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Beth A.

Towle |

Academic Appointments
Assistant Professor of English 2019 -
Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD

Associate Director of the University Writing Center 2019-

Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD

Teaching Assistant, Introductory Composition / Writing Lab 2014-2019

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Business Writing Coordinator, Writing Lab 2016-2018

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Ph.D. in English May 2019
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Concentration: Rhetoric & Composition
Dissertation: ‘It Depends on Who You Talk To’: Mapping Writing Center-Writing Program Relationships
at Small Liberal Arts Colleges
Committee: Harry Denny (chair), Bradley Dilger, Irwin Weiser, Jackie Grutsch McKinney

M.F.A. in Creative Writing May 2013

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
Thesis: Huckleberry Queen: Poems
Committee: Johannes Goransson (advisor), Joyelle McSweeney, William O’Rourke

B.A. in English Writing May 2009

DePauw University, Greencastle, IN
Graduated cum laude, English Department Honors

Towle, Beth A. “(In)Visibility through Numbers: ‘Finding’ First-Generation Students through an Intersectional
Approach to Institutional and Programmatic Data.” Beyond Fitting In. Edited by Kelly Ritter and Allison Kranek.

Towle, Beth A. “Other People’s Houses: Identity and Service in Writing Center Work.” Out in the Center: Public
Controversies and Private Struggles. Edited by Harry Denny, et al. 2018. (ISBN: 978-1607327820)

Denny, Harry and Beth A. Towle. “Braving the Waters of Class in Writing Centers: The Performance and Policing of
Socioeconomic Class in Everyday Tutoring.” The Peer Review, 1.2, November 2017. http://thepeerreview-

Beth Towle CV 1
Towle, Beth A. and Vicki R. Kennell. “Book Review: Tutoring Second Language Writers.” The Writing Center Journal,
35.3, Winter 2016.

Towle, Beth. Rhabdomantics. Poetry chapbook. Adjunct Press, 2016.

Conference Presentations
“Crafting Institutional Relationships with First Generation Students: Two Methodologies.” International Writing
Centers Association Conference. Columbus, OH. October 2019.

“Understanding (and Advocating for) Peer Tutor Labor through Empirical Research.” International Writing Centers
Association Conference. Atlanta, GA. October 2018.

“Space and Access for LGBTQ+ and Non-binary Students and Tutors in Writing Centers.” Presented with Jacob English
and Ruben Ramanathan. East Central Writing Center Association. Columbus, IL. March 2018.

“Institutional(ized) Identities: Graduate Students, Writing Centers, and Advocacy.” International Writing Centers
Association Conference. Chicago, IL. November 2017.

“Restoring and Engaging Metis: Feminist Frameworks for Graduate Students.” Presented with Erin Brock Carlson.
Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference. Dayton, OH. October 2017.

“Boiler Up!/Drilling Down: Replicating the Peer Writing Tutor Alumni Project. International Writing Centers
Association Conference. Denver, CO. October 2016.

“Tutoring as (Hard) Labor: How Assessment Makes Writing Center Work Visible to Institutions.” Conference on College
Composition and Communication. Houston, TX. April 2016.

“Making Possible Bean-Counting: Coding ‘Other’ Responses from the WCRP Survey.” International Writing Centers
Association Collaborative. Houston, TX. April 2016.

“Using Policty Statements in Writing Tutor Training.” International Writing Centers Association Conference. Pittsburgh,
PA. October 2015.

“Farming Out: Writing Centers and the Adjunct-ification of Writing Instruction.” East Central Writing Center
Association Conference. Notre Dame, IN. March 2015.

“Writing Centers, Collaborative Learning, and First-Generation College Students.” Conference on College Composition
and Communication. Indianapolis, IN. March 2014.

Courses taught at Salisbury University
ENGL 564: Rhetorical Criticism, Spring 2021 (Graduate)

ENGL 566: Methods in Composition and Rhetoric Research, Fall 2020 (Graduate)

ENGL 464: Rhetorical Criticism, Spring 2021

ENGL 454: Writing Centers Theory and Practice, Fall 2020

ENGL 307: Writing for Digital Environments, Spring 2021/2021

ENGL 308: Advanced Composition, Fall 2019

Beth Towle CV 2
ENGL 103: Composition + Research, 2019-2020

Courses taught at Purdue University

ENGL 106Y: Online First-Year Composition, 2018-2019

ENGL 106: First-Year Composition, 2014-2016, 2017-2018

ENGL 390B: Tutoring Business + Professional Writing, Fall 2016, Fall 2017

ENGL 390: Tutoring in the Writing Lab, Spring 2017

Writing Centers
Administrative Appointments
Associate Director
Salisbury University Writing Center, 2019 -

Business Writing Coordinator

Purdue University Writing Lab, 2016-2018

Summer Assistant Director

Purdue University Writing Lab, 2016
Tutoring Positions
Graduate Writing Tutor
Purdue University Writing Lab, 2015-2018

Graduate Writing Tutor

University of Notre Dame Writing Center, 2012-2013

Writing Consultant
DePauw University Writing Center, 2007-2009

Professional Service
International Writing Centers Association Outstanding Article Award Committee, 2021
International Writing Centers Association Outstanding Article Award Committee (Graduate member), 2018

Salisbury University
University / School of Liberal Arts Service
Curriculum Committee, 2020-
Fulbright Campus Committee, 2019-

English Department Service

Assessment Committee (Chair), 2020-
Undergraduate Committee, 2020-

Dissertation and Thesis Committees

Reader, Kelsie Endicott, EdD candidate (in progress)
Director, Crystal Weimer, MA (completed, 2021)
Beth Towle CV 3
Director, Stephen Shoop, MA (in progress)
Reader, Brianna Price, BA (completed, 2020)
Reader, Kyla Taylor, BA student (in progress)
Reader, Xavier Prince, BA student (in progress)

Purdue University
Nonfiction Reader, Sycamore Review, 2017-2018
Poetry Reader, Sycamore Review, 2016-2018
Introductory Writing Committee, 2016-2017
Writing Lab Hiring Committee, 2016, 2017
Purdue Graduate Student English Association, 2014-2017
Excellence in Teaching Award Committee, 2015-2016

Invited Speaking and Workshops

“Writing College Application Essays,” Salisbury University Seidel School of Education & Governor’s Education
Emergency Relief Grant Program for local high schools, Spring 2021

“Getting the Most Out of Peer Review: From Conception to Implementation,” Salisbury University Faculty
Professional Development, Spring 2021

“Inquiry-Based Writing Center Research,” Augusta University Writing Center Practicum (Invitation of Dr. Candis
Bond), Fall 2020

“Starting and Managing a Larger Writing Project,” Salisbury University Graduate Student Association, Fall 2020

“Introduction to Graduate Student Writing,” Salisbury University Libraries Graduate Bootcamp, Fall 2019/2020

“Joining the Conversation: Style Guides Explained,” Salisbury University Office of Undergraduate Research and
Creative Activity, Spring 2020

“Editing 101,” Laridae student research journal, Spring 2020

“First-Generation Student Support.” Composition Instructors Workshop, Salisbury University, Spring 2020

“Scaffolding Peer Review.” Composition Instructors Workshop, Salisbury University, Fall 2019

In-Class Writing Workshops for the University Writing Center (Sample Topics: “Literature Reviews,” “Writing
Summaries,” “Integrating Sources”), Ongoing

Relevant Experiences
Research Assistant, Summer 2015
Purdue University (Dr. Bradley Dilger)

Grants and Fellowship Consultant, 2013-2014

University of Notre Dame Graduate School

Interim Fulbright Program Advisor, Fall 2013

University of Notre Dame Graduate School

Beth Towle CV 4
Grants, Fellowships, and Scholarships
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Fellowship, with Stephanie Davis, 2021 ($900)
Project: Assessing the University Writing Center Impact on Marginalized Students
Salisbury University Faculty Mini-Grant, 2020 ($1,600)
Project: A Cross-Institutional Study of Writing Center Support for First-Generation College Students

Graduate Research
Purdue University Research Foundation Summer Fellowship, 2018 ($3,500)
The Professor Patricia Sullivan Dissertation Scholarship, 2018 ($2,500)
International Writing Centers Association Ben Rafoth Graduate Research Grant, 2018 ($1,000)
Purdue University College of Liberal Arts Promise Research Grant, 2017 ($450)
Purdue University Research Foundation Summer Fellowship, 2017 ($3,500)

Conference Travel
Purdue Writing Lab Travel Scholarship, Fall 2018 ($950)
Purdue Writing Lab Travel Scholarship, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Spring 2018 ($400-500)
Purdue College of Liberal Arts Promise Travel Grant, Fall 2016 ($700)
Purdue College of Liberal Arts Promise Travel Grant, Spring 2016 ($700)
International Writing Centers Association Collaborative Travel Scholarship, Spring 2016 ($150)

Professional Affiliations
International Writing Centers Association

Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association

Beth Towle CV 5

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