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Politicians, prostitutes, priests and pedophiles: The Lexington connection
March 20th, 2011 11:39 pm ET PDFmyURL.com

Video: Deborah Wardlaw calls and f ear f or her lif e

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Have you seen me? T hat is the question posed by the missing children ads on milk cartons and on the walls of the post of f ice. Have you ever stopped, read one of those ads and wondered, "What happened to this child?" We know that some are taken by non-custodial parents and others by criminals. What most people do not realize is that many children who disappear are victims of their very own government. T his series of articles will take you around the world and end in your own back yard. From politicians to priests and f rom the Philippines to Philadelphia, I will show how the world of sexual slavery and politics go hand in hand. Part 1: T he Lexington Connection Lexington's history with prostitution dates back to the civil war with the inf amous Belle Brezing. Brezing opened her f irst brothel in a row house at what is now 314-318 North Upper St. Around this time, Brezing was indicted on the charge of "keeping a bawdy house." Kentucky Governor Luke P. Blackburn (1879-1883) pardoned Brezing and the indictment was dismissed. T his was the closest Brezing ever got to serving jail time. She eventually even appeared as the character Belle Watling in Margaret Mitchell's Gone With T he Wind. T his began Lexington's inf amous connection to the world's oldest prof ession.

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Esco rt agency o wner, Debo rah Wardlaw, calls and info rms me that po lice o fficers had threatened her life. This call was reco rded just days befo re her murder.

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My personal interest in the subject began in 1993. Af ter opening a singing telegram company in 1991 I was hired to perf orm a birthday party in Winchester, KY. I brought two f emale strippers f or a short two song strip show in a public bar. Everything went well but af ter the perf ormance I was approached by two of f duty Lexington police of f icers. I was inf ormed that I could continue with my work but I would have to pay a group of of f icers each week or they would shut me down. I explained that everything we did was legal and declined their of f er. A f ew weeks later I was visited at my home and reminded of their of f er. I again declined but was told that if I ref used they would harass me and charge me anyway. I declined anyway and that began years of phone taps, harassment and attempted set-ups of myself and my business. Fast f orward to 1998 and my company has grown exponentially. I am now in phone books in seven cities and perf orm various types of entertainment in three states and throughout the U.S. via independent contractors. T his f act enrages these of f icers and they turn up the heat. Not only are my phones tapped but they are sometimes re-routed to

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a f emale of f icer at times that would tell people I had gone out of business. I decided to take action. I began writing letters to the Attorney General, County Attorney, lawyers, churches and others asking them to look into the police connections to prostitution. I also began my own independent investigation into the escort agencies, the owners, police of f icers and others connected to this crime ring. Deborah Wardlaw, an escort agency owner, heard about my investigations and of f ered to give me inf ormation about everyone. She claimed that her agency would not provide illegal services and the ones that did made it dangerous f or her perf ormers. We talked and I documented large amounts of inf ormation that went all the way to city hall. My letters brought on the boldest attack yet f rom this criminal element in the police department. I received a call f rom the Lexington Green Hilton. A man claimed to be here on a business convention. He wanted to hire a stripper f or his boss along with a group of his co-workers. I agreed, made the arrangements and in a short time we headed over there. My brother happened to be the kitchen manager so I stopped to see him bef ore going to the room. He inf ormed me that the vice squad, DEA, FBI and other local police of f icers were parked around back and planned a raid on a room in a short bit so I should stay in the room. We went to the room and a man greeted us and took us to an adjoining door. He asked that we take our music and costume bags and wait in the next room until the boss arrived. Af ter he lef t the room I noticed a duf f el bag and two

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Kentuckians "Defend the Dream" at Lexingto n's Pho enix Park

brief cases on the desk by the bed. We waited a little while and I got bored and curious. I decided to open the bags. One brief case was f ull of wrapped 100 dollar bills and the other had handguns in it. T he duf f el bag was f ull of vacuum packed bags of what appeared to be cocaine. I grabbed our stuf f and we quietly exited out of our separate door into the lobby. We went to the kitchen and my brother snuck us out the back door to my SUV. Shortly af ter, the raid took place and my brother was asked to keep customers of f of the f loor. When the of f icers busted into the room, my brother and others in the hotel heard them asking, "Where's Hignite?". Nobody was arrested in the raid. It is now 1999 and the city is planning on passing an escort ordinance. T his ordinance is written in such a way that it amounts to legalized extortion of these agencies. In no way does the ordinance f urther any legal actions against these agencies. T he only thing it asks f or is money (taxes) and then they are f ree to do as they wish. Deborah Wardlaw calls and plans to sue the city and give the names of the police of f icers to the media. She doesn't like the idea of paying both corrupt police of f icers and now the city 'protection' money. Deborah has ref used to pay the of f icers and told them of her intentions. She tells me that they threatened to kill her if she f ollowed through with her threat. I told her to be caref ul and wished her luck. Days later, Deborah was reported murdered, execution style, in her apartment on Lansdowne Dr. Immediately af ter Deborah's murder the harassment and attemped set-ups become more f requent and more persistent. I began to get picked up on f alse charges so of ten that I have to ride around in the trunks of f riends and

Pho enix Park Kentuckians suppo rt Wisco nsin at Rally fo r the American Dream Turmo il in Libya will increase crime rates in Lexingto n, KY and mo re... (Updated-New Co urt Date) Ready to revo lt? Start in the co urtro o ms. Co ming so o n...LexiLeaks. Pleas, co me ho me fo r Christmas!

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f amily members' cars to avoid harassment. My company is f alsely charged with providing the services that I have been f ighting f or so long. I beat the case and prove the set-up but the set-ups have now become attempts on my lif e. T he f irst attempt was in Nicholasville in the middle of the night while I slept. I had an apartment built in the upstairs of my business where I could stay due to the late hours sometimes demanded in the entertainment business. I woke up about 6:00 AM and the entire room was f illed with smoke. I headed downstairs and opened our large garage doors to air the place out. When the smoke had cleared it was apparent that someone had come in and lit all of the candles on display in the card and gif t shop in the f ront of the business. When the candles burnt all the way down, the wax continued burning and set f ire to all of my displays and f ront counter. Luckily, when the wax was gone, the wood eventually went out by itself and I was spared. I decided to go on the road f or my saf ety af ter this and took a job as a photographer, videographer, special ef f ects, pyro and all around roadie f or T he Pure Talent Agency. T he Pure Talent Agency is the most respected talent agency f or the adult entertainment industry. Jim and Ann Marie Hayek are the owners and af ter hearing my story they took me under their wing and kept me working in some capacity to avoid coming home. T his worked well f or a while but somehow these people f ound me and the attempts on my lif e returned. In summary, I returned f rom Puerto Rico and went to get my vehicle at the O'Hare airport. I lef t the two entertainers I was with at the building and ran to get my truck to load their luggage. While loading I noticed gas spraying underneath.

Upon f urther inspection I f ound that one of my gas f uel lines f rom the tank to the engine had been disconnected and bread-tied to spray on my catalytic converter. I f ixed it and pulled up to the gate to pay. T he attendant inf ormed me that I was not allowed to leave until he called a number to some Kentucky detectives f irst. He couldn't get through so he called his boss. He then inf ormed me that he was sorry, he wasn't supposed to detain me just contact the detectives and inf orm them when I lef t. I then headed to Eagle River Wisconsin deep in the woods to a club, Weasel's, that many visit on snowmobiles. Late one night the bartender noticed a van across the street with it's headlights on as everyone was about to head to the hotel. It looked like the old Fayette County Sherif f 's vehicles with the two tone brown and gold paint. I asked if the bouncer and bartender would let me pull out and then pull out behind me bef ore the van. I exited but when they tried to pull in behind me the van almost hit them to get behind me. We arrived at our hotel and circled it trying to lose them long enough to get inside. When we got around back they passed us and f ired several shots then sped of f . I was f ollowed to Abilene,Texas and Memphis,Tennessee, New York City and Las Vegas until I was starting to have panic attacks. T his started causing problems and misunderstandings with the entertainers that I had to travel with. I didn't blame them, it's impossible f or someone to understand or cope with what I was having to deal with. My f inal partner, Carrie Bare, and I were well on the road to becoming the newcomers of the year at the awards in Vegas. I started getting weird calls and spotting people I f elt were f ollowing us. Af ter an extreme incident in at the Penthouse Club in New Orleans I decided to return home

and 'hide out' until I could decide my next move. I was home f or only a short time when I arrived at my mother's house af ter taking my mother and little brother out to dinner. When we exited the car a shot rang out f rom across the street at a church on Merrimac Dr. T he lamp in my mother's f ront yard shattered and a bullet went through her roof and lodged in the f rame inside her attic. T his was the last straw f or me and I decided I would no longer be on the def ense but I would go on the of f ense. I decided to run f or city council to bring attention to the matter of government and police involvement in prostitution and Deborah Wardlaw's death. Not only did the harassment and attempts on my lif e decrease but I was able to f ind out more about Lexington's ties to not only prostitution but pedophile crime rings. Join me in part 2 as I continue covering Lexington's ties to sexual slavery and organized crime rings. T hese ties will then lead us to a Catholic boy's home in Franklin, Nebraska and even directly to the White House. We will discuss threats made to me by city council candidates directly linked to pedophile crime rings, I'll name and provide recordings of f amous people, athletes and high ranking politicians involved in these crimes both locally and nationally. Any inf ormation, leaks or evidence that you can provide to f urther my research is always welcomed and conf identiality is assured. Copyright ©Christopher Hignite 2010 All Rights Reserved. Feel free to copy and promote this article on any site. Please provide a link to the original article.

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By Christopher Hignite Lexington Courts Examiner Christopher Hignite, a regular contributor to various news sites, is a photographer and independent journalist in Lexington, KY. A f ormer small... Read more
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