairs and had every one awake in a few minutes. but before the creature had time to bite her neck. The group quickly huddled up. Kristen flipped over two of the creatures and cut their heads off. “Knives only! Jason shouted. “If we run into any of the ‘zombie’ people. we are F-en screwed. Chapter 7 Tree branches whipped at Meredith’s head as she and the others ran.“What the hell?” Jason asked. with Rachel in the middle of them. We have to leave now. a knife sliced past Kristen’s head and caught the creature dead between the eyes. The show was promoting a 5 million Frilogs bounty for Jason. Megan grabbed her sister and launched herself on top of one shacks. “Shit!” Jason said. In the distance behind them they heard a Space-Copter.” Megan whispered. A sickly looking dog slowly limped past them. His eyes focused in on the Space-Copter. Twelve rusty shacks stood in front of them. They continued on. at a faster pace. “At lest one and a half miles. Kristen pulled it out of the dead body and tossed it back to Bonnie. . She checked to make sure the rope running from her to her brother was tight. “We’ve already gone eight miles. “Then what the hell is this?” Richard asked. Jason barley had time to sever it head before more rushed the group. Jason brought her to her feet. The first creature appeared out of nowhere right in front of them.” He said.” Kristen was on her feet in an instant. scanning the shacks. She was grabbed from behind.” Jason replied. They crept on. As he ran past. Kristen fumbled with the remote and brought a news show she had recorded. Jason snapped open his holomap. Kristen tripped over a log and went sprawling. Jason pointed ahead of them. Dead or alive. Jason attached his SIG 556 HOLO to his back as he picked up Rachel. “Wake the others. Bonnie nodded her head.” She said. “Thanks. “Down!” Jason hissed. Then it happened. Why do you ask?” She said. and he watched as figures slid down ropes into the house yard. how far from your house was that creep town?” Jason asked.

” Jason said. “It will take a while before the Greachling’s are able to find a way to reach us. Around 5:50 when a Grechling satellite spotted the explosion Jason’s bombs made.” Richard told Jason. Epilogue They found the abandoned portal base around 4 in the morning the next day. “Ok. He then used the blunt side as a hammer and crushed the skull open. They had run 30 miles in 26 hours. “Welcome to the planet Morthleg.” Chapter 1 Earth six months later . Then with lightning speed and inhuman strength he swung the ax straight up between the creatures legs and brought it out at the top of the creatures head. Kristen stood at the top of the hill over looking a vast plane. Rachel stood next to her holding her hand.Richard tossed Jason a rusty ax. He then rigged some explosives to blow shortly after they entered. It took Jason about an hour to figure out how to start up the machine. Blood flew as Richard chopped off another ones leg.” Megan said. The ground was slick with blood as the group left and hurried on their way. Jason approached the last ‘zombie’ twirling the ax around him. Two hours later when a group of Hunters and Warriors arrived at the scene all they found was a pile of burning wreckage. The body fell to the ground in two. “but this journey is far from over. The time was 5:45 when they entered the portal. It has just started. Jason slammed the blade into one of the creatures chest and then buried it deep into it’s skull. In the distance a city loomed. it’s time to finish this.

“That bitch is really starting to annoy me. Brianna had married a guy named Jacob. They all care to much about Sabrina and are ignoring Brianna. They had quickly learned that the Grechling’s would leave them alone if they didn’t stray out after dark. Jennifer came and sat beside Shana. As soldiers to the true leader. She was constantly bombarded with praise and way overprotected. Jennifer drifted off to sleep with the sun shinning on her face. She was also pregnant. The two girls left the cafeteria and headed to their room. Jason pulled Chris out of the way of flying shrapnel. His killer now clams himself the ruler of Morthleg.” Shana said. Since then the population in the Hospital had tripled and now housed over three hundred people. “I really miss Jason. it is our duty to put Charter’s son back in power. “That was close. A month after they had lost contact with Jason. “What did you say your name was soldier?” Jason yelled over the gunfire. It had now been six months since she had last talked to Jason. and every one seemed to ignore the fact that it had happened outside of marriage. they could never really predict what would happen with them. Sabrina was pregnant. Shana turned the TV on and tuned it to a cartoon station. As for the ‘zombies’. which they were now calling Nightmors. This is not just a fight for what is right. He would put Sabrina in her place and make her boyfriend pay. . ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ Morthleg 6 months later “President Greg Charter has been assassinated.” Commander Walker said. Shana nodded. but was shown less attention. The sound of the missile detonating echoed off the walls.” Chris said shaking the dust out of his shoulder length dirty blond hair. but for a better tomorrow for our children and their children.Shana took a bite of salad and looked around the room.” Jennifer said.

“what made you join the fight?” “The girl I like ended up marring some other guy. I’m a bounty hunter that was just asked to help with the battle. “My name is Jason Smith.“My real name is Chris. Jason covered Razor as he climbed the side of a building. Soldiers rushed to attack him. A grenade knocked him off his feet and his knives flew from his hands. and spent most of the time in her room. or where you’r from. After have escaped Earth Jason and the others had quickly settled in on the new planet. Razor used his binoculars to scan the area. causing him to fall to the ground. “Sorry to hear that.” Jason said. along with Rachel and Meredith. he grabbed the Plasma Barrett from the man then picked up a Plasma AR-15 that also had a grenade launcher. He rolled as he landed and brought his rifle up at the ready. I’m a Reaper. and I was originally from Earth. So I don’t see any other reason to stay around them. He flipped over two of the soldiers and slit their throats with his fighting knives. He lay there dazed for a split second. Jason leapt over the low wall with Chris right behind him. Some stuff got F-ed over so I had to leave.” Jason said. She and Kristen were sharing a house. He switched to the Plasma Barrett and pulled off four shots. but I go by Razor. A soldier dove beside them and gave them the news that they were moving up. A Plasma rocket blew a chunk out of the building underneath Razor. Shortly later Megan and Richard married and Bonnie had married someone else two weeks later. “I see it. “We’ve got a Plasma Cannon about a 150 yards to our right. Just thinking about Bonnie hurt. I’m not a soldier.” Chris said. Janna felt that no one loved her. .” He said. Razor swore under his breath. “You never said what you are. “Shit!” Jason sighed.” Razor asked. Razor watched as he blew holes through the targets.” Razor said. He pushed a button and the AR-15 made a whistling as it reloaded. After that Jason crouched down and launched himself onto the roof. “Command wants you two to take back Sector C.” Jason replied.” Chris said.

“Besides. Jason looked over to him from where he lay on a cot. Jason used his boot to launch one of Razor’s knives into the air. A shrill whistle from behind caused him to turn around. So. “This is Jason Smith. He spun it around his hand and then hurled it into the soldiers chest. Jason shrugged his shoulders. He picked up the bottle and read the label. as if he understood. Green lights blinked and he pushed the ammo clip button. Jason sighed as he began a diagnostic test on the Plasma AR-15. He had taken the bottle from an abounded room next door. Blood soaked the pavement where the soldier fell. They had holed up in a small apartment building waiting for night to fall. We are now entering Sector C.” Chris said. you hardly ever have to put a fresh charge clip in.” He said. Chris nodded his head. Chris went and poured the half empty bottle into the sink. taking a sip of some cheap wine. doesn’t mean you have to keep drowning your sorrows. this is cooking wine.” He said. “Sector C is where the weapon dealers and Black Market ports are held. “They take something out of the air to help recharge the clip.” He added.The soldier who had throw the grenade walked up and put the barrel of his Plasma Desert Eagle against Razors forehead. Chapter 2 “So. “Just because your girlfriend left you for some other loser. .” Jason replied. A call from command came to Jason’s com-link. “So exactly how the hell do these clips work?” Chris asked. There was a soft whistle and the clip recharged. what the hell is so special about Sector C?” Chris asked. He reach for the bottle again but was stopped by a sharp glare from Chris. He had stated that when they were not in battle he was to be called Chris. Razor whipped the blood off the knife and the picked up his second one.

the doors weigh about 30-40 pounds. He closed his eyes.” Jason said.” Chris said. The light was beginning to fade and long shadows appeared. “We’re about six blocks form the target. He let the water drip into the sink as he stared at his reflection. “Where the hell is every one?” Razor asked as they moved to the forth floor. Then he used a laser razor to do a quick shave. “What the hell! Even if we cut the hinges. They leapt as one. he took his position five feet from the doors.Jason went to the sink and splashed cold water on his face. Razor hit the unlock button. but the doors remained closed. palms outward. The holo-map winked out and the continued on at a faster pace. “It’s about time. “Oh shit!” Razor whispered. Putting the torch away. He used a towel to scrub the dirt and grim off his face. “Shit!” Jason hissed as the building shook from a blast landing nearby.” Razor said. and then pulled his hands back. They opened the door and left the building. Jason pulled out a small blow torch. “Behind this damn blast door. Jason’s vision switched to x-ray from the scope on the Plasma Barrett. There was the sound of rushing wind. Chris opened the metal blinds and looked outside. “Let’s do this. They quickly darted among the shadows. They rounded the last corner and came upon two guards. he thrust them forward.” Jason said. So far they had met with zero resistance. Ignoring Razor. How do you expect to open them?” He asked. and the guards fell to the ground with their throats slit.” Kristen’s voice echoed in his head. With all his strength. . Jason’s sight settings changed to night vision. Jason nodded and ran a careful eye over his weapons. “Let’s get this the hell over with then.” Jason said. Jason paused to open his holo-map. and the door flew inward. Jason gave one last call to command before they entered the building. “You are gifted in manipulate your surroundings. Blood sprayed everywhere closely followed by the sound of bones crushing as the door hit the opposite wall. Jason cut the hinges.

Jason picked up one of the clips. I must warn you though. when they opened the blast doors and came face to face with two Plasma turrets.” Jason said as they were surrounded by guards.” The leader of the guards said. They passed mobile Plasma turrets Jason stopped in front of a mobile Plasma Cannon. The last to be taken from Jason was his fighting knives. The guards removed the weapons from them.” Razor said as they opened up the crates. going to one of the computers. They were still the same as the old clips. Jason found him standing in front of a row of crates that were labeled: Earth. On the seventh floor they were stopped at last. “Now that’s the kind of shit I could use. “Shit. A door opened and six elite guards strode in followed by rather large man. “These bad boys can go a hell of a lot father then the old plasma weapons.” He said. The guards laughed. should have seen that coming. “Look. He was on for a few minutes and then he said. you might want to get a look at this!” Razor called to him. he saw as the plasma was formed into a bullet. They were in a room that was filled with row after row of weapons.” They meet no one on the fifth floor. “We need to head to the sixth floor for advanced weapons. this here is the legendary Jason Smith. Chapter 3 “Damn!” Jason whispered. “So. . and the seventh for Advanced armor. The two of them discarded their old weapons and armed themselves with the upgraded ones.” He told Razor. “Jason. and on the sixth floor they entered a large storage room.“I feel like doing a little shopping. If you do anything foolish I will kill you all. He slammed one of them into a M-4 still using the x-ray from the Plasma Barrett.” Jason warned. “Like you give a damn!” Razor hissed. all we want is some armor.

Razor came up behind him dressed in metallic blue armor. That is what you are. “Find anything you like?” Razor called from across the room.E. Jason stopped in front of a large armor tube. . Razor and Jason started looking throughout the crates of armor. The other guard quickly ran from the room. The blades sliced and two of the elite guards fell with their throats slit. It’s an advanced Reconnaissance Encounter Assault Penetrate Enforce Ranger armor. “Bastard! You’ll have to find another way to kill me. but then watched as the man pulled it up to his cervical. but stopped when they saw Jason with his fighting knives floating above his hands.” He replied. “I know.” Jason said.P.P.E. The guards took a step forward. excitement in his voice. He made a pulling motion with his hands.” Razor said. “Armor I guess. Jason jerked his arms away from the guards and then whipped the blood away. You happen to specialize in all areas. “Now let’s talk business. “That spells R. Razor finally settled on a crate marked with TITAN LL. Jason winced at first. “Welcome home Jason.” Razor said.” Razor said drawing his hidden plasma pistol.E. I never put two and two together until now. The first one caught the leader of the elite guards between the eyes and the other caught the large man in the throat. He thrust them both forward. “Kill those bastards!” The large man shouted.Two of them grabbed Jason. Jason nodded as he continued to look around. Jason placed his hand on the hand-reader.E.R. “Shouldn’t it be a C.R. not two Ls?” Razor asked. He stabbed it into Jason’s stomach.” Jason said. Each of the letters stand for a certain area that a Reaper specialized in. labeled R. “Not just any armor.” He whispered.A. “Hot damn. and his fighting knives flew to him. “Do you even know what this is?” Jason shrugged his shoulders.A. while the leader picked up razor knife.” A female voice said. Then he pulled it out and waited for Jason to die.

Opening his mouth to speak. . He eyed the beer in Jason’s hand. My real name is Jason Greathin.” She said. He called out and Janna came into the room. “I heard voices in hear. Janna nodded. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath. “Would you like me to make you some eggs?” Janna asked. Shortly later Kristen came bounding down the stairs. The Reapers took me and placed me in the charge of the Smiths.” Jason said. Chris came down the stairs yawning. Jason sat down in a chair and stretched his legs out. He threw his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. She went into the restricted refrigerator and came back with a Carona. and was wondering if you were doing all right. don’t you think?” He said. Jason nodded and took his first sip of the beer. “Do you have any beer?” He asked. “Kind of early to be drinking. Meredith was the last to join them.” He replied. Janna followed Jason to the kitchen. No one could have guessed that a Reaper would be needed again. The sky was starting to brighton and he could hear birds chirping. she handed it to Jason. I was only 3 when my real parents were killed during a mission.Chapter 4 48 hours later Jason sat up drenched in sweat and gasping for air. “My parents aren’t my real parents. She paused long enough to kiss Jason on the forehead and the went in to help Janna with breakfast. There was a knock on the door. “Yeah. He calmed down as he looked around the room. Rachel bounded down the stairs and ran in to to give Jason a hug. “That’s horrible!” Janna whispered. Popping it open. The clock struck 6 and Jason glanced out the window. he stopped as the images flashed through his head. I’m fine. Just a bad dream. They both laughed and Chris joined him at the table. “Mind telling me what the dream was about?” Janna asked.

“We brought over the containers you were requesting. He three magnetic hooks. After he sat down Rachel climbed onto his lap and rested against him. “It wasn’t the hard. a two trays of toast.” Jason replied.” Chris said. All I had to do was show the commanders the best of the body armor that would suit each of their needs. but Jason just rolled his eyes. Chris snickered until Meredith glared in his direction. . and called back for Jason. Outside stood four guards dressed in black KingCobra body armor. Jason finally settled on black body armor with red running down the arm and leg plates. Jason turned back to his armor tube and continued fiddling around the controls. “Sure as hell wasn’t one about fuzzy bunnies and lollipops. Kristen and Janna entered carrying two bowls of scrambled eggs. Primary and secondary color. Apparently good body armor is hard to come by around this place. “I still don’t know how the hell you managed to bribe the men into giving you all the weapon crates marked Earth. weapon add ons. and on his left arm slot he added a spike thrower and on his right he added a crystal blade. Janna made sure to sit next to Jason when they were ready to eat. The screen was laid out in front of him in several categories. They talked in hushed voices and occasionally stared at the TV. Kristen went to answer it.” One of the men said.” Jason replied. magnetic hooks. and last but not least skull designs for the shoulder plates. Shortly there was a knock on the door. Jason told him where to put it and then went back inside to get Chris. two for his fighting knives and one for a secondary weapon. After the men had left the girls carefully took turns peeking inside to see what the guys were doing in Jason’s room. Chris gave Jason a questioning look. He had a side holster for a handgun. and finding the magical kingdom of candy. ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ After taking an hour long shower Jason rejoined the others in the living room.“Bad dreams last night?” Meredith asked Jason. and two bowls of sliced oranges.

Chris quickly collected his gear and they left the house.” Jason said. . gear up! We’re going back to Sector C. There was a hiss as the glass sealed shut and went black. She paused and the then faded out. only she is still in her Space-bed.Chris waited as Jason entered the armor tube. wondering what was going on. and begin your path to become the Reaper that will save humanity. His eyes rested on a pair that had a foot and a half long blade and were serrated on one side. He slide a Glock into his side holster and picked up an AR-15. “Razor. Rescue her.” The women said. son of Areth and Jesmin. Kristen whistled when Chris stepped into the room in his armor. They all stepped back as Jason walked toward them. The armor was placed on him and he looked through the glass and watched as the girls entered the room. on the Eighth floor. it felt as if he was being pricked by a billion pins and needles all over his body. We said that to grab your attention. I know the greeter had said three. then came a 12 gauge shotgun. The Grechling came to your home planet Frostmorth 300 years ago. You can find her back at the building in Sector C. You were actually only 2 when your parents were killed. there was a soft beep and a women’s face filled Jason’s vision. Chapter 5 “Welcome Jason. To Jason. signifies the coming of age. He flipped them around and clamped them onto their magnetic hooks. Your parent died trying to save you. Amy is still alive. Yes. Inside the tube. there are still some things you need to know. With a hiss the glass opened and Jason stepped out. “Oh shit!” Chris whispered. As you are only 20. Kristen stared at her reflection in the glass. The donning of this armor. Your real sister Amy placed you in a sdspace-bed and fled with you to Earth. He walked over to the crate that held fighting knives and opened it. This is not the first time that the Grechling have attacked a planet.

” Jason said. Her vital signs were stable as Jason pushed the wake button. Guards and technicians all stood to their feet when the two passed bye. With out me. Please accept my apologues. Security stopped them at the third level of the building they had taken and turned into their command base. lighting his cigar and taking puff on it.” The commander said. Dregrom nodded and pointed over to a row of Hover-bikes. “if we do what they say. and hand Jason over. “One remaining sector. Jason thanked him and they quickly left the safe zone. She lay there asleep untouched by the hands of time.” He said. He stood facing the windows and looking over the smaller buildings at Sector E. Amy moved. The next bed contained what he wanted.Outside head turned to catch glimpses of them. It doesn’t matter that Jason has a bounty on his head. Jason made his way over to them. and one final battle are all that stand between us and Presidential seat.” Jason said. I guess wealth has always had a little hold on me.” “This is all I’m going to say. I’ll make sure to put a bounty on your head. “We have a little unsettled business to attend to back in Sector C. “Your right. when I break free. Dregrom came to ask Jason and Chris where they were going. this fight is sure as hell over. Jason and Razor both placed their hands on the hand-reader and then were let through. Just because they offer a F-en 2 million Frilogs. we will have already lost this fight. We can’t surrender our most valuable asset we have in this fight.” His second in command said. I don’t know what came over me. They met the commander on the 7th floor. as the glass opened to the side. Jason and Razor continued their way up one more floor. He stopped in front of the fourth bed and stared through the glass. Brown eyes opened and stared up at two . Running through the log he found that the space-bed had been opened 18 years ago. It consisted of one open room with eight space-beds in the middle. “With all due respect sir. If you hand me over to those bastards. The space-bed bore the name Jason Greathin.

figures dressed in full battle armor. “Now that you’ve all met each other. The door opened behind him and Lauren came in. We need to start planning our next strike. I wonder if we will ever be able to go back? Would you want to go back with us?” Lauren asked as Jason sat on the bed beside her. I’m 302 years old. Jason brushed a strand of brown hair out of his eyes before replying. Picking up a remote beside his bed. Having been asleep for most of that time. He parted the curtain and looked out the window into the empty streets. and she lay next to him. She opened her mouth to scream. The shades closed and the room went dark. Jason nodded. He lay back on the bed. “Watch this. Lauren sat on the bed. take some time off and spend it with your friends. I need you all to get the hell out of here. I won’t be needing to for a while.” He said. “Is it true that your really 20?” She asked. She smiled shyly at Jason when she found out that he was only a year older than her. Jason made his way to his room after removing his armor. Bolting out of the bed. “Now your the oldest child. when she fully recognized Jason. ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ Back at the house Kristen and Chris disappeared into another room. Lauren twirled a strand of her black hair as she tentatively cast her brown eyes on Jason.” She said laughing.” Jason said. she threw her arms around him. Suddenly on the ceiling. time has only aged me to 20 years. almost as soon-as he entered the door.” The commander said gruffly coming into the room. . stars appeared and planets floated lazily by. Jason and Razor saluted him and then escorted the girls back to the house. “During the sleep. he pushed a few buttons. I kept having these weird dreams of home. Spotting the one she wanted she walked over to it and made active the wake button. I’m only 18. She turned her attention to the other Space-beds. “If you want to get technical. Shortly later they were joined by Amy’s friend Lauren. “Oh my word. Jason and Razor. How old are you?” Amy asked.

Asking for the salt. She gave him a grin when she saw Lauren next to him. Since Razor is a Bounty Hunter. Jason and Razor hopped out of the vehicle and made their way into the building. He made his way downstairs and sat down with the others for dinner. they found the floor jammed with computers. Tents had been set up and the weapon and armor that had been removed from the weapon and black market building set up under them. They climbed into the Viper Jeep and followed her back into Sector C. This will give us enough time to sneak up on them unnoticed. They had just finished eating and the dishes had been cleared away when the doorbell rang. “I have an idea. and BlackWasp hover-bikes. Plasma gatling guns. Lauren shortly joined them. They passed by rows of portable Plasma cannons.The two of them lay there just staring at the “night sky. you two are to raise as much Fen hell as you can. Chris went to answer it. The two nodded and quickly went to done their armor. and called for Jason. When they finally reached it. “The commander has requested your immediate presence.” She said. while the others engaged in lively conversation. Chris handed him the pepper instead. Once inside. that went unnoticed. Chapter 6 Jason was awaken by Amy. several holo-maps. They both fell asleep with their backs to each other. “Shit!” Jason whispered as they maneuvered around obstacles trying to make it to the 8th floor.” . This way we will have our two main assets inside their base.” Jason kept changing the angle of the view. he is going to be “delivering” Jason to rouge leader. “Change of plans. As Jason took a bite of his steak he noticed Chris and Kristen flirting with each other. Janna sat there just picking at her food. and four holo-pads. while Lauren laughed. Jason yawned as he sat on the edge of the bed.” The commander said spotting Jason and Razor. A messenger stood at the door. Amy caught a glare from Janna to Lauren.

I mean not all their ideas are the smartest. not so hard. Jason radioed command and told gave them the news that they were in. “Thank you for having the grace to do what was right. “It says that there is a 400.000 million Frilogs reward for his capture. Razor replied that he was delivering Jason. as long as he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. Before they left. Command replied that they would be their in ten minutes. Jason was forced to sit down in a steel chair. “I beg your pardon?” The man said. “Dammit. He inserted a chip into the data reader and Jason’s face came appeared. Finally a man dressed in gold colored body armor came into the room. The two of them then crept from the room and moved on to the next room. During that time he figured out how to deactivate the chains. Two guards near the alarm fell with darts in their throats and Razor killed the other two with . There was a hiss and he fell with a dart in his eye. brilliant plan to him. Jason kept his head down as they went past security. and that he wished to collect the bounty on him. The guards asked where they were going. Razor yanked him to his feet and marched him into a large glass building. The ride was bumpy as Jason lay in the back of the vehicle. Razor equipped himself with Plasma M-24 and Plasma Remington 12 gauge.” Jason muttered to Razor as they made their way back down the floors.” Razor replied.” Razor said.000. They guard nodded and six more guards fell in behind Jason as they were lead to a small white room. Razor held his breath as the second ticked away into minutes.“Sounds like a load of bull shit to me. one of the guards chained Jason’s hands together with laser cuffs.” The man said handing Razor the chip. “Yeah. I sometimes wonder if they are really with it. “No. The vehicle stopped and Razor dragged Jason out. His armor stood most of the blow from Razor kicking him in the side. He inserted a cash-chip into another slot and the reward money was transferred to it. Razor removed the chains from Jason.” Jason whispered. There were four hackers busy on their computers when Jason and Razor struck. thank you.

all wielding duel Katanas. He gave a quick glance over to Razor.” Jason laughed. As if by some unspoken word they parted and Jason and Razor where given a view of the “President. All of the guards blows glanced off of Jason’s armor. “Surprised? So will the army when they attack and find all of their plans fail. When one of them slipped Jason stabbed downward and finished him off. “Come on brother! Don’t tell me you have forgotten how to fight. Jason hewed a guard in half.” Razor added.” The commander said. Razor staggered back from a vicious blow from his opponent. Now it was sixteen against one.” He said with a wicked grin. He stopped when Jason activated his crystal blade. Sitting back at his desk he went back to work. Or has the four years away from the academy made you grow weak. and then thrust upward into two more guards. . He side stepped and then slammed his fist into the mans chest. “Not if we finish this first. “This is going to take to long if we clear all the rooms floor by floor. “I agree. He whipped out his fighting knives and with inhuman speed lunged at the commander. One of the hackers grabbed one of the fallen guards knives and rushed Jason. they entered the hoverator.” Chapter 7 “Son-of-a-bitch!” Jason shouted. They stood facing the commander of the rebel party. The guards attacked with furry. I say we give the “President” a social call.” Razor said. The room filled with the sound of metal against metal. Jason made a pulling motion and two Katanas flew into his hands. “You have got to be F-en joking. He spun under more swipes. When the doors opened they were greeted with 20 elite guards. The floor was now slick with blood. His blue eyes flashed at Razor. The bell chimed eight times. Blocking several swings.his fighting knives. Killing eight more guard on their way.” Razor said.

he paused for effect. and Jason had to start watching his steps. Savor the moment like you did when you killed Greg Charter. Drawing the blade back. and energy shot from the swords. when the conflict ended.” Razor gasped. Jason slashed twice. not some out for hire army. This mistake saved him from being decapitated.” Marchelit said. Hovering the blade above Razor’s neck. He cast another glance over at Razor and found him on his knees. but stopped as a blade thrust through his chest. three months after the fight had started. He blocked a punch and punched Razor in the chest. pinning two with one sword.” Jason thought. “It’s your turn to die motherfucker!” Jason said. Marchelit drew his Katana from its sheath.” He thought. Marchelit! You were said to have been lost during the Drunder uprising. doubled over and in pain. he drew a deep breath. “I could get use to using Katanas. His mother crying when he was promoted to Bounty Hunter. . “A valuable rumor my followers spread at my command. We are assassins and bounty hunters. Razor new his end had come. The floor by this time was sticky with blood. Images and voices ran through his head. Razor thought he heard ribs crack. The blades in his hands started glowing. It was 12:30 in the afternoon. His blow went wild and he fell backwards. Then “her” face came into view. slicing the remanning guards in half. He heard his fathers voice announcing Chris Mark Thomas.“It can’t be. He thrust upward and pushed forward. on his fist day of academy. He new he would meet her again. Ten left. Jason rolled to the side as two guards stabbed each other. his next blow severed the heads of two more guards. “Let’s not rush this. You see I had grown tired of the bull shit the academy taught.

but I’m not allowed to say what it is until tonight. and I love you!” Lauren corrected him. “Strange. Jason’s got a girlfriend! Jason and Lauren sitting in a tree. Janna. It just wouldn’t look right. “I do. while Jason ran through the list of wrist weapons for his armor.” Rachel started chanting. “Jason’s got a girlfriend. how many times have we told you that it’s not nice to tease other people about that?” Meredith asked coming into the room. and she is the sister of the new President. Lauren nodded.Chapter 1 The constant whispering was what finally caught Jason’s attention. Sighing. “Your not a nobody. then comes marriage. Your special.” Jason said.” She replied. They stopped talking when he appeared. “Dammit!” Jason muttered under his breath.” Rachel said. Jason took his beer and headed back to his room. then comes the baby in the baby carriage. How manny times do I have to say no. Lauren picked up the remote and put the stars and planets back on his celling. “Rachel. . “Sorry Jason and Lauren. He found Lauren and Rachel watching TV in the living room. He came down the stairs and found Kristen. Jason sat down next to Lauren. for the tenth time. that’s the sixth time Samantha Charter has asked me to join her for lunch. Lauren took the beer from Jason and drank a few sips before handing it back to him. Amy. “Do you know what the girls are talking about?” Jason asked her. K I S S I N G. He quickly grabbed a beer and left the room. Jason pulled out his holo-pad and ran through his e-mails. and Meredith all gathered in one corner of the kitchen. with Lauren close behind him. I’m a nobody. First comes love. The two forgave her. She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth.

“You changed the armor color.” Jason rose and went to the window and looked outside at the setting sun. “It’s funny.” She said. He lay down on the bed beside Lauren and pulled her close. You probably have been wondering about all the whispering the girls are doing. spike thrower. mixed vegetables. They toasted the engagement. Earth had come to be my home for that last 18 years. Meredith finally let Rachel have a tiny sip from her glass. “Ok. chainsaw. There was a hiss and a thin razor sharp knife flew out and buried itself into the target. grappling hook. so Jason.” Chris continued. now I don’t know if I’ll ever see it again. before regaining his composer. He raised his left arm and aimed it at the target on his wall. Lauren came a joined him. He stepped back in a removed his armor. “Holy shit! That’s powerful. “You’ve got to be F-en kidding me! That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you. Jason choked on his food. “Dinners ready. and beer for Jason. He had flamethrower. and jet black the secondary. He finally settled on the knife thrower. with blood red as the primary color. thought for a second and then shook her head. here it is. Chris and Lauren.” Chris said. “Ok. Kristen and I are engaged. and even a small chain gun.” He exclaimed. bread. mashed potatoes. Janna poked her head in.” Jason said. Jason nodded. Kristen went into the kitchen and grabbed bottle of wine. He stepped in and donned his armor. Jason had just placed a slice of steak in his mouth when the bomb was dropped. The armor tube hummed for a minute as the changes were applied. Lauren looked up from where she lay on the bed. Jason went back to the list. The color was swapped.” He said.” She said. . Lauren looked up again when he came out. Jason nodded. They continued to look at the “night sky. Dinner consisted of steak. The sun had just slipped behind a row of houses when there was a knock on the door.“How does a flame thrower sound?” Jason asked.

“Fine. Jason swore under his breath.” Chris said. “What’s wrong with that?” Jason asked. waiting to leave for Earth. what the hell exactly is this about us going back to Earth?” He asked Chris. They lost a severe number of personnel in the attack. “So. He followed the two downstairs and into the kitchen.” Chris said.Chapter 2 Jason was awaken two days later by a bright light on his face. why does he want me to go?” Jason said. They left behind hundreds of thousands of people that were not contaminated. sounding like she was on the verge of crying. They fly down onto Earth and can be turned into walls to help protect the survivors. They left instructions of what to pack and then told them that a vehicle would pick them up around 11 the next day. We have right at this moment four Viper StarCruisers. I’ll go. “I fear that we’ll never see each other again. “Because the main drop point for the Hero is is near where you used to live in Texas. “You just got your wish to go back to earth. “Apparently the Nightmors attacked the Grechling’s. causing them to pull back out into space. and Jason gave them his answer. The door opened and Chris came in.” Kristen said. “Son of a bitch. Only you all have to go with me. and pressed his lips to hers. but still.” Lauren said.” Jason sighed. “There is also a group of guards outside waiting to hear your answer. but then quickly left.” Lauren said. President Charter has asked that you go along for security on the Hero. The others quickly agreed. Jason pulled her close to him. “They contain millions of construction ships. . we won’t hate you for it.” She said. Opening his eyes he found Lauren starring out his window. Chris let the guards in. “What the hell are the Viper’s going to do?” Jason asked.” Meredith said. “Ok. Jason nodded a thanks.” He said. The girls were all seated at the table waiting form them. Jason called for him and he came back into the room. “If you decide to go.

They bounced around in the potholes made from the earlier civil war. so Jason dropped the idea to ask how he was doing. The engine finally died and they stepped out into the light of a setting sun. “Yeah. “I F-en hate every damn time I have to change were I live. he discovered that the ship was made like a brick number 8 with parks in the two center holes. The girls stepped back as the blade buried into the wall.” Chris replied. I think I just pulled something. Jason shouldered his bag and followed the guards to the hover-lifts. “Shit!” Chris said as they took a sharp right turn.” He thought. Jason pulled it out and reloaded it. He grunted as he shouldered his gear bag. The lift slowly started rising and Jason felt the cool wind on his face. he noticed him in pain. “How the hell did you get them to allow you to bring your armor tube?” Meredith asked as Jason was finishing packing. “Probably the fact that it says armor tube. Jason tested his knife thrower on his wall target. “Welcome to your new home for the next 2 months. The doorbell rang and Rachel came up to tell them that the men were there to help bring the bags and equipment to the StarCruiser. Chapter 3 “It’s amazing how some people can feel right at home on a StarCruiser.” The guard that meet them said. The lift entered the Hero’s hanger and settled down. They all laughed. “Are you alright?” Jason asked him. He had also changed his armor color.” Chris said to Jason during lunch 3 days later. that’s all. to blood red. The pain was gone from Chris’s face.” Lauren replied coming into the room.☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ The next morning as Jason was passing Chris in the hallway. Jason . Jason and Chris rode in Screamer while the girls rode in another one. Studying the ships map.

“I’m used to it now. they tread on fake snow.” Meredith said. I’m 20 if that helps at all.” Amy said. “My name is Jessie. “Where is Lauren?” Kristen asked. a slight tone a disdain in her voice. now that I’m having to go back. “That depends.” Jason replied. puzzled by what he felt. I hear Chris was asked to train some of the Elite Guards. “May I talk to Jason?” She asked. “I’m so sorry!” She said. They walked down one of the hallways in silence. “I was wondering if you could train me to defend myself.” Meredith said. “I’m willing to pay you!” Jessie added. If you ask me.” Jason said. my I have your name?” Jason asked.” She said. Finding themselves in the winter park.” Chris said laughing. “She meet some new friends and is eating with them. Kristen kicker her under the table. but there is no need for you to pay me. and then glanced at Jason. “Sorry Jason.” Meredith said. Jason watched Jessie walk away. then blushed as she stepped back. “I’ll do it. They were interrupted by a young women coming to stand by their table. “Well. She gave him a hug. “OK. It was Jason’s turn to laugh. I think it’s only because she likes Mark. Chris nodded.” She said. “It’s not that hard. Jason thought about it for a few minutes. He was really abusive and I’m afraid. since you know my name already.” Amy said sitting next to Jason. Jessie look out upon the frozen pond. He walked . All you have to do is think of it as a new adventure. “So. what can I do for you?” Jason asked. so I don’t give a shit. Jason picked up his empty plate and agreed to talk to her. “Hopefully I don’t make an ass of myself.paused to look out the cafeterias window and into the blackness before responding. The women laughed. They agreed to meet the next morning at 8. now Jessie. trying to change the subject. I have an exboyfriend back on earth.

“It’s Chris. They had just begun on the hard open hand attacks when Jason’s com-link buzzed. while the girls went back to the room. and then started her on the blood dummies.” Amy said. Feeling a ting of guilt and jealousy. He was sparring with one of his students. She arrived 10 minutes later. “What the hell is going on?” He asked. He demonstrated an elbow to the jaw. Meredith put a comforting arm around her. They are taking a look at him right now. They meet Kristen. Amy and Meredith at entrance. Lauren walked away. He lead her through some warm ups. but she offered to go with him. “You should have eaten with us. He started with some soft opened hand attacks and then moved into the hard closed hand attacks. Jason lead her to a semi private training room. you need to get down to the medic bay as fast as you F-en can. “Shit.” Chris replied.” Chris said as they continued to head to the work out room. you should really head to the medic bay and see what the hell is going on with that pain. and took a punch to the chest. As they walked the long corridors. . They took off at a steady jog down the hallways toward the medic bay. and the monitor displayed the effects of the attack. For some reason it cause him to collapse in great pain. ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ The next morning Jason awoke at 5:30.” Jason sighed. “I’ll be fine in a few seconds. hit the work out room. Jason picked up the training goggles and a training rifle and ran through six training missions before joining Chris at the weights. He turned to tell Jessie that they were done for the day. “Jason. During the whole time.” Kristen said. took a quick shower. Chris paused to catch his breath. Chris hid the pain from Jason. ate a small meal and was back at the winter park by 7:45 to meet Jessie. Jason and Chris left to go work out. “You know.back to the cafeteria and sat down with the others.” Jason said. Lauren came to their table wanting to know what the girl wanted.

. Not that any one was able to tell if it was morning or night at all. that would have him back in peak condition in month.” The medic said. Finely the medic came back and told them that they had successfully completed the surgery. “Is there any thing we can do?” Kristen asked. “About 2 months. Chris and the girls were sharing a housing unit.” Were the only words Jason could make out.” Jason replied.They were approached by a medic a few minutes later.” She said. but I need you to get down here ASAP. before meeting back outside. It was second week since Chris had fallen.” She said. They snuck in one at a time to whisper a quick get well wish. “You need to hear what Chris is saying. It requires us to stick two micros-copular robots into him. with Chris having his own room. The others talked between themselves for a few minutes before agreeing to the procedure. “I know it’s really early in the morning. They poked their head in. It can be very painful. “There is one procedure we could do. Jason mind instantly went back to the fight between Chris and Marchelit.” She said. He answered the comlink and found it to be Kristen. Chapter 4 Jason was awaken by his com-link buzzing. “Do any of you know how long he has been walking around with 4 broken ribs?” She asked. that would pull the bones together and inject a chemical that would triple the healing process. It was 3:30 in the morning.” The medic said. He threw on a shirt and pulled on his boots. Four minutes later he was with Kristen. but has worked every time we’ve done it. “Will do. “You can go and see him. but we are keeping him drugged for at lest a week to ease the pain. Chris laid there for a moment then began mumbling words.” Jason replied. In the end it was agreed that Kristen would stay by his side to keep him company. “Your friend is damn lucky he didn’t puncture a lung. The medic thought for a few minutes. “Cherkleg Academy… Samantha… Their coming in from our left. The next two hours were killer as they waited outside.

The security force had never been able to find who ever had committed the atrocity. “Shit!” He muttered. They were now under pinning interrogation for the death of several of their students. “I hope to one day find that bastard that killed my wife and end the pain that he caused me three years ago. It keeps me fueled. . That caused him to burn with anger. He widened the search to outside the ship. The pain he felt was from finding out that Chris had married while at the Academy. She brightened up my life. “So you two finally know the full story of my life. Cherkleg Academy was a training ground for what had been some of the Galaxies top Space Pilots and Generals.” Jason asked. The following year his was had been murdered. It also displayed his rank as a Level 14 Bounty Hunter. and gave me a hope and joy that I hadn’t felt for three years. Nothing of interest came into view. A Level 14 was the highest rank a person could earn in a position. has kept me going. he felt pain and anger well up in him.” Chris said form behind them. Jason noticed that he was still in pain from the surgery. a file opened. he struck gold. It listed his starting time at the Academy and the date he left. Jason jumped out and caught him. As Jason read. “I guess.” Chris replied.” Jason told Kristen. Clicking on a small folder. “Your gonna want to see this.” Chris added. “Why didn’t you tell us this? I have friends that would be able to help us track down the killer. Typing in Cherkleg Academy. as a whole list of people came up on the ships passenger list. The monitor brought up a file with a photo of a younger version of Chris. He left two moths later. and almost fell to the floor.Jason went over to the groups monitor and began looking up Samantha. “I didn’t know Chris was 23?” Kristen said. Jason typed in Chris Mark Thomas in the student search. They quickly turned around and found him leaning against the wall. trying not to cry from having also read the file. “Son of a bitch!” He hissed. He took a step forward. then I met Kristen. being the only one who knew. but.

He was about to leave the housing unit when Meredith came to him. Wait a few more days and then we will see how you are doing. Chapter 5 The first month was over. “Shit!” Jason hissed. “What the hell is going on?” He asked. Jason nodded. He takes notes of every thing he does and eats. They were walking down the hall . Chris was doing better. The guard took note of it. Again he took note of what Chris ate. “Remember.” Jessie said. so he decided to go have breakfast. I chose one of the guards that is always with you guys. closely followed by the guard. Later it showed them going to the cafeteria and eating. “We need to talk!” She said. Jason nodded a yes and then went back to his room. “I knew you wouldn’t believe me. just let me finish shaving. They stopped in front of theater and went in. A video appeared of the guard. She looked around before pushing her way inside. He returned a few moment later and found Jessie pacing the room. “Well.“You need to continue to rest. “Ok.” Jason replied. Your not as strong yet.” Kristen said. “Be safe. She and Jason lead Chris back to his bed. Jessie quickly did. It was boring the first day. you told me to choose someone to shadow for a week?” Jessie said. Jason had just finished taking a shower after training Jessie. “Turn it off. They were interrupted by his com-link buzzing. Jason left the two of them alone. He secretly follows Chris every where he goes. It showed him following Chris and Kristen down the hallways. until I noticed a pattern. It’s really creepy. since he had to meet Jessie at 8.” She said. He invited Jessie to come with him. The clock read 6:30. It was Kristen calling to see if he was going to join them for lunch. Jessie sighed. but was still told to take it easy.” She said giving him a hug. He found Jessie outside. when there was a knock on his door. She went over to his monitor and plugged a chip in.” Jason said. “You sure your not taking this assignment to serious?” Jason asked.

” Jason said lying. Jason raised his eyes in surprise when the “guard” came and gave Chris his food. He stopped talking as they passed the “guard” in the hall. He made a new plate for Chris and brought it back.” She said. Chapter 6 Jason woke up the two days later and threw up.” Jason replied. After the meal Jason and Jessie went back to his room to plan what to do next. To Jason’s surprise it took Jessie a minute to hack her way through the first file. until we came on the ship. “Meats not cooked all the way. “You all right?” She asked. “You were right about the food being poisoned. Jessie came around noon to check on him. . “We made a bet and the loser had to serve the other for a week. He was on his com-link. Jason took the tray away and took a quick bite.” Chris said. As the file came on screen. Jason’s heart dropped. he threw up the whole morning. Jason just shook his head in disappointment. “Do you know her?” Jessie asked. and Jason introduced Jessie to them. He cleared his throat as his body worked to destroy the poison. Let me get you another one. Jessie fooled around on Jason’s monitor and presently brought up the guards name and files. Jessie fit in right away. They sat down with the others. Jessie quickly followed him. Lauren quickly pulled away when she spotted Jason. and quickly put it away when they came to him. In fact. and all his files were double password protected. He lost. dumping it out. She held up a sheet of paper.when they came upon Lauren and Mark kissing. “What the hell was that for?” Jason asked. “We were dating.” Jason said. He stood to his feet a little unsteady. He instantly tasted the poison. paused to clear his head and then went away. His name was Morgan Frost. “Damn food was poisoned. Seem every relationship I have turns into shit.

Jason rolled his eyes as he bite into an apple. They left his room to go meet the others. “Morgan Frost. “That’s not all. He went over to their monitor and brought up the files. “I really hate being sick. They had gathered in the housing unit and Chris and Jason were sipping on beer. We brought up his files and all his records and found a boat load of files that he never should have had his hands on.” Rachel said coming into the room. he might not have made it. didn’t have a nice ring to it.” Jason said. They all turned to look at Jessie. “It’s not her fault.” She added. “I’ve been teaching Jessie how to shadow people. Amy whispered it to Meredith who nodded her head. he’s a decent fellow.” Jessie muttered. Amy watched the way Jason and Jessie sat next to each other. Chris gave Jason a look that said prove it to me. but with Chris still recovering from the surgery. . He also tried to poison Chris.” Jessie said. It could have been a lot worse. “Your lucky your body is able to fight the poison. Chris laughed. Jessie’s hand was slightly rested on Jason’s. “Is Jason all right? He’s throwing up. “He’s actually an assassin from the same academy Chris went to. Jessie nodded her head. Jason handed Jessie his beer and put a hand over his mouth.” Jason said.” She added.“It’s not deadly to people with strong hearts.” Meredith said. “It’s actually a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. though Jason in the process was poisoned.” Jason sighed. Thinking about how he himself could have died.” Jason said coming back into the room. Jason tasted the food first. “Rats. “You know that guard that is always hanging with us?” Jessie said. So that didn’t work out.” Jessie said. Jason nodded his head as he went back into the bathroom to throw up again. He quickly excused himself and hurried to the bathroom. “Do you mind telling me what you and Jessie have been up to?” Chris asked. knowing what was happening to Jason.

why don’t you shut up?. “What if Jason. we decided to host some events for the passengers. Amy came to stand next to him. “Forget it. since you don’t know Jason as well as I do.” Jason replied. “Well.” Jason added. Jason went over to turn the heater on and felt an electric shock. Jason.” He hissed holding his hand. There was a knock on the door. “Something happen?” Meredith called to him. dry your hands all they way before touching something electric. He sat down next to her and gave her a hug. “It seems I can’t go anywhere without getting into trouble. Jason turned to look at Jessie. Jason swore to himself as he walked back to the group. Rachel went to answer it.” Gordon replied.” Jason said sitting down. Both of you are fantastic fighters so you both should be equally matched. She had tears in her eyes. Jason sat next to Jessie. Jessie leaned against Jason for a second then quickly stood to her feet. “Dammit.” Chris said. The others laughed. that’s why I keep throwing up.” She said. Now get out of this room!” Jason snapped at Gordon. Gordon can sometimes be a jerk. . you and Morgan are going to have a fight for the enjoyment of the crowd. Jason went and stood by the window. Gordon quickly left the room. who touched his hand then pulled away when she caught Amy’s stare.” Jason sighed. She came back with Gordon. Chris swore under his breath. “Next time. “I just electrocuted myself.“Only slightly.” Gordon said. “Since it is the last week we have left on this StarCruiser. “I’ll. He tightened his first as if to punch the window but stopped. Chris agreed with him. one of the events coordinator. I’m getting over it. doesn’t want to fight against Morgan?” Jessie asked. do. “I’m sorry for speaking out of turn.

and then nothing will stand in the way of my Master’s plan. “Yeah. She gently shook Jason awake. had now been converted into a death ring. What had used to be the Summer Park. clean shaven and looking like he was ready for the fight.” Chris pulled Jason aside. Amy nocked on Jason’s door and opened it to find him fast asleep on the couch. “Wouldn’t you like to know. Dammit. He came out 10 minutes later.” Jason replied laughing. Jason nodded a quick yes and then looked around the fight ring. This really sucks.” Morgan said over a private channel to Jason.3. The three of them made their way to the cafeteria to eat and then hurried to the “Arena. he settled on a Remington 12 gauge and a FN P90. “Who’s your master?” Jason asked Morgan. lights danced off his blood red body armor. Jessie was sleeping in the bed. Pillars and bunkers were scattered around and the atmosphere had changed into a desert setting. Perusing over the weapon choice.” Chris whispered to Jason. “Testing 1.” Morgan replied mockingly.” He said. As he stepped into the arena. but when was the last time I was ready for anything. The signal was given to them and they both raced to separate corners of the ring. Can you hear me Jason?” Chris’s voice came over Jason’s radio. “I don’t expect this fight to last long. Jason took a deep breath before replying. He went over and woke Jessie. “Hell no. I know. “Go figure.2. “You do realize that this fight is giving Morgan an excuse to kill you. After you’re dead. His fear that this was a plan to kill him were confirmed when shields were placed over the walls and spectator stands.Chapter 7 The day of the fight came. “You ready for the fight?” She asked. I’ll finish off Razor.” Amy whispered. Nodding a thanks he stumbled into the bathroom and took a cold shower. Jason activated the fan inside his helmet to keep his visor from fogging up. . She yawned and sat up.

but Morgan’s armor handled the damage well. Jason slowly walked away as medics attended to the body. I fiddled around with your knife thrower. “What the hell was that all about?” Amy asked. He ran and dove behind a bunker just as Morgan rounded the corner where he had just been standing. Jessie’s voice came over Jason’s radio. Jason opened fire.” Morgan replied gasping for air. The guards opened the door when they spotted Jason and Chris in body armor. and was able to replace the original blades with exploding ones.” Jason sighed. People avoided him as he made his way over to Chris and the rest. The group slowly walked to the hospital. “Now. Jason squeezed off a single shot from his FN P90 and brought Morgan to the ground. “This fight just got bigger. Jessie held Jason’s hands as they departed from their ship. He hurried quickly to his side and kicked his weapons away.” ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ The mood of the passengers aboard the Hero was a mixture of fear and awe as the construction ships slowly descended to Earth. they blew a chunk of armor off. Shana looked up and let out a scream of delight and ran over to hug Jason.” With that. . He leaped up and fired off several blades. Morgan gasped one last time and then lay still.“TELL ME NOW YOU BASTARD!” Jason roared. He swore under his breath as his voice boomed across the Park’s speakers. “My secret goes to the grave with me. “It’s good to be home. Jason sat down and buried his head in his hands. Chunks of concrete sprayed against Jason’s helmet as a bullet stuck near his head. He checked his scanner and found Morgan working his way up the left side.” “You just gave me one more reason why I love you!” Jason replied. “Like hell I’m gonna tell you. “Jason. answer the F-en question! Who is your Master?” Jason asked. Three of the knives caught in Morgan’s armor and when they detonated.

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