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Date: August 8, 2006 Issue #: 25

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August 8, 2006 By: Don Nichols Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf Tour

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The Commissioner received his comeuppance this past Tuesday when his hand picked team turned out to be no match for the rest of the field and finished dead last. Slyly arranging for regular Saturday morning partners Rick Eaton and Mike Gaddis, plus former ATAGer John McClymonds (visiting from Houston) to be on the Commissioner’s team proved not to be the best strategy as the woebegone teammates were not up to the challenge presented by the other randomly selected ATAG teams. After an earlier afternoon thunderstorm helped to cool down the heat index, sixteen players showed up to take on the friendly front nine and were assembled into the following four teams in accordance with their time of arrival which resulted in two foursomes, one fivesome, and one threesome, with the latter group randomly selecting one member of the fivesome as their draw partner at the conclusion of play. Team 1 3 Tom Thornhill Marty Arnold Scotty Greene Gaddis Brooks Cowles
Score: -12


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Team 2 Richard Batelaan Ron Majors Craig Sellner Mike Gutt
Score: -13

Team Rick Eaton Don Nichols Mike John
Score: -6

Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf McClymonds* Tour


Ansley Golf Club

196 Montgomery Ferry Dr Atlanta, Ga 30309

Team 4 P. J. Wade David Hurt*** Doug Healy Andy Tyber** Score: -14
* out of state guest and former ATAGer **draw partner drafted from Team 2 fivesome

***long time Ansley member and second time visitor in the 2006 season

The team of P.J. Wade, David Hurt, and Doug Healy, aided by three strokes from draw partner Andy Tyber, finished at 14 under to edge out Team 2 by one stroke for the golden ale and entitle them to place their order with the Commish’s ill chosen team which finished at only 6 under.

Ten handicapper Richard Batelaan rebounded from last week’s pounding by the back nine to fire an impressive 36 on the friendly front nine for a net 5 under to rake in the Low Net pot of $18 (augmented by a $2 fine from a Mike Gutt rules infraction the prior week). Batelaan’s even par round, which included two birdies, also tied three handicapper Andy Tyber for the honorary Low Gross for the day. Tyber was so impressed by the play of Batelaan that he donated his winning brewsky to him. (obviously a psychological ploy) On the high side, nineteen handicapper Mike Gutt continued his bad day from the prior week by tripling and doubling his way to the day’s high score (and his worst round of the season) of 53, edging out perennial favorite twenty eight handicapper Craig Sellner by one shot. (Frank Corrigan, after posting a record tying 59 the prior week, informed the Commissioner by email that he was sitting this one out to “fine tune” his game.


There were many candidates for “shot of the day” including: Andy Tyber’s 325 yard tee shot--subject to verification by the ATAG Long Ball Committee. ( Such a monstrous drive would normally result in sole possession of shot of the day honors had he not taken four additional shots to cover the rest of the 162 yards to save par); P. J. Wade’s 210 yard approach shot that landed within 7 feet of the pin on # 5 enabling him to make an “almost eagle” birdie—net eagle; Mike Gaddis chipping in for par-net birdie on # 4, and Richard Batelaan and Rick Eaton each sinking 25 foot putts for birdie.

Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf Tour

The friendly front nine yielded 8 birdies and saw the Birdie Club add Doug Healy to its roster for the first time this season and post double birdies by Richard Batelaan and P.J. Wade

Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomery Ferry Dr Atlanta, Ga 30309

Low Gross: Bernhardt: 34 ATAG Record: Reese: 33 Low Net: Gutt, Sawyer: -6 (ATAG Record)

Leaders In The Clubhouse:

and single tweeters by Rick Eaton, Andy Tyber, and visitor David Hurt. Batelaan has now surpassed Tyber as the Birdie Club Leader in the Clubhouse with a cumulative total of 12.


Birdie Leader: Batelaan: 12 ● ATAG Record: Tyber: 19swapped Eagle Club: 2006: John Arnold 2005: Majors, Meagher

It was another good night on the porch as the players stories and chided each other as only golfers know how to do. Some of the players opted to partake of the fine cuisine of the Men’s Grill while others focused solely on their drinking. ● On the first tee, cart riding Marty Arnold ignored the

(Ties ATAG Record first set inReprimand. 2005 by Matin, Tyber, Healy, and draw partner Kisgen)

Commissioner’s warning not to tee off before the 5:00 pm Best Team Score: -16 starting time. His impatience and disregard for authority was Eaton, Gilmore, Thornhill, rewarded with his season high score of 47 and a Letter Of Nichols ● When ATAGers learned that Doug Healy was the successful bidder at a recent charity benefit of a week’s stay in a luxury sea side villa--complete with wait staff-- in a resort in Mexico, they strongly suggested that Healy share the vacation package with fellow ATAGers. Healy readily agreed, saying he thought it was a good idea but that it would require his wife’s approval. The subject then quickly changed. ● John McClymonds, a former ATAGer and subscriber to The Nickelodeon, made a special trip to Atlanta just to participate once again in the ATAG experience—which he did by being on the losing team. ● Two Glove Tom Thornhill returned from Injured Reserve wearing a knee brace and might have to have surgery during the off season. ● Several ATAGers are playing in this weekend’s Net Club Championship and are expected to hold the ATAG banner during the two day competition. ● That’s it for this week. Next week it’s “back to the back”— unfriendly back nine! See you then!



Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf Tour


Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomery Ferry Dr Atlanta, Ga 30309

Box Scores: front nine: slope: 134 Batelaan* 36 Tyber* * 36 Wade, P.J. 38 Hurt 39 Eaton 40 Greene 41 Healy 42 Nichols 43 Thornhill 43 McClymonds 43 Majors 44 Gaddis 44 Cowles 46 Arnold 47 Sellner 52 Gutt 53
* Low Net Winner and Tie For Low Gross

**T ie for Low Gross

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