DAY 1: Part 1: 8am-1pm Subject: History, Theory, Professional Practice There are 34 situations/statements, with an average

of 3-4 questions per situation, 102 questions all in all. Part 2: 2pm-7pm Subject: Building Tech & Materials, Construction, Structural Conceptualization Situations/statements is given to test the knowledge in different topics that deals with the subject, with an average of 4-5 questions per situation, 150 questions all in all. DAY 2: 8am-6pm Subject: Architectural Design, Site planning There are 5 situations, 30 questions per situation, and a total of 150 questions. JUNE 2010 BOARD EXAM QUESTIONS: Statement/Situation: Barasoain Church is where the first Philippine Congress was held. (With given figure) Questions: What is the Architectural Style of the Church’s pediment? What element of the façade has the Romanesque style? What is the architectural style of the pilaster in the facade? a. Anglo-Saxon b. Romanesque c. Baroque

Statement/Situation: Given the figure of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Royal Staircase at Vatican City. Questions: What is the style of its ceiling? a. Barrel-vaulted What type of order was used? a. Doric b. Corinthian c. Ionic d. Composite Statement/Situation: Pyramid of Egypt Questions: From what materials are the pyramids made of? a. Stones b. Sand c. Clay d. Bricks What did the Ancient Egyptians used in lifting the materials of the pyramid? a. Axe and Wooden Wheels b. Lever c. Wedge What is the similarity of the Pyramid of Egypt to Banaue Rice Terraces?


Ching definition) What is used in floor plans and spot details? a. Questions: Where does Muslim Architecture originate? a.2d b.Minaret What design element of Mosque summons the Muslim for worship? a. Strategic planning. dimetric. who built? For what?) Question about Muslim Architecture. isometric. Because of manila zoning b. Mimbar Which became the first industrialized area in Manila? During 1900’s why does the laborers and workers didn’t build their house inside manila? a. What is the purpose of Flying buttress in Gothic Architecture? Question about Industrial Revolution. 2 . brochure making Situation: Given the plan and elevation of a Condo Unit: Questions: By direct counting. Setting the vision.5) Questions: Compute for the AMBF using the required setbacks. which type of activity or step can be first executed? Application of Excavation permit? Questions about the scope of pre-design services: site selection/analysis. Qibla c. Minaret b. Compute the Total Lot Area (TLA). Because of local ordinance c. who built? For what?) What is the definition of mortuary? (Plan. Because it’s expensive to live there. Questions: About 2d.Question about Gothic Architecture. (D. trimetric & oblique drawings. Who is responsible for the overall Project Field supervision? If the building permit is still in process and the owner wants to proceed in construction.K. Stakeholder organize Statement/Situation: Given the lot size and required setbacks (lot size 14x32 setback @rear and side 2. Compute for the Percentage of Site Occupancy (PSO). What is the definition of cult? (Plan. Early Christian What is the most dominant feature of Muslim Architecture? a. Isometric Questions about Comprehensive land use planning. Question about Faux arts.3d c. Estimate how many gallons of virtuoso paint are needed for concrete walls. front=4. estimate the number of Gypsum Board to be used in ceiling.

Solar tint Which type of Glass has a clear view from the outside after dark? a. insulating glass.clear polycarbonate. float glass.I. flooring extending to walls Situation: To test the knowledge about Connections Which is not used for the connection of wood to wood? Which is not used for the connection of wood to steel? Which is not used for the connection of steel to steel? Which is not used for the connection of concrete to wood? Which is not used for the connection of concrete to steel? Choices: Gang nail. x 1220mm. Reflective Glass b. Situation: To test the knowledge about the types of roofing. wall joints only c. x 125mm.Estimate the number of wood planks to be used in flooring. UV resistant Where to apply waterproofing? a. Choices: glazed tiles. Long span Which type of roofing is used in ancestral house or bahay na bato? Which type of roofing is used in curved pedestrian walkway? Which type of roofing is used in greenhouse? 3 . Compute the volume of excavation at grid c-3. . Thermoplastic. flooring only b. glass blocks What new technology is applied to glass that is environment friendly? a. Liquid nail. Rivet. Tinted Glass Situation: To test the knowledge about Waterproofing. thermoplastic. Situation: To test the knowledge about Glass. Which type of waterproofing is used for Roof deck? Which type of waterproofing is used for Outdoor spaces? Which type of waterproofing is used in an enclosed area with many users? Non-flammable. Compute the volume of column at grid c-3. corrugated G. polycarbonate sheet. *Given the floor area & the size of wood planks: 12mm. Estimate the ff: Compute the volume of footing at grid c-3. Bolt Use of anchor bolt? Situation: To test the knowledge about Footing (with given details of 5 types of footing) Which type of footing is used for stairs? Which type of footing is used for interior partition? Which type of footing is used for T&B? Which type of footing is used for exterior partition? Which type of footing is used for firewall? Given the foundation Plan & Details. tempered glass. asphalt shingles.

Too much water b. Question about Curtain wall: carry its own weight Question about retaining wall & shear wall. Question about studs in wall framing. Formworks will be used b. Bamboo Where is granite usually used? Kitchen countertop? Which type of window is best for rain and sun protection? a. Straight edge What is the reason when column produced a bulge shape? a.Which type of roofing is used in high end resort? Which type of roofing is used in plant/factory that emits corrosive fumes? There’s a new building materials that is made from PVC & aluminum. Which type of wall can be exposed in rain? a. Retaining wall c. Egg crates b. Manila Paper c. which tries to imitate what material? a.CHB b. Brass What to do in soil with organic materials? a. Wood b. Soil poisoning b. hang a picture frame b. Plumb bob b. Drywall Which is not allowed to be done in shear wall? a. Granite c. Sawali d. Sliding b. Casement 4 . Thin formworks Question about Honeycomb. Awning c. Too much gravel c. put door and window opening What‘s the cheapest treatment that can be applied to the wall of home entertainment room? a. Recompute the design of footing What is the most economical/convenient way to check vertical alignment? a. Compaction Why should there be moist in slab during curing stage? To set & hardens concrete? What to do if the excavated works is more than what is needed? a.

Jigsaw What should be used in removing large amount of rust in steel? a. Kalamein What type of lock is used in the doors of condo units? Double lock? What accessories to put in the door separating the dining and kitchen? a. Flush door c. b. Contact cement Surface preparation for wood? a. Panel door b. Door closer b.What type of window allows 95% of air? Awning? Which type of door is used for maximum security? a. Torch acetylene b. Tile adhesive b. what is used to attach the tiles to walls? a. Steel brush b. Which kind of wood cannot be used as balusters? Palochina? What tool is used for shaping balusters? a. Electrolytes Flooring material for home theater? Carpet? What is used to fill-in the gap of the spacing of tiles? Grout Other than cement. Circular saw c. Butt hinge d. Oil stain What is used to for wood stain? Acrylic latex? Water or Paint thinner 5 . Sand paper Which material is used for welding? a. Heavy duty hinge c.neutralizer & water c.Shop paint-finish paint. Torno b. Bi-fold door What kind of door is used in fire exit? a. Weld plate c. Guide and roller Question about astragal (in doors). Gusset d.

At the center c.What is the minimum drying time of exterior wall paint? a. Question about Flutter. Floor framing c. Uniformly distributed What is the reason if the shape of the beam produced concave? Question about Creep. Uniform load Wide Flange is mostly used where? a. Column 6 . Floor framing c. Fixed partition What kind of load is the medicine box in the storage room of a drugstore? a. column. 1 month Why do we apply epoxy primer on steel? a. identify the: truss. Liveload c. roof. 7days. Car in a parking lot b. Ceiling Given the isometric figure. Questions about LAN. sagrod Which one is to be “eskwalado”? a. Arch Question about Air curtain. Patchpanel. Deadload b. Raised flooring system Where’s the resultant of a uniformly distributed beam? a. To avoid corrosion b.PABX & Intercom. b. purlins. doors and windows b. Overnight c. Footing b. To become more adhesive to paint Where does the angle bar usually used? a. Concentrated load d. Truss b. 14days d. dome c. At end support b. Question about Dead load. Which is an example of live load? a. Repeater. Question about Live load. Router. web. Furniture c.

Which type of light cannot be used in Pinlight hole? Cfl. fcu Where should the location of ACCU be? a. b.Which type is mostly used in High rise? a. H-shape b. 1TR=12-13 square meter How many units of ACU should be used? Which is not needed? Ahu. I-beam c. Ceiling c. Wide flange What is the purpose of concrete cover? What will happen if the reinforcement s is exposed? What is ASTM 36? a. FD b.Light gauge Electrical: Plan Reading Count the number of convenience outlet in circuit LP9 Which circuit has a problem? Which appliance can be used if circuit LP9 had a problem? Situation: To test the knowledge about lighting. Outside store b. WC c.5m. To the Left b. Which type of lighting has ballast? Why LED lights are commonly used today? Question about Incandescent & Metal Halide. To the right Among the choices. All of the above 7 . @ Main Entrance What would you recommend to a hospital of 3-storey? With or without elevator? What kind of elevator should be used for 3-storey? Machine room less or traction/hydraulic type Plumbing: plan reading (plumbing/sanitary layout and isometric diagram is given) In which direction does the soil pipe is going to? a.Medium yield strength c.High yield strength. which has a watertrap to avoid foul odor from coming in? a. 40w fluorescent light Why use cfl? Low consumption of energy Situation: The store is 11x13.LAV d. accu.

change in elevation (BP 344) Minimum size of toilet for handicapped. Beside the kitchen Who undertakes roughing-ins? a. considering the orientation. Waste disposal system c.8. Electrician c.7x1. Wall mounted d.7. PVC Where should sump pit be located? a. Near firewall c. Job Where water-meter should be placed? Which pipe cannot be used in waterline? a. Between window openings c. Water b.77 (BP 344) What is the minimum door width of an elevator in BP 344? (Question was asked 4x) Questions like which is not part of GFA Computation of PSO Computation of Parking Slots Requirements Question about Orientations. . of the bldg with a span-tospan distance of 9m that is 15-storey high? th 8 . .I. Garage b. Over beam.Where should the downspout be not located? a. Basement Question about Booster pump (which is not allowed to use) What is the effect in ventilation with high inlet and high outlet? Question about Dropped curb. Potable water source c. Ceramic pipe b. Main entrance Which is the most basic human need for health to be considered? a. b. Plumber b.1. G. Electricity d. Sanitary Engineer Where should the septic tank be located the farthest? a. pipe c.8 (BP 344) Question about Slanted nosing (BP 344) Lavatory considering the users in wheel chair? . Inside column B. where should you place trees? Question like what is the cross sectional area of the column at 9 floor & ground flr. At wall corner Where should you not locate the water closet? a.

2D. 3D. width of elevator Elevator shaft Plan reading: structural. there are question on what type of character the building must have? What is “hanging amihan”? Northeast monsoon Compiled by: Jes + Kit (jun2010)  Study these: Otto Wagner Double action door Le Corbusier Min. perspective best sound insulation – hollow door.Which type of trees has a medium-size crown. panel door Compiled by: c0nan (Jun2010) 9 . chair rail. Coconut tree c. Palm tree b.cornice. Mahogany d. confined roots that can be used as windbreaks and can withstand strong winds? a. electrical. plumbing Estimate Pyramids Architects Liability Column Section for every floor Liquid nail Gang nail Torno Millworks . base board Wall thickness with plaster Roofing materials Colors Location of pipes Applying waterproofing – horizontal or vertical surface or both? oil stain water base paint cult mortuary kalamein door definition – isometric. Acacia Given the situation.

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