Defensive Practice Organization

Don Brown University of Maryland Defensive Coordinator

1. We will never compromise our standards. It takes 100 years to build an oak tree; it takes 10 minutes to chop it down. “Leave Earth” every time you’re involved with football. You cannot fake emotion. If you practice with it, you will play with it. Play with tremendous enthusiasm 100% of the time. Remember 100% of the body and 100% of the mind! Remember, character is the ability to stand up for the things that are right and say no to the things that are wrong. Put the team first, your unit second, your position group third and you fourth. Garbage In – Garbage Out. Live in the past, you die in the present.




5. 6. 7.

Men, every person is entitled to make a mistake. It is part of human nature. I will stand beside each and every one of you if you make a mistake. When you make more than one mistake that becomes a trend. Men, I have a problem with trendsetters. I allow a mistake, but I do not allow trends. Be a MAN! In my mind, academic integrity, athletic integrity and character are the key ingredients of a Maryland Football player. The Best Ability is Dependability.

Wreck the decision maker (7 or more knockdowns). 6. 4. No runs over 20 yards. 8. 7. 4 minus yardage plays per game (3 sacks). 2. 3. 9. Cause 2 fumbles (Defense must gain possession). Score or set up score. No passes over 25 yards. 10 11. Stop 70% of the 3rd/4th down plays. 5.Major Team Goals – Goal Board 2009 1. WIN! Create one more turnover than TD's against. 3rd quarter SHUTOUT. . Intercept 1 of 15 passes.

scouts working opponents base run and play action passes [10 minutes]. • Break • Punt [5 minutes]. • Bandits [5 minutes]. • Specialists: Emphasis on the Kicking Game. • Tough Period: Defense vs. • First Down: Iron sharpens Iron. Good in base run and play action period [12 snaps]. Good vs.[5 minutes].Maryland Defense: 2009 Defensive Practice Organization: • Pre-Practice: Formation Adjustments [66% of what we do occurs pre-snap [15 minutes]. . • Stretch and Run: Warm-up period to get ready for competition [10 minutes]. • Individual: Position coaches work on techniques and fundamentals [15 minutes].

. • Speed Skeleton: Good vs. • Team Period: This period is run vs. Roll the reps out[5 min.] • Opponents Skeleton: Defense prepares for routes specific to our opponents[10 min.] • Blitz Period: This period is run vs. the cans and ascout skeleton group.Defensive Practice Organization: • 1 on 1’s: All O/D players are in some form of competition [5 minutes]. Make sure you are specific about adjustments that you want made[10 minutes]. Good in quick 9 snaps of skeleton. Be efficient and organized because this period prepares your team for success or failure[15 minutes]. scout eleven.

.Defensive Practice Organization: • Field Goal: [5 minutes] • Defensive Specialties [5 or 10 minute block on fundamentals of team defense.] • Tackling circuit • Turnover circuit • Hedging: Blitz get-off for all positions.

Cover 2 Zone Blitz Package Don Brown University of Maryland Defensive Coordinator .

and aggressively unpredictable behavior that is fundamentally intended to increase tension succeeds doubly in its function by the added tension inherent in futile reactions to misdirection. and when they realize they cannot predict what you will do. This leads naturally into the offensive aspect of unpredictability. thus exhausting the energy of attention and progressively diluting its effectiveness.” Their attention is thus necessarily spread more thinly. The buildup of constantly mounting anxiety accelerates this process. they cannot act against you with inevitable effect. they have to be more watchful without knowing quite what they are watching for. and their mental energy naturally wanes on account of the added burden. enemies who cannot tell when or where you might act are thereby prevented from preparing a sure “offense.“The Lost Art of War”by: SunTzu II WHY WE BLITZ When opponents cannot predict what you will do. .

2. We “Practice what we Preach. or 6/7 press with no help To be an outstanding pressure team you need to utilize all concepts associated with pressure schemes. Zone Blitz – Utilization of 3 Deep (3 Under) or (4 Under) 2 Deep c. Run Blitz – early downs or if personnel dictates.Maryland FOOTBALL WRECK THE DECISION MAKER (QB): 2007 STATISTICS: SACKS – 44 QB KNOCKDOWNS (MEASURE WEEK TO WEEK) DEFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY: 1. b. Development of Philosophy – Create an ultra aggressive mindset in your players.” We come out of the locker room with a pressure mentality. we take this mentality and make it an every down philosophy. . As coaches. we get creative with our schemes on conversion downs. Man Blitz – Utilization of 5/6 man pressure with Man Free. At Maryland. To be a great blitz team you must be able to: a.

Our number 1 concern is which screens teams have the ability to run a.OFFENSIVE CONCERNS FOR MAN BLITZ TEAMS: 1. #1 Under screen c. Press man – What routes will the offense give you * Note: Press man limits routes of the offense a. Comeback d. Slip screen 2. Fade Stop – Red Zone . Fades b. Bubble screen b. Slants c.

3. . He must relish the challenge of 1 on 1 coverage. and be extremely coachable. Time up is the most important ingredient for success. 4. Teach your DB’s to somehow get the ball carrier on the ground. Fit protections to formations and/or personnel groups. Must have courage. conviction and movement skills necessary to play man coverage. 2. Must be able to play and catch the deep ball (#1 drill I use to evaluate DB’s) Must be a solid tackler. set blitzes based on these ingredients. 3. ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS FOR A MARYLAND DB: 1. Sell players on Playing Fast – spend time on hitting blitzes with speed.

Teach blitz time up vs. Looking for 20 repetitions. cadence and “get off the ball. Eliminate Scout O-Line . .” Technique: Feet staggered with inside foot up. Once Blitzer is up. Maintain Stagger and attack the decision maker.SUCCESSFUL INGREDIENTS OF A “BLITZ” DEFENSE: 1.Work against the “Cans” to make sure guys are hitting right gaps with timing. 4.Spend 15 minutes a day working against a scout skeleton group. “Hedging” . 3. execute creep and explode off back foot. he stays UP! We do not retreat and start over. 2. Repetitions .

HEDGE DRILL: (Once a week) DL DB LOS 5 yards LB LB DB 10 yards .

POP GREEN ( 3 Deep 3 Under) ( MAN FREE) ( 2 Deep 4 Under) . Personnel/Formations (Establish Links) b. Types of Pressure: a. Never – ever let them off the hook 2. SAMURAI CITY c. Evaluate Protections c. SNIPER 6 b. WRECK the DECISION MAKER (Quarterback): a.1.

72 BLACK A T S 50 M 10 SIDE C N E SIDE W 50 C HASH(10-12YDS) R 1/2 CHE CK: HAMME R FS HASH(10-12YDS) 1/2 HOLE (18-22YDS) A "FLIP" FS FLAT T N E "BALANCE " SIDE 30 20 W C M S "DE TATCH" E SIDE C 50 W N 10 M T Y A "TRADE " 50 S SIDE C C -9 P OST WINDOW #1 VE RTICAL R 1/2 FS 1/2 R 1/2 POSSIBLE : CHE CK E GO CHE CK: "26" A SIDE C 50 S T 10 M N E SIDE C SIDE C A 50 S T 10 M N 50 W E SIDE C W "DE TATCH" FS 1/2 R 1/2 R 1/2 FS 1/2 QB "CLUSTE R" A SIDE C S "DE TATCH" R 1/2 T N "BALANCE " 30 30 M W E SIDE C SIDE C A "DE TATCH" S STE #2 M FS 1/2 R 1/2 T N "BALANCE " 30 30 M W HASH FS 1/2 E SIDE C WALL #3 TO HOLE .

(PUP)POP GREEN 2 1 SIGHT C A S #2 N M #2 E W P SIGHT C CP: ANT OR NAT COULD BE TAGGE TO CALL D R 1-2 FS 1-2 2 1 2 1 A C SIDE #2 N M #2 E W C P FS FLAT SIGHT A S #2 N M E W P C SIDE HASH S C " HA MME R (C-9 ) R 1 /2 1-2 R FS 1/2 2 1 2 1 Y A C S IDE N M E W P Y SOLO S HASH C C SIDE A S HASH N M E W P FS HA MME R C GAP/BACK R HO E L 1 /2 FS R 1 -2 1/2 HOLE C (C-9) 2 1 2 1 Y SIGHT Y A S #2 N M E W P HASH A FL T A N S E W P M C SIDE C C SIDE C HASH R R 1-2 FS 1/2 (C-9) HOLE FS 1/2 .

Man Technique Fundamentals for Defensive Secondary Don Brown University of Maryland Defensive Coordinator .

great student and a great person. Execute the plan and play with a purpose. These three attributes relate to a team’s chemistry. You must be disciplined and do things within the team concept. . Expect and work hard to achieve greatness in everything you do. This is a tough game for tough people. not it’s talent level. Be a great players. Great teams never stop bringing it. there is no substitute for smashing. Justifying a lack of success will only lead to future failure. 2. HAVE GREAT EXPECTATIONS IN EVERYTHING YOU DO. BE AGGRESSIVE AND PHYSICAL. 3. However.Maryland Football: Intangible Goals for 2009: 1. HAVE NO EXCUSES. Schemes are important. PLAY SMART. 4. Action without direction is a waste of energy. PLAY HARD with tremendous physical intensity.

Be confident. They perform.” . not arrogant. NO SELFISH OVERTONES ALLOWED. it will happen. Fly around. It’s important that you do things right. The guy upstairs is watching. Have trust in your own talent and ambition. 7. Be a great teammate. If you believe.” Maryland Football is not selfish. play with your heart. No discussion.5. THE GUY UPSTAIRS IS TAKING NOTES. BE HUMBLE. PLAY THE GAME WITH GREAT PASSION. At the end of the day the guys that take shortcuts get caught. NOT BOASTFUL. Preparation give competitors a chance to win. evaluating and taking notes. Great players don’t talk. and pay the price. selfishness is not a trait that lends to “champions. work hard. Why shouldn’t you be what you’re supposed to be. 6. battle your ass off and compete. 8. You must have “conviction to achieve. Respect each opponent.

FAMILY. IRON SHARPENS IRON. they are measured collectively. Finish drives. have respect for one another. Remember. Forget everything else. Have faith and confidence that the guy next to you will pay the same price for success that you will. 10. We are all we’ve got. We must compete hard so that we make each other better. DEFENSE: Pressure the quarterback and create turnovers to get the ball back.9. we must “stay together” to have a chance at success. Each individual must check his “independence” at the door. 11. It’s imperative we make quarterbacks uncomfortable and we give our offense more opportunities to score than our opponents. OFFENSE must be responsible for the football and you must score touchdowns in the red zone. . Great teams are not measured individually. take care of the ball and good things will happen. We need to go after each other to get where we need to be.

Teach positively. . Grade players on production and effort. Measure performance. Teach Technique and Responsibility. 3. 2. Standardize Vocabulary. Create and atmosphere of true intensity. Review these objectives often. Don’t blame and point the finger. Philosophy of Development: 1. Have key words describing techniques and related that kids clue into. Make sure you are descriptive and repetitive. It is their team. Create a Winner’s Classroom Mentality. Accountability is a two-way street. Teach through drill work and repetition. Set high expectations and clear objectives. Instill and breed confidence. Coach Confidence. Critique the performance and not the performer. Don’t waste time because you have none. Make sure all drills relate to game-like situations. matter Confidence. They have a vested interest in our success.MARYLAND FOOTBALL: 2009 DEFENSIVE BACK PLAY Philosophy of Defensive Back Play: Teach Ownership. Our program belongs to the players.

Educate the Feet! (Arms Follow the Feet) 1.MARYLAND D-BACKS BASE DRILL PACKAGE FEET PROGRESSION . 7. Form Run – Turn – Backward Run Read Steps – Back Pedal (Pace) Skate To A Run Back Pedal – Ride the Bike Back Pedal – Stick 5A. 4. 3. Cone– Route Tree – DB’s playing cuts (3/5 Step Drop) out of Back Pedal or Skate . 5. 2.) 6. With Drill – Multiple Transition Sticks Back Pedal Zone / Man Turn (Toe Tuck – Get off the midline.

7 Route C. Play the Deep Ball (Coach getting eyes back to the ball): A. Back Pedal – Stem (R and L) B. Fit Position (Eyebrows on Chin Strap) C. Back Pedal – Burst 45 degree angle D.D-Backs Base Drill Package (cont. Arm Bar . Cut Block – Palms Up! 11.Don’t Panic! C. Wedge and Run vs. . Downfield Shoulder B. Fit and Snatch Snatch with both arms away from leverage D.Wedge Position 10. Take your base techniques and evaluate routes and body movement. Wedge and Run vs. DB’s must make to play the ball.) 9. Speed Transition Movements: A. Red Zone – Fade / Fade Stop Goal Line D. Wedge and Run vs. Back Pedal – Burst – Head Whip (Post Corner) E. Trail . Club Wipe Escape Drive Inside – Jab Step – Get to Leverage B. Block Escapes: A.

He must relish the challenge of 1 on 1 coverage. set blitzes based on these ingredients Sell players on Playing Fast – spend time on hitting blitzes with speed – Time up is the most important ingredient for success. . conviction and movement skills necessary to play man coverage. Teach your DB’s to somehow get the ball carrier on the ground.Commitment to Man Coverage Press Man – what routes will the offense give you * Note: Press man limits routes of the offense Fades Slants Comeback Fade Stop – Red Zone Fit protections to formations and/or personnel groups. Must be able to play and catch the deep ball (#1 drill I use to evaluate DB’s) Must be a solid tackler. and be extremely coachable. ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS FOR A Maryland DB: Must have courage.

MUST COMMIT TO MAN COVERAGE: Two types of Man Coverage: PRESS MAN TECHNIQUES (Corners): Glide (Motor Feet) Glide to Arm Bar Glide – Arm Bar – Wedge Glide – Set – Reset .Wedge Glide – Set – Baseball Roll Glide –Hip Roll Quarter Eagles Double Arm Bar to Steer The Wheel (Red Zone) .

STUTTER MAN (Safety’s): Stance – Inside Leverage – Stutter the Feet Stance – Downhill Drive (Inside Knuckle Big Toe) Roll – Arm Bar – Wedge and Run Make Safety’s understand Press Mechanics vs. Deep Routes for utilizing arm bar to wedge .

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