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Magna-Mike 8500

■■Minimum mode continually displays lowest thickness measurement
■■Handheld and lightweight (950 g / 2.1 lb)
■■Few keys for simple operation
■■Backlit LCD with large, easy-to-read numbers
■■Fast thickness measurements up to 16 per second
■■Capable of finding minimum thickness in tight corners
■■Easily measures center of large parts
■■Accuracy not dependent upon shape or properties of test material
■■Internal file-based data logger stores up to 95,000 thickness measurements
Precision Thickness Gage
The Panametrics® Magna-Mike® 8500 is a handheld thickness gage that uses magnetism to perform reliable and
repeatable measurements on nonferrous materials.
Using the Magna-Mike 8500 is very simple. Measurements are performed by holding the gage’s magnetic probe to
one surface of the test material and placing a small steel target ball on the opposite surface. A Hall-effect sensor built
into the probe measures the distance between the probe tip and target ball. Measurements are instantly displayed as
easy-to-read digital readings.
When attempting to measure the thickness of plastic containers, for example, the gage’s operator drops the target
ball in the container. The magnetic probe held to the outside surface of the container attracts the target ball.
As the operator moves the probe along the surface of the container, the steel target ball follows. The Minimum mode
continually displays the actual thickness and the lowest thickness reading.
The Magna-Mike 8500 is ideal when measuring difficult shapes and sizes. Nondestructive measurement capabilities allow for
pinpoint thickness readings in tight corners and grooves down to a 0.7950 mm (0.0313 in.) radius. The Magna-Mike 8500 was
successfully integrated into quality control programs of glass and aluminum containers, aerospace composite parts, medical
packaging, automotive panels, airbag tear seams, and other nonferrous components.


Target Ball Thickness Calibrated
Diameter Range (with Accuracy
1.590 mm 0.001 to ±3%*
(0.0625 in.) 2.286 mm
(0.0001 to
0.0900 in.)
3.180 mm 0.001 to ±2%*
(0.1250 in.) 4.570 mm
(0.0001 to
0.1800 in.)
4.760 mm 0.001 to ±1%*
(0.1875 in.) 6.350 mm
(0.0001 to
0.2500 in.)
Accuracy depends on the thickness
range. For detailed specifications,
refer to the user’s manual.

Scan rate: Up to 16 measurements per second, selectable

Min mode: Rapidly locates and displays the minimum thickness measurement

Resolution: 0.01 mm or 0.001 mm (0.001 in. or 0.0001 in.), selectable

Display: Black-on-gray LCD, with electro-luminescent backlight and adjustable contrast. Can simultaneously display the active
measurement, minimum measurement, alarm status, and data file information

Data logger: Can store, recall, clear, and transmit up to 95,000 thickness measurements with 8-character file names and 16-
character alphanumeric identification codes

Data output: Serial RS-232 port. Baud rate, parity, and stop bits all selectable through keypad

Onboard reports: Min, Max, SD, Mean, Median, File Comparison

Calibration: Two point standard calibration and up to 8 reference points

Differential mode: Displays difference between current measurement and preset reference value

Alarm mode: Programmable Hi/Low alarm set points with audible and visual indicators

The Magna-Mike 8500 precision thickness gage includes:
• Standard probe (801PR)
• Probe stand (80PRS)
• Basic gage stand (85RPC)
• Probe cable (851PC)
• Microsoft® Windows®/Excel®-based interface program (WINXL)
• User’s manual (85MAN)
• Pocket reference card (85REF)
• NiMH rechargeable battery (EPLT/BAT)
• External power supply with charger
• RS-232 I/O cable, 9 pins, female (8509F)
• Target ball and calibration kit (80ACC-KIT), including target ball set (1/16 in., 1/8 in., 3/16 in.), calibration standards:
0.25 mm (0.010 in.), 1 mm (0.040 in.), 4 mm (0.160 in.). For measurements over 4 mm (0.160 in.), see Optional

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