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Date: September 26, 2006 Issue #: 31

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September 26, 2006 By: Don Nichols Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf Tour

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It was a gorgeous Tuesday afternoon that saw 16 ATAGers take on the intimidating back nine in pursuit of the golden ale and, as each hoped, maybe even the cash booty for the Low Net. Once again, though, the back side prevailed as only two players posted net under par scores. Two others did manage to shoot their handicap, but, as the box scores attest, the rest of the field hacked their way around the course to record some of the highest collective scores of the year. Participating in this day’s match were: Team 1 Brad Reese Cass Mike Gutt McGlynn Frank Corrigan Richard Gilmore Rich Hall Majors score: -10 Team 3 Team 4 Craig Sellner Tom Thornhill P.J. Wade David Danzig Team 2

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Henry Sawyer Tim Martin score: -4

Jeff Colbath Ron

Don Nichols score: -4 score: -2

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Early arrivals Brad Reese, Mike Gutt, Frank Corrigan, and Rich Hall were the first to tee off and never looked back as they coasted through the back side, getting to 6 under after only four holes and finishing at 10 under. There was some drama on the porch as the second and third groups ended up tied at 4 under and anxiously awaited the arrival of the last group which mysteriously did not arrive until some twenty minutes later, just barely beating the darkness. The fourth group later explained they needed the extra time to search for errant shots on just about every hole that collectively earned them the right to be the day’s patron with a score of 2 under.

Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf Tour


Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomery Ferry Dr Atlanta, Ga 30309


Twenty four handicapper “Lucky Frank” Corrigan, normally one of the head liners of the next section, surprised everyone including himself by firing an impressive 45, for a net 3 under to capture the day’s Low Net Purse of 16 bucks. “Lucky Frank” had two net eagles and six net pars in recording his season’s best and leading his team to victory. (Frank did not stay around for the conclusion of the match so the winnings have been placed into escrow until a ruling is issued by the ATAG Rules Committee.) The honorary Low Gross was won by Brad Reese who shot 39, edging out P.J. Wade by one stroke.

Low Gross: Bernhardt: 34 ATAG Record: Reese: 33 Low Net: Gutt, Sawyer: -6 (ATAG Record) Birdie Leader: Tyber: 15 ATAG Record: Tyber: 19 Eagle Club: 2006: John Arnold # 11 2005: Majors, Meagher

Leaders In The Clubhouse:

It was a lot more competitive on the high side, but Richard Gilmore managed to use a triple quadruple combination on and #16 to edge out last week’s winner David Danzig by stroke to capture high score honors with a score of 52. Craig Sellner and Jeff Colbath had their chances, but fell a little with scores of 50 each.


Best Team Score: -16 short Eaton, Gilmore, Thornhill, Nichols
(Ties ATAG Record first set in 2005 by Martin, Tyber, Healy, and draw partner Kisgen)

(well, sort of)

Eighteen handicapper Kevin McGlynn earned “shot of the day” honors) for his approach shot on #13 from behind the trees on # 14. Showing utter defiance for the tree barrier in front of him, McGlynn unhesitatingly took a full swing and zoomed the ball into the heart of the tree branches—only to see the Ansley hardwoods counter the assault by sending the ball back and over his head in a high arc reminiscent of a jai alai shot that landed softly some fifteen yards behind him.

Four birdies were added to the Birdie Club—one each by P.J. Wade, Brad Reese, Henry Sawyer, and Don Nichols.

● It as another pleasant evening on the porch as the players conversed about their day’s round and all of the “would of, could of, should of” opportunities. Nichols and Sellner told a couple of jokes that elicited some genuine laughter and McGlynn followed with a lawyer joke with mixed results before the conversations shifted to even more mundane matters. ● Rich Hall revealed that he is an inveterate high stakes gambler and continually successful at Texas Hold-Em poker , causing much discussion by the group and suggestions by some that we should start an ATAG Texas Hold-Em league. (the Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Commissioner remained silent during the discussion but later Golf Tour noted that such an endeavor does not conform to the ATAG Mission Ansley Golf Club Statement.)


196 Montgomery Ferry Dr ● Jeff Colbath, one of several ATAGers who are in the Atlanta, Ga 30309 “investment advisory” business (read stock broker) gave a “buy” stock tip on British Petroleum (Ticker: BPT), citing a current

14% dividend yield. No one seemed anxious to hurry home to await the next day’s opening of the market but, you never know, the ATAG porch could reveal the secrets of great wealth for those who follow stock tips and pursue on line gambling (aren’t they the same?) at the recommendation of high handicapper golfers with cocktails in their hands. ● Russ Jobson was a “no notice, no show”, but did make a cameo appearance at 7:55 pm to beg forgiveness, citing a last minute business conflict. The Commissioner showed leniency by removing Jobson from ATAG Death Row and instead sentencing him to “Double Secret Probation.” (side note: Richard Gilmore was nominated, and curiously accepted the nomination, to be the Executioner in the event the sentence of “death by boogada boogada” is ever given to any of the players currently on ATAG Death Row.) ● ATAG veterans Mike Gaddis, Danny Morris, Doug Healy, Tom Kisgen, Marty Arnold, Don Nichols, Rick Eaton, and former ATAGer John McClymonds returned from their annual golf trip to Hilton Head this past week end where they played 108 holes in four days on four different courses involving several two man and four man team matches and an overall individual winner for the four day tournament. Don Nichols had a nine stroke lead going into the last day but opened the final round with a double bogey after topping the ball into the lake and struggled off and on all day long under the pressure of hard charging Marty Arnold, Tom Kisgen, and Danny Morris. Fortunately for him, Nichols managed to have a few good holes and withstood the pressure and won by four shots over a relentless Arnold with a four day net total score of 282. Kisgen and Morris finished third and fourth respectively with net total scores of 293 and 294. This was the first time that Nichols had ever won the highly competitive ATAG Hilton Head Tournament . (which he followed up on Tuesday by posting his highest ATAG round of the season. Oddly, all of the other tournament players elected to pass this week.) That’s it for this week. See you next week when we go back to the front nine. The days are getting shorter so we will be starting a little earlier for those who can make it. THERE ARE ONLY 4 MORE MATCHES IN THE 2006 SEASON!

Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf Tour


Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomery Ferry Dr Atlanta, Ga 30309

Box Scores: Back Nine: Slope 136 Reese 39 Majors 47 Hall 40 McGlynn 48 Wade 40 Nichols 48 Thornhill 43 Martin Cass 42 Sellner 50 Gutt 44 Colbath 50 Corrigan 45 Danzig 51 Sawyer 47 Gilmore 52


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