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Technical Seminar

GIL Installation and Field Test

Mr. Eric Ma:
Independent consultant to AZZ|CGIT
Prof. Wang Le-ren and Mr. Sun Hao-liang
Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid, China

Date: 28 January 2010 (Thursday)

Time: 6:30-8:00 pm (refreshment at 6:00pm)
Venue: Room Y508, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Gas Insulated Metal Enclosed Transmission Line (GIL) has been used in overseas for more than 30 years. As for
some special requirements of transmission capacity, outgoing line layout, environmental concerns, or land cost,
in recent years GIL is considered as a substitute of OHL and HV cable in Mainland China as well as in Hong
Huanghe Laxiwa Hydropower Station (黄河拉西瓦水电站) is located in Qinghai (青海) province of China.
The 800kV GIL project has a special application of 205m vertical shaft with SF6/Air outgoing bushing installed
at the altitude of 2460m.

Fig. 1, Huanghe Laxiwa HPS 800kV GIL HV Test

LingAo Nuclear Power Station Phase II (岭澳核电站二期) is about 3km away from Daya Bay Nuclear Power
Station (大亚湾核电站) and next to “LingAo Phase I” (岭澳一期). Special application of 550kV GIL for this
project is the inclined tunnel for installation and phase length of 630m with total capacitance of 34.10nF for field
HV tests.

Fig. 2 GIL Field Test Set

The realization of these two projects gives an illustration of site installation and test for applications in
hydropower and nuclear power industries as well as transmission cross environmental concern areas.

The seminar has two topics:

Topic 1: GIL Installation in Vertical Shaft, Inclined and Horizontal Tunnels - Laxiwa HPS 800kV & LingAo
NPS II 550kV GIL projects
Speaker: Eric Ma, Independent consultant to AZZ|CGIT
Applications of GIL, structural and layout characteristics of AZZ|CGIT GIL system, installation of 800kV GIL
system in a 205m vertical shaft at Laxiwa Hydropower Station and 550kV GIL system in inclined and horizontal
tunnel at LingAo Nuclear Power Station Phase II are introduced with multimedia presentations for reference of
GIL projects.

Topic 2: Long Distance GIL High Voltage Test Research & Application - LingAo NPS II 550kV GIL HV Test
Speakers: Prof. Wang Le-ren and Mr. Sun Hao-liang, Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid, China
A test method by using double power supply excitation resonance is proposed for the long distance 550kV GIL
between the high voltage side of the main transformer and the GIS at LingAo Nuclear Power Station Phase II.
Derived by theory and computer simulated by ATP-EMTP, it can effectively solve the engineering problem of
insufficient output capacity of the excitation transformer and the problem of the test voltage unable to be raised
due to high capacity under resonance. This method has been verified by the field HV tests at site.
Fig.3 Laxiwa HPS 800kV GIL vertical installation Fig. 4 LingAo II 550kV GIL inclined installation

Eric Ma (马仲鸣) was graduated in the University of California at Berkeley, USA, with a BS degree in
engineering physics in 1993. He worked for Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Co., Ltd., and ABB in the area of
high voltage systems, and is now an independent consultant to AZZ|CGIT for its GIL projects in China. He is
currently an EXCO member of PES/IAS/PELS/IES Joint Chapter of IEEE (Hong Kong).
Wang Le-ren (王乐仁) was graduated in Qinghua University in 1970 and then Huazhong University of Science
and Technology in 1980 with master degree in electrical engineering, and a visiting scholar of PTB in Germany.
He is currently a professor of the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute with research area of high voltage
high current measurement standard.
Sun Hao-liang (孙浩良) was graduated in Xian Jiaotong University in 1977 with BS degree in electrical power
system and automation. He is currently a deputy chief engineer of the State Grid Electric Power Research
Institute with research area of high voltage high current measurement standard.

The seminar is organized by IEEE-HK Joint Chapter of PES/IAS/PELS/IES and supported by EE Dept of
PolyU. No pre-registration is required. For enquires, please contact Jacobus Ngai, at
Attendance certificates will be issued to all attendants.