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From Death To Life:
Before Judaism, Christianity or Islam There Was God… So Who Were You? Volume I by A. JAMES TUTSON Yahdah SaRa Djehuty Published by: TOTR PRODUCTIONS, INC. McKinney, Texas

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Preface – (Breaking the Cosmic Egg)……………………………………… Chapter 1 – In the Beginning………………………………………………. Chapter 2 – The Nubians, Ethiopians, Cushites……………………………. Chapter 3 – Adam -The First Pharaoh of Egypt (Kemet)…………………. Chapter 4 – Who Is Noah and Did Noah Exist?…………………………… Chapter 5 –The Hyksos The Shepherd Kings And Tomb Raiders………….. Chapter 6 – Thutmose I -About My Father’s Business………………………. Chapter 7 – Exodus Or Emancipation……………………………………...

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From Death to Life:
Before Judaism, Christianity or Islam There Was God… So Who Were You?

Breaking The Cosmic Egg
Most religions start out by stating, “In the beginning, there was God…”. So if God and man existed before religion, and God communed with man then the logical analysis would be man can exist without religion. To find that which is lost, you must go back to the place you last remember seeing it. Like a woman in search of a precious jewel, man is forever on a quest to seek God. In this book, you will find a collection of brilliant scholars, historians, archeologists, anthropologists and geologists both religious and secular. In the 1960’s, there was a famous TV show about life as a detective and in order to solve the case, the detective would calm the witnesses down and say “Just the facts Ma’am”. Emotions not based upon facts will lead to error. Emotions, Opinions, Beliefs, Traditions, nor Religion can make you free. Only the TRUTH will make you FREE!! This writing is not intended to influence anyone to leave or forsake their personal convictions about their religion. It is to give us a better understanding of WHO WE ARE in this Universe. Biblical history dates back only 6000 years, however, man existed long before this period. Who were these people? History is a spool of thread that has been pulled out over time, in order to discover who we are, we must reel the thread back onto the spool. The ancient writings that have been condensed into what we call the Bible existed thousands of years before Hebrews, Christians or Muslims, for example: The Creation Story, The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve (yes Adam did exist), The Deluge and many other historical facts. Every event in the Bible took place on one continent…AFRICA (Akebulan). The region known today as the Middle East is undeniably a part of the continent of Africa. What separates Giza from Gaza is the Suez Canal, which was man made in the 1800’s. Prior to that, the lands known as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand and even as far as the country known as China was indeed part of “The Black Land”. Let us pause here and take this opportunity to stress the purpose of this book. It is NOT proposed to promote bigotry or racism, but to fill in the missing pages of history.


Chapter 1: In the Beginning 2 .

an offensive term modern ethnologists use to define these people. let them have dominion over the fish of the sea. signs did they leave behind for us? Let us go into the heart of the most ancient land on this planet. and further evidence of the origins of this very Ancient African people.” These Old Ones left their mark on this planet from Stonehenge to Easter Island. They truly were fruitful. and over every living thing that moves on the earth. The Twa or Twi also called the BaKa. Theologians have also accepted that Genesis Chapter 1 and Genesis Chapter 2 were separate events. over the birds of the air. The so-called Pygmies.” (27) So God created man in His own image. "Soldier" or “Warrior”. over the birds of the air. in the image of God He created him. These ancient people are the basis for which every major religion of the earth is founded upon. over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. With this in mind. BA-KA are both very ancient Kemetic (Ancient African) words that have to do with the spirit and soul.In the Beginning Most Western historians and theologians take on the European Concept of history when it comes to man. You will find their calling cards usually in the form of a “Little Man” emerging from a Lotus Flower with his tongue sticking out representing “Going Forth” or Standing erect with his right hand clinched upwards. multiplied and replenished the earth. and God said to them. and over the cattle. have dominion over the fish of the sea. This history only dates back to approximately 6000 years. The three major religions do not differ when it comes to the Story of Creation. This is actually the first Black Power salute.Chapter 1. fill the earth and subdue it. the Twa began to migrate north on a quest to populate the planet. “Let Us make man in Our image. “Be fruitful and multiply. These are the inhabitants mentioned in Genesis Chapter 1 verses 26-28: (26) Then God said. we have to ask ourselves who were the people that walked upon the face of the earth prior to the man and woman known as Adam and Eve? What did they look like? Where were they located? What. 3 . The original people of this land were a Nubian people called the Twa (Twi). We owe them our arts. The Baka are known as "The Old Ones" by all other so-called Africans. from the Sub-Sahara Desert to the Mountains of the Dakotas. male and female He created them. (28) Then God blessed them. languages. according to Our likeness. Out of the Fertile Crescent of the Nile Valley. science. which means. Scientists and archeologists have recently come across remains and artifacts of civilizations that existed well over 20 thousand years ago. known today as Africa. if any. call themselves "Baka" or “Kaba” (people of the African rain forest). and many other attributes.

Cushites 4 .Chapter 2: The Nubians. Ethiopians.

These are differences we would expect to find between a colony and a parent body." will next win our attention. that Petrie found in Egypt of distinct and unique culture. 3. "the gods delighted to banquet with the pious inhabitants. mapped out the lands. The Greeks called them Tetans (Titans). Egypt itself was a colony of Ethiopia and the laws and script of both lands were naturally the same. in India they were Krishnas with the Sacred Cow Nut.) This knowledge of writing was universal in Ethiopia but was confined to the priestly classes alone in Egypt. Down through this prehistoric vista we see "Happy Araby" with her brilliant primitive culture and her unrivalled literature of later days. They sailed the Seven Seas. The "Old Race. ch. We will visit old Ethiopia. but we will also show that Mesopotamia is a part of Africa. 5 . Ethiopians. Ethiopians were the first men that ever lived. a Cushite. Cushites Nubian Warriors-Display From Cairo Museum From the Twa or Twi came the people known as the Nubians." We will study the land and the ancient race. In the land mislabeled as the “Middle East” today they were known as the Arabian Knights. the great author of “The Wonderful Ethiopians”. bk. were the first time keepers. but the hieroglyphic script was more widely known to the vulgar in Ethiopia than in Egypt. which belonged to the ancient Cushite Empire of Ethiopians. Ethiopia and Cush will be interchanged during this chapter since they are the same people. These Nubian men and women were worshipped as gods all over the world. where as Herodotus said. Not only will we provide artifacts about the origins of civilization beginning in Africa. quite the contrary. Seeing is believing so I will show some photos of Nubians being worshipped by various cultures. Everyone will admit the ancient Cushites were indeed African. iii. The Land of Shinar (modern day Iraq) was founded by Nimrod. If I may take a quote from Drusilla Dunjee Houston. The highly developed Merodic (TaMare) inscriptions are not found in Egypt north of the first cataract or in Nubia south of Soba (Sheba). (Diodorus Siculus. built a calendar based upon the stars and founded agriculture long before all other people existed. This was because the Egyptian priesthood was Ethiopian. On the screen flashes the rich and surpassing culture of old Chaldea. Our story will deal with the ancient Cushite Empire of Ethiopians. Modern books on history will tell you civilization began in Mesopotamia. the only truly autochthonous race and the first to institute the worship of the gods and the rites of sacrifice.Chapter 2 – The Nubians. They were the builders of Stonehenge and the stone statues on Easter Island. Nubia. This is a fact that cannot be laughed away. Egypt hasn’t even begun her journey when Ethiopia had been flourishing for at least three thousand years. that covered three continents and held unbroken sway for three thousand years. Many stories and legends grew from these heavily melinated people. who were the people of the earlier and superior civilization of the first dynasties.

6 .Ausar (The Father) Sitting Upon Throne Nubian King Monument 1. one of the four Olmec colossal heads at La Venta. This one is nearly 3 meters (9 ft) tall.

Frankincense and Myrrh Buddha With The Power of the Serpent 7 .Three Wise Women From China Presenting the Son With Gold.

The basic stones of that wonderful dominion were equality. but if you look at the medical symbol it shows two serpents wrapped around a scepter. p. Ethiopia was the source of all that Egypt knew and transmitted to Greece and Rome. "Ethiopia was the first established country on earth and the Ethiopians were the first to set up the worship of the gods and to establish laws. It was the language of the Neolithic peoples who occupied most of western and southern Asia. G. temperance. voicing the universal testimony of antiquity wrote. Stephanus of Byzantium. In the region of India they were entitled Sambo. industry. Lydia. Wells says that the Hamitic tongue was a much wider and more varied language than the Semitic or Aryan in ancient days. The Dragon (Naga) or the Serpent Was The Symbol of The Black Man These Nubians were known all over the world as “gods” or the “Sons of God” Rom.) H. we will go into detail in chapters 4 and 5. the ancient Sumerian and the Elamite represented this lost Hamitic language. Throughout Asia. the Basques. H. Let us look behind her through the glasses of science at the "Old Race" of which she was in her beginning. 8 . Bk. They were called the Wise Ones or the SaRa and were represented as a serpent. stretching in an empire from India to Spain. reveals that the ancient Land of Cush was a very widespread and powerful empire. (Rosenmuller's Biblical Geography. It was the race that Huxley saw akin to the Dravidians of India. Nubians were called Nagas. The peoples of this race were the first to give the world ideas of government. only a colony. the fundamental principles upon which republican governments are founded. When I say “son” it just means offspring. for the males who may have a problem. the Caucasian-Dravidian group.8:19 “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the manifestation of the sons of God”. Those in the west have always been taught that serpents are evil. intelligence and justice. The study of ancient maps and the descriptions of the geographers of old." The later ages gained from this ancient empire. 154. Sir H. This is the origin of a word most people of color frown upon today. We are accustomed to think of Ethiopia as a restricted country in Africa but this was not true. The Greeks described Ethiopia as the country around the Indus and Ganges. III. who may have been related to the Dravidians of India and the people of George Elliot's Heliolithic culture. Johnson says that the scattered branches of Crete. Rosenmuller shows us that the Hebrew scholars called Cush all the countries of the Torrid Zone.We marvel at the wonders recently unearthed in Egypt.

this flat-top pyramid --misnamed Mound"-.Does “Little Black Sambo” ring a bell to you? In the Americas they were known as the Olmec. In the next chapter we will discover how the Nubians gave birth to the Greatest Civilization known to man. Their silent artifacts are all around us we just never paid them any attention. Illinois. Ivan Van Sertima. but that they met the Europeans when they the largest of over (so-called "mounds") near 9 . Sertima also shows us how the Olmecs got here. Alabama "Monk's 100 pyramids Cahokia. near Tuscaloosa. and Dr. One of the most detailed scholars on the Olmec is Dr. Larger than the Great Pyramid of Egypt. All along the Mississippi you will find mounds that have been mistaken for mountains. Pyramid at Moundville Park. “They Came Before Columbus” tells us not only who the people were. When you look at them from a birds-eye view you notice these mounds are manmade.

The First Pharaoh Of Egypt (Kemet) 10 .Chapter 3: Adam.

Professor Drusilla Dunjee Houston in her masterpiece “The Wonderful Ethiopians” elaborates on how the Nubians/Ethiopians were the original people who moved down the Nile establishing settlements along Upper (Southern) and Lower (Northern) Kemet. A few of these ceremonies are covered in the book known as the Bible. Havilah is IN the Land of Ham (Kem). To carry on this unity a Royal Daughter of The South (Nubia) would marry a Royal Son of The North (Egypt). the Pison and the Gihon. The people of Egypt and Nubia were one people. Modern European scholars seem to overlook the other two rivers mentioned in the second chapter of Genesis. while others suggests along the Mediterranean Sea.Chapter 3 – Adam.The First Pharaoh Of Egypt (Kemet) Narmer (Menes) the 1st Pharaoh of Egypt. The artifacts discovered in the Sub-Sahara region to the hills of Afghanistan support this. This tradition would be practiced for thousands of years. Many historians question the existence of Adam and Eve but if they were to examine the Royal Couple under their historical names King Aha (Enlightened One) and Neithotep (Neith be Pleased) all doubts would be removed. Some say it’s in modern-day Iraq. let’s look at the evidence shall we? The Tigris and Euphrates have been marked as being in Babylon (Iraq). Lets look at Genesis Chapter 2: If Adam and Eve were the only two people on the planet then why does the Bible state “the man shall leave his Father AND MOTHER and cleave to his wife and the TWO or TWI shall become ONE flesh (PEOPLE)”? What would Adam know about a mother if he didn’t have one? Follow the logic. The main character of the Deluge. survived the flood and gave sacrifices to the gods. Deucalion in Greek mythology. Ham or Kem means Land Of The Blacks. The most famous of these unions was that of Adam and Eve. “black” is referring to the people and not the soil. The correspondence between God. Zi-ud-sura or Utnapishtim. this union between Man and Woman was more than just a couple coming together but it was an establishing of a kingdom. Contrary to popular European belief. Aha and his Nubian bride would be the foundation of the most written about and least understood people on the planet. Adam and Eve was that of marriage vows. I mention these variations of the same story to show that this was spread 11 . You will find this same story in Hindu Puranic story of Manu. Archeologists and historians have toiled over the whereabouts of the settlement of the First Dynasty of Ancient Kemet. Also Known as Aha or the Biblical Adam. These veins go into more detail about the geographical locations than the Tigris and Euphrates. In fact. However. The most known story of the flood was the one of Noah’s Ark. One of the four “Rivers of Life” compassed the land of Havilah. the title of Twi means “ People of The Two Lands”. The people stressed the importance of unity all throughout the region. One popular piece rarely discussed is the hieroglyphs on the Epic of Gilgamesh (Sumerian).

The teachings of the Master Builders in Kemet are why Freemasons sit in the Northeast corner of a room. King Aha’s titles or names were Narmer. There is an ancient saying. The Bible mentions “The Fall Of Man” in Genesis Chapter 3. The canines are able to sniff out that which is good and bad. Aha established what was called the Coming Into Being. even if you already have a name picked out. Sarah. What Westerners didn’t know is when one sat upon the throne they received as many as five names or titles. During this ceremony one was given a name. It means you cannot fulfill your purpose until you know who you are. Dr. and Heru (the Fighting Hawk). You see references to this in the Bible: Abraham. and she was a queen of the South. David. Another name for Autumn is the FALL season. Aha’s wife was name Neith (Nithotep. We will discuss Noah more indepth in the forthcoming book “Who Killed the Black Goddess?” Let us compare and contrast the events of Adam and the events of King Aha “The Catfish King”. The baby is later given a name. They just reverenced the various characteristics of God. These Nubians were the originators of the Noah and the Ark story. This is where the Master Builders began to gather. This festival occurred during the season or time of Atum which later became spelled Autumn. King Aha established the city of Memphis aka Men Nefer. One name in particular. These creatures already existed. The tree of the Knowledge Of Good And Evil is a direct reference to Aha and the Festival of Anubis. The best example I can give is when a baby is born at the hospital the baby is “labeled” whatever the mother’s last name is. Adam named them according to his purpose. He later married another woman who became know as Eve (The Mother Of All The Living). World renowned etymologists. Jacob. although. Adam was called the Son of God and the First Man.throughout the world by the same people. meant “Mother of All the Living”. This union of the Nubian Queen and the Kemetian King solidified the strength in 12 . Nut. Memphis is in the NorthEAST corner of Egypt (Kemet). Anubis is the characteristic of God with the keen sense of smell. Men Nefer was also called Ankh Tawy ( He who “binds” Two Lands). and The Mother God. Aha was called God in the flesh and one of his titles was Menes (translated from the hieroglyphs MN by Mantheo a Greek historian). The original story of Adam says his first wife was named Lilith. Lilith in Sumerian texts. Solomon and several others had more than one name or title. Many Freemasons can’t even explain why they sit that way. have proven the Babylonians. Menes. Khenthap. only because they were told to do so. The Peace Of Nit or Nut). such as Stephen S. Adam settled in the Land eastward called Eden. The names and titles given to his wife were Berenib. Just like the Christians say Jehovah Jireh. Jehovah Nissi and so forth. Akkadians and Sumerians were Cushites (Nubians). Adam named the creatures in the Garden of Eden. “ You Cannot Be Becoming Unless You Come Into Being”. Anubis is represented with a man having the head of a jackal. The ancient people of Africa were not polytheistic (serving many gods) they worshiped the ONE True God. different characteristics of God but the same God. the baby was already here BEFORE it received its name. Joel Freeman and Cheke Ante Diop. Mehler. King Aha given the title of Menes was later shortened to being the first of the MEN. Khenthap.

The crown most often worn was the one to depict where you were from. Just like when women today wear white wedding gowns as a symbol of being chaste. this had nothing to do with their skin tone but rather the color of their crowns. Moses and Zipporah. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and many others. it has more to do with paying homage to the Mother of The South than it is about being a virgin. Again. Adam (King Aha) and David (Psusennes I) were both described as “red” or “ruddy” in the Strong’s Concordance. Kings and Queens wore several crowns. You have read about the importance of this uniting of nations in several passages in the Bible… Abraham from Ur (Northern Kemet) marrying Sarah (from the Southern Nubia). David (ruddy or red) marrying BATHsheba (royal daughter of the House of Sheba). However. the red or ruddy representation given in the Bible had nothing to do with pigmentation. The royal ones in Lower (Northern Kemet) wore red crowns and the royal ones in Upper (Southern Kemet) wore white crowns.that land. which is another name of Nubia. Crowns Of Lower Kemet The Mother God Of Upper Kemet With Her “White” Crown 13 .

Chapter 4: Who Is Noah And Did Noah Exist? 14 .

Ni. The Sphinx is a 30. The greatest piece of evidence to support the fact that the Great Flood took place is The Bab-el Ark Ur better known as the Sphinx. just to name a few. All throughout the Bible you have indications of Nu. is the smooth layered sides. Nan. ^^^^^ 15 . “Ah” means “from” and also can be written as Oh or Eh. In ancient Kemet there were floods but nothing as devastating as the time of Noah. Exodus mentions “Joshua Son of Nun” and the “Priest Of On”. Nine. The most interesting thing about this structure. Notice the smooth edges on the base of the Sphinx ^^^^Maybe this one is more convincing.Chapter 4 – Who Is Noah And Did Noah Exist? As mentioned in the previous chapter. Genesis Chapter 1 speaks of the “Seas” as a proper noun. “Nu” is the characteristic of God representing the Great Waters. but who is Noah and did Noah exist? The name Noah itself is an ancient Kemetic compound word from “No” and “Ah”. New. the story of Noah and the Ark has been told all over the world in various forms. They both have feminine traits.000-year-old monument to the African Woman. Yes! The Sphinx is female and we will go into deeper discussion in the forthcoming book “Who Killed The Black Goddess?”. Non. Scientists have agreed that the sides were smoothed out due to being underwater for a long period of time. outside of the missing nose and lips. The Spirit and the Great Waters have the same distinctiveness. Africa. A picture is worth a thousand words so lets examine the Sphinx a little more closely. On. While some question the validity of the Deluge they never take into account the evidence. Na. Ne. Biblical and secular historians have not glanced at the area in which the story took place. No can also be written and pronounced as Nu. Nun.

Havilah is the first land mentioned in the Bible but Havilah didn’t come into being until AFTER the Flood. as it was thousands of years ago. An example would be “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. is where we find Noah’s Ark. “ Time seems to have stood still…” Think about it…do you really think it was possible to fit two of EVERY kind of creature on the Ark (including elephants. hippos.The detail of this construction is amazing Man has searched all over the world for Noah’s Ark. We have searched every corner on earth except for the Mother Land. rhinos. It is equivalent to the phrase. the hieroglyphs. shall be revealed. the dimensions of the original Ark are not the same as the story in the Bible but like all other oral myths. We are also going to dispel this untruth along with the “curse” Noah placed upon Canaan because of Ham. There were several floods along the Nile. water buffalos. and giraffes)? Just a thought… One of the misnomers of Noah is that Noah was a Caucasian male. She has been neglected for centuries but now those things. Of course we know it takes more than an apple to stay healthy but it is a part of a nutritious diet. The flood is one of those events. the European just can’t come to grips that man has his origins in Africa. Let me present more confirmation of the ‘Great Flood’ having taken place. As you can see. the attributes of Nu or No are female. A myth does not mean something is not true. which are documented on the papyrus writings. 16 . things get exaggerated to make a point. In the Pyramid of Khufu. which the Greeks called Cheops. It’s still as preserved today. which were mysteries. However. As we discussed earlier. some of the chronological events are out of order. Another example of a myth is when “God made the sun stand still”. it’s a way to pass on these truths orally. We know it is the earth that rotates and revolves around the sun and not the other way around. Before we go into the details of Noah.

the daughters of Zelophehad. and their inheritance remained in the tribe of the family of their father. and blessed them. were married unto their father's brothers' sons: (12) And they were married into the families of the sons of Manasseh the son of Joseph. Both male and female shared the same name. Another translation of Noah is Nun. and called their name Adam. ex.and Merneptah Stele. Noah’s “wife’s name” is not mentioned because SHE was Noah. One of these indirectly made its way into four of the first five books of the Bible. The women were the original husbandmen. and Milcah. Noah is best remembered as the navigator of the ark during the Great Deluge but another passage is overlooked. Numbers 36:11-12 “(11) For Mahlah. Tirzah. and Noah. His name indicates he was born during one of these inundations. in the likeness of God made he him. We will uncover these intruders in Chapter 5.” Noah in this text was a DAUGHTER. Genesis Chapter 5:1-2 “(1) This is the book of the generations of Adam. Just like the women in the Catholic Church are called NUNS we need to bear in mind there are NO male nuns. Joshua the Son of Nun is always his title. There is so much documentation to sustain this. (2) Male and female created he them. Dr. destroyed the writings and killed the Elders. and Hoglah. Ishakamusa Barashango’s "Black facts of the Bible” is an excellent place to start. 17 . in the day when they were created”. The women tended to the garden. The customs of those in the region didn’t change until invaders came. In the day that God created man.

Chapter 5: The Hyksos – The Shepherd Kings And Tomb Raiders 18 .

which occurred during their lifetimes. which means "foreign rulers" and was used by the Egyptians to describe the kings of nearby areas. Who better to describe whom these Hyksos were than the people who drove them out of Africa? Ahmose (Ahhotep I) and his wife Queen Ahmose-Nefertari ("the Most Beautiful of Them") were the founders of the 18th dynasty. The Hyksos were Semites." and there may be an element of truth in the idea. Sometime 19 . Ahmose and his troops were in a military tug-ofwar. and Manetho may have known of traditions current in his day giving him reason to believe they actually were shepherds. we will discover who they are and why the names have been changed in the Bible. "Hyksos. Nefertari means The Beautiful One Has Come. Who were these people? Many speculations and suggestions have been made. They began conquests to push the Hyksos out of Kemet." Many writers still refer to them under that name. also called "Arabians. Arabians are commonly shepherds. Ahmose began to form allegiances with the Nubians to regain ground. Some historians have looked toward Palestine itself. No one has yet succeeded in tracing their retreat any farther. When we study the names of these people and the events. Some researchers have suggested they came from Kadesh and others suggest other cities in Syria. This first 18th Dynasty ruler would take over the City of Ra but the Hyksos would later recapture it. while others have tried to connect them with the early Hebrews. Ahmose throne name was Neb-pehty-re (The Lord of Strength is Re). The word "Hyksos" comes from heka khasewet. Some have gone as far as suggesting that their original home was beyond the Caucasus. It is all very uncertain. This may have influenced his endeavor to make this meaning out of the obscure word. Still others try to link them with the Hittites of Asia Minor. and for a little while it was speculated that they might have been Hurrians." Looking back over what the contemporary sources have revealed concerning the humiliating Hyksos occupation. Having lost his father Seqenenre Taa II and his brother Kahmose within three years of each other was enough to move Ahmose into his purpose of liberating his people and placing the rightful heirs on the throne. The name "Hyksos" was thought by the Egyptian historian Manetho to mean "Shepherd Kings. relatives of the Israelites. The Hyksos remain an enigma and an unsolved riddle to this day. we find Manetho's account as retailed by Josephus to contain truth and falsity in almost equal measure.Chapter 5 – The Hyksos The Shepherd Kings And Tomb Raiders Statue Of Hyksos King The great Hyksos Empire became a forgotten empire. unrecorded in preserved history until the new science of archaeology began piecing together the exciting bits of evidence dug up here and there. or in discovering their home towards which they seemed to be retiring.

Herihor. and Ahmose-Meritamon. Ahmose-Nefertari had the following royal children. thus. two of whom would become the next king and queen of Egypt. While Ahmose was a mighty general. she apparently outlived her son Amenhotep I. Ahmose I. Afterwards. when she became the first living. Ahmose-Nefertari became the last queen to be worshipped as a deity in a Theban funerary cult until the time of the High Priest of Amun. royal woman known to be entitled. he attacked the southwest Palestinian fortress of Sharuhen in a six-year siege that would finally put an end to Hyksos control of Egypt. Amenhotep I. Mutnofret. but renounced it sometime during the eighteenth or twenty-second year of the reign of her husband. Among her titles.between his 12th and 15th year as ruler he began defeating the Hyksos and pushing them out of Egypt. God's Wife of Amun. she had held the office of Second Prophet of Amun. Pyramid of Ahmose I 20 . When she died. in the beginning of the 21st Dynasty. Her name appears on many monuments from Saï to Tura. who reigned over Egypt for nearly twenty-one years. A Stele of Ahmose I Ahmose I became the first king of the 18th Dynasty. She is known still to have been alive during the first year of the reign of Thutmose I. the Mother Queen Ahmose-Nefertari was powerful in her own right. a pharaoh ruling over the united country.

“The Father of the 18th Dynasty” handed the task of driving foreign rulers out by his daughter and son in-law. 'Ahmose-Tumerisy and Thutmose I. Egypt Statue Of Ahmose I 21 . Body of Ahmose I-Cairo Museum Cairo.Ahmose I was the foundation of what would become one of the greatest conquests and restorations in history. He was determined to re-establish the throne for the Nubians by removing all signs of Hyksos Rule.

Chapter 6: Thutmose I About My Father’s Business 22 .

This “river” is the Nile. The mighty general pursued the tribes all the way to the Euphrates River. improperly translated hieroglyphs are the “Writings Of The Gods”. The Nome or District of Djehuty. Temples were more than just places of worship. Probably his sole title to kingship was as husband of the princess 'Ahmose-Tumerisy. This passage is more symbolic than factual. however. If you know the events and the time frame in which they occurred we could get a better understanding of who these Biblical characters were historically. was located in Upper Kemet. He led several campaigns to rid the land of the Hyksos. left off. they were libraries. the new king. Her Nubian ancestry reunified Kemet. Let me explain… the ancient people used symbolism to pass TRUTHS down from one generation to the next. The Nile flows from south to north. He was a “goodly child and he was placed in an ark at the brink of the river”. Some may not examine the Bible or the Quran outside of their religious or mystical content. The Nubians and the Egyptians were separated by a ban of Hyksos that merged between the two peoples to keep the kingdom divided. He also built many temples in Egypt to bring the people back to the “One True God”.Thutmose I About My Father’s Business Thutmose I Akheperkare ("Djehuty is Born"). was the glue that held the kingdom together. Ahmose. was the Obelisks of Thutmose I son of a woman of non-royal blood named Senisonb. One of the most common examples of this union is written particulars between Thutmose III and the Elder of Ethiopia. Ahmose. 23 . Thutmose I solidified his place on throne with his military campaigns. the native royal family of Lower Egypt took refuge in Ethiopia. This would also explain the resurgence of Nubian customs and practices during the 18th Dynasty.Chapter 6. Coming from non-royal parents. Thutmose I picked up where his father. Thutmose’ Wife. labeled “Tuthmosides” by the Greeks. The MTR NTR . those books hold some historical nuggets. The book of Daniel mentions about the “handwriting on the wall” (Daniel 5). a lady evidently of very exalted parentage. Exodus Chapter 2 is the beginnings of the one called Moses. During the Hyksos invasion. where alliances with Cushite princesses was common. In Nubia he led an expedition beyond the Third Cataract (waterway) where he engaged a Nubian king in hand-to-hand combat and slew the Nubian king.

and when he saw that there was no man. Wherefore smitest thou thy fellow? (14) And he said. where we get the word middle from. when Moses was grown. This practice was nothing new. You can go all over the world today and the “new” people have taken on the names and the customs of those who were the original people. Some of the people in that land had made allegiance with the Hyksos and didn’t want to be reunited with the nation of Lower Kemet (Egypt). Surely this thing is known. and he said to him that did the wrong. as thou killedst the Egyptian? And Moses feared. Who made thee a prince and a judge over us? intendest thou to kill me. Thutmose III was sent into the land between Egypt and Nubia to break up the stronghold of the Hyksos in the territory. It was later translated as Midi. Thutmose III was taken into the house of pharaoh by Hatshepsut. and hid him in the sand. Thutmose III ruled in the southern portion of Kemet in the land of Nubia for 20 years. his “step mom” and raised in the ways of royalty.” The Hyksos not only invaded the land but they took the title of the indigenous inhabitants of the land. (12) And he looked this way and that way. He was son of Thutmosis II and his second wife Aset. Exodus 2 verses 11-14 “(11) And it came to pass in those days. The land in this region was known as Bity (between two lands). two men of the Hebrews strove together. which explains why Moses was called “the pharaoh’s grandson”. (13) And when he went out the second day. and looked on their burdens and he spied an Egyptian smiting an Hebrew. and said. behold. He became a skilled warrior and a great architect.When the waters of the Nile began to rise it typified change. Thutmosis III Moses or Men-kheper-re Djehutymes (Thutmosis III) was born during the time of one of these “floods” or cleansings. that he went out unto his brethren. The Nile’s overflowing waters pushed northward and “cleansed” the land. Hatshepsut was the daughter of Thutmosis I. one of his brethren. similar to the Europeans when they came to the Americas. he slew the Egyptian. He battled the Hyksos and defeated them all along this region. because it became a place of conflict between the nation of Kem and the 24 .

and his laws. His seven daughters is a term used for Mason or builder. (Exodus 18:13-27) And it came to pass on the morrow. so when you see a J replace it with an H. Exodus 2 verses 15-22 “(15) Now when Pharaoh heard this thing. and I judge between one and another. and was mighty in words and in deeds”. for they were the original (Meter Neter) lawgivers. he sought to slay Moses. Reuel didn’t just hand his daughter over to this “stranger” in marriage because of one kind gesture. and I do make them know the statutes of God. and shall show them the way wherein they must walk. and all the people stand by thee from morning unto even? 15And Moses said unto his father in law. (21) And Moses was content to dwell with the man: and he gave Moses Zip-po-rah his daughter. (18) And when they came to Reu-el their father. With all of Moses’ teaching he still needed to seek the Cushite priest. And where is he? Why is it that ye have left the man? Call him. and watered their flock. and this people that is with thee: for this thing is too heavy for thee. and dwelt in the land of Midian: and he sat down by a well. thou art not able to perform it thyself alone. both thou. 19Hearken now unto my voice. and watered the flock. Thutmose III (Moses) encounters the shepherds (Hyksos) in verse 17. So Jethro would more properly be spelled Hethro. Reuel. they come unto me. and God shall be with thee: Be thou for the people to God-ward. I have been a stranger in a strange land. (20) And he said unto his daughters. 17And Moses' father in law said unto him. Let’s not forget Acts 7:22“Moses was learned in all the wisdom of all the Egyptians. (16) Now the priest of Midian had seven daughters: and they came and drew water. he said. that thou mayest bring the causes unto God: 20And thou shall teach them ordinances and laws. and the work that they must do. (17) And the shepherds came and drove them away: but Moses stood up and helped them. the thing that thou doest is not good. Because the people come unto me to enquire of God: When they have a matter. 25 16 13 . During the reign of Thutmose III the royal couple of Ethiopia were Perehu (House of Heru) and Eti (The Sovereign Bird). Jethro or the King of Ethiopia was not a heathen. I will give thee counsel. that Moses sat to judge the people: and the people stood by Moses from the morning unto the evening. 18Thou wilt surely wear away. Reuel (Re Is God) was his throne name. Thutmose III sought his counsel as he was organizing the people to reclaim the throne. What is this thing that thou doest to the people? Why sittest thou thyself alone. he said. How is it that ye are come so soon to day? (19) And they said. The word 'Mason' means 'child of the sun' and is derived from the African terms Sons 7 Daughters of Light (or Children of the Sun). Let us not forget the letter J didn’t exist. and also drew water enough for us. The Hyksos knew the best way to defeat a people was to cut off their water supply. that he may eat bread. An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds. His name and titles back up this fact. But Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh. Hethro or Hetheru is interpreted “House Of Heru”.Hyksos. 14And when Moses' father in law saw all that he did to the people. and filled the troughs to water their father’s flock. (22) And she bare him a son. and he called his name Ger-shom: for he said. Jethro was the title of this viceroy of Nubia.

Meryetre is the land historians have labeled as Nubia/Ethiopia. The King was wise enough to take the guidance of the Elder. Thutmose III with his Royal Wife set out to remove the Hyksos from the land and free the people from the invaders customs. that every great matter they shall bring unto thee. we will observe them accordingly. to be rulers of thousands. then thou shall be able to endure. As the facts present themselves. and God command thee so. and did all that he had said.Moreover thou shall provide out of all the people able men. such as fear God. The title “Mary” comes from these people. 23If thou shall do this thing. we are only examining the Bible from a historical perspective and not a religious one. Chapter 3). Historians have recorded at least 17 “miraculous conceptions” all of which trace the mother of the “messiah” back to the Virgin Mary. 26 21 26 . who the aboriginal people called Ta Ma Re (Ta= Land. This is not a coincidence. and rulers of tens. and rulers of tens: 22And let them judge the people at all seasons: and it shall be. After the passing of The Mother Queen. Hashepsowe. rulers of hundreds. and rulers of hundreds. men of truth. 25And Moses chose able men out of all Israel. and made them heads over the people. Hashepsowe-Meryetre carried on as an architect in her own rite. rulers of thousands. and he went his way into his own land. but every small matter they judged themselves. was Moses’ Chief Wife. We can take a page from this conversation when it comes to knowledge and wisdom. but every small matter they shall judge: so shall it be easier for thyself. The chaste virgin represents the royal daughters of Upper Kemet/Nubia with their white crowns (ref. TaSeti (The Land Of Seti) is the land known today as Egypt. and they shall bear the burden with thee. rulers of fifties. Hashepsowe or Hatshepsut means “House Of The Seti” or “House Of The Bow”. And they judged the people at all seasons: the hard causes they brought unto Moses. Re=God). The sign of Virgo (Virgin) is the letter “M” with a fish on the side. and place such over them. Her royal title and her name speaks more of her position than most books. 24So Moses hearkened to the voice of his father in law. Ma=Personification. Zipporah (an Ethiopian princess and priestess). Hashepsowe-Meryetre. rulers of fifties. and all this people shall also go to their place in peace. 27And Moses let his father in law depart. She gathered resources and supplies from various regions to build great monuments in honor of those who re-established the unity of Two Lands. hating covetousness. Again.

Sarcophagus Of Thutmosis III 27 .Thutmosis III Slaying His Enemies Temple Of Karnak Statue Of Thutmosis III at Cairo Museum MEN KHEPER RE DJEHUTY MOSE Born of Thought Established At the Dawning of The Sun Prince Of Egypt that ruled the Upper and Lower Kingdoms (as you can see by the Double Serpent on his crown). The lands were to never depart his hand.

Chapter 7: Exodus Or Emancipation 28 .

He is credited with starting the opening moves in the war of liberation against the The Shepherd Kings. On the journey back the king celebrated his success with an elephant hunt in the swampy region of Niy. was the first to rebel against the Hyksos. near the later Apamea in Syria. (Ref. each of them receiving a handsome reward in return for the horse and chariot. transfixed the enemy chief's breast with his first arrow and carried him off to Thebes hung head downwards at the prow of the royal ship. first ruler of the 18th Dynasty. which penetrated across the Euphrates into Nahrin. who related how he navigated the king's fleet over the rough Nile water when His Majesty. the Hyksos king. and we shall hardly be mistaken in regarding Thutmose I as no less of a military genius than his grandson. The battles. did an Egyptian army ever thrust so far to the north-east. and III that the nations became liberated. the territory of the king of Mitanni. The Hyksos usurped the throne off and on from the 12th-17th Dynasties. called The Brave. King Ahmose. However. The two veterans form El-Kab again took part. II. A greater feat of arms was the expedition. where a commemorative stela was set up. Reaching its zenith during the 17th Dynasty. We touched on this event briefly in chapter 5. Egypt Revisited) The Hyksos knew in order to get the land and take over the throne of Egypt they had to get rid of the bloodline of the Nubian Mothers. Their conquests pushed the Hyksos back into the desert from which they came. with those from the desert. It is recored that he requested the liberation of his people and had several encounters with Aawoserra Apopi. are recorded from as far back as the time of King Aha. Sekenenra Taa II (an ancestor of Thutmose III). namely under Thutmose III. Tao died 29 . which he had captured. the wanderers blended in with the natives and even took on their names while enforcing their own customs throughout the region. A great slaughter was made and many prisoners taken. raging like a panther. Only once again for many centuries. it was under Thutmose I. fought and conquered some of the strongholds on the Hyksos.Chapter 7 – Exodus Or Emancipation Djehuty Many historians (secular and biblical alike) have debated whether or not the exodus of the Bible actually happened. Egypt at this time was divided with Asiatics controlling the Northern Region while the Nubians still controlled the South. A more sober account to the campaign is given by our friend 'Ahmose of El-Kab. They were bandits and had no regard for the values and customs of the people.

They aligned themselves with the “Shepherd Kings” and helped them destroy the writings and the temples. The people didn’t worship the cow. Proof of this is the changing of names in the middle of a reign by the “Kings”. the Nubians were determined to push the Hyksos out. Just like in any other society. The Nile. One of the more modern phrases “Holy cow” comes from observing Nut. I go into depth about the historical names of these people in “Who Killed The Black Goddess?”. The people of Kemet began a series of campaigns from Nubia to the South to modern day Iraq and Iran to the North as far West as Libya and in parts of India to the East. like other nature bodies of water. They knew you could not have a god without a goddess and you could not have a king without a pharaoh. The House Of God was the place from which the Ra or Re ‘The Sun’ came every morning and the place to which it returned in the evening. The people of Nubia being South of Egypt knew that this turning was going to occur in Kemet since it had already taken place in Nubia (remember the Nile flows from South to North). The primordial people knew the importance of opposites and how they were both needed to function. Per= House. So scholars deemed that to mean only the man had the authority to rule and govern. symbolized as a woman arched up in the heavens over the earth. The series of events written about in Exodus in relation to the Ten Plagues were myths (stories 30 . Cairo Museum holds the mummified remains of this liberator with his fatal head blow. Heirship to the throne was passed from the mothers NOT the fathers. the best way to destroy a people is to remove who they a result of one of the military conquest against his foes to the north. will rotate. Rivers have cycles to cleanse themselves. The names changed because the women passed down the titles. “ Mother’s baby. but this is not the case. Meaning those elements on the bottom will rise to the top causing the waters to have a displeasing odor and bitter taste. the sky. While the King-Generals fought the Hyksos the Mother-Queens prepared the learning centers and maintained the culture of the population. Ra=God and oh=Of or From. The pharaoh itself is derived from three Kemetic words: Per Ra oh. As with all people. not everyone wanted to return to the ancient customs. Another one of her symbols is that of a cow with horns and the moon in the middle. This was the opportunity Cushites needed to strike. There is no word in the ancient writings for “queen”. From Ahmose to Thutmose III the native people executed a massive campaign to rid their land of foreigners. They used nature as their source. Thutmosis III used the “turning of the river” as his springboard. Father’s maybe” comes from the claim to the throne by birthright. The word pharaoh has nothing to do with the male on the throne. With new allies to the South and North. it embodied a characteristic of God. For those who may still have doubts. Even the overly used saying. The term used of Zion “ The Land flowing with milk and honey” was coined from reverencing the nurturing abilities of the cow. Neith). So when the Mother Queen passed on whomever was on the throne had to change their name in honor of the new queen. The sky is represented by Nut (Nit. remember the heir had to come from Sarah not just Abraham.

31 . The inhabitants of Egypt knew there would be one of the Royal Priesthood to reclaim the throne forever. The Hyksos did not leave voluntarily as we have been taught. The people of Nile today still experience these “plagues” today. for these Desert Dwellers sought revenge. They were defeated and kicked out. Millennia later.based on truths) regarding one of these cycles. You will see how and why they took on the name Hebrews in the next chapter. This same place has seen many a battle trying to reclaim the Great Pharaoh’s success. Napoleon studied the tactics of the Cushite warriors and used the flooding of the Kishon (Gihon) River to defeat the Turks in 1799. The battle cry of “Let My People Go” was sung through out the land to Hyksos. killing a number of the Hyksos warriors. The place is called Meggido. The most famous battle between the Nubian/Kemetian /Libyan/Canaanite/ Arabian alliance and the Hyksos was when a branch of the Nile flooded. Peace in the land didn’t last long.

Chapter 8: The “Lost” Ones 32 .

The final bond to be broken on an enslaved people is religion/ tradition. and worship reflected this societal transformation. The Kemetians (Egyptians/Nubians) were constantly at war with the Hyksos. Laws and customs had been established but not enforced on the people as a whole until Amenhotep IV came along. Amenhotep IV was a “Gatekeeper” from a foreign land that came to restore the original display of worship in the earth. Akhenaten aka Joseph Amenhotep IV was a skilled worker and astrologer. As we will discuss later. sciences. When homage had to be paid to the King. In the first 3 years of Amenhotep’s supremacy he was in charge of preparing for the “Feasts of Aten”. Let me give a backdrop of slavery during this time. He was able to tell the times and seasons by the studying the stars. Seven years of feasts were replaced by seven years of famine. The natives were commanded to give a percentage of their crops to the roofless kiosks of Aten. People of conquered lands became servants but they were only servants for designated time. Because of Amenhotep IV’s keen sense of agriculture he was appointed Viceroy of the entire kingdom. Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaten (in the Living Image Of Aten). The arts. This made him a commodity to the King. The only people who would commit this act in the region were Hyksos. Memphis (Mennefer) was given over by the Hyksos to the King of Egypt as a spoil of war. as in prior times. the Hyksos being raiders had nothing to offer but people. Storehouses were built to hold grain and barley. Having traveled from his land. did not just go into another land and kidnap a community. which is how he received his name.Chapter 8 – The “Lost” Ones The 18th Dynasty (Amarna Dynasty) began their reign in glory and ended in disarray. Heq At. Amenhotep IV’s agricultural skills did not prepare him for what was to come militarily. to the Capital of Egypt. These people were accepted as tokens of exchange for peace. he set up temples and monuments dedicated to Aten (the Sun/Son). the people were prepared for the famine. as stated in previous chapter. The people of this time. He was only second in command to Amenhotep III. Amenhotep III. Thutmose III physically freed the people but mentally and psychologically they were still shackled. Due to the foresight of Amenhotep IV. He was received and accepted as the King’s Son. They were allowed to work off their time or buy their freedom and could possibly marry into the master’s family. After the reign of Amenhotep III. 33 . Amenhotep IV knew that all physical life on earth was directly due to the sun. Amenhotep means the Peace Of Amen.

Thebes became a thriving city once again. Horus name. His demise began when he banned war during the time of feasts. Cartouches of the young king have been discovered in Idaho. Armana was the city established by his father Akhenaten. Tutankhaten was brought up in the new city of Armana (the City Of Sun). was Heru Nebu: Wetches Khau Sehotep Neteru (“He who Wears the Crowns and Satisfies the Gods”).Some scholars have labeled Akhenaten the “Heretic King” unjustifiably. This period of prosperity was short-lived. His brother Tutankhaten (Djehuty in the living image of Aten) took the throne as a young boy under the advisement of the High Priest Ay. who were looking for an opportunity to attack and reclaim the throne. The priests of Amenhotep III were angry with Akhenaten for making changes in the forms of worship. the Sa Ra (“son of the Sun”). King Tut had five names reflecting the divine roles that were attributed to pharaohs. These skills had to be mastered in order to compete with the Hyksos and their horse riding expertise. Tutankhamun commissioned various building works at this time including the restitution of some temple properties at Karnak and Thebes. of perfect birth”). Using the bow and arrow while riding a horse and chariot was his specialty. His Golden Horus name. Who Pacifies the Two Lands”). How did they get here? I’m glad you asked. The five names of King Tut were his birth name. due to the famine. His name under the protection of Nekhebet and Wadjet is Nebty: Nefer Hepu Segereh Taui (“He of the Good Laws. Tut Mesut (“Horus: Strong bull. After Akhenaten’s reign came to an end Smenkhkare (Manasseh) ruled for only two years. There was no need for a strong military because of the prosperity in the terrain. They used the frustrations of the people in the overly populated region. Tutankhaten and his wife Ankhesenpaaten changed their names to Tutankhamun (Djehuty in the Living Image Of The Invisible God) and Ankhesenamun to reflect the new Mother Goddess (Queen). Tutankhaten (“the living image of Aten”) later changed to Tutankhamun (“the living image of Amun”). King “Tut” lived only 19 years but his impact on the world has gone far beyond what one could have imagined. This was the prime opportunity for the enemies of the 18th Dynasty to strike. protected name. Some of his artifacts have been discovered all over the globe. Thebes was the base of the Amun priests. to strike. that identified his kinship to the gods as their son on earth. Following the death of Nefertiti. Son of the Royal Princess Kiya. His throne name was Nesu Bity (“king of upper and lower Egypt”) and this is Nebkheperura (“all the transformations of Ra”). The “Boy King” was trained in the skills of a warrior. When the famine began all the providences of Egypt came for food. Golden Horus name and throne name are as follows: His birth name. They made allegiances with the Hyksos. As the Hyksos were pushed back into the desert. USA. The famine was the perfect opportunity the Hyksos needed. In his role as Horus he is named as Heru: Ka Nakht. 34 . Let us begin with some of the names given to Tutankhamun and notice the patterns and the symbolisms used today in the Western World.

but was murdered on the border of Egypt. As the desert dwellers continued to push from the North. While the specifics of his death are a bit skeptic. Nubian King-Priest Nubian King-General 35 . They became known as the “Lost People”. There are many theories as to what happened to these people however very few have followed the trail they left behind. Ankhesenamun wrote to the king of the Hittites who was an emerging power in the northern Mediterranean. Prince Zannanza set out for Egypt. She offered herself and the throne of Egypt to one of his sons. it his clear his death was part of a greater plan by the High Priest to take over Egypt. It is probable that Horemhab’s military agents killed him. they drove the Amarna people into Nubia and eventually into West Africa.King Tut died at the tender age of 19. Were these people actually lost or were their history wiped out and their legacy stolen? The next volume will shed some light on the subject. The Tuthmosides seemed to have just vanished off the face of the earth.

C.References Wonderful Ethiopians by Drusilla Dunjee Houston They Came Before Columbus by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima The Biblical Geography Book III by E. Rosenmuller A Star in the West by Elias Boudinot Blacked Out Through Whitewash by Dr. Suzar 36 . F.

More money has been poured into the fabric of our low-income communities than any other country. a college professor. It is my sincere desire to not only educate but to empower those who may not possess the qualities necessary for advancement short of an education. then and only then will we know who we truly are…the Original Man. whether training. but due to the deficiency of education. yet the gap between the haves and the have-nots is steadily increasing.Personal Statement Having been brought up in a household of educators. Nations fail not because of lack of resources. Dr. Words cannot express my earnest calling to those communities mainstream America has forgotten. Recruiting a diverse group of quality educators who are passionate about their profession can rectify this problem. This experience has allowed me to see improvement in test scores and self-esteem in students of African Heritage when they are taught OURstory. and my mother stressed the importance of getting an education. Neighborhoods with high crime typically have high rates of illiteracy and school dropouts. Jawanza Kunjufu mentioned 25 years ago about the importance of where we start with history. I have witnessed first-hand the impact teachers contain in our society. “High Needs” schools should be our number one priority. My grandmother. Funding is not the issue. James Tutson Yahdah SaRa Djehuty 37 . Not everyone is as fortunate as I and this has led to my willingness to give back to those who don’t have the support they need at home. failure to address the need of quality education is. millions of years ago. With over 13 years of experience in education. coaching. Crime and lack of education are synonymous. or in the classroom: I have seen how our children and most adults tend to shut down when it comes to history.” A. “ If we start our journey in 1492 we will forever be enslaved but if we start at the beginning.